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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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navy is pulling anchor after fleet week in new york city. the big apple welcomes sailors, marines and coast guard members every year for memorial day. come back next year. >> i do love those sailors as i know you do as well. >> that's right. go army. >> "the real story" starts right now. historic rainfall in texas leaving one major city virtually under water right now. crews rushing to find survivors before another storm is going to roll in. hi i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today. houston at a standstill after being hit with nearly a foot of rain overnight. flash flooding washing away cars entire homes. this afternoon rescue crews continuing to work around the clock to reach those who are still stranded. joining me from our affiliate in houston, greg it sounds like the water could be starting to recede? >> reporter: yeah. it's going down. it's like the old stevie ray vaughn song it's flooding down
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in texas. it hit us hard last night and receded as quickly. talking about a foot. 11 inches hit most of houston hard. we are in the mire land area where most folks woke up to three, four feet of water in their living rooms. they had seen anything like this since tropical storm allison. it filled the city's bayous. checked it to historic levels and that backed up a bunch of this water. that sent out the quick water rescue teams. we had some here in meyerland. we saw one come come out with her infant and she was carrying all her breast milk supply. we talked to another family who were away from their home. they went back and found their little dog floating on the coffee table. as you can see now, it's dried up quite a bit. the sky is pretty clear. we are hoping it stays that way.
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gretchen? >> greg thank you very much. another alert to tell you about. major developments in the excessive force investigation at the cleveland police department on the heels of the justice department's nearly two-year probe. days after protests over the acquittal of a police officer in the manslaughter death of two people during the chase back in 2012. just moments ago, the doj announcing historic settlements. one that some hope how police operate and repair the relationship with the community. >> this agreement, however, gives us the structure and the tools we need to have comprehensive reform rather than doing one thing at a time. this agreement gives us the structure now to really implement a comprehensive reform. in addition, this agreement takes police reform to another level that will rapidly allows
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to rapidly accelerate our programs. >> joining me now judge andrew napolitano. this is the first of its kind right? the first kind of a deal between the department of justice -- i mean could it affect other communities? >> it's not the first of its kind but the first with this level of detail. we haven't seen the written detail but we've seen "the new york times" version of it and justice department version of it. it expressly prohibits certain techniques that the police have been using. it appoints a monitor not to take over and run the police department but to monitor what they're doing and inform the federal judge who is supervising all this. the justice department sued the city of cleveland. the lawsuit was settled in which the city we just saw them there, agreed to the imposition of the monitor. the monitor becomes the court,
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eyes and ears inside the police department. if the judge doesn't like what the monitor tells him, the judge personally gets involved. >> interesting. it's called a comprehensive consent decree 105 pages. they are going to be completed under the watch of this independent monitor. for example, we are just learning they will train officers to minimize racial bias. not sure that sounds vague. create a new inspector general position and review board to handle all allegations of officer misconduct. >> one of the problems in cleveland, two of the problems in cleveland were excessive use of force and the absence of punishment for what is obviously the excessive use of force because the police themselves decided whether their own people have violated departmental regulations or even city ordinances. so the justice department persuaded, twisted the arm of however you want to look at it the police department to agree to an independent agency which will evaluate police behavior.
