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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  February 23, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and these are my adopted nephews marcel and anthony. our continuing coverage and we'll see you back here, soon, thank you for being with us. >> the fight for the g.o.p. nomination hits nevada. will donald trump sweep his third state or will another candidate spoil his streak? special coverage of the nevada caucuses starts right now. >> the republican race for the white house goes west. >> i'm starting to get known in this country for the first time in a message is being heard. >> there is a one strong conservative in the race. conservatives are uniting behind this campaign. >> we're going to win in every single level. we're going to win, win, win. >> if you give up on this too early, you're only going to have a hare who is exhausted and not
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very effective. >> donald trump riding his wave of wins into nevada. >> we're going to keep winning, go out and vote. >> reporter: the remaining candidates strive to overtake the front runner. >> this election has to be about making a difference. >> we're one campaign that can beat donald trump. we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. >> we feel good about where we are, things are going to settle down. >> our coverage of the nevada caucuses starts right now. >> it is 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, 8:00 p.m. in nevada. people across the state should be done caucusing within the hour, good evening, everyone. >> here is a live look at caucus sites across the state. we're hearing about a high turnout for voters and donald trump is the favorite, senator
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rubio and senator cruz jockeying for momentum ahead of a pivotal super tuesday a week from tonight. >> a win for trump will further solidify his status as front runner. we have team coverage and expert analysis for you tonight. our panel is here with us in new york city and our reporters are spread out across the silver state as republican voters continue caucusing. carl cameron is at trump headquarters and mike emmanuel, with the cruz campaign. john roberts with the rubio campaign in grand rapids, michigan where senator rubio is tonight. >> bill hemmer is breaking down the county data. first, we're taking a look at the entrance polls. martha? >> thank you, as you have said
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these are entry polls, meaning we ask how they intend to vote once getting in there. so it's a little bit tricky. we're at 25 sites across the state. what we're showing you now, it's very early. it's a small number and we may see changes but let's take a look. outsider, one of the biggest buzz words of the election, about half of republican voters so far this year are looking for an outsider as their candidate and donald trump has been their choice. there is no big difference in this. 69% of those voters say that they're with the new york billionaire. take a look at how that stacks up. everybody else is far behind. the other big word that has been a buzz word, angry. the angry voter. they're speaking clearly tonight as well. take a look. you've got 51% of those who say they feel angry about the way the federal government is functioning. they're with donald trump tonight. 22% with senator ted cruz. marco rubio at 20%.
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carson, four. the value voters have been strong for ted cruz so far and are once again tonight as well. shares my values is the top quality that nevada republicans are looking for in a candidate. 4 and 10 of them are supporting ted cruz. there are the numbers on the screen and how they stack up in that category. we're seeing a higher turn out of evangelical voters in the state of nevada that we saw the last time around. we see ted cruz doing well with voters but donald trump doing better than ted cruz with the evangelical votes and you can see how the rest stack up there as well. another big question, of course, electability. it's been an important quality for people who support marco rubio. we saw that in iowa and south carolina. now, the florida senator is trying to make his case his best position in november, and nevada voters seem to agree.
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55% say the florida senator is best positioned to win in november, you can see donald trump only 31, ted cruz, nine of those. late deciders we can see the crush in these primaries at the end, everybody driving to get that vote out. cruz and rubio have done well and cruz's troubles have any impact on that? so far late deciders seem to be breaking for marco rubio. so we're going to take a look at what comes in. another group coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> the caveat here is that they don't have much in. >> we have been seeing some long lines at caucus sites tonight. this is in las vegas around 6:00 p.m. local. take a look. hundreds and hundreds of people waiting to get in to start voting. at one point, only one door was
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being used as a man checked credentials, that is irritating. nevada is notorious for problems. it took several days to sort out the second place finisher there four years ago. here is how they have tweaked the process this time around. local precinct captains hand count the vote totals, write in the number, take a picture of it, and text it to republican officials. >> technology. >> okay. >> we are live from a caucus site in las vegas. alicia? >> hi, yes, the last thing g.o.p. officials want in nevada this time around is a repeat of 2012 when they were under funded and under staffed and could not get official results in for days. not looking at that. this time, they're telling us however, there are plenty of reports right now of quote, unquote, chaos. so much so in fact that the nevada g.o.p. just sent out a letter to reporters asking us to
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take a deep breath when seeing these reports of things like very long lines, that there are people in places where they're running out of ballots, a lot of confusion, people being turned away. that is one reporter and another man saying it's a disaster. however, the nevada g.o.p. has been defending it's volunteers saying there is a high turn out and that is a good thing. let me give you a tour of what things, how things are going down here at this high school. they pick up their ballot, dozens of precinct numbers. they can vote right away. they can vote and go, and leave, or they can bring ballots to one of the caucus tables. and they can wait to vote after they have talked to other people here. when they say caucus here, it's like a hybrid between a primary and a traditional caucus. things we're used to seeing. there is no body movement where people stand on one side for one
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candidate. that doesn't happen here. here, the voting is actually private. a lot of the discussion here has to do with what people, what delegates will go onto the national convention in ohio. so we're waiting to see the counting begin in less than an hour, back to you. >> we have looked at twitter and pictures and allegations from different camps. there is one from marco rubio's people saying one of the people counting ballots is wearing trump clothing and you can see him there with a picture and a hat. nevada g.o.p. just said it's not against the rules here so the lesser extensive they're doing a great job. governor there saying take a deep breath. it's a caucus. >> nevada is fun. bringing in steve hayes, and
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juan williams, and dana perino. good to see you. so, so far, it looks like very good news, if you look at numbers, half want an outsider and donald trump getting 69% of the half. >> good margin. the other thing i have noticed is in the question about issues, which issue matters most to you, inimmigration , doubled, donald trump getting 65% of those. and i think the question tonight is assuming that these numbers hold up and it looks to be a good night is, do we test donald trump's ceiling? there is a theory circulating in discussion about this race that donald trump has a ceiling because it's high, unfavorables and because he has people having
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anxiety about him serving as president according to an abc washington post poll. does that matter? can you blow through this season? the rubio campaign put out a memo speculating mid-30s. does he push past that? if he does, is nevada representative of what is still to come? or is it an anomally? >> these are entrance polls, heading into the caucus, things can change in that meeting and this is the first wave. so we can see different numbers later on. but, if these numbers hold, these look stronger for donald trump than south carolina, even. this would be a third win in a row. this is a changing republican party with a leader. >> i think also, if you remember back just three days ago in south carolina vote, entrance polls on the way in ended up being pretty much what we've ended up with at the end of the night. so the trump campaign almost ready to give high fives to each other and they have worked hard.
