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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: final runner of the boston marathon crossed the line at 5:00 a.m. this morning. a 39-year-old from venezuela. suffers from muscular dystrophy. bill: what an effort. well-done. jenna: jon: hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire where she addressed the latest controversy swirling around her. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we'll fix my microphone. jon, why don't you take it. jon: that sounds good. former secretary of state now no concord. educators in the state that holds the first primary in the presidential race after she dismissed allegations in the new book, clinton cash, as distractions. the book the book claims foreign donors to the clinton foundation got favors from the state department while she was in charge.
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>> those issues are in my view distractions from what this campaign should be about, what i'm going to make this campaign about, and i will let other people decide what they want to talk about. i will talk about what is happening in the lives of people of new hampshire and across america. >> can you say -- jon: chief white house correspondent ed henry live in concord, new hampshire, with more on all of this. ed? >> reporter: good to see you jon. secretary clinton's microphone is similar to jenna's there. you hear the message she will get across, she will not be distracted by this she thinks this is an outside issue. she was suggesting republican candidates and others on the republican side are pushing these charges against her but what threatens to overshadow her message if you will is the fact that this new book, "clinton cash," is going a step further than what we've already heard about major contributions to the clinton foundation from not just foreign governments but foreign businesses as well. what this book is doing, it's
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alleging a connecting of the dots here. that there were official actions taken while hillary clinton was secretary of state. one quick example being, money flowing in from a colombian oil company, goes into the clinton foundation. then the book suggests that hillary clinton flip-flopped and suddenly was for a colombian trade pact she previously opposed. john podesta her campaign chairman was on with bloomberg last night suggesting these are all lies, listen. >> it's a book that is written by a former bush operative who is a reporter for that august news institution, or has been in the past. he is cherry-picked information that has been disclosed. and, woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. the facts, there is nothing new about the conspiracy theories i guess, we'll get to judge when we read the book. >> reporter: he is not refuting specific allegations there though.
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in the case of the colombian trade deal, what the, some of the clinton campaign advisors have told me is that she was only changing her position to go in favor of the colombian trade deal because that was an obama administration policy. something that president obama was pushing. she was falling into line and that they claim, at least, it had nothing to do with the money flowing into the clinton foundation. obviously all of this will be litigated very closely in the days ahead. jenna: i'm back by the way ed. hopefully the microphone -- >> good to hear from you, jenna. jenna: we all have issues. we're just people after all. all of us have issues with the microphones every once in a while. me hillary clinton et cetera. great to see you. >> reporter: great to see you, jon. jon: great to hear us both. for more on hillary clinton's presidential campaign and latest controversy, let's bring in elizabeth harrington, staff writer at "washington free beacon." betsy woodruff, political reporter at "daily beast." this is all distraction to hear
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the -- let's start over to hear the hillary clinton campaign tell it. this is all just a distraction. >> pay no attention to her stance on pan pacific trade partnership. distraction of colombia. the real story she went to chipolte and named her van after a cartoon character. that is what we're supposed to pay attention to. that is weird stance for her to take. her team knows they have to get in the weeds. people really care about what happened at clinton foundation and what kind of kickbacks these corporations or governments potentially might have been getting. at the very least it looks really bad and put as significant burden on her campaign team to clean up the mess to make things explain something that could be very difficult to explain. jon: the pushback from her campaign betsy, is, well, the same kind of thing that the clintons have typically done in past controversies. >> yeah, exactly.
