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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 18, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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school student, that's the number one thing when you think of sean penn. >> that was a long time. >> married madonna, got divorced. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. by the americans languishing in an iranian prison beginning their journey home. but three more americans apparently missing in baghdad. martha: good morning. the americans are let out in exchange for seven iranians being held in the united states for violating sanctions. our people headed to the u.s. military base for medical evaluation, very happy for all of their families. three of the freed americans were on that fight including the
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christian pastor saeed abedini. reporter: the three naturalized americans have been standing their time in and you iranian prison for the last three years. saeed abedini, from boy see, idaho, a christian pastor. amir hekmati, a marine veteran. he spent four years in jail. and jason rezaian, a "washington
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post" bureau chief in tehran. they were flown out of tehran early sunday morning and they were flown up here for medical treatment and r & r and getting back with family and friends and associates who were so happy to have them here. we spoke with them a few minute ago. jason's brother, listen somewhat he said. >> until they took off, i didn't believe it. it was always waiting and learning something was going to go wrong, if something can go wrong it will. but a lot of people worked hard to get him out. reporter: we watched the plane take off on live tv. it's starting to sink in. i'll see my mom and see my
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sister-in-law. reporter: he spoke to him on the fiend twice. he said he sounded very good but still high schooln't seen him. but after months and months inside those prisons it's good to have them back. they were charged with espionage and subverting the security of iran. the government said they were wrongly detained and they are detained no more. but as you mentioned, as president obama note, there was a bit of an exchange in this, a swap, seven iranian-americans were let free from jail or let free from heading toward jail in america and 14 were taken off of international arrest warrants. no connection says president obama with the nuclear deal with
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iran. certainly a lot of coordination. just bringing you up to date what next. they will be here according to various people we have been speaking to. then they will get home again. they are meeting with a lot of family and friends and they are happy to be here from all accounts. back to you. martha: you get your arms around that person and you know they are home. you will be hesitant to be fully jubilant. thank you very much. bill: for some families there was heartbreak for another family. bob levinson a former f.b.i. agent not part of this prisoner swap, his fate is unknown. he has been missing since 2007. his family putting out this facebook post. we are happy for the other families, but once again bob has been left behind.
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president obama says he has no idea where levinson is but promised to help find him. martha: their free hardly came without a price. the u.s. releasing receive even iranians convicted or charged with violating sangs including the transfer of military technology to tehran. the u.s. lifting sanctions on iran worth tens of billions of dollars. and $10 $10 million in frozen assets. all told the bundle is worth $1.3 billion. lawmakers say the u.s. set a bad precedent. >> this is a problematic deal. it reflected a pattern we have
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seen in the obama association over and over again of negotiating with terrorists and making deals with trade that endanger u.s. safety and security. >> what the president did with the castro brothers and what he did with bergdahl, he put a price on the head of every american abroad. he let our enemies know if you capture americans you can get something in exchange for it. >> bill: he's saying the president basically gave away the store. >> the president lives in a fantasyland. the president send them hostages and send them more money. bill: some questions about the
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race, and john kerry questions. martha: what they got was much smaller and that make the negotiation a good one. we'll hear from kt about that as well. bill: the democratic candidates mixing it up during their fourth debate. hoik stepping up their attacks on bernie sanders who has seen a rise in polling. the two candidates sparring over guns and race in america among many others. >> the fact is, we have the affordable care act, one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama and the democratic party and our country. >> the secretary neglected to mention 29 million still have no health insurance and own more 0 under insured with huge co-payments and deductibles. >> to tear it up and push our
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country into that contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. >> we are going to tear this up and go forward. >> he has voted with the nra, the gun lobby numerous times. he voted to let guns go into amtrak and national parks. >> i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. bill: byron, i want to show our viewers how competitive this race is. in iowa too close to call. clinton 46.8. sanders 42.8. new hampshire sanders has the lead by 6 points based on that average of the polling. this is very competitive and close. >> you just gave a good flavor of that debate. it was the most contentious they have had so far and it's no
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mystery why. this is the last democratic debate before iowa in two weeks and also new hampshire. so this is a very, very big deal. the bernie sanders people believe if he can win iowa and new hampshire that that could change the whole dynamic of the race. the assumption hillary would have a fire wall kick in and win everything after that, that assumption nightfall apart. that's why they were going after each other so hard last night. bill: guns were a big topic. what is the measure of democrats as to who won and who lost. do we have that, byron? >> a democratic strategist held a focus group of uncommitted democrats in south carolina. they had 30 people. he reported 27 of them felt bernie sanders won that debate.
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and even higher number felt he wouldn't first hour of that debate. i think it issue is, they didn't fight over guns, they taught over healthcare. the biggest problem for hillary clinton is she cannot shake her association with wall street. democratic voters want a candidate who will crack down on wall street and when bernie sanders says to hillary clinton you have got $600,000 just in speaking fee the, just from goldman sachs, that's a very, very effective line with democrats. bill: it was a clear winner as of last night. byron, thank you for your time. talk to you later. >> it ahearts there is a new crisis brewing overseas. we are hearing reports that three americans have been kidnapped in iraq and there are growing fears they may in the hands of isis.
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bill: this is the coast guard trying to rescue two sailors. how this turned out in a moment. plus this ... [gunshots] martha: there is more fallout from the capture of he will happeno guzman. sean penn saying he had no business holding an interview with the brutal drug lord. >> journalists who want to say i'm not a journalist. i want to see the license that says they are a journalist. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. >> once again we are seeing what's possible with strong american diplomacy. we are united in welcoming home sons and brothers and husbands who have endured a nightmare. bill: indeed those americans are coming home. three of them arriving in germany at the u.s. military base. live from iowa today there will be is a lot of reaction to this. governor chris christie, thank you for your time today. good morning. what does this do for u.s.-iranian relations? >> it just showed the american people watch i have been saying the last week is true.
