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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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go to for more. >> and if you run from the tv run to the radio. we have a huge lineup as we take apart what's going to happen in new hampshire. >> i'm going to new hampshire right now. >> see you later. bill: a fox news alert. here we are in the next phase of this race. we are 24 hours before most of the polls will be open in the granite state. it's a sprint to the finish as men and women are jockeying for position. martha: it was a great weekend'. watching the super bowl. you have got the frontrunner donald trump still in a double-digit lead. candidates have been chris crossing the state after a strong debate performance. governor chris christy says he
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believes this state always new ballgame. >> this race is wide open. no one knows what's really going none this race at all. we sense real mow men touch on the ground for us. if we'll run through the tape us dane do very well. >> tuesday you have to get out and vote. we have a movement going on that is unbelievable. >> this is the first primary in the country that gets to answer the question what happens next to america after 7 years of a president that is trying to take from us all of the things that made us different and special. martha: according to the latest monmouth university polls, donald trump up by 13%. according to this particular
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poll ted cruz is at 12%. bill: sanders 52-42 over hillary clinton. we are going to start in huffed on, new hampshire. how are the republican governors between bush and kasich and christy trying to gain traction there. >> they are attacking marco rubio. no one has been more relentless than that. he especially jeb bush have been focusing on rubio. the attacks really got into high gear this weekend when chris chri -- whenchris christie at dd
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on rubio. >> this country already has a debt problem. but let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he's trying to change the country. he wants america to be like the rest of the world. >> that's what washington, d.c. does, the drive-by shot at the beginning with the incomplete or incorrect information and the memorized 25-second speech. reporter: christy has been continuing that line of attack throughout the weekend. jeb bush says he's a great speaker but scripted and robotic. marco rubio is hardly the first politician to have a talking point and repeat it. rubio says the reason he keeps saying it is because it's true.
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>> it's what i believe and i am going to continue to say it because it happens to be one the main reasons i'm running. reporter: those polls were taken before saturday night's debate. martha: let's go to the democrats where the latest polling shows bernie sanders maintaining his strong lead over hillary clinton. molly line is carrying that live. let's start with the sanders campaign. what's the latest there? >> senator bernie sanders leading in the polls by double digits. sanders held a larger, better rally. absolutely packed house. over 1,200 people there. the clinton campaign is expected to hit sanders on foreign policy putting out the message he's not
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informed. sanders is slamming clinton on her own foreign policy decisions. he i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. reporter: sanders has a packed schedule across the state and a students for bernie rally. secretary clinton went to flint, michigan where she was trying to put a focus on the toxic water crisis. but before that she took a stop in manchester. we went to a dunkin donuts.
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she took a hard swing at sanders who left town to appear on "saturday night live." >> the mayor has been wanting me to come, and this is a time that worked out for her. i'm thrilled to be back in new hampshire working as hard as i can. i will keep working literally to the last minute. occasionally you go off the campaign trail. bernie sanders went to new york to be on snl, and i'm going to flint to help with the kids. report report bill clinton says sanders is dishonest and unreamistic. the. >> bill: i want to turn to byron york now. how are you, sir.
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four years ago, saint anselm. i think tuesday night is all about donald trump. the polls consistently have hip in double digit. can he finish? >> he is the biggest question of this election. you just showed the monmouth poll. if you talk to his rivals they will say this lead is soft. on the other hand talk to the trump people and they will concede that the ground game was not much, but it's real in new hampshire. they are making phone calls and sending emails. they say he will perform up to those polls. if he does well. he goes on to south carolina in a strong position, and if he loses, that would be a story.
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now in the next battle let's call it second place for the sake of this discussion here. is it kasich? is it bush? is it christy? is it marco rubio? >> you just saw all of those candidates with the exception of christie within 2 points much each other. there is a big bunch down there. there has been an odd dynamic where you have one candidate far ahead of the pack, then you have the pack in back. instead of going after the guy in front they are going after each other, trying to kill each other for the privilege of going one-on-one against trump. you have people in second and third and place attack each other. >> there was a poll that came out suggesting job bush is the upon one who made a significant move higher. we'll see if that plays out tuesday night.
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ted cruz, a winner in iowa last week. >> zero bounce. mike huckabee and rick santorum didn't get big bounces because iowa is a different state. the cruz people say we are not going to win here. we want to do respectably well. then move on to south carolina where there are evangelical voters he did so well with in iowa. cruz is not making much of an impression here. bill: has this race become about someone other than donald trump? >> we got that sense at the debate with marco rubio. voters who had do its about rubio. they heard about his momentum. if they had doubts about rubio, perhaps his performance confirmed some of those doubts.
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but you come out of the race and they are talking about marco rubio. but we do have donald trump to talk about. bill there are one person suggesting this is the tightest race on the republican side that has been contested in this state in 40 years. based on that polling it would suggest that person is exactly right. martha: marco rubio coming out of iowa looked like the guy who wasn't donald trump. now you have breathing room for these other players and they are excited about it and they are trying to make something out of it this morning. jeb bush fired up at the republican debate and aiming that fire on donald trump. >> when you call john mccain or anybody else that was a p.o.w. who served this country in a way that should be admired. american heroes, calling them
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losers, donald trump, you are the loser. martha: will that line help the florida governor in new hampshire? >> governor chris christie says he believes it's a whole new race out there. but will this focus on marco rubio turn into happen * votes in that's the question for him. much more ahead for him live from the college of saint anselm college. >> going into that debate. there was a move to anoint senator rubio and now that's over. i think it changes the entire race. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours.