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anytime of clintons get criticized first thing they do is try to kill the messenger. this book could have been written by daffy duck. at end of the day responsibility is on clintons and her campaign team to show, demonstrate clearly her stance, particularly on the colombian trade deal was not influenced by the fact that an oil company that stood to make significant massive profits off the trade deal, dumped a ton of cash on the clinton foundation. she has a burden of proof here. it doesn't really matter if the people leveling the charges are goofy. ultimately she is responsible for what she did what the state department did and for what the foundation did. jon: elizabeth, take on the pushback. you heard john podesta say this is reporter that was a bush operative and has an axe to grind against the clintons, that kind of thing. >> yeah really this is the same playbook that the clintons have been using for years. in the '90s when they're facing all the scandals they say it is vast right-wing conspiracy. that is what they're going to
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use. podesta this is woven together conspiracies. we disclosed so much, unprecedented but really not combating any of the details these benefits that the donors allegedly looked like they received. and that is really the problem that she is going to have. she is out there in new hampshire saying that, just every day american. fact she is not an everyday american. she is person of power who once again is in a scandal that she used her power for personal gain. jon: yeah. kind of interesting, betsy, she is taking on ceo pay. that seems to be one of the issues that she wants to campaign against, like high pay is a bad thing. how does that going to fly? >> look that could get her in a lot of trouble because she made upwards of $300,000 for giving speeches to these kinds of folks to ceo's like this. mark tapskott of the "washington examiner," if you parse the payout per hour she is making as
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much as ceos. reality::has much more in -- hillary clinton has much more in common people making 300 times employees than the minimum wage employees and secretaries so-called everyday americans of new hampshire. every time she decides to go after the rich and powerful, she will have to be very, very careful. she is nothing if not also a rich and powerful person. jon: elizabeth, could this have been avoided? was there a way for the clinton foundation to accept donations without compromising the integrity of the sitting secretary of state? >> well, not really, if you're going to, you know be secretary of state, sending your husband to all these foreign nations and to big-time donors. accepting all this money, now they're announcing that oh, we're not going to take anymore funding from the middle east but they're still going to take funding from foreign countries this is long-running issue they are going to have. i think it is related to the email scandal. they want to keep some of those emails hidden. the connections with the their
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clinton foundation, it looks pretty clear in the eyes you're following money and seeing who is giving six-figure speeches. then all of a sudden donors are getting preferential treatment from the government. jon: quick answer from each of you. betsy, to you first. she is in new hampshire, trying to be relatable. how is she doing? >> you know she has not had many disasters. but at end of the day she is incredibly wealthy, incredibly powerful and successful and savvy person. i was in new hampshire last weekend. most of the people there weren't making $300,000 a pop for speeches. so it is uphill climb. jon: very few of us are. betsy how is she doing? elizabeth i'm sorry? >> no. i think that is one of the other problems with their campaign making her relatable and rationale for running. you saw mary ann nunn who asked her in 2008, how do you do it? brought hillary nearly to tears and turned her campaign around in new hampshire.
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now that same voter, hillary supporter in 2008, questioning why is she doing this again? why is she running? why is she trying to prove? a question a lot of voters are asking themselves and something hillary will really have to deal with. jon: elizabeth harrington, from the washington free bleak con, betsy woodruff from "the daily beast." thank you both. >> thanks. jon: keep it here on fox for more on the clinton money trail as our bret baier anchors a fox news investigation. tangled clinton web, fruit night at 10:00 p.m. how rich the clintons came in the post-white house years and exclusive look at peter schweizer's new book entitled, clinton cache. jenna: an american warship moves towards yemen today. an aircraft carrier, the uss theodore roosevelt, joining a group of warships in ths air already. these ships are prepared to block iranian rebels carrying weapons to.
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>> reporter: just as nuclear negotiations resume in geneva a serious military standoff between the u.s. and iranian warships is brewing in the waters off yemen. sources in the pent r pentagon tell fox news that the aircraft carrier, uss theodore roosevelt is shadowing the iranian convoy and launching aircraft including fa-18 hornets to fly manned reconnaissance of the estimated seven to nine ships in the iranian convoy. the iranian convoy consists of freighters suspected of care yessing weapons to houthi rebels in yemen and is being escorted by iranian warships. >> and one of the concerns that we have with iranian behavior in terms of the destablizing impact they're having on the broader region, is the fact that they continue to supply weapons and offer support to the houthis in yemen. >> the uss theodore roosevelt was supposed to replace the carl vinson aircraft carrier group which has been flying missions against isis in iraq. it is now being escorted by the
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uss normandy, a navy destroyer as it shadows the suspected iranians weapons shipment. there are total of nine u.s. navy warships and three support ships operating in the area, stretching from the southern red sea to the arabian sea. the state department was defensive when questioned about the alleged iranian weapons shipments. >> there is a well-documented hit of support for the houthi including various state department reports. money, weapons, support for very long time. >> i know there are statements and in support of -- >> there is a lot of evidence do you doubt this evidence? >> reporter: u.s. warships are enforcing a u.n. arms embargo against yemen passed by 14 nations excluding russia last week. and we're just told, that the obama administration is very far from taking a decision as to whether the uss theodore roosevelt, whether they can intercept, whether they can actually board the iranian vessels as they are make their way towards yemen.
