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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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texas senator ted cruz will begin with a full hour again. that's tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. thank you for being with us. just to stop fresh at the top of the hour. more with charles on the opposite side. and breaking tonight, what a night in the final g.o.p. debate in the runoff to super tuesday, this is going to be the biggest day of voting in this presidential primary election and it's just a few days away. welcome to an 11:00 p.m. live edition of the kelly file. they say everything is bigger in texas and this debate in houston did not disappoint. there are five republican contenders remaining in this race but tonight it seemed like just three men. senator marco rubio, donald trump, and ted cruz going at it, and how. the senators turning their attacks on the front runner, at times, the moderators seeming to
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lose control, and at times, resembling brawl with ugly insults flying. >> when you honor the promise made and say enough with the corruption, the cronyism let's stand for the working people. if you want to be liked in washington that is not a good attribute for a president. >> he said today, i'm quoting him, he said i'm in the going to pay for that quote effing wall. how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will, and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. >> you tell me about this guy. this is what we're going to have to -- >> this is a guy inherited $200 million. if you hadn't, do you know where he'd be? selling watches. >> that is so wrong. >> i think that is the way the
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republican party thinks. we don't pick and choose winners and losers. we're compassionate. but real compassion is providing people with a ladder of opportunity to climb up from a state of dependence and become part of the fabric of america. when we emphasize that, i think we'll attract everything. >> we have energy, financial services and it. we just got cloud computing in the mid west. do you know what? because we're balanced budgets, we're strong, we're job friendly. we don't raise taxes. if we have a president that does that in america, we'll get the economic growth and that is what this country needs, jobs, jobs, jobs, period. >> in moments we'll go to frank luntz and his texas republican focus group to get their take on the evening. they were watching the debate and we were reporting in realtime. we have a powerful line up for
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the night. chris stirewalt, mark theissan and ben shapiro. we begin with charles krauthammer, author of "things that matter" now out in paper back. the dust up of the night was between rub yes and trump. they had an exchange on health care and there seemed to be an oppositi opposition bazooka. >> if you builds the wall like he built trump towers he'll be using illegal labor to do it. >> go online and google it. the second thing about the trade war, i don't understand, your ties in the clothes you make is
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in mexico and china. you're going to start a trade war against your own ties. >> do you know what? they devalue their currency. >> well, then make them in america. >> you don't know a thing about business. >> no. make them in america. >> they devalue their currencies. they devalue their currencies to such an extent that our businesses can not compete with them. >> that is why you make them in china and russia. >> you don't know anything about it. >> you don't know anything about bankrupt in court. >> and you don't know anything about going to university. there are people borrowing $36,000 to go to trump university and they're suing him now. $36,000 to go to university. that is a fake school. do you know what they got? a cut out of donald trump. >> i want to move on. >> they did a very good job. i won most of the lawsuit. >> most of the lawsuit?
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>> excuse me. am i allowed to respond sth. >> you've been responding. >> no. i haven't. >> he's talking through the whole thing. >> here's the guy that buys a house for $179,000, sells it to a lobbyist who is probably here for for $380,000 then, legislation is passed. you tell me about this guy. >> here is a guy that inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited he would be selling watches and ipads. >> no. no. >> i mean that had to be one of the most-dynamic, feisty back and forths we have seen. >> ali would have called it the rumble in the jungle. that is going to make the guinness book of world records. it's clear that rubio, he emptied the entire airplane of
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its load of ammunition. it was everything he had within a few minutes. look. for -- what is interesting is that cruz came in after that, and he supported rubio on some of the charges on trump university. as a result you got a two on one, which is inherently unfair, but that is the way it is right now because rubio and cruz understood that what they have been doing up until now, which is attacking each other in all previous debates and ads in that had been in order to emerge as the one guy against trump was undermining them both. that trump was running away with it, that if they did not attack trump now, bring him down now, it would be over no matter who emerged as a main challenger. >> and they stayed off of each other. >> exactly. >> there were light taps but that didn't count this, was a
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two on one of a kind we've really never seen. in the end i think it's clear. rubio came out on top. cruz, a fairly close second. trump had his worst debate, i thought, because when it became a substantive debate he was exposed in a way that had not not happened in the past. >> google for trump university, through the roof. marco rubio wanted people to google the polish workers thing, they didn't listen. they're like trump university? fraud? what? charles, great to see you. we get data on these in our mailboxes. here with more reaction, frank luntz and his group of texas voters. >> we're going to do something different. we've been having this great discussion while you guys have been talking in washington. tell me, who run the debate? >> rubio. >> how many of you are going to support rubio? that is a strong picture. what i don't understand is that