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the general election since the 1970s without winning new hampshire. welcome, and nice to see you. 33 weeks trump has had a double-digit lead. >> without any deviation. he has said controversial things and done turn it things. he may be downplaying that now but it may be devastating. bill: was it motivated to a 10 or 5? >> i think his voters are motivated and there isn't any second place. but with trump, they are going to drive to the polls tuesday voting for trump. bill: you aring they will turn out. this was a question in iowa 10 days ago. >> there is always a question
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about the mechanics of that turnout game. but motivation is always the best thing that gets people in their cars in a snowstorm like we are going to have and gets them to a polling spot. >> you are saying they have that motivation. if that's true, that means trump wins. >> he has a double digit expectation he has to live up to. i don't think he liked coming in second in iowa and i don't think he expected it. he's a competitive person and i think it was a blow to him. >> let's talk about the rubio situation saturday night. in new hampshire do primary voters listen to the media? do they react to that? yes or no. >> yes, that final weekend and all that goes on is crucial in the presidential primary. christy decided to take a swing, he hit him, and we'll find out,
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we haven't really seen conclusive polling as to whether or not it was -- whether it will hurt him. but at this point the chattering that took place sunday afterwards probably did hurt him. bill: .people listen that bernie sanders and his campaign are sexist against hillary clinton? >> i think you will hear that through the nomination. young women voters are the ones up for grabs because bernie sanders has this lock on the next generation. if he can break away some of those young women voters, i think that's what he was trying to accomplish. bill: you were back stage during the introductions. and this was -- mayor case
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watching this, and we have no clue as to what's happening. david from abc said it's loud inside here down the hall. you were behind that curtain. what happened? >> you can't hear anything. when you are doing 1,000 people live audience debate. there is clapping going on and it's not what you hear when you are watching the television set. that's why the confusion. >> if you don't hear your name called you might not start to walk. it's a tense moment. the candidates are wiry, they have been prepared, they have all of their aides pushing them. it many just a tense moment until they get to that podium. bill: predictions tuesday night? do you play that game or not? >> it's a big thing for second place in new hampshire and i
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think that's still up for grabs. martha: new hampshire is where independent voters have a very big voice, and we are getting some indication of where they may be going. we'll tell you what that is. plus hillary clinton unleashing her husband on bernie sanders as she wages a battle to get those liberal voters on her side. will this new strategy with her husband work? >> a look at campus of saint anselms. we'll be right back. >> [inaudible] whether the people of new hampshire are repaired to lead this country in a political revolution. on the floor! everybody down! nobody move! on the floor!
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martha: back here live in new hampshire as democrats become more divided ahead of the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton is struggling to win over liberal voters. she is trying to use her experience as a selling points. but some say her own ad could be hurting her. >> we intend to be sure never this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they are born, no matter to whom they are born, our children's future is shaped. both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation. martha: howie kurtz, explain why
6:25 am
you think that ad might hurt her. you look at it and say she has been fighting these battles for a long year. but this is a year when people don't value experience and want an establishment figure. she is trying to sell a carefully calibrated evolution, but she is running against bernie and his revolution. martha: it's similar to run against bernie and run against trump on the other side. both are selling a populist form of politics. but you have guys on the other side saying it can't be done that way. bill clinton is saying the kinds of spending you are proposing is not doable. >> the big dog is biting again.
6:26 am
no candidate can control that. december mating his spending programs. they are very frustrated that almost no one, including the press, has really scriewt nietds and held bernie sanders accountable how he would pay for these things. which this whiff of december --f desperation. martha: here is madeleine albright. >> you have to help, hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
6:27 am
>> under that form thraition hillary clinton is going to hell. she has always had trouble connecting emotionally. she doesn't have her husband's natural retail political skills. she has plans and she sells them as being realistic and achievable. but ultimately it's a muddling message. some very difficult boxes she is in and so far she has not been able to get out of it. >> you see the union vote, the black vote. but you would think, howie, it's logical in new hampshire you would be able to fire up feminist voters who want to see a woman in office. but it almost feels like that moment has passed. these young women are saying i like what bernie is saying and
6:28 am
it's not that important to them. >> hillary clinton is still the overwhelming favorite. but this is pretty remarkable. 92, bill clinton was the comeback kid. hillary clinton after losing iowa came back. she can't seem to get traction here. she is trying to get more aggressive and her husband is trying to get more aggressive. she is trying to hold count margin so it won't be a blowout. bill: you are not going to hell, mccallum. neither are you, kurtz, no matter who you have vote for. bill: jeb bush tearing into donald trump, in the closing hours how much about that matter?
6:29 am
>> what kinds of man would do that? you do not want that man as president of the united states, i can promise you that. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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martha: we are back live from manchester, new hampshire. >> let me echo with lindsey said. here is a sign of real weakness, when you calm john mccain or anybody else who was a p.o.w. who served this country in a way that should be admired, calling them losers, donald trump, you are the loser. [cheers and applause] martha: the long time senator
6:33 am
from new hampshire and a jeb bush supporter, good morning to you. you see your candidate going after donald trump hard on the campaign trail. what's that die ma'am pick? do you have think there is something behind the the scenes? >> i think jeb bush feels donald trump won't be a good candidate for president for the republican party. there is a significant contrast in styles, ability and purpose. martha: you can find article after article after article that says jeb bush's campaign was dead. the low energy label trump put on him stuck to him hard. you wrote a piece where you said you believe donald trump may lose in new hampshire. >> i think he will lose from a
6:34 am
perception stands point. he may win, but it will be closer than people think. i think august said, jeb got off to a slow start. he's very weak in a few debates and if you go to the town meetings he's really strong. what's going to happen in new hampshire in my opinion is ham is a perception election. i think donald trump is seen as losing in new hampshire. jeb bush and john kasich and everybody else. martha: you wrote an interesting piece saying hillary clinton will be the nominee because the power structure in democratic party is monolithic. but that's not so on the gop side. explain that to everybody at
6:35 am
home, and who does that benefit, if anybody. >> it's big labor. education, african-american activist groups such as the black caucus. and the environmental movement. the radical environment movement. and they basically control the nomination process. hillary is their candidate and she is going to win. bernie is go ahead andertainment and he will do well here and there and he will get young votes. but as a practical matter she'll win the nomination. people say the tea party, the tea party is spread all over the place and here in new hampshire there is not a hard-core evangelical movement or far right movement. it's just folks who are rational krorns who want to see less government rather than more
6:36 am
government. so the party doesn't have power centers to pick people. martha: there are a lot of polls out there. but we'll put this one up and get a look at where it stands. you have got donald trump at 30%, kasich at 14%. the governors and ted cruz is in there. how much do you think what happened on the debate stage with marco rubio, how much do you think it hurt him? >> i think it's significant. he ran into chris christie who is a street fighter from new jersey. i guess his folks told him he had to repeat his message and he repeated it over and over, one too many times. i do think he's sort of gone into a stand still in new hampshire at the moment and you are seeing governor bush and governor kasich moving up too
6:37 am
fast. martha: ted cruz wrote that there is an undercurrent evangelical vote in new hampshire and he has been able to connect with those voters and bring them out. is it possible he finds those evangelical voters in new hampshire that people tend to believe don't exist and that helps bump him up into second place? >> there are a lot of people in this state who are seriously religious. but they are not going to cruz. he's an unethical person. he may be fooling some folks, but i think most people are seeing him for who he is. he doesn't have any ethics and he's not trustworthy and he's not going to get a big vote in new hampshire. maybe 10%, 12%.
