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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> hired workers from poland and had to pay a million dollars. >> wrong. totally wrong. i hired tens of thousands of people over my lifetime. >> many from other countries. >> many from other countries. . >> when i was leading fight against the "gang of eight" amnesty bill? where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> we'll make them pay for the wall. the wall is 10 billion or 12 billion if i do it. if these guys do it will end up costing 200 billion. >> if he builds wall like he built trump tower will use
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illegal immigrants to build it. >> such a cute sound bite. >> it is truth. andrea: trump taking heat over health care. >> what is your plan? i understand the lines around the state, whatever that means. this is not game. what is your plan? what is your plan on health care? you don't have a plan? [applause] >> give you one minute. >> biggest problem he has got he doesn't know. >> donald, true or false you said the government should pay for everyone's health care. >> that is false. >> you never said? >> i said it worked in couple countries. >> you never stood on the debate stage works great in canada and scotland and works here. >> no. >> did you say you want people to die on the streets, if you don't support socialized health care you have no health care. >> people will not die on the streets when i'm president. andrea: later moved on to the israeli-palestinian conflict. trump saying he is pro-israel but does no good to start demeaning the neighbors. that sparked this. >> i don't know if donald
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realizes this, i'm sure not his intent perhaps, the position you taken is anti-israel position. >> i'm a negotiator. i've done very well over the years through negotiation. it is very important that we do that. in all fairness, marco is not a negotiator. i watched him melt down and i'll tell you it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen. he is not going down. >> he thinks palestinian is a real he will state deal. >> these people may be tougher tan chris christie. may be tougher. no, a deal is a deal. let me tell you. >> a deal is not a deal when you're dealing with terrorists. have you ever negotiated with terrorists. [cheers and applause] >> you're not a negotiator. >> during entire battle, indeed during every battle on israel the natural question was where was donald? if this is something he cares about, why has he supported anti-israel politicians from jimmy carter to hillary clinton to john kerry for four decades? if you care about israel you don't write checks to politicians undermining israel.
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andrea: it wasn't just issues they fought over. throughout the night it got pretty personal. >> you get along with nobody. you don't have one republican -- [applause] you don't have one republican senator. you work with them every day of your life. you skip ad lot of time with minor details. but you don't have one republican senator backing you. not one. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator. and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> senator cruz. >> five things, everyone is dumb, going to make america great again, we'll win-win, win. >> senator rubio please. >> the lines around the street. >> the guy inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, where donald trump would be -- >> reason jimmy carter said he would support donald trump over me because he said donald trump is malleable. has no fixed set of beliefs. >> what i see up here, first of this guy is choke artist and this guy is a liar. andrea: all right, so, at
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points, jesse watters, i didn't know, part wwf meets reality tv, meets american politics. camera angles. screaming women in the audience like one direction concert. it was almost surreal at points. you saw the attacks we just played. marco rubio had an exceptional performance. is the tone and tenor type of attacks enough this late in the game to make a difference? >> i think it is too little too late. where were these guys two months ago. all you have sudden show up to a fight with flame throwers. they have been getting burnt to the crisp last couple months. donald trump is running as american. he is not running as ideological right-wing republican. you hired illegals. i probably have illegals mowing my lawn too. his contractor hired illegals. i don't think that will stick. donald trump has run up the score so big, these guys score a few touchdowns in the fourth quarter may still pad the stats. i think trump will win. i think rubio catapulted himself
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to number two. did a great job. happy warrior, loose pretty effective taking some shots. i think cruz didn't really show up. but i think his stature doesn't rise up. size matters in politics. you have little rubio barking up there at donald trump. i just, he is not going to win until he actually beats donald trump in a primary. andrea: was the tone off? some are saying he came off a little bit arrogant? >> i think the tone was scrappy. he wasn't robotic. that is a problem for him. i think showed up to fight. i liked it. showed a little juice, i didn't mind it. harris: what is interesting about what you say he is different. that may actually backfire for rubio because consistency and trustworthiness is what voters showing they like. genuine nature, be it. going to be loud. going to be crass. >> authenticity. harris: go be it. we've seen two different characters now. two completely, and i don't know
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if they're mutually exclusive. we have to continue to see if they are. >> cruz too. cruz used to kiss trump's butt. now he is his worst enemy. i don't know who is who. andrea: ask you the way which donald trump fought back. the way he fights back when it comes to business. sandra: everybody is immediately, every review i read this morning said that debate marco rubio won but i challenge that because of the way donald trump was able to come back and almost every instance. particularly that first exchange that you showed andrea at top. hour with marco rubio challenging donald trump on hiring illegal immigrants at his properties or at least illegal workers at his properties. donald trump turned that into, i'm only one on the stage whoever hired anyone period. harris: right. sandra: it is effective, whether you like him or not, it i effective. rubio went after trump on his inheritance. what did donald trump turn into, i given a million bucks turned it into $10 billion.
