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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> back with more "happening now" in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. andrea: this is fox news alert. voting is under way in america's first primary state as candidates crisscross new hampshire scrambling for every vote. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us, harris faulkner. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. democratic strategist, fox news contributor, julie roginsky is back. today's #oneluckyguy, author, columnist, senior editor of "national review," mr. joan jaw goldberg. welcome back. you're rout numbered again. >> always great to be here. andrea: weapon love your goatee. politicking the town halls and candidates going door-to-door, votes being cast in the nation's first primary which could go a
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long way in shaping the 2016 presidential race with donald trump and bernie sanders way out in front. in the latest holes. today's big mystery who captures second place in what has become a tight republican field. marco rubio's perceived stumbles in saturday's debate have the rest of the field scrambling for that number two slot. some analysts saying that the late turn in an already volatile race could keep the governors, jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie into the contest through at least south of caroline's primary on february 20th. the contenders making last minute pitches for every granite state vote. >> i want to get people to work together to realize our legacy will be determined what we can achieve, not the political positions we take. >> the purpose of this campaign is to be in a position to stop the bad things happening and
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start doing some good things again for america. >> at the end of the day this is a job interview. i'm here asking to work for you. >> i have a record. i have done things. u.s. attorney and as governor. i'm proud of all of them. i'm even proud of the mistakes. because the mistakes mean you have been doing something. >> i was governor of the state of florida where i got a chance to lead a state and we cut the government workforce by 11% and people's income grew. andrea: fox news's chief political anchor, anchor of "special report" bret baier joins us live from manchester, new hampshire. bret, looks likes the story tonight could be the governors. we're hearing, i'm hearing rumbling on the ground that kasich might have a little bit of a surprise evening? >> hi, andrea. first let me apologize saying i don't have a goatee. once considered in college but decided against it. the, you're right. the governors are an interesting story here and i talked to governor kasich yesterday.
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his campaign is bullish on this. they really feel like they have a great ground game. they think he spent the time here. that is what new hampshire likes. he thinks he is well-positioned with independent voters. that is a large block of voters here. about 40%. and thinks he can really make a stand here. i don't think the rest of the candidates are out of it by any shot. donald trump, while he is leading in the polls going in, there is a lot of uncertainty here in new hampshire. they make their decision up in the last minute. not to say he is not going to pull off a win but as far as you know, how much and what the rest of the lineup looks like, it really depends on the final late deciders. i was just at a polling place. it is, i'm told steady, not record-breaking. just one but anecdotally. they say it has been a steady stream of people coming in. harris: i also don't have a goatee but i like them. a couple of things about the
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first place where they have already started to count votes. we saw just nine people voted up in, up in the northern part of the state. sanders shut out hillary 4-1. kasich edged donald trump 3-2. i'm reading you can't read too much into that because that particular lar area doesn't necessarily tell us how new hampshire will go. >> it's a quirky little thing. a few towns up there, dixville notch, have a few residents and like to get on the board starting at midnight. we'll know something probably by late afternoon as we start getting the first wave of exit poll results that will tell us what the electorate looks like and how it is shaping up if it is shaping up that independents are overwhelmingly playing undeclared as they call them here, overwhelmingly playing in the republican primary, that could mean good things for somebody like john kasich. even a jeb bush who seems to in the recent days have been
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closing even though he wasn't doing good in the polls coming in. andrea: bret, you mentioned jeb bush. donald trump hitting jeb bush very, very hard, repeating a crude term that an audience member shouted out about ted cruz. >> jeb is not a guy that is going anywhere. total stiff. i heard just jeb bush, is a total lightweight. you see a guy like jeb, a guy who is a very average guy, or less than average guy having all of this money where they give him $128 million to waste. and then he takes ads against me. this is a guy who is pathetic. and then finally the pollsters told him what to say. you're not allowed to say, and i never expect to hear that from you again, she said, i never expect to hear that from you again. he said he is a [bleep] andrea: whoa, locker room talk, bret. so, does this hurt someone like donald trump or does it help him in new hampshire?