6:38 am
very good to see you. many, many thanks. bill: you know what new hampshire is known for. it's known for independent voters. in this state they are called undeclared. they could be in all likelihood they will be the deciding factor. what are those voters telling you? >> have much this evening republican voters are telling us they are undecided at this point. republicans and democrats have to vote in their respective primaries. but they can vote in either primary. so they are very, very riley sought after. while many we talked to have an idea who they are going to vote for. most would say they are still on the fence. >> what will make up your mind on who to vote for tuesday? >> their resume.
6:39 am
i'm a carly fan. i'm sold on carly. could i be swayed? yes. >> how will you know. >> tuesday morning i'll go with my gut. reporter: is it going to be a tough decision? >> it will be, yes. reporter: these voters had two decisions. do they vote republican or democrat and which candidate do they vote for. we also wondered would the debate performance sway them. reporter: are you voting democrat or republican? >> probably republican. >> who are you thinking about? >> i like john kasich, i like rubio. reporter: who do independent voters support in 34% say they
6:40 am
will go for donald trump. second john kasich. way back at 16%. kasich has the highest favorable ratings of any of the republican candidate. 20% of these voters say they don't even know which party they are going to vote for. bill: i love it. thank you, john roberts. martha: carly fiorina missed the cut for the debate, but she is not giving up the fight. she'll join us telling us how she is making her voice heard. our special coverage from a soon to be snowy manchester, new hampshire. live today, we'll be right back. >> i'm tested and prepared and ready. what i have been saying about
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>> we don't need on the on-the-job training in the white house. bill: chris christie not letting marco rubio off the hook. where the new jersey governor hit his rival early and often. >> you weren't even there to vote for it. that's not leadership, that's truancy. >> when i'm elected this will once again become the single greatest nation in the world. not what barack obama has imposed on us. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. ' the drive-by shot withness
6:45 am
information. >> you didn't want to go back. you were shamed into going back. >> is that what you get as one of the skills as a senator, esp? bill: nice to be in your neighboring state. a spokesman from saint anselm said new hampshire voters are super keen in the last hours. i thought there is not a republican on the stage who disagrees with what marco rubio said.
6:46 am
if he had said what is factually wrong about what i said. >> the problem with running for president is you can never hide who you are. marco rubio was exposed in that debate. when he kept going after that same talking point and not listening to what had been said -- bill: rubio believes and so too does everybody else on stage. >> they believe it but the fact he kept saying it over and over was proving crisp point. he's a prosecutor and he will go for the jugular. i hate to say it, marco was on a roll. i think he did poorly in the beginning of the debate. he regrouped and had a solid debate after that. by then the damage was done. what does that mean in new hampshire? he's not going to lose the voters he had.
6:47 am
but those who were undecided will look at kasich and the other guys. martha: coming out of iowa, marco rubio was the guy. it was going to be donald trump and marco rubio. he had been designated following iowa. but it's amazing what can happen in the week between new hampshire and iowa. chris christie was swinging at the fences because he had nothing to lose. he has worked his you know what off in the state trying to get the numbers off the ground and eight has not worked. but this dynamic that happened the other night gives everybody breathing space. you have got a chance if you are supporting donald trump. >> he's the newcomer. he's been doing it for 7 mows. he's going to knock some heads and take some numbers.
6:48 am
i agree with him on financial issues. i think he can bring in brilliant people to get our debt under control. the tboard and isis i have been talking about that stuff forever. but getting back to what chris has doing, i have hip at 5th and 6th. it's a fine line, the attacks. i think second is kasich and rubio and cruz within a few hundred votes. bill: the sentence you get in new hampshire is kasich has one hell of a ground game. the other sentence you get of polling from yesterday is the guy making a move, the polls are right, is jeb bush. he popped 9 points. >> a lot of bad polling. new hampshire decides late. this mistake came.
6:49 am
they make their decisions at the end, then they close in. rubio got hurt so badly. there was a lot of talk about the bush donors. after that perform and the other need, those donors aren't going to leave rubio. that's where i think he picked up. >> the fact that jeb is doing it. he has been to my neighborhood three times going door to door. it's not just because it's my neighborhood. it's the whole town. i have also seen throngs of hillary clinton supporters out because they are in desperation mode. she should be leading by a mile and she is losing to an avowed socialist. it's a devastating blow to her and she needs to basically do very well in south carolina. getting back to chris and rubio and jeb.
6:50 am
there is now an opening for the establishment gosms lane that wasn't there before. when you talk about the experience, it's not only rubio, it's cruz. the half-term senators don't have the experience a lot of the governors do. i have always loved jeb bush. i think any of these people running would make a better president. it comes down to in new hampshire the independents will play in the republican primary. they don't trust her. they think she is in wall street. >> how many of them go in the democratic primary will determine how much sanders beats clinton. martha: is donald trump a changed man after his second place finish in iowa.
