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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 5, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> report next. saudi arabia lays down a red line against iran leaving president obama to explain where he stands. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. for decades in coalitions and summits, wars and peace talks, oil busts and oil booms, america has carefully nourished its alliance with saudi arabia. now that kingdom stands locked in conflict with its regional rival, iran, the country that held americans hostage for more than a year and sponsored the bloodiest terrorist attacks
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against american citizens until 9/11. where does the obama white house stand in all this now, and how bad could this situation get for u.s. interests in the region, a region that is a tinder box tonight? jim rosen kicks it off from the white house. >> reporter: thousands of iranians protested saudi arabia's mass executions on friday, including the beheading of al nimr. by sunday a mob had set fire to the saudi embassy in tehran, and even though the iranians quickly arrested 40 suspects, iran responded by severing diplomatic ties with iran. >> we will be cutting off diplomatic ties with iran, we will be cutting off commercial relations with iran and we will have a ban on people traveling to iran. >> translator: saudi arabia has used this issue as another excuse to create tension and
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conflict. >> reporter: bahrain, sunni and tehran have also severed ties. like syria and yemen, saudi arabia, the leading exporter of the holiest site, have waged a struggle for regional dominance against iran, the shiites. president obama's protracted nuclear diplomacy with iran finalized in july has long irr saudis. now they study neutrality, saying there is plenty of blame to go around, despite the fact that saudis, at least on paper, far exceed those with iran. >> why can't the united states act as an ally with the saudis? >> our concerns about saudi arabia's actions in this regard are related both to concerns
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that we have about the impact that these actions have on saudi arabia's national security, but we also have concerns about the impact this has on u.s. interests in the region. >> reporter: with iran complying with the nuclear deal and bracing for an influx of unfrozen funds worth up to $150 billion and oil prices remaining low, some analysts see the saudi kingdom showing signs of vulnerability. >> their new budget shows they have a huge shortfall of income because of the falling oil prices. they're not going to have that cushion, that extra money to spread around to friends and to defeat foes. >> aides to president obama acknowledges that if the standoff with iran continues it will only make it harder for the u.s. to broker an agreement with isis. robert jordan was u.s. ambassador to the saudi kingdom from 2001 to 2003 under president george w. bush.
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he is author of "desert diplomat" following 9/11. ambassador, thank you for being here. >> a pleasure. >> put this in perspective for us, sir. how big a deal is this? >> i think we don't know yet. when you're in the middle of an important event, you don't always know how it's going to be on the other end. i think it's important. it has been a slow-moving train wreck in a way to see the saudi discontent with this administration, with the failure to support hasmin babarak, supporting his brotherhood, with syria, and the iran nuclear deal. the saudis are really fed up, i think, with the fecklellness of the nation.
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i think the conflict and the frustration have been building up for a number of years. they are going to take action even if they have to do it alone. >> what about the saudi's move with this execution? a lot of people are being cut and dry about this, that it's a sunni issue. but it's also an arab persian issue, right? >> absolutely. there is ethnicity involved here. there is a sense of tribalism and a sense of my tribe versus yours, and certainly it's arab, persian and sunni-shia all wrapped in, and the provocation on both sides over a number of years. >> what about the administration's response, calling for calm on both sides today. what should and what can they do? >> well, i think a lot of what's likely being done is behind the scenes. i think calling for calm publicly is probably an appropriate thing to do, but my guess is they're saying to the saudis, what were you thinking when you ordered this execution? what is your game plan here? what are you trying to get out
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of this? look, we are your allies, and i think part of this acting out by the saudis is out of frustration that they feel abandoned by the u.s. and encircled by iran. so they've got to take decisive, forceful moves. they're trying to send a message to the shiites in the eastern province of saudi arabia particularly, and they better not engage in any uprising or any descent, even peaceful descent, because it will be met with an iron fist. the saudis are afraid of that. >> how did the iran nuclear deal make this more complex? >> it made it more complex for the u.s. the u.s., on the one hand, is trying to hang onto that deal, and on the other hand trying to support a long-time ally in the region. i think sometimes those are mutually exclusive. >> last thing, with syria a very precarious state, some say a death spiral, this issue and this standoff between saudi arabia, iran and now other gulf
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nations, what percentage would you say that this spirals to something much bigger? >> well, i think there is probably a 40-50% chance that it spirals to something bigger, and it certainly is going to sabotage, i think, for the time being the peace talks with regard to resolving the syrian civil war. i think that's the immediate casualty to this. >> robert jordan joining us from dallas tonight. mr. ambassador, thank you for the time. >> thanks, bret. britain david cameron says the execution of five purported british spies is an act of desperation. an english-speaking child warns that isis forces are coming to the west to kill non-believers. foreign policy obviously will factor into the upcoming election. we are just four weeks away from
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the actual first voting, hard to believe, of the presidential campaign. the front runners are ramping up efforts to expand their leads tonight. we begin our 2016 coverage with chief political correspondent carl cameron in des moines, iowa where donald trump is about to start paying to get his unfiltered message across. good evening, carl. >> 28 days since the first caucus, trump has been on the campaign for months now, and tomorrow he will watch his first paid tv commercial. hasn't done any of that this entire time. he'll be doing it when he's already perceived countless airings of that ad by the tv networks and not without causing some controversy with it. >> the network morning shows and cable news channels have all been running it over and over. >> he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for.