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>> how many times are we going to have that story? does this hurt donald trump? i don't think it has. i don't think it will here. with the people who are loyal supporters of donald trump. i do think, is interesting he is spending so much time on jeb bush. i think jeb bush has gotten under his skin in recent days. he spent money attacking donald trump. donald trump on the stomach is going after jeb bush. interestingly that is probably not the person who is going to come in second, but you never know. there will be establishment winner and eventually there will be a faceoff between that person and either ted cruz or donald trump. andrea: before we get to the democratic side i want to go to our one lucky guy. how did the bad debate performance hurt marco rubio? there are late-breaking voters, double-digit percentages, do you think that hurt rubio? do you think they could have broke in with rubio and give him striking distance opportunity for donald trump? >> well, i think, you have to be
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honest, it had to have hurt him. less so than the actual debate which i think rubio won except for three minutes. the theater went great except for the one minute for mr. lincoln. the constant repeating of it as a viral thing i think has hurt him. he has done a good job he can explaining himself trying to mitigate damage. rush limbaugh rushed to his aid. harris: no pun. >> no pun intended. rubio make as got case. there are deep philosophical disagreement on the right where people think obama is incompetent or obama is deliberate. that is good argument for rubio to have. he delivered it badly. andrea: democratic side, hillary clinton is making a final push in the granite state where her rival bernie sanders maintains a big lead in the polls. "politico" is reporting that clinton is considering staffing and strategy changes after
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expected loss in today's primary. campaign chairman john podesta stating quote, there is zero truth what you may be reading. it is wrong. hillary stands behind her team period. here is clinton on that report. >> i have no idea what they're talking about or who they're talking to. we're going to take stock but it will be campaign i've got. i'm very confident in the people i have. i'm very committed to them. they're committed to doing best we can. we'll take stock what works, what doesn't work. we're moving into different phase of the campaign. moving into more diverse electorate and different geographic areas. of course it would be malpractice what worked, what can we do better what do we have to do new and different we have to pull out. andrea: bret, i don't think the clintons have a lot of credibility at this moment. i think a lot of people would agree. anytime there is campaign shake-up story where they're rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. it hurts the candidate. she has a lot of other problems. ii don't see her winning this
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evening. i actually see her losing very significantly without dignity. >> you know, this whole thing about campaign shift, no, it is not going to happen but we are going to take stock of the campaign. i mean it is essentially the same thing. i think that what you have to look at here is a candidate who has not been perhaps the best candidate on the trail and she maybe never was the best candidate. she in this state is endorsed by the democratic governor, the lone senator, democratic senator and she is endorsed obviously by her husband who is a former president. she has tons of money. yes, bernie sanders is from a neighboring state but i don't think you're going to be able to discount this loss and it is expected to be a loss tonight, as not being a shake-up worthy event. >> bret, melissa francis. i was talking to tucker carlson yesterday. one thing was surprising him what was going on in
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new hampshire, the crowd for bernie sanders wasn't a bunch millenials. it wasn't a bunch hippies. it was sort of middle-aged white people. not the people they're saying are bernie sanders followers. he was surprised to see that crowd. have you seen the same thing? >> yeah. i talk to a lot of voters who are just inspired by him. they think he is authentic. they think he is truth-teller. same thing you hear from trump supporters in a way. he says things that others don't say. and it crosses the spectrum. it is not just young people. i talked to a retired person. i talked to somebody who, has been working for 30 years in new hampshire. and she said that bernie sanders just lights her fire, as to put it in her words. >> whoa. >> she supported hillary clinton last time around in 2008. so sanders has got the mojo i think. andrea: lights her fire and mojo, words i never thought would be associated with bernie sanders but i hear he is a chick
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magnet for a lot of boy-crazy chicks, bret. harris: oh, my goodness. >> no goatee. >> that is a lot of doors analogies. mr. mojo rising and light my fire. what is going on? andrea: david axelrod, former advisor and had criticism for the clintons. he tweeted this out where she is looks like she is dragging against bernie sanders. he said quote, when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns with different staff, at what point do the principles say, hey, maybe it's us? that is burn. that is feeling burn. >> you know what he is right. i worked on a million campaigns, i will tell you it is never about the staff. you could have one or two bad staffers. they usually don't make it to the top of the presidential election. it is always about the candidates. he is right. same people doing their campaign now whether joel who was mentioned in this "politico" story the guy they're setting on
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sights on potentially to get rid of, these are obama people. these are people got obama over the top against hillary clinton in '08. it is not they're not good. they have to think about the fact clintons always operated, this goes back to the early 90's, position of chaos. obama is no drama obama. clintons love chaos. 20 different people telling different things. there is kitchen cabinet. there is supersecret kitchen cabinet. plus the paid staff. plus the friends of bill. plus friends of hillary. plus the friends of chelsea. the problem there is no cohesion. what happens in any successful campaign, you know this, you worked in campaigns it is a war. you have a general in charge everything emanates from that. you can't have to people making decision. that is what you saw in '08. axelrod is absolutely right. clintons should take stock of. harris: fewer delegates.
