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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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2, 3, 4, 5 jobs coming out of school. we can do it if we stand together on tuesday. >> nashville, thank you for being with us. god bless you, senator, thank you so much. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for tonight, "on the record," well, you better brace yourself. rubio suggesting donald trump wet his pants last night during the debate. and today trump announcing a woman shell. donald trump getting the huge endorsement of former rival new jersey governor chris christie. and governor christie is going to be right here to go "on the record." also right now donald trump is about to take the stage at a rally in oklahoma city. "on the record" will monitor the rally and take you there live. but, first, shear is a look at the big announcement from donald trump and his rival turned supporter governor chris christie. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states he will make sure that people around the world know that america keeps its word again. donald trump is someone who when he makes a promise he
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keeps it i can guarantee you that the one person had that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is lyuwy know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. they do not know the playbook with donald trump because he is rewriting the playbook. the idea of that marco rubio can get inside donald trump's head is an interesting proposition, but one that's really d.c. parlor game. what donald trump is about is about the people of this country. we can't any longer as a country stand up and defend ourselves around the world because we have a leader who wrings his hands. i didn't hear any of that from senator rubio. desperate people do desperate things flailing punches in the last days of their campaign. no one is going to get inside this guy's head. he has lived a lot of life. he has had lots of fights and balgteds. i have watched him do it. there is no bettery9ññ fighter than donald trump and is he is going to it fight for the american people. you didn't hear senator
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rubio talk about any of that in morning. >> generally speaking i am not big on endorsements. but i didn't want to take the time in the two hours and dinners and everything else. it just wasn't worth it. this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. chris is an outstanding man with an outstanding family. he has done a great job. >> i concluded along with mary, pat and the children supported we wanted the person who we thought would provide the strongest leadership in america and the person who could make sure that hillary clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house. once we made that decision it was clear the only choice was donald trump. the best choice was donald trump. and the last thing is our family is one that prides loyalty. and the fact is that that we have been good friends with donald and his family for many years. there was no choice in my mind. when did i make the final decision? yesterday morning. he met with donald. we sat and talked. and he said how about coming
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out on the road to texas with me. and i said happy to do it. whenever you are ready, sir so we did it and that'sha how the process went just a short time ago governor chris christie went "on the record." >> governor christie, nice to see you, sir is. >> greta, nice to see you. >> governor, when did you decide that you wanted to endorse donald trump? >> when i decide to do endorse donald trump thursday morning. >> what provoked that or led up to that. it's time to do something or what wasf >> first off, greta, i have had a 14-year friendship with donald trump as has my wife mary pat and milania. so we have known them for a very long time and been friends with them. i have said that all during the campaign that i have had a relationship. we need to unite as a party behind the person who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. that's what i have been
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saying all along. i think that's the number one priority to make sure hillary clinton never gets back in the white house. and i believe that donald trump is the right person to provide the type of strong leadership our party and our nation needs to be able to beat hillary clinton mo forward to advance the cause of our country. >> shear what surprised me. the two of us talked in august along the jersey shore, your beautiful state, that beautiful beach that y'all have. and when we talked about donald trump, here are is what you said about him then. that was last august. >> donald is a great guy and good person. but i just don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think he is templement is suited for that and i don't think his experience is. >> so what has happened? maybe i don't understand politics. but he didn't have the temperament or the experience last august and now you think he is the guy. >>maañ because, greta, i'm no longer in the race. i was best suited to be the president of the united states. the voters decided otherwise. the folks remaining on that
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stage, donald trump is by far and away with his executive experience, with his toughness, with his vision for the country's future, by far and away the best person to be the republican nominee for president. >> well, if you and i were both in the courtroom, i would point out to you and i'm pointing out now as you said it doesn't say i don't think i'm better in templement and better in experience, you said i don't think temperament is suited and i don't think, you know, his experience is that's different i understand, greta. >> i understand what you are saying and i'm telling you that i believe that donald trump is the person on that stage now who is best suited, best prepared to make america the kind of leader around the world that it needs to be again to make sure that we have peace in the world. and he is the kind of person who will be best for america's economy. let's face it, we have got two first term united states senators on that stage who areez just, you know, i will prepared to be president of the united states. and my choice is i believe donald trump is the best person. >> do you think that this race has gotten a little bit off the rails?