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you've been talking about trump for ten minutes. why is trump dominating the conversation? >> because he's polarizing. people are afraid of him. he's an unknown quantity for a lot of people and he's not a politician. >> you don't buy it? >> he's the only one who accomplished anything. you want to go with two more freshman senators? >> why is it rubio won, why are you talking about trump? >> rubio does not, i didn't think rubio won. i thought john kasich won and he has experience to back it up. john kasich and donald trump have ever balanced the budget. >> talking about policy issues and trump did not look like he belonged on that stage. he had an answer for nothing. >> let me answer another way. talking about trump is because he's someone that accomplished something. maybe rubio was the best orator
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tonight but can he accomplish things? >> look, trump looks like he's steam rolling. >> what it is about rubio that he did so well? >> to attack trump. >> you're saying he was negative? >> trump did not respond to him. >> i thought it was more knowledgeable about the issues. >> megyn, i want to pull a clip. it's not the same order i want to go. this is the exchange trump had, it was the second one we're going to do in this segment, about donald trump talking about having a business because it's perfectly appropriate. let us pray. >> you're going to claim you're the only one that listed this into the campaign that you acknowledge you're the only person fine forward hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> i am the only one on the
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stage who hired people. you haven't hired anyone. and i hired tens of thousands of people over my job. you hired nobody. >> so what is it? the job of president is not to hire people. i want to know is he going to create the environment? if he can, he can have my vote. >> ben? >> rubio is a great orator. it was like student council president tonight. didn't we just elect an orator. >> rubio is charming with a boyish face, all american boy. >> boy. >> he zinged trump. >> trump is doing what everybody says. >> the lawn guys are the cheapest lawns you hire. you hire a mechanical prob -- robot. this time he was more personable. and that is why rubio tonight to me was able to reach out there.
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>> i want to show you the other segment. marco rubio talked about the constitutionality was one of the highest moments of the debate. they used dials to react on a second by second basis. >> no matter how sympathetic we may be to a cause, we cannot violate the constitution of the united states the way this president does on a regular basis. >> wait. why is that so powerful to you? >> because when someone wins an election, they pass through congress and it becomes law that is one thing. it's another thing if you break the constitution, you're breaking the law. it's not just wrong, it's illegal and immoral. >> so barack obama wanted to fundamentally change america. that is what i feel trump would do in the reverse.
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he wants to be friends with everybody. >> we're not going to have a war until we come back in a few minutes. this is one of the most-boisterious groups. >> and we have one of the funniest groups in the process. >> what does this mean for the debate in detroit next week? bret baier is back with answers on that. and we'll have what they thought were the best moments and why rubio's performance may not translate into votes next week. we'll have to see. >> everyone is dumb, you're going to make america great again, we're going to win, win, win, and the line is around the street. every night, same thing.
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>> i got along with everybody. you get along with nobody. you don't have one republican senator and you worked with them every day of your life though you skipped a lot of time.
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you don't have one republican senator backing you. you don't have the endorsement and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> that is donald trump scoring points in one of several fierce exchanges with senator cruz. my co-moderator next week is with me now, bret baier. what did you think? >> i think the cnn bell got a work out tonight. i think we may have to have a bell next week. listen, it's great to see them go back and forth. i think rubio and cruz both scored points against donald trump. you wonder why it took ten debates to get to this point. i thought trump had moments where he struck back and his supporters will be very loyal. i'm sure snap polls will say he won the debate but he took shots tonight. i think john kasich made a couple points and frankly, i
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thought that he absorbed the chris christie line about how great it is to be governor. >> the one exchange between trump and cruz on who can beat hillary and who is going to win is getting a lot of attention. let's watch it. >> the corruption of the clinton foundation. the fact she had ceos from foreign companies giving her money while she's secretary of state. the next republican needs to make the case but would say to donald, gosh, i gave too, and we can't nominate someone who loses
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to hillary clinton in november. >> talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> but you're not beating hillary. >> if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed. aren't you? >> therein lies the problems for ted cruz. >> i will say the average does have cruz beating hillary clinton and so he has ground to stand on in his electability case, especially on the fraud case involving trump university about being, testifying in july i think was a mement for cruz. trump has great shoot back right then when the audience is clapping that gives him sound bytes. i do think the audience was split and whoever was the velocaraptor crying out is --
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>> right! who is the screamer? she was loud and into the debate. >> she was into it. >> i don't know if we should be rooting for her to be in detroit. >> bret and i will be with you on march 3. great to see you. >> good night. >> as charles krauthammer mentioned, senator cruz put on his prosecutor hat with this exchange with donald trump. >> donald, true or false, you said the government should pay for everyone's health care? >> not once. >> you never said, did you say if you want people to die on the streets, if you don't support socialized health care you have no heart? >> nobody will die on the streets if i'm president. let me talk. >> explain the plan, please. >> my plan is simple.
