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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" now. >> breaking right now, allegations of dirty tricks. and it's getting nastier by the second. donald trump tweeting this. ted cruz has now apologize to do marco rubio and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder he, meaning cruz, has lost evangelical support. ouch. that one hurts. and it does not stop there now senator cruz even firing his campaign communications director. here is what led to that thirg though. the cruz campaign link to do a video falsely claiming senator rubio making a critical comment to a cruz staff. that staff was sitting next to cruz's father. turns out, the video has a fake captionod and senator rubio never said that senator rubio demanded that senator cruz take action and tonight cruz's communication
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director rick tyler is out the door. >> this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. he is a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. turned out the news story he sent around was false. i will tell you, even if it was true, we are not a campaign that's going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it were true, our should not have sent it that's why i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> the "on the record" political panel joins us now a.b. stoddard and from "the washington post karen tumulty. it's been a while since we have had heard dirty tricks allegation and of course this video linked to was false. >> what was odd though was ted cruz even if it was true twice. >> sticking him a little bit. >> it was just preposterous the idea that marco rubio would have walked by ted cruz's father and said something insulting about the bible. it was just a completely preposterous charge. so, i think, you know, that
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is what ted cruz should have said. that was preposterous not even if it was true, we wouldn't go there. >> he couldn't contain himself, i guess. he did take some action, which is demanded by rubio, he fired his communications director. >> i think that after the situation with dr. carson in iowa, ted cruz saw that this was a developing narrative and it was really where there is too much smoke, there could be fire. he had to too something that was, you know, some display of accountability. and i think he would have done, even if marco rubio didn't say someone should be fired. just the potency of this
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apologize to do marco rubio and ben carson for fraud,÷ and dirty tricks no wonder he has lost the evangelical support. >> i don't know that he has lost it at this point. >> he didn't win south carolina. >> he also has got a very good ground organization. we will see going into the so-called sec primary in the south. but, the fact is, going after ted cruz's character is, you know, it's a pretty strong attack. >> well, except that, you know, i think it's pretty safe to say that the campaign has gotten caught. i say the campaign, not ted cruz but the campaign has gotten caught doing some things that aren't exactly above board. >> well, i think that ted cruz hopes that will come to an end. and they can move on to a different narrative. i think karen is right. you know, he hazso5 put an operation in place, at least in iowa three years ago. he has been working those southern states. ground"}át is important. but he hoped to turn out evangelicals. he got pounded by donald
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trump with evangelical voters so it is nomination is pred kateed on bringing out evangelicals make nomination if they are going for donald trump in south carolina, why aren't they going to go for him other places. and that's ted cruz's big problem now. >> whether or not the ted cruz campaign done dirty tricks. not the narrative any campaign wants. let me bring in the viewers on this one. now is the chance viewers vote at home on twitter was senator ted cruz right to fire campaign communications director. tweet yes or no using #greta. show you live twitter votes throughout the show. do you agree this is not the narrative that ted cruz is hoping for today? >> absolutely not. his whole campaign message was, you know, i'm this guy, strong enough character to stand up to washington. you know, i have got a proven record. and it was really all about as he keeps saying his titanium spine. this is a guy who has built
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his entire campaign on character. >> all right. a.b., karen, stick around. forget south carolina. that's old news for the g.o.p. now it's nevada. the 2016 candidates rolling the dies dice, hoping to hit the jackpot with a big win in that state that is home to las vegas. donald trump with two straight wins wants to make it a third in the row. hoping for a surge asgq this race heads west. >> we cannot lose this election. if we lose, it means obamacare becomes permanent. if we lose it means the gutting of our military loses. it means all these constitutional executive orders keep going on. >> i think we are going to do so well. i think people are so tired of barack obama and his terrible, terrible administration. >> our country is in crisis. pawfs we are interrupting our kids and grand kids. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. >> i'm going to go and talk to people about record, and i'm going to talk to people about my heart. >> i'm a conservative that is going to win this election.