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we have a situation where today senator marco rubio made some reference that he thought that donald trump wet his pants last night during the debate. and donald trump certainly has said things about senator marco rubio likewise back. has this g.o.p. race gotten a little off othe rails in terms of issues? greta, listen. it's very competitive. also lots of important issues discussed last night in the race. i understand. this senator rubio is at that point in the campaign where you are throwing hay makers every minute trying to hope that=:ñ you land one. i understand what he is trying to do. the fact is though that donald trump last night spoke on that stage very forcefully about what he wants to do for this country. and, you know, campaigns, when they get near four days away from 11 contests, greta, everybody is trying real hard. i don't think folks should believe this has gone off the rails. no. people are competing with each other o. they are trying hard. not every word that comes out of everyone's mouth is
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going to be perfect. that's okay one of the issues donald trump is getting hit for is his tax returns. hez i would say wait until the audit is over so you don't want your tax returns going out in piecemeal. what about the suggestion though that he release tax returns that predate the years he is getting audited? i assume he is only getting audited at most going back three years. >> yeah. greta, listen, the bottom line is this, mr. trump is returns. but he is not going to release them until his counsel tells him that it is appropriate for him to do so given that he is being audited. the fact is that you don't want to release them piecemeal and give a piece of information from folks from previous years without seeing the picture. though? >> greta, that's only part of this -- greta, that's the only part of the story. if you want to really know what donald trump earns every year, who he don't united statesak/ to every year, a complete picturezé@ñ of those
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habits you need to release all of the tax returns. that's what he will do. but only after the time that the audit is complete. he has made that very clear he wants to beñiathfú
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>> no awkward phone calls needed to be made, no. and the fact is that everybody knows that politics is about choosing. and i made a choice. it's my choice. i'm proud of that choice. it's mary pat's choice as well. we are looking forward to working hard for our friend donald trump. as he gets the republican nomination, and making sure we do everything we can to make sure we beat hillary clinton. i take it that if senator rubio is thee, will youd him, if he beats -- certainly seen -- i have seen your comments on him. >> as i have said, greta, ever since i signed the pledge that the republican national committee chairman put in front of me back last
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august, i will support the republican nominee for president of the united states because any of those folks will be a better president than hillary clinton. >> would you agree with me on this that politics is a sure -- is sure a whole lot different than the courtroom >> yes, it is, greta. it is a whole lot different than the courtroom. no doubt about it. >> we have rules in the courtroom, don't we? >> yeah. well depending who the judge is. sometimes those rules are followed differently, right, greta? it's important who the person is sitting behind the bench and making the calls sometimes we see the rules one way or othe other. that's sometimes where the court is like politics. there is no doubt there are differences. >> indeed. governor, thank you for joining us, good luck, sir. >> greta, thanks for having me very much. and i appreciate the time. >> will governor christie's endorsement impact super tuesday. betsy woodruff and from the "washington times" stephenvyh
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dinan: your thoughts about the endorsement? >> it was a surprising endorsement. look, i was in south carolina last night -- last week and i remember telling everybody when trump and the pope started going at it i was like this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen in campaigning. i will never see another day or oweek as interesting as this between last night's debate and this week's endorsement i think we might be there. look, it's an important endorsement. off the top not what we are talking about marco rubio attacking rubio with attacks last night we are talking about a different subject. we are talking about donald trump getting endorsed by tough talking chris christie. that's important. >> this is good for trump but also really bad for marco rubio. i think perhaps more than anything christie is getting on board with trump just because of the animosity he showed to rubio during debates was so transparent. you just watched the
