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tv   Hannitys Hottest Interviews of the Year  FOX News  May 22, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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who do you like in this race so far? tell me what you think at tha thanks for watching, i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." 296 of hillary clinton's e-mails at the state department have been released and there is troubling revelations. the e-mails contained classified information saying that clinton received now classified benghazi information on private e-mail servers. recall when hillary clinton denied any classified information came through that e-mail address? >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. so i certainly well aware of the
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classification requirements. and did not send classified material. >> and then consider this in another e-mail we uncovered a fully redacted e-mail. but take note of the e-mail address. hrod17. that is different from the hdrod22. here is ms. clinton trying to tell us she only used one. >> i thought it would be easier to carry one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better if i simply had used a second e-mail account. >> in two e-mails we uncovered two lies. these are two e-mails out of 55,000 and more importantly these are the twice scrubbed 55,000 e-mails. i can't imagine what we would find if we had access to the
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e-mails she didn't want us to see. let's check in with ed henry. bring us up to date. it seems like every couple of minutes we are finding another e-mail with another i don't know why or fabrication or misrepresentation what is the latest? >> eric, republicans are jumping on this today. rand paul saying what he thinks is the real story is not what the state department has started dribbling out but what hillary clinton doesn't want the public to see, the fact that she has deleted 30,000 e-mails of a personal nature. rand paul, other republicans saying they want to see her personal server. i think the other issue obviously is the security of that server. today, this revelation that the fbi after the fact is saying at least that we're being told that they want to classify at least
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one part of a 2012 e-mail about the arrest of suspects in the benghazi terror attacks, interesting because as you say she was so firm in march saying there was no classified information at all. her defense and i was at her press availability just a short time ago the second time she has spoken to reporters this week alone. she was staying away and not answering the questioning for nearly a month she said the fbi is saying after the fact that the information is sensitive because of events that have happened since 2012. but hillary clinton is insisting it was not deemed to be classified at the time she e-mailed it. there will be questions about this. we'll have to find out if that is the truth and more broadly we know that sensitive if not classified but sensitive information was on that personal server. let's not forget, former top cia official mike morel said last
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week that he thinks multiple foreign governments hacked into that server. >> and we have a couple of questions from the table. >> i'm not sure where to begin, ed. i'm flabbergasted. if i was the press office i couldn't possibly defend this. number one we now know -- to start at the beginning to use a private e-mail server as a member of the cabinet has anyone asked her if she would govern this way and would she hold government employees to the same standard they were supposed to burden before she broke the law? >> well, we have not asked that to her directly. we have had a limited number of opportunities to ask her questions. it has been rapid fire in the next few days. i think the ultimate question, we can look in the rear-view mirror and find out what went wrong but you are pointing to
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something that will be important. not just what went wrong in benghazi and with the e-mail but how she would govern because of the decisions she made. because you know, you always hear in elections and you've been there before, that it's about the future, not about the past. the past cell is relevant here. >> it seems like her husband, the news keeps dribbling out. these e-mails keep going back to one question in my mind it's a question we have been asking forever who pushed but doesn't it point to an error in the republicans in that they never really asked the questions. they had opportunities to ask that question in hearings and debates but they never asked the question. it's not just her fault it's also the fault of the republicans for not seeing the real, real crime here and not pursuing it. >> look, go back to that
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important debate. republican mitt romney had an opportunity. obviously he and others have blamed it on the moderator in the debate stepping in. but he had an opportunity to hit the issue harder and get to the facts and missed the opportunity. that's something that republicans have to deal with. in terms of hillary clinton, bottom line to me is that when you look at the e-mails between she and one of her outside advisers, one thing we have learned is that there was an e-mail the day after the benghazi terror attacks where he said it looks like it was insbierd this internet video. and another stay, september 13th and he says it looks like al qaeda was involved and planned for a month and the demonstrations were a cover for a terror attack. what does she do on september 14th? in fairness there were two far tifbs, she decided to go to the