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reiterated things people love with him. andrea: sandra i want to ask you because you follow business. anyone who had a business or started a business knows how hard it is to take money you have to turn it into more. not just being rich, staying rich. turning that into more. not easy to do. the way he did it, julie, he said the wall will be double in size. or he said, if they do it it will be more expensive. everybody knows what it is like to put a fence in their yard. the way real people speak. cross over appeal to the blue-collar americans, when he speaks in a real way, without poll tested platitudes. >> i have to tell you i said this last night, like watching fight scene from anchorman. spanish language television, everybody is getting in there. telemundo. nunchucks. i thought marco rubio did phenomenal job, you're right about that. i thought john kasich came across in result of the room. i don't think it makes any
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difference swamp. donald trump continues to swamp he is ought then tick, people like him, love him. everybody else, rubio had to exercise the ghost of chris christie he did. he did his best chris christie impression. harris: wow, i never heard it that way. >> nevertheless i think it is too little too late. where were these guys six months ago? where was jeb bush. harris: where was dr. ben carson. he was on the stage. at one point he said please attack me so he can say something. i was watching from fox business, and burt water had on vicente fox, former president of mexico because you mentioned that donald trump said, i'm going to get mexico to pay for this, wall just got higher because of the bad language that vicente fox dared to use on television. notice the actual president of the mexico has not spoken about it. done through the spokesperson, reflects enormous ignorance what mexico represents and irresponsibility of candidate who is saying it, they will get
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us to build a wall. that is on behalf of president nieto toy. everyone knows you get into it, with donald trump, even pope, it is on going. >> helps trump when point goes after him and vicente vincent f. andrea: he is disgraced. joe biden apologizing to mexico, apology -- >> we're taking apology tour down south. i think that is what is happening now. everyone, how will we get mexico to pay for it. very simple. harris: he explains it. >> visa fees you jack up. you have all sorts of fees you jack up. trade imbalance, start ripping away foreign aid. there are tons of way to get them to pay for it. everybody acts likes, how are they going to do this? pretty simple. andrea: go to the business expert. sandra: i sat down with vicente
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fox several months ago. more than that initially when donald trump launched his campaign he has been adamantly opposed to donald trump and never been secretive about his disdain for donald trump. but that being said, when you mention business, i, there was substance lacking for me on what still one of the most important issues for american voters is the economy. >> there is no substance last night. sandra: follow-up questions, we were talking about health care. when marco rubio said, what exactly is your nobody really knows. how are you going to do this. >> get rid of the lines. get rid of the lines. andrea: i do agree donald trump needs a better answer on single-payer. sandra: yeah. andrea: sandra is absolutely right. talk about the tax issue, issue of donald trump being audited came up. i love to get your thoughts on this too, sandra. does it matter? to me mind blowing that the last republican presidential candidate was demanding that the frontrunner release taxes at gop
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debate? , what has the republican party become? >> apparently mitt romney doing best harry reid impersonation. andrea: it was appalling. >> that there may be something controversial about mitt romney's taxes. donald trump said i would love to give you my taxes but i'm being audited because i'm such a good christian. harris: that answer i thought was fascinating. he has been audited. they said they keep attacking me. we're audited for certain periods of time, right? why isn't he offering up whatever he possibly can at this moment. >> because they're so huge. they're so huge. >> can offer taxes whatever you want. just because you're audited -- sandra: exactly. >> i will release my taxes when hillary releases wall street speech transcript. andrea: final word to waters.
