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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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camilla look-alike joining the baby watch. i'm betting on friday. >> you think? >> yeah i kind of think friday might be the day. >> we know something about these things. thank you for joining us. real story starts right now. police prepare for a news conference at baltimore right now. the news conference from the police department set to start about ten minutes there right now. 2:10 p.m. eastern. we'll bring that to you live. 92in the meantime that update is coming for the historic first for the mlb. this afternoon's game between the baltimore orioles and chicago white sox being played in a stadium without fans. officials banning the general public after violence across that city. the first pitch at camden yards a few minutes from now. take a look at the fans only staff and security invited
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inside. our own rick reddenthaw is live there. what's happening? >> reporter: we're just outside the fence, gretchen. there will probably be 20,000 30,000 fans inside the stadium. excuse us guys. we want to give you a live look at camden yards. you will see there's absolutely no one inside the stadium. just the players and security and some press. absolutely no fans. major league baseball made the decision yesterday afternoon after talking to the authorities and local officials tos to play the game in the empty stadium and move the weekend game down to tampa bay because of security concerns. they were worried because of incidents saturday. they didn't want a repeat of that. listen baltimore was pretty calm today. and there's question as to
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whether or not they should have moved the game. they're going to play the player announcement. they're going to the national anthem. and plays music as the players approach the gate. and the message to the youth of baltimore. >> message to the youth, your frustration is understandable understood. and the actions, i don't think, are acceptable. but if you come from where they had come from, you understand. >> if adam jones were the commissioner he said he probably would have played the game with the fans today but he's not going to second-guess as commissioner. >> i can hear them chanting "let's go os." let's move to politics now, hillary clinton is pointing to the baltimore rioting in the first speech in the 2016 presidential race.
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describing the criminal justice system as quote, out of balance. and saying now it's time for reform. my guest in the studio. i think this is the first time on "real story." i've interviewed plenty on "fox and present and friends." >> what do you make of hillary clinton saying that we need to rebalance our criminal justice system? >> those are beautiful platitudes but i want to know if she really has a plan does she have solutions? and that's what i'm concerned about. it's very easy to say the right things but it's going to take quite a bit to repair all of the things that have happened across the nation and certainly in baltimore. i just want to know if she's just sighing something or that's sincere. >> you know some people who don't necessarily agree with her saying she's coming after the african-american vote.
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>> that's trite. she's play to get heartstrings and the emotions. it will take a more than a few words, blowing a few kisses and saying i love you. because the economy is bad. and because the justice system needs balancing, of course the job market opportunity access all of that needs to happen. >> yesterday, alveda i don't know if you know what i talked about on the show but i talked about your uncle, martin luther king jr. and a speech that he gave back in 1964 during the nobel peace prize. i guess that was the name of the speech. the nobel speech. i want you to list ton a snippet -- we're going to read it. violence never brings permanent peace. it solves no social problem. it merely creates new and more complicated ones. violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. it is immoral because it seeks
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to humiliate the opponent rather than that winning his understanding. what would your uncle say? >> i'm glad you used that particular quote. when he said violence to oppose it doesn't mean to condone violence listen to the voice of the people who need you most. he was a man of peace. and that we really worked for, and what we worked for in the 1960 peace. so we can't say no justice, no peace. we must have peace. we must have conversations. we just have solutions. and once those solutions are in action then society can improve. people can work have a safe place to sleep. enough to eat. then they're not likely to become violent. and also the parents must be engaged. the fathers and mothers. if your young people are out in the streets rioting, go and get them. >> i don't know if you happened
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to see that clip of the mom -- >> oh i saw that. >> she's become emblematic of what other parents think. what needs to be done to improve the relationship between the police and people in the community? most of these violent protests have been sparked by actions right or wrong, of the police. >> right here in new york talking about relations between police and the citizens in the communities. both sides need to be educate what does it mean if the police department is going to protect and keep the community safe and enforce the law. we need to redefine that and to seek. people are terrified of the police officer which makes no sense. you see what happened in baltimore. if the police are told well it's okay we're going to give them space to destroy, and the police steps back we'll see what happens. when you're the police officer. but they do need integrity, and i think that can be done.
