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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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sh, and some members of the audience can ask questions of mr. trump and participate, and you don't want to miss it. monday night at 10:00 p.m., and set the dvrs and stay tuned, because my friend judge jeannine will will take it from here. we will see you monday in vegas. when you win it is beautiful, and we are going to start winning for our country. >> right now on "justice" donald trump holding firm in south carolina as the gop race looks more and more like a three-man contest. with one big name already dropping out. >> so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> and in nevada. >> i am on the way to texas and bill is on the way to colorado, the fight goes on. >> hurricane stopping the sanders' train in its tracks for now. tonight, late breaking numbers and analysis and reactions from south carolina and nevada. justice starts now.
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breaking tonight, donald trump winning big in south carolina. hurricane takes nevada and jeb bush is out. hell hello, and welcome to the special edition of "justice" i'm judge jeanine pirro. we have reports from the headquarters of donald trump and others, and also the inside word of our strategists. let's go to the headquarters of spartanburg, south carolina with carl. carl? >> well, donald trump got the double-digit win in the first primary in south carolina the state for decades has been saying it would always nominate a republican who is the most conservative who could win in the general election, and now it looks like mr. trump is is g getting 32.5% of the vote with
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99% of the precincts counted. it looks like marco rubio has a lead over ted cruz, and they are almost exactly, and there is a 0.2 percentage point between the two candidates. and before donald trump made the victory speech tonight, we had a chance to chat him up just right behind the stage, literally as he was about to take the stage and claim victory. it was very clear for him that it was a releaf and a major triumph. watch. >> well, south carolina, like new hampshire, and i mean, so amazing. the people are incredible. it was a great victory, and we won at so many levels, the evangelicals and the military are incredible. people want law and order and want borders and that is important especially nowadays with what is going on in the world. and we won at so many levels, and a great honor. and these are great people of the country. >> two things often said about
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south carolina, it elects the conservative to win, and two, it is time for that conservative to start acting like a president. and you have talked about how you can change if you need to. how do you as they say rise up in your shoes and be a little bit more presidential now? >> well, i think that i have been very presidential, and if i'm not presidential, i won't have a night like we have had, but certainly, we can always do better, and we started out, carl, with you there, and 17 people hitting me at every angle, and now, we have down to six, and a couple are leaving tonight, and i understand that. doing that is easy for me. very easy. >> as a matter of fact, jeb bush has withdrawn from the race, but we are now at five candidates. john kasich, and ben carson have both said they will continue on. john kasich had said that he would do before he left south carolina prior to the election returns. he was today campaigning in vermont and massachusetts. illustrating, demonstrating with
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where he was geographically that he is going to continue to campaign regardless of the outcome here. and as for ben carson, he made the point in the victory speech tonight that a lot of the reporters said that he was going to be dropping out, and he said, no, that is not going to happen. and on we go to the nevada caucuses. and caucuses are different, and mr. trump noted that he did not win the iowa caucuses, and the caucuses are not binding unlike a primary run by a state or the government. a big, big win. and jeb bush leads the race. obvio obviously, a big, big disappointment for him, and but in the absence now, what was the jeb bush vote as well as some of the votes from john kasich and ben carson will be very aggressively sought after by rubio, cruz and trump. trump says that he is the frontrunner, and prepared to run the table because of the winks and he has now won back-to-back
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primaries and won two of the first three nation states, and cruz and rubio will argue as long as they need to about this being a virtual tie between the two and their tickets are punched. kasich and carson go on, but they have a big, big climb ahead of them, judge. >> thank you, carl cameron, thank you so much. and a rare moment on the campaign trail for trump as he turned the microphone over to two of the most important women in his life, his wife melania and his daughter ivan ka. take a listen. >> i just wanted to say an amazing place south carolina. congratulations to my husband. he was working very hard, and he loves you and we love you, and to be going ahead to nevada, and we will see what happens. thank you. >> thank you, south carolina. this is an amazing, amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable. and that is because my father's
