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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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d.c. we will see you right here tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> we should say that our chris moody is breaking this news that ben carson is going to go back to florida. he is not going to go to new hampshire. >> that report on cnn has led to charges of dirty tricks against the cruz campaign. tonight, we have a factor investigation and tell you exactly what happened. >> if i win straighten allk: eyes on donald trump. can he hold his polling lead in new hampshire? take a hard look at that question. >> recently we have heard inexclusive political rhetoric against muslim americans that has no place in our country. >> also tonight, president obama visiting a mosque. is this an in your face to
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donald trump? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hurting ben carson's campaign, that is is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this is a pretty nasty story that has damaged the carson campaign and, perhaps, the image of senator ted cruz. as we reported yesterday, while the caucus voting was underway in iowa, a cnn reporter, chris moody tweeted misleading information about the carson campaign. almost immediately the cruz campaign used that information to tell iowa voters that carson may be withdrawing from the race. dr. carson believes that hurt his vote tally.
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ted cruz has apologized. cnn says it did nothing wrong. here are the facts. at 6:43 central time mr. moody tweeted, quote: carson won't go to new hampshire, south carolina but, instead, will head home to florida for r and r. he will be in d.c. thursday for the national prayer breakfast. moody tweeted other stuff after that trying to clarify. apparently, that did not get to cnn political reporter dana bash. >> we should say that our chris moody is breaking this news that ben carson is going to go back to florida to his home. regardless of how far he does tonight here in iowa. he is going to go there for several days and then afterwards he is not going to go to south carolina. he is not going to go to new hampshire. >> that is false. ben carson had events planned in new hampshire even before he left iowa. again, that cnnz' report flat out untrue. enter the cruz campaign, which, at about 7:00 p.m. central time, 17 minutes
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after the initial misleading tweet said this quote: cnn is reporting that ben carson will stop campaigning after iowa. make sure to tell all of your piers that the caucus supporting caucus that they should coalesce aroundhdqp the true conservative who will be in the race for the long haul, ted cruz.z'ax so you can see that the cruz campaign used a false report by cnn to damage the carson campaign. last night on the factor, dr. carson told me accepts ted cruz's explanation that he personally did not know what was going on. however, carson also said this: >> a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of a situation like this in a very dishonest way. isn't this the same thing that we see with the obama administration, the irs scandal? no responsibility. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> now, there is no question that cnn is responsible for the false report. but the cruz campaign is
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also wrong and senator cruz should take disciplinary action against some of his staff. however, that may no8u)i happen. >> so we simply as a campaign repeated what ben carson had said in his own words. he said after iowa he was going to go back to florida for a couple days and then he was going to go to d.c. to the prayer breakfast. and what that told us was he was not going to new hampshire. >> but, again, carson had events booked in new hampshire. so, come on. as far as cnn is concerned, it says it is standing behind its initial report. which is ludicrous. that news agency screwed up big time and apparently doesn't care. talking points has said it many times. the state of american journalism is on the verge of collapse. ideology has permeated hard news coverage andt(t9qáu reporting is becoming almost scarce, especially in political circles. cnn should apologize. ted cruz should take some
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action. and this should never happen again. the carson campaign was damaged5ç by erroneous information, period. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from sarasota, florida, karl rove. so, am i going wrong? what do you think about this? >> no. i think you're right. first of all, though, a minor correction. i think the email from chris moody is one of three emails that start at 4:41. first email says that carson is going to catch a flight home tonight after his victory speech. second one is the confusing one that says he is not going directly to new hampshire or south carolina. he is going to go home and then go to the prayer breakfast. but the third email says he is going to stay in the race no matter what. so, there is -- the center email that goes out about 4:43 is sort of confusing. but dana bash, how she -- she either didn't look at all three or she didn't question what was. >> here is why it doesn't
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matter. number one, they were tweets. a hard news reporter shouldn't be tweeting at all, period. >>t#e exactly. >> that should never happen in any news organization. because tweets are shorthand. you cannot explain in tweets so hard news reporter. opinion okay. >> shouldn't depend on them. >> it's supposed to be an editor. there is supposed to be people in charge of what is said on television. dana bash is their top political analyst. the one they usew0÷$t for the debate. she clearly said that her reporter, moody, was saying. this so all the other stuff walks. you know, bs walked? it walks. >> shy didn't even read all three of his tweets. if you read all three of his tweets, at the worse. >> apologize or admit a mistake so everybody makes mistakes. everybody makes them admit it. >> i'm making your case stronger, not weaker.
