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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tank." >> another great acting job by lou dobbs, of course. >> yes, he was. >> good job, fellows, girls. and thank you all for being here. and i'm greg gutfeld, and thank you for watching. it was rocky even before they could get on the stage. >> former senator marco rubio. >> and then the battle was on. >> the think that i would walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys. who would do something like this the? >> donald trump showed up. >> and he is a tough guy, and a lot of times, you will have, and it does not work well -- and let me talk. quiet. >> and attacking marco rubio. >> he may have the skills to be the president of the united
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states, but we have tried the old way with barack obama and we didn't get a leader, but somebody who wants to divide the country up. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision to be held accountable. when you talk about the sanctions act that you just listed as the influential, you weren't there for the vote. that is not leadership, but it is truancy. >> and when i am president, we will be the greatest single nation in the world, and not the nation that barack obama has left us. >> and it does not solve all problems for all people. >> and now, the analysis now. this is a special edition of america's election headquarters.
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good evening, i'm brett ba ix r, and we are at anselm college in manchester, new hampshire, and it is time to the decide who was most impressive. and let's start out with what we have heard. carl cameron is in the spin room. good evening, carl. >> well, it is an awful lot of incoming for marco rubio, and donald trump did pretty well. most of the goolgle searches was in new hampshire in the primary state new hampshire for marco rubio, but dominating was donald trump, and one battle that was particularly ing a graggressive chris christie, the new jersey governor betting it all here in the granite state went after marco rubio say hag he has a habit of taking a shot with the rifles and then following it up
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with the lofty rhetoric that is canned by most of his consultant s. >> he does not have the experience to be president of the united states and make these decisions. >> the experience is not just what you did, but how you worked out. under chris christie's governor of new jersey, they have been downgraded nine times in the credit rating. >> and that is what washington does, the driveby with the incomplete information and the memorized 25-minute speech. >> and your state hit by a massive snowstorm and you did want the go back, but it is shamed you into going back. >> and even the democrats -- >> there it is, the canned speech. >> and he repeated the line that barack obama didn't know what he was doing, and now, in the course of the evening another featured exchange featuring jeb
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bush who is vested in new hampshire and he needs to do well here to the point of slowing his campaign if not making it at all. and he went on the issue of imminent domain, and defended it talking specifically about the keystone pipeline and jeb bush said it is not right, and donald trump has used it sometimes for commercial use. >> they all want the keystone pipeline and the keystone without imminent domain would not go ten feet. you need imminent domain. >> and what donald trump did is to use imminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman in atlantic city, and that is not public use, but wrong. and you took property from a d elderly woman. >> and let me talk. quiet. >> trump was booed a number of ti times. >> the issue of imminent domain is important here, because it has been stalled many time ms. this state about power lines coming from canada through the
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north woods through the granite state called the northern pass, and it isis stalled because the folks have a nimby issue, not many my backyard, and so for trum top be arguing that imminent domain in this state could cause some headaches, but he got a pretty good debate performance and kept the humor, and kept his opponents on the offense, and the negatives, the unfavorable ratings in the polls are high, and because the independents can vote many this state, he may pull out the win, but it is clear that marco rubio is nipping at the heels and getting the incoming of somebody with momentum. brett? >> thank you, ka carl in the spin room. let's bring in the panel, fox political ammist brit hume, and david gregory former author ow of "meet the press," and steve
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hill. what about you, brit? >> well, marco was hurt tonight and that will last tuesday and beyond. he has been so fluid and coherent in the debates and it is not only the principled strong point and he had anything but that tonight. and krchl, and nobody did anything it seems to me tonight, including trump, himself, that would check his momentum and standing here for donald trump. he may fade, but he is not going to be fading of what happened here tonight. and finally, jeb bush had the best debate by far, and but the question for him is whether the world has passed him by, and it is too late for him. >> and david, what was rubio doing, coming back to the answer, four times, and five times i think with that exchange with chris christie. >> well, he was ignoring christie, and there is a calculation in the beginning that i don't want to go toe-to-toe with christie and i want to take on obama, and be a
