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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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think? >> what do you mean in. >> the pig is a big one. >> yes, 600 sounds. >> all right. we'll see you tomorrow if we still have jobs with our analysis of the election. stay tuned. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in manchester, new hampshire. we have entered the final hour of voting for most precincts in the first in the nation primary. about 30 precincts are open about 8:30 eastern time. even though we don't have vote totals. we have a get idea of what is going on with the electorate. my colleague martha is here with analysis of the fox news exit poll. good evening. >> good evening to you. we are looking at what is driving the vote in new hampshire. we have the first findings from the fox news exit poll. it is very interesting. the they are notoriously late
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deciders so we thought we would look at them first. remember, you had a debate which may have factored in here. so about 4-10 gop primary voters picked their candidate in the last few days. 4-10. here's how they break down. 21% of them going for john kasich. trump got 21% as well. bush and rubio got 13 apiece on the late deciders. as everyone was scrambling to get in. support shows the top traits that new hampshire voters want in a candidate is someone who shares their values. and of course, everyone's values are different. 23%, the evangelical vote in iowa going to ted cruz at 23%. kasich has reached out very strongly to the moderate voter in new hampshire. 18. bush and rubio get 16 and 15 of those who say the candidates shares their values. let's look at the independent
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state of happen hal. lots of independents. they can walk in and vote democratic or republican. we can tell you this is how they're breaking overall. but take a look. trump at 29% in this group among the independent vote which everyone has been fighting over to get in their corner. case dlix at 18. bush at 14. and cruz at 13 there. no indication of the overall swing. that's the breakdown of those who voted republican. democrat primary voters have mixed feelings on what the next president should do. the largest number want to continual president barack obama's policies. yet almost as many would prefer more liberal policies. so 41% said they would like them to be the same and 41. 40% want them to be more liberal
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and 14% want less liberal. while these are looking for a more liberal president, they are gravitating toward bernie sanders solve what he kind of voters do they want? here's that honest and trust worthy americ yy american that have talked about. 32%. thats the most important thing. that could bode well. right experience, 27%. hillary clinton has been hitting that home. a candidate who cares about me. 27% say that's the most important thing. and 13% say more important than anything, someone who can win the democratic ticket. most kasich voters made up their minds in the last week while most trump support hers decided and were locked in earlier than that. so people are still voting out there and we're just starting to go into these numbers.
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fascinating stuff. >> this is the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary and rarely has this relatively tiny state had a bigger, more outsized influence on two hotly contested national presidential races. we have fox team coverage. ed henry is live in nashua. we began with the chief political corn carl cameron who is at trump headquarters. >> up it. the nation's first official primary is like nothing in recent memory. it looks as though there will be an emergencef governors, based upon the lift. bum donald trump may have the edge. >> donald trump said he would, quote, act differently as president. the real estate developer cast himself as the race's expert on
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international affairs. >> i think i know more about foreign policy than anyone running. we have some people running that i think are terrible. i won't even mention names. that's my biggest fearful not the enemy. it's from within. >> marco rubio raced across new hampshire. hoping to erase the memory. he is talking about collecting delegates. >> we're very excited, we're very proud of our campaign. we'll leave here with more delegates than we came in. we'll keep building. >> have you already voted? >> not yet. >> jeb bush got a noticeable bounce after saturday's debate. >> this may be a better candidate. had it not gone through, walked on the hot new hampshire coals, i don't think i would be as good as i believe i am now. >> the two colonel governors may face the end of the road. >> this morning my wife said,
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you won there. we drank champagne. >> that's a reference to his three votes to two victory last night a midnight. >> nobody, not me, not jeb bush, not kasich, no one knows what will happen. >> ted cruz has downplayed expectations and is already gearing up in south carolina. >> that's the strength of our campaign. we don't know what the results will be. >> both carly fiorina and ben carson say regardless of the outcome, they'll continue on the trail. >> i will continue as long as tit continues. >> new hampshire is known for bare knuckle campaigns but
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particularly clean primary night election returns. while there's been an awful lot of sharp elbows thrown, this may be the time of campaign where the candidates who put forth a positive message could be rewarded tonight. >> usually in south carolina. carl, thank you. this could be a night hillary wants to forget as quickly as possible. with kerngs of her loss of a 30-possibly loss. it is hardly a sure thing any longer with an fbi investigation lurking in the back ground. the chief white house correspondent ed hen 50 live tonight. good evening. >> good evening. people forget that bill clinton was saying the comeback kid after finishing second here. not first. now tonight, hillary clinton supporters are hoping not necessarily for a win but a stronger than expected second