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among them superdelegates. that is hillary's plan all along. she can pick up eight if she does anything in the state. andrea: jonah, how badly does she get beaten. >> i think she gets beaten. i agree with julie. this idea that political talent is community property when you get married. she hasn't been a good politician. andrea: he is losing luster. old mcdonald had a farm red plaid shirt. we'll see you tonight, bret. don't miss a minute of our special primary coverage. you need to do lamb chop sideburns. >> i will work on it. andrea: we'll see you tonight, bret. it all begins 6:00 p.m. eastern, one hour before most of those polls close. catch all the latest updates and analysis, the best in the business right here on fox news channel. more on the clinton campaign going negative against sanders.
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bill, we mentioned him, leading the charge, hitting bernie supporters as sexist, yes, he said sexist while he accused vermont senator muddying the facts. why this could backfire. and why this could be 2008 all over again. plus much anticipated hearing on capitol hill on isis and worldwide threats to americans. the chilling testimony from our intel leaders as the pentagon will not say if we're winning the fight against the terror group. right after the show catch more from the couch. it is "outnumbered overtime." aka, owe tee, baby. we dance and talk politics and share intimate secrets. we'll hit you up, jonah. we'll see you there after the show.
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>> there are more sunni violent extreme i've groups and members and safe havens than anytime in history. the rate of foreign fighters traveling to the conflict zones in syria and iraq the past few years is without precedent. >> isil including it is eight established and several more emerging branches has become the preeminent global terrorist threat. >> isis will attempt to conduct additional attacks in europe and direct attempts on the u.s. homeland in 2016. harris: that sounded pretty bad, right? watch how pentagon press secretary peter cook when he woos asked at yesterday's hearing whether the united states is winning fight against isis. >> this is fight we've been engaged in some time. we are making progress in this fight but there is a lot of work to do. we're at an inflection point right now, an important moment in the fight against isil. we think there is opportunity to accelerate the campaign and deliver the lasting defeat to isil we and rest of the coalition feel is not only necessary but necessary sooner
9:20 am
rather than later. harris: boom. it is not even a tie? what did he just say? >> that was about as far away from churchillian as you get. very clintonian. how hillary talking about there is no classified information. so -- harris: are we winning or losing? that is a simple question. >> they don't know. they don't want to say one way or the other but they answer the question by not answering it. harris: how can they not know, julie. >> what is the metric you define it by, right? it is hard to define what winning and losing isil is? >> christians. >> that is one metric. how many homegrown terrorists uninspired by isis and western europe coupled that with syria which we don't have that much control over. >> libya. >> and iraq. >> and how much territory they have. >> correct. there are different metrics on this. harris: none of that sounds good. >> none of it sounds good but what to me is so troubling we don't even know what the fight
9:21 am
against isis is because we don't know what a war, quote, unquote against isis looks like. it is not troops on the ground. inspirational on their part as much as it is military. i understand why they have a hard time answering that question. i don't think anybody can honestly answer that question because i don't even know what the question is. where is this coming from? harris: i thought we would do what we needed to do there to keep them from coming here. now we've got homegrown stratterror. that strategy clearly didn't work, andrea. andrea: comey said they are coming quicker than we can kill them. you and i discussed fbi report that comey issued a few months ago. seeps like the defense department, they're all on the same page, the intel community. this is a giant threat. they're here. news reports. and they're growing. the threat is growing overseas. what we don't hear is the president saying the same thing. he is singing off of a different song sheet. three weeks ago, on "the today show," saying there are in existential threats to the
9:22 am