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debates, he clearly loathes rubio. when christie if christie starts going after rubio and starts taking him apart and rubio has to deal with both of these guys at once, it could get ugly really fast. the electorate has appetite. that can be a liability. >> super tuesday, this move make nit difference at all? >> well it, makes a difference in that the conversation going in to super tuesday is not about the debate. talking about donald trump and then doorsment. betsy is exactly right. adding chris christie to your repertoire to your surrogates go out and campaign for you and in particular attack rubio and attack cruz with, you know, having been a former opponent to them with some credibility in attacking them, that's really helpful for donald trump. >> before i get your response, i want to get the viewers in on this. betsy, now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. will governor christie's endorsement bring more voters to donald trump? tweet yes or no using
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#greta. betsy? >> you might have been the first person to mention ted cruz on cable news today. he has been totally sidelined. >> ted who? >> we are not even talking about that guy. ted cruz has to win texas on super tuesday. he has got to beat trump. if he can't beat trump there, why is he running anywhere? this endorsement is totally shaped in the conversation. it's making it look like a two man race. >> could it make a difference in texas? >> >> we know how you would be voting at home then, right? whether or not it has impact not voting candidate. >> i think it definitely has impact. polls have been back and forth on texas. cruz is leading in average trump has momentum. texans like people who are frank and like colorful characters. no two more people more trump andt-&'stie. it helps trump a lot. >> that press conference donald trump gave today was something else, wasn't it? >> yes. real quickly texas, a lot of
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voters have been deciding late in these primaries. the most important thing is that donald trump continues dominate the conversation here in the final days leading up to texas and the other super tuesday states. >> option, these are tough calls for us. the news is the frontrunner.g(:z so we cover the frontrunner but then we get criticized for following the frontrunner because everyone says we do too much trump. >> he is winning so overwhelmingly. if we weren't coverage him. if my why are you ignoring the frontrunner. no matter what? media is going to get criticized over these things. he is dominating. he has gone 2, 1, 1, 1. you cannot not right about what he is doing. >> he has fought with the pope. fighting with two past presidents of mexico. just got the endorsement of a guy who in your interview and from the summer who says he doesn't have the temperament and now he has backed him. it's impossible not to cover that. >> i should add that today trump did say he is going to have go after the media change libel laws.
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the trump rubio fight went nuclear last night. today, there are more political nuclear bombs sent out. trump sent out several scathing tweets. complete with some spelling errors. senator rubio used those tweets to go after donald trump. >> what does donald trump do
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when things go wrong? he takes to twitter. i have them right here. let's read some. here is the first one. light weight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. he is a chalker, once a chalker, he spelled choker. lete weight marco rubio. looks like a boy. he meant to leight. >> wisconsin congressman and marco rubio supporter congressman sean duffy goes "on the record." nice to he so you, sir. >> you too, greta. >> would you agree this is not dull? >> it is not dull. it was a ball watching the debate last night on the edge of your seat. who thought republican debates could be so exciting. kind of like reality tv. >> i saw a different marco rubio last night. >> i think marco had to come out with a game. if you look at this. i think the republican voters and why donald trump has done so well. they want a leader and
11:20 pm
