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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 31, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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years in do you have the book with you? >> i sure do is this hold it up. as we leave, it's been fun to have a sunday edition much outnumbered. thanks for being with us. we're back on tv tomorrow at our regular time. neil cavuto and two hours now. the final p. welcome everybody. this is the last dash to the clash that has the candidates across this state like never before. one thing i noticed is about the campaign schedules is how they manage to squeeze in one more stop, one more neighborhood, one more calf tiera, any place where people will come together, candidates are getting to them. we went out on the street to
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talk to lots of folks of all ages. you might get a kick out of it. we're still on an adele update and how she's become a world sensation here in des moines thanks to me. much more in these next two hours. we're going to be talking to marco rubio. we caught up with him last night. 800 squeezed in to hear him. we also have bob doyle coming up, the party's 1996 nominee. he is not a fan of ted cruz calling him the great disrupter and someone who is doing more harm than good and that if he did become the president of the united states. bob doyle said he would have enough trouble flinfluencing hi
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side of the aisle. john. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're hear in iowa where adele was down the street. trying to confirm that. we are in the last 48 hours of the caucuses and the candidates are playing to packed houses across the state. they're trying to identify every supporter they can, but these events are the tip of a big iceberg. beneath the surface massive operations that are working to get every supporter they can out to the caucus. this is camp cruz where volunteers are here to work the phones and using digital databases to identify every possible supporter they can and to steal them from other candidates wherever possible. >> we have a very sophisticated digital backup. we know how to identify people
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who can be persuaded to vote for ted cruz. we've identified a large number of voters who are with candidate now that would pick ted cruz as a second choice. we're calling those people and talking with them. >> thes are also walking the streets all weekend knocking on doors, the goal to make sure every supporter is contacted and given the sales pitch. >> we want to reach all the voters who are still undecided and help them understand why we support ted cruz. we'll work until the last hour. we don't want to say wish we could have had one more day or talked to one more person. >> cruz really wants to win iowa and he's pulling out all the stops. there's one tactic that got criticism that said voter violation if they didn't show up for caucus. some people say it boarders
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intimidation. cruz says he's going to use every tactic to get people out on caucus night. >> a lot of talk about donald trump. he leads in a lot of polls in this state. where is he going to be today? is he going to be here today? >> reporter: he's going to be around all over, but the big question, though, with trump is does he have the ground operation to convert on all of the support that he's been getting out at these events. we've contacted the donald trump campaign several times. they won't let us into the phone banks or into their headquarters. so there's a real question does he have the ground operation that the other campaigns do and if he doesn't, will his unconventional style get people to the polls tomorrow night. we'll know tomorrow evening. >> again, as john was pointsing out because it's different in a
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caucus. this is has been the test for these candidates, donald trump among them, whether his loyal fans -- and he has many. he packs concert halls and big rallies, but are those same fans inclined to stick it out and get to their caucus site, if they know where it is, and then stay for up to two hours. it's a question we asked passionate voters of bernie sanders on the other side. he has his group of young fans. it's not exclusive to young fans. you'll see that later on when we go out on the street, but this idea that they're inclined to show their loyalty and stick it out in the caucus environment, something on the mind of marco rubio. i caught up with him last night where the crowds were there and the passionate was there, the question being in that crowd whether the voters are there. >> senator good to see you.
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just a few friends. >> yeah, i feel good. >> i get this all the time. >> yeah. they're here for you. >> you've seen the latest polls. they look good for you. obviously it didn't hurt donald trump not appearing at the debate, but it did hurt ted cruz. you rose a little bit. you're close to second in this state. do you think you can win it? >> we're going do the best we can. i think ted is the front-runner. every endorsement he wanted he got. he has a huge army of people. his campaign has been predicting victory for weeks. he's the front-runner here. he's made iowa a priority so we're working hard to close that gap. >> i notice -- his attack ads, particularly on you, if you were to look at this des moines register poll, it did not appear to be hurting you.
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what do you read into that? >> again, he's pivoted all of his attack ads against me. he's clipping my statement. he's cutting it in half. >> you can't miss it. >> it's unfortunate because he clips my statement in half to make it sound like i'm for cap and trade. >> the bottom line, it doesn't seem to be resonating. >> it won't. we've had $30 million of attack ads run against me. i think people know what the deal is and i think we're going to have good support. >> all right. so all of a sudden now you do well in iowa. you could place second. you could win. there's an argument that says that cruz and trump battle it out and you run up the middle. >> i don't know about that. i think we're going to finish strong here. >> would anything less than
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third dispoint you? >> we want to do the best we can. >> how about new hampshire? >> we want to do well there too? i think when we come out of here and we'll have momentum. after that night we'll be in new hampshire to get to work. >> now when you look at your momentum, do you also look at the other side? bernie sanders now within three points of hillary clinton in this state. he had once trailed close to 30 points in new hampshire. he's lapping her, only the polls and they're subject to change. if you ever thought if you were the republican nominee you would be facing bernie sanders? >> the democrat party has been taken over by a radical left wing element in that party and that what bernie represents and i think that's what hillary is chasing after as well. so no matter who the nominee is for the democrats is, i'll win it. that's why they attack me more than any other republican.
