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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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n estates right nowbegins right now. the united states pledging an additional $9 million in disaster relief assistance as rescuers struggle to find survivors of that quake, that powerful earthquake in nye pal. the death toll soaring past 4,000 today including four americans. this is the rs. i'm shannon breen in for gretchen carlson. emergency response teams working to reach climbers stranded on mt. everest and remote mountain villages all across the region. we're also hearing unbelievable stories of survival. >> it was like 4,000 feet of stone just kind of coming. there's nowhere to run. so i told everybody get down. then put my hands over my head like just buried myself as much as i could. >> kitty, what can you tell us about the latest casualties as those numbers continue to
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change? >> reporter: that death toll is still, sadly, rising. unfortunately, officials expect the numbers to increase as the rescue effort moves further into outlaying, more isolated areas. as you've seen it is rather spectacular drone foot animal. there was sporadic damage throughout the city of kathmandu and people are still being rescued from those damaged buildings but time is running out to still find survivors alive, as you know. about a quarter of fatalities reported so far are in the capital. are reports of people still trapped but of particular concern is this area around the epicenter of the earthquake. you can see there is utter devastation here. these are remote mountain villages. very few resources available to local people there. there are fears there could be many more dead in those areas. aid agencies have started to reach some of these mountain villages. they say people they've come across so far say they've received no help whatsoever. >> i know that there was trouble
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yesterday with the airport as far as trying to get the aid that was attempting to come in from around the world. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that airport has reopened. it was closed laugh a day, as you know. now we have a lot of specialists, international aid teams, medical teams, search and rescue teams coming in from all over the world. the u.s. military is sending an aid flight that's due to land in the capital catkathmandu tonight. the u.s. government is now pledging a total of $10 million to help victims of that earthquake. of course help can't come too soon. we've already seen recovery teams from neighboring india in place. they're sending helicopters, for example, in isolated villages to drop off aid, then bring out casualties back to the capital. but also in the capital we're witnessing very chaotic scenes. people sleeping outside for fear of aftershocks. they're sleeping in tents out on the streets. there's no power. shops are not open. there are problems with supplies
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getting in. people have lost their homes. and this is also peak season for climbers for trekkers to visit nepal. the red cross has listed a number of foreigners missing. amongst them 100 americans still unaccounted for. as you say, four of those american citizens have now been confirmed dead. shannon. >> quit kitty logan. one british climber dramatically survived a deadly avalanche on mountain everest by outrunning it. selena dicker made it to a ridge just in time escaping that wall of snow and rocks as it came thundering down the slopes. this is the second time that dicker's tried to climb the world's tallest mountain. she had to cancel her first attempt last year because an avalanche hit while she was preparing and that one killed her guide. there are brand-new reports that the administration is that relatives of u.s. hostages are, or are not, allowed to negotiate with their captors.
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the news comes after it's been revealed the family of an american hostage killed in a recent u.s. air strike had reportedly paid the terrorists trying to free him. it is a move that could have resulted in prosecution. rich so is the administration changing its policy? there's some nuance here. >> there is nuance here. good afternoon. the white house says there is an ongoing review of the long-standing u.s. policy for the u.s. government not to pay ransom for hostages. the family of james foley, the journalist who was murdered by isis say that they were told that they would be prosecuted if they attempted themselves to pay a ransom for their son. the administration has denied that. as to the white house changing its policy or explicitly saying that it would allow families to negotiate and pay ransom for their loved ones the white house is deferring to the justice department. >> it's important that that information fbi streamlined so that accurate information is being communicated in a timely
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fashion to the family of someone who's being held hostage. that's what the focus is of the review. the review is not reconsidering the long-established u.s. policy of not making concessions to terrorist organizations. >> reporter: the reasoning behind that policy says the administration, they don't want to encourage would-be hostage takers and set a bad precedent. >> we understand former president george w. bush speaking at a private event had some criticism of foreign policy maybe not directly mentioning the president's name but it sounded sort of pointed. what do we know about what he said? >> a handful of accounts on this where bloomberg is reporting president george w. bush said this president, barack obama, was naive about iran and pending nuclear deal was placing the u.s. in retreat around the world and misreading iran's intentions especially when it came to removing sanctions. a somewhat different account of "the new york times" saying it was a tacit critique of mr. obama and he had a failure to