fighter. right? they want someone who can have the policy to fix the problems we face in washington. last night marco came out with policy and also came out as fighter. donald trump came out as fighter but had no policy prescriptions. that's one of the biggest parts of the night was when he was asked about how do you fix healthcare and his answer to healthcare is we have got to get rid of the libraries. he has been running for eight months. he knows less than healthcare than a freshman congressman. think about this. donald trump is your president. is he going to sit at the negotiating table with harry reid and nons pelosi and negotiate on the healthcare reform my deal is we got to get rid of the lines. you need more depth than that. >> you know, congressman, i don't know. i can never get inside people's minds, you live in with a wausau. i grew up in appleton. i wonder if they think is great democracy working or if this is a bunch of nutty people yelling insults at each other and gone way off the rails. >> this is where the debate
11:21 pm
is today. if you want to win and wrestle with a pig, you're going to get dirty. marco got dirty last night wrestling with donald trump but i think he came off the winner. >> they thought that donald trump wet his pants. that was the suggestion. come on. >> no, if it was only about donald wetting his pants. >> donald trump said romney walks like a penguin. >> we will talk about donald's hair pretty soon. >> i'm equal opportunity. they are all saying things. >> here is what you have to realize. yes, we are talking about foolish things. and donald started it. but marco has the policy prescriptions to fix the country. >> but, you know what i think? the criticism is that as governor christie says is that he talks but what's he done? >> but, you look at what he did as leader of the house in florida, i mean, they did tax reform. i mean, they did tax reform. they balanced the budget. they did education reform. and they didn't use common core. i mean, he has a great record. what has donald trump done in the sense of politics and
11:22 pm
prescriptions and fixing it. greta, we have a crisis. >> what he would say is that he is good at organization. built a business. get rid of waste and fraud and fix our infrastructure. >> you have a business based on fraud. when you are going to use illegals to build trump tower number one or say i'm going to support the american worker but i'm going to have my ties made over in mexico you are being dishonest. we are concerned about a crisis in conservatism. 43% of millennials believe in socialism. the problem is populism is not the antidote to socialism. conservatism is. marco is addressing thes[ñ conservative antidote. >> why didn't he win in iowa? new hampshire? south carolina? nevada? why is he down a million -- not a million but a lot of points in florida. >> duly noted but you can throw those polls away. if you look at the republican voters. >> those aren't polls. those are elections that are completed with the exception of florida. >> the race starts last night. and i think all the polls before that, throw them out, people are going to take a
11:23 pm
new look at marco rubio. 30% to 40% of all republican voters aren't making up their mind until they walk into the polls that day. they will take a fresh look at marco and say man this guy fights, this guy understands policy. i don't want a congressman who just throws i'm sorry a president who throwing out slogans. i want somebody who can grow our economy and put people back to work and defeat isis and that's marco rubio. i think when you have someone go after donald trump the way marco did and come out the victor. i think it looks good for him on super tuesday. >> sean duffy from the great state of wisconsin. >> thanks, greta. >> will governor christie's endorsement seal the deal for mr. trump? >> herman cain is here standing by to go "on the record."
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and you are looking live, that's governor christie at a donald trump rally in oklahoma. and governor christie has just taken stage. endorsement od
11:28 pm
trump came super tuesday is only four days away. >> i have been on that stage. i have gotten to know all the people on that stage. and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump he is looking at the five people on that stage last night, the clear standout. and the person who will do exactly you what needs to be done to make america a leader around the world again. he will provide strong unequivocal leadership. he dual what needs to be done to protect the american people first and foremost both in the homeland and in creating jobs for this country. and he will make sure that people around the world know that america keeps its word again. donald trump is someone who when he makes a promise, he keeps it. >> so, l. that endorsement give trump the edgy needs. former presidential candidate herman cain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta.