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jenna? jenna: an area of the world to closely watch. jennifer, thank you very much. joining us at the government hour, someone who knows this area very well, retired navy captain bob wells. he is former advisor to vice president dick cheney. he tell us why it matters there and what matters and the calculation taking place among the vessels. jon: real flashpoint right now. a young american couple learns their fate after aneesh niche court reach as verdict in the murder of her mother. as the u.s. walks a fine line with iran on several issues we'll tell you the powerful story of one woman's fight for justice in the islamic republic. america's asking. we want to hear from you with jeb bush moving closer to a white house run would you vote for the former florida governor president? and get in on the conversation.e order it. because at red lobster's create your own seafood trio i can have it all. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99.
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jon: right now some crime stories we're following for you right now. two americans convicted of murder in indonesia.
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heather mack sentenced to 10 years behind bars. her boyfriend, tommy schaefer, gets 18 years. after the battered body of mack's mother was found in a suitcase at a bali resort last year. the defense rests its case in call harris's third murder trial. his two previous convictions were overturned. now his lawyers are trying to cast suspicion on customer at the restaurant where harris's wife michelle worked as a waitress before she was murdered in 2001. an ccdc drummer, phil rudd, pleads guilty in new zealand court threatening to kill a man who worked for him as well as drug charges. rudd faces up to seven years in prison now after that guilty plea. jenna: way forward with iran on a way various issues. life inside the country where few western journalists are allowed to work. this week's piece tells us about one woman's story but brings up bigger questions about judgment
8:17 am
and punishment inside of iran. we have the "new york times" bureau chief iran. he joins us on set as he is in new york city. great to have you with us, thomas. one of the few western journalists living and working in iran. he publish ad series man in tehran. great to have you in person. >> thank you jenna. jenna: before we get to this week's story, it took you four years to get this project approved. tell us a little bit about that. >> during the time former president mahmoud ahmadinejad. and anti-western stances making such a series was impossible. but now with the ascent of president rouhani is trying to improve relations with the west gave me permission to do this. jenna: how is the reaction of iran to your series? >> they don't particularly like it because i'm trying to tell real stories of real human beings. these are not always happy stories as i will tell you. >> tell us a little bit about the story of your friend. i don't want to give too much away. it is complicated. you tell us best.
8:18 am
tell us a little bit about her. >> this is basically a story what would you do if someone hurt you? do you give forgiveness or do you decide to punish this person? iranian law islamic laws are based on principles eye for an eye. in this case the woman had acid thrown in her face. not that ha that happens often in iran. she decide to get the right, do same to her attacker, she made shocking decision which you see in the video. jenna: what is the decision. >> shoe the decision is she forgives him. that is a sign iran is moving more modernity, part of group of middle class iranians. jenna: seems she regrets the decision a little bit. >> later she felt, as she calls herself, let a wolf out of the cage. let him get away scott free. this is her choice. jenna: fascinating series. one you have to experience. i encourage viewers to see the video and all the footage you use to set it up.
8:19 am
part of that footage you show is something we've seen in the west seldom but we see sometimes is public hangings that take place in iran. going back to the justice system, an eye for an eye, what do you think that system tells us about the way that iran approaches policy overall when it comes not only justice domestically but internationally as well? >> well i think the hangings are there to show people that you know committing crimes is very wrong and even though i personally might not agree with them this is their legal system just as there is the death penalty in the united states. statement i do think that is the not the image iran wants to portray or tries to portray in the region. basically they, they want to show that they are a stablizing force, something very opposite what many people think here. they're stablizing force and they are the ones who can start to control the middle east. they point out other countries are weak, they're strong. if they partner up with the united states they could be a stablizing force. jenna: interesting. that is their argument.