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follow through on a number of his verbal threats. reaching out to george bush's spokesperson the former president's spokesperson for him says they are not commenting on this as it was a closed door off-the-record meeting. >> sometimes things don't always stay off the record. rich thank you very much. the u.s. drone program in the crosshairs after the deaths of an american and an italian hostage in pakistan. we are learning the obama administration apparently relaxed the rules for drone strikes allowing the cia to target militants in packkistan without first proving that they posed an immigrant threat to the u.s. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is live in washington tracking all of this. what can you tell us about these so-called signature strikes? >> well shannon, signature strikes are based on a target's pattern of life. that's defined by who they associate with travel with, as well as their access to weapons and other suspect behavior. what we know now that the administration allowed the cia
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to operate with looser rules in pakistan basing drone strikes on this pattern of lies rather than the target's specific identity of whether they pose an imminent threat to the u.s. if this exception had not been in place, the cia would have been required to gather more information about the target and may have even delayed or put off the strike all together that killed worker warren weinstein and the italian aid worker. fox news is told the level of certainty about the target can be as low as 40%, whereas defense department strikes are subject to more restrictions and scrutiny. >> well what is the administration's response at this point to all of this discussion? >> well the cia is offering no comment on the report first published by the "wall street journal" and independently confirmed by fox news. some analysts say the cia's dependence on signature strikes in pakistan reflects the fact that there is virtually no intelligence coming from human sources. >> the signature strikes with a
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function of the fact we have virtually no good intelligence on the ground. therefore, they go to the least intrusive method also the least accurate method of direction -- drones. >> reporter: others defend the program ecfamphasizing it's taken out the senior al qaeda leadership in pakistan and the agency is reluctant to relinquish the reins of a program that it feels has been so effective. but this high standard for an imminent threat to the u.s. has also frustrated efforts by the cia to target isis in libya. fox news has previously reported that more than a dozen isis operatives are known to the u.s. intelligence community in libya but there is no authorization to strike their locations, even on this lower standard of pattern of lies. >> very interesting. catherine, thank you so much. time now for 2016 power index where we look at who's up who's down in the race for the white house. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor and
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author of fox news first, joins us now. >> what's happening? >> we're going to look first at the gop. this week jeb bush holding steady still leading the pack at number one. told some top donors over the weekend his super pac is making some major cash. let's look at the big shakeup in your power index. senator marco rubio surging ahead of scott walker in the number two spot. walker's slipping from second to third as carly fiorina moves down a spot as well. actually i think she moved up a spot. but with all fireworks sometimes it is hard to tell. break it down for us. >> well the deal is this. good news/bad news for marco rubio. he's had a great rollout, he's had a great launch he's been held by his comparisons to hillary clinton. he's wowed donors he's wowed activists. fantastic launch. he surpasses scott walker as the guy who is in the position most likely to be able to block jeb bush's march to the republican nomination. but -- i'm not saying the two
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things are related, but this comes just before jeb bush says oh by the way, my rich friends, we are going to have the single-larger quarter in american political history when it comes to fund-raising. here we're talking about the previous record more than $85 million. this is going to be probably more than $100 million. we are talking about a giant sum. we're trying to exact details. they're still counting. when you have that much money, it takes a while. jeb mess ajbush's message to his brother's party, have all the fun you want go to iowa eat pork on a stick, but ill a he see you on surabaya tuesday with a bajillion dollars. >> you may not have to do well and win iowa, win new hampshire but there may be such powerful donors in the mix that can
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funnel the money to people they want to keep alive those key first contests. >> sounds like a high ball when you talk about it when you cut a $30 million check against somebody with $600 million to spend, rich people got that way because they're smart with their money and may tend to shy away from prior promises. we'll see. bigger threat for jeb bush is he is operating in a legal loophole within a loophole that allows him to raise these unlimited sums spend unlimited sums. but on the day that he declares himself an actual candidate he has to cut off that money. he has to hand it over to his long-time -- to a long-time advisor who will run than money like a campaign. it is a novel legal space that we've never been in before so we'll see. >> all right. let's look across the aisle. look at dems now. hillary clinton still holding at number one but bernie sanders makes his debut at number six. elizabeth warren is slipping to number seven. wait a minute.