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general election candidate, but the problem is that he has not knocked those guys out, and people are looking at new hampshire saying this is a time when rubio can eliminate the party and eliminate bush and christie and kasich, but he can't do that, because he is playing over the heads when he has not knocked them out yet. that is a mistake, and he has been trying the to play middle of the election fair wway and i is not going to work. >> it worked last week at your debate, because it is that he talked about a general election campaign and talked about being the nominee, and going after hillary, and tonight a flop, and why? because he knew the exact attack coming to him, and young and untested and inexperienced and he fell right into christie's trap, and he knew it was coming, and then he did the boy in the bubble, and go to robotic talking points, and i can't take a surprise question, and christie's attacks have been so obnoxious all week, but what he did to rubio could have been
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completely anticipated by rubio and the candidate himself, and when he kept repeating himself were absolutely bizarre. >> we knew that ted cruz and donald trump would have their own moments, and ted cruz arguably had a decent debate on a number of different issues, but the kasich/christie/bush/rubio, that is the battle here in new hampshire. >> yes, it is, the three candidates who have spent the most time in kasich, bush and christie, they have had their best nights of the entire campaign, the best debates of the entire campaign and all of them with good moment, and christie clearly got the better of marco rubio in the exchange, and jeb bush had a strong the answer on the veterans issues. he was smart, and i can't believe it is taking a candidate this long the go after donald trump on the imminent domain question, and not just the po policy, but trying to take and seize the property of vera cokings, the 74-year-old widow at the center of the dispute,
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and trump was fluster and he didn't have a substantive answer for jeb bush. >> and a couple of thoughts way want to add to that, trump's defenders were saying that he didn't actual ly get the propery because he was stopped by a court, which is not the greatest defense i have ever heard, and another thing i would add is that chris christie did the job on marco rubio, taand the questn it raises is whether the tough guy, the brawler, that christie certainly was tonight is appealing to voters. in other words, he hurt christie, but did he help himself? >> well, he didn't. christie came across as effective on rubio, but he appears nasty. and i don't think that temperamentally that is appeal ing across the spectrum for voters around the country, but for rubio, it is authenticity and the leadership moment. he owned that immigration deb e
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debate, and then he turned on it, and he did abandon it. it is going to hurt him. now, if he had really defended it, he may not have gotten this far, and he could have been destroyed politically long before, but this is where the governor can take you on. >> and let me play this, since some people may not have seen the back and forth with rubio, and the kind of the repetitive answer that he kept coming back to, and take a listen. >> under chris christie's governorship of new jersey they have been downgraded nine times in the credit ratings, and this country has a debt problem and we don't need somebody who has experience of running up the debt of their state. >> that is what washington, d.c., does, the driveby shot with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech. when you are president of the united states, and governor of the state, the sit and memorize the 30-second speech to talk about how great america is at the end of it, does not solve
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one problem for one person. >> and your state was hit by a massive snowstorm a couple of week weeks ago and you didn't want to go back, and they had to shame you into going back. and this notion that barack obama doesn't -- >> there it is, the memorized speech. >> and this fact that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is just not true -- >> there it is. >> and lit's dispel with the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing, and he knows exactly what he is doing, because he wants to change the country and wants america to be the rest of the world, and anybody who believes that barack obama is not doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with. >> and how much is this going to the hurt marco rubio. >> well, it is a painful sequence for him to look back on, and it is going to be most played coming out of the debate. and rubio, just playing that debate makes him look guilty of the charge that chris christie and others have been accusing him of robotic and repetitive,
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and rubio had a good debate in the second half of the debate with specific answers on isis and sunnis and the exchange of a thr three-question exchange with martha rad dats and good exchange on abortion and gay marriage, and good answer on e isis and religious freedom, but from rubio's perspective, that what we are going to be seeing, that video. >> and the ohio governor john kasich joining us from the spin room. governor, your thoughts on the debate tonight? >> i was thrilled, brett. it is one of the first time in a debate that you are so short on the answers that people could get a little bit of the better view of me and not just the ideas, but a little bit about the personality, and we all think that everybody around thinks that it was a great night. i concur. you know, i got to the talk about so many different issues including what i would do in the first 100 days which i rolled out in about 25 seconds, and talked about bringing people together, and spoke to the people of new hampshire, you know, are from my heart about their heart. so i think that it was great.