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we have to win. >> only category i do badly in is my personality. and that's okay. who cares? you want to know something? i'm a better person that be the people i'm running against. >> it's the head and it's the heart. if you have got the head without the heart, you can't win. if you have got the heart without the head, you are probably not qualified to be elected. >> we are still fighting against each other in july, august, and september, we are going to lose. we have to come together at some point here or we will lose. >> people are waking up and there is a spirit of awakening that is sweeping this country. >> donald trump's son eric trump goes "on the record" from las vegas. nice to see you, eric. >> hey, greta. how are you? >> i'm doing well. do you think the firing of the communications director by senator ted cruz puts this matter to rest? >> i don't know what's making the whole crazy thing. there has been79 tremendous dishonesty. what i find ironic is cruz's campaign slogan is trust ted, right?
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and trusted it flies in the face of that. we saw it with ben carson and voter violation. we have seen it a hundred other times. weave have seen it with some slam ads. i don't know who what to make of it. some things have been highly immoral and i think it's totally contradictory to the slogan he is running under? all right your father goes to nevada with the wind behind his back. won in new hampshire big. won in south carolina big. is the strategy in nevada as we go into the nevada caucus can the ground game any different? >> we have a make or break ground game out here. we have a lot of volunteers. making tens of thousands of calls and having a great time. the state is incredible place for us. built an appraising building here. one of my first jobs in the company we built a 64ster building in the heart of las vegas. we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the state. this is second home for myself afternoon the family. we spent a lot of time out here. fingers crossed you can never take it for granted.
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fingers crossed. my father is doing amazing and i'm incredibly proud of him. >> i don't think i have seen a bigger campaign sign than on the of 64th floor of that hotel right almost off the vegas strip big word trump. >> it's funny campaign guys telling us people keep asking us to billboards. biggest trump sign looking directly down the strip. it's a building we are incredibly proud of. we employ hundreds and hundreds of people and great success story. of dollars into this market. we created something that's beautiful. weave did it on time, on budget, we built a beautiful product and quite frankly i think that's a lot of what this country needs, right? things should be done on time and on budget. we are able to get something out of the ground that's so incredibly beautiful. we it as a family and did it with a lot of heart and soul and passion and we put our money where our mouth is in las vegas and in nevada. i think we are ultimately going to win tomorrow. fingers crossed but i think we are ultimately going to
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win. >> the demographics are different in nevada. people have relatives living back home in mexico. your father has said some very controversial things having to do with mexico. does he expect to win that vote and how? >> yeah. well, in fact and i think havecj actually done it we are winning the hispanic vote in nevada. we are doing so pretty divisively. the one thing that's university for all americans is they want jobs. they want a strong economy. they want a safe country. they want a solvent country. you look at 19 is trillion dollars debt going up very quickly you see the problem we have southern border. people coming in totally unchecked. those people are taking the jobs of people who are americans. you know, people who are here legally. i think that's something that resounds in everybody. i think that's a really universal. and i think it's why we have done so well in the polls among hispanics in the state. >> how about my lanel izx --
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millan i can't, your stepmother? would she be a good first lady and will she join us on the record soon. >> she is amazingáó person. incredibly solid. right now she is focusing on being a mom. she is amazing mother to barren. i give her all the credit in the world. at that point in a young kid life and his is one running for commander and chief. our father is is we are older and. she is doing amazing job mentoring him and taking care of him. she is by my father's side at the debates and this and that she is amazing person, wonderful person. she would make a great first lady. she really is solid as a rock. >> we saw that your father put before the microphone at night as well as your sister. her sister hasn't had baby yet we are now on baby watch. >> we are on baby watch. don has five. my brother has five. ivanka is about to have her third. i'm batter up. all the pressure is+h-!tájjuz be on me now. i will be next.