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>> because carson got jobbed. this isn't what our democracy is supposed to be spent a lot of money and time this is wrong and it's out of control and it better stop. >> well with, let's look at the second part of this. because at 7:00 p.m. the cruz campaign spence rogers the tweet is headlined press says carson is going to take a break. then it says he is going home and he has a big announcement later this week so tell all the carson people to caucus with the cruz people. this goes out at 7:00 p.m. now, the campaign -- you just had rick tyler, the this by saying we only used his own words. nowhere in chris moody's conversation with the carson people does he say i'm taking a break. and nowhere does he say i'm having announcement later this week. send it out at 7:00.
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7:53. the carson campaign sends out a thing saying we are here staying in the race. we are going to new hampshire and south carolina. and at 8:20, the national co-chairman of the carson campaign, steve king sends out a tweet saying looks like carsona3tx÷ is getting out of race. now, they that this was inaccurate. now, let's also look at one other thing. they say, you know, cruz in his initial senator cruz in initial explanation about this said we were sending it to our team leaving the implication i suspect most viewers this had to do with sending it out to the staff members. no, no, no. they will sent this to their nearly 1500 precinct captains. 1500 precincts in the state. they sent this message from spence roberts to precinct captains. why does that matter? the gap between donald trump and ted cruz is 6239 volts there are 1500 precincts. do the math. if this message called precinct captains in the precincts to tell the carson people your guy is getting
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out. he is having a big announcement later this week. caucus with us. if that cost carson four votes per precinct to switch to cruz, then cruz beats trump. if he doesn't witch four, then he loses. >> trump is calling for an investigation, federal investigation into this whole thing today. all right. that was a good explanation. serious this is. nobody gets a pass on this. cruz campaign doesn't get a pass and cnn doesn't get a pass. yesterday we reported that your close personal friend george soros donated $6 million to hillary clinton's super pac in5v december. you have a super pac crossroads. right? >> um-huh. >> you have donated any big money to any republican candidates? >> no. we're not involved in the republican presidential primary. we have been spending some money on hillary clinton's' -- on making sure people understand hillary's record. we are off to the strongest start we have ever had. we do it differently than the democrats. democrats require cash on the barrel. they get a 6-million-dollar
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je'kel from george soros. our supporters generally tend to say here is how much i pledge and here is when i give it. we are off to the strongest start we have ever had. >> i'm happy you canopies or whatever. >> no canopies. >> who are you going to give money to? money you are going to give money to? do you know how are going to give money to. >> we anticipate to be active in the presidential campaign. we already spent money in the new hampshire senate race. >> but not for any of the presidential cap democrats. >> no, no. our cross road supporters are split across the board. we will not be involved on presidential candidate. we will keep our focus on hillary clinton whom we think is the likely democratic nominee and then help the republican nominee once he or she is selected. >> all right, mr. rove. thank you very much. next on the rundown, will the fbi soon present damning evidence against hillary clinton? the factor has been investigating. then later president obama visiting a mosque. but why? those reports after these messages. insurance
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factor follow up segment tonight, there is big worry among the leadership of the democratic party their primary presidential candidate hillary clinton will be embarrassed and perhaps indicted. the factor will not try this case on television. but scores of fbi agents are now involved. that means it's serious. joining us from boynton beach, florida. author about the detail of the first familyzm secret service. i understand you spoke to former justice department officials. what are they telling you? >> they say as much ascase can , this is an open and shut case because the relevant law, section 793 of the u.s. criminal code simply says handling classified information with gross negligence is a felony
