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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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listen. they will jump in because they are looking for a solution. >> we'll continue this conversation and we will be back on tv at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the look at the most wanted terrorist. >> what osama bin laden was doing in the final days. >> new information on what motivated the most feared terrorist as more documents are released in the siege on osama bin laden. >> terrifying moments as a motor attacks a family in the suv. >> and now some of the suspects are in court and the family is reliving a nightmare. >> and a massive clean up on
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a beautiful california beach. what caused an oil spill and how bad is it? it is all "happening now". >> we begin with a fox news alert. a shocking new look at the man behind the attack. documents from the raid on osama bin laden revealed how well al-qaeda worked. i am jon scott. >> and i jenna lee. the u.s. declassifying the documents taken from the compound of osama bin laden in the raid that killed osama bin laden in 2011. he pushed to attack the u.s. again and fear of western intelligence agencies that were hot on his trail. he reported on the information we have thus far and said more should be released. john joins us. he is the edutter of the website that everybody should check out.
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what a day. you have called this for years. what is your reaction on the documents? >> this is nothing compared to what is in the overall files. i read the media accounts about the release of the documents. but this is just a tiny fractions of overall documents. 1 million files were captured that night. and this is over a hundred documents. it is insignificant to the over all story. >> from what you see, is there anything new in the documents that tell us different things about bin laden or the al-qaeda. >> we are processing the files. it is a lot to read through in a couple of hours and we are looking for nuggets. my first impression they are basically noise and not the co operational documents and what we look for with the most
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interesting things. back in february a number of those files were released in the brooklyn terts terrorist trial. they provide details of how al-qaeda is embedding itself in the world and structured. those documents on "happening now" talk about al-qaeda's next plot for the united states and the watchful eye on what we are doing to find them. why do you think that the administration decided now is the time to released hundred documents. >> i don't think it was out of the goodness of their hearts there is pressure from the hill in particular the house inteleigence. and there was language that called for more files to be released and we have built public pressure to get more files released. this is informing the enemy we
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are finding. the 9/11 war are complicated and controverse yell. and the picture tells a different story. the cia prior to the bin laden laid. they learned they were mistaken and he was leading the show around the globe. that is a key basic point learned from the files. and there are thousands of similar points to be learned. >> not only what we ooh soumed but what we were told about al-qaeda and by the senior leadership and our president. and talking about al-qaeda being decimated and seeing a different picture. some people say it is back wards looking. and al-qaeda is on the back burner and isis is the main treat. it is old news and to that you say what? >> isis is a regional branch.
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we learned how it is structured. and it is clear that isis was loyal to al-qaeda senior leadership and broke their loyalty oath to al-qaeda leadership. you can under mine leadership credentials. there are numerous drone strikes on the al-qaeda. and several of them are guys groomed for those position. you can so they are grooming the next generation of leaders in the files and that's how they intend to outlast the drone strikes. >> people we are targeting are the ones that are names. and you can so the plans coming to fruition. and what about they are classified and many of them are put in operation. and bee were told they were operational and some of our
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agencies are acting on them through drone strikes or otherwise. why should the public need to it see these documents. fif they are tied to ongoing operation they should not have them. >> there are no sources of methods and al-qaeda knows what we got in their possession. and they have tried to mitigate security based on the documents in the first place. the value to the documents and the public's understanding and weigh and judge the measures that the government outweigh security concerns. >> getting become to the thinking and understand your enemy in order to defeat them. we'll have another 24 hours to look through the documents and so if there is major headlines and highlight those to our viewers and great to have you here. and we'll see you tomorrow tom. >> thank you, jenna.
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>> another round of severe weather on the horr united stateson. people in north texas are cleaning up widespread damage caused by two tornados. this one in giddings texas. they saw the funnel cloud on top of them. >> it was peel off the roof and boards are flying through the air. >> i thought it was hail and went to the door and i heard tornado and piece of tinfoil. and it was scary. >> thankful it did not occur earlier in the evening. there could be 4 or 500 cars. >> another tornado ripping it off roofs in mineral wells. chief meteorologist rick has the latest. >> it is the last two weeks things are active.