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i will unify the republican party. we're going to reach out to people who haven't voted for us before and convince them that conservativism is the right approach for our country. >> is the idea that all you guys have to sort it out? >> that's going to happen eventually. there won't be 11 people in these race two months ago and we feel good about our chances and we feel great about what's happening now. we keep working hard and growing every day. >> we have more information on the hillary clinton e-mails that seem to look a lot worse than thought. a lot of them can't be released because they're top, top secret. her camp argued they were not that way. bottom line it's hurt her trust factor. what do you make of that and how bad this is getting? >> she's disqualified from being the president of the united states. she exposed sensitive information to foreign intelligence agencies because
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she thinks she's above the law. >> she says it accidentally happen. >> i see classified information all the time. there's no way you can't look at that and realize it's not classified. even if it's not marked. >> how can you tell? >> there's all kind of markers that indicate that. she should have known it was sensitive. >> you think the white house is distancing itself from her? >> i don't know. i believe she's in a lot of trouble. no one is above the law. if she's president she may have to pardon herself. >> that was a good line. do you get a sense -- we have reports the economy is slowing down in the last quarter and the market is involved. we touched on it. do you get a sense that let's say you become president, you're becoming president in the middle of a recession. >> a bunch of is created by this president. we have to be globally competitive. we cannot do that with an epa that is out of control, holding back our energy resources,
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obamacare, taxes that are too high. that's what is holding us back. the american economy is ready to go. >> finally, the mood and staying in this, it is a hard process. how do you remember the town you're in on a given night, but i was talking to a lot of iowans that said we love these guys, but we'll be glad when they do. >> i understand. there are two more days left. 48 hours or less now and we feel great about it and it's been a privilege to be part of this process. >> all right. they do have a lot of commercials here. you could turn on the tv and i feel sorry for iowans because it is nonstop political commercials. even marco rubio acknowledging that ends by late tomorrow night, roughly. you've heard of the henry in the car. i don't know if he's drinking
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a lot of folks say bernie sanders is the one to watch in this race because he has closed the gap with hillary clinton. we're getting news from the sanders campaign that it raised more than $20 million in the month of january, almost all from online contributions. and a lot of those averaging about 27 bucks apiece. the sanders campaign has been saying it's taking a lot of money, but it isn't coming from wall street and investment banks who draw a distinction between his campaign and hillary clinton's campaign. we have our own ed henry on his way to sanders event right now. >> reporter: i don't know if you
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can hear me. it's going in and out right now. we're on the quick response vehicle and it is based in part of wa signal that goes in and out. bernie sanders has this event in the northern east part of the state. it's a pretty small part of the state, 68,000 people. he's trying to get every vote he can. i was with him last night at an event of 3,500 people. the fire marshal said there were a couple of thousand more people outside that he would not let in because it was dangerous. sanders made it clear that he is expecting toust launch a political revolution, he believes he is going to shock hillary clinton and the world on monday night.
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>> as we came into this campaign, we were 3% in national polls. here in iowa it is virtually tied. we are going to make american history on monday night. >> reporter: so hillary clinton has been talking a lot out here on the campaign trail about her experience, also about her proxty to president obama. interesting because at the beginning of the campaign she was splitting from president obama on a whole series of issues trying to become her own candidate. at that time president obama not that popular, but she has been struggling. so she's moving closer to president obama and talking about fighting for the middle class. >> that's why i'm so passionate about the stakes in this election. they could not be higher, my friends. you look at what the republicans
10:18 am
are saying as they go from place to place in iowa and they want to turn the clock back on nearly everything we've achieved. >> reporter: you can see her in part trying to make the case that, okay, bernie sanders turned out to have a stronger candidacy in these democratic primaries, but shae is trying to make the case of the democrats to come home to her. she believes he would be a poorer general election candidate as a democratic socialist. >> thank you. in the meantime we are focusing on what the president of the u.s. is doing. he will be president for roughly another year. he's going to be visiting a mosque later this week on wednesday and that's raised concerns from our first homeland security secretary. he'll explain why after this. staying in rhythm...
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this is iowa. these are folks waiting to see donald trump. he is the leader in all the polls in this state and it's a remarkable development because he's been across this state fewer than the other major candidates in this state, but he has in the last few weeks it will leading in the polls by the last fox news debate right before the caucuses of course on tomorrow evening. so the loyalty is there. the passion is there. the question is are these same folks going to show the voting discipline to remember to show up to a caucus site. you have to remember where your site is and you have to stick
10:23 am
around, two hours sometimes. so we'll see that sorted out. tom ridge is looking at this closely, former pennsylvania governor and he hopes to hear from all the candidates on issues that are probably more crucial than slaps they've been given each other, more like growing terror threats. it's always good to see you. >> you're all bundle had up out there. >> thank you. you talk about and like the fact that jeb bush talked about national security. things can change and his fortunes can change. prosecute you surprised? >> first of all, i'm not surprised given the fact that the attention has been focus in had on the rather unusual and unprecedented success donald trump has had, but the one thing i know about jeb and our campaign it's built for the long
10:24 am
hal haul. whoever is successful in iowa is that even if they get all 30 votes, which is very unlikely, they'll still have a race to july in cleveland and they need 1,200 mor delegates to there. so iowa is a very important starting point, but we're built for the long haul. we're going do well in new hampshire, south carolina. so stay tuned. >> you know, you mentioned what it takes to get to the finish line. there are a lot of folks who seem to think given the number of candidates who could stick it out, even if half of them drop out, you could face the possibility of getting in to cleveland without one person having the necessary delegates. does a brokered convention scare you if it comes to that? >> i think if a brokered convention is do we have to deal with it, then that's the reality we have to deal with and the consequences will be whatever they might be. i think it's a little bit
10:25 am
premature to draw that conclusion because i do think you'll see a narrowing of the name of candidates. i think as the race progresses -- again, this is the starting line, the thoughts expressed by by the tampa bay times expressed about jeb will have great fruit around florida and the country. they commented they observed him as governor, but he had a study stream of big ideas with unbending determination. he's a thoughtful and principal man. his thoughtfulness has been demonstrated long before san bernardino, long before the horror in paris, a strategy to deal with isis. he has a plan for 4% growth. he has a tax structure. >> he said he has a big newspaper endorsement.
10:26 am
john ca newspaper endorsements mean anything, specially to a conservative votership who might not care. >> i think any candidate would be excited to have the endorsement of any newspaper, whether their liberal or more conservative. but i suggest that the times review talked about the man's character and performance. i think these qualities and these characteristics as voters begin and they'll begin tomorrow night in iowa and then in eight days we go to new hampshire, they begin focusing less on this reality show and debates. it's not about electing the president of a society, it's about a man of principal and cap ab abilities that have been demonstrated in the past and i think jeb is going to do well in that regard. >> always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you. we have the texas governor coming up.
10:27 am
he has held out an endorsement and that is noticeable considering the guy kwhoo who i of the front-runner's in this case, ted cruz might want to see that. we'll see the latest numbers for fundraising. bernie sanders $20 million in january alone and a lot coming in small donations. that, my friends, is what they call juice. we'll have more from des moines after this. nce birth. nce birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit why you couldn't be healthy but one really good reason, that's our family. that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc.
