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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we have to deal with racial inequality and gender inequality. sex resume orientation inequality. with the kind of poverty of spirit that has too much
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influence over the lives of too many of our fellow americans. so i come to you with lifetime of service and advocacy. and end up getting results. i'm grateful business out here because he does know a little bit about this job we are competing for. i have to confess, not just because yes we did meet 45 years ago. i'm always surprised when i say that. but because he produced results for the american people. and he got the opportunity to do that because of the people in new hampshire. so i want to make this case to you and i want to ask you during these next days to go out there, talk to your friends, you're neighbors, your colleagues, about what is at stake. it could not be more stark between what i offer and what
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the republicans offer. between my record of results and their efforts to turn the clock back and the progress we made in america. so let me just run through some of the basics because one of the things i love about new hampshire voters is you all sift through it and gift the once over. you make up your minds about what makes sense. you take a hard look about what people proposing. you ask yourselves does this sounds good on paper or does this get done? who's most likely to deliver what you need. i think the key issue ... jenna: hillary clinton you see her there in nashua, new hampshire and she has a razor thin lead over bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. her camp is declaring victory
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despite no official number being called. i'm andrea tantaros. and melissa francis and today's hashtag one lucky guy, rich lowry, you are outnumbered. >> it's such a shame we had to break into that hillary clinton rally and not regale our viewers with it. andrea: i thought you might like to see her squirm. >> she says you govern and campaign in pros and poetry. andrea: iowa democrats sort out who won on the republican side. ted cruz propelled his powerful grounds game and fervent support
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among evangelicals to come out on top. and donald trump had his first defeat. >> let me first say to god be the glory. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. andrea: a humbled trump gracious? defeat congratulating cruz and thanking folks in the hawkeye state in the only way he knows how. >> iowa, we love, we thank you. you are special. we'll be back many, many times. in fact i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. thank you, thank you everybody. andrea: a strong third place finish for marco rubio, beating expectations and almost taking
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out trump, coming within a percentage point. rich, you took a lot of heat. you are the editor-in-chief of national review for the against trump edition. last night you saw ted cruz, donald trump, they are not establishment candidates. donald trump won the most votes in iowa that no other republican gop candidate has in the caucus other than ted cruz. how can you tweet out, "you are welcome" and make that a win. >> this is an enormous win. ted cruz won despite the fact that he opposes the ethanol mandate. donald trump and derd all he could onett -- on ethanol. despite the fact the governor of iowa opposed him. you had people cow t towing to
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donald trump. i thought it was a wonderful night for him. andrea: going against ethanol win was huge. if you look at it and focus on the establishment. they are not in the sort of insides the beltway. they get a lot of heat, trump and cruz. they came in gold and silver. >> have you been paying attention to what bob dole and other senators say about donald trump? what they sense is ideas don't matter to him, only quote on quote getting something done. so they tilted towards trump and against cruz. there is no doubt if you look at his electorate, 90% of the vote was won by people who never held office or didn't hold federal office before 2010. that includes ted cruz and marco rubio, it includes ben carson. all three of those men are
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principles conservatives, where donald trump isn't. andrea: you cannot argue that both of them have had everything thrown at them from the establishment and they did pretty well. trump did under perform polls. harris: i think the fox debate played a role in this way. i don't know that it helped trump lose. he said second doesn't count. but it did help marco rubio because it gave him more of a platform and gave them more minutes to divide up amongst themselves. but the others who won were the voters. look at that turnout? you had fire in the hearts and bellies of americans who went out to caucus and the snowstorm held off so they had luck with that. that was mostly donald trump.
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sandra: is there anything you can say positive about the campaign and the performance answer of trump in iowa. he said because i was told you could not do well in iowa, he said i spent very little there and came in a strong second. do you give him credit? >> he was talking about winning iowa. i give him credit for highlighting the issue of immigration and hitting a chord with disaffected voters. but he went to iowa and he lost. and he was beaten fair and square by ted cruz. if this thing had gone one more day, rubio probably would have clipped him. it's because he skipped the fox debate. he insulted one of the fox anchors. he is so arrogant he said i could shoot people and i would still get support. you look at the entrance polls, people decided the last week,
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the last day. and they went with rubio and cruz. andrea: the establishment has put up candidates like mccain and romney who were not conservative in the past. the voters are angry and they have been discounted and writers at your publication it many really rude to treat the voters that way. >> he lost last night because conservatives made the case's not a conservative. there was a lot of blowback. but i haven't seen anyone stand up and say you are wrong, donald trump is has always been with us. no one can make that case because it doesn't exist. andrea: here is the logic i'm hearing from you. first place is a win. second place is a loss and third
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place is a win. melissa: what this means to me is money still rules the day. if you look at how much money ted cruz spent. $3.6 million at the end of 2015 alone to a company that build psychological profiles of voters. trump hired that firm, too. but he only paid them $235,000 and took them on without consulting. it didn't work. i think that's the lesson he learned. he only spent $700,000 on people. sadly he spent $1.2 million on hats. i think it came down to money. i don't want our process to be controlled by that. but trump proved you can't do it with enthusiasm alone. harris: if you look at the get out the vote he did on twitter and facebook. it was nice.