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and kansas down through oklahoma and texas and overnight incredibly heavy rain. tornados and heavy rain and that brought more flooding. we had incredible drought in the area and now some areas have seen two feet of snow excuse me of rain. this is the last 48 hours and look at all of the areas in the red. four plus inches of rain and red river valley that's why the worst has been. we have flooding concerns but waning a bit. but more severe weather for the day today and again tomorrow and that is because of the cold front. 45 degrees right now in amarillo and 78 degrees in dallas. you have a big temperature contrast and we'll have severe weather primarily in del rio and this is our target area today
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and tomorrow. and closer to possible. >> and because of the severe weather rain again. and look at this. we'll have another 4 or 5 inches of rain and flooding threat will continue. >> keep those radios handy. without a doubt. >> and cancer patients. scamming 200 million from donors. the tennessee family that runs cancer fund for america and three of its affiliates spent almost all of the money raised for charity on themselves. this is an unbelievable story, john. >> it leaves you scratching your head. this counts as one of the biggest cases of charity fraud in the history of the united states. four related charity. cancer fund of america.
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and breast cancer society. and children's cancer and cancer support scammed money from good hearted folks. the charity run by james reynolds and his son solicited donations that they would be used to transport cancer patients and pain medication and pay for hospice care. that was a loy. they were paying for hooters and victoria secret and cars and luxury cruises. the scam was as bad as it gets. >> less than three percent of the money going for the intended use. this is outright fraud. >> as a result the ftc shut down
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two of those charities and three of the four principles have been banned from operating a charity again. most of the money was spent. james reynolds the second said the organization and the officers and directors have not been found guilty of allegations of wrongdoing. and the government has not proven otherwise. giving back to the community is a mission that drives me. >> the fcc and others say it is a crock and that the principles were trying to enrich themselves. criminal charges have been filed and this is far from over. wow. john thank you. >> behind closed doors at the state department. a new report about hillary clinton and efforts by the staff
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to shield damaging documents from public view. >> and the nation's second largest city moves closer to passing a $15 an hour minimum wage. as protestors rally outside of a fast-food chain. and the shaping up the 2016 presidential.
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>> hillary clinton faces new allegations of secrecy. the wall street journal reports that when hillary clinton was secretary of state a top aide scrutinized the documents and effectively blocked their release. kevin is a reporter from the hill and elian johnson is washington editor of the national review. and elian should we are surprised that cheryl mills and other people were denying and
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with holding freedom of request documents? >> you know each one of the refalations is treated as new and explosives. this is the same web of secrecy and dishonestly that surrounded the clintons and the same cast of characters that surrounded them and come and cover it all up. and the question that american people are starting to ask, is this leadership? >> the suggestion kevin, there were documents related to the keystone pipeline that was going to be approved by the state department and she was secretary of state and her aide cheryl mills demanded that those documents not be released and how can she get away with that when it comes with a freedom of information request document? >> it speaks of the issue of former secretary of state hillary clinton deciding what is
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in the public domain and what is not. you hit the nail on the head. the issue of the co stone pipeline, it is a policy discussion at a time when a lot of reporters and americans are trying to figure out where exactly the former secretary of state stands on policy issues whether it is keystone or trade and trying to get a sense of what type of president she would be. and she has not taken question. yesterday she did a little bit but no substantial policy questions or conversations coming from this and it is frustrating the reporters and americans. >> there are three areas that the wall street journal said are grounds for with holding documentation requested under the freedom of information act. harm to national security, trade secret exposure and promise violation. how would they come in to play with the keystone pipeline? >> that the point, jon.