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i will not. we're going to have private health care. >> we performed fact checking over mr. trump and you can be the judge to see whether senator cruz was accurate, watch. >> everybody has got to be covered. >> universal health care? >> i'm going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? >> the government is going to pay for it. for single payer, it works in canada and works well in scotland. it would have worked well at an age you're talking about here. >> we have a powerful panel for you tonight. chris stire walt and dana perino, mark theissan and it great to see you all. stirewalt? >> i have to tell you, desperation is a gift, the gift it gives is willingness. and tonight, marco rubio and ted
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cruz were willing to take on trump. i think they largely succeeded. i think when they forced donald trump into a position where he said he'd release his tax returns after done being audited which i think will stand out, stand as a unique moment in debate history. but they became willing because they became desperate and i think they succeeded. >> that is the question, dana. to what effect, right? >> well, i, when you played that clip of cruz, it was almost at the end you want to say the prosecution rests. and you're right. the people can decide. here is the thing, though. donald trump has done okay in previous debates and gone on to win elections, subsequent elections in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. so i don't know how much of this debate performance will affect him. i will say if you're looking for
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it of snap in your noodle, as judge stirewalt explained to me. >> we saw rubio out there. you know like a prize fighter just jabbing and bouncing and smiling. seemed to be enjoying it. what was his goal? he had to have been pulling away trump's core support. >> charles said he was letting hay makers and also, just crosses and upper cuts. just a pummelling. the first half was just marco rubio versus donald trump. what was he doing? 35% of the electorate is for donald trump. he was not going for those people. he was going for 65% who want someone other than donald trump. and if you think about it, after south carolina, after nevada,
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there were millions who were despondent that donald trump is inevitable and what marco rubio did is looking and say finally someone landed a glove on this guy andrew blood from donald trump. >> when? what was the draw blood moment? >> well, you played a litany of opposition research. i think the real moment is before that, when he kept trying to get him to talk about his health care plan. what is your plan? what is your plan? what is your plan? trump kept saying the line, the line around the state. what else? he exposed him as being empty soup. and so i think there is just, it wasn't just one moment, but a serieses of moments and a lot of people said that is the guy that can take on donald trump. i think it was targeted though he wasn't hitting ted cruz it
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was kind of targeted at ted cruz's supporters. >> we heard some reports that he may be needing to reassess whether he needs to make a difference decision because they're considering marco rubio. howie, a lot of times we look at the debates, even last week, right, february 13th trump was angry and said mean things about george w. bush like he lied to start a war. and people said but he only grew in support, and how. you've seen a misunderstanding of this man by the american electorate and the pundits. >> and we might have seen it here. he had bad moments but as marco rubio through the kitchen sink at him and wrench and screwdriver, it had a programmed quality at times. and rubio, you hired polish
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workers, trump, you never hired anybody. and rubio, you used daddy's money. and trump, nobody likes you. they talked over each other, and then, i think some of it cancelled itself out. >> chris, once again tonight we heard donald trump that sounded very much like he's long past these guys and running for general election. he was reaching out to democrats i'm assuming, doubling down on how great planned parenthood is, we have that here, watch it. >> as far as planned parenthood is concerned, i'm pro-life. i'm against abortion having to do with planned parenthood but millions of women cervical cancer, breast cancer are helped by planned parenthood. so you can say whatever you want. but they have millions of women going through planned parenthood that are helped greatly. and i won't fund it. i would defund it because of the abortion factor what they say it
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is 3%. i don't know what percentage but i would defund it. but millions of women are helped by planned parenthood. >> your thoughts, chris? >> i won't sleep on marco rubio. he has a week to do okay next week and three weeks until this is over if trump keeps rolling. but i won't sleep on marco rubio. looking at the general is election, if you're trump, but jeb bush, he cut him into ribbons and sent him home. if you remember that moment if marco rubio said to trump if you hadn't inherited $200 million, you'd be selling watches in manhattan. >> they're putting out on the website, watches for sale, trying to keep this going. i'll ask you one last question, do you think that the rubio response that charles is talking
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about where he was ripping back on trump for repeating himself, you know, donald trump said you had a devastating moment in that debate and rubio turned and and said you repeat things all the time, win, win, win. did it stop that attack on rubio? >> i think that marco rubio had already done that because that is what you're talking about, that happened in new hampshire. he recovered and rebounded in south carolina and held that into nevada. now, he's able to use it as a sharp elbow. on planned parenthood, i think donald trump's answer was very good. planned parenthood has about a 70% approval rating across the country which is why republicans strike this wrong chord which they say they're going to shut down the government over planned parenthood. you have republican who's think
