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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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195775 she moved here where she could rest and retire. she deserves it. she worked so hard for us. and that's my off the record comments tonight. that's all for now. thanks for being with us for this live election special on the record on the trail. i'm in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. we'll go right to our top story, the clash between donald trump and the pope. earlier yesterday, trump delivered a stinging response to pope francis after implying the ton all was not christian. >> trump appeared to soften his tone. >> with the pope, does it give you pause? >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i think he said something much softer than was originally
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reported by the media. i think that he heard one side of the sorry which istory which is probably by the mexican go. . he government. he didn't see the tremendous strain the border is causing us. >> but does this help trumpt trump politically is this joining us to analyze kristen you powers and mercedes. we'll start but. so this is what started the trump campaign. first thing he came out of the time going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it and look where we are, nine months later back on the front page. >> let's talk about the pope's politically incorrect statement made he made that will actually help donald trump because as we know going into south carolina, eight in ten voters believe that an illegal immigration is causing the decrease of american
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wages, it's harmful to our national security and that illegal immigrants should be either penalized or deported. it is one of those issues that has driven the donald trump campaign. it is where a lot of these voters are especially in the southern states. and at the end, it benefits donald trump. >> and i can't believe i'm even mentioning these two together, but also the pope was in mexico and donald trump has said from the very beginning the mexican authorities are complicit in sending all the people over here that they don't want frankly, that they won't keep. >> yeah i don't know where he gets that information. most of people that are coming over people who are looking for a better life they're not the rapists and criminals that donald trump thinks are the only people that are coming over the border. but i think that the pope is somewhat i think an expert on christianity. he's allowed to have an opinion about it and he obviously
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disagrees with donald trump about this and i think that trump is saying that the pope has been put up to this by the mexican authorities. and there is no evidence of that. he just says things. the pope is very a very sophisticated person. he's not a pawn for people. so i think we need to start taking him at his word.person. he's not a pawn for people. so i think we need to start taking him at his word. >> i think the pope went too far. he makes it it out of context and then comes to washington, d.c. being the diplomat. and i'm a conservative catholic. and he doesn't go after president obama for being the pro abortion president. i mean he was so careful in how he handled the pro-life issue here in washington, d.c. almost way too politically correct that for a him to make this comment about a person who builds a wall 1 not christian? coming from the vatican city, that only symbolically two immigrants a year some i think the pope went too far.
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good sdl. >> and there are many catholics like myself who believe that he's the global spiritual, we get it but local being the presidential race here in america. >> i don't think he was delving into politics. he didn't tell anybody who to vote for, he merely answered a question. he didn't hold a press conference to say i'm here to talk about donald trump. he was asked a question and he answered the question. and so i don't know necessarily think that it's something that is helpful to say whether somebody is a christian or not, but i also think it's being a little bit blown up as to what the pope said and also this idea that he's been put up to it by the mexican government which again is completely groundless. is this a this is a baseless accusation. >> but the pope ends up making comments like those people who are giving birth like bunnies and then he has to step it back. it's into the thenot the first time
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these incidents have happened with the pope. in this case he went by saying building walls, not being christian, but then he carefully walks this fine political line while here in washington, d.c. so i think at the end it does benefit donald trump. >> let me take this one step further. so donald trump, this comment is made by the pope, donald trump has choices to make. he could ignore it, he could respond, he could attack back. think about this. what happened 12 hours before the pope made these comments? do we even remember? governor haley, nikki haley, endorsed marco rubio and no one has talked about it since. it's been donald trump and the pope going bankck and forth. brilliant strategy using this. >> well, he didn't really have a choice. he was going to have to respond. and i don't think any of us think that trump wouldn't respond to something like that. so it has worked to his advantage in many ways i think.
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and he took advantage of the situation. >> will this affect voters in south carolina though? evangelicals but not necessarily catholics. there is a distinction. >> yeah evangelicals are not listening to the pope. but as we were already seeing in the poll numbers, donald trump is doing much better amongst evangelicals than ted cruz which would be his natural base for supporters. so i think it does reflrg guise donald trump. i think by the fact that the pope the top spiritual leader makes the sort of comment and donald trump has -- he's sophisticated in his response. it was one of the few times that we actually saw him read off a paper giving this first response on the pope. and again, it was a very effective response and i think that the voters brings up this very emotional issue about illegal immigration which impacts a lot of these states.