6:51 am
yes may have shifted his strategy and he sounds a little bit different on the campaign trail. we are live from new hampshire. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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martha: they are spending a lot of money on this. voters can track these political ads in a whole other way. it sounds like we political junkies will like this stuff, william. what have you got? >> it's called the political ad tar kiefs. every time a political spot airs it's captured.
quote quote
6:55 am
you can see how many times it runs in each city on each day. what you are about to see are ads running in new hampshire. trump runs this ad 199 times. cruz 13, kasich 64. >> he wants to make america great. >> we have a country we are proud of and we are not going to lose. >> if i'm elected president we'll triple the border patrol and build a wall that works. >> it's our time, america never gives up. new hampshire starts here. john kasich. reporter: each candidate has multiple spots. in iowa you saw multiple spots. martha: do you see any patterns? >> the top 8 candidates spent about $6 million. so rubio's super pac,
6:56 am
conservative solutions based half their money on attack ads. so here are three ads getting a lot of air play. rubio hitting jeb 272 times. and christy hitting kasich 68 times as a bad banker. >> clinton and bush two names from the past, tied to the past with ideas from the past. >> marco rubio you will over the place on immigration, bad judgment. hillary clinton voted to give wall street bad loans leading to the bank crisis. reporter: you can see all 75,000 ads for yourselves. bill: minutes away we'll talk to carly fiorina.
6:57 am
also marco rubio doubling down on his attacks on the president as our special live coverage continues. back in a moment. . . . .
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7:00 am
martha: process is moving right along. one day to go before the new hampshire primary and it may be a big night for governors in this race. some people are looking for their resurgence in some ways in all of this. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." we're here in new hampshire and and i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. donald trump is still on top here but the race for second could not be tighter, adding extra urgency of final day of this campaign. new poll gives trump a double-digit lead at 30% but there is not a lot of daylight between a lot of other candidates. kasich in the poll is 14, bush at 13.
7:01 am
rubio at 13, cruz at 12. fiorina is at five. she is our guest. stand by live for that. martha: brit hume with us here in new hampshire. good morning, mr. human. a lot happened over the weekend. what do you think happened. >> marco rubio got hurt by chris christie's assault on him, he repeated it three times. people noticed. he had some momentum and energy coming in from iowa, having done unexpectedly well. i think it has been checked. he may recover in the last day. new hampshire voters notoriously swing in large numbers one direction or another. in scattered field we may not see anything as pronounced as we have in the past. not clear at all chris christie bained much. although he did inflict real bruises. those are two campaigns to keep an eye on.
7:02 am
martha: what about jeb bush? there is a lot of discussion that the bush campaign, which many people said was dead in the water, may have a shot at regaining its footing? >> he has been so far down that if he does better than expected, he has plenty of money. there is no doubt he can move on, no matter how he does here but if he has a little bit of a better than expected showing he might get a new look and a fresh set of lungs. martha: yeah. you know, it fascinates me when you look at chris at this rubio matchup we saw the other night because chris christie, a lot of people thought he should have run last time around. he backed out of that race because he said he needed more experience. he wanted more time as governor. now he sees marco rubio coming up in that lane on the other side and doing what he would probably consider to be skipping a lot of necessary steps to get into that spot. >> there is clearly what you might call whippersnapper effect regarding rubio.
7:03 am
the accusation is made and that he is callow and his sound bites are canned and all rehearsed and not backed up by any real hard experience or knowledge. so far he had seemed to be able to shake off that criticism until the debate in which he seemed to enact it. and that's why i think it was so, such a problem for him. and we'll see whether he can hang in there. it will be interesting to see whether donald trump can meet expectations he has had in this state, which are so very high. you had judd gregg on earlier. he and others think trump will win but won't win as much as expected. he will face the same thing in iowa even though winning. martha: look at donald trump, look at the support he has in this state, when you hear that kind of thing from judd gregg, we may talk to donald trump in a few minutes now, what do you say to that? he has got tremendous numbers. >> he does. martha: use a word he will certainly use when we talk to him, big numbers. >> i've seen this happen before in the past where you, candidate
7:04 am
will appear to have a lot of support and may even do very well but the people in the state who are part of the political apparatus, who know state, know the voters can't find their supporters. i remember walter mondale in 1984 in maine looking for something to check the momentum of gary hart who beat him in new hampshire. he went up to maine with caucuses nobody pay attention to. he set his best field organizer. mondale shook hands with a guy. we got them out. and they did. a bunch people nobody ever seen before showed up at caucuses. that will have to happen for donald trump. state's republican leaders don't know who the people are. martha: we will see if it is for real. thank you, brit. nice to see you. bill: carly fiorina arguing do not count her out. she is looking to make a comeback here after unsuccessful appeal to get on the stage for the debate saturday night. fiorina put out the ad on
7:05 am
television during last night's super bowl. this is part of that. >> we need a fearless fighter in the white house, not just to win the election but restore character of our nation. join with me, fight with me, vote for me. bill: former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina with me now in manchester. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: i understand you had a date night on saturday night with your husband frank. dinner and movie i do believe. >> the game is rigged. i beat a couple governors in iowa. i beat them. i'm tied with jeb bush in delegates coming out of iowa. last time i looked, delegates and the rigged game, anyone but carly network and rnc, no this is not first-in-the-nation primary in new hampshire. new hampshire voters don't get to decide who they will hear from. somehow because of polling data from january 1st, i don't get to be on the stage. i thought votes mattered and delegates counted. i already have beaten to some of
7:06 am
these guys. bill: when we talked to rnc about this last week, abc set criteria a month ago. top three in iowa, top six in new hampshire. top six nationally. >> but remember, nationally, we don't need to get in all of this, bill, the excuse was we had so many candidates we had to look at polling data. guess what? eight are gone. eight remain. i'm one of the eight. we don't have to look at polling data anymore because we have votes and delegates. i actually thought those counted. you just said yourself, so many new hampshireites haven't decided yet. polls were wrong -- you know iowa, mike huckabee was polling twice what i was and i beat him and he's gone. but somehow i wasn't on the stage? what is most important about this actually is not me. what is most important is, the game is rigged against the people of new hampshire. bill: what do you think not being on that stage saturday night did to your campaign, specifically here in new hampshire? >> well, we'll see.
7:07 am
we'll see. but there is no question that a debate, three days before a primary is kind of important. and that's why it is so outrageous people in new york and washington, by the way always people in new york and washington who rig the game. it has been that way for 25 years. it's why the people of new hampshire who are pretty sophisticated watch politicians roll through here cycle after cycle, promising same thing time after time, yet it never really changes. that's why i'm running. we have to take our country back. bill: you've been working hard over the weekend. you know how much they pay attention final 36, 48 hours. >> exactly. why polls on january 1st aren't all that relevant. bill: on issues, north korea tested a long-range rocket over the weekend. >> that's right. bill: if you were to be commander-in-chief why are you then better suited than the others that were on the stage saturday night to handle with issues like this. >> i have more foreign policy experience than anyone on that stage.