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>> dr. and reverend alveda cane thank you so much. and the governor set for a news conference. and the irs scandal. a watchdog group recovering thousands of missing e-mails from none other than lois lerner. he was at the center of the scandal accusing tea party and other conservative groups. doug how many e-mails are we talking about? >> we're talking about 6,400 e-mails that stretch from a time period of 2004 to 2013. a long long time. nine years. but most of them come from the year 2012. that's roughly a year after lois lerner's hard drive crashed. these new learner e-mails were
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discovered with the treasury inspector general's office and handed over to the finance committee just last night. the discovery coming just a little after a month after the i.g.'s office turned over some 3200 e-mails that were thought to be gone in that hard drive crash. and costaman testified. here's what he said. >> the actual hard drive after it was determined dysfunctional no e-mails could be re-created in the normal process. >> the house ways and means committee will review the e-mails and quote, and discover this underscores that the far from investigation into irs abuse is far from over. and will help resolve remaining
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questions and dispel you certainty around the e-mails. of the state department is expected to release a report on the missing e-mails. the i.g. said back in february it was also investigating, quote, potential criminal activity. >> wow, 6,400 e-mails. doug thanks. moments from now, baltimore police getting set to hold that police conference. we'll bring that to you life. >> meantime hillary clinton weighing in. some 3,000 police on patrol in baltimore. from bad weather to mechanical problems it seems airlines have a long list of excuses for flight delays but an ipad. how that device kept dozens of planes waiting on the tarmac.
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department in baltimore to come to that podium to give us an update on the situation. the protests and violence things are calm today. so we'll bring that to you live as soon as they approach the podium. in the meantime hillary clinton today speaking out about violence in that town in that city putting it in terms of race and justice in america. she's calling for a fundamental reform of the nation's criminal justice system. here's a part of it. >> we should make sure every police department in the country has body cameras to record interaction between officers on patrol and suspects. that will improve transparency and accountability. it will help protect good people on both sides of the lens. >> monica crowley for the
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"washington times" and a fox contributor. it was a big speech today. talking about reform systems. body cams that's basically both sides of the aisle will agree on. >> yeah there's actually a lot of support, bipartisan support, around the country for that. that's essentially a safe proposal for her to make. i didn't hear really anything beyond that and the whole range of platitudes. in interest making expediency. she needs to come out in the same way that came out for barack obama in 2016 which is going to be a challenge for her. >> josh earnest, the president's spokesperson was asked about this. >> body does believe there's a possibility that body-worn cameras by police officers could be a useful tool. the thing that we have said in discussing this issue is that there's not a strong body of evidence to this point about what impacts body-worn cameras
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actually have. >> pretty much the same there. i don't know if anything can get done in congress right now, even when they do agree upon it. how symbolic is it for hillary clinton to come out two days after what happened in baltimore? >> well, she couldn't make the speech and not address what was going on in baltimore. she absolutely had to address it. what's interesting, gretchen i found she made a couple of remarks that seems to repudiate what her husband did as president in terms of national policy on policing. in terms of he wanted to lengthen the sentence for low-level offenders. and she was talking about moving it in the other direction which is the more progressive kind of approach that we've seen in new york with mayor de blasio where we have seen in baltimore and other cities.
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what we now know gretchen when you put the police in retreat, you essentially handcuff them. you get escalation in crime. >> we saw that monday night. >> new revelations about foreign donations on the clinton foundation with hillary clinton as secretary of state, "the washington post" discovering more than 100 charities were never reported on the tax return. the clinton fount's getting three pinocchios. three pinocchios on this. this story is not going away. >> right. and every day comes another revelation about somebody that didn't disclose. or some sort of impropriety. and now they have to go back and refile at least five years of tax returns because of omissions and improprieties. this just feeds into the power that we've seen of the clintons
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for 25 years. this is the worst and problematic for any candidate or leader are the ones that reinforce premade notions about that person. it's not the scandal, it's just reinforcing this notion that they are always cutting corners, that they're always skirting the law and there is also a corruption there. >> and people are wondering how he would run the government and white house. thank you. baltimore police getting set to hold the news conference on the latest situation in the city. and nfl commissioner roger goodell announcing plans to give up a major government perk with millions for the league and his personal fortune. what does this mean for you and me the ticketholders? and what top security officials are telling lawmakers about that major breach. remember it happened during the show that guy was able to fly a
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go-cart through the most restrict restricted. the faa and department of defense refused to brief congress. that doesn't give us a whole lot of confidence folks. as we will yank you up here time and time again until we get answers and the public.
