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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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out of the building and you would have never found another job. we'll see you again tomorrow on primary day. special report is up next. a catapult or a trap door. they hope new hampshire propels them to new heights but fear the bottom could drop out of their campaigns. this is special report. we are coming to you live from the campus of san ansom college in manchester, new hampshire. i'm bret baier. just six hours from now at midnight, residents in three tiny northern towns will officially start the primary voting season for the 2016 presidential race. everyone else begins later in the morning. and after the polls close, 25 hours from now, we will get a
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much clearer idea of who guys on from here enwho goes home. the top 7 polling republicans are all out and about today, along with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we caught up with some of them. and you'll hear them later. most of the action is concentrated in the southeast part of the state where we are. we have fox team coverage tonight of the final hours before voting. a major sanders rally right now in durham. we begin with carl cameron, and the republicans, fighting the elements as well as each other. good evening, carl. >> a preprimary day snowstorm that lasted all day, did sort of slow the pace a little bit for the candidates, all that did was increase the urgency and the desperation with which they tried to meet as many voters as they possibly could. >> i assure you -- >> leading new hampshire polls, donald trump focused on jeb bush, saying bush melts like
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butter under attack. >> donald trump said this, donald trump said that, see, i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's like a child, he's like a spoiled child. >> bush fired back tweeting, you aren't just a loser, you are a liar, and a whiner. john mccain is a hero. over and out. crowds of bush rallies surged after saturday night's debate. >> welcome to new hampshire. >> marco rubio had big momentum heading into this weekend. his debate performance raised questions. >> i've been telling him all week he's scripted and not spontaneous and he doesn't -- he's not a leader. >> no apologies from rubio for repeating the same attack on obama verbatim. no backing down on the trail. >> we still have time to get this right. but we're running out of time. 2016 is our last and best chance. >> john kasich has bet it all on new hampshire and had the state
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to himself while the rest of the field was in iowa. >> we can't run america with pollsters. i'm convinced god created pollsters to make astrologers look accurate. >> ted cruz has been downplaying expectations in the granite state with an eye toward south carolina and beyond. >> i hope and believe we'll do well here, i know we have an incredible team on the ground in south carolina. and ten days after south carolina is super tuesday, the so called sec primary. our team across super tuesday is stronger than anyone else's in the field. >> carly fiorina continues to plug away. >> we have money to go the distance. leadership teams in 25 states. >> ben carson took the day off. five staffers quit and endorsed ted cruz. all the polls suggest that here on this final weekend and the last day before the polls, still as much as a third of the new
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hampshire electorate has yet to make up their mind. exit polls show that a lot of the voters don't do it until they get in the booth tomorrow. weather could still play a role and don't believe any of the predictions. new hampshire has a long history of breaking all the conventional wisdoms. >> good luck getting is there? >> bobsled, four wheel drive, whatever it take ppz. the democrats have come and gone and come again to new hampshire. bernie sanders did a cameo on "saturday night live" in new york, hillary clinton parachuted in to a rally in michigan. >> good evening, bret. it's visions of 2008 all over again. behind in a big primary, controversial comments by bill clinton. now talk of a staff shake-up. >> bill and hillary clinton started today trying to regain
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some political magic. at a new hampshire landmark that holds a special place in their the comeback kid was born in 1992 with economic anxiety on the menu for voters then and now. >> a lot of people -- >> don't believe we can -- >> 24 years later, the candidate tapping into voter anxiety is not a clinton. it's a democratic socialist named bernie sanders. >> the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> that revolution could start in the granite state. while hillary clinton claims she's fighting for every vote here, she spent most of yesterday in flint michigan talking about the water crisis, and today already started looking ahead to the next battleground. >> we will caucus in las vegas. so saturday the 20th. >> now there are rumblings of a staff shake-up.
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with politico reporting that bill and hillary clinton are upset about her campaign's confusing messaging. a clinton spokesman told fox news. no staff shake-up is coming. it's clear bill clinton is getting frustrated. after holding his tongue for most of the campaign, he lashed out at sanders on sunday for pushing socialist plans without fully explaining how to pay for them. >> the new hampshire i knew would not have voted for me if i had done that. >> and then despite republican front-runner donald trump declaring bill clinton's sexual past as fair game, the former president accused the sanders camp of sexism. over attacks their supporters are directing at the clinton team online. >> the attacks that are too profane often not to mention sexist. to repeat. >> that led to a new round of hand ringing about whether the clinton comment will backfire, as they seem to do in 2008. rather than spark a 1992 style clinton comeback.