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what do you make of these moves? >> she says she's not manning on running. when asked -- not planning on running. >> senator warren's position in the ranking is always the back of the field. she's the last one. until we see or hear something that would give us cause to think otherwise, she will just be -- she'll be the last one in line. as we add senator sanders who -- i'm sorry to america and the internet and everybody else who complains -- yes, bernie sanders is running and we're sorry that we were so callus and heart-hearted in not including his rankings. but none of that really matters because hillary clinton is so far ahead of everybody else that except for martin o'malley there doesn't seem to be anybody that could capitalize even on the recent systemic failures that we've seen from her campaign. >> we will stay tuned to your power rankings so we'll know exactly where the field stands bernie sanders included. we love the senator.
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we love you. opening statements beginning in the trial of the man who admits to murdering 12 people and wounding dozens more at a colorado movie theater. we will take you live inside the courthouse as the families of victims and survivors still await justice. plus the white house re-examining its policy after two hostages were killed in a drone strike. the president could find himself with a most unlikely ally on this issue. >> these people were in a war zone and probably got what was coming to them. the captors. unfortunately, some innocent people lost their lives, the hostages. but i guess i tend to -- the world is so partisan i tend not to want to blame the president for the loss of life here. i think he was trying to do the right thing.
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this is a fox news alert. a live look at opening statements get under way in the colorado movie massacre trial.
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he admits to shooting killing ten people and shooting dozens more. his lawyers will prove that he's not guilty by reason of insanity. live at a courthouse in centennial colorado. alicia, i understand victims and family members will be in the courtroom and we expect this to get off to a very emotional start. >> reporter: that's right, shannon. the prosecution here has already indicated that they plan to use graphic images in their opening statements and family members of victims, as well as survivors, are inside that courtroom right now. sandy and lonnie phillips say they've temporarily moved here from texas to attend. they lost their daughter on july 20 2012. jessica was in theater number nine that night. she was a sports intern at the local fox affiliate here in denver. an iraq war vet, joshua nolan is here as well. he was shot in the arm, stomach
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and leg while shielding two friends and is credited with saving their lives. larry trujillo was once a first responder himself and director of the homeland security from the state. his daughter was in the theater. from his perspective justice will not necessarily happen here. >> i don't believe the trial will do anything because there's a bigger judge after all this. i would have love to seen him just get life in prison and move on with our lives. again that's easy for me to say because i have my daughter right now. >> shannon, holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. in the state of colorado it is actually the prosecution that must prove that he was sane. >> i understand that colorado's law is different in that respect. that could make this more difficult for prosecutors, sounds like. >> yes. it definitely makes it complicated complicated. even though the defendant has admitted to the massacre the defense team insists that he was
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in the throes of a psychotic episode. the prosecution says this was actually meticulous planning that took weeks. our reporter in the courtroom says holmes has cleendzaned up in comparison to the way we've seen him. what you can't see from the picture in the courtroom is that he is shackled to the floor. his hands are free but for security purposes he really can't move that chair. >> alicia thank you so much. secretary of state john kerry meeting with iran's foreign minister today as a deadline looms over a deal over the country's nuclear program. former president george w. bush making some rare comments about that and what he thinks about president obama's policies. and louisiana governor bobby jindal doubling down on his support for traditional marriage. what that topic could mean for the gop field ahead of 2016. >> here's my message to hollywood, to the media elite. the united states of america did
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not create religious liberty. religious liberty created the united states of america. that's the reason we're here today.