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one politically advantageous that it was inspired by an internet video even though on september 13th, sydney blumenthal said it was a terror attack. >> julie? >> i want to clarify. there is inconsistencies in what we're hearing. she said there was no classified information she gave out. at the time she made that statement it was not collide, right? the classification came today or today. am i right in saying that? >> yes, what i would say and what i would qualify is that what we are being told by former secretary clinton and by josh earnest at the white house, it has only been classified now. i don't have evidence saying it's wrong. that's what they are representing now and it backs up hillary clinton's account. do we know for sure? no. this is something we have to do
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more digging on. this is just a small sliver of her official emals. this is nearly 300 e-mails. there are 55,000 pages of official e-mails from her time as secretary of state. we are seeing benghazi because of that house information. what did she say about russia and isis and assad in syria? was there other classified information we just don't know yet. >> does anybody seemed to be alarmed in the main stream media about the impropriety of this? why is sydney blumenthal seem to be running in some kind of secret operation the department of state? why is she taking direction about what narrative she should put forward and she is deciding which one to go with and she chooses the one that despite the information she has to the contrary she goes with the old story? >> so on that question, an
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important question, you're right. i have had extensive conversations and they say these were unsolicited e-mails from sydney blumenthal and it was not hillary clinton asking him to help. that is true, they were sent into her. it was not her soliciting it. but she forwarded some of the e-mails to top officials in the administration. was she demanding they follow up or just saying fyi take a look at this? it certainly raises questions about why an outside adviser was getting this information in libya that looks like intelligence information or something like that while he had business dealings we're told in libya. and what else did he send to her? did he have information from around the world? this is why trey gowdy has subpoenaed him. >> i want to make one point about that. in one of the e-mails she gets something from sydney blumenthal it says it is sensitive and it is redacted. that means that the state department guys went through and
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used a black sharpy and made sure none of us know what it says. she said interesting intel. if true we should pass on to the israelis. to me that is running an extra intelligence service through the state department through someone who does not have a clearance and who was banned from working with the administration by president obama himself. that is the question that the white house should be asking. >> an important question because at the beginning of the obama administration, the white house had hiring and firing, if you will, power over who the team hillary clinton was putting together. sydney blumenthal because of past sparring matches with obama folks they blocked him. was this an end run and what he doing with this information and what was hillary clinton doing with it. the bottom line, this is not about sydney blumenthal but about hillary clinton and her
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judgment as secretary of state. >> hang in there for one second, ed. remember the ad entitled 3 a.m. it was meant to ding senator obama for foreign policy experience. now years later, hillary clinton holds the same doubt about the future president's ability to handle a crisis. check out the subject of this e-mail. quote, benghazi was obama's 3:00 a.m. call and her instructions, please print. if there is any question about the animosity between hillary clinton and obama that clears that up, didn't it? >> well, no -- >> no i don't think so. >> i would caution she is saying print it out, let's read it. in that same column they were
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not attack president obama but raising questions about her stewardship as secretary of state. we are seeing a small slice of it. i'm saying we're seeing a slice and making judgments about it. but i think she may have been as we just don't know saying what else is in this column. the benghazi terror attacks were not just happening on president obama's watch they were happening on the secretary of state's watch and that's why -- >> but what am i missing here? she said benghazi -- >> she said -- >> she doesn't say that. >> the headline said that. >> the headline on the article. it's not necessarily her saying that. >> i think we read it the other way. i think we read it as her e-mail saying subject line. >> it's a fw: >> that was the headline of the column in the "wall street journal". >> that was the 3:00 a.m. call i
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made to her. >> is that what they call those? >> she was too busy with the self appointed czar of the department of state. >> want to jump in here, julie? >> amy chose the category in the "new york times" saying that hillary clinton and all these people are trying to get her answer questions and she doesn't need the press. she doesn't feel like she need the press. she might not need them now. but one day you will need the press. but what is the reaction from people who are following her around about that? is it a joke now that people are trying to get her to answer questions? is she opening up some more? >> she is starting to open up a little bit. and the other day in iowa when i started shouting at her and she said maybe i'll come back and today i shouted again and she said i'll be there in a minute and she came back. and we started firing questions.
