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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> i never felt so out numbered. harris: that's not true. "outnumbered" on the web. click on the overtime tab at >> plus. it could be a break in the four year mystery of what happened to a young indiana college student. now the fbi is involved and naming a man in the center of
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the probe. turning the tables on a would- be bandit how a man was stopped in a robbery. we begin with a iowa. the campaign now moves straight, ahead in new hampshire. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. the nation's first primary is one week away. we are monitoring several live events including one by ted cruz. john kasich as you can see there is already in the middle of a town hall meeting and jeb bush is scheduled to hold one shortly. >> hillary clinton speaking in an event in new hampshire claiming victory over bernie sanders in a race that is too close to call. we'll have ed henry, and following the democratic race
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and we'll see who called it when and we'll start with carl cameron who is live in the ted cruz event in new hampshire. it will be interesting to see what ted cruz had to say. >> reporter: he was fired up after loving iowa last night. and this will be the first appearance for ted cruz since winning last night and he will go from here and go to south carolina and try to extend the momentum from his win. he's been on fire. today chris christie, the new jersey governor who has focused all of his campaign attention griffed him with a stiff arm plus. listen to this. >> i hope you guys, because it is time for him to answer questions. it is time for him to man up and stop with all of letting
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handlers. >> we can stop with donald trump. because the guy who does nothing but win lost last night. >> reporter: he made the argument that ted cruz will follow the path of so many others and get up ended in new hampshire. i had a chance to talk to ted cruz. he is making the point he had more money. listen to this. >> we ended december 31st with almost more money than jeb bush and marco rubio and chris christie and john kasich together. that is remarkable. >> reporter: we are about to get in to an opening prayer. i will tosses it back to you in new york while they getñref-í
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clinton. she was here with former president clinton and after having an awkward and came out to address the supporters and she finally came out a couple of moments ago and said yes, she believes she has won and now has a lot of work to do here in new hampshire. >> i am so thrilled to be coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. [applause]
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i can tell you, i have won and lost there. and it is a brutal defeat. and that may be a moral victory for them. and so winning from them. he said he is going to fight on. watch. >> [applause] and we will sarks stound the world again. [applause] >> reporter: it may be confusing to some. did hillary clinton win or not? fox news has not officially called the race and people waiting to make sure it is really official. i learned in the last moment
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associated press after waiting all night said that hillary clinton is the winner. what happens usually in the president and general elections before, there might be votes outstanding and after a certain amount of time. remaining votes are in a county where hillary clinton was doing well. and project no matter what, she's going to win this thing. and that's what the clinton camp feels and new's organizations feel. and an important to make. it is no recount. it is a state and party run system and caucus, not a state run system as if iowa were up for grabs. now no recount. >> i was going to break that news to you because you were talking and somehow you still beat me to it? >> reporter: your wonderful producers told me about it. they get the credit. >> edhenry, thank you.
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in new hampshire the candidates face independent or more moderate than iowans. it is a new state in the different part of the country and a big question of the strength of the establishment candidates that didn't fare well in the hawkeye state. you were saying not necessarily, we'll talk about the establishment. it is not so much the establishment that your take away. it is about the process and what matters in a presidential contest and what is your take away from last night? >> i think the take away is clear. it is what folks are saying, campaigns matter and organizations matter. and a candidate can go state to state and hold giant rallies, like donald trump and boast about his large leads in the
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polls. that does not make a campaign. that is theater. and what you saw in iowa, by no means knocks trump out of this thing. but you saw ted cruz and marco rubio built a concerted operation and built data and analytical operation. and needed to know who they would turn out. and they turn those folks out and that's why donald trump ended up losing last night. rubio is in third. but that is a win in the expectations game for him. >> good old fashioned face time is value to that. old fashioned face time, can you believe it? and let the me ask you about the establishment candidates and i don't know if they would agree with that and seems to be an insult to a lot of folks. governor christie is spending time in new hampshire and spending face time there and he
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had an interesting spin on the take away from iowa. let's listen to that. >> came in third. you know, it was two percent. and jeb bush makes 13 million and got five. and i got two. and so i think you rather have me manage your money. >> it is interesting and tough to hear. he said i didn't spend a lot of money or time there, and so, well, they won and they won because it came down to the dollar signs, what do you think about that? >> listen, i think that chris christie and john kasich and jeb bush p, they stake their campaigns on new hampshire when you have two states that start the process as different as iowa and new hampshire are.