7:08 am
i have met more world leaders. i've been in the world longer. i've held the highest clearances. i chaired advisory board of cia, nsa of the advised two secretary of defense, a secretary of state and secretary of homeland security. i've been around the world a long time. i know our military and intelligence capability. the first thing i would have done long ago is respond to provocation. this administration, hillary clinton, barack obama, they never respond. so when north korea hacked into sony pictures, i would have responded because when you don't respond, when you are inviting is more provocation. and that is what we're getting. i would have responded when iran launched two ballistic missile tests. there was no response. when there is no response, when we do not lead, then our adversaries say, we might as well keep going. mrs. clinton famously asked, what difference four americans dying in benghazi makes? the difference is this when
7:09 am
terrorists purposely attack an embassy, four americans are murdered and secretary of state and stands up and lies about a videotape that doesn't represent our values, instead of saying this was purposeful terrorist attack and we united states of america will secrettry because, what she said was, to every adversary we have and every terrorist organization, open season on the united states of america. that is what difference it makes. bill: two more things quickly. what i'm hearing here in new hampshire is, for those who are supporting donald trump and for those who are hearing his message about making america great again, what they talk about is obama lays. what do you hear from from voters. >> yes there is a obama malaise. incomes stagnated for 40 years. government has been getting bigger for 40 years. government is becoming less competent, more corrupt for 40 years.
7:10 am
the same promises have been made. i understand why donald trump is appealing but i also understand that he is the system. he is the ultimate crony capitalist. he freely admits it. he made his billions by buying off people on the inside of the system who have made millions like hillary clinton. you're not going to fix system that hasn't worked for american people for a long time by electing people who are the system. bill: this process, one could argue, started in august 6th, in cleveland, ohio, on the debate stage in debate number one with martha and me. i'm curious after six or seven months in the process, have you changed, have has your tone changed what you're telling voters as of this morning? >> actually no. that's what people remark upon. i would argue the campaign started when i launched it on may 4th, everybody counted me out on that day and every day since.
7:11 am
the message is exactly the same. i'm promising to do the same things. i'm talking about the same issues. we have to take our country back. our government and our politicians no longer work for us. our future is at risk. we have to restore a citizen government to this great nation. i haveying that from the day i launched and i have been underestimated every single day except for here, is the thing. eight of us are left. i'm still there. we have a ground game in 12 states. money to go the distance. leadership teams in 25 states. i'm going on. bill: regardless of tuesday night's results you will be in south carolina? >> i think the people in new hampshire will send me out of here with the wind at my back. i have a more money and organization than a bunch of the governors i already beaten. bill: carly fiorina, nice to see you in person. >> nice to see you. martha: donald trump returned to the debate stage saturday night in new hampshire how did he do. >> to put it mildly you are a,
7:12 am
not a fan of donald trump. i got to say i thought he had a pretty good night last night. >> actually i thought he didn't. i thought he flubbed eminent domain issue badly which is important issue to republicans. >> so did jeb bush find trump's weakness? we'll talk to former new hampshire above john sununu next. bill: tomorrow's primary handing out a major factor that is entirely unpredictable. how the undeclared voter could swing results. we'll look at that for you. coverage of the new hampshire primary rolls on here at st. an sell many's college in new hampshire. >> got to be ready to be president of the united states. not about putting on a nice suit and reading a teleprompter. being president of the united states is not about that. we had that for the last seven years.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
♪ martha: so it is a final day now of rallies and town hall meetings. you're looking at a live picture of donald trump right now as he is out there in salem at the moment. he is, meanwhile, jeb bush, pretty fired upcoming out of saturday night's debate. he has a new line of attack for donald trump. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public purpose. that is downright wrong. >> woman ultimately didn't want to do that. >> that is not true.
7:17 am
simple fact is, to turn this into limousine parking lot for his casinos is not a for public use. >> a lot of times. >> how tough to take property from elderly woman. >> let me talk, quiet. a lot of times. a lot of times -- [booing] martha: interesting exchange. former new hampshire governor john sununu former staff of president george h.w. bush. what do you think about jeb last night and that exchange in particular? >> i think last few weeks jeb rediscovered politics is contact sport. i think he will take it aggressively to trump and other candidates. i think he was too polite. martha: crowd was not quiet when he shushed them. >> donald trump is getting away from a style initially got him a lot of votes. i think it is wearing thin. i have think you saw that in the crowd last night.
7:18 am
jeb picked the right subject. eminent domain is disasterous subject for conservatives. trump doesn't seem to understand that. martha: let's look at another sound bite from jeb bush but i want to set this up he is talking about really what happened to marco rubio on saturday night and responding to whether or not he is less likely to fall into the same pattern of sort of repeating talking points as marco rubio appeared to do the other night. let's take a look. >> i got a monkey brain to be honest with you. i can't say the same thing like, i can't say it. my mind works differently. it is not like message discipline is not my strength. i ad it. something goes on in there. it is fertile. it es growing, challenging. i always question myself. i'm intellectually curious. i don't, it is not all scripted. i think that is actually a strength to be president of the united states because you can not script being commander-in-chief. [applause] martha: what do you think?
7:19 am
>> i think the press is making too much of what happened to marco rubio. martha: you do? why? >> i think that style and voters look at substance and message he was trying to give, a lot of voters actually agree with him, that a lot of voters do think that barack obama has been deliberately undermining the constitutional base of the country. so i think on substance points he was fine. martha: i think you're right. i think meaning of what he was trying to say got lost. it was recognized that would be a grabbable sound bite to say obama knows what he doing. >> got lost to the press, but not to the voters. the press looks for style. the voters listen to substance. martha: so what he was trying to convey is that the president has done things extremely intentionally. >> right. martha: and marco rubio argues that is going to ruin the country. ask you about what will happen tomorrow in the primary in new hampshire. do you do you see things falling? is donald trump's lead appears what to be?