united states. that is exact opposite what comey said. by the way this important inflection point he just mentioned at dod? harris: right. andrea: this is how they're using it this week, harris. they're pushing out members now the military specifically needs to use climate change tactics in their mission planning. they're concerned with organic cotton clothing, l.e.d. light bulbs to kill terrorists. it is absurd and ridiculous and not priority. harris: north thing complicating it, melissa. world looks what we do. they looked at deal we helped beer in with iran. iran through iranian official is saying we still fund hamas because fighting israel is on our policy. when our earn mys see we'll make deals with people who won't on a back off existential threat to our good friends israelis, that they think they have got us. >> don't even respect us enough to lie about it. they will say there, yes, they're absolutely doing that no matter what you think the answer
9:23 am
to isis is, the mismanagement of the situation is biggest failure of obama administration and will be in the rear view mirror when historians go back and look at this. it helps to lead of donald trump. everybody that doesn't like donald trump. you can thank president obama's policy on isis where it makes americans feel not being safe here or abroad from donald trump. harris: we're not talking about illegal immigration any more. that has gone off the page completely with the white house. we'll move on. growing tensions on the campaign trail. former president bill clinton accusing bernie sanders supporters of sexist and profane attacks. he doesn't like what they're writings on internet. taking on the vermont senator himself personally. why clinton's attacks are making some democrats nervous. hillary clinton wants to become the first female president. but why her message could be backfiring with the very voters she needs most. ♪
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♪ melissa: hillary clinton's campaign stepping up its attacks on bernie sanders going into what is expected to be a tough new hampshire primary. clinton unleashing her husband, former president bill clinton, who is accusing sanders support es of quote, sexist attacks, claiming the vermont senator is deceiving voters. some democrats warn this hard ball strategy could backfire. an article in "the hill" saying quote, the shift by the clinton team to more aggressive footing invoked memories of some of her 2008 campaign against barack obama when bill clinton and other surrogates mounted attacks widely seen as counterproductive. clinton supporters worry that history might be repeating itself, and that the former president's attacks could boomerang on his wife by turning
9:29 am
off large swaths of the democratic electorate. but hillary clinton is standing by her husband. listen to this. >> i think bill was really defending my supporters because we know that a lot of them are being harassed online. they're being harassed at our events. they're really being treated badly. i'm all for people who are for my opponent. i think it is great to bring in as many new, young people as possible but i want people treated respectfully. i think that is part of what he was talking about. melissa: hmmm. jonah, can i ask first of all, what is going on with bill clinton by the way? he hasn't had a voice for weeks. he is so thin. he is crank sy. talking about him lashing out. this is the not bill clinton i remember. >> part of that is because he is vegan. melissa: that would make me cranky. >> give him a ham sandwich. harris: mcdonald's breakfast. >> i'm so hungry right now.
9:30 am
why are you doing this to me. this whole spectacle emphasizes same problem with jeb bush has. clintons and george w. bushes are preobama, preinternet-style politicians. they seem old. they have been around a long time. melissa: yeah. >> they don't really know, the sanders supporters saying mean things on internet. melissa: that is what the internet is for, saying mean stuff. >> no. >> when i open the comments section on "l.a. times," it is like opening the arc of the covenant. [laughter] they're trying to make this a bigger thing than it is. i don't think it is going to work. harris: i think it is real for them. the word is trolling. they weren't exposed to this. had they gone through what they went through as the clintons, the sex scandal, so on, so forth they would have seen trolling in epic proportions. that is what they're seeing. >> yeah. harris: they're seeing whole another generation of people
9:31 am
learn about what happened and supporters are getting trolled. i did a little research. i couldn't remember exactly when it was, it was 2011 in "vanity fair." there was a line in that cart sell about hillary clinton that said, for the ninth straight year gallup's america's most admired woman, hillary clinton. and you look at how many women are not backing her now. now she has a man who is a little polarizing, i called it bumpy on the stump yesterday. melissa: i heard that. harris: polarizing with women. they don't know what to think. they express themselves on line. he might not be the best surrogate. melissa: not right now. this is campaign saying angry bill is kind of fun. when looking older and older not so much. i don't understand it. it doesn't feel strategic. it feels reactionary. what do you think about that? andrea: you make a great point, harris. the clintons are the original patrols of politics this is karma. they're getting payback.