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bedefinition, if you put classified on unsecured server, that is gross negligence. >> but that would be argued. >> so but that would be argued, obviously by mrs. clinton's lawyers and her -- and her -- she herself says listen, i didn't know anything was classified. it didn't come in that way and i was just conducting business as usual. but here's the bottom line on it this is a partisan issue. you would agree with that, right? democrats, they don't want her to get indicted. they don't care what she did generally speaking, all right? and republicans want the fbi to go in and kick her door and take her out with cuffs. this is a partisan issue. what i get out here when you assign this number of fbi agents. all right? that itself sends a signal. does it not? >> sure, and there is no question that there would have already ban grand jury impaneled because they have to obtain documents with subpoenas and get testimony from people like her underlings so definitely a
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grand jury is in the works. and, you know, if you look at watergate. that was also a partisan issue but the fbi conducted itself professionally, resisted efforts by an even more powerful figure president nixon to suppress that investigation. and sure enough, that investigation continued without any problem. >> the difference in watergate is that you had a press driving the information flow to the public. you don't have that here. the liberal press largely doesn't care about the email situation. the "new york times" endorsed hillary clinton for president just this week they don't have any qualms about it. you don't have that watergate pressure coming from the press that every day there is another revelation. director comey is an interesting guy. i, myself, and i could be wrong, do not believe that this man is going to succumb to pressure from anybody, including barack obama. do you know anything about him? >> well, he has an impeccable reputation for
5:17 pm
integrity. he is the guy who threatened to resign over illegal issue in the bush administration. he is also a former prosecutor. so he knows exactly what's needed. i believe he never would have authorized this investigation in the first if he didn't already believe that the fbi had evidence to indicate that she should be indicted. >> all right, but that's speculationi now, mr. kessler. that's your speculation. i'm trying to get at this. there are a lot of people who say no way hillary clinton is going to be indicted. the fix is in. it's like the irs scandal, comey is not going to do it. but i say to them, listen, comey can't indict. he doesn't have that power. buff he can certainly come on "the o'reilly factor" and say, you know what? this is what we found out and this is what is troubling. i think comey would do that. >> sure. yeah, heats people are not going to ruin their reputations. of the same with loretta lynch. she is not going to ruin her lep station for life by refusing to go along with aneéo) indictment. on the material, when you are talking about top secret beyond top secret, that's,
5:18 pm
for example, cia breaking into an embassy overseas to get the codes. developing an asset in8@ the inner circle of foreign leaders,?b÷ intercepting terrorist conversation. it's very obvious on its face that it's classified. and prosecutors who prosecuted this case have told me that the only issue is in a trial whether the government can present witnesses that demonstrate that these people -- that these documents are properly classified and, of course, i think it's going it be very easy. hillary clinton has put out all these smoke screens about it, claiming that it had to be stamped. no it didn't have to be stamped. >> again, i don't want to try the case here. mrs. clinton is going to have her high priced lawyers and her defense and we will see what the fbi comes up with. mr. kessler, thanks very much. we appreciate it he had henry covering the clinton campaign. how worried are they about the fbi? also, civil war might be breaking out in sweden between migrants and
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the obama state department. bill, that's what's changing this equation and what i'm told is concerning them more and more, which is you have the state department saying there is trouble and then you also have the fbi out there as you were just talking with mr. kessler, nobody knows really what they are doing. and it's still twisting out there. they are nonpartisan. it's not something hillary clinton can attack if they move forward with some kind of charges. >> okay. when you say a full-time freakout. what does that mean? are they bashing their heads against the wall? are they tumbling out of windows? what are they doing? >> i heard of one specific incident where one of their senior staffers was on a phone call saying that this is disastrous. happening on the friday
5:24 pm