11:29 pm
>> nice to have you, sir. governor christie endorse donald trump and of course donald trump got another north&udh:uju reportsg to likewise endorsed donald trump. how big is this endorsement, do you think? >> i think this endorsement by governor christie is much more meaningful than some other endorsements of any of the presidential candidates for the following reasons. number one, he was the first of the 17 original candidates to endorse the clear frontrunner in the republican nomination. and, secondly, the fact that governor christie endorses donald trump, it shows that he has the ability to rise above all the political noise that has been infused in this campaign. the third advantage i think this has is that if, if if this is an indication of something that might come in the future as far as governor christie being on donald trump's cabinet, if he gets elected president,
11:30 pm
it says something about the kind of people that donald trump would surround himself with. that's why this one is much more significant than many of the others. >> i guess i'm still fixated on the fact that last august when i interviewed governor christie and he was a candidate at the time he said among other things that he didn't think that's temperament is suited to be president. he didn't think that his experience was, so now all of a sudden isen fast forward to now and i don't understand the change of heart. >> two things, first, donald trump projects strategic leadership. that's what a lot of people don't understand when they continue to ask about specifics. and i believe that governor christie having been in a leadership role, running new jersey understands strategic leadership because a strategic leader understands what needs to be done and he doesn't get bogged down in all the attacks. secondly as one pointed out
11:31 pm
earlier it is politics and often people running in office are coached to say certain things and be definitive. for example, marco rubio keeps saying he is going to get the nomination. that's what he is supposed to say. john kasich keeps saying he is going to win ohio. that's what he is supposed to say. you are not supposed to give out aári4p defeated message. i think christie has stopped, stepped back, took a look at the field and right now it's a three person race. and he sees the strategic leadership that this country needs, which is why i believe he probably came to that conclusion. >> well, i guess maybe i don't fully understand politics then, because, i don't know, it just seems peculiar to me that you think someone is qualified or not qualified and not a whole lot has happened in between. that is politics. mr. herman cain, thank you very much, sir. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> last night's debate turned ugly, really ugly. at times the debate descending into a shouting match. today on the campaign trail
11:32 pm
>> donald trump is the first guy that begged for secret service protection. >> this wise guy, this light weight. >> the charade is on this. s. a con job. >> this guy is is a nervous basket case. >> friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> help me, i need water. help. >> a tough guy. this guy inherited $200 million. >> he is a choker. he choked with chris. and i watched it both times. >> if he had not inherited $200 million right now he will be selling watches on times square. >> right next to him and i looked at the puddle on the ground and i said what is that? what is it. >> first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache because he has one of those sweat mustaches. >> he was putting makeup with a trowel. >> full)k length mirror maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet, i don't know. >> it's rubio.
11:33 pm
that is the "on the record" political panel is back from the the daily beast, from the "washington times" stephen dinan. you just can't make that stuff up. >> it's amazing. also amazing even how much down to the vocabulary words rubio is doing what trump has been doing for so long. the line is that he is bullying the bully. what struck me as really a standout moment last night when in rubio's closing statement he said it's time to end the silliness, time to start taking the campaign seriously. today is hex accusing trump of wetting pants on debate stage which might strike a few of us a tiny bit silly. >> donald trump is speaking live. let's' listen for a second. >> it was a movement. i tell people it's a movement. but i was on the stage in new hampshire during one of the debates, and i watched a meltdown like i have never seen anything like it. i watched a meltdown like i have never ever seen. and it was chris grilling
11:34 pm
marco rubio. this guy was sweating so badly. oh, he was sweating. honestly, it was disgusting. all right? and i knew he had a problem because before that, when he was doing the little bit of an address to the president's speech, you remember, and they put him on and he went for the water, do you remember that during live television. but what i saw, what chris did to him was incredible. then, last night, i saw him back stage with makeup where he is taking it with a trowel and putting it on. he was soaking wet. and he was out here and, you know, i only say it because, honestly, this is not a presidential guy this is not a presidential guy. he has a situation in florida where he buys a house. these are our politicians, folks, he is not the only one so you understand. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting in my own money.
