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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> they provided us with beautiful snow falling all the time and it has been terrific, thanks very much. jon: got to see you tomorrow. jon: big wins by donald trump and bernie sanders in new hampshire, the presidential race turns to warmer climates, south carolina and nevada where establishment candidates are hoping for a better reception. welcome to "happening now". jenna: donald trump getting his first win in the nation's first primary, following through on donald trump's poll numbers and doubling the vote total at the closest rival and that is john
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kasich. john hasek was 60%, hillary clinton feeling the burn, and by bernie sanders to won 60% of the vote. here's what candidates have to say at the end of the day. >> we are going to start winning again. you are going to be so happy, and they will make america so great again. >> a huge voter turnout, we won. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign. to restore the spirit of america and leave no one behind. >> men and women here and across the great state proved them wrong. >> i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> the reality tv star is still doing well but it looks like you all have reset the rinse and for that i am really grateful.
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jenna: here to read up and looked towards the next contest rich edson live in manchester, new hampshire with more. >> reporter: a search for clarity of who can challenge donald trump, new hampshire has settled down a little bit, the fog was perhaps marco rubio's rise, but after it for debate performance saturday night, he has failed to achieve much of what donald trump has as far as results are concerned, 92%, donald trump winning with 35% of the vote, john kasich with a strong finish, ted cruz at 12%, the winner of iowa. jeb bush 11, marco rubio, those three finishing with in a percentage point of one another, chris christie, carly fiorina and ben carson. looking ahead to south carolina, donald trump fled in the polls though the those polls are on the older side. the vote is ten days away from now and we could have more
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candidates, chris christie not in south carolina, he traveled to new jersey, as for the democrats clinton has held a wide lead in the next week to state in the polling, nevada in ten days and in the week after that in south carolina, those polls on the older side as well and bernie sanders had a strong finish almost beating hillary clinton in iowa, winning by a wide margin here and bernie sanders hoping that momentum can take him through those primaries. bernie sanders is trying to court and the minority vote, he has been polling worse than hillary clinton and with that bernie sanders, with reverend al sharpton. jon: donald trump's victory and ted cruz's strong showing leave mainstream republicans facing a long battle for the nomination. let's bring in bit c woodruff, political reporter. as you consider last night's results what is the big headline
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in your mind? >> i think the big headline is ted cruz did dramatically better than jeb bush, looking at how much they spend. jeb bush spent will hundred dollars for every vote, ted cruz and his allies spend $18 a vote. ted cruz narrowly beat jeb bush by one percentage point but the fact he was able to do it in a way that is cost-effective send a powerful message to his donors that he is a good value and sends a message to jeb's donors that they have to put in a ton of money if they want to make him even remotely more competitive. that is green news for ted cruz in south carolina. jon: the sound bites we displayed from jeb bush he sounds pretty happy with his numbers. >> yes but if you look at the actual numbers themselves, i doubt his donors and supporters will have the same level of optimism. as recently as november jeb bush was telling hampshire that he expected to win in this state. that victory didn't even
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remotely materialized. it is plausible he can pick up some momentum going into south carolina but new hampshire, where he was dominant, that isn't what we saw. jon: how does this reset the race? do the establishment candidate grind it out and try to come up with one among them who unchallenged donald trump pour ted cruz? >> i don't buy that this resets the race. a lot of the dynamic will be the same they were yesterday. we have jeb bush, chris christie and marco rubio going after each other, chris christie might drop out, john kasich might pick up momentum but there is still not one clear dominant moderate figure indeed and it carries one moderate figure, that moderate republicans can get behind, he's going to be struggling into south carolina because these guys are ripping each other end making it really difficult for donors and the voters to pick one person and in the meantime
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ted cruz and donald trump are being very effective at getting supporters to coalesce behind them. for whoever the moderate republican candidate is it might end the been too little too late and the dominance of conservative voters in the south, in texas, virginia, states voting in the first half of march isn't going to do the many big favors. jon: the democratic race, you saw lots of excitement that bernie sanders rally yesterday, comparing that with hillary clinton, you went on to write this in the daily beast, the contrast highlights how much damage bernie sanders is doing to hillary clinton's campaign even though he is a long shot to snag the nomination his candidacy is persuading young people that clinton is in the pocket of big banks and core corporations and persuading clinton's own supporters that they are on the sadder side of this contest. you are saying even if bernie
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cannot win, he hurt clinton's prospects. >> oh yes without a doubt. i was surprised how many bernie supporters i spoke with to told me they absolutely would not support hillary in the general election and i asked a number of people including young women why they wouldn't be able to support hillary and they cited the arguments bernie sanders makes which is too close to major corporations, too close to big banks, won't be tough on campaign finance reform. there is a wide swath of the american electorate that will ignore whatever arguments republicans may, progressive, liberal democrats, they don't care what the republican nominee has to say, so when bernie sanders says something they take it as dogma. sanders spends the next few months arguing hillary clinton isn't trustworthy, too close to goldman sacks, progressives just shouldn't count on her, that is going to damage her and what it really means is going into the general election hillary clinton has to spend finite resources and time getting her base to
