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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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jon: on a scale of 1 to 10, one being most likely, 10 being not likely at all, how close am i to dying right now? jenna: how close am i to not being here tomorrow. martha: come in tomorrow and we will give you two days off how about that? have a good day everybody and feel better bill to go. jenna: republican candidates taking a short break today, gathering in texas to gear up for the last debate before super tuesday welcome to happening out there i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott pickup donald trump takes center stage as the front-runner with six straight victories under his belt and the states could not be higher for his rivals as they try to slow the momentum of the billionairebusinessman before it's too late. senior national correspondent jack roberts in houston with more .
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reporter: super tuesday is coming up. there are 11 primaries and two caucuses though it is only the primaries that will be awarding delegates in texas which has the big prize of them all, 155 delegates pick up the real politics average has got trump six points ahead, trump would love to be cruise here and run the table on tuesday so we can expect tonight the two of them will go after each other the same way they've been going after each other on the trail. >> things we said that were real lies, real estate is tough and real estate men have to upset people. these politicians are not such goodpeople . >> pt barnum is fun to watch. it's time to put them away. [applause] reporter: there was a new attack against trump coming up today from mitt romney who will you remember in 2012 saw trumps endorsement traveling to las vegas to kiss the ring on niels caputo's program,romney suggested trump may have a tax problem .
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>> either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay. the reason i think there's a bombshell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes he dodges and delays and says we are working on it. reporter: as you can imagine, trump didn't take kindly to that. in true trump fashion he took a blowtorch to romney on twitter writing, mitt romney was once one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics is pushing me on tax returns? tough language from trump but that has come to be expected. it's ironic that mitt romney would make that charge because it's the same charge that dogged him in 2012 when the democrats were pushing him to release his tax returns. i think it's a sign that the establishment is completely freaked out about the fact that donald trump looks like he's
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running away with the nomination and they are pulling out all the stops to cast doubt on him and try tostop him. not likely is going to work but we will see . jon: i don't suppose donald trump tweeted out a date when he will release that tax information, did he john? reporter: trump has resisted the notion of returning his tax returns as recently as this morning, saying my tax returns are complicated. he may come under pressure at some point to do it but it's interesting and unusual that a republican is almostworking from a democratic talking point to say there may be a problem here. we should get a look at it sooner rather than later given the history romney had in 2012 . jon: we remember what then majority leader reid said about tax returnswhich turned out to be bad . reporter: not payment for 10 years. jon: john roberts reporting live from texas . jenna: trump said at the appropriate time, that's when he will release the tax returns. an appropriate time is not yet. that's right. according to a brand-new florida poll, donald trump leads marco rubio by double digits in this winner take all
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state. an important state florida is and take a look at these new numbers we have just in. trump 44 percent to rubio's 28 percent among likely republican voters. ted cruz is third with 12 percent followed by carson and casey. yesterday marco rubio suggested he would win florida and these are the numbers we get today. more reaction from different campaigns and we will get to that in a moment. the new york times is describing rubio's current situation writing quote, senator marco rubio has persuaded wealthy donors, republican party elders and his colleagues that he represent their best chance to overtake the seemingly invincible force that is donald trump. he just cannot seem to persuade the voters to larry, a little bit more from these numbers because they are new.