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if you are chris christie it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend time and money in a state like iowa. the question is from now and until new hampshire, are we going to see chris christie, jeb bush and john sich is sich, are they going to go after maco rubio. christie has and jeb bush has. and how does rubio handle that? he has a fight with the so- called establishment candidates who are staking their candidacy on new hampshire and then he has to deal with donald trump who will come out aggressive on rubio. rubio has a lot of calculations to make. the expectation of beating in iowa helped him in new hampshire. how will he deal with trump and the other pack of candidates
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nipping at rubio heels? >> where to invest. rubio put out a tweet when he was announced third and outperformed and he asked for donations and it will be interesting to see who gets the do in aings. that is a question for the democrats, the associated press called the race for hillary clinton, and when you look at the numbers tis close and bernie sanders saids it is it a dead heat. he was able to pull in $20 million for january. we don't have that number be for hillary clinton. on the money side, shane. what does it mean for bernie sanders and the endurance he can put together behind new hampshire. >> i am certain bernie sanders raised money after last night and continuing to raise it on line today sanderses has driven
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a grassroots strength that you saw he had in iowa and expect he will have t and regional advantage in new hampshire. and the ultimate picture from the democratic race. no matter how hillary clinton's campaign attempted to spin it many different ways. iowa was terrible for her and a terrible result. it was a state tailor made for him to upset hillary clinton. he didn'ts inially end up on top. but there is no way to spin last night positive for hillary clinton. given the dynamic in new hampshire, does she take a pass on new hampshire? and look to nevada and south carolina, states where it is harder for bernie sanders, because he hasn't shown the ability to gaerth that broad
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coalition with african-american and hispanic being voters with which hillary clinton is much stronger. >> we see hillary clinton and bill clinton out in full force in new hampshire. will they stay or continue to digest the results. and say bernie can have new hampshire because he is from vermont and we'll take south carolina and vermont. and we want to hear from you. do the iowa results change your mind as who you would like to see. go to to join the conversation. >> new information on three inmates that escaped from a maximum security jail. the fight that they had that might have led to their capture. and what the pentagon did that might have vladimar putin rethinking his move on the world stage. and iowa and the rest of the 2016 campaign. rrom
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it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. thanks.
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>> new information on on three california fugitives who pulled off a complicated escape from the maximum security jail and the disagreement they had about a hostage. this man wanted to kill a cab driver and can bury his driver and this man did not and he left with the hostage and turned himself in. the group escaped from this jail where they were all awaiting charges. on saturday, the two other fugitives were captured thanks to an observant woman who called police about a suspicious van. >> the outgoing commander of u.s. and allied forces is testifying about the future of u.s. forces in afghanistan. at the same time the defense secretary wants on to both of shipments. jennifer griffin has more on
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that. joishgs hi, jon, general john campbell outgoing commander in afghanistan testified before the house armed serbses that the u.s. military needs to stay in afghanistan for the long haul. in the economic club in washington d.c. defense secretary carter argued for more money to fight russia and china. he said they are more stressing competitor not isis. >> we are taking a strong and balanced approach to deter russian aggression. and we haven't had to worry about this for 25 years. i wish its were otherwise, now we do. >> carter listed the top five threats to the u.s. in this order. russia, china, north korea and iran and followed by isis. carter wants to strengthen eastern europe to counter
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russian aggression. this year, the defense budget damaged seven quoin million. and next year he wants 3.4 billion in 2017. china is a threat. both china and russia are advancing better military. he needs 1.8 to buy 45000 of these smart bombs. >> we have had isil with smart bombs and laser guided roblths. and we are running low on the ones we use against terrorist the most. >> reporter: this year's budget. five kwo billion is slightly lower than what the pentagon asked for. it will likely be changed after the november election and new
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leadership comes to the pentagon next year. the presidential candidates are hard at work in new hampshire. how successes and failures in the hawkeye state can shape their weeks to come. >> let me speak to the men and women of new hampshire. 36 years ago, you welcomed to the granite state a candidate running for president that was deeply disliked by the washington establishment and washington cartel.
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>> americans watched the dow plunging triple digits.