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message resonates so deeply with so many people. so, as our family, we are incredibly proud, and incredibly grateful to each of you. >> and it was very strong showing for marco rubio, and we will go the john roberts live at rubio's headquarters in columbia, north carolina. jon? >> well, judge, good evening. it was a huge turnaround for marco r marco rubio, and one that is coming close to clearing the establishment lane for him. he came into south carolina after that disaster in new hampshire with the campaign taking on all kinds of water, but he had some high profile l help in bailing him out. and trey gowdy, the popular congressman from south carolina came on board as well as tim scott, and the first time that he has ever endorsed anyone, and then governor nikki haley with days to go decided to foresake jeb bush to whom she has deep family ties and throw in with
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marco rubio, and the four of them up on the stage, and you had a caucasian american, and black american, and indian american all in the same place at the same time, and governor haley remarked that they looked like a bennetton ad. and marco rubio was giving what for him was a victory speech, and he said that represented the new face of conservativism in the 21st century. >> and who is this, because our principles remain the same, and who are we? our friends, 21st century conservatives, and the son of a single mother who grew up in poverty and was almost lost, and today, he serves this state as the junior senator, tim scott t21st conservative movement, 211st century conservative movement. and a daughter who faced a
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string of premg dirks and today, nikki haley is the governor of a great state where it is a always a great day. and the son of a bartender and a maid in cuba stands one step closer to being the 41st president of the united states of america. >> that is the story that marco rubio has told time and time again on the campaign trail, and it is a story that resonates with all kinds of voters here not only in south carolina, but across the country. one in particular that i talked to yesterday, judge, he was a veteran a a veteran of 30 years in the marine corps. he was in kosovo, operation iraqi freedom, and the first gulf war, operation enduring freedom and the pulling yourself up by the boot straps and marco rubio and the family represented the embodiment of the american dream, and that is something that he would vote for. and now with jeb bush out of the picture, marco is hoping that most if not all will come to
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him, and states in nevada which is the next contest, that support is woefully small with jeb bush polling 3% there, but i heard from marco rubio's campaign after he left the building tonight since the second-place finish here in south carolina, they have endorsements coming in over the tr transim and look for those coming in. >> thank you, john roberts. and now, standing by is james at the headquarters for ted cruz in columb columbia, south carolina. >> when the results were coming in showing him barely finishing marco rubio with the third place finish as is still the case, the texas senator in a 15-minute rousing speech for his supporters herered himself effe effectively tied with senator
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rubio and cast himself as the last candidate left in the race to derail the momentum of the night's big winner. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. that is why donald relentlessly attacks us, and ignores all of the other candidates. >> and now, cruz supporters in speaking to the reporters afterwards questioned why marco rubio had the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley and congressman tray gou ti and senator tim scott failed to win south carolina, and they said that marco rubio will not be winning any other states in the s.e.c. on souper tuesday, bt ted cruz and donald trump will be splitting the primaries, and if this is a sharpened contest between ted cruz and marco rubio
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to be the anti-trump, to look at the exit polling data from the contest today, it showed that cruz, and let's see, defeated rubio among the voters who only attain ed attained a high school degree, while rubio defeated cruz over college graduates and people who made over $100,000 a year. and among those who identify as very conservative and voters who identify as evangelicals an born again christians went for cruz. and so we will try again to see who is targeting those groups. >> well, james, it is interesting to have the second and the third place who just lost to donald trump, and both of them saying that they are the only ones who can beat donald trump, but a little ways to go. james rosen, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, judge. >> earlier tonight, it is hurricane putting a -- it is hillary clinton putting a stop
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to the bernie sanders's momentum. and she spoke about the resultz and the fight ahead. >> i want to thank each and every one of you, because you turned out in every corner of this state with the determination and purpose. hotel and casino workers who never waivered, students with too much debt and small business owners who never go off of the clock. tens and hundreds of thousands of mens and women with kids to raise and bills that don't end and dreams that don't die. this is your campaign. and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. >> and taking on the establishment, whether it is the financial establishment, whether it is the political
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establishment, whether it is the media establishment is not easy. we have come a very long way in nine months. it is clear to me and i think that most of the observers that the wind is at our backs. we have the momentum -- [ applause ] -- and i believe, i believe that when the democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. next, he is is known in washington, d.c., circles as the republican wiseman the heavy weight that people turn to, to build a gop campaign. charlie black has advised nearly every gop candidate for
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breaking news tonight.