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trust her if she is the nominee. to spend time winning those guys back instead of reaching out to swing voters that are essentials to the general election. jon: if you are correct and many of those bernie sanders voters say they would never vote for hillary clinton if she wins the nomination where did those votes go? did they just stay home? they won't vote for donald trump. >> definitely not. i talked to one person, a number of folks might end up staying home. i talked to one young college student who told me he actually was having trouble deciding between donald trump and bernie sanders and cited the campaign finance reform issue, trump made it a central part of his pitch, doesn't belong to anyone, bernie sanders made the same pitch so there's at least one vote where sanders is the democrat nominee might be good for trump. jon: could be more similarities than i first envisioned, thank you. jenna: military moves in
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afghanistan as soldiers head for hellman province, sparking the fiercest fighting in the country since combat operations began 15 years ago. jennifer griffin is live in the pentagon with more. >> reporter: for the first time since combat operations were declared over in afghanistan alone over a year ago the pentagon is sending a battalion of 500 soldiers to hall an advance by the taliban in the volatile helmand province, the siriusxm about-face for the obama administration that pull all troops out, handing over u.s. bases at an end of 2014, 14 months later the taliban have made a come back, we are told the army's two, 87 infantry battalion will be the unit going there. last month an american special two others wounded while the rising afghan troops trying to push the taliban out of helmand province, another sign u.s. forces are engaged in combat in afghanistan.
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last week the outgoing u.s. commander told lawmakers that a quarter of afghanistan is at risk of falling to the taliban, one reason he said may be a decrease in the number of u.s. air strike last ar. >> lack of u.s. air power in the taliban accounts for some of their gains in the country. >> the taliban as we downsize, they understand we passed -- they couldn't gather in other formations, we have seen they have taken advantage of the reduction of the number of coalition aircraft. >> airstrikes in 2015 with their two thirds from the year before, there were 9,800 u.s. troops in afghanistan, that number is supposed to fall to 5500 by the end this year. general john campbell would not say how many troops he think should say. >> the enemy may be in their mind, to wait us out.
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>> any bases in helmand province, the u.s. soldiers would be a former u.s. base making this deployment more challenging. >> a police officer charged with killing an unarmed man in new york city. the shooting was a mistake, an accident but how will the jury see it? gop candidates turn their attention to south carolina, holding events all across the state ten days before the next primary. how the palmetto state impact those volatile breaks. we want to hear from you. is hillary clinton's campaign in serious trouble? live chat up and running, go to now and get your thoughts into the conversation. now and get your thoughts into the conversation.
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what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. jon: some crime stories, jury deliberations enter second day
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in the newark city police officer at trial to shot and killed an unarmed man. the stairwell of public housing, officer peter lange said he and intentionally fired his gun after a noise startled him. he is charged with manslaughter and misconduct. the man convicted of killing senator robert kennedy heads to his fifteenth parole hearing today. he is serving a life sentence for fatally shooting senator kennedy in a crowded hotel kitchen in 1968. a crime the 71-year-old says he doesn't remember committing. a texas judge rules and its use cop killer must spend 120 days in a mental hospital but won't go there immediately. doctors testify shannon miles, will be put on a waiting list for a spot at a hospital that might not open until may. was accused of shooting officer darren milkforce 15 times last
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august as the officer pumped gas. >> the focus shifts to south carolina for the republican candidates. >> tonight we head to south carolina and we will move through south carolina all across this country. >> now on to south carolina, on to nevada, on to supertuesday. >> we are going now to south carolina, we are going to win in south carolina. >> in south carolina we are on the way. jenna: most of them are actually there. the gop primary in south carolina is very 20th, the candidates are primed for 40 events between now and then. thou carolina will provide much-needed clarity in the race for the white house. a political reporter for the state newspaper writes this, quote, south carolina is where the 2016 presidential races are expected to coming to better focus after a jumble starting i went and new hampshire and andy
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shane joins me for what is expected. why do you think south carolina will be this moment of clarity for the gop? >> what i think is going to happen here is donald trump is leading in the polls and looks like he will be the favorite in the primary here. some clarity may coming, whether or not ted cruz can solidify himself as the second choice and essentially what we are going to see is coalescing behind one of the establishment candidates. is that going to be marco rubio or is the fallout from the debate going to continue, could it be jeb bush or john kasich? jenna: we know jeb bush will try different campaigning, we expect his brother to join him, former president, do you think there's a chance it could be jeb bush, what is your hunch right now? >> i think all bets are off. it will depend what happens saturday in greenville led the knicks the day. can marco rubio come back from what happened in new hampshire?