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skb >> the video purported a border in morocco from 2015. they denied a mistake and told fox the use of the video was intentional to show just how bad the borders can get and they're not changing anything. trump, who is now second to ted cruz in most iowa polls, largely ignores the texas senator who himself expects sky high expectations and four weeks of intense attacks as the caucus frontrunner. >> a couple weeks ago in the campaign, just about every republican candidate was attacking donald trump. now two weeks later, just about every republican candidate is attacking me. things may have changed a little bit. >> trump's six-week bus tour is on not peaking or not peaking too soon. they're following cruz at every stop. >> ethanol is an important issue. i support ethanol and corn farmers. we should have no subsidies or
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maria bartiro mandates for any energy source. >> isis cannot be filibustered. while some claim that they would destroy isis, that they would make the sands of the middle east glow in the dark, my question is, with what? >> and cruz, the embodiment of the establishment. >> the united states senator, he went to princeton, harvard, did a courtship in the high federal courts, and then worked for the bush administration. it seems to me he's an establishment guy. >> jeb bush, who has had millions of dollars in commercials, runs a new one on isis to compete with trump. >> we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. we have but one choice, to defeat it. >> john kasich slammed all three senators in the race when he compared rubio to president obama by asking when it comes to running for president before finishing one term. rick santorum made a debut of
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his own, attacking cruz as a white class texas senator. >> ted cruz is wonderful at reading fairy tales on the senate floor. >> sam i am. >> santorum's upset caucus win in 2012 is a legend. he's been saying that it wasn't up until the last three days that supporters made up their minds and it's an indication of things to come. up next, a sour start in the new year on wall street. fox 2 in st. louis where recovery efforts continue after historic flooding. in arnold, officials are giving residents shots to prevent illnesses from standing water. donations from the public are being distributed right now. fox 2 in detroit where general motors is partnering with
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ride-sharing company lyft. they will cooperate in that business and also develop a fleet of driverless vehicles, something already on the drawing board of uber. and this rival look from minnesota. talk about a teaching moment. a cpr instructor saves a man's life right outside her classroom. jennifer brandt worked on a person who collapsed after shoveling snow. paramedics came back to the classroom to say the victim had survived. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway on
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the 2016 trading year is off to a very shaky start. fears of an economic slowdown in china sparked a global selloff today. that sent the dow down 276 points, which actually was a recovery from date's lows. s&p 500 lost 31, the nasdaq fell
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to 104. good evening, melissa francis. what's behind this drop? >> it all started in china with the selloff last night. in fact, that's what we'll be watching tonight. those markets open just a short time from now. that's really going to be one of the keys. what we're seeing is a slowdown in asia, and it's not that this is new. they always seem to sugarcoat it, the chinese, when they put the data out. that's what all the traders believe. so when you listen to this news, you always wonder if it's worth what's being let on. here we got some negative data that looked like manufacturing was being slowed down. you put it all together with the turbulence in the middle east, and the outlook for 2016 looks worrisome at best. >> it's the one trading day, the first one back from the holiday. does it mean something to the rest of the year? >> well, traders are notoriously superstitious, so if you look at the stats, there is a 50% chance the day is down. if the whole month is negative,
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there is about a 75% chance statistically that the next year follows. you also want to look at the fact that the federal reserve just started tightening right now. this isn't the backdrop to which they want to be doing this and adds fuel to the fire of those who say, did you wait too long to tight and now you're in a place where things turn south. >> we're four weeks from the first voting in iowa. >> that's what the grumblings were about in wall street today that you would think it would help donald trump. you look at what we have coming ahead and you look at the last recession -- they tend to happen every eight years -- guess when the last one was? 2008. to the rest of your viewers, it doesn't feel like we ever got out of it. technically that was eight years ago, and here we go. >> hopefully more good news ahead. melissa francis, thanks so much.