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donald trump building on the momentum from new hampshire wins big in south carolina tonight. while hillary clinton gains back some of the steam in nevada. my next guest has been a steady hand guiding the gop campaigns and advising presidents for decad decades, and he is a washington insider who has worked for presidents ronald reagan and george bush, and he has been a part of every gop campaign nationally since 1992 right up to mitt romney's run four years ago, and now he is chairman of the prime policy group, and charlie black joins us this evening. thank you, charlie, for join g ing us. >> good evening, your honor. i think of you as mr. establishment, and washington. you have donald trump who wins, and blows out everybody, and there has not been a republican candidate for president, you know, someone who has been a candidate who has won new hampshire and south carolina who
8:19 pm
hasn't gone on to be the nominee, and so is donald trump going to be the nominee? >> well, i don't think so. i think that sometimes these historical events are coincidences rather than driving forces that rerepeat themselves. now, congratulations to donald for a good win tonight. but what you see, i look at a lot of the polls all over the country. you will see that donald can get 25 or 30 or 33% in almost every state. but the people who are not in that 33% do not like him. so when the race narrows to three, and we are almost there or later to two, he cannot get 50% to win a two-person race. and so we are under way now with the people leaving the field. jeb bush did so very gracefully, and he is a good man and he would have been a good president, but it was not in the cards for him. and john kasich has a midwestern str strategy, and so he is still going to be in for a while, and what you might see in some of the southern states is a
8:20 pm
three-way race. and now, by the way, ted cruz has to do a lot better in a state as evangelical as south carolina than 22%. his strategy is not working. >> and now, you know what that tells me, charily, it tells me that the evangelicals are not voting their religion, and they are voting the economy, and voting on other issues as opposed to, you know, their religion, and let me ask you a question, because i want to follow up to what you said, this ar argumentment is that trump is 33%, and that is the ceiling, and that is the same for rubio and cruz, they can only be 20%, and everybody is guessing are where the bottom tier numbers go, but if carson is an outsider, don't his numbers go to the other outsider donald trump? >> no, the folks that dr. carson are getting are from the social conservatives who put those issues first, and that is where a l a lot of the cruz vote is coming from by the way. a tloft evangelicals are not
8:21 pm
voting on the social issues or the things they hear from church, and the veteran don't always vote for veteran issues, and the donald trump favorable, unfavorable rating among republicans in this country is 50% favorable or unfavorable, 50%. so is he is not going the get those votes, and marco rubio has a high favorable and unfavable, and so we have to let it play out. either rubio or kasich can beat him one-on-one, but i don't believe that cruz can. >> and what about rubio, because the comparison to barack obama is so clear. i mean, he is a one-term united states senator. do you think that most americans which is why these outsiders are doing so well are fed up with the president and the administration that we have, and doesn't marco rubio represent the same thing, and shouldn't he have done better with nikki haley and trey gowdy, who i l e love, and tim scott? >> well, listen, he increased the poll number by 50% over what
8:22 pm
it was thursday, so the people did help him some. but listen, the only thing that on that respective resumes that barack obama and marco rubio have in common is one thing, the united states senate. but marco has used the five years in the senate to learn and intelligen intelligence, national security and foreign policy and to be truly well qualified in those areas. i can't remember that senator obama learned anything in the senate. you heard marco's story tonight, and it is appealing story to the american people that he is surrounded with immigrants and second-generation immigrants is go going to have great appeal not only to republicans in the country, but the folks in the general election. >> but you have to give trump credit for winning in a double-digit lead and the party heavyweights and the united states senator, and congressmen and the governor are all supporting rubio, and you know, donald trump had a rough week. he had a dust up with the pope, which i think that the pope
8:23 pm
started, and then he has been in the debate, and he pretty much said that the bushes didn't do the country very well, and then he still wins by double-digits. and he has not had that bad of a week, and maybe he would have done better. >> well, is ate good wip and i congratulate him. i don't believe that the dust-up with the pope hurt him. most people perceived that the pope started it, and i don't know if it helped him or hurt him, but again, he has high negative negatives in all of the other states. wait until you get to the large states in the midwest, pennsylvania, new york, california, and he can't even get to 33% in those states, so we have to continue to narrow the field, and if we get down to one of these two remaining mainstream candidates, donald trump is going to lose. >> and is the pressure on jeb bush to push his support to marco? >> you know, he is going to be pushed by both rubio and kasich and their mutual friends to endorse and i have no idea what he will do.