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specific things like you can't fire a warning shot prohibited. i've never seen that before. you can't use a taser when a person is running away from you unless they pose a deadly threat themselves. i've not seen that before. you can't use a taser to punish somebody who talks back to you. that makes sense, but i've not seen that before. >> there is one other case. a 12-year-old shot last fall. they are announcing today they might get that verdict very soon. we just had the verdict over the weekend of the other police officer who was not found guilty of manslaughter. again, we might have a race problem going there. >> look you have a long standing problem in cleveland. one of the reasons the mayor was so happy with this consent decree it takes the pressure off his shoulders. he is about to undergo a recall election. not something that happens frequently in cleveland, because
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of the belief by those who want to recall him that he didn't adequately control the police department. getting the police to agree on this and putting the burden on the shoulders of the feds makes it easier politically for him. we'll see if it works. if it makes the police gun shy or causes the police to comply with the type of behavior one would expect of police in the modern era. >> very interesting. great to have you onboard. >> i'll read the 105 pages for you. >> thank you. get back to me with the cliff notes. new warnis from the fbi and homeland security on the threat from isis. bulletin obtained exclusively from fox news washing law enforcement, spoeskly the military to be on heightened alert citing possible threats to military bases. catherine herridge is live for us in washington. >> the length and level of detail it was sent just before the holiday weekend and concludes the isis threat
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significantly increased. it reads in part "we are aware of recent information suggesting u.s. military bases, locations and events could be targeted in the near term." the bulletin also lists precautions that should be taken that point to so-called insider threats within the military including individuals who act unusual questions about building maintenance or security procedures. suspicious interest in entry points or access controls. queries about air conditioning and ventilation system. u.s. investigators are increasingly overwhelmed by the high levels of messaged traffic, making the hard to know who is spreading the isis message and who is dedicated enough to launch an attack inside this country. >> sometimes it's difficult to know whether or not the threats are actually credible. what do you make of it? >> the bulletin says there are no credible threats at this time. earlier this year even before the heightened chatter, the secretary of homeland security concede sed it's a boiler plate turn that's thrown into virtually every intelligence
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bulletin. >> i always put in there there is no significant credible intelligence of a specific attack being planned here. given how the threat is evolving that is becoming a less and less relevant statement. >> it reenforces previous bulletins that members of the military and also government employees should actively review their social media accounts for any identifying information. things like your unit or home address because when we first saw this trend at the end of last year isis specifically targeted an air force father and his son online in the hopes it would raise their profile for an attack in the physical or real world. >> catherine herridge thank you so much. it's time for our 2016 power index today. we look at who's up and who is down in the race for the white house. there's been a big shake-up in the top three for the gop. time to bring in the author of
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"fox news first." a big shake-up. you still have governor jeb bush number one. what happened to scott walker? >> well here's the thing with scott walker. he had a few unsteady steps, if you'll pardon me a couple of months ago where is he ready for primetime, can he handle this? walker has remained steady since then but also he has demonstrated that he continues to excite the republican base the conservatives believe in this guy. his performance on stage at a cattle call for candidates in oklahoma over the past weekend was strong and got good reviews. his performance in the straw poll was good. all in all, we see this around the country, whether it's there or other places conservatives continue to identify him as their guy. that puts him sliding ahead of marco rubio into the second spot. >> so from two to three, rubio has fallen down one place. why? >> well he and walker are
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engaged -- i made a nascar analogy today, trading paint. the two are the fastest cars in the race behind establishment pick jeb bush. they are going to continue to do this as they go down the the question is are they going to damage each other too much in the process that somebody might slip past them. right now, walker's got the advantage. you know rubio will be on his bumper soon. >> and there are still people percolating out there who haven't announced. you never know what the power index will look like next week. thanks so much. >> you bet. texas governor greg abbott about to visit houston to survey the catastrophic flood damage. before he goes he will join us exclusively with an update on all that horrific flooding. plus -- as hillary clinton gets ready to head to south carolina major stumbling block from her campaign in 2008. remember bill's race comments? and she is falling on an old
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we have extreme weather to tell but now. at least 30 people now still missing after historic flooding along the blanco river in central texas. that's according to the hayes' county commissioner who is giving a press conference now. governor of texas heading to survey the storm damage in houston. the city cleaning up after 11 inches of rain in just six hours overnight. unbelievable video here. houston's mayor saying crews handled more than 530 rescues so