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the president lives in his own world. if he thinks that is strong american diplomacy that he pays ransom to terrorists, the same people who took our naval sailors and had them on their knees with their hands on their heads. the same people who burnt american flag and channel death to america. they pick this president's pocket day after day after dane they make a fool of him and a foofl our country. i'm thrilled these folks are home and thrilled for their families and friends who have missed them and i'm happy they are home. but this president is encouraging more and more of this conduct if every time an american gets taken he's going to pay ransom. somewhat would you have done? soap we wouldn't have a policy that would allow this kind of thing to happen. the iranians wouldn't think they can steal our lunch money and
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that's what he's doing. we won't have that problem when i'm in the oval office in january 2017. >> bill: marco rubio hitting you hard on sonia s sonia sotomayor. bill are you said call fired amoinltd pointees should be confirmed by bipartisan support. as a result i support her confirmation. this an historic moment and her inspiring success story should make the peninsulmake the latin. >> i wish you will read the
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statement we sent you from may when she was novel night. i said she was not my i kinds of judge and she would not be my choice for the court. elections have consequences. and the president has the right to appoint his justices. i said in may she was not my kind of judge and i would not have appointed her. senators talk and talk and talk and make sure people don't understand the full context of things because they never have to be held accountable for anything. if. i agree with what senator rubio said himself. he said two weeks ago. snores and congressmen can't solve america's problems. i couldn't agree with him more. bill: why then do you say you support her confirmation?
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>> once she showed in hearing that she had basic qualifications on the court the president's choices deter of respect. whether it's president bush, obama or president christie in 2017. bill: common core. in iowa you called it a good idea that was high jacked by the obama administration and suggested you would get rid of it in the state of new jersey. three years ago you called it one of those areas where you agreed more with the president than not. so what changed? >> we tried it for four years in new jersey and it didn't work. parents, teachers and students didn't like it. the past week the state board of education voted to get rid of common core in new jersey. we tried things in new jersey. this was put in by predecessor corzine. it was written by the nation's
6:20 am
governors for those hijacked by the department of education in washington and by the president. so this is what difference between governors and senators. governors have to be held accountable for things. governors have to implement things. senator rubio, the only thing he has common the senate is where it amnesty bill with chuck schumer. that's not leadership. that's something we need from a president. the other thing. you look at the democratic debate. if there is anybody that has any doubt hillary clinton would be third term of barack obama, she should have watched that debate. she couldn't have surrounds and support his 8 years more than she did. it's not just marco rubio who says he hates negative campaigns but then attacks me and john kasich and ted cruz.
6:21 am
he should be focused on what i'm focused on, beating hillary clinton. if you saw her in that debate she'll be a third obama term. bill: see enough 10 days. chris christie in iowa this morning. thank you, sir. martha: the iraqi foreign ministry confirming three americans have been kidnapped in baghdad. are they in the hands of isis? obviously big concern at this hour. we'll bring you the latest developments there. a deadly pair of tornadoes slamming central florida. families picking through this disaster sphows rubble. >> it's amazing to see anybody got out of this alive. this is complete devastation for this home.
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bill: the coast guard rescued sf washington. after 10 days at sea, they will be okay. martha: more on this breaking news. three americans disappeared from iraq. they were apparently kidnapped from their interpreter's home. the u.s. is working with iraqi authorities to locate them and recover them. obviously it has everyone on evening. what do we know about these americans and what they were doing in baghdad in the first
6:26 am
place? reporter: they were contractors work for the state department. we don't know if they were security contractors or work on diplomatic efforts. the state department saying they were contractors. the u.s. is working with local authorities to find these three missing americans. iraqi officials say they were kid trapped in their interpreter's home. it's also reported they may have been kidnapped while visiting a brothel. that's off tn how locals describe these types of buildings. officials say they don't have any information a brothel was involved. they went anything a southeastern part of baghdad which is a predominantly shiia neighborhood. they are work on the assumption
6:27 am
they were taken by a shiia militia. u.s. is work with officials to find fit was an iranian-backed shiia militia. the f.b.i. is taking the lead to do this. it should be pointed out that it's been years since an american has been taken in baghdad. violence has been on the increase. in recent weeks and months we have seen qatari nationals kidnapped there. u.s. officials say they are working to try to identify who has taken these three americans and get their release, martha. martha: an iranian backed shiia
6:28 am
militia, it raises questions. connor, thank you very much. bill: will donald trump have to skip seeing big ben in hon done? what law -- in london? what lawmakers are debating with the outspoken presidential candidate. martha: does the release of american prisoners from iran set a precedence. first here is ted cruz. >> it's an incentive for every bad actor on it to go and kidnap an american. because what we are telling the terrorists, if you capture an america it's let's make a deal with the obama administration mmm, that smells delicious.
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martha: there are growing concerns about the prisoner exchange that took place with iran. it's obviously good news for them and great news for their families. president obama praising the deal as val dating the work he has done with iran. >> today's progress, americans coming home, iran rolled back it nuclear program and accepted excessive on forego of that program. this is what we can achieve when we monitor with strength and resolve and courage. >> many republicans are sceptical about whether this was a good deal saying the swap maybe putting a bounty on the head of american abroad. >> i don't think these americans should have been in prison. they didn't do anything wrong.