8:20 am
as i mentioned one of the few western journalists credited to work inside of iran. you're friends with the washington post journalist who is currently in jail. tell us a little bit about the situation as you know it and your reaction to many being in prison? and now these new charges of espionage. >> jason the correspondent at "the washington post" as you say, i used to work for "washington post." he got my job after i left for "new york times." he is very good friend of mine and dedicated reporter who really loves his job and he has been in prison since july 22nd. this is of course a very distressing situation not only for me but especially for his family. i spoke to his brother the other day. these people are incredibly worried. this is stain on the image iran is trying to portray, a image of more stablizing force in the region. jenna: i will get into it more with a "washington post" editor later on in the program. do you feel concerned for your safety because of your work that some day you might end up in jail in iran?
8:21 am
>> i myself like jason i'm very convinced i'm not a spy. and i'm trying to do my work which also involves gathering information and talking to people. if anybody in the iranian system disagrees with that they know to find me because my address and office are we cell known in tehran. jenna: sounds like you're not concerned? >> not very concerned. jenna: good to know. we hear from stories that people live there. we understand there is very different environment for the press to operate. >> absolutely. jenna: look forward to forward to you on the phone as we do the foner with but appreciate you being here. jon? jon: jury has to decide whether the convicted boston marathon bomber will live or die. why some survivors say they want to spare dzhokhar tsarnaev's life. we're life with -- live with tpat. plus she seemed like an average shopper but her trip takes a very bizarre turn. an alleged crime caught on tape. wait until you see the getaway
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jon: right now the convicted boston marathon bomber is back in court for the next phase of his trial as the same jury who found him guilty of all charges will decide whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison for his crimes. molly line, live in boston with that. molly. >> reporter: jon, the penalty phase is underway. the judge reminding the jurors it is up to that alone, all of them collective to decide whether or not tsarnaev lives or dies in this case. the prosecutors began a very powerful opening statement. they started with pictures of four victims. lindsey liue, martin richard, crystal campbell and officer sean collier. that they are not all.
8:26 am
that all the families would want them to come home one more time. tsarnaev murdered each with each with no time to say good-bye that is the very es steps terrorism. she talked about the wounded, reminded jurors of their suffering. then asked the jury to answer one more question. why is the death penalty the appropriate and just sentence? the prosecutor argued that he plan and plotted kill. he sauntered down boylston street, planning the bomb, creating a risk of death to all in radius of the bomb. evidence will show that tsarnaev select ad glorious sporting event for the fame of the race. that he took the boston marathon and turned it into a political statement that he chose to perpetrate terrorism. she said is he is not a sub tight for his brother. tsarnaev took the bomb, left it behind a row of children looking back over his shoulder knowing he left death there. she ended with a very powerful and new image of him being held here at the courthouse a few
8:27 am
months after the boston marathon bombing and deaths of victims. in that image tsarnaev was shown popping the finger. saying look at this. remember that manifesto that he also left in that boat, saying that he was unrepentant for his actions. the defense at this point in time chosen not to give opening statement. they're waiting until their portion of this case gets you know way. jon? jon: molly line in boston. thanks, molly. jenna: iran sending more weapons to rebels fighting in yemen this is one of the u.s. warships preparing to stop that plan. how are we going to do that? what does it mean that we're sending these ships to the region? we'll talk to retired navy campaign bob wells on what could become a showdown on the high seas to intercept those weapons. also the senate clearing the way for compromise after weeks of delays, moving forward on a bipartisan bill and a vote on the president's nominee for attorney general.
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jon: right now a quick look what's still to come this hour of "happening now." it could be a big break in the biggest art heist in american history. new evidence after investigators search the home of a man who told an undercover f.b.i. agent that he had two of the paintings that were stolen 25 years ago. and dr. oz hits back strong words he has for a team of
8:32 am
doctors criticizing his credibility. she lubes -- looks like your every day shopper but her exit was anything but ordinary. this alleged thief took off with a shopping cart full of stolen items. jenna: breaking news. compromise on capitol hill. the senate is moving forward on a bipartisan human trafficking bill which clears the way on a vote for the nomination of lynch as attorney general. connecting the dots for us mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill now. hi mike. >> hi jenna. very bipartisan human trafficking bill was stuck in the senate over the politics of abortion. mitch mcconnell announced a breakthrough a short time ago. >> as soon as we finish the trafficking bill as i've indicated for some time now, we'll move to the president's nominee for attorney general. hopefully in the next day or so.
