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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 29, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we would have music playing and wine. and wine. >> we need the wine. >> and wine and everything. no cd's and no technology. we had a beautiful time. >> thank you very much. see you tomorrow. bill: good morning everybody. rising from the ashes in baltimore. a city recovering after a fairly quiet night. but there is controversy over whether the mayor told police to stand down during the chaos. >> there was no order to hold back? >> no. you have to understand it's not holding back, it's responding appropriately. bill: i'm bill hemmer live from
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baltimore with a special edition of "america's newsroom." martha: the police lifted the curfew and reopened the streets. while looting was stopped there were protesters who powered into the streets and the police had to use pepper spray and gas to hold the protesters back. bill: day two the headline is "unsettled peace." martha: peter doocy is with us now. >> reporter: the sun is shining and the air has cleared. the streets and the sidewalks are still littered with these cannisters of smokes, bombs and of the pepper balls that were used to disperse the crowds.
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you look here. officers are letting traffic through for the first time in a few days at pa and north street. but they are still standing right here keeping a close eye on everybody that drives by and everybody that walks by. things were so bad yesterday and the night before that they want to be here just in case. they still have the big guns and the body armor. at least 10 stragglers were arrested for violating the overnight curfew. they were loaded into police vans very gently by a police force that is very aware that these riots started when there was a video of police arresting
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freddie gray. protesters were screamt screaming obscenities at police. but so far it's peaceful. martha: how visible is the presence in baltimore. >> reporter: you can't miss them when they are patrolling the streets. but this morning as soon as the curfew ended just before dawn, all those national guard humvees at this intersection where we have seen the violent protests all lined up and a big busload of local and state troopers. it's the local and state troopers keeping the peace and last night even though things were a lot more peaceful, the
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rioters were making a lot of noise. the lack of injuries and violence may suggest that this show of force up to 5,000 national guard available may be acting as some kind of a deterrent. so lots of concern about what's going to happen the next time officials let a big crowd get together in this city. that's why when the white sox and orioles play at camden yard at 2:00. nobody is going to be allowed in and nobody is going to sing a hot dog and nobody is going to sing "the national anthem" because they are not sure it's safe. martha: that's got a lot of people talking about whether that's a rise decision. martha: that's just one of the things obviously they are trying to rear to the calm. but that decision to not have
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anybody in the stand and that baseball park today has people scratching their head. bill: remember they cleaned up the glass outside cvs by 4:00 in the afternoon. it gives you the impression of how strongly people feel about their town and they don't want it to burn down despite the arson they saw monday night. but it's only day two of a won week curfew. schools are back open today but court is closed. there are new details into what happened when a lot of the protests broke out. these details they tried to decide between the mayor and the governor. police force telling us that the
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mayor told them to stand down. that gave them no option but to retreat. i asked the mayor last night about that in an interview and she denies that. watch and listen here. so there was no order to hold back or was there? >> no. you have to understand it's not holding back, it's responding appropriately. you don't have all our equipment in place because things are changing in realtime. you arrest a sound within the wagons aren't there, what are you going to do with them? it's realtime on the streets. bill: on the outside you are taking a lot of heat. to those who would suggest you screwed this up, what would you say? >> people have a right to their opinion. bill: those questions continue today. rob wheeler a former detective.
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>> it's semantics. i was out there monday during the riots and i literally saw the officers returning away from these rioters as the rioters were throwing bottles and rocks and chairs and everything at them. that is not police procedure. i spoke with other officers. we all had the same idea. the only reason the officers did not take more action is because they were told not to do it. it wasn't just in one part of the city. this was happening all over the city. that had to become an order from the mayor's office. bill: what's wrong with not going in with a heavy hand. >> she said we are going to let these people destroy their community if they want to. that's what happened in so many
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word. it reminds me of what happened in ferguson when governor jay nixon did the same thing. he told the officers to stand down. he denied it initially but we learned after the fact he did tell them he didn't want them to respond that way. the politicians are playing a game of semantics. bill: the night went well. >> i'm concerned about when the national guard leaves. whether the baltimore police department can handle the uprising and there will be more uprisings. bill: what's the plan for the guard to leave? >> i think they will leave in the next couple weeks. once things simmer down they will pull those guy out of here. bill: thank you very much. two other notes here. friday we'll get the police
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report on the death of freddie gray. watch that headline. saturday there is a massive rally that has been scheduled and planned on a group of lawyers out of washington, d.c. it's the same group that had to hally this past saturday and that ended in violence. here is more with martha in new york. martha: big news, some really ugly numbers for the u.s. economy. the gdp numbers show the growth rate in the first quarter of 2015 was only .2% in the first quarter. that's much lower than the 1.1 percent growth rate. stuart good to have you here. when you look back at the first quarter of 2014, we saw a growth
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rate of 2.2%. >> reporter: we have slowed to a virtual dead halt and we are in trouble. when you go back to summer and fall of last year we had 5 per are growth rate. now 0.2 per growth. that's a fir fuel dead stop. the question is what are we going do about this. are we going print some more money and we only stimulated the stock market. are we going to spend more money and go further into debt? the president wants to raise taxes. nobody raises taxes when you are about to fall into what could be a recession. we are in a hole. martha: there is the economic side and the reaction side. when you look at the economy in the past in the winter the white
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house said the weather was so bad. what's the evenings cues for the .2 number? >> further bad numbers. the under lying problem is low wages, a shrinking middle class and not enough good new jobs. we are on the verge of recession. martha: that will make it tough back off and start to raise interest rates. >> we are looking at a 100-point drop for the dow. martha: stuart, thank you very much. bill: freddie gray's death being used as an excuse for violence.
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we'll talk to a detective about why this is different than what we saw in ferguson. freddie gray's family calls for peace. they want no violence. >> i want justice but don't do it like this here. don't kill the whole city. it's wrong.