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former president george w. bush breaking his silence as he questions the current administration's actions on the middle east and the nuclear deal with iran. including president obama's plan to lift sanctions on that country. the rare remarks made during a private off-the-record event come as secretary of state john kerry meets with iran's foreign minister here in new york today. during a summit on nuclear proliferation. chuck nash is a retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. good to see you, sir. so president bush 43 has always been very careful saying presidents deserve a lot of
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support. he's here for president obama as he wants to make a phone call but he wouldn't publicly criticize him. these are private remarks supposed to stay off the record but they have trickled out. what do you make of it? >> i think you are right, he is maintaining that posture. he is not publicly coming out. he is not on the record. this was a private event and someone compromised what they went in under which was probably the rules of the non-disclosure or to just non-attribution, at least. so the remarks do leak out and i don't think he was being personally critical of the president. he said basic truths basic facts on the ground which is that sanctions, if you pull sanctions too early, you can't snap them back. it is not practical because sanctions take a long time. he said that we ought to view any deal with the iranians as how it would like in the middle east for our grand children. well of course you want long-term policy decisions to be made looking forward to that future. so i don't think he said anything personally critical.
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he talked about facts as they are in the world and that most people i think would completely agree with. >> he did say that as president, if you say something, you have to mean it. people have to believe that you mean it. whether or not he said president obama's name some who reported out from this event felt like it was aimed in that direction. >> well i think what he's talking about is something that most americans would agree with and that is that our stature in the world has been dramatically diminished over the past five six, seven years. okay? so if you want to tie that time period to the president of the united states well then so be it. if the shoe fits wear it. the thing is when you start doing things like putting out "red lines," and then backing away from them you demonstrate weakness it erodes confidence in our allies and it just emboldens our enemies. >> another topic. we are hearing we can soon see an official significant shift in
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our nation's hostage policy. word that the u.s. will stop threatening families of american hostages was being prosecuted if they try to communicate with kidnappers to try to raise money or pay ransom. all of this is coming just a day after we learn that american war warren weinstein and a captive from italy were killed last week. now we hear his family partially paid or tried to pay a ransom. here's presidential rand paul weighing in on our drone policy a strike that led to the death of these two hostages. >> i do think that there is a valuable use for drones and as much as i'm seen as this o. point of drones i think in military and in warfare they do have some value. i ink this this is a difficult situation. you have hostages being held. some of them american. you also have the people holding the hostages some of them are american. i've been an opponent of using drones about people not involved in combat.
11:27 am
however, if you're holding os stajs, you kind of are involved in combat. >> the president came forward and said he takes full responsibility for this situation as it played out the deaths ever these two innocent hostages. but it begs the largeary question about families whether they should be negotiating, the u.s. government is saying we're not getting involved with it but apparently maybe they're going to say if families decide to do it we're not going to threaten them with jail time. >> i think that's a double-edged sword. the families right now, the world bad guys know that american families could be prosecuted if they try to deal with them. so this is removing the last figure leaf from that. now all of a sudden it will be a target on americans' backs. not so much as if the u.s. government changed its policy in negotiating with kidnappers but still, it's going to open that up. the other thing to keep in mind is at the same time they're talking about this the u.s. government in the white house
11:28 am
knew the whole foley thing, when we launched a rescue raid into syria to try to break them free they knew down to i am told the very building where foley and the other hostages db eight hostages were leld and they held off for way too long to where the whole thing -- the intelligence went cold and by the time they went in there, the hold thing got messed up. so here's the deal. if you're going to allow a policy where families can individually try to do this back to your point about the weinstein family. holy cow -- they put $250,000 down. to who? who did they know who they were dealing with. >> where did it go? it is a mess. i wouldn't do it. >> it is heartbreaking to hear these families some of them were trying to do this and they were told basically they'd be prosecuted for it. can't imagine the position those families are in and this policy is so delicate. captain chuck nash thank you for your service and for joining us today. presidential candidate hillary clinton dealing with credibility issues. as we get new details about two
11:29 am