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they gay great stump speeches. so polished. i really have eamazing family. evin can a ivanka suspect one of my best friends. he has never been a politician. evidence is self-funding his campaign. he is winning. >> there goes you inheritance, that's what i think. anyway. >> you know what? it's but it's coming from the bottom of his heart. is he doing it for a novel purpose. this country has given him everything. this is his way to give back. >> eric, thank you, nice to see you. >> greta, take- care. and as we said, south carolina is now old news. so what is the current news? nevada? and similar to iowa, nevada is a caucus state. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel. is the caucus process in nevada like what we saw in iowa? >> it is similar, greta. it is a time consuming process. that's why they are expecting that only 10% of the states, republicans are likely to show up. likely fewer than 60,000
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people. donald trump as he is leading in many other places is leading in the limited polling here in nevada. but since turnout in this caucus is expected to be light, nobody is making bold predictions about the win.ts other than trump trump has business presence with the hotel overlooking the las vegas strip. while the economy has improved after the deep recession, i intrud the other top republican candidates and asked them about this state's economy. >> vegas and nevada isn't just about gaming anymore. they have have a rising tech industry particularly in the energy sector with tesla and others. gaming is important and tourism is important. >> you look at the it last seven years of the obama/clinton economy. it's a disaster. lowest percentage of americans working sinceú@ 1977. wages are stagnating. we need a in the who fights for the hard working men and women of this country. >> this is the first in the west caucus. number four overall for the republicans. and for those of you back east who are very interested
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in the results. get ready for a late night affair. it is a evening affair out west. greta? >> indeed it is. any thoughts on if donald trump is supposed to win this, who is going to be number two? >> well, there is a lot of jockeying for position. we have seen ted cruz doing a lot of smaller events all throughout the state of nevada over the past 24 hours or so. marco rubio spent six years of his childhood outkú here and so a lot of phonings are expecting a good showing for him. so, but, again, small turnout expected. and so it really is very unpredictable at this point. >> indeed, it is. it will be exciting though. mike, thank you. so donald trump is going in to tomorrow's nevada call with two big wins under his belt. if trump can pull off the three pete does this mean donald trump is the inevitable g.o.p. nominee. the "on the record" political panel is back. a.b., first to you. so far we have only had a total number of delegates out there 67 for trump. everybody else is way behind. that's not many. >> right. it's 4%.
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and nevada will only produce another percent. so it would only be up to a. these are really big wins, 10 points landslide but also coming after new hampshire. it creates so much momentum. i think that everyone is going to have a bad night in nevada except for donald trump tomorrow because the turnout, he brings increased turnout and the turnout is going to be so low that it is going to be harder for the other contenders. they are already pretty much acknowledging that then you 7j4(p&c@ 7j4(p&c@ the big states where he can sweep up more delegates are coming soon. march is 1st, 8th, and 15th. so there is this, you know, effort to coalesce behind rubio. that's why rubio had a good night. he bested cruz. cruz lost the evangelicals. he is hoping to sweep up jeb voters. still too many people in the race that benefits donald trump. >> i thought south carolina, rubio had an edge to it. i consider that a tie for second or third. however you want to look at
4:15 pm
it why is the turnout so low in nevada? >> because it's a caucus state. >> lower than usual. >> it's difficult to bring people out. basically there is really at this point one candidate who has a lot of energy behind him. caucuses are really all about organization. but, again, we move as a.b. said to the march 1st states he have a quarter of the delegates being won on that day. >> does that mean he is inevitable? >> well, no. because ted cruz isfc probably going to have a very good day in his home state of texas which is the single bigst prize on super tuesday. and also, until march 5th, the republicans, like the democrats, do it proportionally. so, you win a state. you don't get all the delegates. so it moves kind of slowly. it really is march 15th where we hit the winner take all states that donald trump can sort of break open that lead and become completely
4:16 pm
insurmountability. >> i think we should also keep our eye on michigan and then followed by ohio. because if governor kasich, who is sort of a sleeper candidate does well in michigan, really well in michigan gap and i suspect will do well in ohio, it might open things up a little bit. a.b., karen, don't goms away. governor jeb bush. he is out. florida congressman roth lathennen is standing by to go "on the record" from miami. bernie sanders unwinnable fight against secretary hillary clinton? that's next. >> this is a big night for "on the record." with greta. all the unforgettable moments. big laughs. smart interviews. and stories you had to see to believe. >> we couldn't resist. you don't get a chance like this often. >> don't miss this special "on the record" milestone wednesday. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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governor jeb bush was the lone casualty of the south carolina primary. governor bush ending white house run after a disappointing finish. so what are his supporters going to do? one of those support ires former congresswoman he elena roth latenten. you nailed my name. >> i know. the first time when i teased you, it wasn't so good. >> thank you. >> governor bush is out of the picture. donald trump is in florida. dr. ben carson list in florida. and you are now choosing senator marco rubio. why?