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>> and that's right, aside from it being donald trump's number one issue immigration it also is very important to the people of south carolina. it's a big issue there. >> sure. yeah i think -- look i tend to think that it was already a big issue. this helps him miles per hourarginally. helps him probably more is the feeling a take he's sort of undersiege. he's the truth teller. and he's undersiege and most conservativestake he's sort of undersiege. he's the truth teller. and he's undersiege and most conservatives whether catholic or not probably will have a problem with pope francis saying this. so in that sense, it works to his advantage. >> and think about this a year ago the headline in advance, the headline looking forward a year ago, top gop candidate gets if to a brawl with the pope and it's working to him. >> it's not the phoneope who is winning. >> we'll leave it there. next, ted cruz and marco rubio
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in the impact segment tonight, fallout from the ted cruz/marco rubio brawl in south carolina. senator rubio is apparently reaching the end of his rope. >> i'm not focused on senator cruz but i have to respond to everything he says. every single day he makes something up about me and if i don't respond, people might assume that it's true. so you can't leave things that aren't true unchallenged. donald trump isn't making stuff up about me. >> but is it building up donald trump's odds of winning the palmetto state? joining us with reaction kelly
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ann conway and a republican strategist and rubio supporter. i have a couple bones to speak with each of you. kelly ann, now the potential shopped ad with the rubio shaking hands with president obama, people are wondering what is going on with the campaign. are you going to clean it up? >> senator cruz publicly pop fwized ed guised to ben carson and dr. carson accepted the apology. he got more votes going into iowa. the campaign clearly said they had nothing to do with the tray dowddy facebook post and asked to be taken down. but senator rubio was asked do you disa vow your time with the gang of eight. amnesty for all the illegal immigrants and he wouldn't answer the question.
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so you have ted cruz coming on the ethanol industry. you have donald trump taking 00on the whole establishment p. marco rubio only takes on the conservative issues. why is that? >> let me bring it over to the marco rubio camp. do you accept that it was a mistake or an apology was offered to ben carson for the iowa flap and then he had nothing to do with the fake trey gowdy flipping on the endorsement and now the apology for the photo shop? are you all right with that? >> it's bizarre. this entire process has been bringing out really desperate moves on behalf of all these different candidates. p marco rubio has been going out and laying out a clear and concise vision for america. >> do you accept her explanation for the three things that have been following the cruz campaign for a while? are you all right with that? >> personally, i'm fine with it personally. >> so go ahead. >> marco rubio has been building
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momentum. he's gotten trey gowdy, tim scott and now nikki haley. these are the future of the republican party. >> and he's in third. >> he really connects with millennial voters who they will need in order to win. >> a bone to pick with you. marco rubio is taking shots at ted cruz. he's punching sideways. i'm an athlete. coming in second. runner up is a loss. why aren't you going after the frontrunner? >> we're trying to find somebody in the republican party who can take on donald trump in that one to one match-up and marco rubio is that candidate. >> but he's not doing it. >> he's trying to get into the establish 789ment lane, but you have to get jeb bush and john kasich out. >> it dcht work in new hampshire. marco rubio came in fifth behind john kasich and ted cruz. and jeb bush. and so the rumor was bush and kasich would feel the pressure on drop out before south
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carolina. marco rubio would win south carolina. he's in third and i'm glad you admitted two things on national tv. number one, that your candidate is in fact running as the establishment candidate. thank you for admitting that. number two, that he has the governor the freshman senator tim scott, he has trey gowdy who has been beloved nationwide. why can't he crack 20%? >> actually a poll just released has marco rubio at 24% and donald trump at 27%. >> that is one poll. wall street journal poll has him clearly in third. >> here is what is going on. we put the shot up of kellyanne and you two are fighting it out. and meanwhile donald trump is walking around going here is what my program is and let them fight it out. you're destroying each other. >> nobody mistakes mr. trump for
5:16 pm
being shy and retiring and remaining above the fray. i will tell you one thing that is distinctive. mr. trump it turns out and many people connected with marco rubio are hurling personal insults to ted cruz. let's have a philosophical conversation and talk about policy differences. i tried to do that by talking about immigration, but the rubio people didn't want do that. >> we can have our kumbaya moment when we refer to the polls showing trump's lead diminishing. i think he's doing to himself. and i'm more than happy to cheer and clap. >> you're exposing down sides of both your campaigns. kelly, some of the tactic you've prided yourses on being