before the iowa caucuses. they were specifically, you know, worried about thatí now, this hasn't been much of an issue in the democratic side of the campaign as you know because bernie sanders has sort of taken it off the table and tried to focus on the economy. but they were worried are that the timing was going to change the minds of some democrats. >> it's a friday night play. they always do that. and the clinton, sanders, iowa thing was a tie. >> but something did happen, bill, which is on sunday, hillary clinton went on abc and compared this email deal to benghazi. that was significant and feeds into what i'm reporting because they were concerned enough to then say this email thing is benghazi meaning republicans are attacking me for nothing. >> partisan issue that. >> does not add up because it's the fbi. you can attack trey gowdy on the and say it's the republicans. this is why they are most worried. if the fbi moves forward with something it's awfully hard to attack a nonpartisan
5:25 pm
entity. >> they are done. >> barack >> if the fbi comes forth with damning information and even if she is not indicted i think that's the end of her. >> in new hampshire, bernie sanders is way ahead had, right? is there any chance that hillary clinton could upset bernie. >> yes. and here is why. he is sitting on a big lead. hillary clinton had -- so in our late poll, bernie sanders was leading about 10 days or so ago by 22 points. hillary clinton a few months ago was leading iowa by 441, 50 points that came down big time. she won but it was awfully tight. so if hillary clinton pours it on here, brings in the money, brings in the ground game, can she win? i still think bernie sanders has the edge. let's not forget he is from a neighboring state of vermont. can she close? yes. she did that to barack obama, remember, eight yearspqañ ago. she lost iowa came in not
5:26 pm
second but third and then stormed back and won new hampshire. that's what bill clinton did in 1992. that's another factor i think. the clintons and come back kid thing. we will find out is it a third time. or have people moved on from clintons in new hampshire the way that bush isi] doing. clintons have done well in new hampshire good turf for them. she is down now but she is not out. >> campaigning heavily in new hampshire. >> going to be following her around for the next six days, right? >> i'm running out of pocket hankies. >> we have taken up a collection, henry. and so we will be fedexing i -- but i don't know if they're up to your quality, these hankies. there he is, everyone, new hampshire precincts. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. president obama going to it a mosque, but why is that an anti-trump play? then later, violence breaking out in sweden. very benevolent country over the influx of migrants from the middle east. we hope you stay tuned to
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all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at personal story segment tonight. islamic society of baltimore, speaking to congregants, he said. this. >> if we are serious about freedom of religion, i'm speaking now to my fellow christians who remain the majority in this country, we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on
5:31 pm
all our faiths. [ applause ] and when anyone religious group is targeted, we all have a responsibility to speak up. >> with us now here in new york city, eboni williams and monica crowley. that strikes me as an anti-trump thing because there hasn't been really -- there have been isolated incidents by nuts, all right. but no concerted effort to demean american muslims other than f trump saying i'm not letting muslims in here. i think that's what that is all about. >> i agree. all political. timing why is he doing it now. last line when he says when any religious group is targeted we all have a responsibility to speak up. okay, i accept that. hate crimes and threats with america happen with far more freak is is i against jews than they do against muslims. where is he on that. second point is where is he on the christian genocide happening across the middle east. tens of thousands of christians are being slaughtered at the hands of muslims and, yet, very little from this president
5:32 pm
on that. >> what do you think, ebony? >> he should be consistent in his messages and actions. >> you are right. what some feel is divisive and even dr. carson. this is responsive in this way. what's unfortunate about the visit is his objective which is the kind to coalesce and remind us that we have a religious tolerance here in america. it's underminded because of the mosque he went to which is rumored to be tied or suspected to be tied to extremist behavior. >> they had an extreme imam back in 2003. so that's 13 years ago. the statute of limitations on extreme imams run out? >> has a long record of supporting radical islamic causes. >> give me an example. >> they supported the chechen jihad. palestinian suicide bombers. >> that was a long time ago. >> did have imam active in a charity link to do terroristfun. >> a long time ago. >> shut down by the treasury
5:33 pm