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investors are concerned about falling oil prices again and weak corporate earnings and the dow is down more than seven percent for the year. >> with iowa in the record books and history books, presidential candidates hard at work in new hampshire. but if last night's contest shows us anything, nothing can be taken for granted. in a wall street journal article, jerry writes about the iowa caucus as ted cruz did what he had to do. and donald trump fell short of the shock and a we. marco rubio bought a seat at the big table and hillary clinton flirted all night with disaster. weedbring in brad who worked with president bush. and marge row is a democratic
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strategist and consultant with clinton. what do you make of his summation there? >> he's on target. iowa was a great test of organization. and trump failed in the organization. he was going to do it his way and it didn't work out too well. the handwriting was on the wall and he doesn't show us organization and he relied on campaigning from 36000 feet and cruz visited 99 counties in iowa and he did what he needed to do to it get people out to caucus. it is not a surprise that the organizational expectation of cruz worked. and donald trump should be thinking long and hard that his way is not necessarily the way to win the convention. >> he had a huge organization and everybody said that is the
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way you win iowa. but where does he go from here? >> that's true. brad and i think he is skip new hampshire and move on to the south and west. new hampshire ball game will be different than that of iowa and the south. and in the south and west, it is more messaging and local where as the new hampshire base is going to be more fiscally focused and not resonate the way the evangelical market did in iowa with cruz. take away with iowa we pundits don't have it figured out and the polls don't either. and frankly the new demographic of voters that are in younger and diverse. it will be interesting to see how they play in the polls. it is not necessarily what we think. >> we'll find out what is on the mind of ted cruz in wyndam, new
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hampshire. >> we take so seriously the responsibility. you know, one of the things that heidi and i have grown to love, and both states take your responsibility seriously. you all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. you understand that there are millions of americans that are counting on you. not to listen to the empty talk and not to listen to the campaign promises, but look them in the eye and determine who is telling the truth. that's what you all are doing and it is incredible and it is it important and there are americans across this country who are counting on you to make
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that determination. now, what we saw last night, was we saw that old reagan coalition come back together again. [applause] we saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarian and reagan democrats standing together and saying what are earth are we doing? you know, it is a great little booklet. all i need to learn in life i learned in kindergarten. they really ought to passes it out in congress. things like don't lie. [applause] and do what you say you are going to do. [applause] none of this is rocket science. how about we have candidates if
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you elect me we'll repeal obama care and how about cappedidates that go to washington and actually repeal obama care. [applause] and how about if we have candidates that say i am opposed to amnesty and secure the border and we elect them and we stop amnesty and secure the border? [applause] we get back to the constitution? [applause] you know, you look at the constitution and you look at principles that built this country and by the way, the media wants to say something about the constitution that is a crazy right wing. and is that show how much the
10:30 am
national narrative is? listen, what we are fighting for is basic common sense. in every small town and every small business and family for centuries in this country. live within your means. don't bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. that's common sense all across this country. so folks might call it common sense. and yet to washington, those are viewed as radical extreme ideas. really, what is 19 trillion between friends? >> ted cruz is holding a town hall meeting fresh off of his victory in iowa. we'll get backing to the political pan ple. brad and marjorie. you heard ted cruz talking about the issues that endeared him to
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a segment of the voters and angerred many of those in washington, people that he works with brad. he won iowa, what he needs to do. >> gobble up the delegates to get to be nominated and take a look. this is a marathon. it is not a hundred universitied dash. cruz got eight delegates and trump seven and rubio seven. hardly a blow out because they are not win or take all. i am saying, and look at the map to get you to that magic number to get you nominated and if it means skipping a state, do it. i think it is smart to be in new hampshire today and tonight and the rest of the week, he needs to be be in south carolina to make up ground. >> give us an assessment of the republican side of the race, donald trump was supposed to win
10:32 am
big and came in second and ted cruz was supposed to do well, because he had a huge ground game and he spent time and money and he placed first, but what about rubio? he came in third and exceeded expecting as across the board it seems. >> this has reset the race in a good way, it is making it a contest and not just about cruz and trump that isolated a certain segment of republican voters and people are talking about the traditional candidate and republican party. it does give a lot of centerist republicans. and who is electable? trump and even cruz might not electable. and rubio has the factor like jeb bush. and that energized the republican base to make it
10:33 am
a good contest it. it is it a positive outcome. and i think rubio and trump will be the front runner ares in new hampshire when rubber hits the rod. and it will be interesting. thank you both. >> big political news came out of iowa. and contender are focused on the iowa race. it is it a gamble of course. and they are talking about that, john? >> reporter: jenna, good afternoon to you. you heard the narrative all about a three man race after iowa, but the dynamic in new hampshire is far different. true, donald trump and ted cruz lead the polls, but ohio governor john kasich who is running in a strong third spot. he ignored iowa to concentrate
10:34 am
on new hampshire and insisted that the race is far from over. >> i think this state will look at people and determine what they want. i have never heard anybody up here say that the peopl new hampshire will make a decision based on what people in iowa think. that doesn't hold water. and maybe it does. and we have done everything we can do. >> reporter: two other candidates. jeb bush, yes, jeb bush who is right behind kasich in the polls and chris christie who is betting all of the marbles on the granite state. >> people here -- are -- i don't remember a president huckabee or sanatorium. it will affect in different
10:35 am
ways. >> reporter: christie hard to hear but said iowa doesn't have a great track record of picking the nominees. christie is unloading on marco rubio saying he is the boy in the bubble who never did with his life. and harsh language to are sure and a clear sign of how important the big finish in new hampshire is for chris christie. if he doesn't do well, it could be all over for him. police say the raid on the home of a convict issed sex offender could be tied to the disappearance of a college student more than four and half years ago. lauren spear vanished after a night out with friends and turning up nothing. and now officials say this man, justin wagers is connected to the case. they have search two homes and
10:36 am
he is held on various sex offense charges. a list wheels here. and richard stant paul is here. this case has been in the news and mysterious for so much time. you have to feel for her parents. four and half years without any knowledge of what happened to their daughter. there has been a search, but they didn't as far as we know come up with anything. the cadavar dogs did not alert. >> they are looking for something. and what drove me crazy, the parents are not even told what is going on. we don't know. the only thing is from the press or media. >> what about it? should the authorities be coping the parents more in the loop, richard. >> the parents are very much involved.