5:17 pm
outsiders, but the political games are typical kind of sleazy politics. >> first of all, i run the super pac for senator cruz and we have three positive cruz messages to fill in the blanks about his career. his ability to pick the next supreme court justice which is very important. if you open up the average mail box here in south carolina, you would be astonished. it is negative slop on top of negative slop on top of negative slop. and that's something that your viewers don't see because they don't live here. they just see a couple ads. but i would call on everybody philosophical differences, policy prescriptions, not personal insults. >> i like the guy i'm jest worried about all these tactics. it doesn't seem like he has a real handle on his people and maybe even his super pacs. some of the things are less than tateful thaisful for me. your guy wants to be president. stop fighting for second place. this is america. we want it win p we want to be
5:18 pm
number one. doctor we're . >> you don't run a marathon by printing at the start. >> this isn't the start. he doesn't have a win yet. kellyanne, am i wrong? >> if bayy long game you mean senator marco rubio plans to run depend and again in the future then i'm with you. but march 1 which is the swing for the so you were states somehow marco rubio going to win his help stateome state of florida? in i have to >> i have to leave it there. thank you very much. coming up hillary clinton throwing the kitchen sink at bernie sanders as she desperately tries to eek out a win in nevada. that ral gogeraldo rivera on that would. watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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in the campaign 2016 segment tonight, is hillary clinton trustworthy trustworthy? she got asked about it straight up during an interview with scott pelley. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people will call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i will do the best i can to level with the american people. >> tries to tell the truth. meanwhile the nevada democratic caucuses are tomorrow. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to land some final blows before the bell. >> senator sanders has always attacked president obama. he's called him weak,
5:23 pm
disappointing. he tried to get somebody to run against him in the 2012 election in the primary. and you know, i don't know where all this comes from. because maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even though what the last two democratic presidents did. it's true. >> by the way, there is one of the two democratic candidates here who actually ran against barack obama. it wasn't me. >> joining me with reaction, hararethat that ralgeraldory veer rivera. >> i think she gets a bad wrap. i think it is unfortunate that she didn't answer the question in a straight forward way. if you're asked did you ever tell a lie you say no i never told a lie and maybe your nose
5:24 pm
grows or maybe it doesn't. i've been with respect toed a couple typeimes so you know i've lied at some point.toed a couple times so you know i've lied at some point. did george washington chop down the cherry tree? >> this is one her biggest faults right now is that people don't trust her. her trustworthy thups arenumbers are in the tank. >> because people like you erode her credibility. >> she was asked trait upstraight up do you tell lies. >> she should have answered it in a more straightforward way. i was watching and saying he kind of got a sheen on his face she's not going to answer question with a straight face. i thought it was unfortunate. i do think it is overblown that she lacks credibility. >> now let's talk about hugh how they both want to put themselves as the closest obama surrogate.
5:25 pm
>> no doubt about it. bernie sanders has been a professed independent and socialist to most of his life. in south carolina, let me go there first, 54% of the democratic primary electorate is african-american. among that group 90 plus% approve of the job obama is to go. >> why would that be, though? >> we can bait that.obama is to go. >> why would that be, though? >> we can bait that. >> why do they approve of will be's job because they're clearly not working at the rate they were prior to president obama.will be's job because they're clearly not working at the rate they were prior to president obama. they're this deep they're in deeper poverty. >> i'm giving you the survey. come having come from -- >> they're approving of him because he's african-american. >> he's extremely popular,
5:26 pm
therefore shkhillary clinton is trying to associate -- is he got the key endorsement from jim clyburn. i predict hillary clinton wins by majorble digits in south carolina. nevada is different. there are far fewer people of color who vote. there are the plaque population is under 10%. but they vote disproportionately heavy. 15% are latino. those 30% will favor hillary clinton, but she's getting zero white young people report. >> she's not getting the latino vote. >> she will win minority vote. she will eek out a victory i believe in nevada. >> let's say she doesn't.