8:33 am
>> the domestic trafficking victims fund will receive money two ways. fines on criminal perpetrators will be available for legal aid and law enforcement. money authorized by congress for community health centers including health care and medical services. using taxpayer money for abortion services will be preserved according to aides close to the talks. democrats have been furious that loretta lynch's nomination has waited for about six months. mcconnell wants to do the trafficking bill first, then the lynch nomination but this deal means a confirmation vote for her expected this week and democratic leader sounds pleased. >> this compromise is evidence that when democrats and republicans sit down together and work toward a solution good things can happen. senate needs more of this. but mr. president, let's hope that post agreement amendments don't ruin the agreement we've reached. >> democrats had accused
8:34 am
republicans of trying to expand restrictions on abortion funding. bottom line crisis averted for now. jenna: mike thank you. jon: the pentagon reveals a u.s. warship is shadowing an iranian convoy. the aircraft carrier u.s.s. theodore roosevelt, has made its way to the waters off yemen. it joined a group of u.s. warships hoping to he intercept a convoy believed to be carrying weapons for yemen. retired navy captain, also the former national security special adviser to vice president dick cheney, so this is a part of the world you know well, captain. how high stakes is the maneuvering underway right now? >> it's actually pretty normal in terms of maneuvering the
8:35 am
ships of the u.s. navy are part of a broader international coalition out there that are conducting maritime security operations. this as you know jon is one of the most highly trafficked areas in the world. nothing new for the u.s. navy here. this is the counter piracy operations, also where a lot of the arms trafficking has occurred with somalia as many of the arms came from yemen ended up in somalia so it's not really high stakes. we're watching what's happening with regard to the iranian convoy. we've got the right force posture there. the crews are well trained and ready to essentially conduct maritime intradiction operations if necessary and finally, the reason that everyone is there is to support the arms embargo and making sure it was passed last week 14-0 that no country that provides international naval support in this particular area flouts international law. i hope the iranians obey the law. jon: what kind of evidence will it take before the iranian ships
8:36 am
can be intradicted? >> certainly they should know i imagine there's quite a bit of intelligence work underway to learn what the manifests of these particular vessels are, what their ports of origin were what they're actually carrying. they could be carrying humanitarian articles to support the great human tragedy in yemen. they could also be carrying arms. the iranians have done this before. they've been there with yemen since the revolution and also it's important to realize and to understand that iran is a revo protect other shiite populations throughout the middle east. yemen in particular but look at what's happening in hezbollah with lebanon. look what has also happened in other areas where they exert their power. so watching the iranian very carefully also trust but verify examine i think we need to understand what's on the ships
8:37 am
as they notify the high commissioner on refugees so we understand what could possibly be allowed into yemen to support humanitarian aid, that remains to be seen. jon: some questions must tie the state department in knots because we've been working with iran in some parts of iraq to try to stabilize that country but now we're talking about possibly intradicting ships that might be carrying weapons that iran wants to ship to the rebels which as you say are shy -- shiite. could we wind up with a ship to ship gun battle at sea? >> certainly i would say right now, the ship that is in close proximity, right now the radars are tracking these particular ships. as we used to say inside our information centers we have a fire control solution. if that particular tactical situation rule of engagement
8:38 am
presented itself but we're watching them, they're watching us with regard to the iranian navy and watching the u.s. naefr. they're professional. they want to make sure that they're doing their particular mission. i also think if they come intu a situation where they are going to be intradicted at sea, there's a particular procedure that we follow that they'll be asked to comply with. so this is going to -- this is already up in a pretty high level as you mentioned with the state department national security department and also a high level on the iranian side with the president talking about peace inside yemen. a little bit of iranian power mischief here on the sea, it remains to be seen what the ships are carrying. jon: based on the u.n. vote you were talking about does the u.s. need any further information, any further notification before it stops to intradict the vessels? >> ships are under the command of the u.s. fifth fleet and the
8:39 am
national command authority in washington, d.c. and there would have to be specific rules of engagements in order to have any type of engagement with the iranian navy. it's happened before in the past during certain operations, i think that's fresh in the history of the iranian regime the irgc has been there since the creation of revolutionary iran. they're in command of their defense establishment inside iran so they understand the history and the legacy of the united states navy and the iranian navy on the high seas and that should be a consideration. i do think though that this is just going to be surveillance operation right now, watching what is happening with the iranian convoy there. as you mentioned we have quite a few navy ships there, some coastal patrol craft as well. there's a lot going on ysd -- inside yemen now, especially the