7:20 am
you know the ground game very well. >> i have to admit i don't have a feeling for our electorate first time in 100 years. martha: wow. >> it is very difficult to correlate what is really going on with the polls out there and what you get when you walk around and talk to people. i think trump will win. i don't think he is going to win by as much as he thinks he is and as much as the polls say. if he doesn't win by 12 points i think the perception will be that he lost. i think there will be clustering of two or three candidates for second place. i think that might include rubio and jeb bush and kasich. i think there will be another cluster around third place. martha: if donald trump wins you by 11 points in new hampshire that wouldn't a very solid win? >> no. i think people will say he was winning by as much as 25 to 30 points at one point. it is an indication of erosion of his support. i think he goes into south carolina and march 1st. the other candidates will point that out. martha: thank you very much, governor. >> good to be here.
7:21 am
martha: we're very happy to be here. bill: a hundred years? come on. come on. a hundred years. thank you, gov. marco rubio doubling down on his line about president obama. >> i'm going to say it again, the reason why these things are in trouble because barack obama is the first president, at least in my lifetime that wants to change the country. bill: so that was just yesterday. what is the story for him in new hampshire? we'll talk to one much his biggest supporters in a moment as our live coverage continues, from manchester, here in "america's newsroom." back in a moment, right after this. >> today, for the first time in history, a majority of the americans believe that our kids will have worst life than we did. 65%. that may be the most un-american idea you can think of.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
♪ bill: certainly it's been a big story last few days, continues now. marco rubio coming backswing. the florida senator doubling down on his critique of president obama's leadership. this just from yesterday here in new hampshire. >> after last night's debate you said the same thing three or four times. i will say it again. reason why these things in trouble, barack obama is the first president, at least in my lifetime that wants the change the country, change the country. not fix it. not fix its problems. he wants to make it a different kind of country. bill: okay. what about that? nebraska senator deb fisher, senate armed services committee, marco rubio supporter here to defend him. thanks for making time for us on "america's newsroom." >> my pleasure. bill: chris christie said, i told you he would not be ready. what would you say to the new jersey positive after that back and forth?
7:26 am
>> i would say marco is entire correct during that debate. president obama came in with his agenda, his way. he has not reached out. he has not tried to build consensus. i serve in the senate with marco rubio. we understand that. this is man came in with an agenda and he is trying to change things. bill: why didn't he say, who on this stage disagrees with me? probably if he said that he would have shut down chris christie and probably won the moment. have you thought about that? >> you know, debates, there is flowing and ebbing with debates. i would say to you that nebraskans and i believe americans are not focused how that was said. they're focused on what marco rubio does. he inspires people. he is strong on national security. he understands the threats to this country. i do serve on the armed services committee and i chair the subcommittee on emerging threats. i know what the challenges are
7:27 am
out there that we face. and no one knows these threats better, no one knows the challenges that we have in the world today, the dangerous world we face than marco rubio. that's why i'm supporting him. he will be a strong commander-in-chief. he will keep us safe. he will keep our country safe. he will keep our families safe. bill: just one last thing on the whole point about these closing 48 hours. you have all the voters who tell us they're undecided and undeclared here in new hampshire. you wonder how much of a mark that leaves, senator? >> i believe that voters in new hampshire are just like voters in nebraska. they are informed, they are interested, and they're listening to what the candidates are saying. they want to see somebody who has a plan. they want to see somebody who is talking about the issues. they want to listen to somebody who's positive. marco rubio is running a positive campaign. he is providing this country with a vision, with enthusiasm,
7:28 am
with really a voice that shows that we can be better. we're going to have a better, brighter future in this country. marco rubio is a trusted leader. he is going to lead us there. bill: we'll see how he does on tuesday, senator. thank you for coming in today. a rubio supporter. deb phisher -- fischer from new hampshire. i bet you would. come anytime. martha: primary process in new hampshire is a lot different than what we saw in iowa. how campaigns tailor the voter outreach strategies to work here. we have the self-proclaimed winner's second place finish in iowa taking a toll on him? maybe not. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i've been up here many times. great place. great people up here. that's why, that's why i'm asking for your vote. you guys better vote for me.
7:29 am
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♪ martha: we're all over the state of new hampshire today and candidates are all over it as well. you see governor john kasich of ohio. he is getting very animated question from viewer there who is participating in the town hall this morning. we're showing you live events around the area as candidates try to make every moment count in early going, late going should say in new hampshire. >> i've run good campaigns. i never done this before. remember these guys i'm competing against are governors and senators. that is all they do. i am a job creator. i do developments and deals and i've been very successful. bill: donald trump pounding the pavement here in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's primary. he does not appear to be doing it with the same attitude we saw in iowa. trump taking a more subdued tone.
7:33 am
is that for real after taking second place back in iowa? martha: here to talk about that steve hayes, senior writer at "weekly standard," and kirsten powers, columnist for "usa today." both fox news contributors. good to have you here this morning. bill: we call this all play this morning. hayes is wearing -- martha: he has new hampshire. i love that, right. bill: look as great. martha: kirsten, we'll start with you. true we're hearing slightly more muted donald trump to certain extent. i don't necessarily have to win in new hampshire. i hope i do. people in new hampshire are great to me. we can all cite the lines. >> which is interesting because he is ahead more in new hampshire than he was in iowa, in iowa he kept saying i want to win. in politics you don't usually do that. you lower expectations unless you're absolutely positive you're going to win. maybe he learned a lesson. i don't know. martha: usual sy says it is so great, i'm terrific, we'll win.