4:21 pm
>> well, we have never said one bad thing about marco rubio. even as i staunchly supported jeb bush. why? jeb was the campaign manager for my first race to congress down around the civil war time. but marco rubio was one of our first congressional interns as luck would have it. he was a young student at the university of miami at the law school. and he joined our office.q8hzñ and, you know, you saw leadership quality all about marco the moment you met him. he was in charge of the bob dole campaign. such a young man. i have known marcoo forever. i just work closer with jeb. and i'm so proud of jeb. he is man of integrity. a man of principle. i wish him and his family much success and may they find peace and happiness. this was just not the year of an establishment candidate with experience. this is is the year of the angry electorate and the
4:22 pm
antiestablishment candidate. >> so, why not donald trump? he is apparently the lead. >> i have worked with marco. i have worked with him on legislation that was able to become law. for example, just a few weeks ago, we passed the u.s. jordan initiative to have a better partnership with the great friend of the united states an israel, jordan. i also worked with him and we passed also a bill saying calling on the obama administration to sanction individuals from venezuela who are trampling on the human rights of that country. so, marco has been a great. legislator. florida speaker. and just an all around good guy and suspect a constituent of my congressional district. >> let me move on to something else. president obama is going to cuba in march. your thoughts. >> i think that it's more capitulation from this obama
4:23 pm
administration. i'm counting the days until this administration is out of pennsylvania avenue. because what have we seen? we signed a very weak and dangerous iranian nuclear deal. check it off the list. is he going legacy shopping. and now he has turned his attentions to cuba. he wants to be the first president since calvin coolidge to go to cuba. but, the conditions he said have to be right. that's what he said once upon a time, greta. what conditions have been right? what have we seen in cuba since the president made his announcement to establish diplomatic i can ties december 17 of the year before, all of this has happened, 8,000 people were arrested in cuba lastn year. there has been an uptick of cuban refugees fleeing cuba almost 80% increase than in previous years. so there is a mass exodus from cuba. the dissidence are being rounded up. sunday, as we are announcing the president's trip to
4:24 pm
cuba, another 100 people were arrested this administration doesn't care what is going on in cuba it is just concession after concession is. a one-sided deal. that's all we have gotten out of cuba. we have changed everything and we're not demanding that raoul castro change change a thing. >> coming woman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> donald trump is taking questions from voters in las vegas. some of his answers are next. filibuster i accept i'm not 22.
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donald trump telling in the bright lights of las vegas. the g.o.p. frontrunner taking questions from a live audience sitting down with our own sean hannity. evolved and you and i talk about it a lot with ronald reagan. ronald reagan was a liberal. pretty liberal democrat and he evolved into a fairly -- he wasn't the most conservative president, but he evolved into a republican who was fairly conservative. i will say this: i think that i have very much evolved. but if thatf if you look at my conservative principles. i know jeb and others say he is not a through -- true conservative. that's when i came up. two weeks ago i said i'm a common sense conservative. >> we have to be yourself. and not nice things have taken place over the little while. south carolina was rough. i was having commercials made about myself. that wasn't me. i don't mind bad
4:29 pm
commercials. i have one being made right now in las vegas. it's on, right? you see it? having to do with federal land. what do i have to do with federal land? a cruz commercial. and made this thing like where do they come up with these ideas? all a though he just fired his guy so maybe that will be the end of it. >> check out the town hall tonight at so:00 p.m. eastern. "on the record" political panel is back a.b. stoddard and "the washington post" karen tumulty. he has incredible teflon. >> he does. because the reason -- people aren't voting for him because he sort of checks all the boxes of ideology. i mean, they are essentially voting for attitude. they have decided this is the attitude they want in the white house. >> i also think, from what i i hear from people they say that he is honest. in fact, i ask him the request that scott pelley asked of hillary clinton on friday. i asked have you ever lied to the american people? he said no, that's what gets me into trouble i say what i
4:30 pm