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trump beats rubio when it comes to men, when it comes to women, when it comes to every major issue. the economy, terrorism and immigration. what do you think these new numbers mean? >> jenna, they are devastating for the rubio campaign no matter what they say. marco rubio has represented florida for five years in the united states senate. he was speaker of the state house of representatives before that. and do you mean at the end of february, just a little over two weeks before the florida primary, he's losing in a landslide to donald trump? in his own state? maybe he will turn it around somehow but i will believe it when i see it. if ted cruz loses texas and i don't think he will, he's out. i think he will end up winning texas though we will look at the margin. it may not be by very much next tuesday. if john kasich can't carry ohio on march 15, he's out. if marco rubio can't carry
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florida and this poll is terrible news, he's out. jenna: i want to mention that this was poll was taken after jeb bush dropped out of the race so very fresh, very new and we have the debate tonight. in the meantime, the rubio campaign has come out with a line they repeated and it's in the new york times piece but we've heard it on our network as well that john kasich has to get out of the race. that's what they're saying. that's where their focus is today. in the meantime after these numbers just came out, john k-6 campaign hit twitter and says that john kasich is the only candidate can be donald trump and marco rubio needs to do the right thing and suspend his campaign. what do you think of the strategy larry of rubio's campaign saying it's not us, k-6, the field. that's theproblem . >> they're all saying that. again, that's the fundamental problem for the anti-trump
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forces. they're divided and the remaining candidates all think that the problem is the other candidates. if only they would get out and i'll repeat what i said four months and trump, i've heard him say this on the stump. they error mistaken if they think when a candidate drops out, somehow all of his supporters are going to migrate to the camp of another anti-trump candidate. it doesn't work that way. it never works that way. trump will get a share, he might not get a majority but he will get a share of the voters for each of these candidates when they drop out so they better have a fallback strategy other than that. it isn't simply the idea that you can unite the anti-trump forces. you have to find issues that will detach trump from some of his supporters. we are still waiting to hear them.
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jenna: here's marco rubio last night with megan kelly talking about his position in the campaign. we talk about his strategy but after we listen to this. >> first of all i'm an underdog but i've been an underdog my entire life from when i grew up and how i grew up to how i came to the senate running againstthe republican establishment to this race. i've been hit by over $40 million of negative ads by establishment but i relish that. this is a country of underdogs. this is a nation made up of people who scratched and clawed and moved ahead and improve during their lives. >> think about the underdog line. what do you think rubio can do as far as he strained his his strategy to make a mark ? >> it's the heavyweight championship of the world and i don't really think you want to go into itbeing a heavy underdog. you can be a slight underdog and win the fight but at this point, rubio has to use the debate tonight very well .
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if he whips in the end and does not challenge donald trump in major ways then you will know it's over. i'm sorry, it's over. he foldedwhen chris christie challenged him . he hasavoided confrontation with trump repeatedly . people want to see steel and a potential president. he's going to have to show that. crews as joe moore steel. he has other problems. this is a complicated picture and yet with each passing primary isbecoming simpler. jenna: so you are saying it's make or break tonight for marco rubio. this is going to be huge night for him and how he performs . >> it's very important. make or break on the elections, not the polls. they are the actual elections but something has to change or these other candidates are simply going to lose. jenna: what you think is missing and as we look again at the pole briefly, one of the areas where donald trump is beating marco rubio 's when it comes to leadership. that's an area where he is far out: a rubio but as we talked
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around a little bit larry, no candidate has really gone directly after donald trump and instead, they are looking at each other. what are the aids missing? what are the strategists missing? what are these drag just missing about this election cycle where there isn't that attention directly at the front runner?>> jenna, i will tell you what it is and i heard this 100 times and everybody in politics did from leaders on the republican side and i mean leaders in office and big donors and people in party office and what they said the time donald trump announced to literally a week ago was, trump is going to fall on his own weight. don't you worry your little head about it. he's going to make mistake after mistake after mistakeand they're going to add up and then he's going to deflate like a big balloon well, guess what. it hasn't happened . jenna: you think the tax return issue could be that for him?