8:24 pm
i have not talked to him. i did see him in new hampshire, but i have not talked to him since, and my guess is that he is going to be waiting a while before doing anything. he is a good man, and he is going to be some value in the endorsement. >> no question. charlie black, a real giant in republican politics. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. thank you very much. and he is the pollster known for calling the races before they are over, and usually being right about them. larry is going to join us live with his take on tonight, and a look into the famous crystal ball. gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching,
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only helps you get the right car without all the drama. i'm jackie ibanez, and thousands attending funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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attended by all eight sitting justices of the supreme court, and former vice president cheney and many others. there is a debate as to whether president obama should nominate his successor or wait for the next president. and harper lee passed away, the author of "to kill a mockingbird. ooh i u "she passed away in her sleep friday at the age of 89. now, back to "justice with jeanine pirro" and remember to logon to to get your latest headlines. >> breaking tonight, the south carolina republicans have spoken, and donald trump wins big. while jeb bush suspends his campaign for the white house. in nevada, hillary clinton takes a win after a close battle with bernie sanders. with me to break it down,
8:30 pm
universi university of virginia center for politics director larry sab sabato, and good evening, larry. exciting night tonight, and any surprises for you? >> you know, anymore, judge, i'm surprised every election night. in is an incredible year. >> it is. >> and you think about are where we were six months ago and what we thought was going to happen, and very few people thought that jeb bush would be dropping out on the night of the south carolina primary. very few people thought that donald trump would romp to victory in new hampshire and south carolina. few people thought that hillary clinton would be having a problem with a 74-year-old socialist. >> socialist, yes. and that is why the whole race is so fascinating, but aren't, and reading the tea leaves, and donald wins new hampshire, and he wins south carolina historicall historically, and you go on the be the republican nominee for president. but everyone is saying, well, gee, when the bottom tier, and they throw the numbers up to the top tier, but nobody knows where
8:31 pm
the numbers are going. what is your take on that? jeb got out tonight, and he didn't throw his support to anyon anyone, and where do you think that his support is going? >> well, a good deal of the support is going to be eventually going to rubio, his fellow floridian, and of course, some hard feelings there, and that is the point. look, it is easy on the paper to add up the other candidate that you can put in the category of not donald trump. and not ted cruz, and say, wow, if these people would get out, why, we'd have a plurality and we could win, but here's the problem with that. when those kacandidates or somef them do get out as jeb bush did tonigh tonight, and as maybe another one or two will in the next few weeks, it is remarkable. their supporters end up going two points to this one and three percent to that or and five percent to that one, and is si not a matter of moving their supporters en masse on to
8:32 pm
somebody else's column. it does not work that way. >> you are right. you are also right about the fact that there is bad blood or seems to be between rubio and bushb given the fact that they were so close before this all began. you know, with donald trump and the momentum, and the outsiders, are you seeing, larry, you know, a realignment of the two party-system of the way we know it, the outsiders seem to be on top. i know that bernie sanders didn't win zsouth carolina, but he has a huge momentum behind him, and donald trump, double-digits. >> this is truly the year of the outsider. far more than anybody could have imagined a year ago. and yes, you are right, even if bernie sanders doesn't win, it is still going to be remarkable that someone with his profile could do as well as he is doing already, and probably will continue to do, and he is going to be winning other caucuses and primaries against a nominee in
8:33 pm
waiting who had every advantage known to man and woman. i mean, she was supposed to walk into the nomination. funny things happen on the way to the white house. i think that jeb bush and hillary clinton would agree on that. >> and well, certainly. you know, that if you have got kasi kasich, and he is going to continue. he doesn't have the money, but the question is, to you really need money, larry to keep moving in the campaigns? >> well, actually donald trump has the billionaire candidate has proven that you don't have to spend much money, and now, there is only one donald trump, and only donald trump could dominate the free media, the news media the way he has done, but you can certainly make it on a shoestring, especially if you are strong in some key states. kasich, one would assume, would be the favorite in ohio, but that is march 15th, and no doubt, whether kasich eventually gets out or not, he wants to make it to that primary, and have those delegates in his poet just in case this ends up going to the convention.
8:34 pm
>> and what to you think of the chances of that are? >> not good. i have never believed that we would have a contested convention, but i will tell you this much, having seen what i have seen over the past few months, the odds are greater than in any other year in my lifetime. >> and well, it is certainly seems like an unusual year, but talk about the democrats for a minute. and bernie sanders isn't going anywhere, and the money is coming in for him, and hillary has the problems with the fbi and all that stuff, a any predictions there in the crystal ball? >> well, h he is se is going t because he is not getting out until the money runs out. and bush was having a money problem, too, and this is one of the factors that played into his getting out. and now, bernie sanders is matching hillary clinton, and maybe he is doing better than she is, and he is raising the o money in small dollar gifts which are sole valuable.
8:35 pm
because you can keep going back to these people over and over again and over again without hitting the limit. hillary clinton has to organize the big events with the big donors, and they hit the limit, and she has to find a new group. so that is a big krng that he has got, and if you listen to quote concession speech tonight, you will realize that he is conceding nothing. he said that the wind is at their back. sometimes i wonder what the candidates on both sides, is the wind ever not at their back? >> well, you wonder what planet they are spinning around. and anyway, larry sabato, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. i am talking over the results tonight and what they will mean ahead with my political panel next. more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll.