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the justice department and the epa are suing volkswagen over emissions cheating software found in nearly 600,000 vehicles sold in the u.s. they are stating a large recall. while today's action is in civil court, vw also faces the prospect of criminal charges. the republican governor of illinois says he would sign a bill to allow residents of chicago to recall embattled mayor rahm emanuel. state law requires only the recall of governor. emanuel is supporting 16 shots by a police officer. emanuel insists he will not step down. first he's been out of office for 15 years. so is bill clinton still a rock star as he returns to the
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the rhetorical battle lines are being reinforced tonight in a war over guns and gun control. mike emanuel has the lay of the land of what seems to be the political front from now until election day. >> it's not going to prevent every mass shooting, it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. >> president obama is starting his final year in office by taking executive action over the next several days on guns. the president met with his attorney general, fbi director and other top officials to review their report on what more could be done to curb gun violence. >> it will potentially save lives in this country and spare families the pain and the
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extraordinary loss that they've suffered. >> he also hinted at other executive actions to come in mr. obama's final months. on the campaign trail, senator ted cruz said this is the time the president intends to abuse executive power in every way, shape or form. >> the word that president obama is once again going to abuse his power to try to seize our guns, sadly, surprises nobody. >> reporter: senator marco rubio plans to reverse it, if elected, on his first day in office. >> this president needs to stop focusing on what he's forbidden to do, which is interfering with our second amendment. >> reporter: white house and justice department attorneys have been studying the issue. >> the president wants to be sure that the recommendations he receives and the executive actions that he carries out are going to stand up in a court of law. >> yet new jersey governor chris christie has accused the president of acting like a
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petulant child by going around congress again. >> the president is going to reject your ideas repeatedly and now you're going to try to impose them, anyway? that's not democratic. >> paul ryan said we are all pained by the recent atrocities in our country, but no change the president is reportedly considering would have changed any of them. he claims no president should try to reverse by executive fiat. hillary clinton and donald trump do battle. it is former president bill clinton who is stealing the spotlight. ed henry is in exeter, new hampshire tonight. >> bubba is back, though clinton only filled about half the gym in nashua for his first solo campaign event, which had the feel of an aging rock star, his
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voice more hoarse. admitting a little shyly that he feels his time on the stage is passed. >> first of all, i'm a happy grandfather, and i'm not mad at anybody. he was once the comeback kid in new hampshire and drew over 700 people today. with his wife hillary clinton still trailing in the granite state, to democratic campaigner bernie sanders, clinton did what he does best, on the job with clinton years, awkward since the united states has suffered under president obama. >> i think this is about prosperity, rebuilding the american class, giving kids the american dream back. >> reporter: donald trump continues to warn that clinton's return to the campaign trail brings great political risk because of his personal scandals. >> it hasn't been a very pretty picture for her or for bill. i'm the only one willing to talk
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about his problems. i mean, what he did and what he has gone through, i think, is frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> reporter: the former president steered clear of all of that today, though he did seem to take veiled shots at the bombastic trump by pushing his wife's resume and saying a cleric is critical. >> i don't think anyone has run for this job at a moment of great importance who was better qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do what needs to be done now in this world of prosperity. >> in a new individual today, he warned, he should not be just concerned about sex scandals, noting the former president is also taking heat about the clinton foundation. >> i have to pay our bills. >> bill clinton just wrapped up his second rally with a packed
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crowd here while his wife was working iowa. at one moment a voter reacted to donald trump saying she and president obama helped create isis. she fired back that she has a new year's resolution, let trump live in an alternative reality while she won't respond. armed anti-government protesters maintain their standoff with the feds in oregon. hi. i'm dave nemeth,
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breaking news right now out of oregon. two ranchers at the center of that standoff with federal officials over the use of government owned and controlled land have surrendered to law enforcement. there's a lot more to this story than two men. we're live outside the headquarters of mowler wildlife refuge. >> reporter: the one goal was to keep those two ranchers out of federal prison and that goal was not accomplished. they turned themselves in this afternoon at a low security prison in california. their case has sparked a battle over federal government government and its management of huge tracts of land in the west. >> we feel that we have exhausted all prudent measures and have been ignored. >> reporter: it's day three of a tense situation between an armed militia and local and federal