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>> the what issue? p7 the tax issue that mitt romney brought up on our channel. is it a big enough issue? he got into it with the pope and it wasn't a big enough issues of taxes? >> i watched that. i thought neil caputo did a fantastic job with that interview and look, mitt romney didn't do that by accident. wouldn't you love to know the back story of how he got there they knows things and what's coming next ? i don't thinkmitt romney is out there by himself. i think there are some other establishment figures in the party who will go after trump . maybe they know something that the rest of us don't know. it's entirely possible. they know love loads of things the rest of us don't know or maybe it's a bluff. but it's an opportunity for the anti-trump forces to introduce some doubt. why they think this is going to work when all the other stratagems against trump
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haven't worked i don't know but they may have a super strategy that supersecret and will work beautifully that i can't imagine the moment. jenna: we will see about the back story and timing but just to point out to our viewers, questions about what trump has made, his tax returnshave come up four years . that's something that has been worked over so it will be interesting to see with more information that could change and when we get the tax return, we will see what happens. larry, great to have you on the program. thanks so much. jon: a fox news alert. a huge line of thunderstorms raped much of the mid atlantic coast all the way into the northeast last night and now you are looking live at some of the pictures, some of the damage in lancaster county pennsylvania. this is amish country. lancaster, home to a huge amish population and you can see from buildings torn apart their, obviously overturned farm equipment and that kind of
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thing and this in particular is a chicken coop that has collapsed. looks like the roof was torn right off that, i can't tell whether that's a structure or some kind of trailer but there has been an enormous amount of damage and people are just starting to wake up and get out into their field and assess exactly what has taken place. looks like they got some of the birds around in that tractor perhaps. or maybe that is the roof of the chicken coop. tough to tell from these live pictures courtesy of our friends at wppi. we are getting damage reports in. when we get more information about what has happened from that strong line of thunderstorms that rate the middle atlantic all the way to the northeast we will bring it to you live.
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that deadly storm also affecting a large swath of the us , and the national guard answering the call in virginia. a live report from their next plus, we are awaiting new development in the case of the shawshank fugitive. a man who stayed an iconic escape and spent more than 50 years running from the law. also we want to hear from you. do you think michael bloomberg will actually jump into the race for the white house? our live chat is up and running. go to now to join the conversation. >>
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cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. jenna: the atlantic coast reeling from violent storms. the system pummeling virginia where it's blamed for at least four deaths of the national guard activating soldiers to help communities dig out from the debris. rich is reporting live from waverly virginia. rich? reporter: good morning jenna and the national guard has passed through here. work crews are trying to figure out, assess the damage, restore power here and also try to take a piece of metal off one of th powerlines here.
8:18 am
a destroyed rooftop around the corner where more destruction is . that's where three homes and a laundromat were destroyed by a tornado yesterday. also in one of those homes three people were killed including a two-year-old. early this morning we ran into a man who approached his car for the first time since yesterday. it got caught in the tornado with him inside it. he says he can't believe he's alive today. >> all i could do is just turn a lot. i thought i was going to leave this world. i honestly did. they hired on the news, he passed away so i was right beside them at the same time this happened. reporter: he says he's in disbelief that any of the glass you saw in that car didn't cut him. he said he was pulling glass from his windshield out of his
8:19 am
pockets after the tornado. all he heard were reports it was going to be high winds and before he knew it powerlines were snapped and he saw things flying all over the place. there were three killed here in waverly virginia two hours away and appomattox there was also another death from the storms yesterday. jenna . jenna: rich, thank you. jon: as trump comes off his third straight primary victory, the media and political pundits are taking notice but are there views of him as a candidate beginning to change? choose world.
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jenna: a quick look at crime stories. profile for the shawshank proof it fugitive. marshall caught up with frank freshwaters in melbourne last year. he's been on the run for six decades following his escape from the prison made famous in the movie the shawshank redemption . in 1958, freshwater played guilty to manslaughter for hitting and killing a man with his car while speeding.
8:23 am
he is back behind bars now but he was the inspiration for that movie. customs officials in chile intercepting more than 100 ecstasy pills made to look like minion characters. they were hidden inside a children's coloring set. discovery prompting them to place to people under arrest. an australian police say a dismembered bomb discovered by fishermen may belong to a missing brisbane women. her husband reported that a week ago and authorities say he died on tuesday after jumping off a bridge. jon: after months and months on the campaign trail, new view of donald trump seems to be emerging as he comes off the landslide victory in nevada it was his third straight win. now some in the media and some political pundits are finally coming around to the reality that trump could be the gop presidential nominee.