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that is one thing for all candidates on the trail for months now. and for the donald trump campaign, if anyone thought he wasn't serious about this, they're wrong, he's worked really hard. i think the caucus process after we saw in iowa on the democratic and republican side and now, in nevada, it might be time to just really rethink that going forward and give everyone a chance to vote. >> what are we seeing just raw appeal of a candidate? you have some sound bytes there. ted cruz likes to wax poetic and sounds like a preacher. and marco rubio is young, inspiring thinking this is the kind of party i want to build. then, you have donald trump up there. he's funny and dynamic. people feel like i know a guy like that. i am a guy like that. he is just more interesting to listen to. >> there is no question. he's so entertaining. not only entertaining but as we
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see from these entrance polls, he's the guy that gives voice to anger in a lot of people are angry with the government right now. >> that is truth. 59% of those angry went for trump. >> right. as we might talk as the audience indicates these are entry polls, we're waiting for results it's telling to look at where candidates are right now. rubio left the state. and when you look at cruz, he's out in rural nevada. hoping that he can pick up votes there before he comes back and trump is in clark county with the most votes, the biggest celebration about to break. i think that is telling. but i would say in this final point, there are rays of hope in terms of the lasting days. last few people made the decision on the candidate in the last few days. these are the broken for marco rubio. bring out hope for rubio going forward and when you ask people
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who can win in november. people who said that is their most-important priority, megyn, again, broke for rubio. so today looks great for trump. let's not put varnish on it f you're looking for indicators to say i can see a pathway, someone might challenge him, it would be those numbers. >> if you look at dissatisfied but not angry, and angry, it's 89% for donald trump. only 25% said the win in november november is important for them. >> that is the issue. that is not the big issue from us for the voters. if we want to look at this, we have trump winning. if this turns out to be a win, trump winning in the west, south, in the northeast. in caucus states in, primary states. among conservative voters, he's beating cruz again among evangelicals by an even larger margin than in south carolina.
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this is somebody with very broad appeal. the other thing to notice is turn out ends up being high, like we're hearing it's going to be, it's going to be another state where the g.o.p. is having high turnout, higher than 2008, on the democratic side, they're having lower turn out. so you have an electorate that is very animated. you have to wonder is that because of donald trump? >> it feels like a psychological test. right? are you dissatisfied and angry? or just angry? >> i am. i am angry. >> i understand the -- >> i am -- both of those. >> by the way, thank you, panel. we have had a couple of anoma anomalies reported. a report that someone tried to get a bucket of bud light into the caucus and that is not allowed. >> you can have a hat but you can't have booze? >> i have nothing to do with
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that. >> we finish the broadcast and if something goes wrong we have a chat and you say i'm just dissatisfied. i say, also, angry? we'll share the bud light and move forward. >> donald trump is no stranger to the vegas strip. the casino owner ratcheting up his attacks against his rivals out there, calling ted cruz, quote, a weak little baby. carl cameron is at trump headquarters. hey, carl. >> hi, megyn the crowd is beginning to wander in here, and there is consent this is going to be a big night. huge turnout, lots of anger. the recipe for success donald trump has been looking for. and apart from the degree of confidence they're going to win here, there are say series of plans that i will straight how he intends to do away with ted cruz. this is not focused on marco
8:16 pm
rubio so much. they're pleased in trumphand to find it outlooks like rubio will be second are excited that ted cruz looks to be having perhaps the worst of the top three worst nights. to that end, donald trump is looking at one, in the next 21 days that will bring us to march 15th, where we have winner take all races, donald trump has been in 21 days to submit to submit his victory. that is a very have gresive schedule and he is looking for put away punches. now, he has expressed a certain amount of uncertainty in caucuses. and since his big win in south carolina, he expressed that kind of doubt.
8:17 pm
it's important everybody gets out because they're unpredictable. a huge win in this caucus means he will have won three in a row. four of the last three, caucuses being the ardent of the republican base, the ones that require the most organizing. here in nevada a state hard to organize in primaries for senate, governor or house that he was able to do it. this is a big, big step. and a sign that the trump campaign believes ted cruz is the target they need to eliminate. they have never acted like they're particularly threatened by marco rub yes. >> carl, i just am looking at the second wave of entrance polls. 31% said they're evangelicals. of those, donald trump won 41%. ted cruz, 27%. if those hold, that is the second state in a row where he's
8:18 pm
losing evangelicals, ted cruz is, to donald trump. >> let's go further. south carolina was the state where ted cruz was supposed to have a big victory, command evangelicals and project his strength into super tuesday where there is going to be a huge population of evangelicals, better than half in more than half of the states. for donald trump to have pulled off two in a row is a very, very important statement. it says that evangelicals are not single issue voters. they're american voters who want a winner and someone strong. by a 2-1 margin, it looks like they're picking trump over cruz. >> carl, thank you. >> just looking at the polls here is another one for you. satisfied, but not enthusiastic. and that enthusiastic. and among g.o.p. voters in nevada, one is enthusiastic. >> oh.
8:19 pm
>> one. >> it's that bud light guy. >> we're just getting started here. people in nevada wrap up caucuses. we'll see another record turn out, or will we? looks like it. >> we're going to have analysis from the best in the business today. coverage from america's election headquarters rolls on. >> we're going to do so well, we're going to win, win, and win again. get out there, i love you. i love you folks. i love you. thank you. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you.
