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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> prety busy for a monday. >> we will be here all week playing this. >> yes, we will. have a good day. see you tomorrow. the race is on. global relief agencies struggling to get help to nepal. three known victims among the thousands. >> good morning. i am heather childers. it could take days to reach the remote areas hit by the 7.8 magnitude quake that rocked this tiny country over the weekend. the center is a scene of near total devastation with 70% of
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homes destroyed. the quake triggered an avalanche burying climbers and prompting a search for survivors. >> all we can do is pray. everybody is scared. this is not good. this is not good. it is a terrible disaster. >> john-hunt is following the breaking developments from los angeles. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands believed to be dead and thousands of foreign tourist desperate needs and tens of thousands of families are sleeping outside. 75 americans sheltering in the u.s.-embassy and another 150 at another compound and others missing in the chaos. a google executive is one of the
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men killed who was scaling everest for a last three weeks. describes as a funny, strong will manned. the description was backed up by other friends. >> he was a wild man. in the best sense of the word he is someone always going full tilt on whatever it was. >> reporter: tom chaplan was another man who died. a california-based documentary filmmaker. we talked to his wife last night. >> everybody talks about the light in his eyes and energy and humor and zest for life. he was a larger than life individual. people gravitated to him were and inspired. >> the third american confirmed to have been killed was a doctor
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with a seattle-based company. as with the others friends said she died doing what she loved. with the death toll likely to rise further just aid is on the way. secretary of state john kerry announced $1 million. and rescue teams on the way to help among them 150 members of an urban search for rescue team and members of team rube com are headed to offer assistance hoping to get to the harder at a reach parts of the affected area. >> we will hopefully push out to the outlying areas that need the attention the larger areas are getting and apply our assessment. >> reporter: all of this and a lot more likely to be needed in the coming weeks with the army over there exhausted by the
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rescue efforts and many of the smaller towns and villages haven't been reached yet. there is a lot to do left and likely a lot more bad news. >> thank you for covering that for us. a stunning admission from the clinton campaign. the charity is acknowledging mistakes in tax filing and disclosures. the foundation's donations were called into question by the author of the new book out but the author admits no evidence of quid pro quo. bret baier is here anchor of special report. there is no direct evidence he said but there is a troubling pattern of benefits flowing to people who benefited to the clinton foundation and
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countries. >> clearly there is no e-mail that says i will do x for y. there are not tens of thousands of e-mails because they have been erased from an e-mail server and there is a lot of questions around that. but the bottom line is all of this laid out, the clinton campaign pushes back a tangled web of conspiracy theories and raises questions about ethics, politics and the interaction of a transactional political system. and questions that hilary clinton will likely have to answer at some point whether from a group of reporters on the trail in nevada or a one-on-one interview. we have interviewed her before and she is welcome on special report any time. >> the head of the clinton organization is going to refile tax forms suggesting it is more about housekeeping not
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separateing certain donations from grants. how big of a deal is this? >> they are staying they will refile on the technicality of the big organization. it involves millions of dollars if you want to characterize it that way. some of these donations are tied to a canadian firm uranium company that benefited from interaction with the clintons in one way or another. the campaign is saying the owner of the company sold the shares prior to imnvolvement of russians taking over. i think you will see more questions on specifics and not just the shred of evidence if the e-mail exist. >> but the clinton campaign is suggesting they feel this scandal is behind them.
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is it? >> they are. and they are putting out a memo we are turned the corner according to the memo out this morning. the author has conceded his conspiracy theories lack any evidence. i think there are more questions about the ethics and interactions and one thing leading to another thing. whether this sticks we will see. you will have to hear from hilary clinton herself probably. >> let's talk about somebody well about the pack of people running against her on the democratic side for the presidential nomination. new concerns about the crowded republican field for the 2016 presidential race. there are fears that the evangelical vote which is prominent in iowa and south
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carolina early voting states is splintered by the number of candidates who appeal to the evangelical voters. >> we have a long way to go. but there are many events with so-called cattle calls where the big names show up and appear to a concern audience. the faith and freedom effort meeting and summit this weekend and several candidates are attractive to evangelical voters who fit in and there is a possibility of splintering that vote which is significant in a place like iowa or south carolina allowing someone else like a jeb bush or marco rubio to capitalize perhaps. >> you could throw in scott walker because like ted cruz he is the son of a minister. >> that is right and he taps
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into that. he did that this weekend talking about the social issues of interest and religious freedom in the wake of all of that indiana back and forth that was a common line this weekend in iowa. >> bret baier of special report. we will see you this evening. >> thank you, jon. open statements in the trial of james holmes who acknowledges opening fire inside a colorado movie theater nearly three years ago. he is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecution is seeking the death penalty for the case. they have to show homes was legal sane at the time of the action. we are live in colorado with more. >> reporter: even though james holmes has admitted to one of
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the worst mass shooting in the history and the amount of evidence is overwhelming this is by no means a slam dunk. he has pled not guilty of reason of insanity in colorado where the pressure is on to prove he is insane. the defense doesn't have to show anything but they will. the defense will say he didn't know right from wrong during his psychotic break and that is the clue knowing right and wrong. >> reporter: opening statements are underway. survivors and family members of those killed will be in the courtroom today. we heard from the families with who joined in the signed letting urging media outlets to remember who this is about. not the suspect but the victims.