8:24 am
joining us now is rick grinnell, former advisor to four us ambassadors in the united nations, a fox news contributor and also a fellow who has advised presidential candidates as well. do you agree with the premise that the media are finally coming to the conclusion that donald trump in fact could win this nomination? >> i do. i think it's taken a long time for pundits and especially the washington establishment to take donald trump seriously and the fact is that donald trump is running a nontraditional campaign so you can't really blame the traditionalists when they scream this guy hasn't been playing our game and they were so certain it wouldn't work if he didn't play the traditional game you look at the facts, donald trump has attacked george w. bush, john mccain and now mitt romney and he's running as a republican and is on top of the fact show and it's taken the washington establishment and media a long time to understand this because they are stuck in their game but the facts show that donald
8:25 am
trump's rage is not appealing to republicans. he's running a general election campaign in the primary and democrats and republicans are coming around to him and that's why he's on top. he's not just winning republicans and that fact has been lost by a lot of pundits in washington. jon: but when you look at the numbers, obviously donald trump has been winning but there are a lot of othercandidates in the lace . larry was just talking to jenna about the consolidating the competition. if you get some of the other candidates out, the thinking goes thatanybody else but trump could win . any larry says the fallacy with that thinking is that not necessarily every 10 crews supporter, if crews were to get out of the race, not necessarily every 10 crews supporter would go to any non-trump candidate. what you think? >> i actually disagree and here's why. i think the non-trump vote in this primary is the traditional republican activist.
8:26 am
trump is not winning just the traditional republican activists. he's attacking all the republican leaders of the past. trump has done a good job of bringing in republicans and democrats and independents into the primary process. that's why he's winning. i don't buy that the cruz, k-6 and rubio vote are somehow in the credits or independence in them. those are the traditional republicans. if you put cruz, k-6 and rubio in a room and said one of you is going out to take on trump i believe that vote would be stronger than the donald trump vote and probably win in a republican primary. jon: obviously in your time at the state department you spent a lot of time working on foreign affairs. donald trump, early in the game had interesting comments about his relations with other
8:27 am
potential foreign leaders if he wins the white house. listen to this. >> number one, they have to respect you. he has absolutely no respect for president obama. zero. syria is a mess. you look at what's going on with isis and think of this. we are fighting isis. isis wants to fight syria. why are we finding isis in syria? let them fight each other and pick up the remnants. i would get along i think with putin and others and we would have a much more stable world. jon: a lot of people dismissed him, thought after comments like that that he would get along with putin 's candidacy would start going down in flames. currentlythat hasn't happened . his donald trump on to something?>> i think what he's talking about, these very quick black and white issues, it's not that he's wrong.
