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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 28, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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in danger right here. who is inside to say nothing of the firefighters risking their lives and may have families of their own to protect people against this madness. thank people from y this madness. thanks for being with us tonight. our coverage will continue and we'll have more for you tomorrow night on "the kelly fire" right here. right now, baltimore still burning. rioters spilling into the streets overnight on a path of destruction. charmed city looking more like a war zone. protesters seeing crashing cars driving them right through fires that are intentionally set. all of this happening on the day of freddie gray's funeral. he died from injuries suffered in police coverage. >> the big question this morning, could the violence at least in part have been prevented? welcome to an early edition of fox & frents first. a busy two hours this morning. we have reaction and expert analysis. >> but first, peter is live on
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the ground in baltimore. peter, what is the latest? >> heather, the latest is that a lot of the protesters who turned rioters still are out on the streets. they have not gone to bed. in fact we're here at the mall right now, at the mondawmin mall. the police line is still there and we noticed that -- you hear a lot of gunfire when you're out there on the street. and we noticed that there was somebody about to light a car on fire and we just had to get out of there. it is too unstable now for a second day at 4:00 in the morning. now, we presume that these are people who have been going all night and that they are not getting an early start on a second day of rioting. but it is extraordinary to see the amount of criminal activity on the streets as the police just stand there and they let it happen. the police have been standing there. they have been now defending,
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also their response. or lack of response in some cases. and they say that they knew that this was coming. they just didn't have enough listen to this. >> did we plan for it? yes, we planned for it. that wasn't the issue. we had too many people out there to overcome the numbers that we had to sustain the issue overall. >> now the national guard is on the streets of baltimore. you can see we're here at the mall where some of the action was yesterday. there's a national guard parked outside a dunkin donuts where a lot of people would be heading on a tuesday morning before work to get their coffee and maybe a doughnut. not today, though. police officers and the national guard vehicle there. could be as many as 5,000 national guard personnel here as events warrant. also as many as 1500 maryland state police troopers coming in to help. in terms of injuries and arrests, we're told at least two
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dozen rioters were arrested out of the hundreds or thousands that we saw reeking havoc. today is going to be interesting because the baltimore schools are closed. yesterday we saw a lot of school-aged kids who were out participating in the mayhem. and now they don't have anywhere to go today. so today is going to be very interesting. >> oh wow, i didn't think about that. you're right, peter. the national guard, as you were saying they're there. they're there on the ground. more could be coming in. they're taking orders now from local law enforcement. could that change though, peter, if the situation doesn't improve? >> you know the question -- i believe i heard you right. right now, they are just getting into position. as for what comes next we do not have a good idea. they're not tipping their hand about a game plan. in fact we asked a police officer this morning if they could tell us where the national guard was and they don't -- they wouldn't tell us because they don't want anybody to know where they are staging, where the
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equipment is and where the national guardsmen are. but surely throughout the day we will see them. and as this story develops, we will see exactly what they are here to do. >> peter live for us on the ground in battler more, thank you, peter. so where is the leadership? as tensions boil over into the streets of baltimore, the city's mayor is now facing backlash for her response or lack thereof. kelly wright here with more on why she is being blamed for the violence. >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake under fire for the city's response to the violence. and it goes back to comments she made over the weekend that sound as if she was actually trying to justify the riots. perhaps she misspoke. >> while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, you know things that were going on we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as
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well. and we worked very hard to -- to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate. >> those words will haunt her. rawlings-blake now backtracking insisting her words were taken out of context. the mayor saying she wanted to give peaceful protesters a chance to get out their message. >> i never said nor would i ever say, that we are giving people space to destroy our city. my words should not be twisted. >> also under question right now, the timing of that citywide curfew. it was wasn't announced until last night and it doesn't go into effect until tonight despite clear warnings on social media. this calling for a percentage this is in reference to a 2013 movie in which a 24-hour period of no laws leads to widespread violence and looting. instead of blaming the looters and rioters that the mayor once