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welcome back. closing in on 8:30 p.m. in nevada now. voters are caucusing aross the state. voting has been under way for three hours. like everything in vegas, it starts late. in 2012, turnout for g.o.p. caucuses declined but the nevada republican party is reporting high turn out tonight. republicans have broken records in all three of their last contests. >> nevada's political geography
8:24 pm
is broken down into three main regions so let's take a look at the key counties needed for victory tonight. >> good evening, vegas, baby, right? it's early in las vegas, right? 9:30 at night. just getting started. in nevada, easy state to break down. here in clark county, and you have 50% of the republican votes coming from clark county. that is significant. likewise, up here in reno you got another 20%. so between these counties, you've got 70% of the vote. mitt romney, high mormon population, four years prior, romney was a winner also that year with huckabee, 51% of the
8:25 pm
vote. so we'll wash this and megyn, you talked about the drop in turnout. four years ago, they were up from the 2015 numbers. when we last talked on saturday, in this state of nef for democrats, hillary clinton took the state by six points. when we last talked on saturday, republicans were in south carolina just for good measure here, that was where donald trump rolled in every county. based on entrance polling that martha talked about, it seems to be a state that could be favoring donald trump again. we'll watch this map fill in and see whether or not it goes that way as we move throughout the night night.
8:26 pm
the barney map. right? bonus. >> we got rid of wallace. we were tired of wallace, i'm in the sure what happened. but carl, let me start with you. what do you see so far? >> well, antidotally, i'm hearing lots of differences. i'm looking what is the size of the turnout. the 423,000 registered republicans. four years ago, the record was 7% of the voters on the rolls that were republican and less than 9% who were active republicans, that is to say turned out and voted in past el. let's see how much better we do
8:27 pm
in turnout. caucuses are low turnout. in south carolina we had 700,000 republicans we had a considerable number of those turnouts to vote. the second thing i'm going to look at, is there a bump that is to say, did we end up in this night see by winning south carolina there is a effect brought new people into the trump campaign if he has been picking up steam here in the final days of the campaign or whether other candidates have been doing it. >> we're looking at trump headquarters. caucuses are right with all of these allegations. and is there now a sense we're going past the ceiling for donald trump? >> yes. i think when the panel, that is the question here.
8:28 pm
i think a lot of people, they've talked about trump having a feeling in the mid-30s, maybe high 30s and if they don't reach into low 50s and i'm curious to see, when you look at these numbers in the percent in south carolina, and that number is starting to approach the number 50. how did he do that in other parts of the electorate? he has, that is something very significant. if he can move way above that 35 number that people have sort of been counting on. cruz and rubio are counting on it. the second thing i'm looking at is has cruz, i mean there has been a feeling he's fallen off a little bit in the last 2 or 3 days. he's had tough, you know pr kind of questions him.
8:29 pm
the cheating wire thing, to me feels like it might be catching. is there a drop off for him? has he been heard? >> how does nevada compare to new hampshire and south carolina? we talked about how those states are different and what is so impressive he racked up a win in both of them. >> well, remember, those are primaries. you have a much larger electorate. the makeup tends to be more stable. nevada is a caucus state. and as a result, with a much-smaller turnout compared to total number of republicans. it's drawn by the election. we talked about the fact that mitt romney won in 2008 and 2012. in part, he -- >> he didn't win in 2008, i thought we said. >> sorry. he did well in 2008 and won in 2012. there is a large mormon
8:30 pm
population in that state. they tended to participate. ron paul ran better in the state and rand paul could have run better in the state had he kept his campaign together long enough. so, you've got to be careful about trying to compare the caucus state to a more-stable state like a primary where you have more people who tend to turn out on a constant basis. >> karl, thank you. joe, we'll be back to you in just a bit. >> donald trump, will he roll to super tuesday? >> i'm getting confused about rom neechlt he won in 2008 in nevada? yes. >> maybe won 2008 and 2012. >> there we go. correction noted. >> plus, marco rubio and ted cruz jockeying for momentum. we'll check out with campaigns, next. >> if everyone here gets nine other people to show up tonight, the men and women gathered here today will make a material
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senator ted cruz talking about counting the votes, the catch yan instructing supporters to put their cell phones in video mode and record everything that looks suspicious. mike? >> it was a brutal several days for senator ted cruz and his campaign. he had more charges of dirty tricks by the cruz campaign, those claims by the trump campaign and the rubio campaign and every opportunity, you had donald trump calling ted cruz a liar in recent days and cruz had to fire his communications director yesterday. so time has been short between south carolina and nevada caucus night. there have been a lot of charges and attacks on senator cruz. cruz suggested that donald trump has been lashing out at him because he's threatened by cruz. the bottom line, it has been a
8:36 pm
difficult few days and late deciders may have decided to go elsewhere tonight. cruz has been active in nevada since sunday, doing a lot of events throughout rural nevada. he was in sparks, nevada a suburb of reno, flying here, we expect him to address supporters here in las vegas within the next hour. >> you know, donald trump said all candidates were leaving las vegas and he is going to stay but ted cruz stayed so does the cruz campaign upset about that? >> well, it sounds like he wants to speak here at 9:00 and get the heck out of here realizing the calendar is short and so, he did not immediately push back. that he had plenty of other incoming fire today but bottom line, he's going to speak here and get the heck out because there are other contests on the horizon. >> thank you.