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i think there are other reporters who are jumping in and saying there are important questions to raise just like in any presidential campaign and maybe she is realizing it. david axelrod said on "meet the press" she would should be answering these questions. >> i wish i could see the e-mails when you moved the their campaign. >> i would love to see it too. >> in the press business we try to bury bad news on a weekend. i could understand if this was the hillary campaign trying to bury it on memorial day weekend. although two navy seals died in benghazi. however can the american people trust the state department which is supposed to work for all of us as not just trying to help hillary clinton here by burying this on a weekend? i think that is an outrage from a professional standpoint. that is not acceptable. >> as a reporter it's hard to
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prove that's what they're doing but the timing is immistakable that it's happening right before a weekend. it's clearly -- news dumps happen as you know friday before a big holiday weekend. and what happened thursday night last night? the clinton foundation revealed by the way there is another $26 million in contributions to the foundation that came in the form of fees for 100 speeches that bill, hillary and chelsea clinton made. >> including from foreign governments? from foreign people -- maybe not government but state-sponsored companies. >> there was -- >> hillary is hoping for another big story to knock this right off the map which has happened of the last two or three months. there is always something. as this crests, another thing happens, like baltimore and the media just backs off.
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it's going to happen again. >> we have 55,000 -- or 54,000 emails to still -- >> they are cherry picked. >> all the blustering and all the digging we're doing, these are e-mails that have already been picked through massively already. >> the museum of communication. >> we're going to say good-bye to ed. coming up the man accused of killing a d.c. family and their housekeeper appeared in court a few hours ago. nabbed daron win who else they arrested along with him.tipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! coming up the man accused of mmm mmm live the regular life. gummy multivitaminrst ever from centrum.
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the murder suspect has been caught. quickly. but by whom? al sharpton? michael moore? bill de blasio? no. the cops. an innocent victim of an unjust society bagged by evil law enforcement. i'm helping craft the story for the left, the bbc and the ferguson protesters. we know he is as innocent as the driven snow. sorry, snow is white and that is a racist micro aggression. he is awesome. listen to his former lawyer. >> i know him to be a kind, gentle, nonaggressive person someone you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. >> until he orders the pizza. how did the cops find this creep? phone records. did we violate his rights there? and did we violate everyone's right by violating his? if we treated the thug like a
7:20 pm
terrorist he would still be out ordering dominos. this was a specific search but why shame a program that provides fruitful benefits. the phone records are the least of our worries. consider the ferguson protesters who were hired to protest. the group known as more forked out five grand a month to protest there. what does it tell you? while black lives matter so does cold hard cash. >> so kimberly, thank god this guy was caught. that was a horrible, horrible crime. it was won it have worst crimes. it is disgusting and ruthless but the capture of this guy is a testament to the intelligence and police work. >> absolutely. he was stopped and identified
7:21 pm
pursuant to a traffic stop. this highlights the importance of the work the police department does working together, policing communities that they were able to do this. traffic stops and stop and frisk are important for getting dangerous criminals and in this case what allegedly looks to be like someone who committed multiple heinous homicides. right now he is charged with one of the counts and it's likely that the rest will be added. he is being held. excellent police work. >> can we talk about this lawyer. this guy, it's hard not to laugh at him. it's a horrible situation and it's wrong to laugh at it. but it's someone your grandmother would have lunch with? >> i guess he is trying to try the case before the public. but it's -- everybody can peddle to defense and even though this
7:22 pm
guy -- allege dhi what he did is atrocious and the alawyer will defend his client. >> the evidence is prem damning. his dna, his fingerprints, it's probably the best, tightest homicide case i've seen in -- but then o.j. was pretty tight too. >> that is because he was innocent. >> he was. they are still look for the real killer. >> this might be the real killer. >> you know what the debate has been whether or not we should be taking dna swabs any time someone is arrested. we print them but we have a much better much bigger dragnet when you get the dna. >> maryland does it and they did it for violent crimes. so he has assault misconduct. >> why not the dna of anyone who
7:23 pm
is not convicted of a violent crime. you are arrested get a dna and you can put into the database. >> and let's list all the phone calls. you're a bad guy. i'm for both of them. i'm all for police having the tools to do what they need. >> for americans who haven't committed crimes. i'm for dna swabbing any criminal. >> you are arrested for drunk driving you get a dna? >> they can have mine. >> this lawyer got him off six times. i guess he is a good lawyer. >> he must be a good lawyer. i thought what a despicable human being. everybody has a right to have a lawyer but how is this guy, darren wint going to pay him. i don't understand how that works. y saying hee shame himself on wouldn't hurt a kitten but know he has been arrested six times and why not have a little bit of