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called thugs she is now saying it's the media's fault the violence has gotten out of control. >> it is very unfortunate that members of your industry decided to mischaracterize my words and try to use it as a way to say that we are inciting violence. there's no such thing. >> meantime some local city council members and clergy leaders initially took to the streets to dissuade people from rioting, but rioters ignored their pleas. >> kelly wright thank you. we have a question for you. why did the governor and the mayor fail to impose an immediate curfew? >> well we go back to the police commissioner anthony batts, who during a news conference made it very clear. he said apparently it was going to to take time to move all the necessary assets of the national guard and the additional police and place to enforce the curfew. because of that the rioters took advantage of that. >> thank you, kelly. all the violence all the
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chaos, coming just hours after freddie gray's family lays him to rest. thousands of loved ones and even strangers packing a church to say their good-byes to the 25-year-old. his family calling for peace. but that plea obviously falling on deaf ears. >> i want you all to get justice for my son, but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him. it's wrong. >> gray died last week just days after police arrested him on the street. he was hahn cuffed put in a police van without a seat belt and after that allegedly making eye contact with authorities and then running away. somehow, he suffered a severe spinal injury while he was in police custody. it's still unclear exactly how or when he was injured. officers maintained they did not use extreme force on gray but he did say he asked for medical
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support multiple times. they admit they should have called for help sooner. some are calling this payback for police brutality in baltimore. >> we just heard from kelly wright about criticism over the mayor's comments. another big issue, the mayor waiting until tonight to impose a curfew. many are wondering why wait? joining us now to weigh in retired new jersey police detective steven rogers. thank you for joining us so irl this morning. we appreciate it.. >> you're welcome. as we watch these temperatures unfold since about 3:30 yesterday around the first question that comes to mind is why wait on that curfew? >> well this has been an epic failure of leadership since the statement was made by the mayor, which appears to have given the protesters a green light to do what they will and a red light to the police to hold back. now, you compound that with a curfew that should have been imposed immediately, you have to wonder what in the world is going on with the leadership in
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that city. >> yeah. i mean it's 4:00 a.m. now and there's still people out there on the street still reeking havoc, lighting fires and causing problems. >> curfew should have been imposed immediately. you've got people on the streets. the streets are still in the control of the thugs. and we have to keep this in mind. the people of that city my heart goes out to them and i'm sure the rest of america's heart goes out to them. it's their schools, their churches their civic centers that being burned to the ground by thugs. these aren't the people who live there. a lot of these are outside agitators. and i must tell you that over the weekend, the city officials knew it was coming. why they didn't prepare is beyond anyone's comprehension. >> and we heard the governor speak yesterday and the governor seemed to place blame on the mayor saying they wanted the mayor to call they were waiting for her call before they called in additional help. >> i understand he has to try to reach out for her. he was trying to find her. >> but did he need to do that?
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>> no. she should have immediately called the governor's office get the national guard ready and bring them in and secure neighborhoods for those people. >> we've seen the pictures. only making 27 arrests at this point as we see loj rioting. >> the only logical region is they didn't have enough manpower to go in and quell the violence. they had word chrisble information that there were gang members out there looking to kill police officers. so those police officers may have very well been walking into a trap at one point. so it was better to be safe than sorry? >> there's a possibility that that happened also. this mayor tried to be so politically correct, they messed this whole operation up but we'll probably never know. the point is they did this well to protect life and to protect
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the safety of the neighborhoods to a degree. obviously, they failed when it came to the destruction. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. >> it is 9:10. we have more on our top story, the riots, baltimore, protesters were on the street at 11:00 in the morning. we'll take you live to what's happening right now. >> the new surveillance photos police want you and your family to see so that you can help find her. but first, a look across the country's weather all day.