9:32 am
it is a pre2008, it is 1990s mentality. this is prehistoric. we're rolling out jurassic world. he has meltdowns in carolinas. he came unhinged last time around with obama palm. >> like a remake. andrea: it is. harris: she didn't need until then. andrea: she needed him much sooner. the sexism charge really hurts. for her to defend him, this is about respecting, i want my supporters to be respected. her husband hasn't respected women for decades. that that excuse flies flat. harris: what do you think of the strategy, julie. >> clintons need to come up with a message, the message can't be it is our turn or the message can't be i'm a woman and make history. i'm not a bernie sanders supporter but bernie sanders has message. barack obama had a message in '08, hope and change. people got it.
9:33 am
she does not have a message in '08. she doesn't have a message today. reason she is doing poorly because i think he captured the imagination and void she is unable to fill. she has got to fill it. i say this with somebody who wants to get reelected. she has to reassesses and explain to people very simple way why she would make the best president out there. bernie sanders done very well. it is easy to understand. solutions are not easy to understand. they're convoluted. easy for her supporters to understand what he is about. i still don't know what he is about. melissa: couldn't put it in a nutshell. >> i hate to say this again somebody who does campaigns you have to be able to do that. melissa: meantime hillary's effort to get the female vote may be coming up short in new hampshire too. we talked about the push yesterday to support the former secretary of state from some high-profile women but a new "washington post" piece says that those efforts are sitting well with some. quote, former secretary of state
9:34 am
clinton are making increasingly clumsy appeals to feminist solidarity issues with struggles with bernie sanders. bernie sanders of vermont in her battle for the democratic nomination. the reactions of some suggest that it could be backfiring. at least in new hampshire. a state proud of its tradition of electing women in the meantime the sole republican female candidate, carly fiorina, responded on last night's "on the record." listen. >> liberal women have long said that unless you agree with them, you don't count. women, like men, should be free to think how they want, and choose who they want. hillary clinton is making a desperate appeal, vote for me because i'm a woman. i never asked people to street for me because i'm a woman although i'm proud to be a woman. i'm asking people to vote for me because i'm the most qualified candidate. melissa: democratic activists on the campaign trail, hillary clinton fatigue is what i'm feeling. harris: i talked to my dad about this because i want to get
9:35 am
opinion of a man who i really respect. what is it? what will she say to young women of today? she is in a box what to do with a husband who cheated. you stood by your man and all the scandal came with that, now moving forward how will you help women, how will you treat them differently perhaps than what is on record about how you treated some of the women he was with? not only is she in the box, the box is taped. there is just not enough new information for her to work with on any of that. she would have to make stuff up to sell it right now. melissa: andrea, when you look at bernie sanders's message, it is too narrow of a paradigm because i'm a woman. he said i'm about empowing everybody out of power. money and power versus everyone else. his message is so much bigger than women. isn't that part of it? andrea: so much bigger and further left. it is outsider message. it is the year of the outsider. i think her slogan can fit on a bummer stickter.