think. that he just session things. i think probably in some ways, the american people might feel like at least they know know what they are getting if they pick him. >> no no matter what he2]$rpj said his supporters. because of what karen said. the appeal is not ideological. it is really that he is going to be strong. he is going to say it like it is. at it.going it be tough and they are not looking for religious security. they are not looking for policy prescriptions that are detailed. they are looking for someone who says we have to win. the country is in trouble. and there are specific issues, of course, like immigration and trade for which voters are very focused. but they don't really care about any flip flops on any issues from the past. he brings up reagan a lot. >> all right, panel, stick under. once again be sure to watch
4:31 pm
sean hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump joins sean and panel in,é vegas for appear hour tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. republicans hitting. hillary clinton and bernie sanders hit south carolina for the democratic primary there. >> secretary clinton, month and month after month, seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. >> we both z. the need for bold, progressive solutions. >> i saw a tv ad. i thought it was me. but it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture in the ad. >> i absolutely respect my opponent's passion and commitment. >> i think the african-american community understands our economic agenda. raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour.!mj4(p&c@ >> it's wrong to make those promises because it's not just about math. it's about people's lives. >> but despite two close wins in iowa and nevada and
4:32 pm
big loss to senator bernie sanders in new hampshire. secretary clinton is dominating the delegate race. has the democratic race already been decided? former democratic presidential candidate congressman dennis kucinich is here to go "on the record good to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> she has enormous amount of super delegates. other ones neck and neck. is there a path for senator bernie sanders to get the nomination? >> it's a tough climb. he will stay in this race right through the edged. what you have to look at is this. if she wins south carolina, left's say, by 30 points, that will give her incredible momentum going into the south and senator sanders still is in pretty good places in places like minnesota and colorado and of course vermont. she is going to be piling up tremendous score among delegates. does that mean it's over? no, it means that the climb guess steeper for senator sanders. >> with the exemption of minnesota, i mean vermont, that can't be worth a whole lot of delegates right to win vermont for him?
4:33 pm
>> 26. >> does he have many super delegates? >> i think he has about 19 super delegates. but, and it's that you. the super delegates give her an advantage. super did he goes are still free to vote for whoever they want. if ther momentum were to shift they would have to take a second look. >> in some ways a lo of criticism of the super did he goes because it takes away from the voters and gives it to professional politician. why did the democratic party do that? >> i think it's it about protecting the institutional party. >> do you like that? >> no. >> i think it stinks. if you want the people to vote, let them vote. >> that's absolutely right. if it's all political insiders then you don't really get a connection with the grass roots. now, something said that, there is a good chance that hillary clinton could still win outright a majority of the delegates without the super.a+lñ delegates. that he was really going to be the test for her. >> of course, there is senator bernie sanders speaking in massachusetts right now. >> massachusetts could be in play. i mean, this really is going to be one of the tests if
4:34 pm
bernie sanders is very competitive in massachusetts right now. >> what about raising money? >> well, he is raising money on the internet three bucks at a shot. he has over a million contributors. he has not really plumbed that well as deep as it goes. what if sect hillary rodham clinton wins by 10 points? >> that would be a sthin bernie sanders has been able to cut into her demonstrated is that blacks tend to van affinity for her candidacy now. if she wins that vote by a 3 to 1 margin which some polls bet could. all bets are off. south vote she could pile up tremendous advantage. >> we have to he: south carolinaln#v is going to be important as momentum. >> who has run a smarter campaign. >> bernie san terse has stayed on economic issues.
4:35 pm
there needs to be broadening of appeal he still has a chance to see it but time is getting short. >> nice to see you sir. >> good to see you. >> where do deep pocket donors go? that's straight ahead. plus, the michigan uber driver who is accused of gunning down six in between picking up uber rider is in court today. what happened? that's coming up. those new glasses?