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wild week of politics coming up. fox news hosting republican presidential debate. we can surely expect to see more sparks flying, thursday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. tuesday, well, it's huge! in fact it is super. a delegate bonanza to be had. we're all over it. coverage from all over the country as folks in 13 states go to the polls, fire up the popcorn, everybody, and be sure to tune into the fox news channel by 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> and super tuesday could be huge for hillary clinton. no shortage of hillary mentions by republican candidates after the debate. sparks flying over who could beat her. we're show you more fireworks. we'll debate it. speaking of fireworks, a protester upsetting a clinton rally, screaming about the four flag draped coffins of those americans murdered in benghazi. watch. >> it was --
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>> she knows it. she knows it. she told everybody -- andrea: committee investigating attacks, pushing forward. can the fbi scandal be ching in her apparent armor? hey!
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harris: we want to make you aware what is happening on left side of your screen there. we're expecting republican presidential candidate donald trump to step up to the lecturn moments from now. this is fort worth, texas. this is the convention center. he has been active on social media, twitter, saying he has some kind of announcement to make coming up. we'll cover this when it happens. we don't know what the announcement could be. we do know there was big debate last night. we do know he was under fire as we've shown you in the first hour of this few minutes of "outnumbered." you see mead yu pulling into place. we're told this should be happening next few minutes. we'll stay on it. bring it to you live when it happens. sandra? sandra: we're less 24 hours away from the south carolina democratic primary. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by 20 points in the latest polls. scandals continue to dog here.
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a benghazi protester interrupting her town hall last night. trey gowdy, head of the committee investigating the attacks, plans to interview three additional witnesses next month. meantime "new york times" which endorsed hillary issuing a blistering editorial calling her to release transcripts of speeches before wall street firms. writing mrs. clinton place in hands of those who say she is not trustworthy and makes her own rules. more importantly damaging her credibility among democrats who are beg are her to show them she would run accountable and transparent white house. just this morning, mrs. clinton was asked point he hadly if she wants to release those transcripts before someone else does. here's her response. >> no. i really don't because i want people, i want people to look at my record. people are treating me sometimes as though i just decided to run for president. i've been on the record on a lot
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of these issues for a really long time. the real question underneath is, okay if you take money from wall street, can you regulate wall street? >> right. sandra: miss clinton went on to defend her position, saying barack obama took more money from wall street than any candidate who has ever run for president. wow. pressure on, julie. how important is it for her to release these? >> she will have to cave eventually and release them, the reason for that is not just "the new york times" or bernie sanders. a lot of people, a lot of her supporters, including me who never understood if she had any inkling she would run for president, i suspect she had a little bit of inkling would do it after stepping aside as secretary state why go down this road? why need to do this? she was well off. didn't need to take the money. if she chose to do it, i'm interested to hear what she has to say. this double-standard issue, nobody releases them, because they're asking. frankly if she is democratic
9:21 am
standard-bearer, i like to what is in there i like to know what is donald trump's background. that hasn't been fully vetted. sandra: everybody promising open campaign, jesse. we'll see if she follows through. she has substantial lead in the primary in south carolina. >> she will smoke bernie south carolina. is there 47% deal in these transcripts? even if it is no audio or video. it will not have huge effect. if we find out what is in the transcripts ask the chinese, they probably hacked hillary's server and found it themselves. i love watching hillary dealing with protesters. she is so much of a control freak. can't parlay to her advantage. i will punch the guy in the face. she is wound too tight. you have like "black lives matter" crashing her. you have benghazi protests. hopefully cindy sheehan will start camping out in chappaqua. andrea: don't hold your breath. >> she is getting hammered by
9:22 am
protesters. sandra: andrea, as someone works on campaigns, when you don't answer a question or don't give the people with they want, leaves room for speculation. sometimes the speculation can be worse than the actual results. andrea: that's right. it looks like she is trying to cover something else and cover-up is always worse than the crime. >> yep. andrea: she already has trust issue. number one word associated with her is already liar. this is big deal. julie is right. people know she is in bed with wall street. they know that she and barack obama took big goldman sachs money. i agree. i want to see speeches. ii want to see what she says about capitalism. i want to see what she says about the bin laden raid she got paid a lot of money for. this email situation is getting bigger. it expanded to her staff, huma abedin and others. it is a big deal. original sin of taking sap, that classified info putting it on private server, the conspiracy, the cover-up to hide it. that is going to get her. harris: actually probably a good
9:23 am
thing if it disperses to other people because the focus is not on her. really question, this is tech centric case because computer server is at center of it. bulk of the money came from tech companies who hired her to speak. i wonder if that is coincidence or something needs to be looked at. why can't they talk to people in the room? did everybody sign confidential agreement they can't say what she said. >> they will be audited if she is elected. sandra: candidates sparred over who is best to take her on. we'll have a hot debate over our own, over here on the couch i should say. jesse watters is here today. what does he think? pet moments are beautiful,
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harris: look at something live together right now. right now senator ted cruz holding a rally in nashville. our very own sean hannity is there doing one-on-one
9:28 am
interview. you see a live audience. a lot to hash out after last night's wild debate. i guess wild is a word. i can think of many others, spirited. that is all for super tuesday coming up around the corner. that will be amazing. see the entire interview when you tune in 10:00 p.m. eastern. i know you will. right here only on fox news. just four days to go until super tuesday. new polling showing donald trump dominating in seven southern states that vote on march 1st. one thing came up in last night's republican debate was the general election and whether the billionaire businessman could actually beat hillary clinton should she win the democratic nomination. senator ted cruz said no. >> he can't prosecute the case against hillary and we can't risk another four years of these failed obama policies by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton in november. [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton, take a look at "usa today," look at q poll, i beat her and i beat her badly.