8:28 am
i think he's saying it in us a simplistic way where he's in peeling the people who are not foreign policy experts, who see the world as black and white. i think it's going to be a problem when it comes to international diplomacy because international diplomats are not going to just follow the lead of an american president because the american president is the loudest or richest in the room. you've got to be able to show how this benefits russia. one of the problems we've always had with russia is that we've been terrible negotiators because we think we can appeal to them on a moral level. somehow that the russians are going to come around and say they will do what's right and i think that's been president obama's problem. he'll say things like, the russians will eventually learn that this is not good for them. that's not the way the russians work. trump's strategy is to cut deals and try to show the russians that they can benefit financially from a decision. that may work better when it comes to russia but i think the
8:29 am
foreign policy community is very concerned that he's going to cut too many deals and not going to stand for american ideals which sometimes means you don't get the best financial deal. jon: he's cut deals for a golf course in scotland, for instance for hotels and other countries. he says that is part of his training to conduct international this diplomacy. you must your assessment again as somebody who has worked for secretaries of state. >> i don't think that's very relevant experience because when you look at the other sides, someone's trying to build a golf course so they are just looking to have a nice golf course built and all trump has to do is show they are going to have some financial reward at the end. that's not how diplomacy works. many times when you are trying to get russia to not help assad, it's going to go against them financially so you got to present them the larger issue and use sanctions and a whole
8:30 am
bunch of diplomatic tools. trump is too simplistic when it comes to foreign policy becaus it's not that game where you can just give someone financial help. you got to convince people your argument is the best, not that you have the most money . jon: rick grinnell, a former fox spokesman and connection. jenna: join us for super tuesday. march 1 starting at 6 pm eastern time right here on the fox news channel. we are america's election headquarters and we will learn a lot on that night as to what the race will look like moving ahead. in the meantime, president obama raising states in the battle to replace supreme court justice scalia, loading the republican governor of nevada as a possible nominee. how house republicans are responding plus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders hitting the campaign trail ahead of the south carolina primary. why sanders is all that raising the white flagin the palmetto state and what it means for his nomination just ahead . ntives,
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wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. jenna: the president may be flooding a trial balloon on his choice to replace justice scalia. he is considering republican governor sandoval and this comes after republicans out to block any nominee. peter with the white house with the latest on this. reporter: president obamahas privately told at least one us senator that whoever he nominates for the open supreme court seat will be someone he
8:35 am
thinks is a moderate . >> he is going to try to find justice that will be very moderate and the nominee would be moderate but you know, it's not about any individual person. this is about whether or not we should concern somebody in the throes of a very intense and some people think horrific presidential campaign. reporter: the only name that's been floated as a nominee so far is a republican who is federal judge and current governor ryan sandoval. sound of all told the morning consult it would be a privilege to be considered as the nominee for the supreme court. sandoval also told that outlet he has spoken to both nevada senators about the vacancy but at the time this past weekend had no idea where he stood. his office is saying now neither sandoval or his staff has been contacted by or talk to the obama administration regarding any potential betting for the vacancy on the us supreme court. the president will really face the in public he says he wants
8:36 am
to nominate someone who would be hard for republicans to turn down. >> i think it will be difficult for mister mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes that this person is well-qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. reporter: the chairman of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley says he is working on a time to sit down with the president next week to talk about the president's nomination process even though the senate judiciary committee says they will not have a hearing, they will not have a vote on anybody the president puts forward to replace the late justice scalia. jenna? jenna: we will see what happens the next few weeks. thank you. jon: the democratic candidates are hitting the trail today with bernie sanders holding a rally in baldwin university in
8:37 am
berea ohio. while hillary clinton all the town hall in chemistry south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. she is heavily favored there in south carolina. as political notes, senator sanders is all the writing off south carolina. giles of the new york times says in an op-ed, sanders hill has a chance in south carolina but it's getting increasingly narrow even as his popularity grows and sit clinton's southern route relationships and seemingly superior understanding of regional sensibilities gives her a built in advantage. let's talk about it with our political panel today. kareem jean-pierre democratic strategist and former deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley and hogan gidley, republican strategist and former huckaby campaign communications director. looking at it as political knowledgeable people but outsiders to thesecampaigns, karim , i'm sorry martin, do you see that bernie sanders is just writing off south carolina?