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are you guys watching this picture? did you just see that? >> get out of the way. >> you know, it's -- you see? get back get back. get up on the stairs. are you watching this, guys? are they watching this? >> he's coming back. >> steve, are you watching this? >> unbelievable. scenes of chaos unfolding into the night across baltimore. you saw that crazed driver plowing through the fires, set intentionally. and that was fox news's own leland right in the middle of it. >> so let's get right now to joe waldman who is live there on the ground this morning. joel what's happening now?
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>> go go go go. >> how are you doing? the city here this part that we're in in front of city hall here in baltimore is actually relatively quiet. it's a good distance -- i know you talked to peter at the top of the hour and he's about a mile and a half or so west of our position here. so this part of baltimore, a tale of two cities now, much more quiet. occasionally you can hear the faint din of police and fire engines here traveling through the city. the police department is just behind the view of the camera and a short time ago we saw a police chopper head out from this position here. now, the national guard this morning has arrived in the city of baltimore. we're hearing that up to 5,000 national guardsmen could be deployed. right now, obviously, the number is far fewer than that. we saw some of their mobilized
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units maneuvering through the city heading out to some of the more troubled spots. but, again, this part of the city a lot more quiet now. obviously, the governor of maryland declaring a state of emergency. 15 police officers injured pretty badly overnight. the extent of their injuries vary obviously, from officer to officer. one was knocked unconscious, reportedly hit in the head with a rock. and the condition of that specific officer still unknown. more than two dozen people arrested a short time ago, not far from here. the police commissioner spoke about his officers. >> one officer knocked out, hit in the head. he was taken to the hospital. i just checked on him. he's doing better. i had an officer on his left kneecap severely damaged. there again, shock trauma. i had two more officers down, injured fairley seriously. all are going to be okay, but sustained heavy damage in their bodies by flying debris rocks,
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sticks, bottles. >> now, in addition to the baltimore police national guardsmen are obviously here, as we mentioned. also anywhere between 500 and 1500 maryland state troopers are on their way in. heard you guys talking about the curfew. that goes into effect this evening. obviously, a lot of criticism not just in the guests you had on guys but also from people here within the city that this curfew was not instituted last night, instead, waiting for that curfew to now begin tonight. >> joe, we saw video of them throwing rocks, right, or throwing rocks at the firefighters. what steps are being taken to protect those men and women that are out there doing their jobs trying to protect the community? >> well you know they are creating police lines. obviously, safety comes first in these situations for these first responders. so in any sort of fire situation in general, firefighters in
1:19 am
certain neighborhoods will wait for the police to come to their aid first before they enter these neighborhoods. in this case they are creating these fire lines, police lines and the firemen are following ahead of that. something they're doing, they're plugging holes in the fire hoses which makes it very hard to extinguish the fires. >> we watched that last night. unbelievable. thank you, joel. the time now, 19 after the top of the hour. a race against time to find survivors in the rubble after that devastating earthquake in nepal. the brand new concern that could make the situation even worse. and then some heart stopping video. kids getting ready to board a school bus nearly taken out by that speeding suv.
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developing now in nepal, rescuers pull more victims out of the rubble of that 7.2 magnitude earthquake. developing concerns for that country's leaders now asking the world to help gather supplies for thousands of people now forced to live in tents outdoors. the death toll climbing to more than 4400 including a fourth american. now, the state department confirms vinn truang died at the base of mt. everest. google executive dan freddenberg has also died. dozens more americans are also missing. it is feared the death toll could grow to as many as 10,000.