8:37 pm
>> so if donald trump wins his third state, he'll be in a dominating position. the but senator rubio says the only way to beat trump is for republicans to coalesce around one candidate. mark theissan is with me now, great to see you. >> thank you. >> your thoughts on it so far? >> he's a casino magnate running in nevada. it's home field advantage. he's making the most of it. looks like it's going to be a good night for him. it's important to put figures into perspective. this is a very, very small segment of even the g.o.p. electorate who is deciding this. john ralston said that there were 47,000 people preregistered which is up from 33,000 in 2012 but that is out of over 400,000 possible g.o.p. voters. to put that number into perspective, in south carolina, ben carson, who came in last place by himself got 53,000
8:38 pm
votes. you have ben carson got more votes in south carolina than being cast in nevada tonight. if you have an enthusiastic minority, they can take over a caucus and win it. that seems to be what donald trump is doing tonight. >> what do you make of ted cruz's possibilities in nevada tonight? >> well, he needed to have a good night tonight. and it's from what we're seeing it doesn't like he's going to get it. he's lost evangelicals. so it's like groundhog day for ted cruz. he lost them in south carolina and here in nevada, it seems. and you know what is interesting is that donald trump is effective in the way he targets opponents. with ted cruz, he is a liar. he had to fire his campaign manager for lying about marco
8:39 pm
rubio. so just as jeb bush validated the low energy attack, he is validating the liar attacks. >> just getting the latest sweep of entrance polls here showing that late deciders broke for marco rubio, 39%. cruz and trump behind him on that. and so, it does seem that in the last, you know few days that will lead up to the votes they gave marco rubio a second look. does that mean he repaired damage in new hampshire? and if he has, is it too little, too late? >> in south carolina he went from 14% to almost 23%. some of that is carried into nevada so he's got momentum behind him, which is a good thing.
8:40 pm
what rubio wants to do is turn this into a two-man race, into a race between him and donald trump and see ted cruz fading off into the side. >> does that help him? do you think that all of ted cruz's voters are going to go to marco rubio? and rubio still has guys in his lane, you know? he's got kasich in his lane, too. it's not just cruz and carson. >> no. no. it's a big problem for him. and look, i mean as long as this, there is donald trump and the rest of the field is divided up among four candidates. some of them are much stronger, it benefits donald trump. so this has got to get in. and so carson has 6% or 7% of vote that could be going to him. so yeah. he is doing well, and gaining and having momentum is always good. it's a question of whether he has enough momentum to make this
8:41 pm
a two man race. >> at some point, has to start winning. i'm not politico but they say that is a rule. >> yes. >> and there are other sides running out and they're going to start counting here any moment. we'll get pictures from cell phones from around the state. >> we'll bring you results as they begin to come in, right here as our live coverage of the caucuses continues. >> it doesn't solve the problem, it may motivate you to take action. this election can't just be about making a point. it can't just be about electing the loudest person in the room because that alone will not solve the problem. what if one piece of kale
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8:46 pm
raw vote total. >> the ballots we saw have the names of the candidates on the g.o.p. side who dropped out if you look, jeb bush is on there. carly fiorina is on there. what happens to those votes? >> they still counts. they're there. >> anyway, we have a new wave of entrance polls in and we have what they said before heading into the sites. >> we saw donald trump gets the outsider vote, walking away tonight. for voters who want someone who has experience, senator rubio gets 55% of those, cruz, 28%. john kasich gets nine ares. he did not have high hopes for nevada tonight, but kasich did not get the experience vote here which is interesting. so we're also seeing a record number tonight for voters who say they're angry at the federal government.
8:47 pm
57% of the nevada vote, south carolina, that number was at 40%. and new hampshire, 39%. and iowa, 42. so the angry voter seems to be growing going through this process. look at this, hispanic voters with a positive message for donald trump. this is the first contest where we have an amount of republicans and hispanic voters only one in 10 tonight. of them, 41% are with donald trump. 29%, rubio, 16, cruz and john kasich, five of the hispanic voters so very interesting data we're getting into this second wave. weem get back to you. >> thank you. >> we're just minutes away from the close of the caucusing in nevada. results should be coming in, soon. we'll talk to one of the biggest names in las vegas, steve wynn joins us to talk about the
8:48 pm
political rise of another billionaire casino owner. that is next as our special coverage continues. man 1: [ gasps ]
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
welcome back, it is just before midnight in new york city and minutes from now, all caucus sites should be closed in the state of nevada. and in just moments we can see what victory looks like there. >> donald trump looking for a win in nevada and who better to talk about a billionaire casino owner than another billionaire casino owner, thank you for being here. >> i wish you hadn't said that, though. >> steve, what do you think about tonight? >> you mentioned that a couple things that are interesting. that everybody seems to be angry. they have a right to be angry. they're getting a lousy deal from the november. people that work for a living are watching their paychecks go
8:53 pm
to $0.85 to $0.90 on the dollar because of the run away government debt. one of the things you have mentioned and trump mentioned as well, this caucus system is a little lame. and i'm homing in the future all of us in nevada go to a straight primary. we'll get a better turnout and better look at things. tonight is tonight and whoever wins let's hope a republican that gets the win the general election, and especially, we've got a big race this year for harry reid's open seat and our our congressman is running for that. there is a lot of good political energy in nevada this year. >> you have a long relationship with trump. and our own trump. >> i do. >> and reportedy.+q fw1%euuuuuu. is that true? >> well, look. i get to talk to donald. i'm friendly with he and his wife and his family. got wonderful children as you
8:54 pm
have noticed and i'm friendly with the other candidates as well. when i talk to donald it's about the kinds of things that all of us are concerned about in this election. and i give him my $0.02 on what i think is going on. i don't know whether he pays a lot of attention to it or not. i think a lot. people are talking to him. they're morphing with this man. first, i don't think everybody took him so seriously. now, we have a situation where trump looks like most likely the nominee for the republican party. there is so much riding on had election. i think everybody is going to want to make sure we get a republican president and republican senate in the house. >> that is what most people ask, steve, is whether he can win against a hillary clinton or a bernie sanders in the fall. >> well, you know, everybody is convinced that what we're seeing is a phenomenal change in the
8:55 pm
election process itself. the whole thing is on its ear. i'm sure that when we talk on october 1, if we do, privately, we'll say who could have believed what happened happened? i think the situation is so volatile. as you point out, people are angry. most importantly if trump has a lot of negatives or -- so does mrs. clinton. this is not a situation that lends itself to predicts. i don't think the jihadis are going to layoff. the economy is wobbly, at best. i think making a prediction is a risky business. >> we have this candidate casino, steve, if you have $100 in chips do you put it on donald trump? that he's the nominee? >> i think trump looks like it's his to lose. in the foot making operations
8:56 pm
they talk about favorites. he's a favorite. what is good news is that there is a lot of talent on the republican side. donald, rubio, all of them. they're all qualified people. i think more qualified than what i'm seeing on the other side and i'm a guy that has gone both ways in the past. >> well, listen we appreciate your time tonight, steve, thank you very much. >> happy to be here. >> we're going to look at the results. >> you bet. >> thanks. >> you, too, are a casino owner if you think about. >> it's a big casino. >> caucuses close in nevada. we'll check in as the polls close and results, we hope, next. if they could ever catch you. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. it's midnight on the east coast, and in nevada polls are now closed. fox news can project that donald trump will win nevada's republican caucuses based on entrance polls. marco rubio appears to be ahead of ted cruz for the battle for second place. far behind are john kasich and retired neurosurgeon, ben carson. >> this is the third win for donald trump, who this month won south carolina and new hampshire after placing second in iowa.