8:38 am
>> thank you for having me on, great to see you. bernie sanders lost his momentum, clearly. he's slow down when he lost nevada and south carolina and the southern states coming up on march 1 or the far final walls we've been hearing about that they've been talking about and it's also racially diverse. they are racially diverse in south carolina. there are six states on tuesday out of the 11 that are also southern states, they are more conservative. you have a large number of african-americans. hillary clinton does better with the 50 and older crowd so that causes a problem for him most definitely because if she wins south carolina which it looks like she will she will have the momentum going into tuesday. jon: are you saying hillary clinton is the more conservative candidate? >> i'm just saying that's the make up of the states we are talking about. these are folks who are also
8:39 am
care about the military, the foreign-policy part of it also matters for the african-american community in south carolina. jon: when you look at bernie sanders schedule this week, massachusetts monday, virginia tuesday, south carolina tuesday night and briefly wednesday morning, then kansas city missouri,tulsa oklahoma , onto ohio. it doesn't seem like he's spending much effort or time in the state that holds thenext primary . >> it doesn't and it's so enjoyable to talk about democrats and not about outsiders for a moment. it's interesting because in campaigns you have to make decisions and if you've done this before like hillary you have a broader base of knowledge, of strategic decisions you need to make the win the nomination. obviously she failed in 2008 against barack obama. she learned from those debates. she's preparing to solidify his
8:40 am
nomination starting to really back it up in south carolina but what bernie is looking at is, i've got a certain amount of money. it doesn't look like i'm pulling as well in south carolina as i'd like to. i'm pulling well in other states so he's looking on to say this isn't over. i'm in it for the long haul so his spin is, i've got more seats to win. i'm ahead in some other states and why waste time, money, energy and resources in the state you are going to lose. jon: let me give a rough paraphrase of what he said about south carolina. he basically said look, we were supposed to lose big there. gave us no chance. now we're maybe going to lose but not by as much as we were going to. i suppose in politics that might be some sign of success but you've got to wrap up delegates. >> you have to rack up delegates. hillary clinton now has i think over 600 delegates right now, over 400 are superdelegates and
8:41 am
he's at 51. unpledged delegates, they are on a way but once you add those delegates she's running away with it. that is definitely the case but look, he has momentum. it's not like he doesn't have momentum to catch up. there's enthusiasm there are bernie sanders it's just, is it too late? jon: doesn't need to attack her more? go after her on email question? >> he should, it's fair game. this is the year of the republican. if we can't win an election against a woman who may be indicted, one fifth of every dollar i make i get somebody else, the republican government as a whole set of other issues but sanders has been ramping that up in the last few weeks and it worked. it's not going to work in south carolina. she was slipping heavily there. he's been closing gaps rapidly and look for a while like he was going to get closer to her but all of a sudden the clyburn endorsement happened and all the african-americans began to rally around her. i was just on the phone with legislature from south carolina who is supporting bernie sanders and he says it's because they don't like her old
8:42 am
stances on criminal justice and they have incarcerated an exorbitant amount of african-americans under the clinton administration. it's not resonating with many african-americans in south carolina but the bulk of them who vote will vote for hillary. jon: you think he's making a mistake by skipping that sick. >> absolutely. he needs to go after her on the emails. that's the biggest elephant hanging out there or donkey i guess but if he can hit her on that and that's a problem for her later, they are top-secret emails. that's a big problem for her. this is far from over. it's not a random republican scandal. this is a real deal for her and if he can stay around he stands to benefit from her collapse i think it's too late for her to go after the emails because he said it was a political witch hunt. i think it would ruin his brand. it would tarnish his brand. >> but they just came out with a new deal with the clinton appointed judge. he's got an opening, he's just got to do it the rightway. >> . jon: thank you.
8:43 am
jenna: this is a big issue on the campaign trail. the camp paint deadly epidemic tearingfamilies apart. a controversial way of dealing with the heroine crisis. we will tell you about it and made it next . how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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jenna: right now lawmakers are looking for new solutions to the growing problem of heroine addiction. it's a big issue all over the country but specifically in the state of new hampshire and editor kelly just spoke about this crisis. >> wehave a situation with opioid abuse which includes painkiller abuse, heroin use , sentinel abuse and it is killing people. jenna: backing up his claims are numbers from the cdc showing the rate of heroin use among men has increased by 50 percent. among women it's also double so the mayor of new york is proposing a controversial idea to combat this problem.