9:29 am
i haven't even started at her. i only had one little issue. [cheering] only one little interchange. that was four weeks ago she said i was sexist. believe me they had a rough weekend that weekend between bill and hillary, they had a rough weekend. harris: here are the actual numbers. average of recent general election matchups marco rubio beats hillary clinton by nearly five points. ted cruz tops her by a fraction of a point. donald trump trails her by nearly three points. so, and i heard you, sandra, while i was leading up -- sandra: don't give me a way. harris: this is a little tight. but does he mean he beatser had in a big way? sandra: you have to ask that. we have polls in front of us. he doesn't beat her badly. in some polls he does beat her, usually only a couple of points, right? that is definitely been attacked few times. >> definitely he beats her in the usa today poll and q poll by
9:30 am
two to four points. for trump that is badly. listen, he is redrawing the map. he said it last night. i am creating a new republican party. i'm bringing new voters in. every single primary set turnout records. democratic turnout is down. in a general election he stacksp kind of nicely. anti-iraq war. running general election campaign. harris: that is interesting. >> came with planned parenthood stuff they do. don't want to see people die in the streets. already softening and i think like he said, you know, that was not a good weekend when he went after hillary and bill over sexism charge. he hasn't even gotten to that. harris: particularly bad weekend for bill clinton. all of focus got on him and issue of women and so on, so forth. it is interesting, andrea, what do you think about idea of redrawing the republican party? it has more intensity. has more energy among voters. young people, hispanics coming in. is that what republican want? andrea: not what the part
9:31 am
infrastructure wants. seems like they stacked audience against him. screaming crowds, like last debate are not in favor of donald trump. he doesn't care anyway, as political observer i think what trump is doing is masterful. agree we jesse he is reaching out to new demographics. talks about women's health. that got a lot of female voters piqued, their attention. this is broader than most republicans do. i think that line particularly about the new republican party, i think energized a lot of people. even though rubio is polling better and would do better right now in a general, harris, i think that crossover appeal trump has with blue-collar voters, new republican party, i think he is going to be much stronger candidate. harris: interesting. you wouldn't normally see someone running to get primary and general at the same time. usually doesn't actually work with a republican party. real quickly, the mention of planned parenthood last night was interesting. and we've heard donald trump say that planned parenthood doesn't support the aboress that they
9:32 am
do, but they do a lot for millions of women. then we wake up this week, we find out planned parenthood just dropped seven figures in a pro-clinton ad buy. i wonder if the other side isn't looking at this, also seeing donald trump maybe start to run a general election? >> no. the other side looking at donald trump he wants to defund planned parenthood and why do we want a guy wants to defund us? this is problem for donald trump, they're having record turnout republican primaries, turning out against him he is not winning by majorities but pluralities. tons of people hate the buy in republican party. >> because hillary clinton is so well-liked. >> not sure -- andrea: there is enough republicans in the republican party that don't seem to care what he says about planned parenthood. >> agreed. andrea: that to me as observer of politics -- >> hypocritical for republican party. andrea: >> dropping the party listens to donald trump that we're okay
9:33 am
with that. that is astounding. harris: something also intriguing what that has to do what donald trump tells us as he takes to the lecturn. we're looking at this in nashville, tennessee, excuse me in fort worth, texas, at the convention center waiting for him to step up. he put out on his twitter feed and social media that he had announcement to make. we don't know the topic of that announcement that he will talk about. there is crowd gathered there, for whatever really and event. now a scrum of media are gathering too as we're all very curious to see what exactly that announcement would be. we're talking about some of the pitfalls and how tough it was on debate stage last night. topics came up for him. will he be touching on those? we'll watch it together and as it happens live. we'll move on. should parent have a say what their kids read in school? one mom taking her fight against a popular novel to the highest reaches of her state's government and creating a whole new chapter over battle what our