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giving everybody a chance to rise. brett, i have run a very positive campaign here, and it is going to the be very interesting to see somebody who has not gone negative to be able to finish strongly're in new hampshire. >> governor, you did mention numerous times that you have now reached # 100 town halls in new hampshire and put basically all of the chips on this state. where do you have to finish come tuesday? >> we are going to finish strong, and my chips are not all here, because i have chips in south carolina and nevada and we have a campaign rising. we have the best ground game in the state, and hundreds of people knocking on the door, andly be with them again tomorrow. it is we are in a great position, and we have the momentum, and with a great night the tonight, i think that it is going to the really move us up, and who knows how far, but we will do well here. >> governor, one of the specific
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p things that you talk about tonight was on governing, and that you don't trump the legislature, and be in ohio, you did trump the legislature when you passed the medicaid, and you accepted the medicaid on obama care, didn't you? >> no, i didn't trump the legislature and we pass ed it through a controlling board that the leadership of the house and the senate appointed the members to. this is not some trumping anything. in fact, if the ledge sgislator >> well with, you didn't work with the legislators. >> if the leaders had not been for it -- well, no, it was with the legislature, and it didn't go through the whole lemg slay chur, because the leader felt they didn't want to vote on it and give it to you now. and it is now in the current budget without even a peep. so what we have been able to do because of expand iing medicaid we have been able to insure 400,000 ohioans, and we have driven down the cost of medicaid in the first two years, and the second budget at 2.5%, and we
8:15 pm
have reformed the program, and it will be down there once we get done with the expansion, it is back down to the low level. everybody has worked together on this, and the legislature knows that this is the right decision for us. >> bottom line, you are happy with tonight, and you think it propels you? >> yes, i am. and i got the talk and tell people who i am, and i think that it is the first debate in cleveland where you did a great job, and tonight was equal or maybe a little bit better. >> governor kasich, thank you for the time, and we will be seeing you down the road. >> all right. bret, thank ing up next, we wil to jeb bush live about his performance and what lies ahead on tuesday. more "sit" per roll.
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imminent domain is a good thing and not a bad thing, and people say, oh, you are going to take their property, but when imminent domain is used on somebody's property, that person gets a fortune and without imminent domain, you don't have roads, highways, schools or bridges or anything. >> and what donald trump did was to use imminent domain to try to
8:20 pm
take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public property, but it is downright wrong. >> one of the exchanges back and forth with the man who is joining us now, former governor of florida jeb bush. your thoughts on the debate the night? >> i thought it was great. substantive debate and interestingly i am the only person to go after donald trump, and everybody else had a chance, but they didn't do it. and he is wrong on the imminent domain, and he is totally wrong, and in florida after the keloe decision, we put in a provision to prevent what he tried to do in atlanta city which is to take a person's property, and use for it a private purpose. it is not public purpose to take someone's house and turn it into a parking lot for limousines for
8:21 pm
casinos. >> and watching after far as marco rubio and chris christie went back and forth and you were asked the experience question, and it seems that you were letting them fight it out -- is that fair? >> well, i focused on my experience more than his lack of experience, but, look, there is important to recognize that a back bench senator as gifted as he is doesn't have a proven record. it is just a fact, an when his own office says, well, the three thing has he did and one of which he did not vote on, the hezbollah increased sanctions, and he didn't show up for the vote, and another is the important law and very targeted that his only law that he sponsored to become the law of the land and one other thing that i can't remember is not a record of accomplishment compared to what the governors do, and chris and governor kasich and i could all talk about a proven record of experience. >> and i asked you a question about recommending him for vice president. >> well, i went to the files and found out that he recommended me
8:22 pm