10:37 am
and you have the fbi involved and the parents hired a private investigator and from a legal perspective, the police will gather as much information whether it is the current suspect or a person of interest gather in the dna and things that matches to her dna. there is no body and the body tells you a lot. >> and there were two other people under suspicion and they lawyered up right away and that makes them persons of interest. >> and even her friends that were out there. and last people who saw her would not take the polygraph. >> she was drunk and did she take drugses with that? she had a heart condition and that could be her demise. >> she was four foot 11 and 90 pounds and would take much in the substance to perhaps cause her to lose her abilities to
10:38 am
focus. and yeah, that is the point i was going to ask about. the property that they are searching 30 miles away from bloomington where she disappeared. and the parents filed a civil suit. and why are the police not looking that direction. there is more correlation to the guys. >> i know they tried to lawyer up and went to take the polygraph test and perhaps there is something to hide with her friends and last people to see her and her boyfriend. if they don't want to speak to the police and the police don't have evidence to arrest them, it is hard to gather information. once they have information, go back and arrest them and talk and confront the information and we have more information. >> and you can play one against the other. >> we'll talk about a case in
10:39 am
new york that is attracting new attention. the new jersey supreme court is hearing arguments in the case of stephen straf: he was convicted of pushing his wife jodi off of the cliff of the you hudson river back in known 92. he claims that she fell after a picnic where she had drank wine. now the new jersey supreme court will decide whether testimony from friends and wife were admissible in court. what is the question here? >> the appellate court withdraw hear say evidence and turned it back to the district court. you can't just bring in testimony from somebody else and not the victim herself. it goes to her state of mind and not to the truthfulness of the testimony. that would have been my argument and it didn't win in the lourer court but maybe now.
10:40 am
>> her state of mind saying that her friends testified that she was afraid and that he had divorced and there was life insurance. the jury looks at this and there was life insurance and he didn't want to get divorced because it is costly and however, she went voluntarily. regardless if she was here or not. and there was alcohol involved and you can't take away the fact. >> the forensics and they said no, she had been pushed to land in that. and she was pushed over the cliff. and the forennics are all good. >> it could be be an accident. you have the battle of the experts, but what is important the statements don't define whether it was an accident or not. >> the cliffs are straight down almost to the hudson river and
10:41 am
notorious for accidental falls. signs say watch out. you can walk up and take a step and it is hundred. it is a perfect place to stage a murder. >> does he get a new trial? >> i think he does. and the prosecution has to decide whether they will retry him or not. and i think it is hear say is cut out. >> that hurts the prosecution. >> thank you both. >> jenna. >> changing tables on the would be robber. the police in central florida releasing the video of a armed man demanding money. he hands a bag for the cash and the clerk who is a u.s. military veteran. and attacks the suspect. and police are still looking for
10:42 am
him. record number of republicans taking part in the iowa caucus. what was behind the big surge. we'll break it all down next. >> i voted for ted cruz because of the issues. life issues and marriage and religious liberty. >> my candidate was marco rubio. people in my life that know more about the process, swayed me that he is a great young candidate. ! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so.
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>> the iowa caucus made history. republicans turned out in record numbers and ted cruz is the first cappedidate with a hispanic heritage to win the iowa caucus. the associated press called the race for hillary clinton and if that result holds, she is the first woman to win the caucus.