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like this six year old who was killed and her mother was pregnant and survived but was miscarried and was left paralyzed. holmes'defense team has a life in prison charge but that has been rejected so far by the state. funeral severs for freddie gray getting underway in baltimore with thousands expected to attend. crowds started lining up outside of the church several hours ago. a representative from the height white house is there. gray died after suffering an unexplained spinal cord injury while in police custody.
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protest escalated this weekend after they admitted gray didn't get proper treatment. some were arrested throwing objects at police and breaking windows but it was mostly peaceful. and new information on a botchulism outbreak tied to a church picnic. and we want to hear from you. our america's asking question is has the media been fair to the clinton's? our live chat sign-up and running. go to "happening now" and click on america is asking to join the conversation.
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a member of the channel 7
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news team in colorado is asking the public to find his daughter. the daughter of an engineer at the station. a check of her cellphone records show no text tweeted or calling anyone since vanishing. verdict watch in the trial of a man accuse of murdering pates who was just six years old who he he disappeared walking to kindergarten on the streets of new york in 1979 and was the first child featured on a milk carton. the remains of a woman who disappeared from a halloween party were found in southeast michigan. evidence seems to show the death was a homicide. no arrest made so far. secretary of state john kerry is leading with iran's foreign minister here in new york during a summit on nuclear
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proliferation. this comes as the united states and five global powers work to secure the nuclear deal by the june 30th deadline. eric strong is covering this from our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the nuclear talks have been held in private locations and now in new york city sitone again. the united nation nuclear prolifitation treaty talks happen today sitting down to talk about this. the president of iran is the first speaking representing the 118 nations that signed the treaty. they are on the disputed nuclear efforts. major hurdles remain under the temporary framework. iran is demanding all sanctions be removed once the deal is signed but the united states great britain france russia
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and germany resist saying it should happen in phases depending on their complication. and it was announced united nation inspectors would be blocked from the military site like the location where they believed to have done explosive research before. the president said to engage in creative talks to get the agreement. >> we have a very serious problem of confidence. mutual lack of confidence we need to address. we hope this process will remedy some of that. >> reporter: the international atomic agencies said iran hasn't fully answered the questions about the program but iran has denied they want to build a nuclear bomb. >> eric sean thank you.
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taking you to washington now. you see the incoming attorney general of the united states loretta lynch, the former brooklyn federal prosecutor being sworn in by the vice president of the united states. let's lus listen in. >> you showed such grace and humility during this whole process, general. you know this is a woman who is qualified just like eric holder who i have known and been by close friend for years and years and i mean over 30 years. he is among the finest attorney generals we have had. he has been in this environment with political hostility andstood his ground on principle and never yielded and he has been right.