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it is ironic we had hillary clinton come out yesterday and say how much she wants the public to have access to the e-mail. it strains the credibility for her to say that. and we learned today that state department invited lawyers in with the freedom of information act to tell them key words to put in the documents to keep them from being released and they were learning how to put them in the three categories so they will not be released to the public. no one is taking hillary clinton when she said she wants the public to see private e-mail or documents that belong to the public that are both her e-mails and documents that are crucial to matters of public debate. >> she did answer reporter's questions for the first time in a month and so maybe we are getting somewhere. >> and coming up the los
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angeles city council votes to increase the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour as protestors rally outside of mcdonald's head quater ares. what impact on the 2016 race? >> a lot of democrats are reviewing an issue of minimum wage as an opportunity to get support among the voters. the merits of the minimum wage debate that is a debate worth having. republicans and conservatives said it could hurt long- term economic growth. i talked to folks who say it is a band-aid as part of a larger problem goes. and republicans have an opportunity as we enter into the new cycle. what is it about regulatory relief from dodd frank. and what about the issue of
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small mom and pop businesses that are having to get the same regulations as dodd- frank. and republicans have an opportunity to deliver that message. hillary clinton said yesterday she wants to be a small business president. and then a i am not sure minimum wage is something that the american people are expecting just by itself. >> elian, there is a interesting paradox in the fox news polls on the minimum wage. over half of the voters want to raise minimum wage even though if you do so you eliminate jobs. i suppose it is no wonder that the politicians say raise the minimum wage. we need to lift up everybody. >> it is a tricky issue. a lot of the protest are led by
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college professors. but the poll is important. but the public by and large does support a minimum wage increase. and with with regard to 2016 that's why the republicans will have to be careful with how they talk about this. and you saw scott walker talk about i want to talk about lifting the tide for all people. and not just a specific group of people. they will have to trod carefully. results might be bad and businesses shut down and public by and large supports it. and the republicans will have to tread be carefully in particular. >> thank you. >> thank you, have a good one. >> new details about the death of a bass jumper and a deadly stunt that had onlookers horrified. this is raising questions about the extreme sport. and a pipe line burst open and
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>> there is new information about dean potter. he had a grow pro in the stunt in yosemite national park. he may have tried to avoid his ridge. potter hit the rocks. he and grant hunt died on sunday. base jumping has come under increased scrutiny. and five people have died in the u.s. national parks since
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january of 14ment and another was killed earlier this month. the 73-year-old set his parachute on fire and part of a stunt and it deployed too late. >> a bench is covered with crowd oil. they are working to clean up the mess on santa barbara. and now a popular beach closed just ahead. and a lot of comments about the smell of it all. and they are live in california with more adam. >> yeah 24 hours ago, the spill happen. it is four miles of beach is covered. it is down to little rocks (inaudible) right now, the ongoing beach
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clean up. they were out here and they can have it cleaned up in throw days. the good news about a spill. no life was affected. and there will be a press conference. and the way the beach is covered. it is not a blanket. it is like a plattering. and took it and plattered up against the wall. all of those have to be wiped off and the entire beach has to be raked. one boat is doing skimming. but out of the reach of our camera. and it is a angle to show you. and we do expect an update. you can see it is going to be closed through memorial day and
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potentially longer. they say three days and right now it is a lot of work to get done. it is thick and gooey. and this camp ground 15 miles or so. pch from santa barbara this area it entirely shut down until further notice. >> bad timing and certainly something you don't want to see in such a beautiful area. >> new information on the deadly motorcycle gang battle in texas. what the autopsy report say about those who died and how gang logos may have played a role in inciting the sprls. >> and a key iraqi city falls to the terrorist. our next guest on how we can defeat them. and new reaction to the breaking story. officials release documents on
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the raid that killed osama bin laden.
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>> critics say the fall of ramadi that the program is failing. but the pentagon is not conducting a review with the strategy. >> and he said the pentagon should deploy apache.
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and writes that moreover they need to end the deployments to work around the 3000 personnel cap that is proving dysfunctional. most of the u.s. troops currently in iraq are training and advising iraqi forces but more need to be embedded to improvement accuracy. joining me now retired u.s. cornell. and now the director of the global initiative in the university of south florida. nice to have you back on the program. people get nervous when we talk about more boots on the ground in iraq. be specific. what do we really need in iraq right now? >> first of all, we need to increase our presence on the ground and provide enablers that will bolster the iraqi security forces and better resource and
10:34 am
the lines of operation that we have there and in the president's over all campaign and execute more effectively. it is hard to get where we need to go if we are underresourced. >> and for those who are on the ground right now. how vulnerable are they? >> we need a brigade headquarters and plus. and additional territory thises and go after the islamic state forces. and we need more air power and specifically attack aviation and the ability to command and control better in coordination with the iraqis. we can't get where we need to go unless we address the concerns and we don't have the right approach unless we bring it on sight in the fight with the islamic state. >> we have pictures and families
10:35 am
fleeing ram adi. it is an understatement colonel harvey and in order to do what you say we need to do. we need to be on the side of the iraqi government which you know is supported by iowa ran as well. and a lot of the people fleeing are skeptical of the central iraqi government for the reason. many of them are sunni. and the iraqi government is aligned with the shyite forces. what do we do about that? >> we need to have more presence on the ground and have more influence in the political arena and seriously engaged in shaping and supports the prime minister's efforts to reform his government. and the shiite militias and the institutions in the iraqi government particularly the ministry of interior are deeply involved in sectarian clepzing and atrocities directed in the
10:36 am
sunni- arab communities not only recently but going back six or sen years. andet effort by the islamic polarizing two communities. and the iranian profile and the shiite militias in the fight inn bar could really back four. >> it is a complicated operation. and you spent many years on the ground in iraq and working in the intelligence community. and i would like to get your thoughts on the big news today. hundred plus documents from the bin laden raid released to the public. as someone who worked so closely in the intelligence field and leading the intelligence agency team that analyzed the documents, what is your are action to the news? >> i am glad to so some of the
10:37 am
documents released. they are clearly not newsworthy documents and reveal the english reading material of begin bin. but what is interesting is what will come down the road. i hope there will be transparency and insight in the communications and planning in relationship not only to his network but in regard to iowa ran most importantly and pakistan and saudi arabia and other countries in the region. most of it will be disturbing to the american people? >> like what? >> that will be seen if those documents are released. my concern is that the white house has oversight of this and the dni will manage the release and make sure that nothing is hurtful to u.s. operations. i think they will be restrictive and protective of people who are in places of power and in influence and in saudi arabia and iran and pakistan.