for vice president, and look, who is going to be the president of the united states, and has a proven record going forward, and marco is a gifted politician, and i will support anybody up against hillary clinton. >> even donald trump? >> yes, it would be a harder slog for me, because i don't believe he is a conservative, and the conservative needs to win the kconservative party's nomination. >> but you would still support him some. >> yeah, and hillary is not trustworthy and moving further and further to the left, and this is how she is playing i. and we need a nominee who can weather the clinton storm, because they are going to go after them like nobody's business. i have been thoroughly vetted an proven record, and when hee is talking about the things that she will do, i can say that we have done nit florida and ki do it in the united states. >> and you have donors and
8:23 pm
supporters who say, where was this guy? is it too late and can you do it? >> hey, man, we had 700 people in bedford today, and they are not saying that. they are fired up, and they are excited about this and not a single delegate has been selected, and it is likely that the marco rubio and ted cruz and donald trump and i will get a delegate or two, but they have frot been selected and you to go through the whole process, an tuesday is the first time that actual delegates will be selected. don't you enjoy this, bret? so, i mean, let the process w k work. it always works differently than the pundits think. >> where do you have to finish to propel the campaign? >> i don't know. >> top three in. >> i don't know. >> outdo marco rubio? >> i don't know, i am going to south carolina and looking forward to a rigorous campaign there. and we have the best organization in nevada. and then you start the whole, you know, surge of primaries in march. so, my expectation is that i will be in for the long haul. >> and is this the revenge of
8:24 pm
the governors tonight? >> i think that there was, look, it is easier to talk about what you are have did and project it for ward than to talk about filing amendments and calling it a success. it became more apparent for some reason many this debate than in previous debates. >> and governor bush, thank you for the time, and we will see you down the trail. >> all right. yeah, thanks. >> what did charles krout hauth think about this debate? >> we will talk to him, and one of the moderators tonight live from new hampshire. any major change of a plan in the health insurance means that somebody will lose their insurance coverage or have to rerepeal it, and so how do you convince us that obamacare is still in their best interest? >> well, let me start with the socialized medicine, because it is a disaster, and it does not work. picking a commander in chief is no small thing.
8:25 pm
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live from saint anselm college here in manchester and they call it saint a's, and tonight, it was the site of the republican debate. adam sharp is director of news and government for twitter. adam, what is the deal tonight? >> well, hey, bret, the top tweeted moment of the night is what we were talking about earlier in the hour, the exchange on imminent domain between donald trump and governor bush, but when we look at the share of conversation about the candidates, what is standing out is that it is the most talked about night for marco rubio and the second most talked about behind donald trump, and the first time he has been that high in the ranking any time in the campaign season. he had been building the momentum over the week since iowa. >> and then, you can see rubio on the conservatism three thing, and strong answer for rubio, and there it is from chris christie,
8:30 pm
the moment that we played earlier the 25-second a answer, and when you talk about people being talked about on twitter, it is not always positive and many times it can be negative. >> exactly. depend depends upon how much you believe in the press all press is good press, i guess. the two moments the second and the most tweeted moments of the night really show the balance of conversation about marco rubio tonight. very strong conversation around him sh him, and lot of tweets talking about the three principles of conservativism that he laid out and the most tweeted moment about rubio himself when he was taking the arrows from chris christie and attacking him for the experience in the senate versus an executive office and the adherence to talking points. >> and the last thing, the top issue, quickly. >> so, top issue, foreign affairs, and this came up in several forms throughout the nigh
8:31 pm
night, and we have seen a lot of conversation of isis, and it also came up in the christy and the rubio exchange for types of decisions that there was an executive office tends the do and the legislators might not as much, and we have seen the economy, and the health care, and the abortion started to climb up when there was discussion of that. >> thank you sh, adam from twit. >> thank you, bret. >> some thoughts tonight on the debate from syndicated columnist charles krout hauthammer, and h joins us from washington. >> it is one of the rare debates where where the outline and the conclusion is rather obvious, and not a lot of ambiguity and the winners wither the three v governors the ones most way behind and had to gain, and particularly kasich. he made the case as perfectly pitched for new hampshire. the guy who can appeal to the independents to the reach across the aisle who is a moderate much like the obama appeal of 2008. he was the most effective. bush had the best night.