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bill: freddie gray's family
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expressing outrage over the people who burned the city in his name. daryl parks is the brown family attorney. mr. parks, thank you for your time today here on america temperatures newsroom *. how much of this in baltimore is really about freddie gray? >> i think it begins with freddie gray and goes to a bigger issue of how african-americans interact in our inner cities throughout america. freddie gray is the catalyst. but other things come into play for the anger you are seeing to a large degree. bill: the family said they don't want to see the violence. >> most victims want the same
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things every american wants. they want peace an an opportunity to prosper. they realize the message of freddy grapes death is mixed when you have this violence in the country. the real issue we need to deal with is what happened to pretty gray and law enforcement in baltimore. that's part of the reason you are seeing some of the things that happened. this a den -- there is a tendency to say wait, wait, wait, there will be a full investigation. in some situations when we as a country, when we as authority want to give answers and respond to a situation we find ways to respond quickly. bill: i guilt. you might get answers on freddie gray friday. but among those you see in
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ferguson and baltimore how many would you say are from the community versus those coming in from the outside to start trouble or to be part of it? >> it's hard to say. but what you see is people throughout the whole country a group of people who still feel disenfranchised throughout the country. so they take that opportunity. there is a big difference between ferguson and baltimore. ferguson is a small town in the state of missouri. baltimore has a great history. it's hard to compare the two. these people are take an opportunities to be heard. in any other situation i probably wouldn't have an opportunity to be heard. this stuff happens throughout the country. bill: it's clear that some folks
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are local and some are from the outside. the police reports will be avail and friday but we don't know if it will be public. do you expect the police to tell everyone what happened on friday or is it too soon for that, mr. parks? >> they probably won't be able to give you all the details. i think what will happen is the information the police have will be turned over to the state attorney's office. i believe they are doing a parallel investigation so if they are at a brought it they can let the information go. no probable cause has been given in the document released thus far describes a wider police stop. but all of that has nothing to do with the fact how this man ended up injured. his injury to his neck was blunt
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force trauma. not from a rough ride. we are going to see that the injury he suffered from the cervical spine resulted from blunt force trauma. not from a rough ride. bill: thank you sir for coming back here. 17 soldiers and airmen activated. state troopers on the street. martha: the u.s. taking action after shots are fired by iran in the persian gulf. what happened and what will we do next. ralph peters is here on that and they are back. the missing supposedly destroyed emails of lois lerner. it turns out thousands of those irs emails are back from the dead. >> after very careful
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bill: a watchdog has found thousands of missing lois lerner emails from the irs targeting scandal from 2004 to 2013. learner used to run the tax exempts organizations section the irs claimed the emails were lost when learner's computer crashed three years ago. they will now be examined by the senate finance committee. martha: a fox news alert. the united states navy
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positioning a destroyer in the persian gulf after iran intercepted a cargo ship it accused of trespassing. vaughnian forces approached that ship as it was traveling through the strait of hormuz. but the ship fired a shot across the bow of this other ship. the u.s.s. ferreget answered the call. ralph peerlts is a fox news analyst. the initial reports were they fired at a u.s. vessel. that turned out to not be true. what do you think they are trying to prove? >> that's the key question. what happened was the iranian
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revolutionary guard hijacked a huge new container ship in internationally treaty recognized shipping lanes through the straits of hormuz. why did they do it in the meade jails saying they are trying to respond to save their pride after the united states navy backed them down. the iranians are always glad to thumb their those at us but this isn't about us. this was a warning shot across the bow of the saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. the iranians often respond ai millionresponld.the saudi and gulf
6:27 am
oil go through the straits of hormuz. i don't think the iranians want to escalate this any more, they made their points. even though the u.s.s.ferreget has sailed into the area we are not going do anything either. the revolutionary guard patrol boats flirt with a u.s. carrier but they backed off. they don't want to hit the carrier because we would be forced to respond. they went after a ship, the last port-of-call was saudi arain yab and it's a marshall islands. while we have a treaty to protect their ships it's not the same as an attack on our own carrier. we are per -- we are were rough rall
6:28 am
-- we are peripheral players in this one. martha: if they are dominant what do they do? >> you are asking better questions today than most pentagon planners are. the saudis will continue bombing the hootthe houthis. in saudi arabia we saw a shakeup in the defense and royal lineup. the saudis are girding their loins for war. iranians were sending the message, mess with us, we'll close the straits of hormuz and stick to it you and the global economy.
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martha: that's something the global economy has long been concerned about. bill: the president respond together unrest in baltimore condemn can the violence and looting while partially blaming a lack of investment in urban community. >> despite african-americans corolling baltimore the city is not prospering. the facts then dictate that racial persecution isn't the problem in baltimore. something else is in play, and that something else is personal behavior.
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bill: baltimore holding on to calm after what was a reasonably quiet evening. the curfew seems to be working. i mentioned 10 arrested compared
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to 200 the night before. 3,000 police and national guardsmen patrolling the streets. they will be back out there today and tonight where police said it made a continues. >> citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. we are going to place the national guard for a 2 to 3-block radius to stabilize it. bill: the curfew goes into effect again tonight. 10:00 to 5:00 in the morning. there is bye traffic despite the barricade around city hall. so far so good and that's the way they want it in this town. martha: president obama addressing the baltimore riots in a news conference.
