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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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id go kid go. >> he's climbing in his jordens i have my money on that guy. >> oh, my. brian is slow. >> will he win? >> will he do it? bill: keep going. nicely done. of the good morning, everybody, there are new details what might be a growing scandal surrounding the clinton campaign. clinton responding to allegations that she donated favors to countries that donated big dollars to her and her husband. we start out on tuesday. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing, martha? martha: good morning everybody. i'm martha maccallum. she dismissed claims in book clinton's cache. that they donated to the clinton foundation. bill: yesterday she finally responded. that the attacks were all part of the game.
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>> we're back into the political season. and therefore we will be subjected to all kinds distraction and attack and i'm ready for that. i know that that comes unfortunately with the territory. it is, i think worth noting that the republicans seem to only talk about me. i don't know what they would talk about if i weren't in the race. bill: ed henry leads our coverage in concord, new hampshire. based on what she said yesterday what is hillary clinton's strategy dealing with the charges at the moment? >> strategy that it's a distraction. all about republicans attack being her. she did not refute a allegation in the book. the book is not out until may 5th. "the new york times" is spilling some. details out. she didn't answer anything specifically. josh earnest at white house podium could not categorically deny there weren't any favors by the obama administration when
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she was secretary of state. it is strategy what former president bill clinton did, i'm focused on my work. i'm focused on the american people. this is distraction. this worked for bill clinton in new hampshire. contribute clint did pretty well winning new hampshire primary in 2008. sticking from a page in the clinton pay book that worked before. bill: john podesta runs her campaign. this is what he said last night with charlie rose. >> it's a book that is written by a former bush operative who is reporter for that august news institution, or has been in the past. he is cherry-picked information that has been disclosed. and, woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. the facts there is nothing new about, the conspiracy theories i guess we'll get to the judge when we read the book. bill: very few people have read the back but he went after the writer peter schweizer. what do we need to understand about schweizer?
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>> on one hand, john podesta is right, people need to be honest about the fact, right in general, not in general everything he said, schweizer for example, was a foreign policy advisor to sarah palin, bush operative. that kind of stuff. he has been a republican. i don't know his politics. i never met him before. he has worked with republicans and conservative sites about breitbart. people have to be honest about that. on the other hand as you and i were talking about off the air he wrote a book basically saying throw all the bums out. was going after members of congress in both parties a few years ago. "60 minutes" did a whole feature on members of congress in both parties who were manipulating stock prices or not making money. that wasn't conservative. by the way the clinton campaign is telling me a lot is not new because what peter schweizer did was make things publicly available clinton foundation publicly disclosed. which is it? if he takes information sound like disclosed. that doesn't sound like conservative or liberal.
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sounds like somebody chasing the facts. bill: did president clinton made the policy change before the speech or was he paid and policy changes put in as result. whatwhat do we know what came first. >> reporter: report question. one example. colombian trade deal. what is alleged in the book for example, the money in not from the colombian government to the colombian oil company to the clinton foundation. later after the fact, secretary of state clinton changed opposition of colombian trade deal was all of sudden supportive of it. they say it was not because of the money. she was simply in the obama administration. from the top the president obama wanted colombian trade deal. they will fight all that out. they haven't answered specific allegations. when the book comes out they promise they will fight fire with fire. bill: talk to you later today. ed henry in new hampshire there. martha. martha: clinton said the republican candidates are not talking about anything really except her in her opinion.
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we'll ask candidates to respond to that charge. senator ted cruz joins us live in ten minutes on that and how he plans to break out of the pack. rand pau 9:40 a.m. this morning. why he says these allegations against hillary will make voters in his opinion begin to question her candidacy. bill: a lot of questions for both of them. they were in new hampshire over the weekend. martha: they were. bill: a cast of thousands apparently running for that nomination. so both men coming up this hour. martha: looking forward to that meantime growing concerns about what could be a showdown coming with iran. the u.s. has sent a massive aircraft carrier to the region. it will be off the coast in waters off of yemen. it will be prepared to block any iranian ships that are trying to bring weapons to yemen's rebels. this could get very interesting. doug mckelway live in washington with more. white house is obviously concerned the yemen situation is about to spin out of control, doug.