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wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. harris: covering news as it happens here in this fox news alert. this is the convention center in fort worth, texas, where we're awaiting donald trump to step up to the lecturn, kind of doing his own marketing on some announcement he will make today. about an hour ago in his social
9:39 am
media, we'll be in fort worth, texas, convention center, big crowd. announcement to be made. we do know issues came up at that debate last night, not the least of them whether or not he will release his taxes. he is under audit right now. would he be willing to look at years where he is not under audit or audits been completed? that is follow-up question. we don't know what he will be talking about. we'll tell you some things that came up. he has a situation with a corporation he created called trump university talked about last night as well. we will stand by, wait for that announcement, bring it to you live. catch top of those remarks. sandra? sandra: harris, virginia lawmakers pass as bill that would make first state to let their parents block their students from reading sexually explicit books from school. her son was required to read
9:40 am
beloved by tony morrison. it contains gang rape, and murder. one says it planteds seeds of evil in minds of young people. when you plant the seeds it is a kitten, you feed it, it become as lion and it eats you. one said i think it is slippery slope. great literature is great because it december with human conditions not because it is easy. she raised objections to the other books, blueest dye, by morrison, invisible man and. something julie, you feel passionate about it. >> i saw the story. steam came out of my eyes, my ears, whole thing. i can't believe what i was hearing. the guy said the quote about the seed and kitten and he never read book. i read beloved. it is wonderful book. for high school seniors. sandra: would you let -- >> not let my three-year-old son read beloved. he is little young. sandra: if he is high school.
9:41 am
>> if he is reeding that book he is really smart. >> i would figure out a way to make money off him. this is high school senior. will we not let kids read about world war ii because atrocities happened there? it might plant a seed i might want to commit genocide on minorities? at what point we stop treating kids as puppies, kitten, rainbows. sandra: jesse, shouldn't parents have control over what their children read and take? >> sure it is america. let them read what they want f they don't want to read it. that's fine. i don't care. anytime you get a high schoolkid to read anything that is good. sandra: fair point. >> more sexy stuff in books, the better. test scores in this country are terrible. if you want to beat china tex score, sprinkle sex in these books. you will have kids fighting over each other in the library. this kid's mom says he can't read this book now? that will be first book he pulls out of the bookstore. harris: as parent we know that
9:42 am
is true. anything goes counter to what we say, that is the most popular thing. >> reverse psychology. it is not like it is "fifty shades of grey." harris: i'm liking that. sex in the text. no. >> that is a problem. sandra: where do you draw the line, harris? there are pretty provocative books out there? harris: i always lean in the direction of parents actually getting involved in their kid's lives. if you have he question what something that your kid will read, pick up book and read it as julie has done. you make best determination for your child. up to you. your values and weigh in with the instructor however you can do that. i agree with jesse, when they get to be that age, that is tough battle to win. >> they will want to get on amazon. andrea: want kids to read it, ban it and make it illegal. if you look at their iphone, sandra you will see far worse. the way young kids are sexting
9:43 am
each other and sending naked photos, that is epidemic. it is running wild. parent should be aware these books pale in comparison to what kids doing now adays in school and college campuses. i agree with harris. it has to be the parents call but a cultural eye what is happening today, we are devolving, not evolving. harris: 38 of those 50 shades are on the phone apparently. >> these parent need to be realistic. "beloved" is about a book of post-civil war south. i'm sorry, it wasn't a beautiful, wonderful place where people treated african-americans like they were greatest people on earth. of course there was rape. of course there was in, infantasizeside. there were all types of things happening. if they don't learn that in high school, essentially the woman wants to whitewash history not let her child read about it, lawmakers going along, we'll plant seeds of evil. you read the book, you understand atrocities took place and why it can never take place.
