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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 21, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PST

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don't officer goat dvr the show if for some chant chance you can't watch lichblt we're back next sunday at 11 oeb and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. s if a fox news alert. donald trump wins big in the south carolina republican primerrary of it ist his second victory after his first place finish in new hampshire. hello everyone, welcome to a indiana bra inside america's news headquarters. >> donald trump's victory was certainly a commanding one. he won 32.5% of the vote followed by dibble digits performances by senator ted cruz and marco rubio. both remain locked in the tight second place as you can see. jeb bush, though, not making the cut in the top three and bowing to what seemed to be the
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inevitable. former the florida governor suspending his campaign after his distant finish at fourth. >> meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton nabbed a big one that she needs for momentum winning the nevada caucuses by a thin margin over senator bernie sanders. >> we have team fox coverage on all of this. alicia couldn'ta in las vegas with more on the nevada caucuses there. first let's start with republican primary and go to rich edison, live in columbia, south carolina. rich? >> good afternoon, eric. for donald trump a ten percentage point victory, after a fairly nasty and aggressive week of campaigning on all sides here. we spoke to a number of voters yesterday in columbia, south carolina, asked them why it was, for those who did not vote for trump, what have it about donald trump that made them not support donald trump. they say essentially it was because of the negative tone his campaign and the others had taken though with the convincing
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victory perhaps the question of whether or not he has a presidential tone have gone away,ed least in south carolina, listen? >> i can act as presidential as anybody who has ever been president other than the great abraham lincoln. i thought he was hard to beat. >> donald trump is off to atlanta today. as for marco rubio, he heads to tennessee, arkansas and nevada. and ted cruz off to the next primary or caucus state in nevada as well. eric. >> it seemed a year ago that jeb bush was inevitable. now with his exit, who will benefit from his supporters? >> there are a number of marco rubio supporters who say he was in that establishment, u.n. quote unquote establishment lane that's going to benefit. even donald trump is saying perhaps you can get some of the voters. as you look at the second and third place finishes now that we are down to essentially a three person race, that it is the second and third place finishers
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in south carolina who will secure their party's nominee. >>er in the only campaign that has beaten and can beat trump. >> we've got this down probably to a three person race and we feel good about what that means. >> it's off to nevada now. that's caucus is on tuesday. the polling there shows that donald trump is ahead. back to you. >> all right. 48 hours, and it all begins again. rich edison, thanks so much. >> out west now where hillary clinton is back on top of the democratic race after a first place finish in the nevada caucuses. qulin clinton beating bernie sanders by more than five percentage points. that was enough to old how off the surging senator who was coming off a big win in new hampshire. alicia akuhnia is live in las vegas. hi? >> hi arthel. yes, despite losing here in nevada, senator sanders told his supporters the wind is at their
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back treating this as a minor setback more than anything else. but for secretary clinton this gives her the momentum she needs. last night she thanktd her supporters. in texas last night she slammed sanders' socialist agenda. >> the numbers don't add up. it's wrong to make those promises, because it's not just about bath. it's about people's lives. it's about the real cost that will land on middle class families. >> bernie sanders signaled his encouragement. and this is why, five weeks ago, he was trialing clinton by 25% and managed to come within striking distance of his rival, who had troops on the ground here months before he did. one thing he has going for him is according to entrance polls here he trounces clinton in the question over honesty and trustworthiness. >> what i also know that on super tuesday and before, we are going to be taking on a very
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powerful and well funded super pac, a super pac that receives significant amounts of money from wall street and wealthy special interests. >> clinton is far ahead in the overall delegate count because of early endorsements from super sell gats, which come from establishment dems and party leaders. clinton has 502 and sanders 70. it takes 2383 delegates to win the nomination. one of the promises that sanders made to his supporters is he can spark the turnout that hasn't been there in the past. however, here turn out was lower than they hoped. >> thanks alicia. i'm not in the position right now to be naming cabinet appointments but i'll tell you, a secretary of state in the cruz administration would be someone like john bolton, would be someone who is strong, who
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defends this country, who stands by your allies and stands up to our enemies. >> that's senator ted cruz earlier this past week touting who he would like to see as his secretary of state. as if race narrows many are wondering what will the foreign affairs teams look like? donald trump is willing to release the list of his foreign afargs teams would look like. let's go to an analyst. what should we look for when it comes to the advisers, the so-called wise men and women that have characteristics that we should look for on the foreign i have fares teams as the names are announced? >> i think the secretary of state and some of the other top names have to be people who can argue and advocate effectively for american interests around the world and who fully understand the new president's policy direction. i think this really separates