6:33 am
now we have a president who is trading whose tanks for prisoners who did commit a crime. what the president is doing with this and we did with the castro brothers and bergdahl, he put a price on the heads of every american abroad. our enemies know if you capture an american you can get something meaningful in exchange for it. martha: governor john sununu is with us. the president said this it strength, it was resolve, and he's quite proud of the deal that he was able to pull off over the weekend. you hear a very different tone from marco rubio. what do you think? >> this is just. >> the failure on the part of the obama administration. he's arrogantly. he continues to arrogantly ignore the historic policies of
6:34 am
his predecessors on when to negotiate and when not to negotiate. an doesn't know when to do the right thing and when not to do it. this is a perfect example of president obama once again putting the united states * weakest foot forward. and what he has been doing historically. created a situation where iran felt comfortable capturing for a little while those american sailors we saw on television. martha: it appears we don't have much learning. we heard from john kerry saying they wanted more prisoners released. they wanted a lot more money as part of this deal so we think we did well on the money front. and you look into the numbers of this deal and i think what a lot of people will find quite shock is $400 million of it that was
6:35 am
returned was frozen after the iranian revolution and it had to do with deals we were doing with iran. because we locked up that money, they are getting interest on the money we held for them. interest on the money we held for them to $1.3 billion. how does that work? >> the administration is asking us to give them credit for doing even a worse deal than what they did here. that's what you are hearing from the secretary of state. they don't even know when they should have negotiated. they should have negotiated a status of forces agreement with iraq way back when we had the opportunity to keep u.s. troops in iraq. and he certainly was not interested in that agreement. he just went through the motions again. violating a precedent that goes all the way back to harry truman. this is an administration that
6:36 am
thinks they are smarter and everyone. and what they have done is undermine american creditability around the world. it will take a strong republican president to fix this situation. martha: the president talked about, we have enhanced our national security because of this deal. >> the phrase that's interesting that he used several times in the past week is we averted a war in the middle east. we know the middle east is hot pretty much everywhere. but it's hard to figure out what war was imminent that he says we stopped with this iran deal. >> this president is in lala-land with all these thing. we have a middle east in crisis and he considers that a positive thing. there is no correlation between reality and his wereception and it's getting worse and worse and worse. the 300-some-odd days we have to count down will not pass too
6:37 am
fast and america does need to replace this disasterrous foreign policy. our allies are wonder where the united states is on major issues. our enemy is no longer fearless and you see that in the actions iran has been taking. martha: you say this would be better if there was a republican president. in new hampshire, what do you think about how thing are moving there. the polls that a lot of people aren't even answering their phone anymore. there could be some surprises up there, what do you think? >> there could be surprises. there as seems to be surprises up here. these are the weeks that count. the candidates are here constantly. they are going through their town meetings and pressing the flesh. and it's taking place. i think as you look at what's happening in social media and look at what's happening in areas other than the traditional phone call polling.
6:38 am
there is some indication that folks are spreading their votes out more than they were two week ago. we'll see what happens in 2 1/2 week. by we are set for a break weekend. arizona and carolina meet in the nfc title game. 31-24 the final at home. one game for the super bowl. in denver, peyton manning, broncos beating the steelers. great game right up to the end. touchdown one yard away. denver with a-point conversion.
6:39 am
after a field goal pittsburgh failed to recover an onside kick. the afc championship game next sunday. i know what i'll be doing next sunday. martha: it's always fun to watch tom brady and peyton manning go head-to-head. bill: brady and manage and cam newton and carson palmer. martha: there were a string of storms battering central florida. look at the defend staying that has been left behind. bill: el chapo back in the hands
6:40 am
of mexican authorities. hear how sean penn defends his interview and why he says he does not regret any of it except for one thing. >> i'm sad about the state of journalism in our country. it has been incredible hypocrisy and incredible lesson in how much they don't know and how disserved we are.
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♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. martha: severe thunderstorms including two tornadoes tore across florida over the weekend. two people were killed and several people hurt. a naiive one of the victims speak out about their shocking loss. >> they loved their grandkids, they loved the neighbors. they would do night world for anybody at any time. they were wonderful people. the world won't be the same without them.
6:44 am
martha: 100,000 homes are still without power. >> there are people who don't like me out of the gate, whether it's political, not without controversy. fair enough. again, journalists. who want to say i'm not a journalist. well, i want to see the license that says they are a journalist. bill: that from sean penn, char ar,charlie rose on 60 minutes. penn calling out his critics to see their quote journalism license. you say he regrets the article for the wrong reasons. what are those reasons? reporter: he regrets article
6:45 am
because it didn't accomplish his ideological goal which was to blame americans for the drug problem, the consumer, and not el chapo. to listen to sean penn lecture about the sad state of journalism is like listening to an arsonist. what he doesn't seem to get even at this late date, if you are going to play the role of journalism, you have to follow certain ethical rules like not giving your subject veto power over what you write. bill: which was part of the deal that he admitted. i read the entire "rolling stone" piece, and he admits -- he admits that he filed these
6:46 am
questions. some were used, some were not, and some were changed. that doesn't happen in journalism, howie. >> the idea of needing a license is a smoke screen, anybody can be a writer. >> the idea that people are so jealous of sean penn for getting this scoop. leaving after he side the veto power. this piece was embarrassing. you have one of the most notorious drug traffickers in the world. he writes he's a figure in mexican folklore, he's a robin hood. and if he doesn't like you you will get a shot to the head. he's a mass murderer. bill: give me an explanation as to why you would change the questions if he didn't like them.
6:47 am
>> my article should not have made this much noise. el chapo should not have been this popular a figure to read about. >> he was a figure that people talked about and read about well but went to mexico. >> i'm well aware of that. >> what about those who say this is ego. he's an adventurer. he thinks of himself as a writer in the tradition of hunter thompson, with an experiencing quality to him. >> do i accept that people feel that way? >> i absolutely accept that they feel that way. >> are they right? >> they are not right. bill: he admits to having an agenda and he admits the agenda failed. he admits that. we the consumer in america are responsible for the drug war because if there was no demand there will be would be no supply. >> it got paul wrapped up in
6:48 am
what i can describe as sean penn's admiration for el chapo. ironically "rolling stone" and sean penn went to great lengths to protect him from makes canadian authorities. it ends up they were responsible indirect lire for his capture. bill: he met with chapo for 8 hours and he would come back 8 days later. he said he was pat the airport and waited several hours and went back to l.a., ban that's when he started filing the questions by way of this mexican actress to get 0 chapo. >> if sean penn thought this was going to change in some way. he's naive. this as he exudes disgust for those of us who practice
6:49 am
journalism. bill: i want to see your license, howie. martha: donald trump getting personal against ted cruz. bill: donald trump's controversial comments ruffling feathers in london. >> i think his remarks are divisive, stupid and wrong. if he came to visit it would unite us against him. right now, buy any tax software and get a $100 service bundle for free! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®.
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what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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>> this super cool.