1:32 am
authorities. an estimated two dozen protesters, members of an anti-government group, say they're ready to stay for years if needed at the remote malheur wild rlife refuge. at issue, two ranchers saying they set fires to protect their lands from wildfires, including one that burned 1.2 acres of federal land. even though they've served time behind bars, they must serve a full five years. 27-year-old dwight says he's ready even though he doesn't agree with it. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. it seems like a bit of overkill. >> reporter: a long struggle over land rights. protestors say the federal land should be returned to landowners. >> because we have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the
1:33 am
constitution, they have come down upon the people and are prosecuting them now directly. they are coming down into the states and taking over the land and the resources. >> reporter: federal authorities, including the fbi, are watching and waiting. not wanting a prolonged armed standoff or tragedies like waco and ruby ridge. not everyone in the town of 70,000 supports the malicious tactics. >> i am sympathetic to their cause, you know. but the way they're going about it is disastrous. >> reporter: the harney county sheriff says this is not a legitimate protest but rather an attempt by this group to overthrow the local and federal government. the fbi is the lead federal agency on this. there is no presence out there today or over the weekend. in a statement they said they are working to end this peacefully. bret? >> dan springer live in oregon tonight. dan, thank you. overseas, russian leader
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vladimir putin is specifically mentioning the u.s. as a threat to his country's national security. while that fact might seem obvious to some, this is the first time russia has put that in writing in recent memory. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. it's the first time since the end of the cold war that russian has named the united states as a threat. in his first address of the year, putin urged russians to pull together. >> translator: we are united by the same goals, an aspiration to be useful to the mother land and responsibility for its destiny. >> it's been showing off its modern weaponry like these cruise missiles fired from the caspian sea. the u.s. says they are not targeting russia. they state the u.s. and its
1:35 am
allies are, quote, striving to maintain their dominance in global affairs and must be challenged. this replaces a 2009 version that made no mention of the u.s. as a threat. in the past year, top u.s. military commanders have cited russia, not isis, as the number one threat to the u.s. >> in terms of capability, russia is the only country on earth that has the capability to destroy the united states of america. >> we cannot fully be certain of what russia will do next. we still cannot fully discern mr. putin's intent. >> russia's neighbors are nervous. georgia, for instance, wants nato membership. its defense minister told us she fears george joria will be the ukraine. putin, she says, has set his sights on a 124-mile corridor in georgia that would give russia control over energy supplies to europe. >> it's important for the kremlin to close that corridor on the north from georgia and
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south of georgia you have russian military bases tending and controlling everything. >> responding to russia's new threat assessment, the pentagon spokesman said simply they have no reason to consider the u.s. a threat. bret? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. a full plate of challenges for president obama as he gets back to work. we'll discuss it all with the panel when we get back to work
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we decided to cut off all aspirations with iran. we'll also be cutting off air traffic with iran. >> it certainly is going to sabotage, i think, for the time
1:40 am
being the peace talks with regard to resolving the syrian civil war. i think that's the immediate casualty in this. >> well, the middle east is a tinder box tonight as iranians protest the mass executions by saudi arabia saturday, including a prominent shiite cleric. the saudis, through their ambassador to the united nations just moments ago, put out a statement which includes this. those who are convicted of committing capital crimes and subsequently executed were subject to all judicial guarantees and have unconditionally enjoyed all judicial warrants. the kingdom of saudi arabia reiterates that all convicted persons were grand wear and just trials without any consideration to their intellectual, racial or sectarian affiliation and that the final rulings against them was reached based on their own criminal and illegal sanctions. charles? >> i can say the saudi execution
1:41 am
of this shiite cleric was very wise, but they did see it as international interest, and i think they are acting fairly desperately. because they look around and their protector, since the 1930s when king sayud met with fdr, and they basically said, you supply our oil, we protect you, and deeply in jeopardy. they look at the way obama has abandoned them. the nuclear deal is just a combination of the process. abandon in syria, abandoning the red line has done nothing since the signing of the nuclear agreement. iran has become increasingly aggressive in syria. in yemen, which, remember, is right on the doorstep of saudi arabia. it's not removed the way syria is. and they see serious encirclement. just last week the u.s. responded to the firing of the
1:42 am