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but it wasn't the same as the 12,000 people on the ground. carson supporters are upset. it look like he is out is what oneman from see you what tweeted. but listen to the sound about carson supporters and why they are angry at the dirty tricks they are lining ted cruz's campaign committed. >> if ted cruz doesn't know about this he clearly needs to quickly get rid of some people in his organization. if he does know about it, isn't this the exact kind of thing the american people are tired of? why would we want to continue with that kind of shenanigans? andrea: there is supposedly a tweet basically saying he was out because he said he was going home to get some clothing. carson voters are jr. upset.
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should ted cruz's campaign apologize if these accusations are true? sandra: dr. carson is saying people should lose their jobs over this. it should be looked into further. these would be considered very dirty tricks. do you think they are true? >> they played on the rumor and report that carson was leaving the campaign trail which is an odd thing to do in between iowa and new hampshire. but carson was polling 9% to 10%. and it goes back to trump. you look at "des moines register" poll. his fav-unfav was 50-50. focus on this carefully and they looked at trump carefully and a lot of them didn't like what they saw. iowans are conservative. kennedy: for trump to do that
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well in rural religious iowa, it's astounding. i would never besmirch the voters' opinion. >> you are the one discounting the winner of the iowa caucuses which is ted cruz. you are upset that ted cruz won iowa. andrea: no, i'm actually thrilled. >> so am i, we can agree on that. andrea: the establishment. >> you said that word a lot but what does it mean. >> the typical beltway. >> is bob dole establishment? andrea: yes. >> why is he pro trump. andrea: because i used to be, too, rich, and we are tired of losing elections. >> your man just lost in iowa. andrea: second isn't a loss. this is the logic we are hearing. we have the media saying if
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trump wins iowa, caucus winners never win the presidency. if they didn't they would say how can he win the presidency without iowa. melissa: if you look at the fact he didn't spend any money. he wasn't slated to win iowa. he's clearly not a religious man. how strong he did was remarkable. >> i agree his playing the faith card was totally insincere. andrea: marco rubio had an incredible night last night. he did really well. he outperformed the polls. but the rubio camp said he would do better than we thought. har require' an exciting time for him to be able to make his case. for him to make the case, he continues that on. i know we'll hear from him later. andrea: off to new hampshire.
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that should be fascinating. democrats had a busy night in iowa, too. hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a dead heat with no official winner declared yet. such a slim victory, is that a loss for the former secretary of state? numbered. tell us what you want to talk about. i have a feeling i already know.
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harris: the race in iowa for the democrats is still too close to call. hillary clinton's cam has declared victory but it's not official yet. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will be standing up for you.
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i will keep fighting for you, i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in. but inspires generations to come. >> i think they were still .2% apart. vermont senator bernie sanders is celebrating the results as well. >> iowa, thank you. when young people and working people and seniors begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough! that our government, the government of our great country, belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. when that happens we'll
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transform this country. harris: as the republican party has been saying, even a close win is a loss for hillary clinton. >> it's possible the democrats will be even more unclear on their side by the time we goat april than we are. who would have guessed that six months ago. that goes to show the weakness of hillary clinton. the former first lady, senator, secretary of state, can't put down a goo -- a gadfly from ver. >> watching bernie sanders and his supporters you felt like this was a huge historical moment we are witnessing. i don't know, rich. you didn't call for the race to be that close. >> i left wing friends said they
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would be winning in new hampshire and iowa. for hillary clinton to beat bernie sanders by less than a point in iowa is a major sign of weakness. the problem sanders has, he needs a political earthquake to shake her support among minority voters and the moderate liberals. he will probably beat her in new hampshire but he needed to beat her in both places to rock her campaign to the core. harris: since you brought it up with minority voters it's been interesting in the past they didn't back an al sharpton tore jesse jackson. this just in from ed henry. he says look out for the shift in the clinton message. she starts by declaring victory in iowa, then she says it's all about the economy.