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new controversy today for presidential candidate hillary clinton as a major charity watchdog group slams the clinton foundation over some of its "questionable practices." just as the foundation's acting chief executive acknowledged mistakes in its donor policies. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in washington. ed the clinton campaign is hitting back at the author of some of these reports today pretty hard. what do you think that signals? >> it signals perhaps that they're concerned about what these allegations are saying. they are pushing back because peter schweitzer was on tv this weekend and the campaign is trying to jump on the fact that he said he does not have direct evidence that hillary clinton herself signed off on that uranium 1 deal. specifically brian fallon the spokesman for the clinton campaign put out this two-page memo that says "we believe we have he a turned the corner as the author himself conceded
11:34 am
multiple times on national tv that his conspiracy theories lack any evidence." they're referring, in part to the fact that there are multiple federal agencies that have to sign off on a foreign deal like that. but republican rand paul said today hillary clinton shouldn't have been involved at all, regardless if other agencies were involved. listen. >> had she stood up and objected the sale wouldn't have gone through. but now the russians own 20% of our mining and then it turns out that the people who owned the mining company were giving over $100 million to the clinton foundation. >> now larry davis a long-time clinton ally was also on fox news sunday. he claims these were just inadvertent errors some of the mistakes the foundation is admitting they made. >> what now? they have admitted there are some things they didn't get right. so how do they fix it? >> over the weekend an apology from the clinton foundation about mistakes they've made. part of that has to do with the fact that as we've reported they're now going to refile tax returns for some five years
11:35 am
because of those mistakes. but now charity navigators which looks at a lot of these charities and how they do their business said this, in part, today, "we had proefl evaluated this organization but have since determined that this charity's atypical business model cannot be accurately captured in our current rating methodology. our removal of the clinton foundation from our site is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of this charity." meanwhile, another group, the sun sunlight foundation is raising questions, "it seems like the clinton foundation operates as a slush fund for the clintons." what's interesting, we've also just learned that bill and chelsea clinton will be in africa from late april to may 7th to tout some of the good things the foundation is doing. why is that significant? of course the date going there through may 7th. when the books comes out, "clinton cash" on may 5th, they'll be overseas trying to tout how good the foundation is doing. >> we'll see how it plays out,
11:36 am
ed henry. thank you. a lot of smoke but will any of it catch fire? former political advisor to democratic senator frank lautenberg and david avella does it go anywhere? the clintons have been very forceful and pushing back saying there is not a direct link. are they wrong about that? >> this is exactly what the clintons want. they need something to rally the democratic base to get liberals to quit talking about elizabeth warren to get them to not talk about martin o'malley and they need some boogie man, something to say here are the republicans again coming up with allegations against us. we need your help once again. the easiest job in washington right now is the press secretary for the clintons. go get these talking points from the '90s and let's use them all again. >> it's been tough to get to hillary clinton herself. she's got kind of a bubble around her as she's out campaigning. the question that she did get specifically saying to her what about these allegations, she didn't answer the question in
11:37 am
any content or substantive way. she said oh those republicans are just going to keep talking about me. they must be so bored. she did go to the substance of the question and she is very smart. do you think at some point she is going to address them and say, okay maybe we got some things wrong. >> first, i love david's conspiracy theory about the conspiracy theory. like 20 degrees of conspiracy theory going on. like a reality show. i think what the campaign is trying to do saying it is not a clinton issue, it is a foundation issue. this has everything to do with the foundation with which hillary clinton's no longer engaged. i have said this for the last week. the problems for the republicans continue to be that clinton scandals have been around for 20 25 years but they never stick. as much as republicans want them to stick they never stick. and so if i were the
11:38 am
republicans, i keep saying this -- i would engage her on the substance because white water, cattle futures, monica lewinsky -- >> people are so blase. >> let's take on another topic. a lot at stake tomorrow as the supreme court will consider the issue of same-sex. some marriage. >> marriage as an institution existed before even government itself that the institution of marriage is one man and one woman existed before our laws existed. >> that wisconsin and other places across the country, marriage is defined between one man and one woman and states should be the ones that make that decision. >> they might as well save their breath because corporate america is not going to bully the governor of louisiana when it comes to religious liberty. >> okay. so a couple of issues here. first of all, the
11:39 am
constitutionality of same-sex marriage? >> like the laws that said if you were an african-american you can't marry a white man. this to me is the exact same thing. two consenting adults want to engage in marriage they should be able to do that. if you're not going to say they can do that what's to prevent again an african-american and a white woman from getting married. if i were bobby jindal one of the highest unemployment rates in the country i wouldn't be telling businesses to go take a hike when it comes to louisiana because of some republican obsession he's got against civil rights laws. this is the civil rights issue of our time. i think the justices will be on the right side of history here. >> bobby jindal claims religious freedom is one of the number one causes of our time and a lot of the other candidates do as well. >> republican candidates need to pick a position and stick to it.