5:27 pm
most polls are very close. nevada is before south carolina. if she loses, she may start to roll -- dom thoughinos fall. >> they do. let's talk next week. if nevada goes sour -- >> nevada. >> nevada. it's a spanish word. gringo. >> go ahead. >> i believe that she will eek out a victory in nevada and win in south carolina and then she will begin to roll. >> that's the firewall. >> the clinton family has been symbolically so close to the african americans. she was there for the civil rights movement a store front lawyer and all the rest. >> we talked all week for what bill clinton has done for the african-american community. he was there for the crime bill that put more minorities in jail. he was there when they decided
5:28 pm
to make -- tie work to welfare payments. they don't like -- >> sister souljah. it is a respect that the clinton family has shown the community that heretoforehad been taken for granted. he embraced them. as a white governor coming out of arkansas he had the pre-tension to be be the first black president quote/unquote because he was so simpatico. it's almost instinctual. he was much more of a spendtrist. >> the african-american group is the only group not latino, not whites that have not gone up incomes. >> there is something to be said
5:29 pm
he is the first black man to run the most power it will country on there is pride involved. you can go some day. >> it's not about the numbers. >> it's about the bottom line. >> all right. thank you very much. directly ahead, bernie sanders delivers a sky high price tag on his plan for free college tuition and it's even got some top democrats shaking their heads. all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. ♪ ♪ with an unlimited mileage warranty on your certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can drive as far as you want for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence will be as unlimited... as your mileage. visit the certified pre-owned sales event,
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in the factor followup segment, the cost of bernie sanders's far left proposals occurring during a town hall last night, sanders gave the price tag for providing you free tuition at public colleges.urring during a town hall last night, sanders gave the price tag for providing you free tuition at public colleges. >> it will cost $70 billion a year. a lot of hone. how am i going to pay for it? i'll tell you. i think that we should impose a tax on wall street. it is wall street's time to help. >> but it's not sitting well with even some democrats. joining us now austan goolsbee. who would have thunk some free spending dems think ds iss bernie
5:34 pm
sanders is dangerous. >> i think that overstates the case that i've made which i've said that bernie sanders needs to rely on reality based numbers when adding up what the cost of his plans are. that actually what they have been doing is kind of using republican campaign tactics of dynamic scoring and generating gigantic growth from the poll policies. >> isn't that what you did when you were president obama's senior xhikeconomic adviser? >> we did the opposite. so my critique has been let's use the honest numbers. >> you were one of the architects of the stimulus program that put $800 billion towards shovel ready projects and there weren't so many shovel ready projects once we figured that thing out. >> well, i disagree with the premise of your argument so i
5:35 pm
appreciate you attributing me doing an architect. i think -- >> well, were you one of the writers of the stimulus program? >> i'm not one of the writers. i was there when we did it. what i was saying of bernie sanders and of hillary clinton both of it them are out trying to push college affordability either debt free in hillary's case or tuition free in bernie's case. we can argue whether president obama's kids should get free tuition, whether we should do it one way or the other way. but both are highlighting that that is extremely important where it feels to me like on the other side they're not talking anything about that. >> so let's talk about that. you think bernie sanders is ridiculous with his numbers. you think that they will never work. and you attributed to growth rate going forward to pay for this which is insane never happened in the history of the country.
5:36 pm
i get that. but do you think hillary clinton's program is any better? >> i do. i think it's a lot more realistic and i think that a lot of the goals as i say of both sanders and clinton are talking about i do think are important. the issue of college affordability for community college that now a day it is that's what high school used to be in 109930, i think it's true. and you can't help but look at the rise of income inequality in the u.s. and see this kind of populous impulse in both the republican and democratic primaries. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. hillary clinton is out in the campaign trail basically saying i'm the next president obama 3.0, third term president obama. are you okay with that is this? >> obama is my old friend.