department, bill. >> i don't think it's fair. >> >> i will tell you why. there have been. >> this is not the place for him to go with message. >> i don't care where he goes. i'm not saying this was the best place ornghtd. 13 years ago look how many catholic churches embarrassed by bad priests. so you going to say because a priest was there 20 years ago that you don't go there? come on. >> vas majority of mosques in america funded byfsaudi arabia. most of them have guide dance coming from the muslim. >> monica is actually making my point though, bill. even though it's been 13 years ago. for many in this country and i think legitimately can make the distinction between law abiding patriotic muslims and those that are extreme and cause terror amongst all of us. they are able to make it but when you even give the margin for error around it it, i think it doesn't help the causes a much as it could. >> i don't care that he went to this mosque. what i do care about though and i think the stronger point is the antisemitism
5:34 pm
against jews. much more inner tense than against muslims in this country. and the christians being persecuted overseas by isis. so we're going to contain isis so they can still persecute christians. >> right. >> you don't launch a holy war. but you make a bigger deal out of it it because when the president visits any church or any place, it becomes a big deal, eboni. it becomes the centerpiece. >> it is a big deal. president george w. bush went to a mosque after 9/11. >> he wanted to tamp down. >> the inflamed. >> sure. that's fine. if that's the message he wants to put out there about tolerance and diversity especially in the muslim community. plenty of muslim organizations in america that don't have this kind of shady kind of background, places like dr. judy jasser's organization which is the american islamic forum for democracy. these are muslims, bill, who want to reform. the president should be
5:35 pm
supporting the secular muslims who want&ó reformation in islam rather than these types of groups. >> i don't think he intended to be controversial but i do agree he could have picked a place -- >> -- i don't think he cares. >> i think he cares tremendouslily, bill. >> he doesn't care. >> the white house was not going to send him anywhere without investigating it so obviously they thought this place was appropriate. >> they just go. here is what they go. fox news ain't going to like it. we don't care. that's what they do. all right, ladies. thanks very much. when we come right back colin quinn in for dennis miller tonight with some thoughts about the presidential race. some heavy metal rockers, big fans of the factor. who is it coming right back. ♪ ♪
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. no miller. he is in antarctica and we haven't heard from him. drama is building. remember that thing the thing might be chasing him down there. here to take miller's place colin quinn cop show. satire on the internet. i'm sure you are are following all the political stuff because you actually do broadway shows on politics. >> yes, i do. >> let's run them down. trump? are you a big trump fan?
5:40 pm
>> i think trump came in -- ever watched that movie trading places where they go let's make a bet. that's trump's plan. i remember do pretty good and now he is caught in the middle and he doesn't know how to get out. >> you think he doesn't want to be president? >>. no i think he is now sort of@ç like maybe i should want to be but he doesn't. >> what indicates that he doesn't to you, body language or? >> just the fact that for example yesterday when he was second in iowa he tweets iowa is meaningless. >> that's just trump. >> that's not going to come back during the election. iowa is meaningless. >> he doesn't think that way. people love that because most politicians are thinking second place is not bad. >> he is is the result of everybody going i'm sick of these guys being micromanaged. he is the real person. >> hillary, do you know her? >> hillary, i have never met. >> i have met hillary, let's be honest. >> i met her a couple times.
5:41 pm
you like her? >> trump's wedding? [ laughter ] >> missed that. >> i don't think she ispvxtt looking to be liked by anybody. she is, you know, she is hardened to the -- put it this way, no world leader can charm her or fool her. that's her strength. do you know what i'm saying? she has dealt with the best. nobody is going nothing any world leader can going to say. >> nobody is going to pull anything over on her? what about the character issue? do you trust miller? would you give her your wallet while you went into the men's room. >> jesus, i don't know why i would give anyone my wallet while i went in the men's room. >> you are not going to answer the question about trump. >> hard to tell. >> ted cruz, you know ted? >> ted, i have never met. >> you like him? he is a religious guy. >> yeah, very religious for my taste and also very naval. i think he needs to quit dairy. even though it's superficial, nobody wants to listen to anyoneing for four years. i don't mean droning, i mean droning on.