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far and more than 700 homes have seen some level of damage. texas governor greg abbott joins me on the phone before he heads to that area. great to have you on the story. >> it's good to be with you. i'm going one place to another. i was there at the blanco river seeing the damage and devastation that was wrecked because of the flooding there. now i'm on my way to houston. the entire state of texas has come under flooding conditions ranging up to dallas and north of dallas to wichita falls by the red river we had far too many lives affected. now it's time for us to continue the process of rescuing those we can rescue. >> the stories are horrific. there is a victim a star athlete, student council member driving home from her senior prom. she had perished in this. eight members of one family are missing. governor we are just getting the breaking news from that press conference that now as
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many as 30 people are still mission. at first we thought that number was only 12. >> right. those numbers continue to change. i don't want to jump to any conclusions. we don't know why they may be missing. i do want people to understand two things. one that is we have massive teams across the state of texas working on rescue missions and we are going to do everything we can to locate find and save every person we can. the second thing is it's so important for everyone to understand as we have rising waters which we will continue to have that people not try to drive through them. people move away from them. if county officials indicate you should evacuate you should evacuate. don't risk your life by going into water. >> that is so true. people think they can just make it because it just doesn't look that deep. they get themselves into a situation that turns out to be tragedy. governor i want to get your thoughts on the fact there may be more weather heading your
11:17 am
way. there is nothing you can do about that. what do you do? >> there are forecasts of more rain coming our way over the upcoming days. with the ground already saturated, it means flooding will rise more quickly. what people need to do they need to be watchful about rising water. it rises faster than what people think. it's far more powerful than what people realize. you see these trees mowed down as though they were tooth picks. it can kruk individuals in cars and homes immediately. it's essential people get out of the way, stay out of the way. let the water flow through, save your life and evacuate. >> we are watching images of an suv totally being taken over by the water. obviously, that is not a light object. hopefully people will heed your
11:18 am
warnings. good luck with everything going on in your state today, sir. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. a lot of wedding photos go viral online. none quite like this one. capturing the emotional moments of the marine and his bride-to-be pray together before their ceremony. but why this particular picture is touching so many people? there is another secret behind it. a gun shot survivor credits his iphone for saving his life. he had it tuktcked in his pocket and the bullet ricochets off it. what is the best thing your smart phone has ever done for you? tweet me at gretchen carlson, hashtag real story. go to my facebook page.
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welcome back to "the real story." amazing pictures coming out of the galapagos islands. a volcano erupted there the first time in 35 years. spewing fire smoke and tons of lava. island is the only place where pink iguanas exist. they are not in immediate danger. the eruption posing no risk to people on the island at this point. back to politics because hillary clinton heading to south carolina now where she was easily defeated in the 2008 primary by then senator barack obama. some folks claim bill clinton hurt her chances by playing the race card. chief white house correspondent ed henry live for us in washington. what did bill clinton -- remind
11:23 am
us. what exactly did he say back in 2008? >> remember the context which is that south carolina is a key early voting state, it also has the african-american vote being very critical in the democratic primary. bill clinton seemed to be playing the race card in january 2008 when he seemed to be trying to diminish what barack obama then senator was doing, by comparing him to jesse jackson. listen. >> they say barack obama that it takes two of you to beat him. >> jesse jackson won south carolina twice. he ran a good campaign. senator obama is running a good campaign. >> he said it was a myth and mugging he played the race card. he said democratic congressman charlie rangel said that no one
11:24 am
in our campaign played any race card that we had some played against us but we didn't play any. you remember there was a sour taste in democratic mouths after that whole incident. you'll note this time around bill clinton has been playing a back seat role at least officially in the campaign. the foundation and speeches have been front and center. >> who doubt. mrs. clinton hoping to attract the younger voters as well offering campaign souvenirs online. what is it ed? >> this is funny. people saying the official launch of the democratic sand candidates. they are announcing the hillary clinton online store. they are trying to poke fun at the criticism she gets about pantsuits. this is a pants suit t-shirt you can order. they have a throw pillow that says "a woman's place is in the white house." and this tumbler for $10, i
11:25 am
heart h. this pantsuit t-shirt is only $30. anybody can pull it off, i think it's you. >> oh are you offering to pick one up for me? >> if you'll wear it on "the real story," i'll buy it. >> you never know. red is a good color for me. thanks so much. breaking news from texas on the number of people now unaccounted for in the massive flooding. disaster declaration in effect for roughly half of that entire state. more evacuations likely as waters continue to rise. a "the washington post" journalist set to make his first appearance in a secretive iranian court on espionage charges. the latest on efforts to see him set free and how this could impact the ongoing nuke talks.
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we have two fatalities confirmed. we have 12 missing. we have over 30 people unaccounted for. >> that was will conley the hays county commission. 30 people still unaccounted for after devastating flooding along the blanco river. among them two families vacationing together when rising water ripped their cabin from the ground.