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i think super tuesday is poised to be an incredit night for our campaign and the combination of that the republican party is not going to support a candidate who supports amnesty. >> that is ted cruz from a chat with him. he's a front-runner in this state right now. he's a tough position to be in as he found out in the fox news debate. joining me right now is his fellow txan. >> your predecessor has endorsed ted cruz. are you waiting it out or what's your theory? >> two things is i worked with
10:32 am
ted cruz for five years and p i know where he stands as well as other texans knows where he stands and he is a man will protect the boarder and peel back all these heavy handed regulations by the obama administration that is weighing down the economy. what is important as the governor of the state of texas is that i continue to bring in other candidates from across the united states who are running on the republican party platform and see if they stand for these same principals to learn where donald trump stands on upholding the constitution. we know where donald trump stands on securing the boarder. we need to know more about marco rubio's stances. what i will do is encourage these candidates to come in and then let texans decide which candidate is the best candidate to represent texas in washington, d.c. >> are you surprised that a number of other sitting governors haven't been as coy
10:33 am
and said he's not a big fan of ted cruz. he said he's disruptive and his position on eth nal, but bob doyle has gone so far to say that he's more disruptive, that ted cruz doesn't get along with folks and forget about reaching across the aisle, he can't get folks to work with him on his aisle. what do you make much that? >> for bob doyle, of course, he's the type of person in the united states senate that ted cruz has actually been campaigning against, which is if you would the status quo. what ted cruz is trying to do is set an agenda. it's going to be disruptive. he's going to be inses ent that we get back to principals. there's a difference between working with your fellow
10:34 am
senators which ted cruz has criticized and setting an agenda for the united states of america. much of what barack obama has done by way of damage to the united states has been ways he h has not worked with congress. two important things is what will determine the future course of the united states will be the president and who the president will appoint to the supreme court. that doesn't have anything do with congress. second look at the way that barack obama has abused the administrative agencies to make law in the united states. we need a president who is going to ensure that we either get rid of those administrative agencies or they hugh to the line of the law as opposed to making up the law. i don't think it's important to
10:35 am
be able to work with your fellow congressman, but to sit with an agenda that puts america back on the right pathway. >> governor thank you very much. always good seeing you. >> thank you, neil. in the meantime, in the middle of all of this is new isis video has come out. it's the kind of stuff that just reminds congressman of illinois that they're out there and still doing awful stuff and we pay them little attention at least to come up with a coherent plan to address them. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> it is a reminder they're always out there. just when you think we're on top of it, they keep pushing our buttons. what do you think of it? >> it's a recruiting video for them. it's not aimed at us. it's aimed on people that are on the verge of jihadism whether it's a lone wolf looking for
10:36 am
somebody to belong to or somebody in the middle east looking for a bigger cause and a way to follow up their ideology. >> they are good at recruiting. i'm wondering if we're past the stage we're just going after them where they are is the issue when they've set up cells everywhere, be it in paris or here, where a lot of malcontent are doing their job. >> that's a huge issue. it's spreading all over the place and literally every day that goes by they're getting a new foot hold somewhere else. this is why it's important. you have to give law enforcement the tools that they need to weed out people with these intenti intentions. the other thing is you have to defeat them overseas because right now when the chicago bulls are really good, everybody's wearing a bull's jersey, but when they're not nobody's
10:37 am
wearing one. >> let me is ask you about this race right now. there are a lot of folks who say after iowa, after new hampshire, there's a great weeding out to come. do you buy that? >> i think so. i think you'll see a few drop out in iowa probably the people that push on the social conservative side first and then after new hampshire there'll be weeding out. i think after south carolina jeb will be in the race. >> are you surprised how poorly he's polling? >> no. if you look at new hampshire, he's doing very well. you look at south carolina he's doing very strongly. strong veteran population. i travelled with a couple of his supporters yesterday. >> if he doesn't make it, who would you go to? >> i'm not going to think that far yet. we have great candidates. jeb is the best. same guy in the car as in front of the audience. >> thanks for taking the time.
10:38 am
we'll talk later about the bull's jersey. we have more coming up. i had a chance to talk to iowans about this dust up that we've created for your interest about a certain singer named adele. >> adele, the singer like hello, i'm having a big problem with adele. let me tell you, do you have an hour? what seems more likely that she supports donald trump or will she will ever call me back any time soon? >> that she'll ever call you back. >> i kind of agree with you. th . i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control
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i finished the wash, but i'm afraid i couldn't get the jely stain out of kimberly's clothes. i shovelled all the snow off the
10:42 am
driveway. the county snowplow doesn't come by and cover up the driveway. where do you keep the sauce pans at? >> all the pans go under the cabinet under the stove. >> the senator and i are just about through doing the dishes. >> can you believe that, 1980, the old days of saturday night live, four years after jimmy carter made this state famous. he survived that year certainly against ted kennedy, but went on to a huge defeat against ronald reagan. that was then. saturday night live legend with us now. politicians from that point on became political foder, didn't
10:43 am
they. >> you had billy murray there. thank you for showing that. i'm still in awe of all the great writers from that time and we tried to follow up and follow the path that they blazed, but it's more exciting than ever. you can't make this up now. i have a trump shrine at my house now. i walk into the radio show every morning and they go they caught el chapo. i go how? sean penn. we couldn't write that on snl. you couldn't make it up. >> real life is providing the script here. going down to the street and talking to the people is understanding the phenomena that each of the candidates bring with them. a lot of them have a great sense of humor and the voters themselves, i want you to look at this and how a certain singer comes up in the discussion.
10:44 am
>> do you know how you're going to vote for? >> rand paul. >> hillary or bernie sanders is fine with me. >> hillary. >> cruz. >> do you know who you're going to support? >> bernie. >> i have a coat, i'll walk two blocks to my location and show up. >> all this stuff they were saying about ted cruz, he's not a natural born citizen, you didn't buy any of that? >> no. >> you guys are probably used to reporters. >> yeah, all the time. >> do you get sick of it? >> yeah, it's annoying. >> not when it comes to like fox crews? >> not fox. >> political commercials are everywhere. >> actually, i don't have tv. >> you might be a lucky guy. >> you fast forward through them. >> i don't know what's for sale on tv anymore. it's political ad after ad. >> this is the strangest election i can remember. do you just want it over with? >> absolutely. >> you're daughter's agreeing. >> she's sick of watching it too.