6:53 am
it's the best gave my life. i want to thank everyone who voted for me. it must be super hard because of all the great actors in this category. bill: that's a 9-year-old stealing the show. he says he plans to put the award in his room next to his millennium falcon. bill: a cool move to hold the microphone. martha: the british are set to debate on whether to block republican presidential candidate donald trump from entering the united kingdom. this after half a million people
6:54 am
signed a petition asking for trump to be barred from england in the wake of his proposal to temporarily bar muslims from entering the united states. benjamin, good morning. reporter: in the u.k. if a petition gets more than 100,000 signatures *. the government thoos respond. today they will have a debate upon whether donald trump should be allowed to enter london. but the debate is not legally binding. but the government could choose to act on think it later. the petition so far received 570,000 signatures. that's still going up, most in
6:55 am
that first week. week. his comments about bang all muslims going to america. 7% of the english are muslims. trump said in britain they pander. he threatened to pulls a billion in investment from the u.k. if he gets band. he has already been removed as a business ambassador to scotland. martha: i can manage the field day he will have with the fact they are spending three hours talking about him in parliament. what is the likelihood he would be band from the united kingdom? his mother is scottish. >> practically zero. david cameron says he rejects any idea of a ban. he called the words divisive, side and wrong.
6:56 am
but the british say they do have the right to ban people. it's likely -- and it will be interesting to see what will happen. martha: mike tyson band from the u.k. you learned something new every day. bill: there is controversy over the release of american prisoners over the weekend and sanctions were lifted. ' critics saying the i.s. just bankrolled iranian terror program.
6:57 am
. . . .
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♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. martha: search efforts underway now to find a group of americans who are missing in iraq. three or more of them reportedly kidnapped from some say a brothel, some say an interpreter's house in baghdad over the course of the weekend.
7:00 am
more on this developing story coming up moments away. and a high-stakes showdown, democrats facing off in the final debate before the iowa caucuses clashing on everything from wall street and campaign finance to guns and health care. welcome, everybody, brand new hour two of "america's newsroom." glad to see you. i'm martha ma -- maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. three people on stage but with hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck-and-neck in iowa and new hampshire it looked like a two-way slugfest. here they are clashing on sanders's new healthcare proposal on sunday. >> there are things we can do to improve it but to tear it up, start over again, pushing our country back into that contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. we're not going to tear up the affordable care act, i helped write it. we'll move on top of that to medicaid for all.
7:01 am
bill: it went from there. chief white house correspondent ed henry clive in columbia, south carolina. good to see you. in past debates some think sanders let hillary clinton off the hook. did he bring his "a" game last night, his better game? reporter: he did let her off the hook previously. he started much slower the first three debates. took the email server off the table for example. last night you saw him, he was on. he was dominating the debate and dominating the conversation. what's key even though clinton did score at some points on gun control on his health care plan, they were talking about his health care plan, not her health care plan. they were talking about his plans for middle class, his plans for the economy. the point is bernie sanders last night finally got his moment. he got the most airtime as you've been the noing. he had the most buzz on social media but he also had the most substance more importantly than all the side issues. the point he is trying to tap into the anger on the left that
7:02 am
donald trump has very successfully tapped into on the right. and just as trump has dominated those debates, sanders may have finally had his moment last night. bill: after iowa, new hampshire, it is south carolina as we have noted repeatedly. hillary clinton pressed bernie sanders for details on many of his plans but wrapped her arms around the obama legacy repeatedly. now what is the strategy there? reporter: the strategy there is the clinton camp is on defense. they are preparing for the possibility, underline, possibility, nothing is set in stone, that she could lose iowa and or new hampshire. and they want to recover here. south carolina, georgia, some of the super tuesday states it goes to the south. african-american voters are key. why all three democratic candidates will be here in columbia in a few moments. others marching for mlk day, others giving speeches. the point is, hillary clinton believes wrapping her arms
7:03 am
around the obama legacy helps her with african-american voters in key southern states but number two, if she does win the democratic nomination in part because of that, wrapping her arms around the obama legacy could have real problems for her in general election, especially because of all of these national security problems we've seen in recent weeks. bill: thanks, ed. ed henry live in south carolina with us today. good to see you as well. martha: we're following this breaking news this morning. iraqi security forces are searching a neighborhood in baghdad right now for three missing americans hot were reportedly kidnapped over this weekend. an iraqi government intelligence official says they were abducted while visiting the home of their interpreter. meanwhile there is a heated debate over the release of five americans in a prisoner swap with iran. president obama calling it a good day, hailing the power of diplomacy. secretary of state john kerry defending the terms of this deal.
7:04 am
>> we don't feel like we traded something that was critical with respect to a principle. we enforced the law. we put them in jail. we also kept the sanctions in place. then we lifted them when the terms of the agreement were met and we thought it was appropriate to get our people home. martha: kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. she was deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. kt, good morning. good to see you this morning. obviously there is a lot of back and forth over this deal. everybody is happy that these people are home and with their families but how was it handled? does it leave us in a worse off position? shoe here is the thing to really pay attention to. not just the prisoner swap. that has merits and some big demerits, but at the same time what happens with the prisoner swap that is the sanctions release. that fact that we're writing iran a big check. with over $100 billion check. what are they going to do with that money and why did they do it?
7:05 am
the administration made a big bet with that money. they feel by doing this, giving iran whatever it wants it will strengthen the had hands of the moderates and reformers. in the big election in february that moderates and reformers will win. if the moderates and reformers will win and change iran's evil ways. iran want pursue nuclear weapons and iran won't stop terrorism. the problem with that bet, what if they are wrong? by giving all the money and sanctions release to iran, other guys who win, other guys strengthened, hard-liners. that is why all the republican candidates and critics come and said, wait a minute, what have you just done? you have just given iran, tens, hundreds of billions of dollars of money they can turn that around and use on their weapons program and support terrorism. martha: it is a very interesting sort of, you know measure as you pointed out. you think about all the money
7:06 am
we've given to north korea in hopes things would change there or them becoming too aggressive militarily. that hasn't worked too well. with regards to iran, this criticism of this administration was not helping moderates or revolutionary as few years ago but maybe they're looking for a do-over. they're saying hang in there. eventually the middle group of iranians that want to be a player and want a different reputation in the world are going to win. >> the problem is a lot -- you're so right to point out the united states government, president obama, turning away from the moderate reformers in iran before the arab spring swept the entire region. problem is those guys, those guys are dead. those guys have been executed. those guys have been in jail. in fact the so-called moderates in iran today, they executed 50 protesters and reformers. i'm not sure this is very good bet the administration has made.