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place. racing between polling stations in new hampshire today, hillary clinton issued a proclamation. it wasn't quite as big as her husband said. >> we'll keep working in the the last vote is cast and count. >> volunteers from her office, proud cold streets, knocking on doors until final hours. hoping to pull off a comeback. in private, clinton allies admitted, they would be happy with the loss of only a few points. to sanders who was mobl at a polling station. >> we're going to have just fine. >> just as sanders was able to spin a second place finish in iowa as at least a moral victory, the clinton camp is playing the expectations game by
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pointing to sanders. even though they noted the vermont media market only 11% of the state. shawn spicer adding, hillary clinton led bernie sanders by roughly 40 points. if sanders' proximity to the state really was a factor, this race would have always been tight. >> it is summed up by this. it is going viral on social media because he were wearing settle for hillary t-shirts. in contrast, sanders' rally, he acted like a front-runner staying positive. >> we want this country moving forward in a different direction. thank you all very much. >> while they're slamming sanders. >> that problem is that doesn't get you anywhere unless you have an answer. >> innuendo, artful smears.
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and i said enough is enough. if you have something to say to my face, say it. >> now on to nevada and then south carolina where the clinton camp believes they have a big advantage with african-american voters. sanders is trying to cut into that. one of his aides just confirmed, he will be having breakfast with al sharpton. >> hillary clinton still has this e-mail controversy swirling around her. >> first of all, the first judge ordered a further delay. they want to push it back to february. they had an error and suddenly found thousands of more pages. now judge is saying get it out there. then yesterday it was revealed that the fbi sent a letter to the state department saying they can't turn over some documents because would it interfere with the law enforcement matter. that is different from what hillary clinton said in that debate a few years ago where she suggested, the fbi was just
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doing a security review. >> thank you. if sanders wins and wins big in new hampshire, does he have a chance against hillary clinton as the race moves south? let me know at that baier sr. one of the major issues here in new hampshire and all across the nation, national security. today congress received a chilling reality check about the threats facing this country inside this country. here's chief intelligence correspondent. >> reporter: the annual worldwide tlept hearings offered a sobering assessment. >> in my 55 years, i cannot recall a more diverse ray of challenges and crises that we confront as we do today. >> he told the senate, that north korea restarted the reactionor as well as and panelling the uranium capacity. and last week fired a rocket.
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>> firing a long range missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the united states. >> with the terrorist attack in san bernardino a month later, lawmakers wrld isis leadership is laying a ground work to strike with its own operatives inside the u.s. >> isn't it already proven that mr. baghdadi is senting over terrorists? >> witnesses fetched isis is now the pre eminent global terrorist threat. with a presence in eight countries including a new base in north africa. >> we see it as the primary threat. >> they remain leads and poised to make gains. the newly signed. they have created openings for iran. in the long term, i fully expect they'll invest some of the money into froofg rest of their military capabilities. >> with russia's aggressive
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posture in the ukraine, and intervention in syria, he issued a warning. >> we could be into a cold war time spiral. >> the cheryl of the senate relations committee. they're on the verge of taking action in libya. and bob korver didn't swla the white house is planning or give a time frame. >> thank you. there was a fiery exchange today between senate intelligence committee democratic senator ronald widen is that the cia chief. over the agency's alleged spying on panel staffers. it was exposed to almost two years ago as the committee was looking into post 9/11 interrogation methods. clearly the wounds are still fresh. >> would you agree that the cia's 2014 search of senate files was improper? >> this is the annual let the assess many. is it not? >> yes. i apologize to the chairman and the vice chairman about the,
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inappropriate access that cia officers made to five e-mails of senate staffers. >> just last month, widen and two colleagues asked president obama to force brennan to apologize. president obama is asking for $19 well to upgrade cyber security across government agencies. his newly released budget is forcing more to fight isis. many stay plan is dead on arrival and congress will follow it. stocks were down slightly today. the dow lost 13. the s&p was off 1. the nasdaq fell 15. when we come back, we'll check in. and we're getting reports from local affiliates about turnout. two-mile long car lines still waiting to vote in merrimac.