10:45 am
i want to get my good parking space downtown again. >> if there's a foot of snow monday, we'll be there. >> please don't say that. >> sometimes it's kind of funny how they make comments about us like we're such a small little town and things like that. we don't feel that way. >> do you tell them shut up. >> no. >> adele, the singer, i'm having a big problem with adele. let me tell you, do you have an hour. >> what seems more likely that she supports donald trump or she will ever call me back any time soon? >> that she'll ever call you back. i think so. >> i kind of agree. >> you look shorter in real life. >> really? this interview is over. all right. nice seeing you. cut the tape. thanks. >> pretty funny folks. >> you are great. forget -- i love -- you wrote the book on the street interv w interviews.
10:46 am
>> man of the people. thank you. you know what's funny, they're passionate about their favorites and they like to zing the ones they don't like so they're a hardy bunch here. >> you know what the greatest countries in the world is the united states and it starts in iowa. it's great out there when you talk to the real people. what's going to happen, may i predict from the listeners on my radio show, i think donald walks with everything, i think donald does new hampshire into south carolina. i think donald is the guy. i have adele on the phone. did you want me to forward? any potential -- >> here's the thing that annoys me about adele. they don't know that they -- they told the huckabee campaign stop using our song in a political ad and he stopped. he stopped because i guess it was the legal thing to do, but they let it go with donald trump using another adele song at a
10:47 am
rally, which had me believing the adele folks like donald trump. we have calls out to adele and she has not returned them. if you have any kind of hollywood celebrity kred, which i know you do. >> you know i have her number in my iphone. if dolly parton called you, would you feel better about that? >> anyone at all. >> i love mike huckabee. he has a great sense of humor. can i say too, watch that undercard debate and you watch rick santorum, you have a great group of people. i think we're on to something here. i'm not a republican, i'm an independent, but it feels good and it feels great to have people with a sense of humor. >> as you said with donald trump, early on when a lot of people were dismissing him, you said don't dismiss how fast he
10:48 am
is on his feet, his sense of humor and it's going to take him far. it's taken him very far, hasn't it? >> i don't knew that donald knew that he would be on fire like he is. i don't know that i support. i like him. if you know donald, you like him. i don't know if you knew he was going go this far. this is as exciting as any sporting event. look at you in iowa. with the green tie i don't understand out in the cold. >> look at the tie. we have go. >> i have a house full of kids and exwives, yet i come in to talk to neil cavuto because it's such an exciting time. >> do you even know how many kids you have? >> i've lost count already. >> that's another show. >> i would like to meet adele. i'm just saying. >> well, i'm very upset with
10:49 am
her. i don't know. all you have to do is pick up the phone and say -- >> hello. >> it never gets old. from my staff it's gotten old, but it never gets old from me. thank you very much my friend. his show is phenomenal. frommy buddy the best saturday night live entertainer, eddie murphy, he's the next governor of new jersey as well my friend. >> i love you neil. >> is that adele on the phone? it's adele? she's calling. not adele. we have bob doyle. hello. more after this.
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10:53 am
if that is still something people want. they will make that very clear if that is something that appeals to them. if they'd rather have, you know, entertainment, you know, that's okay, too. you get what you deserve. >> that was from ben carson. i was chatting with him saying, you know, if it doesn't go my way, people get what they deserve, raised some eyebrows. iowa can make kings and those who are jokers. it's hard to say what happens this particular go-around. my buddy back in new york but the guy who put the state on the map with one of the most brilliant political vat jstrate. a lot of people were saying at the time why the iowa caucus state is weird. you and jimmy carter reasoned
10:54 am
you do well here, you get a lot of attention, notoriety here. you did. meet the man who made jimmy carter popular. >> tim craft, who ran the state, was really great. >> don't ever share the compliment. throw blame. >> our strategy was simple, all of ours, we had to go -- we were a former southern governor, not even in office. no deep south official had been a nominee since the civil war in the democratic party. we needed to prove in the north we could do well and we needed to win new hampshire and going to iowa -- and that's why jimmy carter spent many months sleeping in people's homes. i mean literally. >> did he know they were sleeping in homes? >> he made his bed every morning and the whole bit. >> he was a farmer. he appealed to them. he finished second to none of the above. >> uncommitted. >> the bottom line, it put him on the map. >> it shocked everybody, helped
10:55 am
new hampshire and that was what was important for obama. he needed to prove to the black voters in the south why he was important in the north. >> and that's why it has the importance. what's at stake this time? that he is unstoppable. cruz last week in the last week suggesting that himself. so it could -- i know we always dismiss it on the republican side or have because of huckabee and santorum. ben carson has to capture third. he polls pulls some of those evangel can voters. >> it could be a game changer. what do you make of that, that it's very important that you or
10:56 am
ted cruz win this state. would a strong second do it for you. >> i'm not sure. it depends on how close the second is now that trump is in. he has this problem. carson, if he does better, if he's in third place, or getting 10% out of evangelicals, that could kill him. and rubio who has been, as i said to you underperforming. and it may be time to show up. trump is the most amazing overperformer i've ever seen. >> real quickly the idea that donald trump would enjoy support in the evangelical community. we'll be heading out to a trump event. >> i heard somebody say my family and i love "the
10:57 am
apprenti apprentice, so --" dot, dot, dot, fill it in. they love him on tv. >> not only donald trump but a ted cruz. more coming up from iowa. we are here including through a snowstorm. >> yes. i'm ready. ove all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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11:00 am
you are looking at a huge crowd, the appropriate term, huge crowd, council bluffs, iowa, for one donald trump which is typical. he gets very big crowds. the question is will those same crowds go to the respective precincts and stay for up to two hours or more? rich is there with a read for the passion of the guy. >> reporter: good afternoon, neil. the last full day before caucus goers begin to figure this thing out. trump is here in the western part of the state, a drive north of here to sioux city, iowa.