10:38 am
>> a weekly standard article back in september. steve hayes wrote a piece about the bin laden documents and he quited you because you have been critical about the lack of transparency. but you said we haven't done enough from them. you say, they meaning the administration haven't done anything close to a full exploitation. not even close. but only ten percent. and that raises questions of whether or not we know the truth cornell, harvey about al-qaeda and bin laden and our national safety. what is the truth about the documents and other points? >> i think there is a long story yet to be told. we hope that the administration will release the documents. and less to do with security or operational concerns. i would like to see those released so the american public
10:39 am
and historians following the al-qaeda network have a deeper understanding of what we confronted in the past and what it means in the future. >> great to have you in the program. >> take care. bye-bye. >> and nine motorcycle gang members killed in waco texas were all shot to death. that's the word from the autopsy reports. the victims belonged to two of the five gangs gathered in the restaurant that day. 200 bikers were arrested. we are learning that friction revolves in the logo and biker patches. and here's more on the west coast newsroom. >> what better way to get rid of the games take away from the name and identity. and u.s. prosecutors are doing it in california but doing it again and strip them of the colors.
10:40 am
the justice document call the group a ongoing criminal. and uses the same state outs and they had to forfet their trademark and making it illegal for the members to desplay the name and allows cops for a time to take the biker jacket right off of the back. >> all other clubs agree what is happening to the mongols is what the government will do to the motorcycle clubs. they will take the insignia away. the mongols gave up the logo. and the federal judge enforced that and making uncle sam the sole owner of the trademark until it was over turned. >> it takes years for a member to have the right to wear the logo and lower rocker and that
10:41 am
is the state or name or city. the fight in waco was all about the right to wear the word texas. and band idos say no. and clubs argues that the colors are protected speech in the first amendment and the new trial begins on january 2nd pd. >> and william, thank you. >> just recently another motorcycle brawl of a different kind. a brutal beating on a new york city street and more shocking that bon of the bicycler ares was an undercover cop. and he will have a terrifying 911 calls made in the attack. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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real cheese people know good things come in threes. new sargento balanced breaks are a trio, a triad, a trilogy of goodness. natural cheese, dried fruit, and nuts. three wholesome ingredients that live as one. savory, salty, sweet a triangle, perfectly balanced. three is company the musketeers. and in the eyes of real cheese people never, ever a crowd. new sargento balanced breaks. we're real cheese people. >> i am gretchen carlsson.