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also developing at this hours, a desperate search is under way for a missing florida girl. morgan disappeared from his kissimmee home after going to bed last thursday. her family woke up friday morning to find her gone. they say the girl is no stranger to running away but the concern grew after these surveillance pictures of her and a stranger a strange man, surfaced. this was from a nearby walmart parking lot. as of now, police believe the child is no longer with that man because she was spotted alone in poll county on saturday. a historic day for the supreme as arguments on gay marriage begin. people have been lined up for days to ensure a seat in the chamber for the 2 1/2 hours of extended hearings. the arguments will focus on whether bans on marriage are constitutional and if they are, whether states with bans will recognize out of state gay marriages. currently, 36 states and washington, d.c. do allow same-sex marriage. heart stopping video from washington state shows the
1:25 am
moment an suv almost plows into three young students. wow. that car flying down the shoulder to get around the line of cars stopped behind the bus. thankfully the kids were not hurt but it could have been a very different story. >> i just think, man, why would someone do that? they could just wait there until the bus goes. they could at least honk or something, but not try to run kids over. >> the school district says the bus's lights and stop sign were up. parents hope that that driver is found. >> oh to at least honk or something. 25 minutes after the top of the hour. i know. it's awful. our breaking news will continue. rioters looting stores attacking police officers overnight. >> and with all the chaos in the streets, can the demonstrators face charges?
1:26 am
why our next guest says detectives are likely already working on it.
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to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ or go to to try 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ bath more is still looking like a war zone. >> protesters seen crashing cars through fires intentionally set. all of this happening on the day of freddie gray's funeral.
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he died from injuries suffered in police custody. the big question this morning, could the violence at least in part have been prevented? >> so let's get right to peter doocy live on the ground in baltimore. peter. >> state of emergency seems like an understatement. the national guard is at a dunkin' donuts in baltimore, maryland. 1500 national guardsmen have been deployed in 5,000 officers from throughout the mid-atlantic could soon be on their way to help restore order through the streets of baltimore. and the curfew doesn't even start until tonight at 10:00. schools are going to be closed in baltimore all day today. rowdy teenagers that we saw out here yesterday, will they stay home? and will everybody else? listen here to law enforcement officials. >> i am extremely disappointed
1:31 am
in what has happened in this beautiful city tonight. this is not protesting this is not your first amendment rights. this is just criminal acts doing damage to a community for those kids that came off that campus. take control of your kids. this is our city. let's make a difference. >> the family of freddie gray who died in police custody asked people to remain calm but many people did not listen. that's what we saw all yesterday afternoon and all night, including, still, this morning. and the police for the most part have been keeping their distance making just more than two dozen arrests. they say they are very concerned about gangs united to kill cops. some gang members have called for peace in all this but others in baltimore just continue burning the city down. just blocks from here in fact cars are smouldering, police are holding a line but provocative protesters are testing their
1:32 am
patience. and there were places last night where the police were nowhere near these rioters. as my producer and i were driving into baltimore last night, we didn't see any police officers. we were trying to say where city hall was. we were driving in our rental car and a shoe store was being completely overrun by looters. people were escaping through a metal gate with boxes of shoes under their arms. no police in sight. it was just happening. so will that be the case again today? the sun is about to come up. the damage is not going to be pretty and the chance -- there is a chance that this team will continue to -- and there are different groups of people fighting each other on the streets out there last night. the schools are closed today. what about any other businesses? >> we've seen a lot of businesses just driving around
1:33 am
this morning that have a lot of broken glass, a lot of merchandise missing from the shelves. those places are going to be open so that the store owners can go and clean up the mess that was destroyed by these rowdy protesters turned rioters. everybody else it's going to be a wait and see thing. there is going to be a curfew tonight at 10:00. that should in fact a lot of businesses tonight. but today, it really looks like it is going to depend on how the day starts. >> yeah. and just to let people know that video that we were just showing, that was a mom that found her son out there rioting and she took things into her own hands and told him to get home. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> parents, get your kids inside. tensions are broiling over. residents are now wondering who is to blame? is this the mayor's fault?
1:34 am
she's facing backlash for her slow response to the growing violence and kelly wright is here now with why she is at the center of the chaos in her city. >> good morning to you. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake under fire for comments she made over the weekend that sound as if she was giving a license for people to go out and do what they did. >> while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, you know things that were going on we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. and we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate. >> well the mayor is strongly insisting that her words were taken out of context. the mayor is saying she wanted to give peaceful protesters a chance to get their message out.