8:47 am
it was announced this week and he wants to make his city the first in the united states to provide addicts with a supervised heroine injection facility, paid for and approved by the state and the local area where users could shoot up while the nurse watches over them. there's a few reasons why they think it's a good idea. joining me now to discuss this is an addiction expert who runs the recovery program rebound brooklyn and one who has dealt with addiction as well with her patients. i want to show our viewers the plan they came up with. it's not just a random idea. that the mayor came up with all the sun. as part of a comprehensive approach to a real issue for his city. you say it could potentially be a good idea. why is that? >> it's a good idea because first of all the rates of overdose deaths in the existing facilities in europe and canada are zero. canada has had more than 2 million injections supervised
8:48 am
and that they've never had an overdose death. nobody finds recovery if they're dead so the idea that it's letting these people overdose or shoot drugs between cars or in public bathrooms, a questions public safety and it's bad policy so these facilities are an excellent idea in terms of health perspective. jenna: robbie, you are not so sure. >> i don't know how taxpayers would feel toward treating addiction with giving them the substance they're addicted to. i'm more for the abstinence model where you provide medication that is legal that helps the heroine addict become abstinent and hopefully move toward a desire to be drug-free. i know it's very hard but it does work in many cases with the treatment we already have available. >> to be clear on this, they're not providing heroine at these facilities. it's also a way to engage people. the ultimate goal is
8:49 am
abstinence, absolutely but one of the ways you can getthem into treatment is by engaging them into one of these facilities . >> i'm not sure these people are motivated. are they really motivated? >> their heroin addicts. they're not motivated, that's beside the point that it's just going to be a way to supervise b&. >> they are not disposable people. they cannot be cast away because they are heroin addicts idea they don't deserve treatment . >> that isn't what i said. jenna: let me tell you what they sent from our panel because we don't have a heroin addict but frontline did interesting to our special on heroin and i want to play a little snippet of a heroin addict talking about her addiction. >> it's just so insane what this drug can make you do. it literally has a brain. and it shares mine. jenna: breaks your heart during that little bit. let me go to joe first.
8:50 am
one of the arguments perhaps against this is that for other addicts, let's say an alcoholic, you are not setting up a supervised bar. you're not doing that for an alcoholic so why specifically for heroin addict do you see this is a good thing when it makes sense for others westmark. >> one of the things specifically to do it for iv drug users because it spreads hiv and have see. that's a drain on the community to then compound that with other illnesses like have 80 or c or hiv is absurd and maybe we should have. 32,000 people a year drink themselves to death. this could open the door to all kinds of supervised facilities of people who have addictive problems. jenna: jenna: is are we working when it comes to the war on drugs? >> in no way shape or form as the war on drugs ever worked. jenna: i have to take a quick commercial break but robbie you brought up a good point about taxpayer dollars and that's one of the reasons why we haven't
8:51 am
seen a supervised facility. in places like san francisco or new york with thought about that. let's take a quick commute commercial break. i want our viewers to tell us their side and we will be back to discuss is this the way forward? we will be right back. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. do something! get on the floor! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring
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>> it is correct that maintenance and medications can be helpful. we all love that story. jenna: sure. >> we all love the story of the addict who never used again, and they went to law school and started a treatment center. but that does not speak to the millions and millions of people that does not happen for. >> i say let's keep looking. let's find something else that does work for this part of the -- >> and one of the things that works is keeping people alive, one of the things that does work is keeping people alive long enough so that they can find economy. >> but is heroin the only way? there has to be another way than sending the message we're going to give you heroin -- jenna: they're not giving karen, i just -- giving karen, i just want to point that out. >> supervising it,. jenna: it's a fascinating debate. we hope you both come back, because it really is raising some interesting questions. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. jon: well, new next hour of "happening now," brand new
8:57 am
numbers just out on the state of play in the delegate-rich state of texas. the jewel to have super tuesday contests, some are saying it's a must win for senator ted cruz, what do the polls say? coming up i. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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