11:35 pm
okay? i'm putting in my own money. even though i heard today my father gave me $200 million. believe me, i would love if he gave me 200 million, believe me. that is not true. that is way, way, way off. and i loved my father. my father did give me a lot of knowledge, but i wish he gave me 200 million. you know, these numbers where they come from, they come from phoney newspapers. because these people back here, the media, they are the most dishonest people anywhere that i have ever seen. [cheers] so today i heard little marco say the 200 million. now all of a sudden he was talking about i have got a million-dollar loan from my father which i, by the way, paid back. and in the meantime i have paid billions and billions a"
11:36 pm
so pretty good. pretty good job. not many people could do that. so, this guy, rubio, buys a house for $178,000. sells it for $380,000 to a lobbyist, okay. is is the lobbyist in the room, anybody? is he here? makes his massive profit and is doing legislation for this guy at the same time. okay. tell me about this. right? and then, he has got a credit card problem where he is taking from the republican party, having his driveway done, all of this. why is this not brought out? and from the the republican party, and the man doing the investigation is furious they are not listening to him. i think i will have to get up and interview him. and then he has got a foundation but he doesn't --sa a rich guy has a foundation who does a lot of business with florida and who is the
11:37 pm
head of the foundation? does anybody know? that's right, his wife. big salary. big, big salary. and then he has a no show professorship. he never shows up all of this, the guy is making a lot of money. and shouldn't be making this money. but all of this and the state of florida can't stand him. and i'm up by like 20 points. and we are begin to win florida. we're going to win florida. let me tell you. we're going to win it big league. now, the other gentleman on thef other side who is actually a smarter guy. i will say. this smarter. he smarter than marco. he was on the other side. and he has been hitting me left and right. and he has got a problem because we are about tied in texas and if i wish texas that's going to be embarrassing. if i win florida that's going to be embarrassing how
11:38 pm
do you beat a sit ising senator in florida? how do you beat a sitting senator in texas? they could have an embarrassing time. so tuesday, tuesday, big day tuesday, we have to get out there. they could have a very embarrassing time. i will say< this. marco is very, very weak on immigration. very weak. come on over, folks. just come on over. marco is weak, gave amnesty, wants to give amnesty. the bill of 8 will. he is very weak. and honestly, ted is pretty weak -- he is a little stronger, i have to say. but he is also weak on illegal immigration and if i didn't come down that escalator and start talking about illegal immigration, it wouldn't even be a subject. we wouldn't even be talking about it right now. wouldn't even be a subject. wow. so we have a number of
11:39 pm
situations that when i made the decision to do this -- and i will never forget it i'm standing in trump tower. the press isfc downstairs, in the building. and it looked like the academy awards. it takes guts. believe me, it takes guts to run for president. it's not easy. not easy. i mean, as a non--think of it, i'm a nonpolitician. i have never done this before. so all of a sudden i'm doing it but i'm doing it because we are going to make america great again. [cheers and applause] and a politician all talk no action is not going to happen. these guys, i know them, it's not going to happen. can't happen. it's not their thing. for instance, on the border. i love you too, darling. who said that stand up. let me see. i love you, too. thank you. thank you. on the border -- thank you. we have a great group.
11:40 pm
i lovefg oklahoma. [cheers and applause] and word is your football team is going to be pretty good this year, right? right? that's what the word is. better be. we will be rooting for you. it better be. i think it will. so, i came down and i talked about illegal immigration and did we get a stir from that. and all of a sudden it became a main stay of everybody. and some were strong and some were weak. and i just got the endorsement as you know from sheriff joe arpaio. you can't get if we're talking about illegal immigration, sheriff joe really is is the -- he is the best, right? he is the best. so he endorsed donald trump and that means that my plan
11:41 pm
is the best, my plan is the strongest. by the way we want people to come in. we have a very, very strong border. we are going to build the wall, you know that right? we are going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. they are going to pay. 100 percent. 100 percent.h[ they are going to pay for the wall. and it's going to be a beautiful wall because some day, maybe, when i'm not around, they will be calling it the trump wall. [cheers and applause] and people are going to come in to our country but they are going to come in through a process. they are going to come in legally. legally. so the borders became a very big deal. very, very big. i seem to be sweeping the polls with the borders. because the people are saying, they are giving me
11:42 pm
cnn polls and all doing polls, but the borders are big and now what happens because of my stance on the the borders and because of all the problems we've had, you lookñí at paris, you look at los angeles with the 14 people that were killed can. paris 130 people that were killed. because of all of the problems and now you have the migration. and we have certain politicians that want to bring people in, thousands and thousands of people from the migration. they're not coming here, folks. they are not going to come here. can't do it. can't do it. that's donald trump, he is speaking from oklahoma. more "on the record" next. my cs dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen.