9:01 pm
so it gives him significant momentum heading into super tuesday next week. >> you can see cheering at trump headquarters there in las vegas. let's bring back our panel in new york city. hard to overstate how significant this is, three in a row. >> trump by a mile. big tail wind behind his back. on the question of his ceiling it could be the more you win, the more you can raise your own ceiling. what you'll hear from the rubio camp, i think that they're going to try to get this to a two person race, after new hampshire, marco rubio was considered dead on arrival. >> talk about marco rubio for a while here, juan. and rubio is said to have a 3,
9:02 pm
2, 1 strategy. 2, 1, 1, 1 is good. right? >> i mean, he's, you tell me is there stopping him now? >> i don't see it. you know, everybody is looking r strategy. early in the evening. i expect people who decided late seem to go toward rubio. what strikes me is that donald trump has won across all lines. if you look at people who define evangelicals, donald trump wins. as strong conservatives, donald trump wins. even people as moderate conservatives, donald trump wins. so exactly, you know what is the hope here? i don't know. you talk about 2, 1, 1, 3, 1, 2, strategy, marco rubio has to win somewhere. >> you paint the picture of an outsider taking over a party that may lead to a nomination.
9:03 pm
>> right. >> he's turned this upside down. >> yes. he has. i think when you started to try to map out how do you stop donald trump, you have to start implying almost magical thinking and saying you know rubio is going to somehow, kasich is going to drop out and rubio will win ohio and florida and you piece together things that seem to be moving pieces or cruz is going to drop out and head to head between donald trump and rubio but why is cruz going to drop out? there are a lot of things that have to happen that probably aren't going to happen. it looks as if, i don't see how you stop him. >> a former romney advisor was saying that you, past is pro logged because what they're doing isn't working so far. >> that is right. marco rubio said yesterday this
9:04 pm
is not about going after donald trump. it's about who is best capable of uniting the g.o.p. that may have been the case. that may be what he wishes is the case. at some point it's going to be about going after donald trump if you're marco rubio. >> 25% of this according to the entrance polls are buying that marco rubio line that i'm the most electable. these people don't really care. according to this number. >> it is an interesting fluctuation in who can win in ohio. so it's important, i think it was the second-most important candidate quality of the ones posted to voters tonight but it's not so important that it's going to lead to marco rubio's victories. i don't disagree with kirsten. the more donald trump wins, the more likely to be the republican nominee. 5% of the delegates have been allocated today, as of today.
9:05 pm
just 5%. so there is still time. you won't declare a winner of the football game after the third minute of the first quarter. if people want to bring him down, they can't be waiting too much longer. >> panel, thank you. >> want to bring in our fox new editor chris stirewalt and houry kurtz. >> donald trump learned a lesson in iowa. intensity and mobileization of your people, and we heard complaints about hats, shirts, and gear and signs were getting out there. that means there was organization. and that means that donald trump learned his lesson from iowa, which is in these small turn out affairs you've got to get your people there and he got his people there. so he learned a big lesson and
9:06 pm
put it into action. >> howie, what, you know, the g.o.p. establishment is over there saying huh? huh? right? they don't seem like they know what to do. they have four candidates against trump that are not going anywhere. and they seem befuddled. >> to me, nevada is who gets jet fuel and who sputters next tuesday. trump having won three regions the narrative of is he unstoppable, that is flying high and the party is going to try to get a one on one with trump. for ted cruz, if he finishes third, this deepens the sense he's losing altitude. by firing his communications
9:07 pm
director a day before caucuses he made that a bigger story by the factor of 10. if trump, according to polls has won hispanics that is going to change a lot of people's thinking. >> thank you for mentioning that cruz let go of his communications director. you know, you can see the argument that that was to cruz's credit. the guy had done something he shouldn't have done. cruz said that is not the campaign i want to run. now, for perhaps it brought more media attention to it. you can make that argument, stirewalt, though the party leaders have this reputation that they're eve kril but the polls thus far also show that trump's negatives are way higher and he remains the lease
9:08 pm
acceptable choice, but there are people who just i had one on tonight, saying i will never vote for him. i don't believe he's pro-choice. >> nothing about tonight changes donald trump as an uncertain trumpet for the republicans in the general election. i doubt there are that many hispanic voters in nevada. >> one out of 10. >> this is demonstrating that donald trump does have organization and is building momentum and the republican party waited too long to try to stop him. now, there is one week before you have a almost a third of the delegates having been allocated. they might fail to stop him but that doesn't mean he's a certain bet against hillary clinton. many argue his high negatives, trouble with female voters and
9:09 pm
other things could put the republican party in big trouble in november and that thinking hasn't filtered into the folk who's turned out today. >> she has high negatives, too. her negatives are high, too. >> there is an aura about donald trump. just tonight, he crashed a caucus polling place where glenn beck was speaking on behalf of ted cruz. he gets away with this sort of thing. he gets away with getting into a spat with pope francis. >> great to see you both. >> you bet. >> that female number, though, 48% were female in caucuses. of those, 45% went for trump. >> i don't know but in the general election it's a different story. but who among us hasn't gotten
9:10 pm
into a fight with the pope? if i had a nickel. >> yesterday. >> you take the wafer in your left hand. >> okay. >> the candidates watching tonight's returns closely. john roberts is standing by in michigan. marco rubio is in another battle for second place. we begin with carl cameron at trump headquarters in vegas which is at treasure island casino, not the trump hotel. >> the trump hotel is off the strip and this is one that is going to get lots of street traffic. to the extent the nevada entrance polls suggested the electorate here is very angry which is what we heard in south carolina, and new hampshire and iowa. they're not angry at the idea donald trump is going to win tonight. republicans felt hopeless in