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today brought a quick walk back. >> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i were just a former president and just for a few months and not the spouse of an ex-one. i have to be careful what i say. >> david axelrod is suggesting the clintons are to blame, tweeting, when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns with different staff, at what point do the principles say, hey, maybe it's us? meanwhile, the clinton chairman is saying tonight there's zero truth to the talk of a shake-up, of course, we've heard denials before shake-ups before, bret? america's election headquarters in depth tonight, hillary clinton and female voters. one poll has bernie sanders up by 8 points among women here in new hampshire. feminist leaders are calling out such free thinkers, wishing them various forms of ill will. james rosen looks at what's going on. >> speaking to hbo's bill maher,
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gloria steinem explained why many young women are backing bernie sanders over hillary clinton. >> when you're young you're thinking where are the boys? the boys are with bernie or -- >> now, if i said that -- >> no, no, no. >> that's where the boys are. >> no, no, no. but it's not -- >> you would swat me, come on. >> in the early '70s heyday of the feminist movement, steinem was the freshest face. now the long time hillary clinton supporter is drawing scorn from women whose careers she helped make possible. her comment was profoundly sexist and condescending. by sunday steinem apologized on facebook, kind of sort of. i misspoke on the bill maher show recently and apologized for
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what's been interpreted. for implying that young women aren't serious in their politics. on saturday, madeleine albright warned young women not to regard their votes. >> just remember, there is a special place in hell for women who don't support women. >> bernie sanders is very attractive to young people, and young women voters. >> shame on madeleine albright and hillary clinton. >> gloria steinem only made her comments in response to bill maher's assertion that hillary clinton is disliked by young women. no polling for that group exists. clinton was trouncing sanders with both single and married
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women, bret. >> james, thank you. let's talk about the feminism issue and get a before he view of tomorrow's voting. charles krauthammer and laura ingram. bill clinton calling the bernie sanders campaign sexist and madeleine albright with what she said. >> let's start with bill clinton. he also said some of the tweets were profane. there's something quite rich with bill clinton, talking about profanity and politics and sexism on the trail, and there's also something very beautiful about the old dinosaurs of the feminist movement being hoisted on their own pitard by shaming women. i don't know if that's micro aggression or macro aggression. shaming these young women to say, you have to vote for hillary, after all, she's hillary. when a lot of these young women don't know that much about the clintons, they're not wedded to the clintons and their history. and i think what a lot of these liberal women are looking for is
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the real deal. not the woman who went from zero money to $100 million. a lot of it in part from places like goldman sachs. this is fascinating, i love watching this. >> your thoughts, charles? >> i think this has to do with the radical change in the status of women over the last 25 years. you have madeleine albright and steinem, from the generation where there really were barriers against women getting into schools, being accepted in certain professions. and that has radically changed. they're speaking as the pioneers and trying to shame other women by accusing young women of gender betrayal. now, when you look at the numbers, it is simply astonishing in the entry polls in iowa, younger women, 17 to 29, sanders had a 70 point advantage over hillary. that's because the worry of
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these young women is not sex discrimination, it's the general worries of their generation, stagnant economy can't get a job, student loans and sanders offers what a young person would imagine is a kind of utopia where everything is free, and nobody has to pay. that's the attractiveness, and appeal to gender will not overcome that. >> let's set the table for tomorrow on the republican side. since the debate, it feels like there has been a reshuffling of the deck, maybe it hasn't happened, your thoughts on how this lines up. >> the new wmur poll, it just came out. cruz is 14 and bush is down at 7 i believe. it would be interesting if after the debate, after that oops moment by rubio, that cruz actually moves up to second place, everybody's saying cruz can't do well in new hampshire, it's not his place, well, maybe that ended up actually helping
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him vault over rubio, but look, i think everything's fluid, i lived in new hampshire for four years. i remember those days after dixville notch, and anything can happen at this point. >> i think the effect of the debate is it probably will hurt rubio for a couple points. the irony is, it doesn't appear to have helped the guy who landed the punch, namely, governor christie. >> charles and laura, thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> we will bring you some questions and answers with candidates as we bounce around the state over the past two days. when we come back, north korea tests a long range rocket capable of reaching the u.s. with a nuclear weapon. i talked with those presidential candidates and one of them was chris christie yesterday. >> bret baier, how are you? >> what's the feeling? >> a lot of energy, a lot of electricity. the crowds have been here today.