1:35 am
>> i never said nor would i ever say we were keeping people space to destroy our city. my words should not be twisted. >> a citywide curfew was not announced until last night. this flyer circulating among baltimore high school students calling for a percentage. and this is a reference to a 2013 movie in which a 24-hour period of no laws leads to widespread violence and looting. but instead of blaming the looters and rioters that the mayor has called thug she says it's the media's fault that violence has gotten out of control. >> it is very unfortunate that members of your industry decided to mischaracterize my words and tried to use it as a way to say that we are inciting violence. there's no such thing. >> the mandatory curfew by the way, goes into effect as we've heard from peter doocy tonight at 10:00 for at least the next week. we've heard some of the city
1:36 am
council members were there trying to persuade all the rioters to stop doing this. was there mayor there during these riots, as well? >> the mayor did a couple of drive-byes but in terms of being on the front lines to tell the people to stop go home pay attention like we saw that mother do with the son that she found, there are no reports that she did that. >> kelly wright for us live here in the studio thank you, kelly. >> all the violence all the chaos coming hours after freddie gray's family laid him to rest. his family members called for peace, but obviously that fell on deaf ears. >> i want y'all to get justice for my son, but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him. it's wrong. >> gray died last week just days after police arrested him on the street. officers handcuffed him and put him in a police van without a seat belt after he allegedly made eye contact with the authorities and ran away.
1:37 am
he somehow suffered a severe spinal injury while he was in police custody. now, officers maintain that they did not use extreme force on gray but they do say that he asked for medical help several times and they admit that they should have acted sooner to help. six officers are now suspended. right now, rioters are justifying their act. some calling it payback for police brutality in baltimore. from social media posts to threats from gangs, city leaders did have fair warning, but why didn't they act sooner? joining us now is retired fbi special agent tim clemente. thanks for joining us tim. tim, how in the world did it get to this point? we're told police officers were warned. >> well i think you have to look at the administration. i know the mayor is saying her words were twisted, but the words were pretty clear what she spoke. even if she wasn't trying to incite violence she is certainly allowing it.
1:38 am
the fact that she didn't call for the state of emergency for the national guard sooner and/or call for any kind of a curfew is indication that she didn't think it would get this far, but it clearly has. and i think the expectation is for the law enforcement personnel to stand back and let protesters protest. but now that seems to be the pols policy for violent intruders. when these people come in and make baltimore look like benghazi we have a problem and it's a problem that unfortunately is going to be very hard to get back into the jeanie's bottle. because, you know stopping this thing when it was just protesters and it startedugly would have been the thing to do and i don't know -- i can't think of a logical reason why law enforcement would intention wrally do this without orders from on high. >> it really is unreal. as we take a look at these pictures it's been happening since 3:30 yesterday afternoon. it's continued to get worse. what happens to these people that we see? they're caught on video looting and assaulting officers.