6:34 am
he gave a lengthy 14-minute answer. he condemned the looters who were responsible he said for destroying their own neighborhood. but he also blamed the media and congress for turning a blind eye to these communities. >> there is a bunch on my agenda that would make a continues right now. i'm under no illusion under this congress we'll get massive investments in urban community. if our society wanted to solve the problem we could it's just that it would require everybody saying this is important this is significant. and that we don't just pay attention to these communities when a cvs burns. and we don't just pay attention when a young man gets shot or has his spine snapped. martha: alan colmes is the host
6:35 am
of the alan colmes radio show. tucker carlson is the keder to of "the daily caller." >> where has he been the last 0 years. we spent a trillion dollars on inner city community. there are were four reporters beaten because the police refused to enforce order in baltimore. it's a problem that people have been working on for more than 50 years. over a trillion dollars has been spent on this. it's very complex. it's demagoguery at its lowest. anybody who knows anything about this and has covered crime or cops laughs when the president
6:36 am
says things like that. martha: bill o'reilly spoke out on this. bill: it's long past time for african-american communities across america to begin to police themselves. criminal activity, drug use child abandonment disrespect, general chaos all on display every single day in many places. you know what? no government is going to stop that no bureaucracy is going to help you. martha: alan, what do you say? >> i disagree when everything i have heard so far. we need a massive jobs program. we need a works progress types administration like roosevelt did to invest in jobs and rebuild infrastructure. we need to address the criminal justice system so you don't just
6:37 am
throw drug users in jail and there is recidivism and they wind up back on the streets. this is a much bigger problem. the president ways correct to address it the way he did yesterday. >> there are huge parts of rural america that are poorer than inner city baltimore and they don't have violence like this. is there not an easy answer. people have been working on this for 50 years. people with good intention and a lot of money. for the president to say we could solve this with my agenda is an insult. martha: we have been pushing money at this problem since the birth of the great society. if you look at the destruction of the american family particularly in the inner city areas and african-american families since that point. it's a striking thing to look
6:38 am
at. i want you to take a look at this mom who we have all seen a lot the past 4 hours. this is toya graham. she is upset. she does not want her son to be part of this violence. she wants him to go home. what is more powerful than her trying to turn her family around. she he i'm a single mom with six children. i don't know where the father is. this is something the president has spoken about occasionally. he gave it a mention in terms of fatherless families. but will o'reilly is talking about people pulling themselves up to have respect. i don't know that throwing money at that will make a difference. >> i applaud that mom. i think she is great to do what she did. there is also generational
6:39 am
differences. when you grow up in poverty and your parents were poor and your grandparents were poor and you don't have good role modeling unlike what we saw with that mom. there is no opportunity for people in the inner city to advance themselves. there is no modeling for these people. martha: it has democratic leadership democratic unions. >> it's bigger than what happens on a local level. this is something that's a national problem that republicans in congress have ignored for years. >> the president and the democratic leadership ... he's clearly not intimidated because he's out there throwing rocks. if this father came out and smacked him in the face maybe would obey. any politician who tells you my program will solve this is lying
6:40 am
and is a demagogue. >> you said college tuition two or three times here. he's talking on and much more macro level. he's one person who can't solve it without help from republicans in congress. martha: we have got to leave it there. we are in a desperate situation when we aloud a mom who is hitting her kid in the head because it appears she is doing it out of desperation. she needs to get him off the street no matter what it takes her to do that. that's where this problem begins to be solved unlikely by any new program we are going throw at this issue. thank you very much. good to have you both here. bill: what an image and a scene that was. was the police department told to stand down as they were being pelted with rocks and lot more. senior police officials telling
6:41 am
fox news their hands were tied by city hall. but what does the mayor say about that charge? you will hear more from my interview with the mayor of baltimore in america's newsroom. >> if you don't have all of your equipment in play because things are changing in realtime, we can't respond. you arrest someone and the wagons aren't there what are you going to do with them?
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martha: a fox news alert. the u.s. economy coming to a virtual stand still. .2%. anemic growth in that number. this report showed it was suppose to be 1.1% higher. the economy battered earlier this year. severe weather will be way it's blamed on. you have got plunging exports.
6:45 am
the dow not responding too negative live though it looked like it would be down 40 points. this could be in part because it would make it more difficult for the fed to raise interest rates if this figure turns out to be what we are living in for the time being. we'll keep an eye on the market. >> there is a palpable tension in baltimore. policers toes telling fox news mayor rawlings told them to stand down. she is under fire for seeming to suggest that protesters need sprawl is to destroy. she rehealthly denies both accusations. did the city have a different strategy than the state going into monday afternoon? >> we have been engaged state on
6:46 am
an on going basis. they have been in our emergency operations center. we have reached out to other jurisdictions in the state and the over the past week have been bringing in additional resources from police forces from around the state. it was very clear when things erupted yesterday we needed a supplement with the national guard and x wanted to make sure we could do that in way that had the biggest impact for our city. bill: i asked the governor about that three-hour window and i asked him whether he requested to take over control of the situation and he said at the time it was not appropriate. that was not his call. should in hienld hienld sight -- should in hindsight that have happened? >> we are trying toy bringo --
6:47 am
trying to bring order and peace to our city. we used our resources in a way that's bringing peace to our city. i'm prayerful and hopeful. we have the resources in place to bring peace. bill: to those who suggest police took a step back last night, are they right or wrong? >> the situation on the ground and when you are engaged in an incident is a lot different than what you can see or experience on television. the officers are doing an amazing job. i don't want to jinx myself san my -- myself. we had some officers injured. we could have camed it down aggressively and been accused using excessive force the same
6:48 am
thing the community are upset about or we could do what we did which was to use a serious but measured approach. once we had the appropriate resources in place to respond appropriately we went in. bill: so there was no order to hold back. >> no. but you have to understand it's not holding back. it's respond appropriately. you don't have all your equipment in play because things are changing in realtime. you arrest someone and the wagons aren't there what are you going to do with them? bill: on the outside you are taking a lot of heat. to those who would suggest you security this up, whato -- -- would suggest you skewed -- you screwed
6:49 am
this up, what would you say? >> people have a right to their opinion. bill: the governor said he didn't step in at the time because it was not appropriate. but it's wednesday and you saw what a national guard and strong police force is able to do. instead of 200-300 monday night you had close to 2,500. only 10 arrests reported last night and only one officer injured. another dave curfew. it goes down prime time in the city of baltimore. martha: there were frightening moments on a flight. what happened when the plane's cockpit filled with smoke. dramatic testimony in colorado as victims take the stand and
6:50 am
relive to some extent the horror of that night. >> he squeezed my hand and they told -- i told him that i loved him and i would take of our baby if he didn't make it.