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we did what we needed to do last night, and we're going to try to do what we need to do on tuesday. >> you don't think it's a double edged sword when you go on the attack? >> no, i didn't go on the attack, i showed people the difference between me and marco rubio. it's not an attack. and i didn't say anything last night that i didn't say before. i did it in front of millions of people last night. believe me, i know what attacks are, so do you, and that wasn't an attack, okay? in jersey, we would call that a hello and how are you? we'll see the attacks later, brett. 72% of women say they often
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troops in southwestern russia are flexing their muscles tonight in military drills amid escalating tensions with the rest. crimea which russia an ex-ed from ukraine in 2013 was involved in the war games. the tactics are used to determine the forces readiness. president obama wants china to
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help him tighten the noose over north korea. kevin cork has the story tonight from the white house. >> they're not very good at feeding their people, but they invest a huge amount in their weapons system. >> the north korean regime launched a long range missile into orbit. >> clearly if they can put an object into space which they did yesterday. they can put a nuclear weapon on american soil. if weaponized, it would place the u.s. west coast within striking range. >> nobody is fooled. so called face launch vehicles are the same technology as ballistic missiles.
3:20 pm
>> the u.n. security council condemned the launch with a spokesman for ban ki-moon casting the move as deeply deplorable and call on pyongyang to come to compliance with its international agreements. far more pressure needs to be put on beijing, not pyongyang. >> you can hear it when secretary kerry says this launch is unacceptable, then he doesn't do anything about it. that's the problem. >> we have to stop this c conciliatory tone we have with the chinese. we let them push us around a little bit. >> we need to have a broader discussion on what it would take to get them to start dialing back the provocations. >> perhaps not coincidentally about an hour after the
3:21 pm
conclusion of the super bowl that satellite launch by the north koreans orbited over that site. a bit of that surprise there, we also learned that the pentagon has begun consultations with south korea, about an anti-missile system. the conversations do continue, brett. >> kevin cork on the north lawn with the denver bronco's tie. president obama is asking congress for almost $2 billion in emergency funding to fight the zeek ka virus. this is separate from the budget request that will be unveiled tomorrow. the cdc says there have been 50 confirmed cases among u.s. travelers so far. the virus is normally spread by mosquitos and is suspected of causing birth defects. new accusations of corruption in obama care tonight. a report from the senate government affairs committee saying the administration improperly provided $750 million in aid to a half million people who were ineligible for it. the report says many of them were illegal immigrants or had
3:22 pm
unclear legal status. john ernest says he's not seen the report, but that there are mechanisms in place to make sure recipients of subsidies are legal residents. the dow fell more than 400 points today before rallying to finish down 178. the s&p 500 was off 27. the nasdaq lost 79. up next, we retrace our footsteps and check in with some new hampshire primary voters who were undecided when we first introduced them to you a few weeks ago. first, i caught up with donald trump on the campaign trail today. >> i'm looking at these polls and i don't even want to think about 2, i think we're doing we well, and i think i have a great bonding with the people of new hampshire. >> who is your nearest competitor? >> i thought it was marco. i was standing right next to him when that was going on, i was saying, wow! a lot of times saying the same thing. i didn't know it was going to be
3:23 pm
that big of a deal. i wouldn't know, you never know what's going to happen. >> you spent a lot of time today focusing on jeb bush. >> here's a guy that spends $25 million on negative ads on me. it's all put up by special interests. up, he talks about me with the second amendment. i'm the strongest person up there with the second amendment. i'm going to protect the second amendment, he'll say negative. i did spend a lot of time, i like to have the truth come out. >> you had one commissioner about syrian refugees, you said, i can look at their faces and say, look, you can't come here. >> no, i didn't say that. they said, would you look in their faces. i said, then i can look at them and say, you can't come here. we can't take a chance on isis, we have problems. we have 19 trillion in debt, we have nothing but problems in
3:24 pm
this country. it could be isis, it could be the trojan horse, it may not be. you don't know. >> you're not predicting a win zm. >> i don't want too do it, good something happens i don't win, i'll be killed the next day. if i win by one vote i'll be extremely happy.