11:01 am
his top xcompetitor is ted cruz. he is out in the eastern part of the state. from here you have to imagine the top two candidates as far as the polls are concerned are attacking one another. >> he didn't disclose to a lot of people that he was born in canada that makes it so he might not be able to run according to many constitutional scholars. he said he didn't know he was a citizen of canada until 15 months ago. >> he doesn't want to talk about the issues. he doesn't want to talk about the substance, the same reason he skipped the withiowa debate. his record is inconsistent. >> reporter: here are the polls. donald trump leading. the des moines re"des moines re came out with ted cruz second at 23%. plus or minus four.
11:02 am
chris christie at 3% and bush, fiorina, all tied at 2%. neil, we're hoping to have a little luck today. jeb bush came and photo bombed us. trump has been attacking him since the beginning. hopefully he climbs over all these people at the end of this event and comes and chats with us. >> you're being modest. i saw you climbing over seats to get to governor bush and you got that interview, so good for you. the question that's always asked of the trump supporters is whether their passion and their diligence match. they certainly like donald trump but this is interesting. you have to know where to show up for one thing and then be patient. it's not just go in and vote and leave.
11:03 am
europe there sometimes two hours or more. are they up to that? are enough of them up to that? >> it's an energized voting group. they are energized. however, you mentioned it, neil, this is difficult. you have to give up your entire evening and, oh, by the way, we're supposed to have a blizzard in the area tomorrow night. so it's no guarantee these folks will show up. also, the presentation here, they asked how many folks this was the first time they were planning on going to a caucus, about a third of the crowd raised their hands. they are new to the process and are uncertain whether or not they're going to show up and going to caucus. >> all right, thank you very much, rich edson. donald trump is the leader. right now i want to talk to a guy who has been critical of the
11:04 am
former front-runner. anything could change. i'm talking about ted cruz whether he was up to snuff. a former republican nominee named bob dole said he's not so sure that bob dole is talking a lot about how ted cruz alienates people and that might not work well if he becomes president. he might have trouble working with folks in his own aisle. bob dole the 1996 republican presidential nominee joining us now on the phone. senator, good to have you. >> neil, good to talk to you. >> very good to talk to you, sir. you still harbor doubts about ted cruz? >> well, my candidate is jeb bush and i wish i could see him more on fox today. we have a number of good candidates who are republicans and we have cruz who i don't think is the republican, extreme
11:05 am
conservative. there's no one like him in the senate. no one likes him in the senate. always trying to shut down the government twice and cost millions of dollars and put a lot of federal workers out of work for days. i don't really believe the people in iowa are extreme conservatives. they' i consider myself a conservative. i was reagan's leader for four years, bush 41's leader for four years. i had the top number three support for reagan and for 41.
11:06 am
i was a participate in the senate. now i'm a senate watcher. i see ted cruz cutting down the government, not having one senator, not a single senator out of 54, come to his support, i doubt that he's a republican. i know he can't run as an extreme conservative, so he has to -- he's the rhino. he's the republican in name only. >> you know, senator, what he's been doing is using what you said as a campaign vehicle. in fact, in some ads it says, well, establishment bob dole doesn't like me. i'm just paraphrasing, senator. so that's actually a strength of mine. the establishment guys don't like me. the bob doles don't like me.
11:07 am
you should like me because they don't like me. >> well, i still have a lot of friends in iowa. they've gotten a little older but still have a lot of friends. i'm a conservative. as i said, i'm a grassroots conservative. i don't -- during my 28-plus years in the senate i had a strong conservative record but that's not good enough for ted cruz who wants us to be on the far, far right. there are some people out there, what's he going to do if he's elected? he's going to cost us wholesale losses in the congress and governors and state legislatures. >> how do you know? one of the things he brought up
11:08 am
does bob dole really prefer a donald trump to me, that he thinks i will be more disruptive than a donald trump? you say what? >> i want to reiterate my candidate is the best qualified in the group, jeb bush. rump and cruz, i would vote for trump. i think he's a negotiator. he knows many members of congress. in fact, he contributed democrats and republicans. he's worked for democrats and republicans more than i can say for ted cruz. the lone ranger in the senate. his way or the highway or shut down the government. certainly doesn't do anyone any good and costs millions of dollars. a lot of good federal work eers
11:09 am
out of work. >> then are you saying, senator, that if ted cruz did get the nomination, you obviously agree with senator john mccain, you could lose the senate republican, it would be disastrous for republicans because if you look at these one-on-one matchups, and i know they're polls and they change, he doesn't do too badly. he's pretty xcompetitive. so what makes you think it would be a disaster? >> you don't know yet whether he's going to be the nominee. >> true enough. true enough. >> haven't noted anybody running for the senate who is rushing to get his support. there are 25 senators up for re-election this cycle and we'll lose the senate unless we have somebody at the top of the ticket that brings people together.
11:10 am
he only wants the extreme conservatives, not a grassley republican. >> i know what you're saying. real quickly, i know we're tight for time, sir, governors have been arguing, a chris christie of new jersey, john kasich of ohio, that senators maybe aren't the answer, in all deference to you as a former senator, a great one at that, and majority leader. you in the senate don't get it. that you need a governor with that executive experience to lead the nation. what do you say to that? >> i say first of all john kasich is a good friend of mine, was in congress. that's the problem, he was part of it. he tried to get a balanced-budget amendment passed. we failed on a 50/50 vote. we had a good, strong conservative group.
11:11 am
we had one or two who were as conservative as cruz. you could count on them to support. my problem with cruz is he's conservative but he's way out there and i know he has supporters support him who have the same philosophy. i really don't a general election when people take a hard look at cruz is going to sell very well. >> all right. we'll watch what happens. senator, i know you're a busy guy and i preach appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. bob dole, the 1996 presidential nominee, republican leader in the senate under both ronald reagan and george bush sr. we will have more after this including a read from an iowa congressman who says, you know, despite what you just heard
11:12 am
about ted cruz, he's not that bad, this guy, ted cruz. congressman king is next. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
and he's a republican, i know he can't run or is an extreme conservative so he has to -- he's a rhino. he's the republican in name only. >> all right. i would imagine, congressman steve king, big backer of ted cruz does not quite conquer w h concur with that. very good to have you. what others have argued to the likes of john mccain that ted cruz would be a big disruptor and too divisive. you say what?