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it should be defunded but you look at the numbers, i actually think when donald trump says i'm a common sense conservative and you look at an answer like that that says okay, that makes sense to me. >> panel, great to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ahead, new analysis from frank luntz and his focus group of texas republican primary voters and the funniest moment of the debate or any debate they have seen so far. >> marco made reference to the litigation against trump university. it's a fraud case. his lawyers scheduled the trial for july. i want you to think about if this man is the nominee having the republican nominee on the stand in court being cross examined about
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back to our texas republican primary voters who hold the keys on the big quest prize here hi, frank. >> hey, megyn. do you guys deserve all of this attention? are things bigger in texas? once again, i have to switch
12:34 am
orderer, how many you thought ben carson's comment was the funniest of the evening? it was a moment you will not forget. let's take a look at the funniest moment of the debate, starring ben carson. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. you have a combination of factors. >> he can't do it for a obvious reason. and he doesn't know how to tell the truth. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> now, i want to, you're the youngest person here, this is your first time voting so what you say is going to be important. don't mean to make you nervous, get your hand off his knee. >> they weren't given other candidates attention. and i think it's unfair. they need to each each the same amount of time. >> do you agree with that?
12:35 am
>> yes. >> one question in every candidate would have to answer. i want apples to apples. >> carson, on average, dialled better than any candidate but none of you thought he won. why should they pay attention to him? >> great orators don't necessarily make great leaders. >> yes. we have obama. >> and how the media treats different people, the message is that he can't win. >> and he wasn't in the attention. >> go ahead. >> we live in a day where popular, loud people get all of the publicity. ben carson is humble. and unfortunately, that doesn't play to what we think is good or great in this country. i'm afraid if donald trump doesn't dial it back we're not
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going to see that anymore. >> how many of you think trump wins the nomination. how many of you think he's the next president of the united states? so less than half. why don't you think trump is the next president? >> he's got a brash attitude and if you go back and look at hillary clinton's debate against de blasio, he said please accept this not to accept soft money. and all of a sudden, he was bullied and losing and everybody assumes he's a sexist bully. >> the world is a different place now. enough with this pc, baloney. >> hillary is a much different person now.
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>> donald trump watches this stuff. how many of you believe he should dial it back? >> yes. >> this is important. a fair number of people came here and they're telling him to dial it back. tonight is marco rubio's night. donald trump is still significant and megyn, conclusion is only three people here change their votes. this is the least-amount of any debate so the decisions have been made and frankly, i'm not sure if anything will change but the outcome is going to be based on what they saw tonight. is that fair? >> yes. >> back to you. >> thank you. thank you focus group. thank you, texas. >> thank you. >> well, his rivals tried to hit donald trump on his tax returns. we'll see who got the best of that. don't go away.
12:38 am
>> marco made reference to the litigation against trump university. it's a fraud case. his lawyers scheduled the trial for july. i want you to think about if this man is the nominee having the republican nominee on the stand in court, being cross examined about whether he committed fraud. you don't think the main stream
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>> as far as my return, i want to file it. except for many years, i've been audited every year. 12 years, every year. they audit me. nobody gets audited. i have friends that are very wealthy people that never get audited. i will give my returns but i'm being audited now for 2, 3 years, so i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> that is donald trump defending questions about his tax returns and why he won't release them.
12:43 am
this issue got a lot of attention tonight. good to see you all. so mitt romney tweeted out there is nothing to stop, no reason why he can't release returns while being audited but is scared released earlier returns no longer under audit. charlie, let me start with you on that. >> sure. and i think it's ought to be noted there are tea party groups who possibly relate with donald trump on this issue. but -- >> trump came out on tv and said he thinks he's being audited because he is a quote, strong christian. he's suggesting what you're suggesting. >> yes. well, but i do think that in
12:44 am
fact one of the best parts of the night for donald trump is when he actually went after mitt romney about this issue. that is where he is at his best, where he can personalize something and go on the full attack, which of course is what he did in pointing out that mitt romney is great and everything but he did lose the last election. >> so cruz and rubio had a lot on the line rubio hasn't won one ant the poll shows trump beating rubio in the home state of florida. so look at this. 44% over rubio's 28. so he needed a good night tonight. let me start with you, rich. >> he did have a good night.