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>> breaking tonight, trump wins big in zac:00 and bush suspends his campaign. could tonight have changed everything in the gop presidential race for the white house? with me now my all-star panel, republican strategist and fox contributor tony sighage and boris epstein, and maryann marsh. i want to do the republicans first, and start with you, maryann. trump wins bishgs and now, they had all of the southern establi establishment who loves the politicians, and cruz didn't do so well, even though it is a evangelical state, and what is your take here? >> well, it is hard to say where trump has getting stopped here. and he has put together the same coalition of mccain and romney, and except it is on steroids.
8:41 pm
he walk out with 5 # 5 delegates, and if rubio and cruz can't win south carolina when rubio had every endorsement in south carolina, and cruz said that the state was tailor-made for them, and if they can't win there, then how? and it is compound interest, and the winner takes all, and who can stop trump? >> and you say that cruz should have won the evangelical vote? >> well, i don't know, because either one should have won it. >> and now, being an outsider and the evangelical and his n b numbers should have been bigger? >> well, he is an outsider, because nobody likes him. he is in the senate and nobody likes him, and nobody is fgoing to be voting for anything that he puts up. there is no surprise, and nothing changed on the republican side, it is going to be trump, and still trump, and he had a huge win to use his favorite phrase, huge. and he had a really big win, and he needed to win and get over
8:42 pm
30%, and now he did, that and now going to nevada where he is up by over 20%, and going to super tuesday where he is leading in most of those states, and there is not a place for a firewall. and cruz, he is not a national candidate. >> and tony, charlie black, mr. national republican, and he says that trump has all of the unlikables, and is that going to matter them? >> well, he has fixed them fast. the unlikables from june to now have evaporated if you compare them. i will agree with the colleagues in the panel, and the big win for donald trump, and here is the template for super tuesday which are largely like the states like south carolina, and he can have easily double-digit wins throughout much of the south at a time when 500 delegates are up for grabs, which is potentially huge to your point, maryann, and is he stoppable? it doesn't look like it, but however, however, and let's be a little bit strategic about it, and tonight is whether we like to say it or not or whether it is popular not, a big night for
8:43 pm
marco rubio. jeb bush exiting the race, and rubio coming in damaged from new hampshire and rehabilitating into the narrow second place, and i don't think that you can now look at the race as strictly a one-man race, but it is a three-man race with rubio leading the anti-trump side. >> and he was ninth in iowa and second in new hampshire. >> well, this is the problem with rubio, what he revealed in the debate where he proved to everyone that he is a mile wide and inch deep, and everyone feared that, and he is never going to get over that, never. >> and he did pretty well. >> not good enough. >> and they don't have the history of nominating the second time in the primary, but rubio is fight iing for that. he had visions of 2020 or 2024, but not tonight. >> and donald trump doesn't believe in the cause of conservativism, and if he is
8:44 pm
conservative, yes, but is he the fighter for deep thinking principles of the conservative side like marco rubio or ted cr cruz, no. >> i don't know if we know that. >> and the sense that he is a businessman and when did he have the opportunity to prove it? >> well, he has been constantly c controe dikting it. >> and rubio is conflict conservative, and cruz is a limited candidate, and south carolina was cruz's state, but he lost and he should be out in two weeks. >> and maryann marsh says donald trump. >> and it is tea leaves and it is too early to call it february 20th. >> and mccain won south carolina by four points, and he is -- >> totally different rules. and you can't compare them. >> and why is this different? because the rules are different. >> winner take all, and you won't catch up. >> and now, before we go to the break, i want to explain to the viewers the difference and i
8:45 pm
don't know who can do it in the simplest way, but the difference of the super delegate ss and th delegates in the republican and the democratic primaries. >> and in republican, we don't have super delegate per se, and the biggest issue up to march 15th, it is not winner take all, but after march 15th, it is winner take all. >> and the democrats have super delegates, and rigged, because hillary has one-third of the votes. >> they are the most fickle people, and they have committed to you they don't have to stay with you sh, and if they believ you are going down, they are jumping the ship, and they are the elected dnc members, and they are the toughest people to convin convince. >> and so stay with "justice" and we will be right back to talk about the democrats. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free.
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morning ted! scott!