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[applause] >> the reason eric's been so nice to me as valerie can tell you is he was on the two-person committee to decide who to chose as vice president. he owed me for what he did. no i am joking. that is a joke. chris, that was a joke. it has been a great honor of my life but he is also one of the great friends in my life. we sat next to each other in cabinet meetings. there was a protocol where he would be seated. you will sit on my left during those cabinet meetings and eric sat there and i don't know how many meetings we have had in the situation room likely the fbi director here issue after issue nasa security terrorism,
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civil rights, voting rights marriage equalty violence against women, and funding the cop programs and so much more. he served our country with honor and i thank him but most of all i thank sharon and his wife and family. he has a beautiful wife -- sharon, his wife -- thank you for their service. and i have confidence lynch will exceed the high standards set for her because she is cut from the same cloth. they embody the mantra of one of their predecessors, the man whose building is named in his honor, who said the purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. five generations, your brother
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is a baptist minister and preacher, will teach you how to make things better. so as i read your dad always taught you to stand up for what is right, speak out for what is just get up when you get knocked down, and move on. if there is anything you should know about lynch, she acceled in everything she did from the time she was a child. she was never lowered by the expectations of others and always exceeded the expectations set for herself. top of the class in high school, got into a lot of universitiess dicideed to go to harvard, harvard undergrad, law school and did well as an inspiring lawyer. for 30 years she has been a first-rate fair minded
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independent lawyer and prosecutor as u.s. attorney and in private practice. she has shown the resolve to prosecute in-jail terrorist, mobsters, and gang members. shown fidelity to the law and rooted out public corruption. she showed determination to bring down financial fraudsters and child abusers. and a dog pursuit to bust the brutal human trafficking rings she has encountered. she shows an unwielding commitment to the unruling law and basic human rights. in battling violent crime at main streets in new york to striving for accountability in the genocide of rwanda. and worked with and learned from law enforcement and agents. you will have a great partner,
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director comb. she said she is a great prosecutor because of it. she has the ability to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and communities. folks say i trust those people patrick heard me say this many times in public life, who arrive at the right decision not through a new examination and arrives there starting with the gut, going to the heart and spoken with a fine mind. that is how this woman is. that is how loretta gets it right and the president and i can't wait to start working with. her priority is using every tool available to disrupt attacks against the homeland and terror to justice. she will enhance the capacity to combat cyber attacks and cyber
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crimes and continue to pursue and prosecute those who prey on the most need of our protection. and she will meet with the humble and fierce determination to stand up for what is right and not yield to anyone. i will close with this. i imagine being the daughter of an english teacher my angels' words have never been too far from loretta and her thinking. my angela once said in a straight forward manner if someone shows you who they are believe them. if someone shows you who they are believe them. a very simplistic phrase but pretty profound. she has shown us her entire life who she is so believe her.
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i believe her. the president believes her. and all of the people in this department believe her. lorette you have shown who you are in everything you did. and you upheld the oath you are about to take. we believe this. to the staff of the united states department of justice, you are the best of the best and with loretta you again have the best of the best as your leader. all of the qualities she brings to the job of attorney general are from what she learned as federal prosecutor. to the american people we are blessed with another remarkable public servant to lead the department. with that loretta, i will wear you in as the attorney general of the united states of america.
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with that you and your husband, and whole family come up here. the way we will do this -- you want me on the left hand side. all right. okay. all right. and you are going to stand here loretta, i believe. all right. i want you to put your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand. i lorette beth lynch do swear allow to have support and defense in constitution of the united states, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, thal i will bear true faith and lead us to the same. but i stick to freedom without
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any mental reservation or purpose of avassion. i will faithfully discharge the duties of the office i am about to enter so help me god. >> congratulations. [applause] >> well here we have.
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i have to say as i look out on all of you gathered here today it seems that such an understatement to say my heart is full. but it is. it is full of the most deep and profound gratitude that i have felt in quite some time. and i must of course thank so many people who made it possible for me to stand here before you today. first and foremost i have to thank the president for his faith in me and asking me to lead to department i love to greater heights. and mr. vice president thank you for your comments and your steadfast support through this process and it has been quite a process. but i thank senator schumer and senator lay he. thank you for being here and for your support, not just today but over the years. and for doing what i thought was
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impossible. making the floor of the united states senate a welcoming place for me and my family. thank you so much. and of course, thanks to my wonderful family. as you can see all around you, we are quite the force multipler. many of you have come to know my father throughout this process. he has been at every hearing and every vote. but he didn't just start now. i remember looking up as a young ausa preparing to do my first trial and seeing him in the gallery. and he was there for every one there after. he has encouraged me in all things even when my choices were not the one he would have made for me and in that he has been the best of fathers and i thank him. [applause] >> i hope you know without him
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i would not be standing here before you today, having just been sworn in at the 83rd attorney general of the united states of america. just one week after his 83rd birthday. and of course my mother who could not be here today but who was never far from my heart or thoughts. my mother grew up in a world where she was told what she could not do but she knew she could swore and she did in her small north carolina town. she raised a daughter who she told whatever your dream is -- to be a lawyer prosecutor or attorney general -- of course you can. i thank her as well. i have to thank my wonderful husband who supported all of my
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choices and dreams. i would not trade his love and support for all of the riches in the world because to me they are all of the riches in the world. [applause] >> tremendous thanks to my colleagues and friends in the department of justice in the eastern district of new york and beyond. even more than that thanks goes to the people who could not be here today, the literally thousands of people many of whom i have never met personally who expressed their support throughout the process. from the sisterhood of my sorority and all of the greeks who came together to the churches and schools who rote letters and calls. from the people on the street that stopped me with a word or two please know sometimes those word made all of the
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difference to me as i travelled the road and thank you. i thank you again as i stand prepared to join this amazing group. it has been the honor of my life to stand shoulder to shoulder with you twice before from the eastern district of new york. you are the ones who made real the promise of justice and redress for all-americans. i am honored beyond word to step in the this larger role as your attorney general as we continue the core work of our mission; the protection of the american people. all of us here at the department are here because at some point and maybe we were just a little girl or boy we had i want to be a lawyer. i want to be a law enforcement officer. i want to be a federal agent. i want to be someone's hero. at the heart of that, for me certainly and for all of us whether attorney or agent, staff
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or principle it a desire to leave this world a better place for us having been a part of it. and the challenge in that for you, for me for all of us that love this department and the law, is to use the law to that end. to not just represent the law and to enforce the law. but to use it to make real the promise of america. the promise of fairness and equalty, liberty and justice for all. i have been reminded recently we are all just here for a time. whether in this building or even on this earth but the values we hold dear will live on after we leave this stage. it is our responsibility and our mission while we are here to breathe life into them and view them with the weight of our efforts. i know this can be done. i am here to tell you. if a little girl from north
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carolina who used to tell her grand father in the fields to lift him up on the back of his mule so she could she up high can grow up to become the chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america we can do anything. [applause] >> we can improve our criminal justice system with strength and fairness for the protection of the victims and rights of all. we can restore trust in our laws and in those of us who enforce them.