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bill: back in baltimore a scare for passengers on board a united airlines flight. their plane forced to make an emergency landing. there was smoke in the cockpit on the flight from raleigh to nuke were new jersey. the smoke was caused by an engine fire. they were able to land safely than were no injuries. martha: testimony in the
6:54 am
colorado theatre massacre. the defendant' james holmes walked into the aurora theater began shooting into the crowd with a gas mask on his face. some of the jurors yesterday were brought to tears when they heard some of these stories. >> reporter: olters in the courtroom as well. the testimony phase of the trial began with heart-wrenching testimony. >> oh, my god! get out of here! >> reporter: she was there with hour husband and a friend who was killed.
6:55 am
she explained the chaos. >> the police put people in their cars. people were just -- it was just -- it was [inaudible] it was crazy. >> reporter: holmes attorney says it was schizophrenia that pushed him to commit an unspeakable crime for no reason. martha: what about james holmes when he's listening to all this. what has he been doing. >> reporter: we have a fox news producer sitting in there just feet from him. he says there was no indication this is affecting him. even whennal woman testified
6:56 am
that her husband was shot and she was forced to leave the theater thinking he was dead. he survived and after multiple brain surgeries can communicate through grunts. when asked to give his name on the stand, he had to point to each letter on an alphabet board to spell it. the defense did not cross-examine. the defense would look more fibl they tried to cross-examine them. that story is theirs. their memories of what happened that night. martha: coming up we'll hear from one of the people who was injured that night in the shooting. and that shooting took the life of one of his dear friends. bill: what a story that is and a trial we must endure.
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martha: we are back with the fox news alert. isis posing new threats today against rome. this time claiming that terrorists already in the italian capitol. group showing new images posing at some of rome's famous landmarks, isn't that wonderful, including the coliseum. claiming they are waiting for quote, zero hour. the intelligence community is very aware obviously. they're investigating images and figure out what is going on in rome. they promised to conquer rome after they beheaded 21 libyan christians on a beach. dozen -- a month later they executed a dozen ethiopian christians. relative peace on the
7:01 am
streets of baltimore this morning after last night's cure if you but will it -- curfew but will it hold? they used pepper spray on protesters that did not want to go home after the 10:00 curfew. most of them went home so that was very successful. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum in new york. bill: i'm bill hemmer back here in baltimore. martha mentioned, pretty quiet overnight. the city is cleaning up and trying to look ahead. everyone hoping the peace certainly holds. the police commissioner is saying that the curfew is working. so too is the show of force out there last night. national guard and state police and city police out in huge numbers compared to the night before. city for the most part is relatively stable. >> biggest thing that the citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way.
7:02 am
we are going to place the national guard out north in pennsylvania probably for approximately two to three block radius to sustain that area and stablize it and make sure everything is okay. bill: so this morning here at morning rush hour you had even more traffic in the downtown area around city hall and police headquarters. here is the headline in the baltimore sun. unsettled peace. reason the headline reads that way. only day two of week-long curfew. significant events are set to take place on the calendar this week, martha. on friday, the police report the initial investigation, the death of freddie gray, it will be out on friday. we don't know if it will be public. on saturday, this group of lawyers out of washington, d.c., already handing out these pamphlets. they're planning a massive rally on behalf of malik shebaz. a baltimore lawyer. they organized protest that
7:03 am
ended in violence. you don't know how this will work it. one officer wounded last night. pepper spray was used at times but sparingly. people in west baltimore dancing in the streets taking advantage of the moment. in the parks we saw them out and happy prior to this scene that occurred around 10:00 local time last night. there are reports of arrests but not many. maybe 10 or a dozen at the most. today schools are open. court is closed. orioles and red sox, or white sox game rather, will be played down the road at camden yards, 2:00 this afternoon martha with no one inside of the stadium. it has never happened before. the public is not invited. what a scene that will be. martha: think about what happened after 9/11 and president bush throwing out that first pitch here in new york and what a significant moment that was to take back the city and take back our lives and move on. a lot of people are very critical of that decision not to have anybody in the stands when
7:04 am
that game begins at 2:00 p.m. today. we'll see what happens. there has been, as you point out, bill, there has been some success over course of the morning. we hope that continues. look at force of police and troopers brought in and national guard brought in, they were trying to protect the people of city of baltimore, because the thugs and protesters who were out there and protesters who were violent really did so much damage really getting a sense of how extensive the damage was. i was shocked last night when i saw some of these images. show this liquor store. look at this. basically they took this place down to the walls and took everything they possibly could out of it, once they got in there. if we have video of the sports store which i was absolutely stunned by, last night when you take a look at these images. i hope we have. people walked in with boxes. they wiped all of the shelves completely clean. the man who was on last night.
7:05 am
you will hear from him in a moment. on with o'reilly he is owned this store for 30 years. he said he watched the surveillance camera from his home. i couldn't believe it. one woman had a child with her and cleaning out the store shelves. the supply in the basement where they had all the shelves literally wiped clean. the boxes were so deep. you couldn't walk in that situation. listen to the man who owned the sports store. >> i didn't know them. they looked familiar. people had been in my store over some point last several years. i have people that work for me that have three children. where are they going to get employment? >> yeah. >> they wrecked the store beyond belief. >> you know what? good for that man bill. he said, bill o'reilly, will you rebuild your store. he said absolutely. i have employees that i have had for years and years. they have children, they need to have a job. i will rebuild. so good for him. bill: tell you that reaction does not surprise me at all.