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well, you are looking live at donald trump speaking at the cox convention center in oklahoma city. the "on the record" political panel is back daily beast betsy woodruff
11:47 pm
and from the "washington times" stephen dinan. he has had a quite a lot of things to say about senator marco rubio in the speech. he said he is sweating, disgusting, melt down, makeup with a trowel. soaking wet, not presidential. little marco. this guy. he goes on. >> so, two things. first of all a, boy, i mean really does remind you of when two prize fighters are before the fight and they go in for the weigh in in the press conference. they sit there and toss insults back and forth at which other. that's what we had this morning with rubio with the snults and trump doing them now. donald trump, he almost always speaks without no teleprompter. if you notice during that he was looking down. i think he was probably looking at notes when he did those various hits on rubio about his house sale and whatnot. he is -- i don't know that it's fair to say he is worried. but he knows he has to respond to this and knows finally there is some points he had to hit. he had to raise about rubio at this point. that's what you just saw. >> a lot of people in the republican party who standing behind senator marco rubio. they think it's more mainstream republicans. but donald trump says the
11:48 pm
state of florida can't stabbed him. those are donald's words. if he doesn't win in florida and he has won no place else how does he go on. >> florida is not until march 15th. rubio has more wiggle room. the pressure is harder for ted cruz than rubio. trump has nor are support inv florida than cruz and rubio combined. if trump can she lack rubio in florida. he will have extremely hard time making the case to donors is he competitive. the race changed last night. the fact that rubio went after trump as hard and fast as he did. the fact that now trump is hitting back with max mall force. this is new. this was not the case a week ago. things are different. dynamics are different. that doesn't necessarily mean poll numbers are going to be different. but things are changing so it's interesting. >> steve and betsy thank you. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. what does donald trump have to do to win big on siewmp tuesday? and will governor christie's endorsement help him? trump dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school.
11:49 pm
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just days before super tuesday, donald trump picking up a big endorsement from the g.o.p. establishment governor chris christie. trump has also picked up big evangelical support, notably jerry falwell jr. is that enough to make sure trump wins big on super tuesday. jerry falwell jr. goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, congratulationséaés on 3500 shows, greta. >> thank you very much. >> i guess you needed a little practice before you had me on. >> very well. well, i had your father on when i didn't have that practice. nice to have you, sir. why isnu it that donald trump is doing so much better with the evangelical votes than senator ted >> because i think evangelicals are tired of being betrayed.
11:54 pm
i think tea party conservatives are tired of being betrayed by politicians who promise the world over the last few decades. and i think the song from 1971 by the fooled again is very pertinent in this situation. i think that's how a lot of evangelicals feel. we don't want to get fooled again. so we are no longer going to go with career politicians. i'm looking for somebody who has made a payroll. i spent most of my adult life helping my father as general counsel here at liberty. helping make payroll, trying to find money over the weekend to cover the checks that went out on the friday before. so i know what it takes to make a payroll. i know how it feels to have your employees' livelihood expend on you coming up with the money. donald trump has done that over and over and over. nobody else on that nobody else has made a payroll they have been employee with the
11:55 pm
exception of carlie foreign that but donald is the one that rose to the top. !%9 i think this time evangelicals are looking at different issues than they have in the past. they are trying to safety the country. the security of the country. the economy. maybe next time they will be looking at social issues more like they did in the past. but i think this time i heard a very prominent pastor who is a friend of yours, by the way, greta, tell me this just this week that if we don't save the country, then abortion, traditional marriage, all those social issues are going to be a moot point. we have got to save the country first. and i believe and many evangelicals, a majority of evangelicals believe that donald trump is best equipped to save the country in those areas. >> sir, thank you very much for joining us. i hope you will come back. more "on the record" straight ahe
11:56 pm
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live twitter voting results on your screen. will bring more voters to donald trump. 7% say 73% say yes and 27% say no. i put something up on fa ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check this with andy levy to see what exciting stories we're going to be discussing. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump gets a big endorsement from chris christie. congrats to the new jersey governor for following in the footsteps of david duke. >> andy! you can't say that. >> plus, the new survey shows that most americans don't care at all about the oscars. so hopefully they'll care about a survey that shows they don't care about the oscars because we're talking about it. and a comedy central gives a discount to


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