5:37 pm
i think he will be remembered very positively. >> let me throw a number on you. president obama tacked on an equal amount of debt that presidents 41 through 43 amassed combined. so president obama doubled america's debt in eight years. >> you're being highly misleading. because you're for getting to mention that he came it into office in the midst of the worst downturn of our lifetime and downturns generate huge deficits. it's why he's also cut the deficit more than anyone else has ever cut. >> no no no. austin lover you, but you can't do that. he first raised the definite set and then cut the deficit that he already raised. sxwlt >> the deficit was projected before he was even there. >> you said we need a deficit so we -- my point is you raised the
5:38 pm
deficit and then you lowered it and you're only taking credit for lowering it not blame for raising it. >> deficits go up in recession. or you're not blaming him for the recession, are you? >> you said president obama cut the deficit more than any other president. but he also raised it first. like my wife. my wife walks in to a store and says look what i got. i got 40% off this beautiful dress and i said hundredoney two years ago that dress was half the price and they raised it and just made it look cheaper when they dropped the price. >> i feel sorry for your wife in this story. what kind of a husband are you to be saying that? >> i'm a very good husband. she's a very good wife. >> i know you are. >> so in other words, both neither one you like. you like hillary's plan but you don't like bernie's plan. >> i think bernie's -- it's not thought through fully. i like hillary's better. >> we'll leave it there. profession arrest austan
5:39 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. it's nearly zero hour? south carolina. the hits are making last minute pushes to get voters in their corner. joining us now, mr. carl cameron. is it donald trump the frontrunner? some of the polls are tightening a little bit. is he feeling that. >> the polls are always tightening when you get close to election day. for donald trump, it's about getting out the vote as it is for all of the candidates. but it's interesting. trump has also today begun down playing expectations for him for the nevada caucuses which follow south carolina next week. that is a sign that he doesn't
5:44 pm
expect to do so well in nevada but he does expect to win in south care. the margin of victory is important. ted cruz is looking like a strong second. he's worked very hard in south carolina and all the southern states as well. for cruz the battle with trump has been a tough one and today he was making the assertion that trump really doesn't know much about foreign policy and pointed out specifically that trump said he would be neutral in the israeli palestinian conflict. then there is marco rubio. needs to do well.palestinian conflict. then there is marco rubio. needs to do well./palestinian conflict. then there is marco rubio. needs to do well. he's polling in third a little behind cruz but in many cases sort of on the margin. so there is really a tight race between the top three with trump an advantage cruz in second, rubio trying for second but still in third.
5:45 pm
the bigger question is what happens to the other half of this thisfooeld. john kasich has gotten some momentum in south carolina. his crowds have been very emotional and pleased by his positive campaigning. jeb bush faces the most intense pressure. already his donors and a lot of suit supporters have been complaining. and if he doesn't farewell in south carolina the pressure on him to get out of the race could be intense. he could lose some of his donors. and ben carson has had a hard time getting a lot of news this week. she have a strong base of support in south carolina. he's campaigned here quite a bit. but there is usually only three possible contenders to pass south carolina. >> back half of the field, let's focus in on the bush/rubio situation. am i seeing this right that bush has to finish in front of rubio to keep the donors in line? >> that's one of the ways things are being passed here.
5:46 pm
because jeb bush did well in new hampshire. there are expectations that he needs to be able to build on that if his momentum would go in the negative direction, that could really undercut a canned daes. if rubio beats him, it will be hard. >> the biggest momentum changer available in the whole campaign with his brother coming in is it working? are they gravitating toward bush because of his brother? >> he did get positive buzz, but it was a few days ago. and with the minute by minute campaign there are some suggesting that it would have been nicer if gormg w. had showed up last night or come back. so you can hear in the voices of bush supporters and the campaign a little bit of frustration because the former president did give him some momentum but it
5:47 pm
may not carry through to the polls. >> that is very interesting that if they had waited another day or two might have helped him more. let's talk about marco rubio. he came in fifth in in that. and new hampshire and he isn't have a win yet. going back many years and i can't remember a gop nominee who hasn't won ira, new hampshire or south carolina at all. >> that's correct. it hasn't happened.ira, new hampshire or south carolina at all. >> that's correct. it hasn't happened. he has to do better than jeb bush. he should probably need to do better than ted cruz. if he were to pull off second place, that would breathe new life into his candidacy p. but he's behind cruz, jumping ahead of him would be a big turnabout. and today rubio had planned a big barn storming tour put the press on a charter plane, eithert cetera and they had plane problems and missed an event. this is a second by second campaign.