7:06 am
this is their livelihoods. this is what they worked their lives for. this is how they feed their families. and take care as you mentioned of their employees. i get a strong baltimore martha, this is a city that cares. what you saw on monday night is not representative of baltimore as a whole. that is why things changed last night in due part. i will also say, if you look, if you look at the moment the curfew went into place, martha, watch some of images, there were more reporters and photographers there than people who live in that neighborhood. so baltimore is listening. see if it remains that way tonight. martha: hillary clinton is speaking right now at columbia, talking about the baltimore situation. let's listen. >> -- face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes. and an estimated 1.5 million black men are quote missing from their families and
7:07 am
communities because of incarceration and premature death. there is something wrong when more than one out of every three young black men in baltimore can not find a job. there is something wrong when trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve breaks down as far as it has in many of our communities? we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance. and these recent tragedies, should galvanize us to come together as a nation to find our balance again. we should begin by heeding the pleas of freddie gray's family for peace and unity, echoing the families of michael brown trayvon martin, and others in the past years. those who are instigating further violence in baltimore
7:08 am
are disrespecting the gray family and the entire community. they are come pawning the tragedy of -- compounding the tragedy of freddie gray's death and setting back the cause of justice, so the violence has to stop. more broadly, let's remember, everyone in every community benefits when there is respect for the law and when everyone in every community is respected by the law. [applause] that is what we have to work towards in baltimore and across our country. we must urgently begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among americans. between police and citizens, yes, but also across the society. restoring trust in our politics,
7:09 am
our press our markets. between and among neighbors and even people with whom we disagree politically. this is so fundamental, to who we are as a nation and everything we want to achieve together. it truly is about how we treat each other and what we value. making it possible for every american to reach his or her god-given potential regardless who you are, where you were born, or who you love. the inexits that -- inequities that persist in our justice system undermine this shared vision -- martha: hillary clinton speaking at columbia university. we wanted to dip in to listen to her comments what is going on in baltimore. i want to bring in steve hayes, writer for "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. in many ways she he can coat --
7:10 am
echoed about what president obama said. concerned about overincarceration of african-american men in this country and other things. >> she sounded like president obama yesterday and ironic and sad in effect embracing this failed blue state, blue city model of dumping lot of money into inner cities and hoping for different results we've had for a trillion dollars and 50, 60 years. that is where i think she is likely to run and what struck me in just that short passage number of platitudes and bromides she used strike some listeners odd at this particular moment. restoring trust in our politics. this is time when people are scrutinizing the kinds of spending we received from her and clinton foundation problems. it is a little odd. martha: we'll talk with peter schweizer coming up in a couple minutes on that note. thank you very much. >> you bet. bill: freedomworks fox news
7:11 am
contributor. you were listening to hillary clinton and reflecting what the president said as a country we have some soul searching to do. how do you make sense of that? >> listen when you look at obama's policies, bill, the big government policies not helping these communities and not helping the country. we heard .2% of growth of gdp? listen we need to get people employed and be less reliant on the government. it is progressive policies where you have high taxes and regulations that are harming these communities, harming the country, and when people are not working, they're looking elsewhere to make a living. bill: dinneen, thank you. we're watching hillary clinton for headlines. if we get them, we'll bring you back to there as well. thanks. in a moment, martha, we'll talk to the former governor of maryland about how things are doing today. have they reached a turning point? that is what we need to know now. back to you in new york. martha: thanks, bill. we got reaction from hillary
7:12 am
clinton you just saw. explosive new findings in the clinton cash trail. this time more than 1000 undisclosed donors to the foundation. as you remember, they were supposed to disclose all the donors. we'll get reaction from the author who started this digging process. peter schweizer author of "clinton cash," here in studio next.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
this time reports that the clinton foundation failed to disclose 1100 foreign donors, 1100 of them. the organization promised to reveal, they had the deal with the obama administration they would be completely aboveboard on everything, that was condition of becoming secretary of state. this is all ahead of the release of the book "clinton cash." you heard a lot here. i'm happy to be joined by the author peter schweizer. >> thanks for having me. martha. what is going on with the new revelation of these 1100 documents? >> it fit as pattern we have in the book, memorandum of understanding signed with president obama and transition team they would have complete transparency of donors. this sun precedented. secretary of state and her family getting money for speeches or foundation donations. what is clear now more than 1,000 contributions, from foreign nationals that were never disclosed. this is a huge issue. a report today out of india,
7:17 am
talk about this in the book. an indian member of parliament listed as donor between one and $5 million. he said it wasn't my money. somebody else gave it to me to give to them. even donations revealed, evidence is pretty clear we don't know where it came from. martha: what do you think of most cases ambassador his or her spouse can't say one thing out there. >> yeah. martha: not, a speech, would be out of the question. >> right. martha: because they want there to be absolutely no conflict of interest. so they brokered this deal that allowed them to bring in unbelievable amounts of cash. you know i started to read the book just pops out at you. $8 million a year in speech. >> yes exactly. martha: $8 million a year in speeches. >> that goes up once hillary clinton becomes secretary of state. bill clinton, big speaking seas from overseas interests triple in a lot of cases. i don't think that is because he became more eloquent. i think it is because speech
7:18 am
payments are influence payments trying to get the clintons to influence foreign policy. martha: you're getting a lot of pushback. people look at this you can lay all this out but there is not a shred of evidence-- listen to john podesta talking about this. >> it's a book that is written by a former bush operative who is reporter for that august news institution or has been in the past. he is cherry-picked information that has been disclosed. and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories bit. the facts there is nothing new about, conspiracy theories i guess we'll get to judge when we read the book. martha: so what do you say to the not a link, not a shred of evidence for an actual thing that took place in policy, that was triggered by these payments? >> it is funny because he says i cherry-picked information. i didn't cherry-pick the information. we followed the money.
7:19 am
we looked at major foreign money donors. is there business before the state department and how does it end up for them? what we find out consistently ends up well. that is the key thing. obviously in terms of a quid pro quo we don't have access to emails, we don't have access to correspondence but pattern of behavior is overwhelming. martha: you make the analogy of insider trading. by the way you say this in the first few pages of book. >> right. martha: you don't have that connection but your argument i understand it, you are laying it all out there for people to read and see what they think. >> yeah. people can decide. are these all dozens of examples just a series of coincidences? or is there something more to it. and i studied insider trading by members of congress. i looked at the way they subsidize their lifestyle with political funds. martha: also an amazing story by the way. >> yes. the reality is i think sometimes there are coincidences, but when you see these patterns, these are not coincidences but they are trends. martha: why now? are you out to get her obviously timing of this is not
7:20 am
fortuitous for her. >> research project started january of last year. so the publication date, i certainly didn't know if she was going to announce, but really kind of coincidence. the book is actually not out next week. it sort of exploded on the scene. that was not planning on our part. we think public officials, republicans or democrats if they are getting rich while family members in public office, need to hold them into account. the clintons are fabulously successful being wealthy with public service. martha: peter, thank you very much. good to have you here today. bill back over to you. bill: more fallout from that here in a moment. new trouble with iran as well. military fires on a cargo ship as talks with a nuclear deal with tehran are at a critical stage. we'll talk about that. as maryland's governor tours damage, a political back and forth how the baltimore riots were handled. we'll talk to maryland's former governor about what is next. >> we've been here all day.