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doesn't look like chris christie will be on stage. will that mean jeb bush and john kasich and ted cruz go after him again? sort of chris christie style for lack of anything else. right now this is jeb bush's place to -- this is his stake to make a stand, make a point that he can last through march. jenna: trey gowdy is a marco rubio supporter, he has done reaction to marco rubio's debate performance and the impact chris christie attacking marco rubio who he says will win and has an opportunity to win the state of south carolina. let's play some of that. >> marco rubio can win in november. he is more likely to win than 80 of our other candidates. what chris christie did is hurt marco rubio but he didn't help himself and in the process helps to have a democrat nominee is.
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jenna: what is your take on that? >> certainly if the aim of chris christie was to show marco rubio may not have the most experience he succeeded at that. will it toughen marco rubio for the debate and the challenges ahead? that will be the big question for marco rubio? he does have a good basis of support in south carolina, he would be a popular figure because he is that tea party candidate, tea party senator who crosses between those fiscal and social conservative lines, that we have in the state. jenna: marco rubio has basic support. i want to caution viewers that the policy average for pulling in south carolina and what we had is not superreason or new hampshire so we will pull that on screen, you can see donald trump according to the average is far ahead at 36%, ted cruz falling 20%, marco rubio, jeb
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bush and carson rounding up the top five. is seems to have the best ground game, and does that matter in south carolina the same way it matters in new hampshire or iowa or is there a different strategy that could work and impact the voters in south carolina? >> safe to say a lot of bets are off in this election. donald trump doesn't have much of a ground game, he's coming to these arenas drawing crowds of 5, 6, 7, 10,000 supporterss for these folks who want to see his speeches but at the same time as ted cruz showed in iowa a good ground game might be effective and we are similar in iowa, republican voters, six out of ten and identify as evangelical, ted cruz seems to be good at identifying those folks not just in the area of the northwest corner of the state where they are concentrated but everywhere. i think he will have a good run at donald trump with that.
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marco rubio has a good ground game, governor bush has been here long time. she has a lot of folks on the ground as well as ben carson. jenna: it is wide open for republicans. it could -- a final question about 30 seconds, do you think south carolina is the fire wall for hillary clinton or should that change by the results of new hampshire and what we have seen? >> she is enjoying a 30 point lead in south carolina, senator sanders will feed into that a little bit but she has been working hard for the african-american vote here, will make up the majority of democratic voters and is going to be a tough road for senator sanders but he is working hard. jenna: i hope we talk will for the 20th. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. jon: lawmakers are hatching plans to get iran more sanctions even after the nuclear deal went into effect. we will talk about those plans
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>> donald trum
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jon: the congress is coming down on iran after the nuclear deal went into effect. lawmakers will review iranian action with the agreement thus far. leaders of the intelligent community testify about a global security threats including warnings about iraq. the deputy assistant secretary of defense under president ronald reagan and fox news national security analyst. the congressional review amounts to closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out. >> absolutely right. the president will do what he is going to do with iran, looking the other way, the iranians are not keeping to the letter of the
8:26 am
agreement or the spirit of the agreement that congress should do whatever it can understanding it probably won't be successful. the president is going to that iran do what iran is going to do and they're not abiding by it he will look the other way. jon: one of the things iran has and is test ballistic missiles apparently in the wake -- in the days after the agreement was signed. >> absolutely right. the nuclear deal with iran we signed didn't deal with missiles and missile testing, it dealt with nukes but there are other arrangements the iranians won't do those. i look at the iran nuclear deal and think it as two glaring loopholes in it. one, it did not address what you just said, missile technology. the second is the have prevented iran and said you cannot deal with nuclear weapons, the loophole is there is nothing about you can't buy them, they are going to buy them from the north koreans and iran has an extra $100 billion they can
8:27 am
throw around in order to buy those weapons from the north koreans. jon: satellite launch the north koreans pilaf many believe was an iranian missile, they said test this. >> the iranians and north koreans, they have been working hand in hand, iranian engineers had a missile test, they had nuclear tests so you can safely say they will work together. the reason the north korean missile test was so important, they launched a satellite. they didn't launch a weapon. it is the same technology so the way i think of it is if you can lift up the two pound barbell and lived at the ten can of peaches you have the same ability in the north koreans have shown by setting off satellites that they can put a satellite on top of that missile, they can put a nuclear weapon. jon: what is the lesson for the north?