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>> reporter: that's right, martha. the country that may be most worried about that is saudi arabia which has been found r pounding the houthi rebels strongly and incessantly for the past week or some the one bomb impact we saw yesterday, huge huge attack may have hit a munitions deep poet. it sent massive shockwaves across the area and civilian casualty have been mounting. the civilian casualties have been white house is urging saudis to pull back on the strikes. the white house is in constant communication with the saudis apparently. the deployment of uss teddy roosevelt battle group, including nine warships may be attempt to calm the saudis unease and as well disrupt arms shouldn'ts to yemen rebels. >> situation in yemen is one that must be solved diplomatically. one of the concerns we have iranian behavior of destablizing impact upon the region they continue to supply weapons and
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offer support to the houthis in yemen. >> reporter: the united nations believe airstrikes against houthi rebels killed at least 760 civilians. "the los angeles times" this morning says it resulted in a humanitarian crisis in what is already the arab world's poorest country. martha? martha: this is very tangled web because we're supporting these saudi airstrikes. >> reporter: yeah we are with aerial refueling and other support activities yet there appears to be no clear objective at this point with many doubting that the houthi rebels advance can be authoritied without a -- thwarted without a sizable ground force which no one at this point seems willing to take. this is as you know a one small part after middle east cauldron appears to be boiling over in several areas. martha? martha: thank you, doug. bill: let's break it down the people geography and where we as a nation are with all of this. saudi arabia specific concerns of fighting happening on its southern border with with yemen a long border it shares.
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saudi arabia egypt, qatar these are sunni nations which are fighting houthi rebels which are shia. the shia as you know by now are backed by iran. those are the people involved. geography is fascinating. persian gulf 20 miles across. gulf of aden about 20 miles across. two significant choke points for trade, for oil that serves the entire world. now the uss theodore roosevelt steaming out of the persian gulf, down to, along with another warship off the coast of yemen. it will join 10 other u.s. warships that have, for the most part been in this area for some time. so all the action here, southern arabian sea, off the coast of yemen, red sea to a lesser extent southwest of yemen and this is the area of concern the united states has along with its allies at the moment, saudi arabia egypt and others. significant deal in the following way. is iran backing these rebels? if they are as many believe what
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are they giving them? and the concern over the past several days has been surface-to-air missiles. if that happens you can now that is major concern whether or not you can interdict that distribution. so what happens here? if you make a wrong move, well, there could be a world of hurt follows that literally speaking. martha: block them from bringing weapons to the houthis, trying to deal with them at the negotiation table over the nuclear deal. john bolton will talk with us about that coming up as well in a moment. >> there are new details on the washington "the washington post" reporter held in tehran. they said the bureau chief is being charged with espionage collaborating with hostile governments and propaganda against the government. he was detained last year. his brother says the iranian government keeps stringing him along. >> it has been such a long time. know he has been held twice as long as any prior foreign journalist. it has taken a huge to on him.
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as you pointed out they say he is iranian citizen but not giving him the rights of an iranian citizen. they are disregarding all legal process and virtually holding him in limbo. martha: ali says they have no evidence against his brother and jason is ready to put up a strong defense. bill: another fox news alert now. he was egypt's first democratically elected leader. now he will spend 20 years behind bars. an egyptian court ruling on mohammed morsi earlier today. we'll bring you that story. martha: emotional marathon finish. did you see this yesterday? as she runs to the finish and collapses over the line. survivor from the boston bombing, and now now a day later, a jury set to deliberate the fate of convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. will he live or die for his crimes? bill: we're on verdict watch. first candidate to jump into the race for the white house. how will ted cruz set himself apart, rather, from the pack?
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the texas senator is live in our studio next. >> any candidate for president who is fit to be commander-in-chief must be prepared in january 20 is 7 to repudiate any deal that undermines american national security. [applause]
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♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪ ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪ ♪ i got roots and i got wings. ♪ ♪ bill: 14 past.
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ousted egyptian president mohammed morsi is going to jail. sent to 20 years behind bars for killing of hundreds of protesters in 2012. the egyptian judge dropped murder charges which would have carried the death penalty. morsi faces several other trials with thousands of members of the muslim brotherhood. remember he was egypt's first freely-elected president. >> anyone hoping the republican presidential field might be narrowed or even clarified by this weekend's gathering in new hampshire must be disappointed today. nobody seemed particularly to stand out. nor did anyone fall into the orchestra pit or commit some other damaging gaffe. martha: brit hume like only brit hume can say it, nobody really stood out in the gop field over the weekend in new hampshire as potential candidates flooded the state battleground for this, really one of the first times out there together. among them was texas republican ted cruz. he joins us now. senator, welcome to have you here in "america's newsroom."