7:21 am
and we will continue to be here until the threat of violence ends. acts of violence and destruction of property can not and will not be tolerated. when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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bill: back here in baltimore, there is other news now. right now the iranian foreign minister in new york city saying the world powers will start drafting a nuclear agreement tomorrow morning. that is the last day in april one of the last days in april. that will put you about two months away from the deadline on paper to reach a framework. republican senator john barrasso out of wyoming is with my. good morning to you. that is breaking news. we want to bring it to you and our viewers as well. what do you make of his
7:25 am
comments, sir. >> that is another reason why the american people ought to have a right to see this agreement before it goes to the united nations and that is it what is being debated on the florida of the senate right now. the concern is the president is such a failure with regard to it foreign policy, red line in russia red line in iraq, in syria, the reset in russia, the pulling the troops out of iraq, all of those things, i think make us very concerned about any deal with iran. this could be one of the most consequential failures of the obama administration. bill: but what i hear, senator from republicans and democrats out of congress, they want to see the deal, and if they do, they will, right? >> well, that is the bill on the floor of the senate right now. we want to see the deal. if iran is able to get a nuclear weapon, it makes the world less safe less secure, less stable, we want to make sure anything that the president agrees to is verifiable is accountable is
7:26 am
enforceable. that to me that means, being able to do inspections, anytime anywhere, not just by making an appointment for those inspections. this is all about the money. iran wants the money. my worry is they're going to use money for terrorism, not to build hospitals and roads and schools but to do more expansion in the region, to become a military power, industrial power and nuclear power as well. bill: as we've been reporting now for several weeks if they do a deal, they could get billions immediately up front. that is a possibility. now with regard to what is happening in the persian gulf, with the iranian navy, firing on these ships, these cargo ships what are the iranians up there to, senator? >> well, like you say the iranians continue to expand their empire. they can't be trusted they can't be trusted certainly by us. they are continuing to try to expand their influence in the area. we know they're involved in
7:27 am
gaza in lebanon, in syria. we know they're on the ground with the troops in iraq. they continue to expand and in yemen as well. that is their goal to become a world power and i think that's a very significant threat to america. bill: well you know, yesterday, tehran government said they were fighting off pirates. who knows what the truth is there. ralph peters last hour told martha this is in direct response to what is happening on behalf of saudi arabia. is that the way this web is now woven? >> well, it does make you wonder sunni versus shia axis that is developing there and what iran is doing in yemen surrounding saudi arabia. they have great concerns, which is one of my concerns as well. i visited saudi arabia earlier this year. they're talking about wanting nuclear weapons. if iran gets a nuclear weapon saudi arabia want as nuclear weapon. i think we'll see explosion of an effort, nuclear arms race,
7:28 am
once again. and egypt will want them as well. turkey, the emirates. so i think that this deal that the president is working on right now, needs to be seen by the american people, which is why it is important that the senate passes the bill that is on the floor today and even strengthened on the floor of the senate with amendments to make sure that iran does not continue to focus on terrorism against america and americans. bill: the u.s. navy saying -- sending the destroyer back in the persian gulf to protect the cargo ships. we'll see if that peace holds there today. thank you for your time. john barasso republican from wyoming. we'll speak again you bet. back to new york, with martha. martha: calm has returned for now in baltimore. the big question as they head closer to this evening and rest of this curfew period hold? can this battered city get back on its feet? >> we came together. we collaborated. we used our resources in a way that is bringing healing and
7:29 am
peace in our city. i'm very prayerful and hopeful, we're doing everything, we have all of those resources in place to bring calm and peace.