11:30 am
one mom inside calling her sister as they floated down the river, telling her she loved her and asking her to pray. here is that family's spokesperson. >> we have a family of eight folks that are missing. they were all together in a house on a holiday weekend as a lot of people are. unfortunately, were not able to move to higher ground fast enough and the house was swept away. >> pray for the others missing, too, not only just our eight. all we can do remain faithful and pray they get found. >> more rain is on the way. meteorologist janice dean live for us in the fox extreme weather center. we report on this all the time. you see the faces of these families. those are their loved ones who are missing. it's almost impossible not to get emotional about this. >> it's impossible to tell
11:31 am
location the exact location where flash flooding is occurring. in meteorology we can give you a ballpark area where we'll see the potential for six to ten inches of rainfall. sometimes these areas of flooding happen over hoefly populated regions, overnight sometimes. people can't see it coming. the field of meteorology is getting better. to give you the exact location where we'll see potential for flooding is next to impossible we can tell you that flooding is occurring in some of these areas. oklahoma city received the most rain they have seen for the month of may in any month. the first responders as well that try to save people's lives. we lost a firefighter in oklahoma over the weekend going out to try to rescue people. hearts and prayers for the folks across the southern plains. we are expecting more rain in the area. you can see this line of showers and thunderstorms that bring close to a foot of rain to the houston area dozens of
11:32 am
tornadoes, as well. a lot of damage around the southeast texas region. there is where we saw the bull's-eye of wet weather. the inches of rain that fell in a matter of 12 hours overnight in the houston area austin as well. lake charles up towards dallas. you know what? the pattern does not let up over the next couple of weeks. we'll see the potential for flooding over the next seven days and for the next couple of weeks. you see the river gauges. in the major areas here, purple that is significant to catastrophic life-threatening flooding that is occurring right now in these regions. unfortunately, we'll see more of this wet weather on the way. we have set historic records across the southern plains over the last several weeks. back to you. >> i know you'll keep a very good eye on all of that. >> of course. the trial of an american journalist jailed in iran for so-called espionage starts today in tehran.
11:33 am
"the washington post" correspondent jason rezaian was arrested last july held under harsh conditions in iran's worst prison. his family worried that he has become a pawn in nuclear negotiations with iran. joining me simon rosenberg, president and founder of nbn, larry o'connor editor at large for ij supposedly this trial starts today. every american knows that this is just a ruse because they are holding several americans probably for no just cause. larry, how does this affect the nuclear negotiations? if you are a family member of these people being held you're hoping that they are somehow part of this deal but we don't know that do we? >> we don't know a whole lot about what is going on with this deal whether it is a deal in fact. last time secretary of state walked away and said we had some agreement and the iranians back tracked on everything we thought they agreed to.
11:34 am
my heart goes out to that family. it's a horrible situation for them. we have to think in global terms here. i think the president shouldn't be at this table with these people. he is allowing them to look like they are co-partners with america. they do things like this. they are holding this man as a hostage. he is not a criminal. he is not a spy. it's not a trial. we know that. i wish they would delegitimize the government of tehran and not sit down with them at the table at you a. >> do you agree with that? you have one of their chief majors making fun of president obama saying yeah right, he is going to degrade and ultimately destroy the islamic state. he is spitting in our fachlts is it right to negotiate with him? >> i think in iran like in the united states there are a lot of people who don't want their government negotiating with the u.s. in preparing for this segment
11:35 am
today, one of the most interesting things i read was how the foreign ministry said they felt it was a low-level bureaucrat trying to make good with other people who went after "the washington post" journalists. they said they think he will be exonerated. there are different minds in iran whether their people should be sitting down with our folks. at the end of the day, the president told the family he is doing everything he can, whether it's part of the deal or not. we'll find out at the end of this. let's hope in a few months we have a good outcome here. doesn't look that way today. >> it's not just jason being held. there is a guy in prison for being a christian, which is ridiculous. there are several other people there we reported on during this show. >> and they are absolutely pawns. when they don't want their government sitting down with the
11:36 am
united states of america, the people in iran don't have a say. they'll do whatever they want and we shouldn't legitimize them. >> these are all the people, the american prisoners in iran and as we just told you today jason rezaian is going up for trial. june 30th is the deadline where we are supposed to have some deal with iran. >> none of our partners in the mideast want it. israel doesn't want it saudi arabia doesn't want it. the president needs a legacy so we'll go forward with it apparently. >> i think we have a lot of allies around the world working with us closely to try to get this done. we've got to weaken iran and the deal is one of the ways to do it. >> difficult situation. thanks much. >> thank you. six people in minneapolis facing criminal charges after
11:37 am
spraying passengers on a pedalpub bike with squirt gun and water balloons. one group they pranked happened to include offduty police officers. the confrontation was captured on cell phone video. officers pinned down some of the pranksters until police arrived. they claim the reaction by those offduty officers was excessive. they say they are considering their legal options. >> a man is england is crediting surviving a shotgun blast to his chest with his iphone. he got in an argument and one man pulled out a said-off shotgun and pulled the trigger. the iphone in the pocket took the brunt of that shot this week the 19-year-old suspect was found guilty of attempted murder.