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>> this is the process. we're here at a polling place. you check in with pauline if you're registered. if you're not, you register over here. it takes a few minutes and there are people registering to vote today. if you are registered, you have your i.d. you come into this room and you go through voter check-in. this is line that has been a steady line all day for the most part. you check in with your name here. and if you're undeclared, you choose a party right now. republican or democrat. you take different ballots. and you go into the voting booth. you make your selection. then you take your ballot and you that it it in right here. for the most people, they go back to undeclared. and that's the biggest block of voters in new hampshire. they sign here and they're undeclared once again. we'll be back after this.
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welcome back. let's check in with our
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reporters in the field. john roberts is at robb rubio headquarters. >> the rubio campaign hoping for a big night tonight despite ce attacks saying that everything has been carefully crafted and rehearsed. he occupies a unique lane able to appeal to both staunch conservatives and establishment republicans, not to mention bringing a lot of young people into his campaign events. and they are hoping the use strong results from tonight to show that the party should coalesce around him. he also rejects that the list of his accomplishmentes is woefully thin. >> if you're being attacked in a campaign, that means you're doing something right. the great thing about new hampshire. the voters are serious people. they understand the issues very well and they'll vote on who is the best qualified and best
3:21 pm
prepared to win. that's why i am so confident we'll finish strong. >> the big concern for the rubio concern is how well bush does. if he passes him, they suspect bush will go into south carolina with a huge war chest to pound rubio incessantly. now for a look at what's going on at kasich headquarters. >> reporter: thank you very much. perhaps more than any other gop candidate, john kasich has put the better part of his political fortune and future into the granite state. he held his last town hall last night. it was his 106th. no other candidates can claim that record. jeb bush's campaign claims to have personally contacted more voters than any other but kasich sets the record for town halls. in this political season where
3:22 pm
anger and ann establishment sentiment has really caught fire, he has largely distinguished himself from saying mostly positive. for touting his record, balancing budgets as both chairman of de la hoya and governor of ohio. and bridging political differences. people want to know that you care about them. they want a sense punlds. >> one thing that kasich does not talk a lot about is his support for common core educational standards. deeply unpopular in the gop party at large. he defends that by pointing out that local schools retain their standards and all it does is raise up standards. we hear from produce been embedded throughout the duration.
3:23 pm
his positive message seems to be resonating. back to you. >> we'll find out. thank you. when we come back here to manchester, the unique challenges facing the candidates in new hampshire. we're taking a live look soon at a polling station in nashua. in merrimac, i mentioned, extenting the cut-off at 7:00 p.m. that may be happening in other places. carly fiorina knows the challenges the candidates face. i asked her about it this afternoon while she was traveling this afternoon trying to persuade undecided voters. >> the republican yits said i wouldn't be here and here we are. and there will be a couple people who don't make it out of new hampshire and i will. >> you told never other day that you're going all way to cleveland. >> i am. >> how do you build that momentum? >> we have been building
3:24 pm
momentum. what people don't know is that we have ground games already in 12 states. leadership team in five states. i'm already on the ballot in 33 states. we'll be on the ballot in all 50 states and we'll come out with the wind at our back and keep going. >> what was the fallout from not being in the debate? >> we'll see. obviously being denied a podium on the stage because a bunch of execs in new york and washington three days before, matters. voters are furious about it. we'll see what the impact is. clearly it wasn't good. >> if new hampshire gives the number one spot to donald trump, what does that say in. >> it means we've had one primary. that's what it says. honestly, people have wanted this thing over for the last seven months. and actual yirgs it is just getting started now.