12:45 am
it was important to attack donald trump not so much because it's about donald trump but because it's about marco rubio. if rubio had gotten on stage and taken a pass, he would have seemed weak. and lawyers would have been so disspirited and it was important to come out punching. and i expect it will be the pattern where rubio wins the late-breaking vote. the problem is that there is not that much late-breaking vote. so rubio won the last week in nevada, but trump won the prior year. and people with him and had decided stuck with him. that is what supporters have to be hoping is a phenomenon here. >> you're a ted cruz supporters what did you make of the whether it advanced for him? >> i think he came out less
12:46 am
aggressive and more aggressive as the night went on. i think the big problem is that he's lawyerly in his attacks. and sometimes that is great when he's talking about obamacare or israel but the truth is that trump is a knife fighter and a spoiled brat overgrown teenager. so the only way to beat him that way is punch him in the face. i think rubio did a good job of punching him in the face tonight with teen-aged insults and they were pretty effective. >> do you think cruz supporters are reconsidering marco rubio? >> i think there are. there are not a lot of late breaking supporters. none of these three guys are getting out. >> one thing trump does well is is the subject of immigration. tonight he was strong on this push back from vicente fox. listen. >> i'm not going to pay for that
12:47 am
[ expletive ] wall. he should pay for it. >> so mr. trump had a message tonight for the former mexican leader. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will, and it just got 10 feet taller. i saw him make the statement. i saw him use the word that he used. i can only tell you if i would have used half of that word, it would have been national scandal. this guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television and should be ashamed of himself and apologize. okay? >> it's a mess -- mexico didn't pay for the wall will you stage a trade war? >> not only is trump not get being the apology but joe biden said we should be apologize to
12:48 am
mexico for the rhetoric from some, he said of the g.o.p. candidates. >> you know, megyn from the beginning, seven months ago, one of donald trump's greatest strengths has been the enemies that he attracts. and whether it's the media, whether it's the "new york times," whether, whoever it is. when he draws these enemies and gets into fights, they're somehow the perfect foil for him z when he, when the pope went after him before south carolina, i guarantee you that helped him there. then, to have vincent fox go after him, it's just shocking. it's like is the guy on his payroll? trump could not have picked a better enemy to get into the fight with now. >> it's a gift. like a gift from mexico to donald trump. >> in a pinata.
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>> great to see you all. >> more thoughts when need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. i have a sister, who is a brilliant judge, he's been criticizing my sister for signing a certain bill. do you know who else signed that
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bill? justice samuel alito, with my sister, sign that had bill. i think we should get an apology from ted. what do you think? >> donald i will not apologize for a minute for defending the constitution or the bill of rights. there is a reason when harry reid was asked who does he like the most? he said donald trump, why? because he knows he can cut a deal with him. i don't want a supreme court justice you cut a deal with harry reid. >> another in a long line of fiery changes. final thoughts now. and here is my first question for you. take a look at this again between these guys.
12:54 am
on the debate stage, this is something getting a lot of traffic on twitter. why did cnn put a hot dog between the candidates? >> to make it delicious. >> you tell me, chris, whether, same question i asked, did ted cruz do what he needed to do? >> ted cruz did well and marco did very well. and based on how people do on the first of march, one runs for president, and vice president. they take on trump. you saw that tonight. what they're going to have to run against is the press. and i watched cnn wholly, i
12:55 am
mean, double, not only did they have trump on for 15 minutes after the debate, then another interview. is there anything else you'd like to clean up or sop up? he's like their missing plane. >> it happens on every channel. >> to me, trump said this guy is a joke artist and this guy a liar. marco rubio shows he's a fighter but talked so fast he was hard to follow. and ted cruz had thrown it back on him. you know maybe they have helped themselves but they're not going to team up. another one wants to get out right now. >> bold move by cruz throwing holes at donald
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the next republican debate is one week from tonight., let me know who you think won tonight's debate. >> welcome to hannity. they were big moments on the debate room. live is carl cameron, wow, gloves did come out. that was brawling. >> it was four states of very little other than brawling. tonight, donald trump was


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