7:24 pm
caution and talk to your client first. >> i don't know why he thinks he is so non-violent. he threatened to kill a girlfriend and an infant child. he is a real winner. >> and a restraining order from his father and stepmother because he threatened to kill them. >> i know we don't have much time. i heard stories that the protesters are being paid i had no idea they were paying thousands of dollars. it's through something call more. the sciu does is same thing. when there is a food protest, they do the same exact thing. right? >> i haven't been paid anything. >> but you know the people in d.c. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> the washington times, they hired black lives matter protesters and they started a
7:25 pm
hashtag cut the check. >> the protest that thousands of people are walking through cities, a good percentage of those people are paid. >> they are making more than minimum wage. that's awesome. >> this arrest, it's good to see, reminded what law enforcement can do. first g.o.p. debate of 2016 is set. but all the candidates won't make it on the stage. dana will tell you which ones, next. do you like to travel? i'm all about "free" travel, babe. that's what i do. [ female announcer ] fortunately, there's an easier way, with compare hundreds of cards from every major bank and find the one that's right for you. it's simple.
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constitutional requirements and pay filing fees. is going to be fox will look at their cry tear. if you looked at the real clear politics today this is the top ten. this is who would make that cut if that debate were happening tomorrow and going to use the polls. but that means there are at least six, maybe ten possible candidates that aren't going to make that list. some are probably a little bit concerned about the rules. but i like carly fiorina who is a possible candidate. if we can see her tweet. she declared. she said fox news released the metrics. i look forward to making the cut. not complaining about the criteria. she just wants to compete. >> she wants to make the list but according to some of these
7:29 pm
polls like the real clear politics one. there is always an opportunity to make up ground. this has it laid out here with jeb bush, walker, rubio, rand paul, mike huckabee and we can probably pop this up. tad cruz, carson, all these guys. chris christie. this looks like a great mix, some very good debaters in there. >> eric you said the economy is the most important thing. in the next 11 weeks if you were any of those candidates what would they say to set them apart? >> i think there is a debate going into that last round of polls, what do the people who maybe on the fringe of that, on the outskirts of being on stage do they pump up their profile by saying something interesting or outrageous or on policy right before or do they go on tv and radio and get their phone number into the top ten?
7:30 pm
it will be interesting when fox decides and the rnc decides what is cut off is. >> and you have been making the case that when the candidates get up there they have to make their case and be persuasively right. if you were to give them coaching what should they do? >> go on a low carb diet because the stage is going to collapse with all those people on it. they have to thin this herd. the big voices and the big visions will be lost when you have so many people if you are not serious about running for president, don't run. if you are angling for the 8:00 p.m. slot, don't run. because we're not going to hire you. there are so many candidates. just have a royal rumble. everybody get into a cage and -- >> like mma. >> by the way, facebook is hosting the debate. the candidates can update their status and flirt with their
7:31 pm
exes. i don't have any advice for them. >> that has been helpful. >> thin the herd. >> that is the purpose of the debate. >> they blew an opportunity. >> but that graph does not necessarily mean who will be there. >> will there be robots? >> julie, you an expert. so forget the democrats for a second. if you were one of -- working for one of the candidates in the second ten what would you tell them to do in the next 11 weeks? >> here's the problem they have to compete now in iowa and new hampshire they have to spend resources which are precious. they have to spend money. i would go on -- whatever you need to do to bring up the poll numbers. if you don't get in the first debate it's that much harder to make up ground. you have the debate primaries. it's the fox news facebook
7:32 pm
primary. i think it's great that fox did what they did. but, yeah -- go ahead. >> i was looking at the list. carly is not in there. >> but there are -- polls can move in 11 weeks. >> where is donald trump? >> he is not polled enough yet -- he is look for the 8:00 p.m. plug. >> we have been giving tips to this year's college grads and we finish it off with more when "the five" returns. as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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to discover the true you, thousand mile hike to discover your inner instead learn something, do, something, create something outside of your self. when you are old and gray you can contemplate the self that emerged from the you that did something. >> that was our friend with advice for the class of 2015.