7:07 am
martha, i don't mind these bets. i worked with kissinger with the opening with china and part of the reagan's administration when we took a bet with the the soviet union on arms control. this is bigger bet, and given up all leverage, if they bet wrong, looking at iran with nuclear weapons, wants to control the entire region and still chanting death to america and talking about the extermination of the state of israel. martha: want your thoughts on the other story we just mentioned which is related. because as conor powell reported earlier they think the three americans were taken by people connected to iranian shiite militia. there you go talking to iran, picking up the phone one more time. what is going on here? >> i think it is an indication the iranians have their elbows out. they are going around the middle east three throwing their weight around. whether baghdad or iraq and taking american citizens, potentially kidnapping them and taking them hostages and iran is running table.
7:08 am
if you're iran, you say wait a minute, we got all the money. we're really doing pretty well in the middle east. we control iraq and iran and we're challenging saudi arabia and others in the region. we're on a role. you will not back down to the united states or anybody else in the region. martha: no. you've got putin in your back pocket as well, not the united states doing your major sort of relationship-building. there we are. kt, thank you so much. >> thanks, martha. bill: there was a lot of reaction on this. new jersey governor chris christie saying president obama was swindled in this deal to bringing the american prisoners home. he spoke to us last hour here on "america's newsroom" and just said this. >> it shows the american people once again what i've been saying for last week is true this president lives in his own world. he lives in a fantasy land f he believes that is the product of strong american diplomacy he pays ransom again to terrorists, to the largest state sponsor of terrorism, the same people who took our naval sailors and had
7:09 am
them on their knees with their hands on their head, same people who burn the american flag and chant death to america, they pick this president's pocket day after day after day and they make a fool of him. bill: christie very strong on this issue, one of several republican candidates slamming the white house over this deal. more reaction on that throughout the day. russia says moments ago it wants to deliver military helicopters to iran now that sanctions have been lifted. iran says it will increase oil production, 500,000-barrels a day. we've seen already what is up ply has done to demand and price of oil. markets are closed today. we'll see what kind of reaction that gets tomorrow. martha: time to get out there to spend money, right? so coming up here, donald trump ramping up attacks on senator ted cruz. >> look the truth is he is a nasty guy. he was so nice to my. he was watching, come on, ted, let's go kid but he is nasty guy. martha: inside their ongoing feud as we count down to the
7:10 am
caucuses. bill: new details about the man who gunned down a police officer in cold blood. what his girlfriend is now revealing about that attack. martha: crews working around the clock to find 12 marines whose helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. their families are worried sick and latest on the rescue mission is straight ahead. >> we're here to support them. we're here to put our arms around them and hug them, to let them know that we love them and we'll do everything we can to support them.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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7:14 am
bill: tragedy striking in ohio overnight. this the scene where a police officer gunned down and killed. officer tom katrell was found dead behind a citying building in the city of danville, about an hour north of columbus, ohio, this man, herschel ray jones, arrested for shooting. police got a call from ex-girlfriend shortly before it happened. she told them jones had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. that from ohio. martha: no letting up in the red hot feud between donald trump and senator ted cruz now. trump unleashing another broadside on a sunday talk show. watch this. >> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. he is very -- he has an edge that is not good. you can't make deals with people like that. it is not a good thing, not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy.
7:15 am
martha: all right. katie pavlich, news editor,, fox news contributor, marianne marsh, former advisor to john kerry. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. martha: katie, you look back at pinpoint criticisms donald trump leveled at people also in this race. he labeled jeb bush as low energy. carson, basically he said he was weird essentially, talked about being pathological, all that kind of thing. marco rubio he is a kid basically that sits behind a desk. now he had reserved for a while his criticism of ted cruz but he honed in on something you hear and there but donald trump speaks it and quite clearly. you know what? he is nasty buy. will it stick to ted cruz, katie? >> we'll have to see. ted cruz has been hitting back at donald trump in a way he hasn't before. they have both been very tolerant of each other up to this point. what donald trump is trying to do is paint ted cruz as untrust worth any.
7:16 am
someone people can't trust to vote for to be in the oval office. it might stick. we're seeing that so-called birther issue has gotten traction because donald trump brought it up but i think ted cruz is been effective standing by things he said about donald trump hitting back just as hard which we haven't necessarily seen from other candidates. we'll see where we go moving forward. we'll continue to see the battle, name-calling back and forth between the two of them, at least until iowa is over. trump if he wins that, but looking like he might lose i'm sure attacks will get harsher. if ted cruz wins i'm sure we'll see what he has to say about donald trump at this point. martha: maryann, what do you make of that, with the one line zinger he can stick on somebody's back it seems to say there? >> he has been brilliant picking one zinger because it usually goes to heart of the person and
7:17 am
he has standing with voters to make it stick. that is the difference here. katie is right, birther thing has stuck on ted cruz, the smart part that, donald trump doesn't need 80% of the people to agree with it, he only needs five. now it looks like he is working. he is trying to make him an unlikeable guy. people have to like you to vote for him. donald trump people who stand before him will stick with him, period, end of sentence, they will never to to ted cruz. ted cruz doesn't have that. donald trump with one-two punch, first on birther issue, now on likability may get enough to outgun him in iowa two weeks from today. martha: let's turn our attention to the democratic race. mary ann, let's stay with you at the moment. what did you make of sort of different tone we saw between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the fact once defend it was buried on sunday night in the middle of a bunch of nfl games? >> first let's go to the debate. the thing about all debates you know where a campaign stands
7:18 am
where they react in debate, how they go after it. it was clear democrats have fight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, boy it's a street fight for real. polls have closed in iowa, she is behind in new hampshire they're in for real fight. in terms of schedule i'm sure it looked great months ago. not looking so great. every campaign including the clinton campaign not only wish they had more debates but wished they were in better time slots, no question. martha: i think you're right about that. i want a show a moment that happened between jake tapper and hillary clinton this weekend. watch this. >> in terms of the status of fbi investigation into your private email server, have you been interviewed by the fbi yet? >> no. >> you haven't. all right, secretary clinton, thanks so much. really appreciate your time. good luck at the debate tonight. >> thanks, thanks, jake. martha: thanks, jake. that went well. katie, this is an issue not going away either. >> well, i don't know.