11:40 am
voters appreciate and value authenticity more than they do purity of being with them on every issue. you covered the supreme court. you can tell us better than the two of us can say. this really comes down to justice kennedy and where will he come down on which he has historically done come down in favor of gay rights when it comes to marriag rights. or does he side where he often does which is this is state's rights. he has often defended the state over the federal government. >> he may have to go all king solomon on this one. we'll have to see. good to see you both. tornadoes, severe storms tearing through texas dumping hail the side of baseballs. pummelling trees, knocking out power for tens of thousands of people. a mile wide tornado touched down in north central texas damaging everything in its path. senior meteorologist janice dean is live from the fox weather center. >> this storm is on the move. tornado reports, 20 of them in the great state of texas as well
11:41 am
as over 100 reports of hail and damaging winds and the storm is on the move. we had a tornado warning earlier on about an hour and a half ago for new orleans. thankfully no watches or warnings right now but the storm prediction center is thinking we might have to put a watch out for texas and louisiana to get the daytime heating. heavy rainfall for the gulf coast. we've already seen several inches of rain really within the last 48 hours and incredible pictures of flooding across texas and louisiana over the last 48 hours. expecting more rain in the forecast flash flood watches around warnings posted along the gulf coast as well as parts of texas and oklahoma. your severe threat continues for texas and into louisiana. i think within the in excouplenext couple of hours we'll see a watch for the potential of hail damaging winds and isolated tornado. 30 degrees difference from amarillo texas to what it was this time yesterday. >> thank you, janice for keeping us updated.
11:42 am
let's check in with shepard smith. >> as rescue teams rush to help earthquake survivors in nepal, some of the victims still trapped on mt. everest are going to have to go it alone. avalanches cut off critical access points nobody in nobody getting out. we'll speak with a climber who knows everest very well and has close friends who are trapped up on that mountain right now. he's been in touch with people on scene and says food is quickly running out there. he also owns a factory in nepal and is saent rycenturies-old building that got wiped out in this quake. two people once saved his own wife's life on everest are now possibly in that life or death struggle on their own. that's all at the top of the hour. the families of the colorado movie theater shooting victims crowding the courtroom as the trial of that shooter finally gets under way. why those loved ones may play a major role in the ultimate outcome of the case. plus truckers who haul
11:43 am
goods at some of the country's biggest ports walking off the job. so will all that stuff you ordered online make it to you when you need it? ... ...
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11:46 am
we'll keep an eye on that and keep you posted. opening statements getting under way in the trial of the colorado movie theater shooting suspect. new focus is being placed on the 12 people killed in that massacre. like this young girl 6-year-old
11:47 am
veronica sullivan. she was shot four times that night that makes her the youngest victim. how will the stories impact the outcome of the trial? there's no guessing that it was james holmes. he confessed to it. look what he did today. this was a product of not an insane man. i mean crazy maybe but not legally insane. he knew what he was doing when he kept pulling the trigger, kept pulling the trigger and going through and killing methodically all those people. >> veronica the little girl, her mother was pregnant. was shot several times, too. she miscarried and lost her child and she's also paralyzed. they're going to hear these stories. they are going to play them out in a courtroom because people need to know. they into ed to hear exactly what happened. there were 70-some people wounded in some way in addition
11:48 am
to the 1240 were shot. >> horrible. what the prosecution is really going to go after the pre-med case here that this wasn't just some episodic thing that he just flaked out one day and did this. that he went on the internet, he bought all the firearms and he bobby bee booby-trapped his trap. that's going to be critical for the prosecution because the defense will say he was insane at the time, he couldn't form the intent because he just -- he just was crazy for a few moments. but that's all. >> we understand that he's undergone two formal mental health evaluations. as far as i know they haven't been disclosed yet. they're sealed. what happens with those? >> those will come out and certain point during the trild and certainly when we get to the sentencing phase assuming it is a guilty verdict, the sentencing phase those will come out. there will be other experts called. defense will call people saying he should not be put to death. prosecution of course will be saying he's legally insane he's competent, he's able to be put to death. look for warring experts in
11:49 am
this absolutely. >> how much do the impact of personal stories have? states are all different as far as what they allow in as far as witness testimony but stories are pretty compelling. >> they're very compelling. even though the prosecution has the burden of proof in the sense, even beyond the burden of proving that he did it they have to prove that he was sane at the time. it is a little unusual in colorado because normally defendants get to prove that they were insane. right? here the prosecution carries that burden. but they can do that with legalese but they can also do it by bringing in these stories and showing, again, methodically one by one by one people that he killed and the stories behind them. >> all right. well it is just getting started years after the fact. we have a long way to go. thank you very much. picket lines in california. why some truck drivers are stepping of otf the gas out of the truck and expanding protests. how this could all affect you.