1:39 am
can they be prosecuted? >> absolutely. the videos that are being taken, the photographs that are being taken and posted can all be used. hopefully investigators are already digging into some of this if they have the personnel available. especially the primary incity gators the gang leaders out there inciting this violence and doing the looting and trying to harm police officers. these are violent felonies. these aren't just misdemeanor trespassing charges we're talking about. we're talking about assault first and second degree burglary arson, first and second degree. these individuals need to be stopped and they need to be stopped so this doesn't continue. if we can take some of the leaders off the street by immediately arresting them. and i'm not talking about 27 arrests over a period of 48 or 72 hours, but hopefully dozens if not maybe a hundred or more arrests in the next 24 to 48 hours. to make this all stop and put some of these people away for what they've done. >> tom, it's hard to hear what
1:40 am
you're saying. we're watching these videos and watching people throw rocks at police officers and they're standing down. shawn handy said when that first rocket is thrown absolutely not, you arrest those rioters because you're setting a precedent for what is happening in the next few days. why isn't that happening? >> again, it has to be orders from on high. i was a cop in st. louis, missouri which we had our own problems at that time. it would never have been tolerated back then to allow police officers to be injured. literally, cops are being taken to the hospital and other cops are standing by. that's not from their own desire. obviously, it's from orders on high. >> only 27 arrests so far that have been reported to us. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the time now is 4:40. back to terror why the man who
1:41 am
recruited the 1100 hijackers could be out of u.s. custody. >> and baltimore is still burning after violent riots injured police officers. we'll be back there on the ground as the national guard is moving in. that's next. z
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1:44 am
. developing in nepal, rescuers pulling more victims out of the rubble of that 7.2 magnitude earthquake as concerns grow about shortage of food water and medical supplies. country leaders now asking the world to help gather supplies to thousands of people living in tents outdoors. the death toll climbing now to more than 4,400, including a fourth american. the state department does confirm that vin truhang died at the base camp of mt. everest. filmmaker tom kaplain, google xrve dan freedenberg have also
1:45 am
died. dozens of more americans are still missing this morning. there are fears that the death toll could top 10,000. back to our fox news alert, baltimore in complete and utter chaos. right now, the national guard and city police on high alert as rioters ran sacked and set fire to the city. let's get right to joe waldman. he is live on the ground. joe, what is happening right now? >> heather, we're outside of baltimore city hall right now. and i have to say, in this section of baltimore, it's actual relative quiet. you wouldn't even know anything was going on in the city if it were not for the fact that just behind our camera position here is a baltimore main police department. and there, you can't really pivot the camera right now, but over there, you can see police officers gearing up here. there are barricades in front of the police department and occasionally you will see police vehicles streaming by. something you don't see every day is a armorized mechanized
1:46 am
army looking vehicle. and that of course are the national guardsmen who arrived here in baltimore this morning. they're expected to be about 1500 strong. the maryland state police have said that that's about what they will need in order to get this situation under control. but the national guard has said they are willing to bring about 5,000 troops to baltimore if necessary. meanwhile, obviously, a state of emergency has been declared. the governor has deployed right now, also about 500 state troopers to baltimore to help out and he is requesting about 5,000 additional law enforcement officers from neighboring cities. meanwhile, one baltimore resident that we talked to a short time ago, he says he understands the reason behind all this chaos. >> i don't condone this or anything form or fashion, but i
1:47 am
understand where these young, black men, you know how they feel. they're emotional. they're mad. you know? >> yeah. >> and, you know i'm a peacemaker you know and i -- i've tried to talk to these men, man, but they -- you know they're like -- like i said there's a lot of emotions and they're tired. >> you know, people here are tired. obviously, emotions running very very high. nerves seem to be obviously quite frayed. speaking of that a curfew will be instituted tonight. i know we talked about this in the last half hour. residents here in baltimore not just law enforcement officers you've been talking with in the studio but residents here upset that that curfew was not instituted last night. it will go into effect tonight and hopefully that can help stem some of the chaos around the city. heather. >> and some of those folks causing that chaos, gang members. what do we know about the gangs involved? >> well police got a credible
1:48 am
tip yesterday. the police commissioner talked about it saying perhaps these gangs are working in concert. you know, you've heard of the bloods and the cryps. there's the black guerilla the military term. they are all working in concert, as the police commissioner said to potentially try to take out baltimore police officers. this is clearly a very serious threat that the police commissioner and the other agencies are taking to heart, taking it very very seriously, heather. >> joe waldman, thank you very much. we appreciate it. the time now is 4:48. he hoped to recruit 9/11 hijackers, but he could soon go back to terror. what we have just learned about his potential release. and say so longevity lag. why the travel time blues could be a thing of the past.