7:30 am
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7:32 am coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. bill: 10:31 in baltimore. have we gone past a tipping point? neighbors working together to restore a sense of normally and community. the governor and mayor pledging to work together putting asides differences on the initial response together. >> i'm not here to place blame. i'm here to solve the problem. i don't want to second-guess the mayor's decisions. i know that she was trying the best she could. this was a difficult situation. the baltimore city police and fire were doing the best they could. when she asked us for help we immediately responded. bill: there is the governor, maryland governor hogan there from yesterday. with me now is the maryland
7:33 am
governor, former governor bob ehrlich. >> sorry under these circumstances. bill: yes i agree with you to you and your town. i don't know viewers aware you're from that neighborhood, west baltimore. >> not so far away 10, 15 minutes where i grew up. i've seen that area. i seen it healthier and see it the way it is now obviously. it is frustrating and depressing. bill: you saw last night too. with we reached a point where we're in a better place? i mentioned a tipping point suggesting a good thing? >> i think with presence of national guard and police agencies here, all this national tension, pastors coming out we're beyond the immediate tipping point but obviously as the criminal justice process unfolds there could be some pressure nights in the future. bill: that could be friday. >> possibly. bill: police report, depending what is inside of it. >> police and national guard stay around obviously. bill: as former governor, what do you think about what happening between the mayor and
7:34 am
some police officers and the governor? >> it is a -- philosophical difference, obviously. you heard the frustration in the governor's voice announced hey we'll call in the national guard. i think appropriately he waited for the mayor to give him the request. it was going to lead to some issues and it has but they're on same page obviously going forward in healing. that is the big deal here. bill: healing indeed. last night worked? >> last night worked. bill: does that mean the governor's position was right? >> you know what? there will be plenty of analysis, a lot of monday morning quarter bagging. folks who had businesses torched and cars torched fearful have issues with the extent the mayor waited today. that is in the past. lessons to be lendings going forward hopefully as you said we're beyond that tipping point. bill: a lot of times what i've been looking at past several days who is from baltimore, who is from your neighborhood. >> yeah. bill: who is outside. >> you reported this now in
7:35 am
different cities. you do have some of these anarchists professional protesters. that is an element. how much of an element? we'll find out in the future when analysis is done. you had some local folks here. bill: that is true. because of what i'm trying to figure out whether or not baltimore wants this reaction? >> of course not. most people in baltimore don't want this. most people in baltimore want law and order. they want to send their kids to school and home come home in a safe environment. some of these issues are specific to baltimore. they're specific to lots of areas in the country where particularly you have a permanent underclass. bill: the country, according to the president needs to do soul-searching. >> there are some issues. we have few minutes, this is tv everybody needs to do soul-searching including folks who took opportunity to go into liquor stores and throw bottles at the cops. everybody needs to stand back to
7:36 am
see what kind of culture we want this country. bill: what do you want to say to the folks about the state thaw represented? >> this is not the vast majority of, i should say this, the vast majority of baltimoreians are embarrassed. obviously some good can come from this. it is called charm city for a reason. there is a lot of charm here. a lot of good meaning people here and well-meaning people here. hopefully something can be learned. one thing we can not have the sense of oh, my own criminal justice system. i demand justice for me or my terms. that is not the way it works. there is a process. play itself out. respect for rule of law has to be maintained. bill: you call it charm city. >> that's right. i'm a baltimore kid. bill: that is what i have found since coming here. >> come back and i will buy awe crab cake under better circumstances. bill: stay safe. bob ehrlich. back to martha in new york. >> bill, the white house is
7:37 am
reacting to the situation in baltimore. president obama condemning the violence and looting. saying it takes attention away from peaceful demonstrations happening for days. it also raises legitimate concerns. white house correspondent kevin corke reporting from the white house live on this kevin from the white house perspective what is next in the battle to reclaim baltimore? >> that's a great question. it has been so devastating to watch the charm city to go through all of this, but from the white house perspective it is about the three cs moving forward. the three cs, would be conversation call to action and conversion. what that means essentially from the white house perspective take your message directly to the community. that is the conversation. the call of action is about motivation. you want to get people moving in the right direction. then conversion is about changing not just the dynamic, but also changing conversation away from protests, getting it back what happened led to unrests at least in part. as unfortunate circumstance involving freddie gray.
7:38 am
martha? martha: kevin, thank you very much. we are watching developing news situation from the iranian foreign minister who is blasting republican senator tom cotton during a speech in new york city right now, saying sanctions will be lifted whether or not cotton wants it. watch this. >> as our understanding stands today, and i don't think there is any divergence here, if we have an agreement on the 30th of june, within a few days after that we will have a resolution in the security council under article 41 of chapter 7 which will be mandatory for all member-states, whether senator cotton likes it or not. martha: hmmm. talking about manditorily lifting sanctions against iran. now as you know there are a lot of people in this country who want those sanctions only lifted when the behavior changes on the part of iran. but iran has been pretty clear that they believe that the
7:39 am
lifting of sanctions is part and parcel of this potential june 30th deal. you heard the man of the we will see what happens. and also this coming up in moments. heartbreaking testimony in the trial of james holmes. accused of the massacre inside of that movie theater in a record can colorado on that awful, awful night -- aurora, colorado. we with will to a man who lost his friend that he went to the movies with. you will hear him on "america's newsroom." he will testify today. >> i don't think mr. holmes cared about it and murdered my friend and 11 others in the theater on july 20th which we'll never forget. ññ does all greek yogurt have to be
7:40 am
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7:43 am
because there were just so many screams and there were so many gunfires. martha: that was jurors hearing a emotional testimony from survivors of the aurora massacre. they recalled the 2012 attack by james holmes in a movie theater? colorado. holmes pleading not guilty by reason of insanity for this trial. the prosecution is trying to convince the jury it was a calculated act of mass murder and he deserves to die. >> i'm going to ask you to reject that guy's claim that he didn't know right from wrong. that he didn't have the ability to inform the intent to act or plan or deliberate and premeditate. i'm going to come right here to ask you to hold him accountable for murdering 12 people and trying to murder 70 others. >> those are powerful open the other day by the district attorney. marcus weaver who you see on the left, was sitting in the fifth row that day with his friend rebecca wingo, a mother of two.
7:44 am
he was shot twice in the right shoulder. survived the attack. his friend rebecca sadly did not. marcus is scheduled to testify this afternoon. he joins us outside of the courthouse with his attorney phil harding. good morning gentlemen. very good to have you here. i know this is a big stay for you, marcus? >> yeah. it will be a big day. it's a culmination of, almost three years, just thinking about this day, and what it would look like and, just feelings around it. of course as we get closer to the day today is that day, it is just, the emotions start all over again, the anxiety. i've always had a good team around me. i'm so thankful for people like phil harden coming into my life and my wife. a professional team to build me back up. the same community, that was tore down was the same community that built me back up. so i'm very thankful. martha: so good to hear, so good to hear you sounding so good and
7:45 am
ready for today. i do want to ask you, there are some people, i know you said you think about this almost every moment of every day what happened in the theater, that right? >> absolutely. i don't think it ever goes away. i just think you learn coping skills. for about two years i wasn't seeing any therapists or getting any treatment or anything. taking care of my arm which was getting numb periodically throughout the two years. i figured, that you know, i didn't deserve getting my arm fixed. i thought i could do thinks on my own. i walked into phil's office, he recommended that i started to seeking some help for depression. that i start getting some help for my arm. it turns out that my arm got better. i ended up losing 60 pounds. feeling good about myself going into the stretch. martha: good for you. >> so i'm excited. martha: good i'm glad. i do want to ask you because i read your story and want to share everybody your story with
7:46 am
everybody at home. what bought you there with you and rebecca. >> me an rebecca were not friends that long. we were friends about a month. she was one of people with bright smile. she was a chinese linguist in the military. had two great kids. committed to relationship with her ex-husband, robert wingo where the kids were all together. anybody added on part of that family. i felt part of their family. that was tragic it was torn apart. now it has been three christmases they have seen their mom. it has been three christmases and easter. it is tough part of this case is the memory of the other even the other 11 and also the baby and hanging out with, you know, just the different folks in the trial and, who are part of it. it is really somber in the courtroom. even in the overflow. martha: no doubt. marcus when you were sitting in the theater that night what was the first thing you saw? did you see james holmes at any point when the firing began? >> well absolutely.