11:16 am
>> well, at first not to be critical of bob dole, i'm not willing to do that. i have great respect for him. i'm not sure i heard that tape corrected but when we've nominated moderates, they've lost, someone conservative like ronald reagan, they've won. one of the reasons ronald reagan was successful at the ballot box jimmy carter prepared america for a conservative f. we believe that's true and i believe that's true, barack obama has certainly prepared america for a conservative. everything that ted cruz stands for is consistent with the platform and the oath to uphold the constitution. i wouldn't think bob dole would be troubled by that, protecting innocent unborn human life, defending marriage and telling the supreme court that they're wrong when they go outside the bounds of the constitution. i think america would be exhilarated to have a choice like that, between that and a hillary clinton who has a lot of holes poked in her boat these
11:17 am
days. >> you know, you talk about someone who would come up over the months, and this is natural in the rough and tumble world of politics, folks are saying he does know what he's stands for, inconsistent on government spending, budgets that are large, other times denying that he ever did. a credibility issue has cost him some support in the state. are you worried that he might be losing his appeal? >> it's a game of political king of the hill. can you imagine that mike huckabee taking the shots on ted cruz's religion the way he is? that's out of carricharacter an has to carry that. at least with regard to obamacare he said repeal every word of obamacare. he stood on the floor for 21
11:18 am
hours. on the immigration -- >> what about your governor, terry branstad, he's leary about a president cruz to things like ethanol. getting along once again in washington. >> well, i helped put together ted cruz's ethanol policy that's there along with the leading ethanol person in the country. hundreds of thousands of dollars and they started out with misinformation and they've been sticking with misinformation. we can do business on immigration, jeff sessions and i sat down and helped write the policy. he sticks with his oath, the word, his constitutional oath. we have people to the left of ted cruz.
11:19 am
rather than work for the people of the united states of america, they want congress to work for them not congress to work for the members of congress. there was a question that came up in one of the small towns in northwest iowa, how will you deal with mitch mcconnell and ted cruz was with a smile, with delight. >> well put. >> something the senator himself discussed, that if he somehow loses iowa and donald trump wins it and then donald trump goes on to win new hampshire that trump might be unstoppable. do you agree with that? >> i think that's a legitimate thing to look forward to and to analyze. new hampshire looks harder. even if cruz finishes a second here in iowa but the focus here
11:20 am
is to get the turnout in iowa. cruz has an effort i don't think has been met on the republican side, maybe barack obama did that eight years ago here in iowa. i think it will be a tight race in iowa on monday night. i think cruz and trump by a hair, and i think rubio will be a distant third. that's my prediction. >> all you iowa guys don't need coats, just wearing a jacket. it's ridiculous. braving the cold. a real blepleasure. >> i'll put my coat on when i need it. >> there you go. i need it when it's 50 degrees. it's sad. coming up, the latest on a phenomenon called bernie sanders. i don't know, bernie sanders is within three points of hillary clinton which means hillary clinton is maybe four points
11:21 am
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11:24 am
all right. updating you right now on the top of your screen the john kasich event going on concurrent with donald trump event, they're bringing out the crowds, bringing out supporters. they hope that will translate to a lot of people willing to brave the weather or whatever we're in store for tomorrow night. they're talking about a blizzard here but much of it will be early snow before the 7:00 p.m. caucuses start so all of it could be a moot point after the fact certainly for all of us who
11:25 am
will never get home ever, ever again. but enough about us. to don peeble, a friend of barack obama, but he has been critical lately of democrats in general and their left ward lurch. you've been concerned about hillary clinton and the message that's coming out of her, the message coming out of bernie sanders, despite the passion that he's been generating. what's your big worry right now? >> well, i think what you're seeing now is the fight for the soul of the democratic party, is it going to go all the way left because of anger and frustration and that means they go to bernie sanders or does it stay and hover towards the center but the past which is hillary clinton. and there's nobody in the democratic party, none of the candidates out there that allow the democratic party to evolve and especially when you look at contrast to the wide choices that republicans have for a presidential nominee. >> all right.
11:26 am
now your favorite mayor, de blasio of new york, now is supporting hillary clinton, showing up at hillary clinton rallies. you've been talking back and forth about maybe challenging the new york city mayor in new york. have you updated us on that? >> well, no, look, i'm studying the race right now. bill de blasio going out to iowa to support hillary clinton. ironically he can't even stand for that one conviction. he's much more in tune to be a bernie sanders supporter than hillary clinton. he's desperate to try to get support for his re-election campaign because he has really no core beliefs. i'm giving a lot of thought. in fact, he's an example of what's happening in american politics right now, presidential politics this is what happens. new york city is on the decline rapidly because it's picked somebody to run the city who doesn't know how to manage anything, no managerial experience. look at the republican side for president, governors, donald trump. you have people who understand how to manage things. and so new york city is an
11:27 am
example of what can happen with an incompetent management. >> all right. donald trump is starting to speak right now and he is obviously leading in all the polls in iowa. whether that translates into his winning iowa, there are many who think he pulls it out here, wins in new hampshire, he certainly has a head of steam building. even ted cruz says he might win the whole thing as a result. what do you make that have whether he could go on to win it all? >> i think donald trump is poised to win it all. if you look at what david axelrod wrote last week about how the country went from bush to obama because they wanted to make an extreme change. donald is an extreme change. plus he's not a real risk in terms of management. he understands how to manage a business. the challenge of electing someone like cruz, he has no management experience. he's never been able to work with anybody to get anything done and the public wants someone who can get the job done. it's one thing to be an outsider.