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president obama continues to empty out guantanamo bay. nearly a dozen prisoners being transferred. mohammed du solahi the alleged recruiter of the 9/11 hijacker, supposedly one of the men being transferred out of the prison. state department officials deny he's among the prisoners being released from gitmo. preaching climate change from the pulpit on your dime. the federal government now spending $84,000 taxpayer dollars to study how pastors and other religious leaders can change the environmental behaviors of their congregation. it's designed to reach millions of people on the subject of
1:53 am
climate change. a teacher is being hailed a hero after stopping what could have been a deadly school shooting. police say a 16-year-old student fired off two shots inside washington's north thurston high school. one into the ground and another into the air. and the ensuing chaos, social security teacher brady olson he dove into action knot knocking the shooter to the ground. students thankful for his quick thinking. >> when we all ran away he was leading the other two men to run towards him. but he did save a lot of people. possibly even me possibly even my friends. >> it is suspected that the student was attempting so-called suicide by cop. he is booked on several weapons charges. a 17-year-old girl forced by the courts to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer is at home this morning in remission after spending five months in a connecticut hospital. the teen identified only as cassandra c. was released from
1:54 am
the facility yesterday after completing treatment. cassandra and her mother initially refused the chemo, want to go explore alternative treatments. but connecticut's supreme court ruled that cassandra didn't have the maturity to make her own medical decisions. it affects 1 in 6 american adults. but the good news is there is a new drug that might help treat yao high cholesterol. those taking this new drug in a recent trial were found to have lower levels of ldl, which is the so-called bad cholesterol. in some, it was reduced by 60%. the meds are shown to reduce the chance of heart attack. experts do warn they need to conduct more trials. and jet lag, grounded forever? an international team of scientists have discovered that what they claim is a reset button for our internal body clock. the study claims that light stimulates the making of specific proteins that synchronize the body's clock rhythm with daily environmental cycles.
1:55 am
researchers developed treatments for jet lag and depression with their findings. it is now 4:54. our top story, baltimore erupts. the breaking developments there from the ground. >> the chaos continuing. expert analysis and team coverage, minutes away. stay with us.
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going on, ryan's daydreaming and inability to focus. it was just frustrating to get my mom to understand what i was going through.
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so that's when we talked to a doctor and she wasdiagnosed with adhd. it just explained so many things for us. hyperactivity isn't the only symptom of adhd, inattentive symptoms like ryan's, can be less noticeable learn more. get the adhd symptom checklist at then talk with your daughter's doctor. keep momming. it's tuesday, april 28th. a fox news alert, baltimore burning, chaos, cars torched, cops are injured. the question this morning, could this all have been prevented? >> we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well. >> the city's mayor now backtracking after giving protesters a license to riot. live team coverage, just moments away. a race against time to find survivors in the rubble after the devastating earthquake in nepal. the brand new concern that could make the situation even worse.
1:59 am
and he helped recruit the 9/11 hijackers, but he could soon go back to terror. what we have just learned about his potential release. "fox & friends" first continues right now. and we do begin with that fox news alert. baltimore on edge. the city looking like a war zone this morning. protesters spending the night setting fires and throwing bottles at police. >> the national guard just arriving there and all this chaos unfoaling on the day that freddie gray is laid to rest. he is the man who died while in police custody. >> and we have complete coverage on this breaking story. let's begin with peter doozys doocy, live on the ground in baltimore. they are not really protests they are rioters, right, peter? >> that's right, heather. the city is smoldering before sunrise. many rioters are still on the streets and they are still testing the patience of a police force that has been desperately
2:00 am
trying to just keep the peace and has been desperately trying to corral this unruly mob away from innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with this. >> i am proud of the officers who are out there who were hit to the head who were sent to the hospital in their courage standing tall in light of all of the things. >> schools are closed here today. so teenaged rioters who hit the streets yesterday have nowhere to go. 1500 national guardsmen have been sent to keep the peace. 5,000 officers were mid atlantic will soon join them here. the family of freddie gray who died in police custody has been calling for peace. they don't want any of this in their son's name. but so far a majority of the rioters haven't listened. the result has been the loss of small businesses the loss of a multi-million dollar senior center still under construction and the loss of many many


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