11:38 am
time to check in with shepard smith live on the fox news deck. >> it's great to be back. iraqis claiming they launched an operation to retake ramadi. a spokesman says forces are using weapons that will quote, surprise the enemy. u.s. officials tell fox news the battle has not even yet started. we'll speak with a former high-ranking u.s. intelligence officer who helped lead american special operations during decades of service with the government. he says the iraqis will not likely have much success against isis. that and much more the top of the hour. see you then. we have breaking news to tell you now from the courts on a key part of the obama administration's immigration policy. there has been a huge development. it's happening right now a live report we'll bring you the details next. a deadly late night shooting at a walmart store involving an airman from a nearby military base. what police are saying about that investigation. judge. >> a beautiful moment caught on
11:39 am
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welcome back. a walmart in north dakota the scene of a deadly shooting. 50 people were in the store including both employees and
11:43 am
customers. what happened next? trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> we have confirmed an airman at the air force base was involved in the shooting. the military won't say whether he was the shooter or a victim. the military won't comment on whether he was killed. a man inside the store at the time told the local newspaper he heard popping sounds screams for help and he and a group of customers were led to a different section of the store. when they were allowed to go outside, they passed a walmart employee covered in blood. he couldn't tell the employee's condition but said it did not look good. when police arrived on scene, there was no active shooting and no officers fired a single
11:44 am
bullet. it appears to be a murder/suicide. >> i was just rounding the corner and tons of cop cars came rushing up here. i'm waiting to hear for a fire truck. usually that's the case. i hear four five shots ring out. then i know something serious has happened. >> reporter: the shooter's vehicle was located in the parking lot. the wounds suffered by a third victim at this point do not appear to be life threatening. grand forks air force base is about 20 miles outside the city limits. >> thank you so much for that update. we've got another fox news alert. the federal appeals court ruling on the president executive action on immigration. the court refusing to lift the temporary hold. shannon, what does this mean? >> reporter: you may remember the president put together a
11:45 am
series of executive actions. what they would do is allow certain people here illegally to have deferred deportation. they wouldn't immediately be sent away from the country. a number of states 26 of them got together decided to sue and said our states can't handle this. this is executive action something that should have been done through congress. this isn't something you can unilaterally do. while the president's been blocked, the administration has gone for what they want a stay here. they want that decision that blocks them from moving forward, they want that decision blocked what they got from the fifth circuit was a decision 2-1 saying no we are not going to allow the president or administration to move forward with these deferred deportation actions. we are siding with the 26 states. the underlying decisions at issue. the administration will not get what it wants which was immediate permission to move ahead with executive actions. >> what happens next? does it go somewhere else after
11:46 am
this? >> we'll have to see what the administration decides to do. they could ask the fifth circuit, all the judges who sit on the fifth circuit to hear the case. that takes a lot of time what we expect they'll do if they decide to appeal would be to go straight to the supreme court. each circuit, this is the fifth circuit out of texas, each has a justice assigned to that circuit. this particular appeal would go to justice scalia. he would decide it himself or send it to the entire court. we'll wait to see if they decide to go to the supreme court. >> is there any time line? the supreme court must have so many cases in front of it. >> yeah. about to wrap up their current term which has same-sex marriage obamacare subsidies. may and june is crunch time. this would go to them. they probably would not have any hearing if they decide to weigh in on this injunction it would be done quickly. all on paper. we would have a decision within a week or so.