8:28 am
we have relaxed sanctions against iran, we still have sanctions against north korea did they defy them at every turn and don't seem to make much of a change in their behavior. the president is practicing this policy of strategic changes with the north. >> running out of time. it is not paying off or helping in the timeframe we need to have it help him. i think donald trump is right when he says go with the chinese. we have leverage against the chinese and not using that leverage, the chinese have an enormous amount of leverage over north korea. they have 85% of north korean food, fuel oil, transportation, all comes from the chinese so we should pressure the chinese who in turn pressuring the north koreans. jon: so far the pressure we applied to the chinese they just wink at. >> they brushoff like we would sweep lint off of our shared. we have a lot of leverage but we are not using it and when we
8:29 am
find north koreans or chinese in this case looking the other way ignoring s, up behind our backs doing what they want we don't call from on it. jon: thank you. jenna: some airline passengers that an unplanned layover because of an unruly customer. it caused the flight to be diverted plus a historic decision, the highest court in the land blocking president obama's efforts to limit emissions from coal-fired power plants. judge andrew napolitano talk about why this decision is so rare and what it means for the president's plan. back next. ot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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jenna: new fallout after the supreme court blocked a key part of the president's plan to address climate change, the obama administration vowing to push ahead with efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. even while the court is slowing down or perhaps stopping the process altogether the supreme court granting a request for 2 dozen states in utilities in coal companies after is a claim the regulations added to a, quote, unprecedented power grab. joining us judge andrew napolitano, a judicial analysts, the white house has comments over the last few minutes on this, the president is in flight today. you say when we take a big step back about this story, this is a historic decision by the supreme
8:34 am
court that is rarely if ever made. tell us why it is so significant. judge napolitano: the epa announced new rules for the amount of carbon coal-fired plants can emit into the air. when the epa issues they will after 30 days it takes effect and you start following it if you are one of the regulated industries. if you challenge the rule, the rule is enforced even while you are challenging it so it stays in effect during the litigation challenging it so after the epa issued this rule, after a number of coal-fired plants and 29 states challenged it, at the court decided the rule would stay in effect. these challengers then appealed that decision to the supreme court of the united states and yesterday did something it has never done in history. it reached down to a lower court and said you, lower court will prevent the epa from enforcing its own rules while they are
8:35 am
being challenged. that has never happened before. >> why do you think it did in this case? judge napolitano: last time the supreme court overturned a decision of the epa, it took $10 million in costs that were regulated to comply with a rule the supreme court, rather in making these power plants waste all these billions, when regulated by the epa you pay the 88 for its cost of regulating you rather than making these people do this for a rules that will probably be thrown out anyway. the court has decided to bar the enforcement of the rule during dependency of litigation. something it never did before. the epa is supposed to be filled with experts and scientists to know what they're doing and there's a presumption of what was lawful. the supreme court effectively reversed the resumption. ashley: they don't have to give an explanation why they're doing
8:36 am
this, this is precisely we are doing and making it public. as a heart of this ruling by the epa, the initial ruling president bush threw as part of his legacy, what apparently is the issue between the federal government and state government that could be causing a problem down the road and that is why we are seeing action taken by the court? judge napolitano: there are two issues. one is when the congress wrote the clean air act, to impose regulations in coal-fired plants, so onerous the plants would shut down and go out of business. when the epa requires states to be the enforcing entity for the epa rules not taking away discretion from the state, but forcing states to do something that they as sovereign independent governments wouldn't choose to do on their own, two
8:37 am
issues the supreme court is interested in. jenna: based on if you are the judge this is why we like you. we talk about these issues. is the epa crossing the line? is there something wrong with the regulations that have been put into effect beyond the environmental question. the power between the federal government, that epa and state government? judge napolitano: last year in 2015 in a similar set but a different statute the supreme court slapped down the epa, if the supreme court rules consistently on this case as it did a few months ago i think the epa will lose. it has gone well beyond where congress intended to go. it intended it to keep the air clean but not at the price of closing these places down. jenna: we are talking jobs, moving entire industries to different sources of power and
8:38 am
causing an upheaval perhaps in some local economies. not perhaps that that is what it would do and there is debate whether that is right or wrong which is not what we are debating today but it is a reason to pay attention to what is happening next. jenna: wall street gets a boost today, dow jones setting them morning about 90 points, flat right now. looking at the big board, investors are responding to testimony fed chair janet yellen as well as rising oil prices, lauren simonetti joins us from the fox business network studio. >> that chair janet yellen talking about the health of the economy and what that means for the future of interest rates. on capitol hill, taking a cautious stance saying they are watching what they call downside risk to the economy such as the china slowdown. a shaky growth at home but not backed away from future rate hikes.