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a major setback tonight. high, shannon. >> this is just coming out from the u.s. supreme court. a number of states are banning together along with utilities and other groups to fight against an epa rule them would skyrocket the cost of electricity and hurt domestic coal production. what they asked the court for, first going to the chief justice. them we want to you block this plan until we can deal with the journal lying case issues. until we can have a look at the issues. a 5-4 vote. a 5-4 vote. these people challenging the new epa rules are winning at least temporarily. now the journal lying case has to be decided. a big win for the opponents of
3:30 pm
the epa rules. >> this is a request by 27 states and business groups and other groups. and this is a big blow for the obama administration. >> yeah. these rules were set to move forward. the opponents of them had not done well. they had some setbacks. it would kick into production. that would change greatly what they had to do with power plants, how they had to change them. some argued, shut them down. how it would have worked. so they said it will kill our industry. the obama administration argued that is overblowing it. overstating the case. not going to kill domestic energy production. coal, electricity, those things. but opponents said, yes, it will. a split vote. that 5-4 marge yinl said for now the rules are on hold. the case is not over. >> thank you. that's breaking news and we'll follow up tomorrow. the differences between new
3:31 pm
hampshire and iowa. one is of course a primary. the other is a caucus. but that's just the objection stuff. senior political that reporter with a closer look. >> manchester headquarters buzzing after a strong showing. and after skipping iowa for new hampshire, there is pressure to deliver here. >> making the knock on the door. having volunteers pick up the phone and leave the voicemails and make the calls. that's what gets people to pay attention. >> can we still count on you? >> a jeb bush senior adviser said it is still critical. even if there is a digital component. >> whether it is an app on your imphone or ipad. the important thing is having the governor make a connection with a voter. either at a town hall or shaking hands in a diner. >> iowa requires people to pick
3:32 pm
a party. while new hampshire does not. >> new hampshire is very different. because primaries loupe independent voters to go and vote and caucuses are not. >> a senior aide to bernie sanders says it atters the campaign's focus. >> a lot of voters who will vote. a little more emphasis on persuasion. a great deal of volatility. you have to keep that push on right up to election day. >> despite trailing in reason polls, a clinton team leader expressed some optimism. >> it is ball the ground game and the organization. i'm really confident of my organization. >> there are also expectations for marco rubio following a solid third place finish in iowa. the. volunteers reaching out to voters is pretty basic. >> the actual calls are being done by young people on their iphones. >> that live free or die free
3:33 pm
can make campaign staffers a little crazy. not sure where the massive number of independent voters will make an impact. >> live in hookset. what will happen tonight? what will the consequences be? we'll get predictions from our expanded panel. it is almost closing time at most of the polling places. earlier i caught up with senator ted cruz and we talked about his expectations. >> i am encouraged. it will depend on turnout. >> we've seen a lot of conservatives come together. there are a lot of strong candidates. this is kind of the killing fields for the moderates in the field. >> the polling has shown donald trump with the big, big lead.
3:34 pm
then second through sixth place has been almost a statistical tie. it will depend on turnout. if conservatives show up, if libertarians show up, if reagan democrats show up. >> john kasich has played it, there needs to be more deals in washingtonful are there too many deals in washington or be enough deals? how would you answer that? >> i think that's one of the sharpest divides. as i travel country, i have not met a single republican who says you know the problem, they don't cover that enough. republican leadership stands for knock and rolls over the barack obama and nancy pelosi and harry reid. >> but can you get things done? >> of course you can if we stand for principle. ronald reagan came in and changed washington. one of the real differences. >> see you in south carolina. >> thank you.
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in most races, delegates are a foregone conclusion. but in this race it will matter. >> i've had an absolute ball and of course i'll be back for the fall campaign. >> i want to win even fits by one vote. i would like to do better than that but i want to win. >> it is far from over. we have work to do. this is going to be incredibly close, everybody. >> it's amazing. these people dome make their mind up until the very he said. it is a uniquely new hampshire experience. >> it is uniquely new hampshire. late deciders. and late deciders are having a big impact tonight from everything we're seeing so far. i wabl to show you this ballot.
3:40 pm
their 30 names here. you see a sample ballot there. as far as who people are talking with, donald trump and john kasich are leading the way. on the democratic side, it is bernie sanders. you see the breakdown on the conversation that they're having. the economy, driving the issues. let's bring in our expanded panel. a political reporter for the "boston globe." the senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report. i want to be careful about characterizing some of it because voting is still going on. >> certainly on the issues, donald trump is dominating. across the board on the issues. immigration, people who said that was their most important issue. donald trump took 44%. economy and jobs. terrorism, 26%. government spending, 29%.