7:38 pm
leaving college can be stressful. we would like to share some tips on how to make things easier for them as they enter into the real world. what is the real world? i hope it's not somewhere in your apartment or now house with outdoor space? >> assimilate. can't spell it without i'm late. being late will kill you're career. pretend you're a space alien and your goal is to infiltrate, make friends, observe and climb. and like the terminator you is that area you can see things. you have things to avoid, time wasters, heavy drug use, casual and stressful flings and then you need a device. remember that pen from men in black that erases everything that your professors taught you in school. >> you know what i love, heavy
7:39 pm
drug use. minimum drug use that's okay, right? >> so? >> so casual but stressful. i don't know. that was interesting. >> stressful flings are not good. why worry about stuff? >> okay. perfect thanks for that advice. moving on to something more wholesome. dana? >> i wrote a book about advice. i liked one of the things in the research today. the financial security you need to start creating for yourself. a lot of people starting out don't make a lot of money initially and you think i can't put anything into savings. but it's important to get into the habit just to put some money away. you are going to need it not only for the long term in your retirement but because you want to walk away from a job you hate some day or if you have an ethical problem with it, being able to walk away there is power and freedom in that.
7:40 pm
and don't watch that much reality tv. one hour a day, otherwise, read. >> a loud pen. >> it is leaking all over my hands. i think dana hits on something important. one of the things, people go out into the real world and they can't figure out how to handle money. they can't save a dime. their checkbooks are a disaster. it's really important. it sounds trivial but you need to do that. and the other thing that bubbles up is sell, sell yourself, sell something, sell a product. just learn how to influence people by selling. talk them into things. try it. try it on the streets. >> not just in bars. >> you can try that. >> try to expand it into other things. >> i think that's good advice. >> prices on people in bars after they have had one or two drinks they might be more receptive.
7:41 pm
is that what you're saying? >> sure. just sell. >> so i would say i know that mom and dad told you you were special growing up. but you are not super special. you have to show up and work. i don't care if it's the grungiest job ever, nothing is below you. that is how you climb the ladder eventually you will do a better job. do what it takes and show up. >> get a job. any job. you as well. >> also create a billion-dollar app. >> that is what everybody things. it used to be a reality show. now it's a billion-dollar app. >> people think they are going to be the next bill gates. >> or steve jobs. >> maybe you are. >> they might be. >> but in the meantime do whatever it takes to climb the ladder.
7:42 pm
>> there you go. it's all very good advice and you can less than a billion dollars and be happy too. >> that's what you should do, and the good news is, the company and one next to it on amazon. >> a package deal. >> grab your popcorn and stay tuned. your memorial day movie review is next. : when pharmacists are in pain the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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every second that ticks by the future is running out they followed you here. >> who? >> get in. >> how is this a good idea? >> that was all about. tomorrowland opened today and there are plenty of other options this weekend. there is pitch perfect 2 or if you prefer horror movies, there is the remake of poltergeist. are you going to the movies this weekend? >> no. >> me neither. >> are you sure because the weather on the east coast is iffy on sunday afternoon and monday. that always helps the box office. >> you like to go to movies.