9:44 am
otherwise -- harris: preach it, julie. >> pretend all of american history was great wonderful place where everybody got treated equally. the world wasn't well. why don't we treat any history at all. andrea: not that way now. >> of course it is not. if we don't learn what happened 150 years ago, how will we teach our kids to be better going forward. harris: fair points. sandra: "sports illustrated" sparking a full-blown controversy. roll the video over latest issue. is the magazine simply showcasing women with different body types? or promoting unhealthy lifestyle choices? one former supermodel did, you know her, what she is saying, and why fans are lighting up on social media about this. ♪ i take pictures of sunrises.
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harris: fox news alert. what we've been waiting for, donald trump, governor chris christie, podium, texas. watch. >> my honor this morning to introduce somebody who is a real standout. he has been my friend for many years. he has been a spectacular governor.
9:49 am
he has been just a wonderful person and a wonderful loyal person. done a really good job, totally destroyed marco rubio the other day. i have never quite seen that i was standing next to marco rubio and he melted. he said are you all right, marco? and you know i really give chris credit for that. he is a real talent. and i would like to introduce him because he is going to say something that i think you will find very, very interesting. thank you. thank you, chris. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being here. i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. i'm doing this for a number of reasons. first is, that donald and i along with melania and mary pat have been friend over a decade. he has been a good and loyal friend to our family. we have been to he and his family. and over the years we've had a lot of wonderful times together. i've done a lot of good together for not only the people of the state of new jersey but for many charities we worked with and on
9:50 am
together and i have, i absolutely appreciate him as a person. and as a friend. secondly, i've been on that stage. i've gotten to know all the people on that stage. and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. he is looking at five people on that stage last night, the clear standout and the person who will do exactly what needs to be done to make america a leader around the world again. he will provide strong, unequivocal leadership. he will do what needs to be done to protect the american people first and foremost, both in the homeland and in creating jobs for this country. and, he will make sure that people around the world know that america keeps its word again. donald trump is someone who when he make as promise he keeps it. i've experienced that over my long friendship with him and what the american people and our allies around the world are
9:51 am
going to understand is that donald trump is someone who keeps his word and that means america will keep its word again. third, there is no doubt in my mind, and i've been saying this right from the time i entered the campaign, the single most important thing for the pub put party is nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. i can guarranty the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on the stage come next september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. they do not know the playbook with donald trump because he is rewriting the playbook. he is rewriting playbook of american politics because he is providing strong leadership that is not dependent upon the status quo. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. and so i am thrilled to be here this morning, to lend my support. i will lend my support between
9:52 am
now and november in every way that i can for donald, to help to make this campaign an even better campaign than it already has been. to help him do whatever he needs to do to help to make the country everything that we want it to be for our children and grandchildren. he is a good friend. he is a strong and resolute leader and he is someone who will lead the republican party to victory in november over hillary clinton which is the single most important thing we can do. so i thank him for his friendship. i thank him for all of the kindness we shared with each other over the years. more importantly than that i thank him for leaving private sector, for seeing there was a need for strong leadership in this country and for being willing to step out of the private sector and come offer himself for public service and for leadership in this country at a time when our party and our nation so desperately needs it. so happy to be on the trump team. i look forward to working with him. thank you, sir. >> thank you. thank you very much, chris. great honor. yes, mark? >> senator rubio made a number
9:53 am
of statements about you today. want to ask governor christie what he thinks. >> okay. >> governor christie what you think of senator rubio calling trump a con artist? >> is that what he called me? >> he called you a lot of things -- [inaudible]. i want to ask you -- >> he is pretty desperate guy. down about 22 points in florida. >> trying to get inside of your head. what are chances of that. >> that is not happening. go ahead, chris. >> fact is desperate people do desperate things. and i've seen it throughout politics and so have you. and so the idea that marco rubio can get inside of donald trump's head is interesting proposition but one that is really for the d.c. parlor games. what donald trump is about the people of this country. you know you heard, i heard some of senator rubio a comments this morning none were about the people of this country. when will we start talking about them? the fact that middle class folks in this country are suffering. the fact that people who want jobs can't get them because they have been taken away. the fact that we can't any
9:54 am
longer as country stand up and defend ourselves around the world because we have a leader who wrings his hands. i didn't hear any of that this morning from senator rubio. desperate people in campaigns do desperate things, flailing punches in last days of a losing campaign. fact of the matter is, no one will get inside of this guy's head. he has live ad lot of life. he has had lots of fights and battles. i watched him do it. there is no better fighter than donald trump. he will fight for the american people. you didn't hear senator rubio talk about any of that this morning. >> mr. trump? mr. trump? >> john. >> [inaudible]. big endorsement -- >> to me it's a very big endorsement. >> i want to ask you what it means for your campaign? you said endorsement don't matter match. >> generally speaking i'm not big on endorsements. i could have had many endorsements. i have quite a few good ones. i could have had many, i didn't want to take the time and dinners, it wasn't worth it. this was endorsement really meant a lot.