missiles, illegal firing of the nuclear capable missiles by threatening trivial sanctions and then actually cancelling or postpo postponing the sanctions when iran protested and said they would increase their production of missiles. in other words, the u.s. would not even respond to an open provocation on the missile issue, and what they read is complete abandonment. they are now on their own, and then they're not going to have to face it rain yathe iranians allies on their own. >> the state department urged de-escalations and commenting on both sides say they're not interested in being a mediator. >> right. i think that the administration is quietly grumbling that this was a dangerous provocation on the saudis and it was a mass
1:43 am
execution and they learned something they shouldn't have. if you look at the fact that they were joined by other sunni allies, iran, sudan, this is not a small, peevish response. this is a response of president obama backtracking from a red line, from what they see as an increased aggressive posture by the iranians before the iran deal. the new role of vladimir putin and the russians in the driver's seat in the war in syria backing up assad, killing sunnis. and that tipped the scales further in favor of iran in the region. this is actually just a sign that this is really likely to escalate. it's not something that can be calmed with some nice words from a spokesman of the obama administration. this is the final year of the
1:44 am
obama administration. there are many players like the iranians and the russians who believe this is sort of open season for the time being, and people who watch this closely believe this is just the beginning. >> steve? >> actually, i think charles may be understating the scope of the problem. it's not just that there is a series of mistakes or series of a protector, it's that the saudis recognize that there has been, from the beginning of the legislation, a choice in making a strategic alignment in the region, in the greater middle east. you look at obama's words in his inaugural address, you look at the letters he sent to the supreme leader. almost immediately, you look at the initial refusal to criticize the iranian regime's putting down of the green revolution, you look at the red line as a.b. mentioned, but you look at the
1:45 am
announcement's decoupling of terror and disengagement from the region. that was basically what it was read like in the region. the administration saying, in effect, you can make all the trouble you want in the region, we want the nuclear deal. >> you know, we talk about this in this context, but it's important to remember that saudi arabia, there are 20-some pages at the 9/11 commission still classified that we don't know the sawudi arabian involvement n 9/11 or some tie to money. there are things and points that multiple officials in the past had pointed to at least complicit action by the saudis prior to 9/11. and you can't -- so you can't take it's all on iran. but it is a complex issue. >> absolutely. and one of the ways in which i think many of us were critical of the bush administration was that they weren't tough enough on the saudis. there's no question that the saudis have not only been, in
1:46 am
some cases, the royal family members actively supporting terror, they've been funding what has seen so much of the problem with respect to sunni radicals. in the current context, when you're looking at how the saudis are acting and why they're acting the way that they are, a lot of it is explained by the administration's behavior with respect to iran. >> and the strategic context that if saudi arabia falls -- and there's been a lot of internal unrest that shiite iran has been encouraging within saudi arabia and also in bahrain which is a majority shiite which is a strong ally of sawed a rab ya a -- saudi arabia which is the base, if that falls then it falls under iran. that would be the strategic order of the worst since the
1:47 am
second world war. i think they appreciate what's at stake here. the souring relationsh
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the man right there. here we go. right there. >> you are are very rude. and i'm not ever going to call on you. >> every presidential election, people run and believe it or not, it's kind of scary this year but ; going to do when they're running. >> bill clinton on the trail today and over the weekend hillary clinton getting
1:51 am
heckled with questions about her husband's indiscretions. and framed in a different way in that forum. and she, you heard, pushed back. meantime, we are 27 days away from the iowa caucuses. the first voting today. donald trump aired his first paid ad. here is a part of that. >> the politicians are pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he is calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what's going on. he will quickly. >> it keeps going and it goes through his main points that he hits on the stump, but there is one part, in particular, that came under controversy today. he said he will stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that co-will pay for -- mexico toe will pay for. it turns out that video is actually morocco and the campaign put out the statement the use of this
1:52 am
footage was intentional and selected severe impact of open border and very real threat if we don't build a wall stop illegal immigration. the biased mainstream media understand but americans who want to protect their jobs and their families do. with that, we're back with the panel. steve? >> i don't think anybody who is considering voting for donald trump right now is going to be troubled by the fact that they were using footage from morocco. look, i think it's an effective ad for trump. i have problems with it i don't agree with his proposal on banning muslims temporarily. i think it's unamerican. but he makes a case in the ad that is consistent with the case that he has made on the stump. it is simple and it is strong. and the most important line not any of the specific policy proposals that he lists, it's the opening line which is politicians call it something else. which immediately establishes or reestablishes in the mind of a perspective voter that donald trump is not like other politicians and the rest of the ad goes on to make that case pretty clearly. >> a.b., i talked to a lot of people over the break.