8:39 am
they haven't taken that off the table just yet. the second thing investors are responding to ms. higher oil prices rising for the first time in five days after the energy information administration reported a surprise drawdown in supplies last week pushing oil prices and stocks have been higher much of the morning. aside from any gains you might be seeing the stock market clobbered this year and if you look at the broader market is down 9.5%. if you put that in dollar terms that is $9,000 shaved off the average 401(k) just like that because the stock market is down. jon: does not sound good, lauren simonetti, lauren simonetti. thank you. jenna: a cross-country flight lands halfwit restrict to kick a passenger of. what he was doing when the captain decided it was best to get this guy off his plane. donald trump rolled over the competition in new hampshire.
8:40 am
will his momentum last? that is the question, we will ask him coming up.
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jenna: a flight was forced to they have where across the country dr. oz of a drunken abusive passenger. here is video of the suspect being taken off the plane. it is heading from boston to san diego when the man became so destructive according to the company he was threatening crewmembers and fellow passengers. when passengers says he was upset the crew wouldn't let him drink alcohol. he brought on board. either way he was off the plane and the plane moved on. jon: fox, america's election headquarters, with donald trump getting his swagger back after a surprising loss to ted cruz in iowa, the republican front runner maintain high poll numbers in new hampshire and cemented that status after voters deliberately stayed for him. >> we are going to start winning
8:44 am
again and we are going to win so much you are going to be so happy, we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. jon: i am joined by richard lowry of "national review" and doug shoen, former adviser to president bill clinton, both of them fox news contributor is and i am going to start with you because your publication put out the case against from, how those people are writing against from, did not have any effect. >> the fact remains he is not a conservative and if he hadn't, if ted cruz hadn't beaten in iowa he would be a runaway train right now. and withered ted cruz plant is momentum in south carolina which is entrenched warfare through a weekend half but -- jon: voters in new hampshire like what donald trump tells us. >> donald trump been the most recent south carolina polls, we have to figure with ted cruz putting 12% and donald trump putting 25% in new hampshire,
8:45 am
going to south carolina, the state where he has a pretty good organization. i am pretty optimistic on how donald will do in the palmetto state. >> when you look at the voting groups and pollsters survey after they leave the ballot box donald trump won all of them. >> the exit polls on election night are fasc -- strengths and weaknesses among the group, they are completely monochromatic and boring last night, donald trump won everything, the electorate now matter where he slice it so no getting around the fact this is a crushing victory. he tapped into something very important but new hampshire also is much friendlier territory to the trumpet style candidacies and ilo or south carolina. it is much more moderate state and less religious state. more favorable to ted cruz and
8:46 am
see how the battle it out. >> look at the guy who was donald trump's most consistent will, jeb bush spent a ton of money, donald trump hardly spend anything. >> that is right. donald trump reluctantly acknowledges has tapped into one nerve. voters are not looking for a traditional conservative, anti systemic candidate who speaks to their concerns about issues like immigration and leadership and corruption and he will do very well in south carolina and surprise a lot of people. >> one thing we learned is the power of money is exaggerated in politics. on the positive side of the ledger, bush spent all this money and gets 11% in new hampshire and on the negative side of the ledger, he and his super pac spent all this money trying to destroy marco rubio, unsuccessfully except when marco
8:47 am
rubio himself stumbles in the debate. candidate performance and message are much more important than sheer dollars. >> let me turn to the democratic pollster here. barack obama, voters are the same reactor 7 years of obama administration and you have hillary clinton saying she wants to carry the barack obama torch and bernie sanders would go left of that what does that say about democratic process? >> 23% of democrats call themselves socialists, not democrats, not capitalists. the democratic electorate is very a angry and they want redistribution to rein in the danes and to address income inequality and there's a clear sense from exit polls that bernie sanders is that candidates particularly for millennials and hillary, someone who had been around a long while notwithstanding her efforts to link herself to barack obama, not as authentic and compelling as bernie sanders.