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welcome back to the real story. house lawmakers grilling officials about why they determined this small gyrocopter was not a threat to the nation's capitol. remember when it flew through the restricted airspace a couple weeks ago? anyway here's what the capitol police chief had to say. >> the gyrocopter did not register on radar as a threat and therefore does not raise concern among the federal partners. >> jason chaffetz of utah said
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the man was lucky he was not blown out of the sky. that guy, the pilot, 64-year-old doug hughes of florida, charged with flying in restricted airspace and operating an unlicensed aircraft. let talk football. roger goodell making a huge move. announcing that the league is going to drop its tax exempt status after widespread criticism. what does this mean for ordinary fans? trace gallagher has been looking into this. what did you find out? >> well gretchen if you're worried that it's going to raise your ticket prices for the jets or giants, rest assured that it will. here's the deal the league office has been tax exempt since 1966. over the decades, it's been taking pressure from congress and others to give up that tax exempt status. even though the league office
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had had revenue of $327 million it ended up losing $13.5 million. so you don't pay taxes when you don't make money. so the league would have ended up not paying anything to the federal government. even in good years, the relative tax bill would be relatively small. what's big is that bottom line. commissioner roger goodell's salary. he made $35 million in 2014. by agreeing to pay taxes, the league has bought himself anonymity. we will no longer know how much goodell makes a year but you can bets who not going to take a pay cut. the team generated $10 billion in 2013. and the teams and players have always paid taxes. critics say the big take-away from all of this is that the nfl is not deaf to the chorus of
11:24 am
critics, and if the league is willing to change exempt status and maybe it will react on other issues like the controversial name of the washington redskins. or how it deals with players who develop brain-related concussions. >> very very interesting. great numbers crunching by trace gallagher there. thanks. we're still waiting for that baltimore police news conference. it's going to happen a few minutes from now. we'll bring it to you live. have you ever seen a baseball game played in front of zero fans? that's what's happening in baltimore for the very first time ever. we're going to take you back there live with an update on the score. and a protester disrupting the supreme court same-sex with his own message. and the surprise that the justices made, we'll hear from
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baltimore police finally holding that news corporation on the protests happening right now. let's listen in. >> we have to know the location and the time. they have to fill out a document that details the probable cause for arrest. as you saw monday night, as most of you here record it was a very chaotic situation. there was a lot of moving activity. and our officers worked quickly
11:29 am
to preserve the peace. and they're still working through. i know there's a lot of questions for that this morning. we wanted to walk you through that process. again, during the course of the day, we'll do briefings every hour hour and a half to keep you updated. i'll take a couple questions. >> what is the plan? >> that we have resourced placed out there the city. obviously, we're monitoring social media. we have expensive resources on the ground deployed in areas where we know students either congregate or being dismissed from school. we'll continue to look for indications, but our hope our sincere hope what we saw yesterday, people coming together in a peaceful manner. and if they so choose vougsicing their concerns and frustrations in a way that's reflective of the city of baltimore and what
11:30 am
we've seen in the last 24 hours. is. >> -- frederick douglass high school -- >> it's important to have resources in the right place. ensuring areas that we know there's a potential or we know people gather we're going to continue to have those resources available. that will be evaluated by a case by case day by day, hour by hour base. >> do you have idea how many people were from the baltimore area versus -- >> we're working together on putting together the information of where everyone was from. our primary concern is making sure we get theed administrative process done first. >> in dealing with the arrests is that taking the police department away from the freddie gray investigation? >> no we have stood up an investigative team very very quickly. and the police commissioner announced that we ramp up the investigation team with homicide detectives. people from our education answer
11:31 am
training center from our crime lab, so we could have a diverse group of talent as part of that information. that information has been unimpeded. it's imperative that we get to the answers in that case. >> what's the planning with the protests? >> as we've been saying out there the course of these events as we move out there the week we'll go hour by hour day by day, as to where we need to put resources. we'll continue to monitor social media when it comes out. when we talk about social media, we encourage people to follow us @baltimorepolice. >> there was a subway station closed and then opened again. why was that? >> i'll refer to you mta, what i can till those are open right