1:53 am
a lot of people in different fields. there is a trump undercurrent out there among different populations that see him as the shakeup candidate. >> he only is behind in one state and that's iowa. so he has the next couple weeks to try to drown out ted cruz who is number one in iowa, maintain his lead in new hampshire, and then he has a good fire wall in the south and i think that he -- with bashing the clintons, and going on air with ads. he plans to stay in the conversation. and this is his closing act. he is not going to go quietly. he doesn't want to pick on republicans right now. but he wants to get his message out and he wants to be the person that voters will perceive in the primary electorate as best to go up against hillary clinton. >> new jersey governor chris christie not going quietly either taking on donald trump head on today. >> show time is over, everybody. we are not electing an
1:54 am
entertainer in chief. shomanship is fun but it's not the type of leadership that will truly change america. if we are going to turn our frustration and anger with the d.c. angers, the politicians of yesterday and the carnival barkers of today into something that actually will change american lives for the better, we must elect someone who has been tested, someone with proven experience, someone who knows how to make decisions because he has been making them for years. >> you see that the teleprompter speech. obviously not the average town hall he has been doing time and time again in new hampshire. >> he is running as the kind ler, gentler trump as the experienced trump. i don't know how it will work. but, remember, up until this year, he was the tough guy, the guy who actually could have been too tough and too aggressive. he was criticized as that over the years. and now he appears completely mild in comparison. so, i think it's a good
1:55 am
tact. that would be his -- if he were going to slip into the race as a real challenger, it would be in that role. but i have to say that what trump did with the clintons is particularly impressive. if it comes to a fight in the end over this issue, i'm not sure how it works out. it could work out either way to help the clintons sympathy or it could help trump, but i think his deterrence has worked. i don't think that she is going to be coming out with any overt accusations of sexism and each the ones that she makes will be reasonably subtle. but i think that has actually had the effect it wanted. it protects him in a way. it also has other candidates looking at trump and saying he brought it up in a way that i would never have and it's succeeding. >> quickly, bill clinton a plus on the trail? >> i think genuinely he is a plus on the trail. it's a good short time i'm
1:56 am
not sure it's long term. >> i you think bill clinton is great for her in the primary race. the message trump is giving that they use their power to lie and cover up is a a really potentially troubling one for hillary clinton in the general election. the general election. >> that is it for thes
1:57 am
a finally tonight, the end of 2015 like most years ended with endless lists.
1:58 am
youtube recently released a compilation of the biggest viral videos of 2015. one late night host decide to do create his own year end video in review. he went with the least viewed youtube videos of the last year. take a look, it's no surprise why they flew under the radar. [ laughter ] >> only the lonely. [bell] ♪ñ] >> it was that guy. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, special >> it is tuesday, january 5th. taking aim alone. president obama taking aim on gun control. what we learn as gun sales fire to record high. >> a mass isis fighter now being
1:59 am
dubbed as another jihadi john. why his identity might not be a secret for too long. >> a brand new warning about what is brewing in the pot. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, you are watching "fox and friend first on this tuesday. i am heathers. >> i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. president obama taking aim alone today. he will officially reveal his gun control plan. >> the plan revealing a lot of backlash. we are live from washington, d.c. with details of the plan and reaction.
2:00 am
>> good morning. president obama will make it official in a few hours. we got a preview of what to expect yesterday right after the president met with the attorney general. he says he does have the legal authority to do this and it does not violate our second amendment rights. >> it is my strong belief for us to get our complete arms around the problem. congress needs to act. what i asked me team to do to see what more we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. >> i have been told there are 10 separate provisions. the big one, the executive actions will require background checks for more gun sales if they are sold on-line and gun sales. that would narrow the gun show loophole. it will help them process the background checks. atf will keep track


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