9:55 am
chris is an outstanding man with an outstanding family. he has done a great job. i think this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about i wanted to get. >> about marco rubio talking about rules of debate. he suggested that you were sweating backstage. -- >> i'll tell you about backstage if you would like. i walked back there. he is with a pile of makeup, putting it on his face. marco, easy with the makeup. you don't need that much. you know the story with marco. i watched him against this man where marco, was right over here and looked a the him, i said are you okay? he looked like he came out of a swimming pool. he was a mess. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. i heard he had some very nasty personal comments but i saw him backstage putting it on with a trowel. katie? >> foreshadow anything? vice-presidential pick, position in the cabinet. >> we never even had that discussion. chris called. we had this great relationship
9:56 am
and i just said wow, that is really great. that is really great. to me, this is something that means, outstanding person. amazing person. >> mr. trump? >> you said hillary clinton shouldn't be a allowed to run for president -- [inaudible] >> excuse me. that is civil case. i have won much of it. excuse me. excuse me, sara. i have won much of it. it is peanut case. it's a very small case. i will end up winning. i could have settled it many times. i decided not to settle it. i could settle it now. i don't want to settle it. excuse me. i go through court often. i win cases. i have a very good record. this is people wanting to get their money back. most of these people signed report cards. it is called report card where they said how great it was, sue you years later to get their money back. we'll win the case. take a little while. we'll win the case. much of the case already has been won. go ahead. >> to governor christie. governor christie when you had
9:57 am
decision to make between a -- what did it come down to? when was the moment you decided to endorse mr. trump? >> first of all let me respond to that, i'm a former federal prosecutor. to try to compare a civil lawsuit to the mishandling, to the mishandling of classified information, much of which i can tell you, we used to have to go to specialized rooms that were sealed, from any type of intrusion to look at, and those were sitting on a private email server on, in police clinton's basement in chappaqua, new york, to try to compare that to a civil lawsuit someone suing for money is complete misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding. excuse me. listen, no, listen, it is complete, you're setting up a question. you're trying to, no, no. let me finish. you're trying to equate a civil lawsuit against him with the mishandling of classified information that could put american national security at risk.
9:58 am
it is ridiculous. now on your question, here's my process. here's my process how i went through this, the fact is after the campaign was over, mary pat and i went home, we took a deep breath. i got back to preparing my budget for the state of new jersey which i needed to do a week after the new hampshire primary and present that to the people of new jersey. and then we sat down, as a family. me, mary pat and our children and we talked about, do we want to play any other role in the campaign or do we want to just not. i concluded along with mary pat and children supported we wanted to be with the person who we thought could provide strongest leadership for america and the person who could best make sure that hillary clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house. once we made that decision, there was clear only choice was donald trump. the best choice was donald trump. and the last thing is, our family is one that prides loyalty. and the fact is we have been good friends with donald and his
9:59 am
family for many years. and there was no choice in my mind. and when did i make the final decision? yesterday -- morning i met with donald. we met and talked. i said how about coming on road to texas with me. happy to do it. we did it. that is how the process went. >> mr. trump. >> governor christie, said a few things about yourself, former federal prosecutor uniquely qualified to deal with national security and terrorism. [inaudible]. entitlement reform proposals more specifically than any -- on both of those counts mr. count has been found by his rivals not -- [inaudible]. marco rubio says he is wholly unprepared to be president of the united states. how do you evaluate whether mr. trump is qualified and on terrorism and way you saw yourself? >> i find this fascinating someone who barely shows up for work in the six years he is united states senator talk about somebody else being unprepared.
10:00 am
the fact of the matter is senator rubio shown over course of time wholly unprepared to be president of the united states. i said that during entire race. nothing changed my mind. this is only guy on the stage, other than governor kasich who made executive decisions, made executive decisions throughouthis life. who put together budget and makes sure money spent efficiently and effectively in order to create profit and make sure the country moving forward would get on that kind of track. this guy knows how to do that better than anybody on that stage.


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