8:48 am
>> same story on the republicans side. and every single group and hillary clinton you can understand her losing to a once in a generation political talent. and to struggle so badly against the 74-year-old socialist who has what hillary never will, a passionate sincerity. >> authenticity too and that is one of the things sanders voters like about him. it sticks to the same script and says has been for a couple decades. >> almost as though hillary clinton isn't very good at this. >> the electorate is looking for something different, a left oriented candidate like bernie sanders, both anti systemic, both anti-washington, promoting fundamental change. >> trump has broken the mold in terms of campaigning. most of his community is through social media.
8:49 am
he sends a tweet ended gets covered. as he famously said about twitter it is more powerful than the new york times and you don't have to lose money by running your twitter account the you lose money on the new york times but again we will see, ted cruz gave him a pass and do hampshire, except for the three weeks period right before the iowa caucuses there has been no sustained assault on trump as you would see in the most republican front runner is. he wasn't held in iowa. everyone said it will help him so much that people are criticizing him. >> he didn't show. it was a profound mistake. >> the downside of being an unorthodox candidate, it brands you as being different from politics as usual but also makes you prone to mistakes indeed you can make one in iowa he can make one subsequently. >> if he is the republican nominee will you support him? >> i will not support hillary clinton or bernie sanders.
8:50 am
jon: you might apologize and support donald trump. >> i will never apologize for saying trump is not conservative. in all this pushback 1 convinced the you are wrong, trump is a great courageous down the line conservative republican, we want to conserve -- >> these anti systemic. hi nick interesting discussion. thank you both. jenna: the murder of a relook.
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jon: let's check out what is the head on "outnumbered". what do you have? >> hillary clinton expected to lose new hampshire to bernie sanders but to lose nearly every single voting bloc? that is a revealing look at the exit polls where the honest and trustworthy numbers are stunning. >> a shocking leap vicious portrayal of donald trump and his supporters has one mainstream media outlet gone too far? >> the nation at intel director detailing what he calls a litany of doom with isis and iran topping the list. how does our next president deal with all of this? >> don't miss a minute, all that with our one lucky guy, and "outnumbered" coming. jenna: developments in the global war on the 28 which is spread through mosquitos, they are testing genetically modified mesquita is at the university of georgia working on not vaccine against this virus, could be
8:55 am
ready in as little as two years. >> reporter: the british biotech firm of sea-tac is awaiting fda approval to conduct field trials in the florida keys of a genetically modified version of the mosquito that spreads the laquan mcdonald virus. when this modified mosquito is released into the wild it meets with other misdeed is to produce offspring that data before they reach adulthood. outside the u.s. field tests on the miss the populations by 90% over a six months period. the company says the process is safer and more efficient than spraying chemicals. >> trying to exercise -- all insect might, ours is much more of a precision instrument, trying to combat the one species that is spreading at the moment. >> reporter: another drawback to chemical insecticides is prescient misses a lot of places
8:56 am
business feel like to breed like the inside of people's homes because the mosquito that carries the laquan mcdonald virus prefers to bite humans over other animals. >> not like these mosquito's are just in the swamp, rice fields and rural areas. these mosquitos thrive around people. >> reporter: for a long-term solution dozen groups are trying to develop the vaccine against the laquan mcdonald virus that would be available in a single shot, they expect development of this vaccine to take from 5 to 7 years but said in an emergency they could fast track production to as little as two years. >> we will be back with more "happening now".
8:57 am
. . . .
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8:59 am
>> fascinating results out of new hampshire. resets the race really for both parties.
9:00 am
>> exciting to see. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis. fox business's melissa francis. and fox news contributor julie roginsky is back. also today's #oneluckyguy, republican strategist, veteran of numerous campaigns, tony sayegh. welcome back, tony. you're outnumbered. >> great to be here. andrea: fresh off the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> granite state, always wonderful to talk to voters. this is a state that prides itself on engaging with every condition kate in a real way -- candidate. harris: you're engaging. >> thank you. you


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