5:48 pm
any misstep can be lethal. any advantage could catapult you into the lead. hasn't happened so far. voting will happen tomorrow and all the candidates will be showing up at polling places. >> i don't have a lot -- >> shyould i did tell you casic won't be here. he will be campaigning in massachusetts. and focusing on states like ohio and michigan. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much. up next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their closing arguments to voters with less than 24 hours until nevada's democratic cause causeses. ed henry will join us with the latest.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, nevada's democratic caucus the doors
5:52 pm
open tomorrow morning and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are barn storming the state today, making their final pitch to voters. joining us with more is mr. ed henry. so a couple of endorsements today. the most important obviously, britney spears, right? >> reporter: yeah. she took the endorsement back though. the woes for hillary clinton continue not even britney will stay on board. she posted a tweet with hillary clinton, because she has a vegas act here and she says i'm with her. someone pointed out that's an endorsement on twitter and maybe she doesn't want to anger some customers who don't like hillary clinton. so she pulled it back and took out the hash tag. the obvious point is jim clyburn, african-american leader in south carolina. hillary clinton needs to keep that edge with african-american voters. but i think the timing of the endorsement and how it plays out, while a very good
5:53 pm
development for hillary clinton, shows why she's in trouble in nevada nevada. if you think you're going to win on saturday you would hold that endorsement back to next week to lock that down and show momentum. instead they put it out there today. hillary clinton wasn't even in south carolina because they want to blunt any potential damage from this weekend. so that shows, yes, she may have a great night in south carolina. but they're bracing probably for trouble here. >> she seems to need nevada because nevada may lead to something ugly in south carolina. talk to us about this brouhaha over hillary clinton last night saying, i'm going to try not to lie. really one of the biggest drawbacks of hillary clinton is her trustworthiness, and he's just feeding into this i'm not trustworthy narrative. >> it was a question from scott pelley of cbs news. when you know you already have a problem with in question when
5:54 pm
he said have you ever not told the truth and she hesitated and gave an awkward answer that shows that she's just struggling on some of these basic questions, struggling as a candidate, and that's why this race can't get to the south soon enough for her to try and turn the corner because we keep hearing about this potential clinton firewall. under line the word potential. "the los angeles times" had a piece today about how hillary clinton has basically maxed out a lot of hollywood celebrities with the money. and bernie sanders is getting all his money over the internet. so he's not spending any money or time with all this money that's coming in. he's starting to outraise her and she keeps going back to the same people who have given the most they can by law. so she's facing a cash crunch. next week monday and tuesday, hillary clinton is not in south carolina. she's in california trying to raise more money. those are critical days that bernie sanders will not be
5:55 pm
fund-raising but will be campaigning. >> interesting. now, bernie sanders, the younger voters nevada is a caucus. we saw what happened in iowa when it was a caucus. hillary did better because millennials don't tend to want to caucus. is that right? >> reporter: there's differing views on that. the clinton camp believes bernie sanders will do well in a caucus because like barack obama in 2008 when you have enthusiasm and energy and new voters getting into the system the caucus system might be better suited for that kind of turnout. on the other hand sanders getting the millennials. in iowa yes he had great turnout, but hillary clinton had better turnout because she won. she had a victory, she got drummed in new hampshire. this is why nevada could be a turning point. is bernie sanders going to beat her again and make the democratic establishment freak out or is she going to stabilize this race? that is what is at stake. >> what about the unions the
5:56 pm
restaurant workers the services unions? they're influential there. have they gone -- i heard hillary got a few. did she get them small>> reporter: she got a few, but not the key one, which is the culinary union. that's the one with the casinos and all the restaurants here and she did not get that official nod. the aflcio said they're not going to endorse either, and harry reid the senate democratic leader hails from nevada told me a couple of nights ago, he's not going to endorse. those are establishment endorsements hillary clinton really wanted to have. if she can eke out a victory on saturday night, despite not getting the endorsements, she's going to really jump all over that and say she beat expectations. >> ed great talking to you. always good to have ed henry in las vegas. >> reporter: i just wish you were here. >> i wish i was there, too.
5:57 pm
straight ahead, much-needed levity before the slugfest in south carolina and nevada. we'll be right back with that. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase
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a little political humor from jimmy fallon before we go tonight. >> over on the democratic side bernie sanders is getting the support of students at hillary clinton's alma mater wellesley college. so now hillary is trying to get the support of bernie's alma mater, jurassic park. >> and a reminder, if you want to see dennis miller and bill o'reilly on tour there are two shows with tickets remaining, los angeles march 12 and fairfax, virginia may 7. tickets are going fast so book asap. and if you want to become a premium member you get access to great content. so be sure to check out the
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website. that's it for us tonight. bill o'reilly will be back monday. please remember the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. we are now less than ten hours away from the next big test in campaign 2016 as voters head to the polls in south carolina in a race that could cement donald trump's role as the front-runner or confirm the establishment's mvp. at this hour the candidates are making their final pitches to the people of south carolina. we have live pictures coming back now from a ted cruz rally in greenville south carolina. it just started moments ago. he has a tough fight on his hands, with the latest polling showing donald trump the clear favorite in this race. according to the real clear politics average, mr. trump leads the pack at 32%. 14 points ahead of his next closest competitor and i


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