5:42 pm
he v. has to work on the vocal quality. >> he is opposed to new york values. you are a new yorker. >> that's true. he is. >> just look at you. values. >> i do. these new yorkers. everyone is like oh my god, we are compassionate. no, nobody is denying what he says. i don't think it's an insult. >> he is not wrong. >> no. >> bernie sanders. here is the problem with bernie. he has been in vermont all these years so being senator from vermont. it's like being senator of crate and barrel. as long as you don't break anything. you can't mess up vermont. >> not a lot of things that change in vermont. >> no. >> kind of like the ethan allen days. >> nothing you can do mess up. brooklyn accent 50 years after he left. >> that tells you something. a lot of the show biz types like bernie. >> they love bernie. >> i figure why don't they
5:43 pm
give the money anyway even if he doesn't win. give it to the government. >> when you do your political humor. because quinn's shows are produced by seinfeld or, i mean he throws his name around. >> and he is a liberal -- >> -- has nor juice than me. >> is he a liberal, seinfeld. >> he is liberallish, yeah. >> you don't really care. you just want to take his name, put it up there and do your thing? >> yeah. i'm not really -- i wouldn't call myself a party member of any of the parties in this country, would you? >> i try to be independent. >> exactly. >> do you vote? >> i vote, sure. i usually like to waffle, do you know what i mean? i usually vote for the green party. >> green party? >> the guy for like 30 years. >> i voted for. >> semi communist guy. >> too damn high guy. that's what i am. colin quinn, everybody. if you want to watch cop
5:44 pm
show, you just punch up l >> what do you say if you want to watch it don't give them a choice. look, if you want to buy. >>bí no, we go door to door. >> i'm with you. that's the way to do it, baby. >> who wants to be president starring miller and me, los angeles, microsoft theater march 12th. at the egel bank arena fairfax, marina. you have a blast. violence and metal rock apparently involved. moments away.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? as you may know, more than a million migrants from middle east to north africa have streamed into eastern europe and that's caused big trouble. help refugees was murdered. reaction came quickly. >> police foreign looking people were targeted, they wore mosques and walked through stockholm handing out leaflets. the message to refugees, you are not welcome. four men detained in connection with with attacks in a country praised for how it's handled the migration crisis. >> all right here now to explain further martha maccallum. >> these roving gang nativists. what did they do. >> they wore black masks. they were loosely affiliated with soccer teams. they weren't the players but a group of fans or people connected to that got together. they put out a flier that said it's enough now. they were outraged about what happened to this young woman who is a social worker in one of the places housinácw8 unaccompanied minors. this is one piece of issues that are going on. >> big time. >> all over europe now.
5:49 pm
>> who allegedly killed the woman. >> it's a young person who has been arrested. >> foreigner? >> yeah. >> somebody who had come in. the unrest in sweden is also exemplified by the government. remember, this is one of the most liberal countries on earth. i mean, besides eating herring, they just vote left. that's what they do. they're expelling like 80,000 of these. there is the 9.5 million people in sweden. so per capita they have the largest number of refugees and migrants who have come into the country. it is obviously not going over well. they say they are going to get rid of 80,000 of them over the course of 2016. you if you are from the middle east or north africa want to live in sweden where it's 20 below zero. do you know the answer to that? >> there is over a million people that went into germany. >> sweden is the biggest social welfare state there
5:50 pm
is. >> absolutely. >> if you can get to sweden they will take you. you have got cradle to grave. >> absolutely. that's why they are going. >> they will put the ear muffs and mittens on. >> in fact, just one more thing. taking 70,000 people into the school system. many cases they do not believe they are actually under 18. 21, 22, 23, they suspect. and taking advantage of getting a free education. >> they don't carry pass boortz. they don't know who they're. sweden 9 million people. while on the subject of cradle to grave. you know bernie sanders, right? >> good friend of mine. >> 1999, bernie sanders had a locally in a -- had a role in a movie. roll the tape. >> i remember when i use to do walk down my old neighborhood in brooklyn. that was before the dodgers went to los angeles, which was the worst thing that ever happened. and i don't know why we let them do that by the way, free agency.