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to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. welcome back to a snowy manchester, time now to catch up with some new hampshire voters we met a while back, to see which way they're leaning heading into tomorrow's voting. >> there's a lot of issues we care about. >> three weeks ago, we talked with mike boucher who owns an auto repair shop in manchester with his four brothers. he was split between donald trump and marco rubio. now -- >> i really don't know, i have to watch in the debates and talk
3:29 pm
to people, i've talked to people, i watched a lot of things i'm more confused now than i was the last time we talked. >> we're running out of time. >> i know, when i get there, i'm definitely going to vote. i think i'm going to decide at the last minute. maybe the last thing we talked about since the last time. it could something could sway me one way or the other. >> did the debate impact you? >> i wasn't happy with. >> you didn't like the rubio thing? >> i didn't like that he's more motorized, everything's planned. i would rather have people talk off the cuff and mean what they're saying. i'm looking for someone that at least has done this in the past. and has run something and made the budget. i'm not sure who exactly --
3:30 pm
trump's still in my background. there's a few things he said that i was not happy about. >> i can't give you that answer. i truly can't give you that answer. i wish i could. >> keeping us safe is on everyone's minds. >> remember donna moran, a social studies teacher wife and mother of three. three weeks ago, she was undecided. but liked christie and kasich. >> the last time you talked you were checking things out still. >> i was. >> have you made a decision? >> i have made a decision for the primary. >> really? >> i even staged it for you, are you ready? >> go jeb. >> really? >> yes, i'm for jeb, and i'll vote for him in the primary. >> i visited as many as i could, went to as many town halls, i
3:31 pm
found that between jeb bush and christie, i felt he was the most steady handed so to speak. i know people are like, oh, he's a bush, i don't see that as a down side. i see it as also a plus, he knows how to get things done, he's moderate, he doesn't have these grandiose stands, he's going to treat people with a lot of respect. >> when did you finally decide? >> i went -- i saw bush last monday. i was researching him a little bit online. he may be someone to see. i webt to see him, when i left, i'm like, i like him. >> i don't want to leave them with such a huge debt in their life and have less opportunity than what we have right now. >> when we talked to a stay at home mother of two, she said the national debt was a big concern. as was national security. then she was deciding between chris christie and ted cruz. three weeks later, it's official. >> chris christie.
3:32 pm
i really like his stance on taking a hard stance on security issues, and he seems to be the only one i've heard so far to lay out a really strong plan of what he would do to overcome that. >> on a federal level i would say national security. >> we talked three weeks ago to a lobbyist who works in the state capital of concord. he was leaning toward marco rubio. >> i'm 100% rubio now. >> what firmed you up? >> i think the way he's campaigning here in new hampshire. he's really connected with the voters, i think. that's why his numbers are doing so well. he did well in iowa, and he's -- his numbers in new hampshire are looking pretty good. i don't want to get behind someone who has a real shot at winning and who i agree with, marco's that person right now. >> did you watch the debate? >> i did. >> he's going to be under attack because he's gaining momentum.
3:33 pm
howard responds over the next couple weeks is going to be important. >> for the people who say this falls into the attacks that he's inexperienced and says the lines. you know, christie really got him. what do you say? >> to be an effective president, you have to get the people behind you to get your agenda through congress. i think he has an ability to get people behind him. they don't want to send someone in the president's office that is just going to do the same old same old. he's got the ability to get people behind him and get his agenda past. >> according to the polls heading into tuesday, donald trump is still running the table here. at his rallies there seem to be few undecides. >> he's shaking up the political environment. he's not a true poll significance. he's different, just unique and he's going to get stuff done.
3:34 pm
>> our thanks to those vote irs. former new york mayor michael bloomberg is confirming for the first time that he is considering a run for president. the financial times reports, bloomberg says he is looking at all options. last month you may remember the new york times reported bloomberg ordered his staff to come up with a plan for an independent run for president. >> that could get interesting. brit hummes, steve hayes, amy stoddard and tucker carlson give us a preview of the new hampshire primary. before that, john kasich on the closing hours of this primary. >> you play the best game, you go -- you're on the 17th hole, you go through the 18th hole, you never look at the leaderboard, you go into the clubhouse. most of the time in this business, i come out the winner. >> they're running attack ads against you. >> millions of mail and millions of attack ads, i mean, you just wish that people could actually think that they could sell a positive message.