9:11 pm
washington for years and the leadership wasn't serving purposes of the american conservative voter. donald trump has broken a lot of furniture in the last elections, including tonight and his turned into enthusiasm and hopefulness. that is the message for a campaign that is gaining steam and terrifying the opposition. the rubio and cruz campaigns have to be doing a lot of reassessments. donald trump has been breaking conventional wisdom, defying gravity at every turn. reporters, pundits, political consultants across the spectrum never thought it would come to this. he comes out of the first month of voting with an incredible head of steam heading into next week and into march 15th. and to the extent that john
9:12 pm
kasich and ben carson are hanging in there, that marco rubio is picking up some of the donors once attached to jeb bush and establishment support with that, it pales in comparison to the margin of victory that trump seems to be building tonight and combination going into the big states and massive national race we face in a week. no other candidate is close to that and the idea that money and organization is going to stop this type of momentum,ing f forgets the idea that donald trump can pour into his own money at any given time. and donald trump can dominate the media every morning with a phone call, evenings and talk shows. that is more than millions of dollars of super pac advertising. >> carl, he's doing something right. does he change anything? his biggest, the sharpest elbows
9:13 pm
this week were with ted cruz. does he train his fire on marco rubio? >> well, yes. one of the things donald trump has been skillful at doing is avoiding specific policy positions by attacking his rivals for their inconsistencies. where this any other candidate, the analysis would be oh, he's protecting his position to be a better general election candidate. well, don't think for a second that donald trump and his team aren't fully aware of that to the extent some of his positions have been vague, that is what a good politician winning the nomination wants to do in order to be able to win the general election in the fall against democrats. >> thank you. we'll head out to the speech. >> we've been talking in prior nights about when donald trump should get to the microphone? we can see now 13 minutes past he has in the come out.
9:14 pm
and dr. ben carson has come out and according to our -- oh. >> there he is. >> we don't have the audio. the microphone is not working and we don't have the audio. >> test, test, test. >> hold on. be happy. >> let's listen. so far, he's polling second to bottom. let's listen. >> hard work that was done here. and a lot of enthusiasm and all of the places that we went. very enthusiastic crowds and i blief that things are starting to happen here. i know that the pundit and political class they want to call everything and they say it's all done, and over. you may as well go home. and do cornonation now, but i believe they're wrong. the interesting thing about my
9:15 pm
life is that i've had so many situations -- >> we had this last time, they keep the tv loud and you can hear dr. carson twice, once through the microphone and once through tv feed. solid man, fox news channel, thank you, doc. >> sounds like he's still going on. john roberts is following the marco rubio campaign standing by live in grand rapids, michigan. nothing else tonight, right, john? >> nothing else tonight. the senator has gone to bed and a lot of work to do between now and super tuesday. he was in nevada briefly this morning and went on to minneapolis and here to michigan, michigan votes on the 8th of march. and of senator making the case he can unite the party and urging the party to coalesce around him.
9:16 pm
the problem for marco rubio, the math is just not there for him to challenge donald trump, what he needs, and the campaign will tell you, is that they need kasich to drop out. the problem is that kasich has no plans to drop out. he believes that he is more likely to win states going forward than marco rubio is. i asked the senator about that just a short time ago. >> john kasich, you're probably going to lose florida? >> that is another campaign. i mean, bottom of the other campaigns are going to talk us out. i have performed stronger than anyone else in this race in terms of being able to bring people together. i can unite this party and grow this party. that is why we're going to have the best chance of winning in novemb november. >> they have what they call
9:17 pm
marco-mentum can he turn that into standings into super states? it's going to take an awful a lot of work which is why he's getting sleep right now. he's going to have a lot of sleepness nights ahead. >> a big night for donald trump. marco rubio and ted cruz battling it for second place. >> our live coverage continues with more, fox news is america's election headquarters. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
9:18 pm
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9:21 pm
welcome back, it's about 21 after the hour, you can see donald trump won the nevada caucuses. too close to call for second place, you can see tight race and we don't know who is going to finish where. these guys have been very close, cruz and rubio. each will try to claim bragging rights if he comes in second. there is a question about who is going to land there officially, tonight. >> we have reporters on twitter with interesting things to say throughout the night. one of them saying the states with a lot of bartenders and
9:22 pm
maids chose the head of the casino over the sum of the bartender and the maids. >> there you go. >> good point. >> let's go over to karl rove and joe trippi. what do you think? karl first. >> first of all i want to put this into a little bit of context. trump is having a really good night. the question is, is this going to give him real momentum going into next week? you have many delegates at stake in 11 states. we don't know how that is going to play out. let me give you this nugget. there have been nine polls in those states, the states that vote on the one and 8th since south carolina. the average for trump is 32%. what he got in and the number in south carolina. rubio is at 19% average in those polls, cruz at 17. now, in eight polls, trump
9:23 pm
leads, one texas poll is behind cruz. what is interesting to me is that those polls were since south carolina and you think that we would see a bump up in the number that trump has if he's got moment. maybe this will trigger a band wagon effect. i think we may have a little bit longer in this contest. >> joe, could it trigger the opposite? could it trigger opposition to say, okay, this is real and we need to get our stuff together? >> well, they have been trying. no. i don't think that yet. i think karl is right, that there is more room here, when you look at the entrance poll, and you show the anger and frustration now, at the weakness perceived in their leadership. and i think this is what trump