11:32 am
now. that is the information. >> the police asked to close them. >> again, i'll refer to the mta for that. [ inaudible ]. >> so we are looking at the time that people came into central booking and making sure that we don't violate that 48-hour process. so that will be an ongoing evaluation out there the course of the day. again, our fervent hope working very hard to do to charge as many people before that 48-hour window as we can. again, we'll brief within an hour hour and a half on anything. and anybody have anything else? >> is the national guard deployed on or near any school property? >> i don't know. i can find out specifics. i know we've deployed resources in and about the city anywhere
11:33 am
where there's an area that people potentially congregate because of incidents of private incidents of violence. we'll see you all in an hour and a half. >> we've been watching the latest police conference in baltimore. one of the most interesting things other than the fact that protests now have remained mostly peaceful is that the freddie gray investigation continues. now, freddie gray was the young african-american man hurt and killed in police custody. and his funeral is really what sparked all of these protests that happened over the weekend and into monday night. we still don't know the answers what exactly happened with that. something we do know is that there's a baseball game going on between the orioles and white sox in baltimore and it's under way. but it's an eerie feeling because no fans are allowed inside. the game beginning just a few minutes ago.
11:34 am
here's the first batter. yes, there he is. rick leventhal liven for us. do we have a score yet, gretchen? >> reporter: we do. there have been a lot of cheers. for the first time in 145-year history of major league baseball there will be no fans in this particular game. as you can see, a live look at the seats which are all empty, the orioles dropped six runs on the white sox on the bottom of the first. a three-run home run from chris davis. here's a look at that. >> that's way out of here. wow. gets fouled. and it's 4-0. the lead-off lost the e.r.a. >> reporter: this young man is watching his first orioles game outside the fence. you were looking forward to going to the game weren't you? >> yes i was, my first game of
11:35 am
the year the day off, unfortunately, i work work in a restaurant which was closed down. >> reporter: what do you think looking outside in? >> hopefully, the commissioner will let people know that we're open for business. >> reporter: he also thinks that everyone should be in the stands gretchen. >> our, rick. well lots of fingers are being pointed at baltimore's mayor and the governor of maryland with response to that riot. would a visit from president obama helped. here's what the president told steve harvey this morning. >> when i travel i take a the lot of assets out of where they need to be. which is why usually when there's disturbances or natural disasters, i usually try to let law enforcement or emergency
11:36 am
responders do their work. >> chris plant is the host of the chris plant radio show. leslie marshall host of the leslie marshall radio show. and a fox contributor. chris, should the president have traveled to baltimore? it's interesting because there seems to be a pattern here with president obama isn't that he doesn't use his symbolic power of the presidency to go and evoke calm in these sort of situation, right or wrong? >> well, that certainly is the pattern at this point. and he's declared to steve harvey who is the host of "the family feud," another probing interview. i would advise him to go at this point, the failure of progressive liberal democratic policy over the course of the last half century in baltimore, it's a disaster of their own making it's their chickens coming home to roost. i don't think he'd be tick really well received quite
11:37 am
honestly i think it would be an embarrassment all the way around. there's no upside for the president. >> does the president have the unique opportunity as the first african-american president, though to really go and make a difference on these issues? >> actually no. i mean first of all you're talking about security measures that any commander in chief and the secret service, i think, would say, no not a good idea to go here now, especially with this unrest. secondly you have what he talks about not just the assets but the cost. i know what it's like when he comes here to los angeles. we all know what it's like when the president visits a city it's upheaval. and this is a city that has enough upheaval. and lastly i don't think the president would make a difference because people are still angry. this is rooted in anger, not in politics. >> you don't think the president being there on the ground might make a difference? i do want to bring up in 2008 then senator barack obama highly
11:38 am
criticized president bush for not going and landing on the ground in hurricane katrina. does he have it both ways? >> well of course the democrats pillared and pummeled president bush with that photograph of him looking out the window in air force one. i read on my radio show today, candidate, senator obama, attacking president bush for not going and visiting new orleans. and the reason that the bush white house gave was that they didn't want to pull resources away from ongoing search and rescue with people buried in buildings. president obama is using the same excuse. >> leslie this is a loaded question i'm not going to give you enough time to answer it. do you think that president obama has done a lot for hope? i know i lot of people have hope when first elected as president.