3:35 pm
>> you know, i listened to the last town hall and the girl gets up and says, i'm between hillary clinton, bernie sanders and you. why should i vote for you in the democratic primary? >> i think she was -- with the voter -- i think what she's trying to say is this, make your case, because you are different. you are somebody that i think what really gets them is positive, pulling people together. >> that plays here, does that pitch play in south carolina? and the sec states? >> bret, look, voters are voters, they're worried about their jobs, about keeping their jobs. they're worried about, they're not getting any wages, they're worried their kid has debt and they don't know how to pay it off. if i get sick, am i going to lose everything i have? >> the voters are voters, they're all the same. >> give me a prediction, where do you finish? >> way up high. i can't tell you where. and i don't think i should start
3:36 pm
predicting it now. i always loved that muhammad ali could predict who he would take down.
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we are here in new hampshire competing for the votes and at this point it's a turnout game. it's about turning out conservatives and we are working very directly to earn the votes one at a time from the grassroots. that's our strength. >> ham hoom voters are among the most serious voters in the country. they look at the issues of the underlying factors and they want to know candidates. they have a real plan and a real strategy moving forward. we feel great about the dividends it's going to pay here in about 24 hours. >> senators rubio and cruz today on the trail. the last poll before the real poll came out.
3:41 pm
this is a poll that puts donald trump at 31%, this is rough what we've seen. it's important to know, almost three quarters of the interviews were completed before the republican candidates debated saturday night. their final matchup before tuesday. and it says, although the post debate sample size is too small to produce a separate estimate of the vote, interviews conducted sunday and monday found no drop in support for rubio, and showed a slimmer margin between trump and rubio. that's the interesting part of that po let's bring in our panel, skpabded tonight. brit hume. amy stoddard and steve hayes senior writer for the weekly standard. >> do you divide anything from this last? >> you can't find anybody in any camp who doesn't think donald trump is going to win this. two thinks apply to this, will it match the margin that he's
3:42 pm
had in the polling or will he perhaps fall short the question is, who's next? there is a sense that both john kasich and jeb bush have a chance to make a good showing here and perhaps eclipse him, and it will remain to be seen whether that can happen. all the undeclared, undecided voters. mike the auto mechanic said he's not decided. >> this state has changed so much demographically, it's almost unrecognizable. it's not exactly clear where those voters are going to go. they're less religious. they're potentially trump voters in that they're not evangelical working class voters. will they go to him? the establishment is swinging behind rubio but they're nervous about it. they think the events confirm --
3:43 pm
they always assume -- they assume trump will get out. maybe that's true, they need to be thinking about how to win over those nonevangelic al working class voters that the republican party has to win over. >> john kasich skeweds this confidence and his people seem to be like they're bullish on this, maybe. >> you get a sense from kasich the most, also from jeb bush, they've done all they can, they've done so good about what they've done here. no matter the debates, the polls, iowa or anywhere else. what they've done makes them feel so good. the response they're getting from their teams to go out and canvas, people are behind them in increasing numbers. they're both really the ones to watch tomorrow. if they surge over rubio and close to frump. rubio's debate performance had an impact. if not, it's going to be jumb jumbled. you look at the votes of
3:44 pm
christie, cruz, jeb and christie, it's larger than the share of the trump vote. so as much as it makes the establishment nervous, it's breathe new life into several candidacies. they will all go on with the exception of christie if he doesn't do well. >> you spent the day with rubio? >> i did. it was an interesting day. we talked, i asked him about the debate, of course. asked him about his performance there. i'm going to make this argument, i'm going to keep making it, it's what i believe. he also had an analogy he shared with me, he's glad his boys are going to play football. when he played football in college, if he was beat on a long pass down the sidelines as a cornerback, he knew he had to forget about it, and play well again, he told the story about how that happened to him in a game, and he recovered and the next time he intercepted the pass in the end zone, the interesting thing for me was, we went with him to several events.