11:47 am
>> all right. shannon breen, thanks so much. a pair of photos going viral. a bald eagle on a grave stone is inspiring people and causing some controversy. plus a most special moment captured between a bride and groom, the story behind it. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain
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lynne. an emotional wedding photo going viral shows a marine and his wife to be praying moments before walking down the aisle. you can see the two holding hands around a corner. why are they doing that? because they wanted to avoid
11:51 am
seeing each other before the ceremony. the group says they wanted to pray for their marriage before starting their lives together. another amazing photo getting a lot of attention. an ad hoc group of volunteers placing flags at the fort snelling cemetery over the weekend which was the sight of this picture going viral. photographers snapping this amazing photo of an eagle perched on top of a grave stone in minnesota. frank glick took that picture. welcome to the both of you. >> thank you. >> all right. so frank, you had no idea when you took a series of photos of this beautiful eagle sitting on that grave stone. you had no idea that this photo was going to become so incredibly popular, did you? >> no. not at all. >> so when you were on your way to work, what made you stop to
11:52 am
take these photos? i was actually going to some training and i had a few extra hours to go take pictures. so i got up early work time to go take some pictures. and it was just so beautiful in the cemetery. at 6:00 in the morning. >> so just by happenstance here is this eagle. maybe not by happenstance. the people at ft. snelling cemetery of i went there on many field trips growing up in minnesota. it is beautiful without the eagles. the people there say this happens frequently. that the eagles come and sit on these grave stones. so you happened to snap this photo. then tell me what happened joe. there was a flurry of people who wanted to know more about this photograph. >> well the picture, they john
11:53 am
wrote this story and then frank became ill he was in the hospital and in his health was his priority to us. it took us a while to get back to people and answer questions people wanted to buy the print and it took us a while to do that because frank was more important than -- >> so let's talk about the widow of the person whose grave this was, maurice rauch. that is his tombstone. you had no idea how much that would mean to his widow. what happened? >> well they had gotten ahold of her. well we actually met vivian. and she is just an incredible person. and she had told me or us about
11:54 am
that before maury had died that they used to go out and photograph eagles so it mental a lot to her in a lot of different ways. >> and it meant so much to other people who have had a family member who died with the ultimate sacrifice and of course yesterday was memorial day. what better way to talk about this amazing photo that you captured. frank and joe edwards, john thank you for your time. people are so grateful for that photo. thank you. >> thank you. time for my take now. in the tv business you never know which stories will gain traction and which ones won't. sometime ones you think will generate the most interest won't and vice versa. especially in the fast paced lives we live with barely enough time to reflect, i was so heartened to see the reaction to one photo. one photo of a single beautiful bald eagle, our nation's symbol atop a military grave in st.
11:55 am
paul minnesota, ft. snelling. that one photo representing the thousands of lives sacrificed. not only the 130,000 veterans buried at ft. snelling but all across this great nation. one photo making people who see it pause and reflect and stop what they happen to be doing at that moment. it puts life in perspective, right? it did for me today. and i hope it did for you as well. you can always get my takes at fox and now you can get them delivered to you every day. go to fox real story. it is easy to sign up. an epic fail on final jeopardy. i've been there before. i can hardly wait to see this one. you don't want to see what happened to me. the answer you need to see to believe to somebody else. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of.
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golden state warriors star
11:59 am
stephen curry taking a nasty spill last night. he called at this time scariest fall of his career. wow! look at that. police in san francisco hoping to track down this piece of history. this giant mask valued at more than $100,000. and a high school football player making an incredible one handed catch while flipping over backward. the teen already has a scholarship. i know you're not surprised. lots of offers from several major universities. way to go. so there was this awkward moment in the final round of jeopardy. >> a christian hymn and a jewish holiday hymn are both titled this. also the name of a 2009 tony nominated musical. >> is there really a temple or church where they sing kinky boots? so he is no broadway expert but he still picked up $14,000.
12:00 pm
the correct answer? i know you know it out there. rock of ages. yep. thanks for being part of real story. i'm gretchen carlson. now back over, he's back from vacation. the fight to take back over ramadi. iraqi troops say they're on three sides of the city but can they force the terrorists out of there? is there anything the u.s. military could and should do to help? record breaking rain in the southwest. parts of houston getting almost a foot in a matter of hours. it has been said today, houston, america's fourth largest city is underwater. fox news can confirm that is not true. parts of houston seeing flooding like never before. certainly parts of it in big trouble. but america's fourth largest city under water? can you say irresponsible? floods have forced thousands from their homes and cut them


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