9:24 pm
has been passing into. the problem here is that you go look at the other argument, one that rubio finds, wait a minute, guys i'm the one that can win the general election. there is only 20%, 25%, low 20% of these that cares about winning in the election and in reflection to wanting that strong leader that is going to fit for them. the more now that rubio and others are starting to coalesce around rubio, i'm not sure that is going to work for rubio right now. it's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out in these, on march 1st and through march 15th. >> will there be a lot of pressure on kasich to get out? >> i think there will be and i'm
9:25 pm
not sure it will be effective directly getting him out but there is indirect research. we can see it in nevada. if you're john kasich and you say i'm going to focus on michigan and make an attempt in georgia but wait until the 8th of march, when i do something in michigan and 15th of march, you may self select out of the case. i would be surprised tonight if those two men together john kasich and ben carson equal 8% of the vote tonight. there is a selection process. i want to pick up something joe said. joe is right. there is dynamics in the caucus. take a look at the iowa caucus. iowa caucus is won by berpy sanders over hillary clinton. why? because he represents the insurgent strain. this is a caucus much smaller
9:26 pm
turn out, things like an active group of angry people can dominate an angry attitude. >> as a democrat are you concerned by what you're seeing in g.o.p. turnout in iowa? new hampshire, south carolina, and now, nevada? >> not really. i mean, look. it's very good for the g.o.p. that they're getting that turn out. i mean, what is strange to me is as a democrat, the guy i'd be worried about is rubio. and all of the other guys i'm most worried about are already dead. so that may be kasich. it's hard for me to look at this right now and figure out how this is going to play out. it looks like donald trump could be the nominee from my perspective. i'd rather run against cruz than him, but trump is one of the few we would have picked to run against.
9:27 pm
we'll see how it plays out. sometimes, you should be careful what we wish for. look at what we get from the g.o.p. up until now. >> joe, carl, thank you. >> fox news projects donald trump will win the nevada caucus. we're waiting to hear from the front runner. >> now, it's all about who will finish second and a tight battle between ted cruz and marco rubio. and don't forget, tomorrow night a special and again, that is tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m., eastern. a group of voters in texas. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan,
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9:31 pm
getting to know you. getting to know all about you... get one-touch credit lock, plus your score and report at get in the know. we're awaiting donald trump's victory speech. there is a battle for second place as you can see our ticker has the raw vote coming in as well as the percentage. it says 7% in yu you're going to see the sites reporting in the next half hour. >> great to see you both. and so, the question tonight is whether trump is going to exceed the 35% or 40% range, charlie, and by how much. does that translate into a state bigger than nevada? with more voters than nevada? you heard about how this is a
9:32 pm
caucus. >> sure. you know, i think that number is the most important number to look at out of tonight. whether or not he is a able to breech that 40%, those wins, before now have been in the 30s and 20% and that number is going to go up as fewer people are remaining in the contest. but if trump is able to breck the 40% barrier and get into 43%, 44%, that is a big deal for him. one of the arguments levelled against him is that there is a feeling among republican voters that he won't be able to reach and it's just one more ceiling he will breech so that is going to be a very important thing to look at once more. >> is there -- tell me about second place. is it a big deal that marco gets
9:33 pm
second place, and what does it mean for ted cruz? >> it is a big deal thatlp batt for second place. there is -- both of them are now facing a donald trump won three in a row in two weeks with incredible momentum, more of a band wagon effect than a ceiling heading into this day. so, rubio and cruz looking at the path ahead. rubio hoping to clean up his lane with a number where he can take on donald trump. krus, if he wins rubio, it's significant. if that is cruz's path to nomination how is he going to get there? at some point, they have got to
9:34 pm
figure out who voters and i think who comes in number two tonight is going to be significant in terms of voters trying to pick one of the two of them. that is the fight that they're choosing right now. they're not fighting off trump. >> but charlie if you're ted cruz and let's say you come in third tonight behind marco rubio, you're thinking it's razor tight here and in south carolina. i'm going to convince people that i am the conservative alternative to trump and i'm going to make my case in this primary going on march 1 with states that are very favorable to me. >> these guys are politicians. they're running for president. have you to be delusional to do this. because of that, you -- they're convinced they can always, always, go on. >> with all due respect to ben carson, he just said i believe
9:35 pm
things are starting to happen here. >> yes. yes. >> he said people think i'm going to make a concession speech. this is a just the beginning speech. >> something happens to you. if you've been running for president two years, it does start to go to your head. the best news tonight for donald trump, i would say is the fact that marco rubio and ted cruz are knotted up, a dozen points behind him, giving neither one a reason to get out of the race. >> exactly. >> you look at the terms, the turn out, and there is a heavy mormon account that went overwhelming forly cruz. that went against the assumption rubio is going to do well with that vote, it seems like this is going to be a battle between
9:36 pm
õuiand rubio. g get -- the question is, what state are they going to win? >> the question is rubio, can he survive florida? if he doesn't, how can he go on? you want to see, you want to win texas and you want to see cruz, you want to see rubio lose florida, i guess, it is true. and they're fighting each other. and they compete with voters, bret, you and i, we talked to those people in early states. a lot of them choosing between cruz and rubio. as different as they think they are, they, those two actually have sort of the same coalition. if they're still interested in picking off each other's voters but it doesn't stop the trump machine. it just helps them. there is very little time left.