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>> martha, great to be with you. martha: you heard assessment of mr. human. we heard nothing spectacular. nobody stood out. that is the work cut out for you to stand out in the pack. how do you do that. >> at end of the day the voices i'm listening to are not coming from washington. they are coming from the state of iowa, the state of new hampshire and the state of -- the energy and excitement and enthusiasm we've seen have been off the charts. heidi and we took the girls barnstorming through all three primary event states. it was standing room only. a lot of local press reported crowds showing up were double the size of any other previous -- martha: what makes you different from rand paul who we will speak to in a little while and some of at earth candidates jeb bush scott walker, marco rubio. what makes you different? >> there are sharp differences between our records. what republican primary voters
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who are looking for is a leader who will stand for conservative principles and fight. if you look at great issues and challenges of the day, look back at last dozen years. big fights we've had standing up to obamacare and debt that bankrupting our kids and grandkids or standing up to stop president obama's up constitutional executive amnesty or standing up to defend the officers amendment religious liberty or second and fourth and fifth amendments of privacy or defend the tenth amendment and stop common core. or standing up for life and marriage. standing up to strengthen the friendship which is rail and stop iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. on everyone of those issues i think questions primary voters are going to ask who has actually walked the walk? what i have tried to do in my sometime in the senate on everyone of those issues is stand and, walk the walk. martha: so you say that you're not concerned about middle ground getting independent voter and convinces people you're not too conservative
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which is label a lot of people put on you? you're more concerned about turning out the base. tell us about that strategy? >> listen, i believe in common sense conservative values. i believe in, for example, live within your means. don't bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. it is only in washington that those are viewed as radical or extreme views. in the rest of america those bring people together. those are values that bring together republicans democrat independents libertarians. one of the things i'm most encouraged about we're seeing old reagan coalition come together supporting our campaign. we're seeing conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and young people and women. martha: you think if all those people in the conservative base as it is called turn out for you don't really need an independent voter? >> i think you absolutely want the independent voter. i think the way you win the independent voter is by standing clearly for common sense values. you know if you compare 2004, the last race republicans won,
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to 2008 and 12, by far the biggest difference is the millions of conservatives who showed up in 04, who stayed home in 2008 and stayed home in more in '12. martha: who do you know you're right on that? >> the data speak for themselves. millions of evangelical christians and millions of reagan democrats showed up in oh 04 and stayed home for the last two cycles. the key if we want to win bringing those conservatives back. interestingly enough when you stand for principle draw a line in the sand it does two things. it brings out millions of conservatives. it earnings you crossover votes. reagan democrats, only republican. -- martha: if you prevail, hillary clinton could likely be person you go up against. she is being criticized for using her influence as secretary of state to basically bring in
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money to her family's covers and to the clinton foundation as well. how big of a deal is this? do you think this is something that could potentially push her out of the race? >> i think it's a real problem from someone holding themselves out as president of the united states for them to have accepted millions of dollars from foreign nations over and over and over again both to the foundation and in speaking fees for her husband especially while she was secretary of state. and it's one manifestation of a broader problem. which is the culture of corruption in washington. i think the 2016 general election, the way we win is to run a populist campaign on behalf of hard-working men and women across the america who want to believe again in the promise of america and to run it against the bipartisan corruption of washington. career politicians in both parties that keep growing government and -- martha: bring out that idea of corruption and bring that into more focus perhaps. you and john mccain have had words over the time that you've been in, working as senator.
6:21 am
the most recent back and forth is that in new hampshire you said that you were pressing him to allow the military to carry concealed weapons on bases and you felt that would prevent things like what we saw happen at fort hood. here is what john mccain says bit. you said you're not pressing him on it. he says it came as complete surprise to me was pressing me. maybe some media event i'm not familiar with. hand telegraph or sign language. he made a joke out of the whole thing. what say you? >> i like john mccain. he can always be counted on for a good quote. the question of concealed carry on military bases is issue i raised repeatedly. i raised in open hearings of the senate armed services committee. hearings where john mccain was i believe present at those hearings. and i also urged the prior chairman carl levin, in writing, to hold hearings on allowing our soldiers, sailors airmen and marines to carry weapons on military bases. now, i will acknowledge, i may
6:22 am
have misspoken in new hampshire when i said that i had been pressing john mccain and what i had been pressing the is the armed services committee. john mccain is the new chairman of it. so i sent a letter to the previous chairman. i had not communicated that to john directly. although i had at a hearing and will continue to raise it with john mccain because the committee ought to look at listen to the military's arguments. the military brass oppose this is. they ought to hear their arguments. i'm a big believer defending second amendment rights of everyone including our soldiers senator, thank you very much. good to have you here today. >> thank you martha. bill: still to come, senator rand paul battling with senator cruz. paul has some strong words for hillary clinton. we'll talk to him live this morning.