7:34 am
>> he is humble, a new trump. i don't think it is a new trump. i think he has been told he needs to tone it down here in new hampshire. i think kirsten is right. don't want to keep setting high expectations. if you look back at the vote, the polling before iowa and look at number of trump supporters who didn't go out to vote for him, to caucus for him you can expect a similar outcome here. if it was say one in four trump supporters who didn't become caucus-goers for him, he is looking at a likely lower number than he is polling right now. if the polling average is 30, 31 right now, maybe he ends up in the mid 20s. at that would be very impressive for a guy -- bill: i remember asking his son eric about this a couple weeks ago, whether or not he dials it back and whether you have conversations about that. you know what he said. no one tells my dad what to do. all comes from his gut. maybe scott brown is right. maybe there is a dial back. neil lavec runs politics here at
7:35 am
saint anselm. we talked with him last hour. he believes the trump lead is for real. he believes trump voters will vote. this is not a fasting phase. he believes they will do that because of the obama malaise. he says he wants to make america great again, he believes that phrase hits nail on head. >> this is state is more friendly to him than iowa. iowa was more favorable to ted cruz with evangelical vote. it is very conservative this is state where trump will probably do better. we may see some sort of you know, tapering off for him. i think, you know, but maybe his new approach is going to work though it is a little late frankly. i mean he probably should have been spending more time with voters sooner. martha: big question will be two parts to this i see it. you have the trump question, did he meet expectations or did he
7:36 am
not meet them which won't bode well. people will term that as a weakness. you have the cluster, steve in the second-tier. we were talking to governor john sununu about this you followed rubio's career closely. have you ever seen him as rocked as he was saturday night and what do you think impact is? >> this is one of the big questions. no, i haven't seen him like that. it was clearly bad moment for marco rubio. what is interesting the other competitors in that lane, in that knot vying for second place are making an argument that this is the real marco rubio. that they have just unmasked the real marco rubio. the candidate people have seen on the debate stage, smooth and fluid, knows his policy isn't the real marco rubio. i think that is hard sell for him. they want to make as much they can of bad moment. the idea marco rubio who can talk about isis in great detail, gave a terrific answer on abortion is somehow not knowledgeable is real stretch.
7:37 am
bill: how he dissected sunni and shia the other night? boom, boom. boom. >> three question exchange with martha rad debts, national security supporter as well. she went at him and went at him and went at him. he gave, strong, detailed substantive answers. i think by that point many of the people in new hampshire, many of the people commenting on this tuned out, said the story coming out of this is marco rubio and his flubs. but i don't know voters saw it the same way. martha: what is pretty clear he drives this other guy crazy. they don't like he has done so well so quickly. they feel like they paid their dues and he came up in the lane and passed them in the fast lane. they want to make sure he pays his dues. that they reveal him as you say for who they believe he is out there, kirsten. >> honestly when i was watching it, if you listen to talk radio at all, i don't do it a lot, but when imin a car, what he is saying is common refrain of conservatives. that all obama essentially changed america. transformed america.
7:38 am
the fact he kept repeating it. he can say he is robot or say it actually what he thinks an pretty commonly held belief among people on the right. bill: the other six don't disagree with that on the stage. >> this is the attack you make if you're attacking marco rubio. do the attack he is just like barack obama. he already had it. first-term senator. too scripted. good with the teleprompter. it is a good attack if you want to attack him. i think media is buying into it a little too much. i'm not sure that is exactly what is going on. martha: how he responds will be so important, over the course of yesterday and today. how forcefully can he turn around that narrative is going to be a real test of how skillful he is, steve. >> yeah, sure will be. seems to be wanting to double down. he said this morning in interview, look i'm not going to apologize for that. i'm not backing down. bill: he said it yesterday, exactly right. >> exactly. bill: we have to run. thanks to both of you, see you tomorrow. i love the quarter zip.
7:39 am
>> do one tomorrow. maybe i will bring a gray. bill: thank you, steve. thank you, kirsten. martha: so every minute counts. we've been saying here this morning as these campaigns get really close to the big moment of the primary. even candidate strategies can change as they move in on this. the clock ticks down and get advice which way they should bend a little bit here or there. senior political correspondent mike emanuel in manchester watching it all. what are they doing at bush headquarters to try to drive some turnout there, mike? reporter: martha, here at governor bush's headquarters in man christer, volunteers are in the turnout stage. they have identified likely supporters and worked on persuading them. they're trying to close the deal to make sure those folks turn out tomorrow to vote. phone calls made. volunteers certainty out. they will, likely supporters is the critical day. campaign senior advisor michael steele tells me there are more tools at their disposal than previous campaign cycles such as
7:40 am
the george w. bush campaign of 2000. >> it's a much different process. there are a lot more tools now. you have the whole digital side of it. you have identifying people and reaching them via facebook, via twitter, via digital ads. all of that wasn't available for 15 or 16 years ago. a whole universe of possibilities to reach people. reporter: michael steel said while apps and ipads are great, still about personal connection, meeting governor bush at a town hall identifying with his record really critical in terms of turn out tomorrow, martha. martha: very interesting. so, mike in terms of the democratic side, what kind of movement and strategy shift are you seeing over there? >> we've seen the hillary clinton campaign bring out some really high-profile surrogates like former president bill clinton, former secretary of state madeleine albright trying to make a difference in the final hours. there is army of volunteers working around the clock trying to help clinton catch sanders in final hours, working the phones,
7:41 am
dropping off flyers, reminding folks to turn out. we asked the sanders senior advisor about the difference between iowa and new hampshire. >> there is a lot of persuasion. great deal of volatility in the new hampshire primary. you have to keep the push on right up to election day. that is exactly what the sanders campaign is doing. reporter: we had good wither in iowa. people in new hampshire don't get freaked out by a little bit of snow. sanders campaign said they knocked on 50,000 doors over the weekend trying to close the deal. martha if. martha: mike, thank you very much. bill: iowa will say they don't get freaked out either though. to be fair and balanced. >> washington does though. they get pretty freaked out. bill: undeclared voters will have big impact on tomorrow's outcome. that is the way it works in new hampshire. what candidates are doing to gain their support as we go live from new hampshire in a moment. >> current ad administration, under the current president is
7:42 am
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♪ martha: a giant wildcard in tomorrow's new hampshire primary is the undeclared voters who make up the state's biggest voting bloc. take a look at these numbers. 44%, more than either the democrat or republicans. they get to choose which primary do they feel like voting? do they feel like a democrat or feel like a republican that day? it could have huge factor in the outcome. we have the staff writer for the monitor. the studies this stuff all the time. her job to do that. alison. good morning to you.