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we can protect the most vul vulnerable among us from the scourge of modern day slavery. we can protect the growing cyber world and give those in our care frotection from terrorism and the security of their civil liberties. my friend we will do this as we have accomplished all things great and small working together, moving forward and using justice as our compass. i cannot wait to begin that journey with all of you i am hear to say. i want to thank you for all being here today. not just here in this room. but in my life over the years. thank you all so much. and i look forward to working with you as we make real the manifestation of this department of justice. thank you. >> america has a new top law enforcement officer and there
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she is. lynch has been confirmed by the senate and sworn in by the vice president. she replaces eric holder running the department of justice as the attorney general of the united states. in the mean time hilary clinton under a hot media microscope with more fallout reported from the new book clinton cash that is not out yet accused of doing favors for companies giving donations to her charity or hiring her husband for speaking engage engagements. the clinton say there is no evidence of that. there is no smoking gun but there is a lot that looks bad. will all of the smoke suffocate hilary clinton's campaign? let's get into it with alan combs tammy bruce a radio talk
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show host and a fox news con tributer. alan will that affect campaign? >> no. you know peter was on two shows saying no evidence no smoking gun, those who want to smear her wile try to use this to do so. we have a history of money in politics. the average voter's eyes accept this is the way it is done. whether it is cheney and halliburton or bush and the carisle group with the defense contracts. don't hold the clinton's to a different standard. >> he said there is no smoking gun but there is a troubling pattern of behaviors and results. >> there is a smokeing server. this is and what is interesting about the book is it a
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collection of information from news resources and previously reported details, and the importance is the context and collection that shows the pattern. it is not new with the clinton's either. we know the clinton pattern in general. we know what they are made of and this confirms that. it is never really i don't think about criminality which may be a factor but the question is do the american people want to go through this again? did i believe they need better? do they believe they can find better? >> the author ran into a real brick wall of spectism at abc over the weekend. watch this. >> we found no proof of direct action and an independent government expert wrote this saying there is no smoking gun, no evidence policy was changed
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based on donations. is there a smoking gun? >> it is in the pattern of behavior. it is like insider training is the analogy i would give you. >> why a double standards? let's have the same standard for everybody. diane swayer worked for nixon. >> yeah but she is not covering nixon now. someone should have dealt with that who didn't have a tie. abc had to assign someone differently to do that interview. i think the author should be grilled and the american people will make up their own mind. but for someone like this it is ridiculous. >> isn't the parent company from fox publishing this?
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there are so many interlookingckinterlocking parts you could find conflict everywhere you go. >> david burke noted how shocking this was. if your line in the campaign is there is no evidence you have a problem. elect me for president there is no evidence. >> prove the evidence there is a quid pro quo. >> sometimes if is circumstantial efforts circumstantial evidence. >> that will not end the campaign. >> and it is not going to make her president. >> we will leave it there. thank you, both. a story you have to hear before booking your family vacation. my europe maybe more affordable than you think suddenly.