7:19 am
hillary clinton was on four different sunday shows and she was asked one time being under criminal investigation for the fbi. allowed to give one-word answer with no explanation and move on with the campaign. that says a lot where we are with the media surrounding questions about her fbi investigation. but, look, the fbi doesn't have to interview hillary clinton. they have all the evidence that they need and all the emails that they have collected. they can talk to other people who i'm sure they're talking to about hillary clinton's use of private email, not only for her government business but also for the clinton foundation. we know now that hillary clinton mishandled repeatedly 1300 pieces of classified information on her private server. fbi doesn't have to talk to hillary. that is just a nonstarter when it comes to where we are with this investigation. martha: i thought that moment actually said quite a bit. it may reveal, mary ann, this is clearly something that the clintonpaign is concerned about. >> well, of course they are
7:20 am
because it is patently unfair. if the fbi is investigating anything, in theory we should know about it. reality is, it is not going to get addressed probably before iowa or new hampshire. if she is vindicated, if it happens after that the damage is already done. so that's the problem here. it is really unfair. i can understand her response to that but at this point what hillary clinton has to do is she has to stay on message, push harder, perform even better than she did last night which i thought she had a pretty good performance. and has to have bar none best organization on the ground in iowa and new hampshire to win both those contests. that is really ad hand. when fbi story comes up and it is distraction and unfair on that. >> come on. what is patently unfair people have gone to prison for far less than hillary clinton has done. >> katie, you're not judge and jury. that is the problem here. this is being ajudicated in the public domain, not the way it should be. martha: no, it isn't, mary ann. they will announce probably over
7:21 am
next several weeks whether there is indictment. that will be bottom line. fbi is doing their work. when they have an answer we will all hear it okay. there is nothing wrong you can talking about it because none of us will influence what the fbi going to do. they have their work cut out for them. >> everybody is acting as judge and jury in this case when there isn't one. let fbi do its work. there would be better if there weren't leaks. if shoe was on other foot and republican. >> there are no leaks. martha: we'll see you next week. bill: breaking news out of morocco saying one of the leading suspects according to the associated press in the paris attacks has been arrested. no name given but it is possible this could be the 8th attacker who seemingly disappeared into thin air. salah abdeslam of belgium-moroccan descent. we're still working the story. more when we get it. plus have a look at this real
7:22 am
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martha: tribute and celebrations as nation honors legacy of martin luther king, jr. service underway at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, paying homage to the civil rights leader murdered 40 years ago. it today has become a day of service in many communities with folks dedicated to their time to volunteer projects and that is a good way to spend this day. a lot of kids have the day off. good day to dedicate themselves to service of some kind. bill: breaking news.
7:26 am
associated press, morocco arrested a belgian who may have been linked directly to the attacks in paris. 130 people killed on november 13th in paris. iraq war veteran, fox news contributor pete hegseth with me. good morning to you. we don't have a name. if it is salah abdeslam he would have been the 8th attacker who literally slipped away in the mid different the night, pete, and has been on the run ever since. >> has been on the run ever since. we knew he traveled extensively and his othercoconspirators where they needed to be in belgium, brussels, to stage attack in paris. to find him in morocco means there was extensive travel, south through france, spain, portugal and morocco across the mediterranean sea, other routes. he clearly had support, other networked individuals.
7:27 am
he had a plan to flee. we don't know how he was captured in morocco. likely very good intelligence work or some sort of a source on the ground. it underscores the depth of support some of these attackers are going to have. you need to have support along the way in order to get from a to b as you so well know. bill: watching relatives, family, members, friends, perhaps on a 24 hour basis. key point is this. he was belgian. he had a passport. pete, he could move as much as he wanted to. >> he could move. the area of the e.u. broken down the borders so easy irto travel around europe. islamic state has done a good job of creating network of folks who make fake passports and identification. he was likely traveling under assumed name with good paperwork. with good paperwork there is very he little background on people from middle east or morocco. they exploit that through paperwork they manufacture
7:28 am
themselves. bill: he was one of the brothers, you remember that now? the report said he traveled to syria but i don't know based on the little information we have right now whether that trip to syria was before or after november 13th. maybe it was both. we'll wait. but apparently arrested near casablanca. he has been to turkey, germany, and netherlands. as i mentioned he has been to belgium clearly. >> with a number of those conspirators, bill, what was amazing to watch how extensively they traveled beforehand. even when they were on radar of authorities back and forth to syria through borders that are now very porous. bill: remember now, he got away late in the night and was driven across the belgian border based on report we have by friends of him who went to paris to bring him home. this is very intriguing. we'll see how the report plays out. fight hegseth in minneapolis. we hope they got their guy. we've been waiting for that.
7:29 am
parisians have been waiting for this. the belgians have been waiting for this. >> they will tell us a lot how they did it. bill: no question. pete hegseth live with us. martha: hour on that development. no breaks for the presidential candidates with most of the candidates on the campaign trail today. donald trump addressing a convocation in liberty, virginia plus why folks who haven't voted in years appear to be checking out donald trump. bill: desperate race against time. crews searching for 12 marines missing after helicopter collision off the coast of hawaii? >> we've been searching 24 hours aday since we were notified and got on scene. so we are still searching for survivors. that is an important point to make.