8:40 am
humanitarian side. jon: from a personal standpoint, you commanded a sister ship to one of those that's out there now. as a commander if you have to give the order for something like this, you know, boarding an intradiction, how much of a white knuckle time is that for someone like you? >> it's pretty professional. we train to it. if we look at our particular procedures, all the ships out there in particular this cruiser has a helicopter detachment. we do have a lot with helicopters. we do a lot with bridge to bridge in terms of talking about a boarding procedure. you would see the helicopters up everyone on a particular vessel of interest you know come to the forward part of the ship. then you would have a boarding team. we've got 50 caliber, our surface to surface capabilities there and ready to basically respond in kind in order to
8:41 am
ensure that we're enforcing the arms embargo so it's very trained and it's very preplanned in terms of our responses and you are looking for compliance to support enforcing the arms embargo. we've done it in the gulf as well. jon: iranians built and then sank or tried to sink a faux u.s. aircraft carrier that they put out there in the water a month or two ago. interesting times. thank you very much. appreciate the information. >> thank you, jon. jenna: well firefighter sefrnzing for clues after a massive fire ripped through a condo complex. what may have triggered these flames plus a cold case turning red hot after an f.b.i. agent uncovers new evidence in the largest art heist in american history and one of boston's most enduring crime mysteries.
8:42 am
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jon: we're barrelling toward the top of the hour and "outnumbered." what do you have? >> hi jon. new concerns about terror recruiting in the united states. polls show most people since 9/11 say that the terrorists are winning this war. >> the white house won't categorically deny claims that hillary clinton's state department gave special treatment to foreign governors who gave big bucks to her foundation. and another clinton scandal around the corner. can she survive this one? >> and kraft says that it's mac and cheese will look and taste the same even without artificial ingredients but that has sparked an outcry. >> my 5-year-old will do the taste test. i'll let you know >> i'm doing the taste test >> all right. top of the hour. looking forward to it. jon: looking forward to that and mac and cheese as well. firefighters in oregon searching
8:46 am
for clues after a massive fire ripped through a condo complex near portland. take a look. officials say a resident there told them there were 30 pounds of gun powder in one unit. firefighters think it exploded and then burned off. condos are primarily used by vacationers. they were mostly empty. some people were inside at the time including a woman with a broken leg who was pulled from her balcony by crews waiting below. amazingly, no injuries reported. >> new information on a decades old cold case. federal prosecutors say an elderly connecticut mobster recently boasted to an undercover agent that he had two paintings stolen from boston's isabella stewart gardner museum in 1990 and he would sell them for $500,000. the account is among the most detailed evidence that surfaced in the gardner heist which is one of the largest art thefts to
8:47 am
this day. let's bring in the former f.b.i. investigator. bill, we were lucky enough to talk to the f.b.i. a few weeks ago on this and the anniversary of this art heist comes up. this man, 79 years old, do you think they got the right guy in the heist? >> well from everything i'm reading in this mystery case of 25 years and going on i think they have somebody who has knowledge about what happened. he may not have been one of the people going into the museum back in march of 1990 but he certainly appears to have information that suggests he knows where the art was. there was one very interesting piece that came out during this investigation is that during a search of his home they found a boston globe newspaper covering the story covering the heist and inside was a list of all the art taken and his black market value. you can draw your own conclusions. jenna: maybe we should all declutter and not keep newspapers back to the 1990's.
8:48 am
we showed him in a wheelchair. that's how he showed up to court. his lawyer says he doesn't know anything about this. they say he does. but this case has been cold for a long time so what's next? >> it has been cold for a long time. in fact some other people in the suspect pool if you will persons of interest have died because many of these people now are getting much elderly. and he's a reputed member of an organized crime group and it was the wife who said that he had involvement in it and that's what drove the f.b.i. i would give them a lot of credit very tenaciously up to this point to continue the investigation. houfrp, really they start to get limited in how much they can do. there was no forensic evidence that's going to tie him or others to the robbery. it's really based upon anything that you could find circumstantially in this home or what he may admit to. they've given him opportunities to admit to it. toip he's back in jail.