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and documents and including what was on the both shelf. and they will analyze. and plus edhenry and back from the trip to iowa and a bit of a rubbingus by asking the candidate if she would take questions. and did he get more answers. and how do you swap out the air bag. we are live in an autoshop and we'll show you all on the real story. >> an emotional day in court. and a brutal biker attack. a biker is beating a man back in new york city back in 2013. and prosecutors say he failed to intervene as the violence erupted and the victim's wife described the terror while her
10:46 am
husband was beaten while she and her infant daughter was in the car. >> (inaudible) and alexander and his wife say it started as a case of road rage and escalated and they were surrounded and hit a motorcyclist accidentally while trying to get away from them. the video time and time again and what does it say about the responsibility and cuppability of the undercover cop in this case? >> yes this video is bone chilling and in the end, it is an uncover officer that went so rogue he couldn't differentiate. he could have defused the situation without blowing his cover. i worked with a ton of officers
10:47 am
and i understand there is a fine balance between gathering intelligence and not blowing your recover. the officer did not admit he was at the scene until three days and only did that after he was identified on video. he did not call the handler or call 911 and he struck the back society of the car while the infant daughter was in the back seat. this will not fair well. >> this is him wearing the mask over his head and doesn't want to be seen publicly. and brian. he is facing a trial in front of a judge. is that likely to get him better treatment than a jury trial would. >> if i can respond quickly. this is a bone chilling videotape and when i first saw it. this undercover detective will go down x. once you put away the
10:48 am
emotion. generally unless a special relationship exist between the detective or victim the undercover police officer does not have a duty to deescalate the situation or render first aid and unless there is evident in this case that the undercover detective that smashed in a window and physically accosted mr. lem and put him in parrel. they are not under the doubt to render aid. remember the case where freddie was in custody and then they have to take care of mr. gray. this is not a slam dunk case. >> he has a duty to protect and serve. and he has a doubt to protect himself. and allegation that he allegedly
10:49 am
hit the back seat of the actual vehicle and window and that is participating in the actual assault and that is participating and not just a bystander. and that is the biggest argument that the prosecutions would make. he participated in the act. >> but here is the counter to that anna the detective can make an argument that he thought that mr. len, ran over an innocent person in the middle of the street and he believed that a crime was committed and he was actually apprehending a suspect and that would be his defense to that. >> and i agree to that to a certain extent. and he didn't report that to 911. >> if he thought he had committed a crime he didn't report that oirth. why didn't he call and debrief
10:50 am
them of the situation. there is a lot of things he didn't do that the prosecution. >> the they were driving in the range rover in the streets of new york and passed the biker groups bikers offended them. the bikers swarm around their vehicle. one guy gets in front, tries to slow down the car. they bump him, knock him off his bike. he later gets run over by the car. that doesn't exactly sound like that's an innocent victim brian. >> yeah. here's the problem with this case against this detective undercover offduty detective. he can't control all the other hooligans that are involved in this attack. he can't wave his hand and say, okay, everybody stop don't hurt this man. >> all right. >> he himself, didn't create this situation. >> we have to leave it there we'll keep an eye on this case. thank you both. >> thank you.
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construction is under way in a new kind of apartment building. how tiny stackable apartments could soon make rents a little more affordable in new york city.
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a new kind of apartment building in new york city could come to a city near you. this involves cranes stacking tiny prefab apartments on top of each other like a giant puzzle. developers say the project will give single people a more affordable option as rents skyrocket in manhattan. underline more, question affordable. laura laura engels live with more.
10:55 am
>> reporter: developers say there is plenty of room for people to lounge sleep, bathe and even enjoy a view off a small balcony. these modular units are put together offsite. then trucked to manhattan. once here they are lifted up by a crane and stacked up like giant legos. arc architects say the first apartment complex will make affordable housing a reality for those struggling to find a space of their own to rent in the city. >> 250 square feet 350 square feet on paper sounds very small. when you are in a unit like this with very tall ceilings big windows, an efficiently-designed space and the idea of modern finishing in mind it's a very spacious apartment. >> reporter: rents are expected to go for about $2,000 to $3,000 a month. studio apartments around here are about $2,500.
10:56 am
making a home in the space the size of a subway car worked out for other city dwellers. getting the idea off the ground in the big apple was a tall order that prohibited apartments to be under 400 square feet. developers hope this will help change those laws. right now, it city reports there are about 1.8 million one to two person households in new york but only 1 million sued goes with one bedroom apartments making the supply and demand problem a big one. opponents say these should come with a micro size rent. >> if you are going to have an apartment that is half the size of another studio apartment, logic dictates it should cost half as much. >> reporter: a number of these units will be put aside for formerly homeless vets at a reduced rate. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha
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loyal viewers were wondering where you were the first hour? >> i have a project i am working on that required an early morning walk. we'll reveal exactly what this story is about in a few weeks. there is the view. more on that later. thank you very much for joining us. >> you spent your morning getting high in a good way. >> john. i guess that's true. >> "the real story" starts now. osama bin laden obsessed with killing americans right to the end. that's the theme in the more than 100 now declassified documents released earlier today. found during the bin laden raid. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you the real story on this and much more. an inside look at the mind of the man behind the 9/11 attacks. how osama bin laden looked to spread his influence and continue running his organization around the world, includ


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