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after entrance polling showed the economy is key. sandra: i think the economy is key but it will be hard for her to sell that one. she is riding on the back of extending president obama's term. i don't think anyone out there thinks things are going great. what was this coin toss thing that happened in see you what? depenal on way report you look at. between 3 to 6 districts came down to a coin toss and she both each time. you have to keep your eye on the clintons isn't he complaining about that. andrea: magical coins with two heads. that's a clinton coin. harris: i wondered as i was watching last night. every network had it. some had 50-50. some had 49.8, 49.6.
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she just cut ted cruz, she was speaking at the time. they all have tvs so they knew they were doing this. next door to bernie sanders's home state vermont. andrea: the clintons typically do well when they have an enemy. hillary does well when she is down. bernie sanders better get a food taster. it's going to be quite the slog. she had to cry in new hampshire last time. his mission toys beat her in new hampshire and she has got to hold him some of before she can get to nevada and the south. the dnc infrastructure will never let sanders win. harris: part of the dragging came from deblasio. the mayor of new york was in
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iowa. hillary clinton is pulling towards members of the party. harris: with iowa officially in the rearview mirror we'll look at the strategy and grounds game as the candidates shift their focus to the granite state. stay with us.
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tries to gain grounds in new hampshire ahead of next week's first in the facing primary after dealing a major blow to donald trump in iowa last night. but the texas senator facing an uphill battle as the donald faces a 22-point lead. hoik also has her work cut out for her in new hampshire where the real clear politics average of polls shows her lagging behind bernie sanders by 22 points. >> roger stone on "outnumbers," you would love him. what do you think of cruz going into new hampshire? can he make it past new hampshire? >> yes he will make it past new hampshire before it's a tougher pull.
9:33 am
usually guise who win iowa don't get much of a bounce in new hampshire. but new hampshire is a more secular state so trump won't have to pretend to be religious. trump wise up naturally with new hampshire the question is how much of a hit he will take from his actual loss in iowa going into new hampshire. he has a good cushion to work with but we'll see where the polls are at the ends of the week. >> theren't much of a pathway some are saying for ted cruz. trump leading in the double digits in new hampshire. will this hurt him or will he pull off a big win and potentially move on. melissa: where is he going to focus his energy after ferndle off the other candidates. how is he going to find often do * and how is he going to handle
9:34 am
marco rubio and this surprise rise that we now have witnesses in iowa? should he be going directly on the attack. where should he be putting his money? how do you handle this? >> it's tricky. the cruz people have been spinning this as a two-man race. then there was a crucial shift in iowa, they saw rubio coming up. the problem rubio has, he needs to kill off these so-called establishment candidates to make it a pure three-man race. that's his goal in new hampshire. finish second and embarrass burke an d embarrass bush, chrie and kasich. it's remarkable that rubio did as well as he did in spite of the tens of millions dumped on
9:35 am
his head by the bush super pac. sandra: carson polling at 10%. how long are these other candidates going to stay in? >> it will be hard. some of them like chris christie will begin to run out of money. but there is a chance for those guys to make a second impression in new hampshire. if one of them finishes second. they might get a new breath of life. it's hard to see how they are built for the long-haul. andrea: when you look at a ted cruz, already voters twhoot likely go to donald trump. ben carsons would likely go to a trump. where do these candidates' votes go. melissa: new hampshire is a brand-new day and a totally new place. six out of ten people will today
9:36 am
say they are undecided. these are very independent people who don't like to be told what to do. they are not going to take their cue from iowa. who won doesn't matter to these people. it's also a place where you can vote in either party's primary and you don't have to declare. you could show up and vote for bernie sanders because you want to stick it to hillary clinton. the game is completely different, and think just because you are one, two or three in iowa has nothing to do with new hampshire. >> that's why i like more moderate candidates like john mccain. harris: if we want to ask somebody how important iowa is, ask rick and forum. he point in 2012. if there were ever a rule for the establishment people might be able to understand, it's getting those other candidates who might take some divots.
9:37 am
can you get them to back that candidate and back away from the cheese tray and let this play out among three people? >> back from the cheese tray. andrea: people said iowa was irrelevant until last night. ted cruz may have officially won the iowa caucuses but many are declaring marco rubio the real victor. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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melissa: senator marco rubio declaring victory after coming in third after donald trump. several analysts say it changes the dynamic of this race, showing the establishment is live and well. the florida senator took the stage giving what seemed like a victory speech. >> they told me we didn't have a chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn, i needed to wait in line. [this is your turn] >> but tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a clear message. after 7 years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to
9:43 am
take our country back. >> in. >> the day or so he probably would have beaten trump. what most interesting to me in the entrance poll. what do you care most. among the voter who care most about winning in november, marco rubio won among those segment of voters going away. you are seeing the breakdown where you have cruz owning the evangelicals and the conservative segment of the electorate. rubio a dead center within the republican coalition, and donald trump doing well among moderate. cruz is a rock-ribbed conservative. rubio is i can win. trump is if you are mad as heck and you are not going to take it anymore you can come with me.