9:37 pm
that is why there is so much consternation. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> we're waiting for donald trump to speak to his supporters in las vegas and watching a close battle for cruz and rubio for second. we cannot call that positioning. >> in nevada our live coverage of the nevada caucuses continues, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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9:41 pm
cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ all eyes on las vegas, 20 minutes to go until 1:00 a.m. in the east. trump headquarters very happy tonight. we go there to our our campaign carl cameron who has been watching the crowd. >> this is taking it out of the trump perspective. think what marco rubio and ted cruz have to do in six days to stop some of trump's momentum. they have to readvise their strategies to come up with a way
9:42 pm
to stop him before next super tuesday, when there are 600 delegates up for grabs. half of what is necessary to clinch the nomination. donald trump has successfully dissected the republican party. he has defied conservatism, and laughed at ted cruz in nevada, blown over marco rubio's supposed fire wall where he spent his childhood. the republican party has to come to a decision. does it now begin, even the establishment getting behind donald trump or do they try to bring back a marco rubio or ted cruz or perhaps get behind john kasich or ben carson in six
9:43 pm
days? it's an almost insurmountable achievement. in about 15 or 20 minutes, donald trump will get here into the treasure island casino, on the strip in las vegas. he'll take the podium. the crowd will go wild for him and their anger, frustration, and some cases the pure hatred of the washington establishment gets bomb basted by the promises to make america great again. he does have clear positions when it comes to immigration, when it comes to isis, the exact specifics on how he will perform policies have never been outlined to the degree and detail that the american electorate has been accustomed to in decades. so marco rubio and ted cruz have
9:44 pm
to figure out new rules to play by. >> understood. if you're looking at all of the numbers and you're a marco rubio supporter and states have gone so far, nevada i don't think the marco rubio campaign would say nevada is their fire wall, they expected to do well in that caucus state. but if you look at that, they'd say, wait a minute, there is a second of the republican party not voting for republican. if you can consolidate that, it's a big if. you're saying interest is still a chance. >> sure. you've got to get them into the polls first. and the history and tradition of primary politics in both parties is between 30% and 45% of the party votes. the so owe -- called base. and sometimes, it's as much as 60% don't participate. they wait for the general
9:45 pm
election when the nominee has been selected by that base. donald trump is not your base conservative social, fiscal conservative in the traditional sense of the republican party. he's said let's take care of bombing isis in syria. that is to the idea that foreign policy is dictated by the commander in chief out of the oval. not by congress and not by a businessman on the campaign trail. you can see these conventions, these things have been the corner stones and fillers for generations being oeb blliterat. it was marco rubio reminding that nevada was part of his
9:46 pm
forfor formative years and his dad was a bartender and his mom, a maid in hotels, just like this. it didn't seem to matter. >> yet another battle for second between senator cruz and senator rubio. it's still tight, mike. >> well, bret good evening, it's been an emotional roller coaster for senator ted cruz. they turned on the televisions as they called for donald trump. then, it looked like senator cruz was in second place, there were cheers in the room. now, it looks like he may be a third place, the room has been quiet. but his supporters are here. we know senator cruz is expected to seek to his supporters soon, and we'll, you know, bring forth a hopeful message.
9:47 pm
but it has been a rough few days for the cruz campaign. i've taken heat for saying that, but his own aides admitted they fired their communication director yesterday and there have been bruising attacks. bottom line, the cruz campaign says they're in it for the long haul, they're going to go from here back to his beloved houston, texas. he's got a meeting with megyn kelly tomorrow night and they'll say nevada didn't have the results they're hoping for, they're hoping for the best and will live to fight another day. >> mike, thank you. >> looking forward to that outing. and we're standing by to hear from tonight's winner, donald trump, dominating once again. he will be delivering his third victory speech moments from now and we'll take you there live, don't go away.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried?
9:50 pm
man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
9:51 pm
endlessly. we're not going to forget it.
9:52 pm
some great numbers coming out of texas. we're going to be doing very well. it's going to be an amazing two months. >> if they could just take the other candidates and add them up. the other candidated amount to 55%. so they keep forgetting when people drop out, you get a lot of votes. they don't tell you.
9:53 pm
and don went up and you were all over, right? and this is serious nra. so we love the second amendment, folks. just remember that. what a group we had. it's just been amazing. phil said donald, like, for the last three months, he's driving me crazy.
9:54 pm
i get greedy. i'll tell you what we're going to do, right? now we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. we're going to bring in so much money and so much everything, we're going to make america great again. >> and another friend of mine, mr. and mrs. steve win. stand up, everybody. two great kids. >> steve is always calling. he's always got advice. his advice, i'd like to listen to, i'll be honest with you.
9:55 pm
>> so this was very exciting. but, i'll tell you. it looks like we won by a lot, evangelicals. >> and as you know, liberty university. jerry, jr.? an unbelievable guy and he has been with us, and with us from the beginning and i want to thank jerry and his family, it's been amazing, the relationship. so we won the evangelical. we won with young. we're the most loyal people.
9:56 pm
so i'm very proud of you. this has been an amazing night. and i love the country. we're going to load it up with a lot of bad dudes out tlchlt. let me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall,
9:57 pm
right? it's going to happen. >> we've going to be the smart people. we're in the going to get pushed around all over the place. >> so, tonight, folks, this was a great evening. i love this place. i love this state. i love las vegas. >> he's fighting me all the time.
9:58 pm
but i just want to say, it's over.the people were amazing. the enthusiasm. it was unbelievable to see. the people of this country are absolutely amazing. i love you, folks, remember, make america great again. we're going to do it. and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much. you can hear him talking about the number of groups he won with. >> tonight, he did win the hispanic vote in nevada.
9:59 pm
>> pl pl obviously hitting his nearest rivals, senator ted it will cruise and marco rubi,. this was a huge win for donald twilight. >> the fox news decision desk to tell you definitively who has commented second place. nor can we tell you we came in above fourth and fifth as we waited to see kaisich and carson. today,he said he wasn't sure.
10:00 pm
next stop, super tuesday. >> come join me tomorrow night rear here on the kelly file. 9:00. we hope you'll join us. see you then. it's midnight on the east coast, and in nevada polls are now closed. fox news can project that donald trump will win nevada's republican caucuses based on entrance polls. marco rubio appears to be ahead of ted cruz for the battle for second place. far behind are john kasich and retired neurosurgeon, ben carson. >> this is the third win for donald trump, who this month won south carolina and new hampshire after placing second in iowa. so


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