11:28 am
it's another one to be an ine ineffective outsider. and so i think donald has a good chance. if he wins iowa and he wins new hampshire and goes on to win south carolina and if he wins florida, it's off course. it's all over at that point. there's no one that will catch him and then a run for who is the vice presidential nominee. >> real quickly while i have you, you're good on real estate, the business environment. the latest quarter increasing all of 0.7%. close to no growth as you get. a lot of folks saying recession around the corner, these volatile markets are all but previewing it. what do you think? >> i agree. i think this economy has been propped up artificially by zero interest rates and by absurd amounts of government spending on these stimulus programs and of course what everyone said in the business world when these policies dry up then we're back to the economy that we had. there's been no structural change in our economy. it's now even more overly regulated in terms of businesses. there is no expansion of jobs
11:29 am
and no plan about how to expand jobs. and so wages are actually down. household income for americans is down. and so there's no reason to be excited about the economy going forward. so i think we are -- i think real estate in some areas like florida, for example, is overvalued. i think we're in for a second pullback or correction like after an earthquake. you have these tremors that come afterwards, these post major earthquakes. and so i think what we're going to see here now is something along those lines. i think we'll see a little bit of ground shaking and that's why this race for the presidency is so important to have someone w country and get things done. >> all right, don. thank you very much. another don is speak iing right now, donald trump. he's addressing his supporters in iowa. there are many of them and, of course, the idea seems to be will we see that support
11:30 am
translate into votes and people showing up at caucus sites? a lot of people are looking at his emergence, the emergence of a ted cruz, all of these candidates doing all of this stuff at the time that the whole process is quacked. so who better to talk to than the star of "duck dynasty." get it? bear with me.
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? all right, forget about when
11:34 am
politicians support you, that only gets you so far but when you can get "duck dynasty" supporting you in these parts and other parts, phil robertson endorsing ted cruz. joining me now. how are you doing? >> well, i'm glad you referred to me as having a little clout, my man. >> you think i would say otherwise? by the way, neil, i've been watching you and i love you as a son. europe not much older than willie. so i just want to warn you young bucks that you don't want to be gullible and let some fast talking businessman lead you down a road that you don't want to go, you see what i'm saying? your son willie is not backing cruz, he's backing donald trump. how does that go down at the
11:35 am
family dinner table? >> it goes down as what can happen to young bucks such as willie and yourself when they let some slick talker lead them down a path they don't want to go, neil. the reason i'm going for cruz is that cruz loves god and james madison, for crying out loud, james madison, neil, was the man who said we'd stake the whole of american civilization, not upon the power of government, not on the power of government, far from it. to govern ourselves, control ourselves, and sustain ourselves based on the ten commandments of god.
11:36 am
therefore, cruz trusts god, cruz trusts james madison, that's why, neil, i trust cruz. do you understand what i'm saying? >> i do, i do. are you saying that donald trump doesn't trust god? >> who knows? you'll have to check with him. >> i know -- >> donald trump just quoted your son. he literally just quoted your son in a speech. >> listen, it's politics, man, and everyone is jockeying for position. i'm giving you mine. he's a constitutionalist and, for me, neil, that's enough for me. we need more godly men making political decisions in america. do you agree? >> all right, so then let me ask you this. if it turns out for some reason
11:37 am
that a godly man like ted cruz doesn't win iowa, doesn't win new hampshire, he's in a heap of trouble by his own admission if that were the case, donald trump becomes the nominee, would phil robertson support donald trump? >> because of the alternative that phil robertson would have with a group that has booed god out of their platform, for crying out loud, you take god out of your platform, you take me out of your platform, therefore, whoever's running under the republican banner and wins the nomination, they get phil robertson's vote. i would rather have a man that i know, that i know is godly and that he is a strict constitutionalist. that i know about cruz, and that would be enough for me, neil. >> all right.
11:38 am
i'm too afraid to challenge you on anything. phil robertson, very good to have you. >> yes, sir. >> all right. be well. the feeling is obviously mutual. we have donald trump live. he really did just mention willie, robertson's son, who is backing donald trump. his dad is backing cruz. we have john kasich speaking live in new hampshire right now. the new york city times. these days with this party, might not be a big deal. more for this. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
11:39 am
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11:41 am
i like the fact that i can get all kinds of newspapers to support me. i mean, think about it, neil, i have seven out of eight newspapers in new hampshire and i have the "boston globe" and "new york times." what is there to complain about?
11:42 am
>> well, only if you are in a conservative party who might look askance. these are the times and this is the party in which we live where the extremes of both sides might not be enthusiastic. the same as "the wall street journal" endorsed hillary clinton. it just depends on how it's taken. john kasich talking to supporters. he is surging in new hampshire depend iing on the poll. he is anywhere from third to second place. he is the one who is certainly surging there. not so much here. he's put a lot of stock in what is going on in new hampshire where he feels he might have a better shot. too soon to say. we're still in the middle of the iowa thing. this newspaper endorsement is something i want to pick up with. the national review online. what do you make of that? that's a big honor to get a major newspaper endorsement like the "boston globe." with this party and this conservative bunch, maybe not. what do you think? >> i think you were right, neil. i think it's a net zero for john
11:43 am
kasich. i don't think it will hurt him but i don't think the republican party right now it's going to be an enormous boost for him either in iowa certainly where it would be probably a drawback, but i don't think it will be a boost for him in independently moderate new hampshire. i think all these endorsements are neutral factors. >> i was thinking i was only half kidding about the "duck dynasty" star, an endorsement might carry more cache than "the new york times." >> certainly republican primary voters are far more tuned in to popular figures in popular culture like "the duck dynasty" stars and things like that carry more sway. >> his vote is still open. which way did the bachelor go? >> steve king, bob vanderplatt helped. >> what do you make of the mood of the electorate? it even got to the point conservatives who are very leery
11:44 am
of a donald trump look like they're part of the establishment when they come together and say donald trump is not the guy. you've heard the drill more than you like. and donald trump keeps watering it. >> i think the term establishment has become a funny term. "the national review," conservative magazine began a conservative rebellion is now being called part of the establishment by donald trump. ted cruz tends to call every politician or editorial page or journalist who doesn't agree with him part of the establishment. he's called donald trump part of the establishment. >> the left, too. they're saying that sanders is succeeding because he's not part of the establishment. he's been a senator since the civil war. i exaggerate. i take nothing away from any of them. they've been in the establishment a while. they've been where they are for a while. >> yeah.