8:32 pm
had a good night presenting his own case, but also he nailed trump on the imminent domain. and he took him on number one, and second, i think that he really landed a blow. although, as always, he didn't quite have the knockout in the end. the third was of course, christie with that electric moment, and you know, the one with there it is, and that reminded me of president reagan when he ran against carter, and he had that electric moment in one debate where he said, there you go again, and the presidency election was over right there. and that is i think, it really hurt rubio. i am not sure how much it helps christie, but he did show himself rather well. of the others, interestingly i thought that trump and cruz didn't hurt themselves very much, but they didn't help themselves, and each of them had fairly rocky nights. i this thought trump on the defensive in the way he was nasty with bush in sayingk you
8:33 pm
know, attempting to shush him, and christie retreated when he had a repeated hit on trump about the personality and temperament and he shyed away and refused to pick it up. and of course, the moment that people are going to be remembering is rubio. and it is important to point out, because he had a strong debate other than that, but unfortunately for rubio that moment is the one that is going to be remembered. so i think that overall that -- yes? >> that moment plus the walk-out. that is definitely going the be remembered at the top of the show i think. but finish the thought of rubio. will it hurt him so much here that it affects tuesday significantly? >> i think it will. i think that this is a moment when he could have really put away the field, and he has had a great momentum, and this is likely to put something of a brake on his momentum. look, we were at a point where you were getting one
8:34 pm
establishment figure tim scott, the senator from south carolina endorsing him, and other governors who dropped out of the race endorsing him, and what he could have done is to start running the table, but this is going to hurt. what is a m maizing to me is tht he must have known that this was coming, and he knew the outline, and the content of the attack. his strategy obviously was don't return fire at christie. just talk about obama, and that is always a pop ular thing to d. but you don't do it when you have been accused of repeating yourself and giving a canned statement. there were easy way tas he could have answered that question, and a way to say, i have the most experience on intelligence, foreign affairs, and he didn't do it. i think that this is going to be the last thing, the last impression of the debate. >> okay. charles, as always, thank you. mary catherine ham was one of
8:35 pm
the questioners tonight, and she is editor in large for ", and first of all, mary catherine, congratulation, because i thought that you did great. >> as you know, these things are a walk in the park with no stress at all. >> yes. what did you think? >> i thought that it was certainly the governor's night as op po as opposed to the senators and the private sector here. i think that they have wanted to make a point here. they have wanted to have a last chance to get a ticket out of new hampshire, and kasich, and bush and christie were obviously hoping to to make it a little bit contentious, and christie came to make it contentious right on the stage with senator rubio, and that moment for him will make a difference, and senator rubio repeating himself, and he suffers a little bit of having been good in the debates in the past, and the bar is high coming in this one, and christie landed a punch there. and there is a double-edged sword here for christie if he is
8:36 pm
too mean, it won't help him as much, so he has some of that, and as charles mentioned, i thought that trump was surprisingly being fairly low key and disciplined, and took a couple of hits here and there. and then, that was my thought. >> yeah. and m.k., i thought that you did great. i loved the question, too many deals or too few deals to john kasich, and how did he perform tonight considering what he is trying to do here in new hampshire? >> well, look, i think that his performance was obviously pitched at new hampshire. you could feel it throughout the debate. and his tone is built for them, and the closing statement is built for them, and it is probably did him some good. he has had a little bit of momentum as well, and this is a question in the conservative primary, and in the republican primary, what is the way that you will disrupt washington? is it through making a bunch of deals or not making them, and kasich pitched, look, i'm the guy in the middle and i know how
8:37 pm
the walk this the line probably worked well in new hampshire. >> mary katherine ham, good job tonight, and thank you for the time. >> thank you very much. up next, and he is right over her shoulder, i think, presidential candidate dr. ben carson is going to join us live from the spin room. >> i would support the possibility of renewed air strikes if in conjunction with the joint chiefs and the military people if they felt it was and a appropriate strategy, and the fact of the matter is that none of us up here are military expert, and we act like we are, but we are not. long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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test test test test test test looking livet the spin room there, as the candidates are making their way around and talking to the reporters.