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get ready to speed read the news. the u.s. and russia getting ready to a cease-fire in syria. begins this saturday. ending violence between syrian forces and opposition fighters much the show must go on with the supreme court. the highest court in the land going back to work today for the first time his chair will remayuwm empty draped in black while the court decides one on president obama's executive action on immigration. bill cosby's wife deposed today. cosby's wife answering lawsuit seven women filed against husband. any information exact the lawsuit. bill cosby has been accused of drugging and raping dozens of women and that's tonight's speedy> people have spoken and i respect their decision so tonight i am suspending my
4:41 pm
campaign. >> governor bush brought honor and dignity to this race. >> i wish him well. i will tell you he is a highly competitive guy. he really fought. >> the race narrows even more. we will continue to gain. >> these geniuses. they are geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> we will see how it plays out a lot of people on jeb's team are people that will vote for our team. >> but governor jeb bush had a lot of deep pocket donors. where do they and bush supporters go now in the "on the record" political panel is back, a.b., i'm always a little bit surprised when people said really mean things about someone and the suddenly they say nice things about people but that's politics. >> that's the way it goes. >> it's a little weird. where do the bush supporters go? we know where congresswoman ross let go. >> straight to rubio. a lot of those jeb bush
4:42 pm
supporting kasich or rubio. i don't know that they are going to support cruz or trump. but, it's interesting, you ask about the billionaires, you know, i think they are tired of spending money. so the endorsement is an easy thing, right? if you have been writing big checks for a spectacular disaster. an historic disaster of a campaign, are you ready to be, you know, to be back in the business of dolling out cash if you don't think rubio can take trump? >> what happened to all that money? how do you spend that money that was spent? >> what happened to all that money most of it was in the super pac right to rise. it went into a lot ofb advertising that was very, very ineffective. so, back to a.b.'s point, are these billionaires going to throw more, you know, more money. >> you know -- if you are a billionaire it doesn't mean that much. you don't want to be left out of the game. you want to be a player. that's why you paid in the first place. >> presumably you become a
4:43 pm
billionaire by demanding some kind of return on your investment. >> a lot of this is sort of chump change for them. for most americans, it's staggering the numbers. for a lot of them it's chump change. >> i think they are going to see, again, if you are spending the money, you are going to want to see that it has some kind of effect. donald trump has proven again and again that it's not cryptonite to him. >> that's the problem with the amount of time they have left, with other people in the field, if you're going to give a big check to rubio, do you really believe you can stop trump? the answer is right now it looks like probably not. >> you take that check with risk. when you take that check, what trump then says i told you. now he is taking another check. >> oh, yeah. there. >> there is so much at risk. >> that's hillary's problem. >> that the candidate is for sale. >> that's the other thing. you save it for the general. >> very clear one thing, it's never dull. a.b., karen, thank you both. uber driver in jail tonight accused of gunning down six
4:44 pm
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. developing right now, the michigan uber driver accused of a deadly shooting spree. he was in court today. six random people viciously gunned down, murdered and two more injured when jason dalton allegedly went on a five hour rampage it happened in kalamazoo, michigan. even more chilling he took fares and gave rides in the middle of his killing spree. one terrifying passenger describing driving. >> we were running stop signs. we were driving through medians. driving through the lawn. speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away.0d >> reporter -- grand rapids, michigan.
4:49 pm
cassandra, you watched the court feed today. what did he look like in court? what was his demeanor? >> well, greta, he is facing 16 count criminal felony complaints. six of them open murder charges, and his demeanor was quite shocking today. he was quiet. he didn't say much. very emotionless. just nodding basically when the judge asked him if he understood his charges. only saying six words the whole time and that was that he preferred to remain silent. now, before the arraignment, we did learn in a probable cause hearing the prosecutor telling us that he did waive his rightvk against self-incrimination and told authorities that he had, in fact, quote taken lives. now, as you mentioned before, he is suspected of killing six people, leaving two two of them injured. these were people doing every day things on a sawrksd a father and son looking for a car, two women going to going to a show and eating at a restaurant. one woman gunned down in her own town house complex.