11:45 am
ien int i think it's difficult to define. tea party, ted cruz is as much a part of the washington establishment coming out of harvard and princeton and mike lee, too, the supreme court clerk. >> you read about that. >> these are people with very elite credentials and i think it's more about branding than it is about actual credentials. >> good stuff. thank you very, very much. we'll be regrouping with you later in the week. in the meantime gretchen carlson is coming up on her fine show. we go live from here. gretchen, what have you got? hi, neil. we'll have some interesting new numbers out of iowa showing what percentage of likely caucus goers still could be persuaded to change their minds, really important stats that every campaign needs to here. marco rubio set to launch a 30-minute ad he talks about his faith. eric bolling joins us live. if we run against trump, we'll beat him. bold words from the democratic socialist. first, can he really overtake hill try?
11:46 am
our poll stster panel weighs in. "the real story" at 3:00 instead of 2:00, neil. >> we had some incredible guest s on this show. let's just say certainly among my female staff members, this one stopped them in their cracks. i usually get that reaction everywhere i go. apparently he gets a little bit more, the bachelor, chris soules is coming up. america, you decide who is really hot. i think i already know the answer. and it's not me. these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes,
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11:48 am
11:49 am
all right. chris christie in council bluff, iowa. i think this is live, right? he is there right now.
11:50 am
and chris christie is surging in new hampshire. not so much in iowa. he got more attention when he was pictured with someone you know, certainly my daughter knows with this guy. does he ring a bell? chris soules from season 19. and there he is with chris christie. a lot of people interpreted that as a sign. chris christie pointed out, looks like we made it to the final rose ceremony. that was not the case. a special treat for you at home, the two most handsome people separated at birth in america. okay, maybe not. chris, good to see you. thanks for coming. >> my pleasure. >> talk to go a fellow hunk, we could talk about the common things we share, right, right. >> crowds of fans. selfies, don't even get me
11:51 am
started. i know you're in iowa, you went back to the farm but, boy, everybody and his uncle wants you to support him. >> two years ago nobody knew who he was and having the spotlight on iowa has had a fair amount of requests for my support. >> why are you holding back? like on "the bachelor." >> playing the field, you know. >> right, right. >> all the lawyers gathering. >> i'm not a big political guy. >> what were you doing at a christie event? >> i bumped into him. we shook hands. >> did he recognize you? >> he didn't, actually. one of his staffers asked if i'd like to meet him. >> anyone you're leaning to? >> i'm leaning to -- right now
11:52 am
my main focus is the renewable fuel standard which allows ethanol to actually have a place at the table and gives consumers the option to choose. >> you're not ted cruz necessari necessarily? >> he does not support the rff and that concerns me. >> would it be a democrat or a republican for you. >> i would probably err on the conservative side of voting. >> when you look at this race and how nasty. you would hold back and never get nasty or never brag which, again, is me. that's how we roll, but these candidates are big at bragging and pointing out how good they are. if they were trying to win over
11:53 am
voters, to date them, to hook up with them, who is doing a good job of that. >> that's how we roll. >> pickup line here at a bar, if you advise them, they sound awful. >> trump has a way of really making a big splash. i mean, that can get people's attention and it clearly is right now. >> it seems like you didn't like that. a little too loud? >> it's not my style. it's not my style personally. if i were in that position dating 30 women, that's not how i roll. but i can't say -- it's obviously working for him and i actually met trump and met him personally and he's a great guy. >> okay. so you're not going to commit to anyone right now.
11:54 am
when it comes to the tone of this election, as an iowan, we went out in the streets, they don't like how nasty it gets. >> it seems like it's that way every year and, no, it's not really -- i don't like to see that either. i like to see people talking about real issues because we have a lot of serious issues in america right now and we have a lot of important things that we need to talk about. even right now it's hard to commit to anybody. a lot of candidates still left in the race. and letting this all play out and playing it cool is my strategy. >> got you. well, apparently there are a few people out there who want to shake your hand. are they here for me? no? it's not working out. all right. separated at birth, good seeing you. in my dreams, right? stick around. we have a big blizzard coming up. he knows about such things. me not so much.
11:55 am
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11:58 am
all right. we do have a snap poll in with my talk about the bachelor, who's hotter. apparently 800 polled, 98% said i was. so weird. janice dean, the weather machine. >> you would always -- >> how are you. >> you would always get my final rose, neil cavuto, even though you give me a hard time about the weather. it's true. >> now you're giving us a hard time. what's coming our way? >> we're watching iowa very carefully. we have this big blizzard that will move in to the hawkeye state, we think, overnight on monday night into tuesday. so that means we'll get the caucus under way but we're going to see the snow move in around 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and then full-on blizzard conditions for much of the state of iowa overnight into tuesday. so there's your blizzard watch
11:59 am
in effect for much of iowa as well as nebraska and southern minnesota. that means winds in excess of 40 miles an hour for an extended length of time and anywhere from 6 to 12 to 18 inches of snow. bottom line here, neil, i think the caucuses will be fine -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! did you say 18 inches? >> in this shade here in the darker blue, the potential for 18 inches. >> that's my shade. >> that's your shade? bottom line is caucuses will be fine. you getting home on tuesday mott happening. >> not happening? so i'm going to have to do jell-o shots at a pajama party with pat? >> can i be invited? >> i'm going through the image and i didn't follow that through, did i? >> i didn't. still a final rose for you. >> all right. final rose for me. this one great e-mail, boy, oh, boy, you're a jerk to think
12:00 pm
you're a bachelor -- wait, that's from my wife. all right. that will do it here. a lot more coming up. the countdown is on to the vote and the snow and our staying here all week with me and pat and jell-o shots. it gets too good. hi, everyone. all eyes are on iowa today and tomorrow as the kickoff to the presidential nomination process just over 24 hours away now. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. happy sunday. most of the candidates not wasting a single moment, virtually every republican and democratic candidate on the ground in the hawkeye state today trying to win over those undecided voters in the final hours. one candidate is choosing to skip the iowa excitement. republican john kasich looking ahead to next week and devoting his entire time to the state of new hampshire. chief white house correspondent ed henry watching the extremely close


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