8:42 pm
we hope to have a couple of other candidates join us, and in fact, right now joining us from the spin room is dr. ben carson. dr. carson, thank you for being here, and first, your impression of the debate tonight. >> i thought that actually it went reasonably well tonight. i don't think that there was an excess amount of contentious behavior, but although there was som some, and we did manage to get into the real issues, a although, i had to insinuate myself into the issues in order to be heard, but at least we got into them. >> what was the deal at the beginning of the debate, dr. carson? >> well, there were some acoustical problems, and abc news has a admitted that i had a snafu there where you could not hear backstage intermittently what was going on and so i was waiting for my name to be announced, and i never heard it. >> yeah, it was interesting
8:43 pm
start, as people were watching. i wanted to ask you about where you have to finish here to move on to continue this campaign. people saying that you are looking to south carolina and you are looking other places, but where do you have to finish on tuesday? >> i am going on to south carolina regardless of where i finish on tuesday. but i am hoping that we move up, as people have actually had an opportunity to hear some things. i would love it if everybody could hear in depth things instead of the sound bites quite frankly, but that is the process that we have developed, and hopefully at some point we will improve it, because the decisions that people have to make are important. i don't think that they can be made on the basis of sound bites. >> and yeah, it is tough, because there are seven candidates on the stage as you know, and one of the things that you wanted to the talk about is the launch of that missile and launch of the rocket by north
8:44 pm
kree ya, and what are your thoughts on that? >> well, first of all, i don't think that we have faced north korea the way we should have. when they attack ed sony, they had launched hardware and software attack to us, and i would have hit them back so hard that they never would have thought about attacking us again. i would be developing the strategic initiatives which is crucial as more of the rogue states develop nuclear weapons, and we have to make it clear to them that if they ever launch a missile in an aggressive missile towards us, it will be the last thing that they do. >> thank you, dr. carson, and we will see you on the trail. >> all right. always good to talk to you. >> we will be back with the panel of experts, and plus, donald trump is going to join us after the break.
8:45 pm
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welcome back to man chchest. now joining us from the spin room, donald trump. mr. trump, thank you for being here. and first, your thoughts on the bedebate tonight? >> well, i thought it was very good. i thought that the moderators, bret, they did a good job also. and i was happy and a lot of people said that i won and i am very happy, but many of the cohorts said that i won the debate, and it is a lot of pressure, because i had to do at least modestly well tonight, and to win it makes me feel very good. >> what was, do you think was the best moment? >> well, i think that talking about the problems of heroin that new hampshire has, and the are tremendous problems here, and talking about the military, i liked that very much, and talking about the different things to do with the border security which is to me very important, and there were a lot of good moments tonight i think. >> well, the one attack that you
8:50 pm
took was from jeb bush on the issue of imminent domain and you have talked about it before and you have told me before that you thought it was wonderfulers and you have explained it tonight, and what about that specifically, because he brought up vera coking who is a woman that you took to court. >> yeah, actually i let it go, because what what happened is id have won if i wanted to pursue it. but i let it go and i actually did great because atlantic city collapsed. i made a lot of money by not building a lot of units, people showed an ad with me knocking down the building. it never got to that stage. but eminent domain is a very important thing, bret, because you never would have gotten the keystone pipeline going without it. eminent domain, you would not have -- and i'll tell you what, you would not have roads or hospitals or highways or
8:51 pm
bridges. you would not have airports. you need eminent domain. i was so glad they asked me the question, you know a lot of people came up to me and said i didn't know that. it's taking, but people get paid for that. and they get paid more than it's worth. and i think i was able to explain it pretty well tonight so i was happy about it. >> yeah, obviously there is a difference between public and private. but you think the court made the right decision when they ruled in her favor? >> well, you know, if you take a small house and build a factory that would build 5,000 small jobs. some people would say don't do that. some would say it is a great thing for the area. but i'm not going to comment on the decision. i have known eminent domain cases taken by the government so that a company would move into a city and provide thousands and thousands of jobs.