7:48 pm
>> i love to be -- >> and you love zombies. >> can i tell you a story when jurassic park came out i waited for four hours. because i wanted to see the dinosaurs in the front row. >> this explains so much. >> it does? >> did you make it? >> i made it front row. >> front row. >> opening night. front row. >> he wanted to be like -- >> interesting you say this. i'm of the opposite extreme. 82% of people would pay 10 to $20 more to watch a first-run movie at home. i'm one of those people because i would sit in bed and watch a movie than hang out with people. >> i -- because of the decline in modern manners i cannot go to films because i get so angry when there is something going on that i cannot concentrate up there is "f" there is something going on up here and i have to
7:49 pm
fight the urge to say something or do something. if i do i will either get beaten up or be in the newspaper the next day for doing something. there are these concierge theaters where you can eat and have reserved seating. but you know what, i've had it. i'm done. this is what happens in declining culture. we can't deserve movies and they are overpriced. >> that's why i can't go to broadway. >> you can rent pay for view. >> what is the street? >> 84th? >> oh. >> where the movie theater is. not where we live. where the movie theater is. it's not where we live. it's the movie theater and it basically -- i'm not giving out anyone's address. >> 67309. and now people can now all but
7:50 pm
having sexy time in there. have you not been to theater since they have redone it? it is making-people. very not been there no. >> yes. >> whatever happens? oh, my lord. >> intermission. >> remember when "earthquake" happened? that would bring people back to the movie theater. . >> i got out of it. i go i don't like these. i felt roller coaster. do you remember "rollercoaster"? >> dana, do you have anything to add? >> i don't know. i think that it's where the market is headed so it will be interesting. that will happen in the next five years. >> jay-z said he tried it and it didn't work out that good.
7:51 pm
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. all right. time for "one more >> time for one more thing check out what goodyear is going to do, i believe in all of the nascar races, we know it's going to be there. they're replacing the normal eagle design on the side of the tire with the support our troops on the side do you have a picture of the tire by chance? you guys? take a look. there you go. >> that is cool. >> there you go. >> all weekend long. >> neat. >> greg, you're up. >> really wonderful. okay, i think i speak for everyone. when everybody says i think i speak for everyone, whatever follows is usually the opposite,
7:57 pm
perverted or evil. i think i speak for everyone that kittens are delicious >> i said that yesterday. >> that is where i got it. >> yes. >> that is a great banned phrase i speak for everyone here at the table that, uh -- >> you did that. >> oh, my gosh. lean in, huh? okay. so, there is excerpts from my book about a wounded warrior, president bush went to visit a wounded warrior at walter reid. and i witnessed a miracle and witnessed that. it's a really good read, i think for memorial day and help us remember wounded warriors. there are new tour dates added for the book tour. i'm going back to florida, new jersey and california. ronald reagan library. it's going to be good, right? right. >> that is a very nice story on
7:58 pm
this weekend going into memorial day. world war ii veteran getting his high school diploma 70 years later. he was drafted in high school in the navy in 1945. and while the rest of his peers were graduating he was fighting in the battle of okinawa. his son arranged this for him. rolled on to stage at his old high school, able to receive his diploma with his name in gold. take a look. >> enjoy what you've done for me and others that served. i'm going to keep it in my room as long as i live. >> he said he's going to keep it in my room as long as he lives how sweet and charming. it's very nice. central high school in alabama, way to go. >> jules?
7:59 pm
>> one thing, giving greg's home address and it's fleet week, navy and coast guardsman and women walking around the city. thank you for your service. i'm going to lean forward and thank you for everything you do. it's wonderful to see new new york. we hope you enjoy the city as much as we do. >> the only time is the weekend where i don't dress up like a sailor? >> why? >> because i think it's disrespectful because i'm not in the military. >> if you do see greg -- >> in short shorts. >> i'll be dancing downtown. >> buy him a drink. >> he just dissed you. >> short shorts? >> really good. >> all right. >> yes. >> friendly, friendly.
8:00 pm
>> friends. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five". that is it for us have a great memorial day weekend, special report coming up. weekend. "special report" is o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> did the d stand for, do you remember? >> delaware. >> watters world, the presidents' day edition. oh boy. >> who won the civil war? >> i don't know. >> take a guess. >> america? >> jesse hits the streets to find out just how much every day people know about jfk. >> republican or democrat? >> republican, wasn't he? >> he was a democrat. >> oh, i thought you were asking me personally. i thought we were getting like a little sentimental here. you were wanting to know about me. >> we just met each other and you haven't even bottom me continuer. >> who was the first president of the united states? >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> also


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