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8:50 pm
>> by five points? >> well, 11 days ago she lost in new hampshire and then to come back five days later to put up a five-point win over bernie sanders, you have to claim it as a big win. >> what happened in the last month? what happened? i think that she is donald trump and we know the dust-up. >> she lost the trust, and that is what happened. >> well, it happened a a queer ago. >> and it is that she is not a good candidate and the campaign has not been performing, and in the last 11 days, she has been performing better. >> and there is bad news that comes out almost everyday or week about her and she has been fighting it, but it is going to give her strength, and look at super tuesday, because she is winning in every state except for vermont. >> and number one, keep it in mind, the democrats have a proportional contest throughout, and so tonight the big win gave them both the same amount of delegates out of nevada if you take out the rigged super delegate system. and so it is a a big win, and in the respect that if she had lost, it would have been
8:51 pm
completely catastrophic for her. and now, i will say, that bernie sanders is still winning the argument, and he has dragged bshg -- he has dragged hillary clinton -- out how to win, the experience of a husband that went through it and still eeking it out. >> this is a different year, they feel bernie sanders and donald trump have different approaches but agree on the problems. >> i agree. >> hillary clinton has always been a terrible candidate. >> she won one election in 2000. it was not a good campaign. she's not a good candidate. >> walking down the street with
8:52 pm
a rope between them and the press? >> she doesn't know how to win nationally. >> her problems are fundamental flaws. people don't like her, trust her or relate to her. two, she's a candidate who has not really gained a message that has been compelling organizationally, she beats out bernie sanders. she had 22 staffers on the ground in august in nevada. she had that network across the country. >> bernie sanders isn't winning, hillary clinton is losing. >> when you look, here are the facts. when you look at the pollses she win was democrats, bernie sanders wins largely independent voters. those are the facts. that is why this process goes on, and it is pro portional, she's going to win those bigger states. bernie sanders is going to do
8:53 pm
well in new england. >> in this regard, you may be right in some measure but she lost hispanics in nevada. >> that is not true. >> that is a twitter -- >> she did not. >> it was narrower than she should have had. she's losing unmarried women. >> i have a 53 sanders hispanic, clinton, latino 45. >> that is wrong. it was on twitter. it was corrected later. the votes she won hispanics. >> but that is much narrower. the point is that she's losing the growth demographic of the democratic party. >> we're talking about something more profound. she can't get young millennial progressives, people who are struggling as far as incomes, the growth target of the democratic party. >> well, she's --
8:54 pm
>> you know, she had harry reid to go in and get the primary. >> she's -- >> we're talking at the same time. all right. bernie sanders is bringing in people who never voted before. the energy and the wind, i agree is behind him and not behind hillary. >> i thought it was behind him going into nevada. she lost. she's not going to win in south carolina. not going to win on super tuesday. you're losing state after state. >> the turn out has gone up on the republican side sub-stanls l substantially. >> and she doesn't have to beat her big time, he has to mirror her performance. >> super delegates are going to be on her side. >> who is donald trump going to
8:55 pm
pick as a g.o.p. candidate? >> i think kasich would be great for him. >> this is great presumption. i'll say marco rubio. why not? >> got to be someone in the political class from a swing state. >> it won't be any of those things because he hasn't done anything in the playbook so far. i think he's one candidate i don't want to run against because there is no playbook for donald trump. everybody else, they're conventional candidates. >> he has evolved. i watched him grow. he has absolutely grown. he's a smart man. anyway, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. dear, if we had directv, we could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. mother, we are settlers. we settle for cable. and the simpler things in life. like our drab clothing. that's right, daughter. and homemade haircuts. exactly, boy. besides, if it weren't for wires, how would
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a quick recap before we leave you. donald trump, a winner by about ten points in south carolina. the race for second place between marco rubio and ted cruz is too close to call. keep it on fox news channel and for updates all weekend. that is it for us tonight. remember, follow me on twitter and facebook and see you tomorrow night. thanks for watching this special election coverage tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. for a brand new live "justice". see you then. hannity.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching. all right. thanks megyn and bret and welcome to hannity. this is a fox news alert. fox news is projecting that donald trump is the big winner in south carolina. and at this hour, second place is still too close to call. senator marco rubio and ted cruz are in a very tight race to determine who will be the runner up. and earlier tonight, former florida governor, jeb bush suspended his campaign after finishing in the second tier with governor john kasich and dr. benjamin carson. and in nevada, fox news is projecting hillary clinton will narrowly defeat senator bernie sanderss in the caucuses in that state, we'll have live analysis of all those results later, but first, earlier tonight, after his big victory in south carolina, donald trump addressed his supporters, l


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