11:39 am
>> first of all, i'm a white woman as you notice i know there are many in the african-american community that think he has not done enough especially in the african-american communities when you look at still not enough opportunity for employment rates in communities. however, i would say that he scores higher than any other president because he will speak out and tackle these issues. and my good buddy chris will get on him for this. but he speaks out in favor of the police the community is mad. speaks out in favor of the community, the police are mad. i think he's doing the best that he can, and he has to be color blind to a degree. >> i got to wrap it there, chris. leslie's done a good job with a loaded question there. leslie thanks. chris, we'll see is you. after baltimore, a court for the lawyer representing freddie gray caught my eye. giving reasoning why some black
11:40 am
men rioted in baltimore, he said quote these kids have bad experience in school. so i and others writing editorials about this were asking the same question what might happen to the inner city kids if they actually had better schools and maybe even school choice? according to the department of education, only 16% of eighth graders scored above grade level in national reading tests. 13% in math. above average. lower than the maryland averages and national schools. the baltimore city schools spends $15,872 a year on each student. as an editorial writes maybe a better choice for those students would be just that. a choice. a voucher system to use that 15 grand to choose where they want
11:41 am
to go to school. but what is the chances are that actually happening? you can get my e-mails delivered to you, go to foxnews we'll cover apparently good news in baltimore. then there's this angle, judge napolitano said if had he were a glad guy he'd run from the police too. he said anybody who thinks the lesson of freddie gray's death is you shouldn't run from cops is flat wrong. the cops themselves apparently broke the law who chased him down those particular officers should be behind bars. that from the judge, he'll explain his views. plus we'll get the images
11:42 am
that have not gotten very much attention. and signs that will not overshadow the protesters' true message. and in the first inning six runs and nobody there to see that amazing home run. >> we're watching. >> we're watching on video. nobody is watching it on person. supreme court seemingly divided on the definition of gay marriage. our analyst, analyzing what the different judges are saying. and what it could mean in a ruling. you're going to hear from them in an audio recording. next.
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11:45 am
hey, let's go back in session. the supreme court hearing arguments. based on their comments justices remain divided on this issue. here's chief justice john roberts.
11:46 am
listen. >> if sue loves joe and tom loves joe, sue can marry and tom can't. and the difference is based upon their different sex. why isn't that a straightforward question of sexual discrimination? >> and another justice. >> and the word that keeps coming back to me in this case is millenia plus time. this definition of marriage has been with us for millenia. and it's very difficult for the court to say, oh well we know better. joining me now both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. it's fascinating to hear the justices, isn't it, and mawhat their thoughts actually are and their analogies of john loves joe and sue loves joe. >> what do you make of it? >> the sense that i'm getting from the tv is that it seems the court is really waffling. i thought it was going to be
11:47 am
dunk. that is not the sense we're getting. in fact a couple things interesting to me. one is they're look at this argument not to have people joined who can be married but they're looking at it as a redefinition of marriage, and that is ig.big. >> for people against gay marriage that is how they look at it is it not? >> correct. and the quote you just played by kennedy, known as being a swing justice, that sentiment was also expressed by justice stevens -- i'm sorry, justice breyer who a clinton appointee, people would assume he's going to do a knee-jerk reaction that he would be for the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. so the fact that you have pratt, breyer and kennedy both saying are we the body to redefine marriage? and i know for a fact by
11:48 am
studying him scalia thinks the same thing. we are not the people to redefine a word. >> one of the things it's currently up to the states. currently, that's the way it's happening in this country. >> and that is the way it feels like the supreme court is leaning saying why should we impose this on this country when we can leave it up to the states and elected officials. in 36 states they've spoken. >> but you heard what alito said he said justices allowing same-sex couples to wed doesn't open the door that polygamous relationships be regarded in the same way. interesting question. >> and even though homosexual relationships have been condoned back to plato. however, polygamy goes back and