10:46 am
they tell us what is behind the big gop turn out. >> we were looking for probably record turn out because of the sheer number of capped -- candidates in the race. they bring new people in the process and with that many people, and candidates who are bringing in new people, it is unconventional candidates and that's why there was a record turn out and democrats did not reach their record of 2008. >> joining us in the phone, lynn you know the surprise element better than anybody else. there is always a surprise and maybe more. what is the biggest surprise for this year? >> thanks for having me. well, there were several surprises. the biggest is that everybody said a turn out would help donald trump. it didn't help him enough and
10:47 am
partly because of the evangelical turn out was huge. 60 percent people polled were evangelical and on the republican side. and so that was a big surprise also. and the fact that rubio almost beat trump. and so now the pressure is on trump to win big. >> old fashioned campaigning still the way to go and is that specific to your state or something that candidates will take with them as they look to win in other states? >> it is one of the lessons and this is what cruz did. he visited all 99 counties and he did the things that donald trump and trump tried to do the large scale rallies. other states are different. you you have to do that in new hampshire, but you know, the big spending and rallies maybe enough for trump elsewhere.
10:48 am
>> what are the things you noticed over the last several weeks is the enthusiasm and energy for bernie sanders and you have questions what that means for the democrat party moving forward. what did you see? >> well, it is like you said, the big question will the young people especially turn out? the caucus location that i happen to go to in my neighborhood in des moines was completely overwhelmed. it started an hour late because of so many people in line and the party was not prepared for it. a lot of people registering that were new and other people waiting to get in line. so, there was a lot of you know, and the crowd was yelling, feel the burn in the caucus location. and i think that you also polled
10:49 am
and showed a big gap there, the trust gap among these democrats and they trust sanders overwhelmingly and identify with him. and so can sanders pull it out long- term? if clinton is the nominee how does she motivate that base? that's what they are thinking about in the days and coming weeks. >> a question before we go. that is an interesting description of bernie sanders and feeling the burn and people yelling that. how did you compare that with barak obama? or is it unique from your perspective and how do you see it? >> 2008 was a surprise in the turn out and they are saying where are these people coming from? a lot of young and new people and his numbers were not the
10:50 am
same. and that's the one interesting point. the democratic turn out doesn't appear to be close to 2008. it is 170 this happened versus 240000. and so put still sander's team is close. now, could have if more minority voters could have been at the polls, that made a difference, so that was some of the difference, i think, in 2008 verses now. >> lynn, thank you so much. >> all right. thank you. >> well, severe weather is sweeping across the nation right now after dumping snow on colorado and the midwest. now, keep an eye out for get this, tornados. we're live in the extreme weather center. and he was famous before the movie starring bill murray became a hit. if you forgot, yes, today is
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi everyone. we've got breaking news exclusively on the real story today and i'll give you a hint. it comes from a southern state. plus chris christie comes out swinging in new hampshire. calling rubio the boy in the bubble. what do you think he means by that? and the evangelical vote huge in iowa yesterday but how is it going to play out in new hampshire and who will get most of it? find out at the top of the hour. fox news weather alert. massive winter storm on the move now carrying the threat of
10:55 am
tornados as well. our meteorologist is live with more. >> hi, yes, we have blizzard warning for several states across the plains in the upper midwest and now the threat of tornados. a severe weather outbreak the likely tonight overnight including large, long lasting destructive tornados. tornado parts already posted for parts of mississippi river valley for 7:00 p.m. we're going to see many tornado watches and thunderstorm watches as well as warnings. we don't have any warnings now. now, fox news weather alert it's groundhog day. did you hear what the groundhog said? >> two, three, get my man up. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> there he is. jana, you'll be happy to know he
10:56 am
predicted an early spring. nicely done, phil. >> nicely done. you know what though, i prefer frogs to rodents any day of the week. freddie the frog forecasted an early day of the week. >> rodents not so sure about it. it's still fun. >> maybe a book about freddie and the groundhog facing off. >> absolutely. >> and your children. >> thank you very much. >> phil has been eating well this winter. that's for sure. just another day at the office for this guy. why is he dressed as a zebra? the final 30 next.
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surprise you. he's a zoo worker dressed in a zebra suit. >> it's an emergency case. >> they got him too. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen. >> the first primary just one week away. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story. jeb bush left iowa early to try and garner some support. last night's top three fini finishers, ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio are all there. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are there too. here's a live look at senator ted cruz who may be


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