3:41 pm
the top choice, donald trump. he also did quite well among vote here's say they value aida is. someone who is blump and straightforward. 62% of voters who saw that as the most important characteristic of a candidate. picked donald trump. i think that stepped a lot on chris christie since that was his campaign slogan. telling it like it is. ted cruz, i talk to him. if he finishes in the top three, he could get some win behind his sails. >> and he should finish quite well. one thing he's been able to do in this state. he did it a couple months ago. consolidate conservatives behind him. there are so many candidates. if first place is around 30%, the second place, you're in the teens. and 1/5 of the ted cruz
3:42 pm
republicans, you bet. >> and you've been here this turnout. is it living up to everything they've said that. >> we had a traffic jam just south of here. you are seeing record turnout in a lot of different communities. >> i think one of the things i've been looking for. >> people who made less than $50,000, he is doing very well with them. with women, he was in the polls. he was doing much better than barack obama did against hillary clinton. we're seeing that born out. he is getting pretty broad base support. if you look at women he's doing very well. >> that you can't really look at these number and say definitively, marco rubio took it on the chin from that debate.
3:43 pm
you can say late deciders looked at trump and kasich and didn't seem to be too much for marco rubio. >> did i talk to a republican pollster with access to the final polling over the weekend. said that they tracked precipitous decline of rubio. not just on the ballot which was 67 points but his favorability went down. the cruz people are hoag this hurts rubio. a third place finish for cruz would be great. a fourth place finish would be fine. if rubio ends up in fourth place, that's a big story. the other thing is what is trump's margin? does he get over 30%? i think that's a big part of the narrative. to pick up on what he just. . new hampshire is supposed to decide this establishment lane. what happens if it doesn't? it may well just go to south carolina if these folks are clumped between second and fifth. and the second part is what
3:44 pm
happened exactly with marco rubio. if you're jeb bush, you want marco rubio somewhat damaged. you can go blow me him. >> i don't think bush can finish below rubio. that's trouble. i think if he finishes below rubio in fourth or fifth place, that will be trouble. the other interesting number that jumped out at me was people who thought electability was most important. rubio won it. it is a. smaller share of the voters. here only 11% said that was their most important. in iowa, it was 21%. >> the polls are still open. some of them all the way until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. i brought in facebook and the conversation on facebook earlier. google also provides data and what the search is.
3:45 pm
there you see the breakdown. interestingly, one of the top questions about donald trump. where does donald trump stay in new hampshire? that was a search question on google. from those conversations, sometimes we can see what people are interested in. it is fascinating to watch the things. we know where he's staying. i think he is staying in our hotel. the lovely holiday inn manchester. the great thing about this is the excitement we've seen in this election. people have gotten so engaged. at least in 2008, it was the democrats. does new hampshire win at all? i think it might for chris christie. if he is in single digits. is chris christie still a data week from now? if he is below 10%, is anybody
3:46 pm
going to give him money? does he have a rationale? >> i hate to say the but also carly fiorina. >> after the debate he went on the attack. next up we talk about the democrats. as we go to break, a look at a salem polling place. they're still voting. at least one guy is. i talk with dr. ben carson and asked him about his thoughts and his way forward. >> what is your feeling today? >> i think we're going to do better. i think there are more and more people that are starting to recognize this is very serious. people are always saying, well, if you don't do well here, are you going to drop out? i said what i'm going to do is follow the dictates that i've been following before. no matter what happens tonight. >> correct. >> you're in. >> i'm continuing on.
3:47 pm
>> the heart of the narrative. carson is just in here to sell books. carson is in here to increase speaking opportunities. what a bunch of crap. i already have way more speaking opportunities than i cover comply. with all kinds of book deals. it is ridiculous. this is something that needs to be done to save the country. i'll just take it state by state to see what happens. lying i said before. i'm always in the process of assessing what support i have: assessing what money i have. i said at the beginning, i said, lord, if you open the doors, i'll walk through them. as long as you leave them open, i'll walk through them. if you close them, i'll sit down. that's still the case.