11:49 am
there are plenty today, and so we think that that may be the next domino to fall in the definition of marriage. >> it's very very fascinating. especially to hear their own voices as they're discovering it and arguing about it. >> they're also by the way, trying to sway each other, the justices during the course of those arguments. the way they communicate to each other. they're using their litigants as sounding boards. >> guys have a great day. you have up for whatever? that's the king of beers new marketing campaign. guess why it's got folks fired up.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
welcome back to the real story and the power panel. anheuser-busch apologizing after the marketing ploy it set off alarms. labeling bottles with the tag
11:53 am
line the perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary for a night. it's part of their up for whatever campaign. well the company releasing this statement saying in part it's clear that this message missed the mark. we would never disrespectful or irresponsible behavior. time to bring in the female power panel. great to have the three of you here. a nice varying panel. just a normal person's point of view. you're into economics and numbers, what were they thinking when they did this line? >> what a bunch of idiots. i don't think they were thinking at all. i don't think they were expecting this kind of bash lash. i wish they would do away with the whole do whatever campaign up for whatever campaign altogether. up could imply, rape. >> well certainly taking out no from your vocabulary beth you,
11:54 am
you're an attorney. i'm wondering, did they think this through? we're seeing more and more where they do the provocative marketing. everyone's trying to get the buzz about their products. they do it then they apologize. how did that work legally? >> it's surprising that it made it through, with top level executives approving it major national ad agency behind it. female executives that look at the message and approved it and it's crazy. because in the end, as an alcohol bempbl manufacturer you may be liable for resulting activity that comes from overindulging in -- >> that's fascinating. that makes it more of a legal discussion than even a cultural one, right, carol? >> i'm bursting at the seams. i think they were brilliant. because everybody's talking about bud. i'm not saying they're right, morally they're right, i don't
11:55 am
like alcohol, but, i'm saying they're brilliant. everybody's tweeting talking, the buzz we're on here talking about it and budlight is getting unbelievable amounts of promotion for no dollars. >> that's what i was saying -- >> i can't help it. >> but is it right? it's almost like they try to become more outlandish than the next. this was a st. patrick's day tweet. and here's what it said. on patrick's day you can pinch people you can also pinch people who aren't up for whatever. >> so disgusting. reckless. >> i don't care if it's alcohol, if they had that on any product, i would dislike it but it's a promotion. and we're all sitting here talking about it. >> female executive, beth, and you're a lawyer and you're approving these taglines you're not thinking about how dangerous it could be for women's safety? you're thinking about it's good for my job because this is going to sell?
11:56 am
>> i find it hard to believe that someone would make that choice consciously, but obviously it happened. and the demographics are targeting clearly in a sense to the younger demographic. >> young women. young men drank already beer and saying that the women drink these wines and things like that. they were trying to get them to drink beer. obviously, no is not in a guy's vocabulary but it is in a woman's vocabulary. >> you're going to lose your inhibitions and no might become maybe or maybe could become yes. >> well and that's crazy, i think. >> back a million years. >> ladies thank you, much. one of the country's most iconic memorial getting a lifeline to help folks enjoy it for years to come. we'll explain that when we return. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all
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the sculpture is based on the iconic photograph of marines raising the flag on the island yew gee ma during world war ii. thanks for being part of the real story today, i'm gretchen, here's shep. has baltimore turned the corner? instead of rocks and tear gas, a symphony. in case of angry protesters peaceful demonstrators and prayer. churches leading the way. so far, pretty great, and in some cases,inspiring. we'll show you. schools are letting out and everybody's hopeful that nothing changes. plus word that the fbi helped the family pay cash to al qaeda in hopes of saving a hostage. that as other families of american hostages says the feds threatened them with prosecution if they did the same thing. the news is just coming in along with white house reaction on it and the islamic state


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