9:36 am
vote for me, i'm a woman. that is the centerpiece of entire campaign. millenial women live in postfeminist here a. they don't have the post '60s, '70s adversarial tone against men. they have a lot of opportunities. they perceive themselves equal. when rhetoric comes out, from testimony nist, anti-men tallet it doesn't work with millenial young women. they don't see that way. they don't see men as enemy or sisterhood solidarity because there is no snead for it. >> that is exactly right but i make another point. barack obama succeeded in 2008 largely because he was blank slate. people could project on him what they wanted to see in him.can-at is more compelling story than first female president. the real problem with hillary she is not a category. people know who hillary clinton is. oh, hillary clinton that woman. they think of hillary clinton who has been on my tv for 30 years. they know who she is. they don't think of her filling a blank box of identity politics
9:37 am
the way they kind of could for barack obama. >> here's the problem, the problem with people like gloria steinem who spent entire career who i iced to admire until yesterday, try to say to women, you're no different in your aspirations than men are. in fact you deserve to be where you deserve to be not just because you're a woman because you're a human being, to come out say vote for hillary clinton essentially because she is woman and if you don't, you're chasing the boys. you're a little girl chasing the boys. harris: special place in hell. >> madeleine albright who i admire, madeleine albright is special place in hell for women who hold down other women and think don't want other women coming up taking that spot. there is special place in hell for those women. they are "mean girls" and they exist. andrea: they're hillary clinton, julie. that is the problem. they're hillary clinton. she has gone after women accused her husband of abuse. >> no. hillary clinton helped, believe me i worked on hill where i worked with a lot of women
9:38 am
worked with her help women come up. that is what albright is talking about. the problem why cast aspersions on young women sanders support is, see something like bernie sanders they like and make them doing it for all the wrong reasons. they're chasing boys or -- andrea: she basically said you're horny and you can go to hell. that is the message out of the democratic campaign. harris: point you're making is such a good one because they're attracted to hope message. why they liked obama. candidate obama. it was that positive hope message. whether or not they can bring to fruition is another thing. that is what they're attracted to. they can fight for themselves. she is offering to fight. melissa: also shows how desperate you are when you're suddenly trying to bully people and threatening them to vote for you. gotten to really bad place. could a whole new candidate be about to jump into the race? my goodness. what former new york city mayor
9:39 am
michael bloomberg is saying about his potential bid and how he could affect the campaign if he decides to run. new hampshire a big deal today. really, really big deal, denver, live aerial pictures, ecstatic football fans, lining the street to honor their football champions, the broncos. congrats to the mile-high city. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you.
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wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first.
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within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. ♪ andrea: michael bloomberg is now opening up about his potential plans to run for president as an independent. the former new york city mayor tells "the financial times" that he is looking at all options. his comments follow a recent report saying saying that the billionaire was troubled by donald trump's success and hillary clinton's inability to stop the rise of bernie sanders.
9:44 am
bloomberg says he is considering the run because american voters deserve a lot better. he slammed the race so far saying quote, i find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and outraged and insults to the voters. bloomberg says he would need to start putting his name on the ballot at beginning of march but the republican national committee chairman reince priebus believes if bloomberg gets into the race he wouldn't get enough electoral votes to hurt the republican nominee. then he said this. >> i don't see how putting a moderate, sort of liberal on gun control type, guy that wants to regulate slurpees and diet cokes will somehow hurt the republican party. seems something more like what bernie sanders would be talking about. andrea: okay, jonah. hough credence to you give the report that bloomberg is jumping in? if he does what does that do to
9:45 am
the race? >> we've phone nor 15 years he wants to be president. that is constant. if he gets in i would go to costco and get so much popcorn because it could be so much funwatch. particularly trump, bloomberg, sanders. what if superman could fight the hulk weird, right? harris: new movie. >> billionaire hate is. i think he helps republican whoever it is because he takes a lot more votes out of democrats in places like new york and california, could put those places in play. i love the statement. bannal conversation going. andrea: sipping tea. >> i think i heard that on first class. >> out the window of his bentley, oh, do you have some gray poupon? [laughter]. harris: sunday night on "the fox report" we didn't see this coming, doug schoen, he is good friends with the clintons. very good friends with hillary. he worked worked with hillary.
9:46 am
we having conversation all of sudden name came up. yay, we've been looking at -- i said if michael bloomberg is talking to doug schoen, pat caddel, top pollsters for former democratic presidents that is huge signal he is thinking about it. >> he wants to do it. harris: the conversation, remember the wink in 2007. he said he wanted to do it, bloomberg and he didn't get in. i don't know, would he necessarily get in if he thinks it is going to hurt the republican party? melissa: i think he would get in because he has time on his hands, money to burn and he is bored. has 39 billion. would only cost a billion. if you have $39 billion, you won't miss a billion. i was talking to independent person he appeals to her because she wants nanny bloomberg to save all of us from stupid people. save you from yourself because i will end up paying for you in the long run anyway. take away slurpees i won't drink
9:47 am
one but i will have to pay for your health care. >> in this moment that is not a great statement. andrea: criticism here, julie, even by liberals. wait a minute we have suicide bombers potentially on the subway and worried about sugary sodas. >> i was never a michael bloomberg fan. i was sick of the nanny state. i wanted to stop with the slurpee thing. melissa: i love slurpees. >> me too. i want to drink as much as possible. bloomberg is not a dope. he looks at metrics -- andrea: just your taxpayer dollars. >> not his own. do i want to be a loser, he will be a loser because third party guy can't win especially year wall street is hated. he is epitome of wall street. i don't think it will work. harris: the question does he want to be a spoiler? >> i don't think so. andrea: i'm feeling about jonah's idea, getting them in a cage.