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bill: so the sentencing phase begins today in the boston bombing trial after an emotional
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marathon yesterday in boston. survivor rebecca gregory, shown right there lost part of her leg, running part of her race and hitting the finish line there. molly line at the courthouse in boston. what happens today molly? let's start inside. good morning. >> reporter: food aregood morning bill. the same jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev will be the one to decide whether or not he lives or dies. things have yet to get started this morning. we have yet to hear opening statements or the judge's instructions but throughout the proceedings it will look a lot like a trial in the second phase. the defense will present mitigating factors the reasons jury should send tsarnaev to life behind bars. defense attorneys argue that tamerlan was domineering older sibling. the prosecutors will argue aggravating factors, conspiracy, murderer after police officer while on duty.
6:27 am
killing of an eight-year-old little boy were not only intentional were cruel and heinous. bill? >> you spoke with rebekah yesterday. what did yesterday mean to her? >> reporter: what an incredible young lady. this is a young woman from texas, this tremendous loss and she suffered @o greatly. she actually just chose to have that portion of her leg finally removed in november. got her new leg the prosthetic in january. she already covering these final miles of the boston marathon. we did have a chance to speak with her. this was her way of moving for. prior to the race. here is what she had to say about the penalty phase about to get underway. >> my personal feels it is really not a judgment i can make as a human. i believe that what he, judgment that he will get is after he dies. but i'm -- with the jury. >> reporter: just listening to her, she is woman of incredible
6:28 am
grace. she also came here in march and testified against dzhokhar tsarnaev. bill? bill: wow molly line, thank you. in boston with us today. we're awaiting penalty phase as it gets underway. imagine the human strength that woman has? martha: don't let the terrorists win right there. bill: well-done. martha: more boston coming up. meantime moving the big guns into the water off of yemen for a possible showdown coming with iran. how does that square with the nuclear deal that's in the works right now? we'll talk to ambassador john bolton coming up. bill: an epic five-minute rant not suitable for work folks. what has this baseball manager out of cincinnati ohio so fired up. >> i tell you what the [bleep] is going on with the team. i tell you how i'm feeling about it candidly as i can and then [bleep]. i have to watch this [bleep]. read out a tweet from our own people in here that we don't have a [bleep] player. how does that benefit the reds? doesn't benefit us one [bleep]
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martha: washington making a big move in the battle over yemen. the united states has moved a naval aircraft carrier a huge one, the uss theodore roosevelt, into the area. the vessel joining a contingent of american warships already positioned off the waters in the arabian sea in yemen and they're ready to intercept any iranian vessels that may be trying to supply the houthi rebels fighting in yemen. the white house sounding the alarm on the iran's continued support of houthi rebels fighting the coalition. >> we've seen evidence that the iranians are supplying weapons and other forms of support to the houthis in yemen. that is the kind of support that will only contribute to greater violence in that country. these are exactly kind of destablizing activities we had in mind when we raise concerns about iran's destablizing activity in the middle east. martha: there you go. john bolton, f.
6:33 am
ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. good to have you here, ambassador. >> glad to be with you. martha: that puts them in a tough spot, doesn't it? >> i think the administration is correct to move additional assets particularly roosevelt into that area. it is critical for international commerce going from the strait into the red sea on the suez canal and obviously coming out the other way and there is concern about iran's continued support for the houthi coalition. this is not new. this has been going on for years. martha: right. >> in particular in the battle for aden the critical seaport there, the houthi and their yemeni allies have been being pushed back. so the prospect of iran trying to intervene to help them hold on to significant parts of aden really is, i think a major issue and tactical sense in the battle for yemen. martha: got it. i think everybody sees the strategic reason why we want to have very strong presence there right now.