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>> let's find out what is on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> could a criminal probe be next? the author of clinton cash said he uncovered a pattern of behavior of privileges to donors that need more investigation. and the former president said his successor is being naive about iran and not doing enough to defeat isis. >> a whole day lowallowing parents to play outside with no adults. is free range children the way to go? >> all that plus the #oneluckyguy at the top of the hour. and brand new information if
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you are planning a vacation. this summer is a great time to go to europe. here with tips summer hoe who is a travel bloger and renea who is a driver bloger for delta points. thank you were joining us. >> good to be here. >> summer what is your first tip? i will start with you. and the best way to get a cheap air airfar air airfare. >> they are tweeting out $600 or less to europe. if that is too rich turn your airline miles and credit card points and use them to get over there while the dollar is so strong. >> i will ask you renea about that. in terms of using the points what should people be aware of? >> points don't get better with
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time like a fine wine so definitely use them. look at whatever program you are with. delta is having amazing value redeeming to get over to europe and enjoy the values. summer, specific areas, are there some areas that are cheaper than others -- >> -- >> southern europe heading into eastern europe is better deals like spain, headed to instanbul, all of those and many others the local currency is going farther. >> what about where you are flying from? does that make a difference in terms of the rates you can get? >> it does. there is a lot of competition coming from carriers like norwegian air. you are seeing the deals from 6-700 which is amazing when it
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is normally a thousand plus. and the same thing from new york there is value there as well. >> i was looking at the airlines suggesting you may take and get the lower fares and some i never heard of it one being a wow air? summer what do you know about that? >> they are new to the united states. so i think they just started operating flights from the united states recently and started advertising $99 flights to europe and they will be higher in the summer and everything cost extra pretty much with wow air but you can get good deals on this airline $600 or less. just be ready to pay for every little extra. scombl >> you have to have a place to stay once you are there. how do you get a good deal? >> different points can be used
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like using points or prices are coming down because of the dollar being stronger you are getting a cheaper price than you would have a year or two before. >> is that important to bear in mind when you chose where you want to travel in europe? >> oh definitely. for example, if you want to go somewhere using the pound you will not be getting the same deal as you will with the euro. but totally right the average price of a hotel in europe is less than the average price in the united states. >> you know i like to use those rental by owner like vrbo is the website. is that a good idea for families? >> yes it can be. in europe you will hit occupancy limits with hotels like two people in the room. looking to air bnb or vrbo is going to be more economical.
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>> your number one tip for travelling this summer each of you. >> make sure whatever travel card you are using doesn't charge a surcharge because a lot of charges you will end up having a several percentage bump. make sure you pick one that is not charging you an international surcharge. >> pay attention to that. >> my final tip is do it. today start your research. europe may never be as good of a deal in the summer as it is right now. don't put it off. take your family and go. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> thanks heather. >> some severe weather you will need to pay attention to. we will tell you where it is hitting. plus a woman makes a call for help from the trunk of her car. how she ended up locked there in
8:51 am
the middle of the mountains. >> 911 what is the address of the emergency? >> i don't know. i am locked in the trunk.
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>> a live look in louisiana with a tornado watch for the new orleans area. >> dangerous cell moving through the city of new orleans right now. tornado watch good until 1 p.m. local time. within the city of new orleans. a tornado warning. so people are taking cover right now. the city of new orleans. we are spotting a rotating wall cloud. a trained weather spotter.
8:55 am
it is headed for downtown new orleans. people are urged to seek shelter in the lowest part of your home and then the potential for heavy rain. so the tornados could be rain wrapped and people can't see them coming. have your noah weather radar on. for the city of new orleans the potential for tornado activity for the next several hours. as we go through the afternoon and overnight we are concerned with the potential for severe weather including tornados and large hail in texas and louisiana and mississippi. this has been ongoing all weekend. and unfortunately the city of new orleans is under a warning right now for tornados. again the potential for heavy rain, several inches in a short period of time which could cause
8:56 am
flash flooding. >> hope the peal there are paying attention -- people -- a gunman is on the lose after a terrifying kidnapping. a colorado woman was left locked into the trunk of the car after being forced to in the mountains. they went 30 miles as the suspect drove her to drive and then the suspect locked the victim in the trunk of her call and she called 911. >> what is the address of the emergency? >> i don't know. i am locked in the car. i went to get dinner and someone came up to me and they had a dpun gun. >> are you still moving? >> no no he got out. >> he got out and you are not moving? >> no is there anything i can do get out. you have to keep talking to me.
8:57 am
>> the suspect was long gone with the police found the car. they don't have a description. the victim was not injured. >> the latest on a major search and rescue operation off the alabama coast. i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪
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we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year.
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and that w ould be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. jon: heather and i will be back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us today, sandra smith, harris faulkner actress stacy dash is back. today's #oneluckyguy all hail, judge alex ferrer is here. he is outnumbered. >> great to be back. >> you brought nice weather from miami. >> i have to make up with all the snow i brought in the winter. i hadn't met stacy. >> you met a couple hours before the show. you planned your outfits


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