9:44 am
>> the critic have come out on rubio. he responded to that. >> i'm conservative as anyone running for president. but i believe we can grow the conservative movement. for us to convince people who voted for the democrats for 25 years that conservative itch is bert for them and better for america, that's how we'll grow the conservative movement. sandra: has rubio found himself a new tier among the top gop candidate in. andrea: yes, and he did set himself apart and he needed to do that. brendan dougherty argues if rubio get the nomination it's george w. bush's term all over again. achilles heel. rich, i want to ask you.
9:45 am
you are one lucky guy. you and i both agree a ted cruz win is a win for conservatives. will national review endorse ted cruz? >> let me try to agree with you on something. i don't think trump should be the nominee. but i think it would be a bad result if after all this the party learns nothing from him. the important lessons to be learned about the importance of immigration, not just illegal immigration, but focusing on legal immigration and the economic impacts of continued low-skill immigration and playing to the blue collar disaffected voters who have been drawn to donald trump. we need those people within the conservative tent and conservative coalition. andrea: will you endorse rubio? he has an achilles heel on immigration. why hasn't the "national review" endorsed ted cruz.
9:46 am
>> i didn't follow the entire line of questioning. will we endorse cruz or rubio? andrea: why haven't you endorsed cruz yet. >> we have an editorial board that makes these decision and they are divided between rubio and cruz. they are both solid men of character. harris: we should take the breaking news out of there that rich agreed with andrea on something. melissa, your take on all this. melissa: it's interesting how fortunes change in politic. to watch where jeb bush finished and when you think back to the beginning of the race the death star work on his behalf. sorry, marco rubio, it might have been your time but jeb bush is already in so don't bother.
9:47 am
now, you see all the time and money you called the death star bush poured into shooting down other candidate, especially marco rubio. and you wonder where does he make the decision. sandra: he did look happy on the stage with his family and it looked like a victory speech. concerns hillary clinton's email practices may have put the lives of american spies in danger. the scandal that shows no sign of going away. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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andrea: more up in * in a moment. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but first jenna lee with what's coming up on "happening now." jenna: a change in tone from clinton, avoiding attacks on bernie sanders and focusing instead on the economy. lessons from iowa, maybe.
9:52 am
we are monitoring a rally by john kasich who is hoping to make a move in new hampshire. also in the granite state awaiting a rally who is described as the big winner in iowa. we'll see what his tone is like top of the hour. kansas city the drip, drip, drip of bad headlines coming out of hillary clinton's email scandals. those messages reportedly included the names of cia agents serving overseas and those work as spies, potentially endangering their lives. the attorney general asking for a special prosecutor.
9:53 am
he says he believes the white house is showing its bias by meddling with the investigation. >> it's unlikely to happen because the justice department is going to have an interest in protecting hillary clinton. but every single wall of defense she established on this email scandal has been breached. first it was there is no classified material. well, that wasn't true. so kay, sort of incidentally classified stuff that wasn't that important. now we have emails redacted because they have top secret material. now we have emails that can't be released in any form because they have such season tough and potentially damaging and life-threatening information on it. democrats have put all their eggs in this hillary clinton basket with this hanging over her head is insane. sandra: she is tough to be going through this, putting that face
9:54 am
on and running for president the way she is. do you think cor cornyn will get anywhere with this? melissa: see see these things come out that are clearly criminal that aren't getting attention. the pentagon intelligence official said everyone is trying to figure out what's in the deleted emails. these are intelligence officials who say we have put lives at rise become. the part is moscow and beijing have information that the intelligence community maybe never will. andrea: is there evidence the scandal continues to hurt her? harris: politically speaking i think she can survive it. look how bad the government protecting our stuff. the irs has been breached. i think the people look at the
9:55 am
government. they know the pentagon has been breached. just about every department, the human resources division of the government. they look at this and say this is another incidence of that. the bottom line is can she outrun the f.b.i. it doesn't matter what we all think and talk about. if the f.b.i. has some stuff on it plate that it's going to release and the d.o.j. looks like it's complicit in not doing the right thing. if stuff gets leaked it's messy for her. >> every day we seem to wake up to more news on this. andrea: if the d.o.j. recommends charges almost. the leftists howled over valerie
9:56 am
plame. he she says this is like benghazi. it is. it shows a woman who doesn't care about endangering the lives of americans.
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>> i never felt so out numbered. harris: that's not true. "outnumbered" on the web. click on the overtime tab at >> plus. it could be a break in the four year mystery of what happened to a young indiana college student. now the fbi is involved and naming a man in


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