3:45 pm
this idea that marco rub yoi is overly scripted. he blew it up in this one speech. in the speech he cited a poll he had seen on fox news as we were driving to the tavern, he raised and answered a question he had been asked by a radio interviewer at a previous stop. and then he told a story, spontaneously about his rehab group he had seen at mass with his wife over the weekend. all of it off the cuff. some of it quite powerful, and i guess it just -- it made me think -- this is not a guy who's overly scripted, he can talk. he may not like what he's saying, he's not overly scripted despite the debate moment. >> you can't find anybody that doesn't think trump is going to win. when you talk to them about they're contact with trump voters. john sununu told me today, he said, he doesn't doubt -- he
3:46 pm
think that trump's support is real, and he expects it to turn out, he expects trump to win. he knows everybody in the state, he was governor here, he said, he has yet to find anybody who's for trump. i said, maybe, governor, they're not telling you. >> people tell me anything. and i just -- moving around -- you see yard signs for everybody. i've seen one for trump. i think those people are out there, the mystery of donald trum's support remains up until the eve of the new hampshire primary. >> those rallies are chock full of them, though. i do think that's part of what's going on, there's a massive class divide in the republican party, between the people who pay for it. there's also a social stigma attached to supporting trum i salked to five people, as soon as people tell you who they're
3:47 pm
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>> whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> they are supporting me because they know me. they know my opponent, too. that's absolutely true. but they are supporting me because they can imagine with me as our president we can actually get these things done. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the trail today. one interesting thing about new hampshire, how many people are actually on the ballot. take a look at this sample ballot right here. this is the democratic ballot. there are 28=wpj people on the ballot. hillary clinton is right in the middle there. it is done randomly. and then they go alphabetical from there. you only have to pay 1,000 bucks to get on the ballot. here is the republican ballot. there are 30 people on this ballot it's amazing to see
3:52 pm
all those people. the record is 61. >> i have been to hillary and bernie rally. at hillary's we they were chanting that we believe she can win which seemed a little depressing. and then the bernie rally everyone was so happy and so pumped up, just as everyone has described. bernie sanders himself come from "saturday night live" and a long night. he was sick with a cough and his voice was hoarse. the room was hot. he stood there over an hour speaking. the man is stronger than an ox. young couple 'the girlfriend turned to the boyfriend and said why is he just so adorable? just total love and hope. it's interesting when you talk to hillary supporters who are supported and a lot at her rally undecided. some between trump, cruz and hillary. interesting mix of people. people decided for hillary, they just believe that she is going to be the nominee. it's just eventual, and it's
3:53 pm
the emails don't matter. they are invested partisans and they know things are tough it. they say they have a lot of friends who are for hillary. the kids are for bernie. they think she will close the gap here. i think she will too. bernie could never win by the stretch we see in the polls it is just -- it's a divided party. >> yeah. so the rumor of the shakeup in the clinton camp, they are tamping it down saying it's not true. sometimes when we hear these things, they end up being >> certainly, if it hasn't happened yet, they are not going to admit that it's about to happen. we have heard these stories before. he there have been shakeups in previous clinton campaigns. they have didn't necessarily solve the problems. the david axelrod tweet was interesting that at some point the clinton team has to think that it might be the principles, that it might be the clintons themselves that are causing the problems. what i found interesting' the last couple days on the democratic side it threw into full relief exactly the sense that hillary clinton, how much she believes she is entitled to the votes of
3:54 pm
women. madeleine albright basically said it. that because of your gender, you should -- you are almost expect to do vote certain way. and, if you are not -- if traitor to your sex. you rarely see it in these stark terms. particularly argument against republicans. you see it emerge when democrats attack democrats. >> tucker? >> it's the most interesting thing i have seen for a long time. to it a.b. to these events. part of the reason bernie sanders is succeed something because he is the only democrat who can tell the truth about the economy or part of the truth. he said the unemployment rate obama people tell you it's 10%. you are paying more for your health insurance than. hillary can't say it because she is tied to barack obama in hopes of winning votes from the south. that's why he is not just drawing starbucks baristas but working class people.
3:55 pm
that's amazing. second points is+k hillary people have no idea what they are doing. it starts with the clintons themselves. we watched bill clinton on stage famously talented in politics tried to sell the crowd on the idea that his wife san outsider the former first lady because she has the support of senator patrick longest serving senator in the united states senate who became a senator when i was 4 years old. these bona fides. >> when bill clinton comes out swinging usually it's a sign that something internally is amiss. >> usually doesn't work out well for his wife as we saw with south carolina the last time around. evidence didn't helpselfself by making a racial suggestion how that race would turn out. you know, you look at him now and he may still be the big dog but his voice is kind of failing. of he is an older man now. he is an elderly man which is something you don't associate with him. but there he is. so i am not sure how much help he will be. however, if we assume, as i
3:56 pm
think all of us do that bernie sanders is going to win here. of he is may not wins a big as the polling suggested that had him up as many as 30 points in recent days and weeks. the question for him is now where does he go? of course, that's a cliche question in politics but it's a very legitimate question to ask of him. where is he with his ultra liberalism and new york accent take his traveling show? >> momentum is something. annual panel, thank you. that is it for us tonight. be sure to tune in for live coverage of the new hampshire primary tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid from a snowy manchester, new hampshire, good night here comes greta. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you.
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