4:50 pm
two remain in critical condition tonight. one of them being a 14-year-old and on scene she was thought to be dead. they later found out she was, in fact, alive. she has been fighting for her life ever since. now, a lot of people here in michigan, obviously the victim's families and viewers that are watching us are asking why would someone do anything like this? and hopefully we will find that out in the court process coming up. and due in court next month. greta? >> cassandra, besides being an uber driver, do you know anything about his background? >> right. he was an insurance adjustor as well. we have talked to people new knew him, worked with him or had uber rides with him before. a lot of people saying this is shocking. he seemed to be a nice guy, he kept to himself. people couldn't believe that he had done something like this. >> cassandra, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> and right now massive investigation is underway to find a motive in horrific crime. michigan state police
4:51 pm
lieutenant dale heinz joins us on the phone kalamazoo. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> you have the unenviable job somebody. making the assumption he did do it. i know i shouldjq say alleged. dawf any information into what provoked this? >> we really don't, greta, at this point, we are still trying to piece that together. obviously we have completely random victims in all three of these separate shooting incidents. and it's just incomprehensible tragedy. >> when he waived his rights in the begin, talking, did he say anything? express remorse or say anything about the people he had had killed? >> well, as allude to do in today's aarraignment he did take responsement for taking lives. he has been very mask about matter of fact about the whole incident. almost emotionless. we have not established yet
4:52 pm
a motive. >> is he someone who is known to the police or unknown? is this the first time you guys are hearing about him or was he someone everyone knew in law enforcement? >> no. he is definitely an unknown to us. he has no criminal record.k8 has real live had no police contacts. >> the two in critical condition, one is a 14-year-old girl. i understand that everyone thought that she was dead. and that, i mean, it's a terrible story for her family. except i guess the lucky part is that they decided that she wasn't dead. what happened? >> she was transported to the hospital initially. and she was later pronounced brain dead. and the family was actually making arrangements or beginning to make arrangements with the hospital to donate her organs. the process had really just begun and that can be a lengthy process. but, about an hour into that, she squeezed her mother's hand. and has actually communicated by squeezing
4:53 pm
and by giving thumbs up signs to it the doctors that have communicated with her since. it's one ray of light in this otherwise very tragic situation. and our thoughts and prayers are with her family for her continued improvement. >> lieutenant, i don't know how you guys do your job. all these murder scenes are really tough. and, you know, and dealing with these families is very, very difficult. anyway,dy lieutenant, thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> and coming up, the president is breaking a promise. even the liberal "the washington post" he had editorial board is not happy with him. my off-the-record is next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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let's all go off-the-record. you know i thought president obama should have gone to paris and marched with all the other world leaders after that massacre of charlie hebdo. he need to do show support and represent america. he blew that one off. likewise, rather than just hang out at the white house on saturday, i think he miles to justice scalia's funeral. the funeral was less than two hours and he does represent the nation. this was a supreme court justice. he blew that one off, too. and now though he is headed some place, cuba. but going on lark that upsets many, including the liberal editorial board of the "the washington post." they say he is breaking his word by going to cuba. the post points out that two months ago the president said he would travel to cuba only if he could say with confidence that there is some progress in liberty and freedom and possibilities of ordinary cubans. well with, that's not happening. on thursday, the white house admitted it.
4:59 pm
so, what does president obama have to say about his upcoming cuba trip? he told the white house press pool that it will be fun. fun? so he is breaking his promise and representing americans in repressive society because it's fun? horrible message to send. i have nothing against the president having fun, but can't just go to disney world? that would bepr a of better message. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and time for your campaign flash. marco rubio wrapping up a rally in nevada. governor john kasich is in virginia. speaking at commonwealth university in richmond. senator ted cruz about to take the stage at the boys and girls club in nevada. glenn beck warming up the crowd. that's tonight's campaign flash. live twitter voting results on your screen right now with senator red cruz right to fire communications director here are the
5:00 pm
answers. 18% no, 28% yes. go to my facebook page. good night9yjuáz washington. ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> he peaks on february 11th a at 38% in the real clear politics average. today '4. is he declining not rising. >> other experts don't believe that is the case. he will secure the nomination. we have no spin zone analysis from charles krauthammer and brit hume. also senators marco rubio, ted cruz and dr. ben carson will all be be here. in addition, watters takes on the apple terrorism controversy. >> so it's apple versus the feds. that's like big brother issue. >> you think so? >> that's not 1984. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪


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