11:50 am
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riots erupting before and during a soccer match in serbia. the fans lighting torches hurling stones at each other and fighting with sticks. authorities say at least 50 people were injured, 40 arrested. moments before the match between the two rival soccer teams and after all the commotion, it ended in a draw. truck drivers at the nation's busiest port complex walking off the job in a major labor dispute. >> reporter: the long beach and los angeles ports together handle 43% of the container goods that enter into the united states. this is the primary west coast gateway for hundreds of billions of dollars in annual trade and you have to remember they're recovering from months of slowdowns over disputes between dock workers and major shipping companies. that slowdown hit the economy
11:54 am
hard, and now you have truckers on strike. there some 16,000 trickers who haul goods to and from the ports. only 500 of them so far have walked off the job but they are putting up picket lines around trucking companies and if dock workers choose to honor the pick i lines you could see another major slowdown and that ends up lowering supply, raising prices for all of us on various goods. now, the truckers are striking because they believe the trucking companies are improperly classifying them as independent contractors and not employees, which the truckers claim leads to lower pay and benefits. here's hoe one union rep explained it. >> they're responsible for their truck and their gas and everything having to do with the tools that they need on the job yet they essentially operate like employees. >> reporter: we reached out to the trucking companies to get a comment. they tell us they're letting
11:55 am
their lawyers do the talking but the lawyers are not saying much. recently truckers have wons' big-time lawsuits against trucking companies for being called independent contractors instead of employees. this could end up in courts but first might slow down the flow of goods coming into the u.s. we'll keep you posted. >> all right trace, thank you very minute. martie mcfly pulled over for speeding? something like that. details of a bizarre traffic stop that sidelines the del laurean from back to the future.
11:56 am
11:57 am
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the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in. right now the helping emergency efforts in nepal. a military cargo plane is on the way, packed with emergency personnel and cargo. two teams of green berets are already on the ground. many at home are wondering what they can do to help.
11:59 am
aid groups like team rubicon are sending trained veterans. check out out 0 -- other groups sending experts and supply, and the red cross and samaritan's first at samaritan's just couple of the ways you can help and there are plenty out there. here's what america is clicking on today. things like -- a nuisance as wimbledon, officials are enforcing a no selfie stick policy. furious 7, icing out "frozen," spending its fourth week atop the north american box office and police pull over a famous time traveler. stopping the car from "back to the future. "the police said they stopped the vehicle for a leaking
12:00 pm
capacitor and setting the road on fire. it was just a replica in england. here is shep. >> racing to seal the deal. secretary of state john kerry said to pet at any moment at the united nations with weeks on the deadline of a potential nuclear agreement. now republicans in congress are on a race of their own vote that could stop the neil its tracks. >> opening statements just starting now in the colorado movie theater massacre. the accused killer, james holmes showing a clean-cut look to the jury. what they cannot see the harness tying him to the classroom floor. >> cops in baltimore say they just received a credible threat. the target, themselves. and word, rival gangs are joining forces to, quote take out officers. let's get to it.


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