9:48 am
many parent struggle to pay for their kids tuition. major university is banning words like mom and dad. those are not only words students can no longer say. you have got to see this to believe it. ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment first to jenna lee with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jenna? >> hi, andrea. next hour you know the voting underway in the first-in-the-nation primary. donald trump, bernie sanders leading most polls into today's race but new hampshire voters are notorious changing their minds in the last minute. we have fox team coverage and in depth analysis on that. closer look at marco rubio as he tries to close the deal with new hampshire voters. some headlines say he is robotic. others say he is to good on the trail he should terrify democrats. we'll ask experts about contrasting images of this candidate. president obama was asked at white house who he thought would actually win new hampshire? he says he has no idea. he is like the rest of us. meantime he present ad full year, $4 trillion budget to congress, last one he will send.
9:53 am
republicans are refusing to even look at it. latest out of washington, d.c. at top of the hour. andrea: thank you, jenna. this professor, jennifer lee. any relation? >> distantly. we're a very big family the lee family, across many different lines. andrea: tommy lee is not in the family? >> no. andrea: shoot. harris: new allegations of political correctness run amok at taxpayer funded move. listen to. university of florida professor banned her class using againerred words in course called creativity and context. if students don't comply the grades will drop. husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mom and dad. the ones likely paying for the classes of course. melissa: right. harris: the professor says the rules are about being inclusive to alternative orientations andly structures and free of stereotypes.
9:54 am
if your kid is calling dad, what do they call? >> this is just, i remember 20 years ago colleges were an bag the word seminar, replacing is with ovular to get genderness out of it. this happens all the time on college campuses, so stupid, so ridiculous and -- harris: like ovary? >> instead of seminal. andrea: joke from "legally blonde.." winter semester, the winter omester. >> this is just another in the long list. harris: why are things always huge, the ship is always a her. that is not what the professor are talking about. >> things men consider beautiful are also shes. harris: ah. melissa: you see he what kids are getting degree in? innovation. pursuing a minor in innovation.? harris: my child getting a degree in innovation i would
9:55 am
strangle them. melissa: they are right. get rid of words. challenges creativity. instead of husband i will call him my male appendage. did that come out wrong? >> look at name of the class, creativity and context. perhaps be creative with the language. not teaching them how to speak. part of the class. part of the challenge. harris: by degenderizing? >> maybe teaching them how to be creative and think in a creative way. giving her the benefit of the doubt. just because somebody is teaching you to do something outside of the norm in college, doesn't mean it doesn't do anything on expand your mind to do it. i will stick by her. harris: girlfriend, boyfriend, andrea, you would say significant other. my problem is always makes it seem more significant than it might actually be. >> potentially. also makes it seem very business like and, my significant other. i don't know, maybe julie's right. maybe we'll get fun terms or fun nicknames. >> gay women can say boyfriend
9:56 am
and -- >> i wasn't to know what is going on in your dating life where your boyfriend is not the significant other? harris: we have to get to the commercial. all eyes on new hampshire as i scoot out of that win. people hit the polls in the nation's first primary. keep it hire for the very latest. ♪ this is the night...
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10:00 am
we will have latest updates and best analysis in the business right here on fox news channel. we want to say thank you to jonah goldberg. >> thank you. andrea: we'll stay here, keep you for overtime. we'll be on the web. see you there. see you tomorrow at noon. "happening now" starts now. what will the jury decide? >> high wind and rough


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