7:30 am
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7:33 am
on rifle senator ted cruz. called him a nasty guy in the over the weekend. he is gaining in the polls. carl cameron is live with us. good morning to you, carl. reporter: two weeks to the caucus, martha. this time it is between ted cruz and donald trump who as you say is at jerry fallwell's liberty university, a huge population of evangelicals and christian conservatives and definitely trying to bolster his status with them. trump's personal attacks on cruz this weekend calling him nasty guy nobody likes is new front of attack after going after cruz's citizenship past couple weeks. because of some of the blow back mr. trump has gotten with these attacks he has to do some polishing of his own image. he launched a new ad that features his daughter ivanka. listening. >> he taught us to inspire and gain respect in life and in
7:34 am
business you have to earn it. reporter: ted cruz this morning is in new hampshire at a fame must political diner named lindies in keane. this is where. this is where, js filmed in part. he talks about his past praise of none other than hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is terrific woman. i'm a little biased because i've known her for years. i live in new york. she lived in new york. i've known her and her husband for years and i really like both of them a lot. i think she really works hard. reporter: you have ted cruz, trump saying cruz is nasty and cruz bringing up web videos of donald trump praising the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. iowa goes right down to the wire. it will be incredibly close. it may come down to the size of caucus turnout. the record in iowa's republican caucuses is 120,000 votes.
7:35 am
the buzz with iowa republican know it alls if it is up to 135 or 40, shatters a record, trump will win. if it is around the 120, cruz will win. martha if. martha: some people say if trump wins in iowa he could have sort of a clean sweep but we'll see, obviously. nobody cast any votes or been to any caucuses yet. what about new hampshire, how is that looking, carl? reporter: they play dominoes. sometimes iowa picks winner they reverse it. sometimes they go entirely different direction. if cruz pulls out a win over trump in iowa trump will be very vulnerable in new hampshire. even if cruz is close it could trip up trump in new hampshire. big amount of crowds in new hampshire have been from massachusetts and elsewhere. these will go down to the wire. establishment folks, we've been reporting this for several weeks, establishment republicans in both states say they're resigned to trump winning and up to cruz to upset him. martha: to make a strong showing
7:36 am
to keep themselves alive no doubt. carl, thank you. we'll see you soon. bill: one in 10 voters who cast their ballot in november are said to be voting for first time in years. that's according to reuters polling. who is their pick? many of the so-called lost voters say they have found their voice in donald trump. matthew con net at this, from the "washington free beacon." welcome back here to "america's newsroom." here is what reuters found, new republican independent voters support for trump among new voters, 27.3%. that's the figure. what's the lost voter? >> a lost voter, bill is a voter, maybe republican, maybe independent, maybe even a democrat who felt detached from the political process over the last two decades. supporters of ross perot in '92. they were supporters of pat buchanan in '92, '96 and now it seems like they're leaning heavily towards trump because of his positions on trade, because of his positions on immigration
7:37 am
and even i think because of his positions on foreign policy. kind of repudiation of the bush-romney years in the gop. bill: you wrote on friday, right, it is donald trump's race to lose. that's your piece, right? >> that's my piece. bill: only four people who can stop him. who are they? >> well at the top. list is ted cruz. we heard from carl cameron, it is coming down to cruz-trump race in iowa new hampshire. you have two other more establishment picks in chris christie and marco rubio, who if they place well in new hampshire could make it a three-way race. finally the fourth and final person who can stop donald trump is democrat, hillary clinton because the way i see the race going now, it is trump's to lose. doesn't mean he can't or even won't lose it but it does mean that he's going to have to be challenged somehow. right now on republican side, cruz is challenging him. bill: if you admit these voters show up. that is why you play the game, right? 10 day, two weeks from now.
7:38 am
political over the weekend. -- "politico." i don't know if you agree with this but says this. trump's staying power have been buoyed above all by americans because of the prevalence of authoritarians in the american electorate, among democrats as well as republicans very possible that trump's fan base will continue to grow. interpret that. do you agree? >> i think a lot of it is psychobabble, authoritarian inclinations. i don't know what that means, how they define the term, if you talk to trump's supporters they like him because he is strong leader and not afraid to say what is on his mind. when you ask how will he run the government? the voters say he will hire the right people. for those reasons plus policy positions that disaffected voters are very strong for trump. the question is, will they show up. bill: indeed. matthew, good to have you on from the "washington free beacon" in our
7:39 am
nation's capitol. we'll talk again, thanks. martha: there is desperate, ongoing search for 12 missing marines in hawaii. the group disappeared near the island of oahu on thursday night after two helicopters collided. adam housley live in our west coast newsroom. adam, conditions make the search very tough but they are not giving up, correct? reporter: right, martha, they're not giving up. you mentioned conditions. they got better last night. still dark in oahu right now off the coast of oahu. they had waves 30 feet and high wind. making it difficult for aircraft flying over water and boats on the water. you mentioned crash last thursday evening. they believe collision between two helicopters doing nighttime training. they are not absolutely confirming that. that is the belief at this hour. the waves dispersed some of the debris. they have only found a little bit about twonal miles off the coast.
7:40 am
they're using navy p-3 airplanes and helicopters from coast guard, honolulu police, two navy warships and coast guard cutters on the scene and lifeguards from honolulu beach area using their personal watercraft. even though it happened on thursday, it has been several days they're not giving up. >> we're searching for survivors. that is an important point to make. we have, coast guard has very specific protocols to make a decision for how long to search. >> our thoughts and our prayers are with those marine families out there. really that is the overriding reason why my sergeant major and my wife are here. reporter: and the helicopters are flying out of the where the president actually holiday as lot of time in that area over the winter break, martha. this is a normal thing. we've flown in helicopters for night training before. they're a bit surprised as you might imagine. everybody is heartbroken as they continue the search at this hour, martha. martha: our thoughts are with all of them. adam, thank you very much.
7:41 am
bill: five americans making their way home including american pastor saeed abedini. a look behind the scenes at the long campaign to win his release. plus this today. martha: that's not good. rocket went up without a hitch. colling down again, not exactly as planned. the update on latest spacex failure. olay regenerist
7:42 am
7:43 am
renews from within, plumping surface cells
7:44 am
for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. martha: big news, big news. five americans set free following difficult negotiations with iran, including pastor saeed abedini, who spent three long, agonizing years in iran's most brutal prison. president obama announcing the deal for their release and calling it a big diplomatic victory. >> our diplomats, at highest level including secretary kerry, used every meeting to push iran to release our americans.