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we're going to keep working, literally until the last vote is cast and counted. i just love the way new hampshire does this. i like the way that the people of new hampshire take
3:52 pm
it so seriously. they focus in on the issues and they keep coming back. >> the eyes of america will be on new hampshire. and, actually, much of the world will be on new hampshire. the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to say that enough is enough. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton today. you may think they are the only ones on the ballot. but, like the republicans, just to put up the ballot on the democratic side, there are 28 names on that ballot. and is you have to choose and find hillary clinton and bernie sanders, if those are your candidates. there are the others. hillary clinton says she likes the way new hampshire does it we're back with the panel. she may not like the way new hampshire does it tonight. kirsten? >> yeah, i mean, there is a couple things also that jumped out at me in the exit polls. they asked if you were very or somewhat worried about a terrorist attack. 69 percent said they would. and you would think those people would probably go for
3:53 pm
hillary clinton. they actually are split pretty evenly and 51% of them chose sanders. that really says is somebody who has not been known for being particularly strong on foreign policy. says he doesn't have a foreign policy advisor. if they are putting that kind of trust in him on that issue, whereas we know he is strong on economic i. i think it portends probably good things for him. >> steve, nobody is going to be shocked if hillary clinton loses tonight if she is expected going. in the key thing is the number. what is the number and how does that effect the going forward? >> i mean, i think anything above double digits would be a pretty signature is can't win, would cause sort of a re-set in the democratic side of the campaign. i still believe that to true. if it's double digits or beyond, i think it's a big night for sanders. it will have the establishment democrats to question whether she might be more vulnerable than they thought. here is the stunner. this, to me, is the number coming out of tonight. candidate qualities can win in november. cares about people like me. honest and trust worthy. has the most experience.
3:54 pm
after hearing honest and trustworthy didn't matter to democratic voters that was the most important quality to democratic voters 32%. of that, candidate quality bernieyú sanders won 93% to 5%. so anybody who said that the email scandal doesn't matter, that ben gaza -- benghazi reporting doesn't matter. >> there is very small african-american population here. bernie sanders confirming he is going to meet with al sharpton tomorrow morning for breakfast. this is starting to line up differently for the democrats. >> it is. the more important thing is not even his win margin tonight. even if it was in single digits. i think it's the first real poll in south carolina or nevada, which is the next state actually for the democrats post new hampshire to see how this plays. but, if you go through all the demographics, it's the old karl rove line of what is mine is mine and what's yours we will discuss. if you go through, even on
3:55 pm
income, what's his is really his. and what's hers, they are really discussing as you mentioned with foreign affairs. >> the clinton campaign has known that they are going to lose. this this have been trying to chip away at his margin. bill clinton out there yesterday getting very aggressive with him. the clinton campaign coming out saying tieing him taking corporate money through the democratic senatorial campaign. they are reaching but trying to shave away every point. because if it's only nine points, she comes out and declares i'm the come back kid. we're in this thing and frames it as a win. >> she is probably going to say that anyway because she is going to say it is a neighboring. >> look it's his neighboring state and mostly white state and pretty liberal. but the truth is, 10 points is normally considered kind of a landslide, right? and anything more -- her losing by anything more than 10 points i think steve is right. i think people will start to say hold on, i mean, it's one thing if she comes in within a couple points of
3:56 pm
him. she is a state clintons have a long history with. and she should be doing better than. >> quickly endorsed by the democratic governor. endorsed by senator shaheen. >> all the establishment. i'm glad you brought that up. i know we are having this conversation in this bubble the last two weeks. it is remarkable. this has been known as clinton country. the place where they had their come back doesn't look like it right now. >> panel, thank you. our new hampshire primary election coverage continues all night right here on fox news channel. megyn kelly joins me after the break. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. we have a long night ahead here in new hampshire and it's going to be fun. this is how banks used to see me.
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the first in the nation primary soon coming to a close. who will take the granite state. >> special coverage of america's election headquarters, the new hampshire primary starts now. ♪ >> the battle for new hampshire. >> i have so many friends in new hampshire. >> great place, great people up here. >> donald trump trying to score his first victory. >> i need you both. >> you have to get out and vote. >> we have a movement going on, unbelievable what's happening. >> and a hold off candidates trying to make their mark in the granite state. >> the stakes have never been higher. >> ted cruz tries to avoid the iowa jinx in new hampshire and second in a row. >> if we stand together, we


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