5:51 pm
free agency crap, that really gets me. $2 million here. they spent $12 million there. what is so free about that free agency? >> so what movie was i missed that? >> i mean surely everyone has seen it really popular movie my ex-girlfriend's wedding it was called. low budget movie made in vermont by martin -- who is one of bernie sanders' good buddy up there. he asked him to be in the movie. is it larry david or bernie sanders? >> he is playing a rabbi named manny shevits. >> he is funny. he did a good job. >> he is funny. he has a sense of humor. no one saw. this it's by big fat greek wedding. nobody saw this movie. >> nobody saw the movie. >> we uncovered it? >> bernie will be grateful as will the film maker. >> bernie is having the time of his life. bernie is having a blast. everybody is paying attention to bernie. nobody knew who he was. ben and jerry didn't even
5:52 pm
know who he was. he would drive by, cows would look at him. that was the[z]l highlight of bernie's senatorial experience. now he is a big rock star. all the young people who want free stuff, they love bernie. >> they are big, big bernie fans. reminds them of favorite college professor. >> when you were out in iowa around. >> we saw a lot of people running but we didn't run into bernie. >> was anybody mean to you. >> everybody was great. why would they be mean? they are running for president. >> they can get grouchy. >> you would be grouchy if you were running for president. grouchy. >> that's my charm i'm grouchy all the time. the undercard debate gone. bill quit. santorum, huckabee, rand paul is out of there. >> gilmore is still in, bill. >> who? >> gilmore.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
howard, marianne, -- marion, ohio: >> i see it differently, joe. it's parents who make socialism attractive by instilling in their urchins a grandiose sense of entitlement. here are the facts, edgar, if you care. senator rubio outperformed his poll numbers by 8 points. according to exit polling, senator cruz dominated among religious voters. the facts are interesting things. >> that's not clear to me, darlene. opinion here is all over the place unlike most other tv operations which are solidly for hillary clinton.
5:57 pm
>> what happened to jeb? it was jeb and now it's rubio. -p >> absolutely true, dave. >> not fair to blame senator cruz, carroll. he says he did not know about the erroneous information about the carson campaign and that is certainly plausible because the entire thing unfolded very quickly. he may not have known. you can't be condemning him like that. the honesty of nancy reagan in the book is fascinating. she emerges as a real hero
5:58 pm
and the reason i dedicated killing reagan to all people who are caring for the sick and elderly. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day a hard rock guy named dave, who used to be in the group metallica and now in the group mega death is apparently a big factor are fan. he tweeted out pictures of all the killing books he has read. and that gets my attention. very politely he then asked me to listen to mega deth's new album dystopia ♪ if you only want to die in fear ♪ absolutely nothing that we hear ♪ >> now, right before i go to sleep, i usually listen to
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6:00 pm
stuff that happened in iowa. so we're going to have an update on that. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. an all-out war between the republican frontrunners. just 48 hours after iowa and days before the new hampshire primary, donald trump accuses ted cruz of stealing votes and the responds is epic. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly it all started monday night. moments after ted cruz won the first in the nation iowa caucuses. donald trump graciously accepted his second place finish. but now, oh what a difference a day or two makes as he suggests that ted cruz cheated and even stole support from fourth place finisher ben carson. here is just a sampling of what's transpired over the last 24 hours. >> we finished second and i just want to tell you


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