7:45 am
i did so myself in my conversation with president rouhani. after the nuclear deal was completed the discussions between our governments accelerated. yesterday these families finally got the news that they had been waiting for. martha: we have the attorney who represented pastor abedini, jay sekulow. >> good morning, martha. martha: we interviewed you and gnawing -- nagmeh. and and their son as well. you all were very frustrated with the lack of action getting the pastor back. now it appears according to what he said, they were really pressing hard for this, he says, all along. what about your thoughts? >> well, look, i remember when the case started. nagmeh contacted american center for law and justice because the state department said they could offer no help. 3 1/2 years ago the state
7:46 am
department basically said there was nothing we could do. we got involved. had threefold advocacy approach. have the state department engaged. secondly have the international community engaged. get members of congress engaged. so we had that planned. we put that plan into place. once that plan was in place, martha, our goal became twofold. one, keep your client alive when they're in prisons like this. we talked about many times, you and i, these are very difficult places to be. he was in the worst prisons in iran and was mistreated terribly. and our goal then was to keep the client alive, and then of course the other aspect of that is get the client out. so ultimately the case, i'm happy to say ends on successful note. i told our staff on saturday that once, it was reported to us that we could confirm that saeed abedini was in the german airspace on sunday, and, that landed at military hospital, that in very real way it is case
7:47 am
closed and next case. we've got a lot of other cases involving persecution in the middle east. you have genocide in the middle east right now. so while we're rejoicing that saeed is free and we're pleased at least those discussions picked up pace after the iranian deal was cut and done, the fact of the matter is there is others in the region that are in just as difficult a shape as saeed. we'll continue to work for those. this should have never happened in the first place. we should have had deal with iranians on release of hostages way before we sat down at table. you know what? all i'm going to do today is say, mission accomplished. martha: mission accomplished. what are information you're learning from him? we're learning more about some of the treatment from the hostages from their first-hand accounts. have you heard anything more from saeed what happened over there? >> not from said.
7:48 am
nagmeh -- and i never met him and he was in iran and we never met him. we dealt with nagmeh. the reports were right, they were brutalized, tortured in prison. that is true from jason rezaian and hekmati. they are in military brace as we speak right now being evaluated to determine a course of treatment. obviously the next phase of this is the medical phase. then they will be the healing phase. look, saeed and amir connect maati were in the long heft. hekmati. saeed has been away from his family, you know this, we've been covering it, almost half a decade he has been away from his kids and family. the families need time for healing and need to get wall. thoughts and prayers for them. our job at ac l.j. comes to
7:49 am
closure. families journey continues. our job as lawyers comes to a close you are. martha: there are more of them. some people feel the deal that worked here may lead to even more of this kind of thing. we hope that is not true. we're very glad your client is home. send our best to nagmeh and their family. >> i will. thank you for fox news for doing this. martha: you bet. congratulations. bill: jon scott, "happening now." good monday to you. congratulations on your broncos, my friend. >> pretty sweet. looking forward to next week. thanks, bill. there were fireworks at the last democratic debate before the first votes for the 2016 race for the white house. bret baier joins us with analysis. we'll talk about bernie sanders attack on media. how the mainstream media are handling that so far. very latest on release of those several americans who were held in iranian prisons including the saga of jason rezaian. he is finally free. talk about it, "happening now."
7:50 am
bill: good deal. see you in couple minutes at top of the hour. breaking news here, associated press, reporting that moroccan has been arrested from living in belgium, who may have been linked directly to the attacks in paris. 130 people dead on november 30 tenet. the reports said this man traveled to syria. we don't know when. traveled thrashingky, syria, netherlands and home country of belgium with a belgian passport. more on that in a moment. meet actor and comedian making headlines for his hair or lack there-off. things cut in half. how is that look working out for you. martha: so bizarre. >> how is that look working for you. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care,
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bill: spacex, successfully sending another satellite into orbit but the robert that put it there could not stick the landing here on earth. that's what happened. spacex trying to recover the rocket by landing it at sea off a barge off coast of california. that is the key to space travel to keep it cheap. you want to reuse the rocket. william la jeunesse is live in l.a. what went wrong. what did go wrong, william?port i will tell you. this to vaulting a pencil over the empire state building landing on eraser on a moving shoe box without tipping over. almost pulled it off. come close from launch to releasing satellite in space, mission accomplished until the last few section, when landing on the barge across the coast, rocket touches down, but one of
7:55 am
the legs failed to lock down possibly due to ice. the rocket tipped over and explodes. spacex, basically a cab company for nasa, says it will learn from the experience. >> we didn't quite read all the instructions on attempted landing but landing on the landing zone and drone ship are two crucial enablers for next stage of recovery of boosters. reporter: they need to land in the ocean, bill, because some rockets don't have enough fuel to go back to the actual launch site. bill: that didn't work out. astronauts at space station had different kind of success, did they not, william? reporter: we need to grow food in space if we want to live in space. last year they grew red romaine lettuce but plants are sensitive to lighting, they need 80 days this is the first flower to bloom in zero gravity, a seen yaw, can be used in salad.
7:56 am
since soil would normally float away in space, the seeds are grown hydroponically in a little pillow of soil and fed water and fertilizer. not exactly red lobster but it's a start. bill: indeed it is. cool stuff. william la jeunesse in live in l.a. martha: looks delicious. democratic presidential candidates coming down for the forth debate now. last night a little bit more will things get hotter as we head towards iowa?
7:57 am
7:58 am
marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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martha: so the actor and comedian will forte raising some eyebrows at the fox all-star party in california. he sported long hair and a full beard on one side, the other side completely ball, even his eyebrow is gone on that side. take note. costars rocked a similar event at the event, i guess maybe the other side of his head had hair on it.
8:00 am
no word on what inspired it, but sometimes you just feel like this, growing your hair for, like, four months -- bill: i mean, you've got fair, and you've got balanced with that guy, right? martha: i think you just came up with a good idea for your halloween costume next year. bill: maybe. martha: have a great day, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ jenna: starting off with some politics. new all fourth from the final -- fallout from the final faceoff between the democratic candidates. hope you're off to a great monday, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. fireworks at last night's debate as hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley sparred over the issues including obamacare, gun control and wall street reform. >> i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d- voting record from the nra. >> he te


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