8:49 am
his attorney says the f.b.i. is threatening for him to basically die in prison and that's what they're using as their leverage right now. it's interesting that this crime really focused on the northeast according to the f.b.i. t. went from boston connecticut philadelphia but somewhere along the way, the case just gets cold and they can't figure out what happened to these paintings. how much hope do you have that these paintings are still around and two we actually figure out what happened in the case? >> certainly hope for our sake is that the paintings are around the evidence hasn't been destroyed because they couldn't find a buyer. there's a very good chance that some of these paintings could have found their way into private collections. in this murky world of art and art thefts, sometimes art is held by individuals who just want to have it themselves and are willing to pay the premium money. not going to brokers want buying from reputable places. they're in some cases where actually people will say i would like to have such and such kind of ordering it and some will go out and steal it for
8:50 am
them. so i hope at some point, these pieces of art are found. it also draws the question as to why these pieces of art were taken. jenna: do you have an answer for that? we were showing video of the museum where they still had the empty frames up with tho paintings inside. just real quick here why do you think these particular paintings and not more other valuable ones inside this museum? >> more valuable ones were there which gives me the feeling that perhaps there was a list of preferred paintings that could be resold on the market easily or may have had interest in buyers to begin it. jenna: maybe someone placed that order. we'll see if we break the case here. great to have you on set. >> good to be here. jon: nice to solve that one, it would be. dr. oz is about to come out swinging against other doctors who accuse him of promoting quack treatments. what he plans to do on his tv show. we have the fox 411.
8:51 am
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jon: dr. oz is set to fire back after growing criticism levelled at him from other doctors and he's going to use his tv show to do it. julie is live with the fox 411 on this medical battle. >> that's right. after several doctors decided to pounce on dr. oz's credibility, the fellow celebrity talk show host is punching back n. a statement on facebook, he says on thursday he plans to address the 10 doctors who not only criticized his medical advice but in an email to the hospital demanded that he be dismissed from his faculty position as vice chairman of columbia's surgery department. a move many in the medical community call jealousy. before reaching human fame he was a nationally respected cardio thoracic surgeon. now the dr. miller and his fellow colleagues who signed the
8:55 am
letter call him a quack. many of them have ties, by the way to a pro industry advocacy group that has supported genetically modified foods. they attacked dr. oz by saying this. z.od has repeatedly shown disdain for science and evidence based medicine as well as relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops and he's manifested an egregious lack of integrity. an insult oz is not taking lightly. he'll be addressing this and the credibility of the letter's authors in his lead segment on thursday the dr. oz show and he said this. i bring the public information that will help them on their path to be their best self. we provide multiple points of view, including mine offered without conflict of interest. that doesn't sit well with certain agendas which distort the facts. columbia university continues to back dr. o sfwl -- dr. oz and
8:56 am
has no right to deserve this. jon: and the battle goes on. julie thank you. jenna: see what happens thursday. brand new stories in the next hour of "happening now." jeb bush was an early favorite after announcing he was actively considering a white house run. why some political analysts are now saying things have changed. plus dramatic dash cam video showing two officers and one brave good samaritan tooing their best to save an unconscious driver from certain death. more on that story ahead.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
jenna: search is on for a woman who used a shopping cart as her getaway car. >> for all intents and purposes it appears this woman is on a normal shopping spree. she has her list going through the store. see her during the video crossing things off her list as she's putting them into the buggy. she exits the store she does not exit from where the cash
9:00 am
registers are. she exits the store from where the main area of the store would be. she uses a skateboard to skateboard across the parking lot. jenna: police are hoping that someone recognizes her. jon: that's a high speed chase. jenna: it worked. yikes. see you in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, welcome back fox news contributor and political editor of town, guy benson is with us. you're outnumbered. >> it's awesome to be outnumbered every single time >> you're the official one lucky guy benson. >> that's correct. one lucky guy


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