8:52 pm
that is also eminent domain. and the people whose house was also taken get paid a lot of money, bret. >> do you think anything change hampshire with a big lead tonight, do you expect anything to change tonight? >> well, what people don't know about you is you're a good golfer. and you're looking for the clubhouse, that is an expression, i was looking for the clubhouse. no major gaffes, i'm just looking at the twitter stuff, and so many of your friends and colleagues said i easily won the debate. so i'm very happy, i have never done this stuff. i'm a builder, i build companies and things and i don't do this. and for the last several months i've been doing it. i was very happy with the last debate that i missed because i raised $6 million for the veterans. you know, i was very happy with that also to be honest with you. >> well, mr. trump, thank you
8:53 pm
for the time. we'll see you march 3rd in detroit. >> very good, i look forward to it, very good. >> let's bring back our panel. brit, your thoughts? >> how does it feel heading for the clubhouse? just a couple of things, trying to assess how much harm may have been done to marco rubio tonight. his performance reminded me of nothing so much as dan quayle in the 1988 presidential debate when he was asked repeatedly what he would do if he suddenly became president and the aftermath of something happening to the president. and he fumbled the question once. and he fumbled it again, asked it again, i happened to be the one who asked it. and then tom brokaw put it to him the third time and he fumbled it again, and that led to the famous moment when lloyd
8:54 pm
benson who was running for office. and it reminded me of kennedy, he mentioned kennedy how young he was and benson famously said, senator, i knew jack kennedy, he was a friend of mine, and you're no jack kennedy. >> it was the kind of a moment. >> it fed a narrative about him, he was young and experienced. a young senator. so these things can have a lasting impression. >> yeah, i think the problem for rubio will be the narrative on tv and in the papers, but the truth is in total he had a pretty good debate. if you're a late deciding new hampshire voter, you saw a wider field than out of iowa. three strong governors still fighting, still out of the race, this race has a way to go and we're still open for some surprises on this day. >> well, what frightens the
8:55 pm
establishment, we're back to where we were two days ago. too many people crowding up the lane, rubio was an important storm, now they don't know, it's a volatile race, nobody knows. >> the interesting thing about the three governors who had good nights tonight, john kasich, bush, and christie, they sort of needed one of the three to have a good night tonight if they were going to be the good default establishment lane. they all had a good night. but if you're inclined to a moderate or establishment candidate and you see the three i'm not sure your decision was clarified by them not by all of them having a good night. >> first person they're not talking a lot about is ted cruz. >> i don't remember him hurting himself particularly, i think he got past this whole dust of ben carson who didn't press it on him. he comes through fine. i don't think he lost great tonight. >> he didn't back up his really
8:56 pm
strong stuff against trump. i'm not exactly sure why, but we'll see how that plays. >> last word. >> i thought he had a good debate. but he is being challenged on the facts on the cnn reporting story so it will linger. >> panel, thank you very much. and for the folks here, they have been tremendously graceful and welcome. and also this snow is beautiful outside and not too bad to deal with. we'll have extensive coverage sunday, monday and tuesday. of all the preparations and of course the results in the first in the nation, new hampshire primary, thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. that is it for the special edition of america's election headquarters. fair, balanced and unafraid. good night. [ salesman ] congrats on the new car.
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because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. here. and i'm greg gutfeld, and thank you for watching. it was rocky even before they could get on the stage. >> former senator marco rubio. >> and then the battle was on. >> the think that i would walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys. who would do something like this the? >> donald trump showed up. >> and he is a tough guy, and a lot of times, you will have, and it does not work well -- and let me talk. quiet. >> and attacking marco rubio. >> he may have the skills to be the pr


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