7:46 am
how do you see that on the undeclared voters in new hampshire. explain to others how the it works. can they walk in either place and vote? >> if you're independent voter you can choose whether you want a democrat or republican ballot on election day. it will being interesting to see. especially with there are choices now. it has been interesting. i talked to one person last week voting for ted cruz but his second choice was bernie sanders because he likes bernie sanders. martha: wow. >> get money it of politics message so much. martha: right. >> so a candidate like that has appeal to both democrats and republicans. and think that to some degree you know, people have been talking about donald trump having that same appeal but i've been hearing john kasich's name as sort of a more moderate republican that democrats could also get behind. martha: interesting. i guess it comes down to, those undeclared voters, if they did vote with democrats loose time,
7:47 am
how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with the obama administration, right? what are you talking up out there about that from them? >> right, absolutely. i think that people, i definitely have heard on, you know, both sides of the aisle, even some democrats saying we're kind of disappointed and i think those democrats are going to bernie sanders. the fact that even though obama's a democrat, it's a democratic administration -- martha: they're saying he wasn't liberal enough. >> some people say that absolutely. so i don't necessarily think that could tip the scales in favor of republicans. i think that because bernie sanders is such a progressive candidate and something that's so different, that could certainly be a factor as well. martha: what about women in this state? we saw madeleine albright come out and basically say there is special place in hell for women who don't support women candidates. she is talking about a democratic woman that is running. how does that work with new hampshire voters? >> i don't think a lot of new hampshire women will vote
7:48 am
for hillary clinton just because she he is woman. they certainly respect her. they respect she is so strong and respect stood up to so much and is still standing but, certainly, there are plenty of female voters that think bernie sanders is going to stand up for them. he is certainly emphasizes equal pay, things like reproductive rights and things like that in his speeches. and it is interesting to see, i feel like those, those are the ones where he always gets the standing ovation at every single event, when women's issues comes up. and, so i don't think that, again that is necessarily going to tip the scales in favor of hillary clinton. martha: do you believe, there is a lot of reporting that jeb bush is getting a second look in this state. and that he may do better tomorrow night than anybody anticipated. do you think that is the case from, your reporting. >> i'm not sure if it is just going to be jeb. i think all of the establishment candidates are the accidenting a second look.
7:49 am
i think all three, kasich, christie and bush all had a good night at the gop debate. so i think they're all going to get a second look. but these guys have been campaigning non-stop in new hampshire, just constantly. so i do think that, it is going to be interesting to see if jeb pulls out a win or pull out a top finish. martha: in terms of donald trump, do you think his second place finnish iowa, made people say he is not the winner we thought he was? or did it propel them to want to make sure he is their guy and wants to come in first here? >> i talked to new hampshire voters that said we don't pay attention to iowa. i hope people are looking. i do think people has influence certainly with marco rubio, that he came out of iowa strong and people taking a close look. it's tough to tell. voters that i see at trump events i think are much more sort of trying to make up their minds now. it is sort of less of the kind
7:50 am
of entertainment spectacle that i saw at the beginning. people are really trying to evaluate. martha: very interesting. ellen olsen, thank you for being here. bill: nice to see you. state of new hampshire now, the center of the political universe for the next 36 hours. donald trump and chris christie at the moment holding campaign events live here in the granite state. how will that last minute campaigning pay off? our live coverage from the campus of saint anselm's college in manchester rolls on next. ♪ e that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> seven minutes away on "happening now," county down to new hampshire. first-in-the-nation primary vote for president. the latest polls shows donald trump maintains a big lead but the race is tightening. saturday's debate may have some reconsidering their vote.
7:54 am
we have fox team political coverage plus media analysis ahead. new provocation from north korea. the fears there could be another nuclear test there. an incredible look at the heroin epidemic from our own geraldo rivera coming up on happ nothing now. bill: how are you feeling today, jon? >> i'm feeling vindicated. last week i said broncos by four. turned out to be 14. bill: congratulations. well-done, jon. >> i'm happy. i'm very proud of them. bill: you should be. you should enjoy it. broncos inis super bowl l, five, 0, in dominating fashion. upset the carolina panthers favored by five points. denver's defense made life miserable for quarterback cam newton, league mvp. sacked him seven times. four turnovers. that was a costly one there. peyton manning, age 39, oldest quarterback in nfl history, to lead his team to super bowl victory.
7:55 am
becoming first quarterback to win a super bowl with two different teams. did it with indianapolis. broncos celebrate as the clock winds down boeing from underdog to champion. peyton manning doesn't say if he will retire. if he calls it quits, this will be perfect way for him to go out. cool stuff for denver. congratulations to bronco fans. caroline, terrific season with a great team, still a young team also for next year. martha: one thing to say. i'm at least two for two. i was rooting for broncos. no way, panthers look really strong and look really good. last time around i was rooting for patriots who also won. maybe better luck next year, bill. bill: you think i'm in hole another dollar. martha: i think you are. bill: i thought the game was okay. i thought halftime was kind of weak. martha: it was messy, halftime. it was like they didn't know what they wanted to be?
7:56 am
did they want a coldplay performance or threw in beyonce and bruno mars who had been there before? it was odd. bill: we were watching. i thought gaga killed it at the national anthem. martha: you're a big fan. i compare everything to whitney houston who in my mind did the definitive star-spangled banner. i don't think she measured up. bill: note the. denver, well-done. carolina planning to come next year. we're less than 24 hours. we'll be here next couple days right now. candidates giving a last minute push to get supporters out to vote and they might need it. are any of them, is any one of them in line for a breakout tonight? martha: more from manchester, new hampshire, right after this break.
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7:59 am
martha: tomorrow is a big day. we'll be back at saints anselm tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening we'll start to
8:00 am
get returns on how voters feel in the granite state. keep us on all day, all night. we'll figure out what's going on. bill: we'll see you tomorrow, have a great day. jenna: it's countdown to the new hampshire showdown as voting in the first presidential primary just hours away. reporter: the stakes could not be higher in the granite state for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. with mrs. clinton coming off a narrow victory in iowa. so both are crisscrossing the state making a last-ditch effort to appeal to independent-minded voters. rich is following the gop candidate live in hudson, new hampshire right now.


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