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the republican party from the democratic party because which ever candidate ultimately gets the republican nomination is going to have policies that are considerably different from the obama administration whereas either either bernie sanders or hillary clinton will basically be following the same line as barack obama. i think it's especially important on the republican side to have somebody who recognizes the difficulties they will encounter in dealing with the state department. i made no mistake about my views on it over the years. i think there needs to be a cultural refuse lug at the state department to make it more responsive to presidential direction. i think that's less of an issue for the democrats, and so on auto pilot, the state department cues more closely to their views. but this is something that i think underlines why 2016 is going to be a national security election. i think this is one of the issues that we're going to see before the american people, the
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threat of international terrorism, the rise of nuclear weapons states, rogue states like iran and north korea. the you are were russia, china, and others. these issues i think will be very much in the foreas the months go on here. >> usually republican candidates have the boatoon with henry kissinger. trump says he gets his advice from the news programs i imagine such as this one. when do you think think this will happen? he says he will announce in the next couple of weeks his advisors. >> i don't know who he will be naming. but i think it is a matter of political calculus for each of the presidential candidates, whether they want to do it or weather they don't want to. and you know, it could be a little bit different this year. this has been a very different year from prior patterns. the conventional wisdom has certainly not held. so i wouldn't be at all
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surprised if there were a lot of variations that we haven't seen before. again on the democratic side i don't see it. i think hillary clinton is of the view that she doesn't need to do anything unusual like that. maybe it will be bernie sanders who breaks from the pattern. >> who could be the secretary of state under hillary? i mean, she is the secretary of state. thomas jefferson, martin van buren, james madison, john q. adams, they were president as well as secretary of state. would she keep john kerry or going for someone like tony blanken who is serving as a deputy now? what do you see on that side? >> i hope john kerry doesn't take this the wrong way, but if a democrat gets elected it would be a big mistake to keep him in office, or any of the top cabinet officials, defense, treasury, justice department. i think it's almost invariably a mistake for a new president
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coming inn after an election -- not the death of an incumbent or something like that. but a new president coming in after an election is best served by putting their own team in place and not carrying over anyone. i think that john kerry probably understand that is and isn't looking to stay on. but it's a real problem for a new president who wants to put his or her own mark on the white house to be burdened with top advisers from the prior administration who, let's face it, bear the mind-set of that administration and carry that baggage with them. >> ambassador john bolton we'll be following up as the names are announced over the next few weeks. and thank you for your insight as always. >> thank you, eric. >> absolute lee. at least six people are killed, two more wounded when a gunman goes on shooting spree in michigan. police in kalamazoo say the suspect targeted people outside an apartment complex a car
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dealership, and a restaurant. and authorities believe all of the shootings were random. mike tobin is live from kalamazoo, michigan with the latest. what can you tell us mike. >> reporter: the latest is that we just got identities of the women who were killed here in this parking lot. it look like to ae two of them were sisters, mary lou my and mary jo my, also dorothy brown, and barbara hawthorn. now, there was a 14-year-old girl who was shoot shot here in the parking lot of this cracker barrel. initially she was in such bad shape people thought she was dead. she now clings to life in critical condition in the hospital. it was six hour period in which this gunman terrorized the opportunity starting at 6:00 with a shooting at a town home complex. the victim there survived despite multiple gunshots. he then drove to a seal ecar dealership where a father and son were shot. then he came to the cracker
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barrel. four women died, five people were shot. and sadly, this 14-year-old girl is clinging to life in critical condition. police don't have an explanation for why this happened. >> this is your worst nightmare where you have somebody just driving around randomly killing people. there is usually a rhyme or reason to it. in this particular case, we're not finding that. >> reporter: identified the gunman as 45-year-old jason dalton. police don't think he had any prior runst ins with the law. he was picked up after stopping into a bar after the shootings. recently i talked to someone who went to high school who said there was never any indication he would do something violent like that. >> mike tobien, very sachltd thanks for the update.
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the supreme court vacancy, who will fill it? the political battle is underway as the nation pays its respects to the late justice antonin scalia. coming up next we'll tell you where things stand in washington. also donald trump earning a commanding victory in south carolina. more analysis from the palmetto state and what the results mean for the gop's state of play moving forward. >> i'll be very presidential at the appropriate time. right now i'm fighting for my life. i was fighting against a tremendous amount of talented tough people, and i didn't really have time to think about it.had to be tough and smart an sharp. and that's okay, too. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food.