7:47 am
the smoke bomb, as said many times tear gas or smoke bomb went across the bottom row. i was sitting in the fifth row. i would say about three rose from kaitlin bailey, who i had known for a long time who testified, kind of amazing resilience and testified so amazing yesterday really inspired me for today. and, you know, once that bomb went off, we really thought it was prank. the last words i said to rebecca, somebody is laying off a smoke bomb. she agreed with me. what ensued after that is what a lot of us will never forget. a gunman came out and started shooting with a ar-15. it sounded like thunder. at first we just sat there. unfortunately my friend was taken away during that time early on. but i didn't know at the time. we got on the ground. in the middle of all that chaos shooting, people stepping on you, just on the floor, with the popcorn all in your face, just everything. thinking about all the chaos
7:48 am
the sounds. just all those things. a voice in my head said he would stop shooting and that i should leave the theater. and, there was no one else who would have known that i didn't find out until four months later. that exactly wh%t happened. his gun had jammed. i'm very fortunate the lord guided my steps out of the theater. i'm so thankful just to even be here every day. martha: we're thankful that you're here too. marcus, thank you. and thank you for sharing your story with us today. and phil, thank you for standing by him as he does all of this and goes through all of this. we'll be watching this case throughout. gentlemen, we wish you well. many thanks. >> thank you. bill: strong man who has to live that yet again. all right, "happening now" rolls your way in ten minutes. here is jon scott for a quick preview. hello jon. bill: >> good morning, bill. the cleanup in baltimore gets underway in earnest after a tense mostly quiet night.
7:49 am
curfew kept things calm mostly. today we'll keep an eye on it and delve into how the outbreak of violence happened and what we can do to stop it next time. plus, new revelations about the clinton foundation. preparing for the big one in california. >> remembering a war fighter who gave his all eight years later. "happening now." bill? bill: got it, okay jon see you at the top of the hour, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. so schools are back open, calm is back for now but something extraordinary happens in three hours. something that never happened in the history of america's greatest pastime. we'll tell you about that next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
bill: you know here in pallet baltimore, there is one image you saw the mother literally slapping up side the head of her son.
7:53 am
puthim away from the area. they did not want her son to be a victim. there are images including this one from late sunday. this gentleman is wearing a punisher t-shirt. he is trying to get between the police and those on the street. just watch here. >> do not give him a reason. do not give him a reason. [shouting] >> listen to me. do not give him a reason. bill: do not give them a reason. another image here, this, offer for national guard troop on right this fellow offering a bottle water. this is not necessarily hot in baltimore. this is a cool image to capture. here is an image you have never seen in the history of baseball. live in camden yards here. 2:05 today three hours from now, the chicago white sox will play a game against the
7:54 am
baltimore orioles after two of their games were already canceled this week. one unmanned night. one on tuesday night. they will play a game in an empty stadium. the public is not invited. it has never happened in history of this great american sport. part of the reason that is happening. a curfew is not 10:10 eastern time. we know that. over the weekend martha there was a lal rally in downtown baltimore. in the protest went to camden yards. that sparked to what we saw sunday and monday night. clearly they will not take any chances. you made a decision to play a baseball game. it will be an extraordinary thing to see an empty stadium with two ball clubs on the field. somebody scores and there is no one there to say job well-done. we'll watch it for you. martha: it was interesting choice. rudy giuliani talking about it this morning. you need to fill the stadium. everybody who works in the stadium needs to go to work to
7:55 am
sell sodas and hotdogs everything else that will help bring the city back to sense of normalcy. i can't think of anything that would help that more in many ways having it this afternoon. right in the middle d around. starts at 2:00. to get wheels turning to everybody back to normally. i think surprising decision. but we'll see. we'll see how it goes. bill: they love their orioles. they loss love the ravens. they got a shot to see them play on television. but not in person. martha: we'll see. bill: we're talking to former governor bob ehrlich saying about infighting between the police and the mayor's office and the governor's office. rarely do we get a republican governor in office. so so you're going to have conflicts like this and different approaches in different matters. this played out for the country to see and for the world to see for that matter the past couple days. martha: it did. raises a lot of questions about
7:56 am
the way to do things. hopefully as the president said everybody that doesn't go away, we stick around and try to solve the problems and really get to the heart of them. phil, thank you very much. great having you down there the past couple days. this story coming up there are new allegations in the pay to play scandal surrounding the clinton foundation. what will the latest reldeveloplation of 1000 unreported donors -- remember there was one we talked about before? this was a thousand. what it means for hillary's campaign
7:57 am
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>> the story in baltimore is not over. massive national rally planned for this saturday. a huge turnout, and the start time at 2:00. the theme behind this rally is to talk about the bear and behind the burn. it is calm for now but the story in baltimore is far from over. >> we will see and we expect it
8:00 am
is great having you here for this whole story. it has been extraordinary to watch this unfold. the last one on fox news. we will see you back here tomorrow. have a good day. ♪ >> baltimore tries to clean up with a mandatory curfews lifted a few hours ago after relatively calm night. welcome to happening now. i am john scott. >> i am jenna lee and we are live in baltimore, thousands of police and national guardsmen forced the first night of the mandatory curfew to avoid a repeat of the worst ride the city has seen since 1961. the violence follows the funeral of freddie gray who died in injuries he suffered in police custody and last night the curfew got off to a rocky start with protestors defying warnings from authorities ref


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