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the nationest highest court in mourning and its future somewhat in flux as mourners pay respects this weekend to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the republicans saying they want to wait for the new president before they elect a new supreme court. the democrats say they want to nominate someone in the coming weeks. >> now that justice scalia has been laid to rest the fight over his successor can begin in earnest. right now, everything hinges on one person, president obama. he spent part of the weekend going through the binder he was photographed carrying at the white house on friday, the same day justice scalia's body was
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lying repose at the supreme court. inside the binder are the names of his possible replacements. the president promised to nominate someone who is indisputably qualified to sit in that seat and serve with honor. it's hard to imagine who could fit that criteria in the midst of such a bitter presidential race. last night candidates on both sides of the aisle weighed in. >> as ronald reagan was to the presidency, so too was justice scalia to u.s. supreme court. justice scalia's replacement will not be decided by the washington power brokers. >> we all want to get secrets on accountable money politics that start with appointing a new justice to the supreme court. >> now, the supreme court returns from a month long recess tomorrow. and they will begin hearing article arguments with only eight justices on the bench. it is rare to have a vacancy in
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the middle of the term. but it is a hard to imagine any scenario where that seat will quickly be filled. senate republicans continue to pledge they will block any replacement that this president appointments. >> arthel? >> it was a big victory for donald trump in south carolina. and a crucial win for hillary clinton in nevada as both parties held political contests on opposite sides of the country. trump taking 32.5% of the vote and most of the state's delegates. senators ted cruz and marco rubio remain locked in a battle for second place, both with double digit support. meanwhile, over in the silver state, hillary clinton wins the nevada caucuses by thin margin edging ott bernie sanders by about 5%. joining us now is michael warren, the staff writer for the legal standard. michael -- can i call you mike? >> you can call me make. that's fine. >> let's start with the south carolina exit polls. i'm going to run through some
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follows and get your analysis. we are going to go win the voters who are looking for a change. donald trump ahead by a wide margin at 45%. ted cruz gets 19%, and rubio, 16%. now, when we're talking about top quality, can bring change, the candidate who can bring the most change needed, trump goss 45%, cruz 19%, rubio 16%, and bush there at 8%, who is no longer in the race. while those who want a candidate who share their values -- the value voters, supported ted cruz. however, donald trump won the evangelical christians with 34% to cruz's 26%, and rubio in third place with 21% evangelical christians. here we go, trump 34% -- did i just say that? cruz 26 and rubio 21. finally, the voters who want a
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candidate who can win in november voted for rubio, leading the pack with 47% to trump's 21%. and again, when we -- that is crucial when we are looking at the person who can win. mike, what do those numbers and results say to you? >> for one thing, it's very clear that this is at least a three-person race coming out of the south carolina. trump remains in the driver's seat. i moon he won new hampshire. he won south carolina. and clearly, if the party really does want some kind of real big change and shakeup, he's leading in those numbers as well. and that's a good sign for him. a win is a rinne. and you can't deny. that really the only thing that has changed since south carolina and you can see it a little bit in the exit poll numbers that you talked about is one name, marco rubio. he has bounced back from a disappointing loss for hmm in new hampshire and seems to be the best positioned to take on donald trump particularly as
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republicans consider that electability argument. not a lot of people in south carolina if you look at the exit polls did consider electability to be a very important element. but as this race continues that could be something that really helps rubio as he takes on donald trump. >> okay, mike, let's look at the entrance poll results from the nevada democratic caucuses starting with issues and qualities. nevada democratic caucus goers are thinking that the most important problem facing the country is the economy at 35%, followed by income inequality at 28%, and health care 23%. and of course economy voters went for clinton 55% to 41%. and those most concerned with health care also favored clinton 62% to 36% for sanders. sanders, who regularly talked about income inquality in his
9:23 am
campaigning won that. when we are talking about most important issues, economy and jobs 35%. income inequality at 27%. and terrorism at 7%. when you are looking at 80% of the voters chose hillary clinton as the candidate who can win in november, bernie sanders won the category of those who want someone who cares about people like them, with 72%. so, what is the significance that's signalled here as well as the work ahead that these numbers imply? >> bernie sanders is more like a movement than a traditional presidential campaign. and he has won the hearts of democratic primary voters. but democratic primary voters who are concerned about the economy, jobs, such of middle class pocketbook issues clearly went for hillary clinton of that's what she has been hitting on. you heard this from her speech yesterday in nevada that you
9:24 am
know a lot of what bernie sanders is promising can't be paid for and would hurt the middle class. kind of an interesting take that she has on the race, and it's i think telling you what it's going to be like in the future for this democratic primary process. you might like what bernie sanders is saying, you might think socialism is great, but it's actually going to hurt the middle class. i think that's the sort of the dividing line that we are going to be seeing the democratic primary going from here. again, it's really hard to see how hillary clinton just skates lieu the rest of this process when she really hasn't won the hearts of those democratic primary voters. it's a good win for her but there is a long road ahead. >> i have to leave it this. i thank you for your analysis. i'm sure we will talking to you again as the race continues. mike warren, thank you so much. >> thanks. arthel, plastic surgery, it's really on the rise in our country. he can proceeding in procedures and patients. coming up, the doctors will fill us in on what most people do and
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i accept i don't play ...quite like i used to. but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. >> i'm eric shawn. thank you for joining us. joining us, dr. samadi. >> and dr. mark seeingel, professor -- dr. marc siegel. hi, doctors. >> great to see you. >> we're not going to cover the presidential campaign with doctors but we are going to talk one issue, republican candidate
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donald trump made waves during a town hall appearance this past week after claiming michael jackson's down fall he said was due to bad plastic surgery. that got a lot of people fired over. let's look at what mr. trump had to say. >> i knew him well. i know "the real story." he was an unbelievably talented guy. he lost his confidence. he lost tremendous confidence because of honestly bad, bad, bad surgery. he had the worst. he had people that did numbers on him that were us just unbelievable. >> how much plastic surgery is too much. doctor saddamy, you are a surgeon. you know he received it very commonly. we've seen these cases where people keep going back and back and back and back. >> plastic surgery is a big business. it's about $10 billion and growing over the last decade or so. in fact if you look at the number of liposuction between teens between 19 and 30 yea


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