6:34 am
the next question is what happens to iran ships come into the area and they're trying to deliver supplies to houthis in yemen. move on to the nuclear arms deal in a moment. what does the showdown look like and when might it happen? >> no doubt deploying additional forces raises the possibility of an incident at sea. it is hard to say exactly how the iranians are going to try to get weapons into the houthi or whether they will actually engage forces on land in aden. but certainly the risk goes up, or risk if not u.s. naval force, it could be saudi or egyptian forces. this is something that is obviously critical for us. it is not just the houthi in yemen who are the problem. also al qaeda in the rabe rabe. it is u.s. -- arabian peninsula. it is good to get some effective government back in yemen as soon as we can, so we can deal in more responsible fashion with both houthi and al qaeda. martha: so on the one hand you're trying to prevent iran from supplying houthi fighters
6:35 am
in yemen. you're sitting down at the table with them trying to negotiate over a nuclear deal. does this present opportunity for leverage? do you keep the two things separate and how can you really? >> i think iran thinks it has leverage here. the aid to the houthi is relatively low-cost, low-risk for them at least up until now. i think tehran believes they can get away with it because the white house is so desperate for the nuclear deal that iran can fish in troubled waters which is what it is doing here without fearing real reprisal or real consequence in the nuclear area. right as of now i think momentum is on iran's side. martha: iran needs to deal too. what is going on here? why can't we? why not? >> the iranians want relief from international sanctions. what they have accomplished in the past couple years the sanctions regime has broken down. you can see it in just the past couple weeks. look the obama administration's own director of national
6:36 am
intelligence testified last year that the sanctions had not slowed down the nuclear weapons program. of course they would like to be free of the sanctions anybody would, but it hasn't affected their nuclear program. martha: they say they need it for economic trade. countries are, looking at their twitter feed, they have a lot of countries that want to see these lifted to begin trade with them. >> sure a lot of countries are violating sanctions, russians, chinese and others. this is something, of course they prefer to be free of the sanctions but at what cost? i think what they see is the prospects of both being free of the sanctions and being able to pursue their nuclear deal. martha: looks like they might get both. what odds do you put on possible confrontation in the arabian sea right now? >> at this point i put them at relatively low point at least from the american point of view. you're in very along the strait is very narrow. there is not a lot of room to navigate. so i think prospect for
6:37 am
unintended incident at sea here is actually pretty high. once that sort of thing happens developments can take a course that nobody wants or anticipates. think that is the real danger at the moment. martha: certainly can. ambassador, thank you very much. >> thank you martha. >> not suitable for work. open this attachment with extreme caution. cincinnati reds manager bryan price speaking with, as as yet unforeseen public candor, with a reporter from the cincinnati "enquirer." at issue, should the media report on player who is not with the team. here is kind of how it went. listen. >> your job isn't to sniff out every little [bleep] thing that is about the reds and put it out there for every other guy to hear. i'm [bleep] sick of this. i'm sick of listening to this [bleep]. [bleep] bleep. second-guessing. you guys can could do whatever the [bleep] you want. i tell you this i'm not telling you everything about this [bleep] ball club. because you guys will go out
6:38 am
there and sniff it out anyway. i don't like it [bleep] bit. bent over backwards to be honest and direct with you [bleep] guys. you stick it up my [bleep] and the rest of the team. i'm [bleep] sick of it. martha: i think we broke the beeper button. bill: the rant went on for five minutes. 77 f-bombs and choice words. his team went out and won. they beat milwaukee 6 h 1. as a red fan something is working right now. bryan price is good guy. i'm certain that is not what he wanted to -- as he did not want to be portrayed publicly. martha: publicly not. as you say it worked. locker room next time. bill: go reds. everybody talks that way in cincinnati don't they bill? no they don't. martha: bill talks that way all the time. no, he doesn't. a total gentleman. so here is coming up. we were talking about this a moment ago. we'll talk about this next. an american warship sunk between
6:39 am
the waves and never seen again until now. decades later it is found on the ocean floor. sonar shows it is in pretty good shape. bill: cool stuff. 2016 hopeful rand paul taking aim at hillary clinton. he is live in "america's newsroom" on this and more next. >> the whole email thing she is just sort of above the rules. she doesn't have to use government server. oh well, my server was protected by the secret service. does she think there is like floppy disks in her basement? photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now... ...they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project... ...or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today.
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♪ martha: well the drummer for the rock band ac/dc appearing in new zealand court. phil rudd pled guilty including to threat to kill and possession of meth and marijuana. after the album flopped rudd
6:43 am
said he called an associate and wanted his personal assistant taken out. rudd who previously denied those charges, cop ad plea this time before the trial began. the 60-year-old drummer was released on bail. there are the good ol' days. and is due to be sentenced in june. >> i'm starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels there is going to be two planes. one for her entourage and one for her baggage. [laughter] bill: 2016 hopeful rand paul takenning on hillary clinton. that comment over the weekend in new hampshire. kentucky senator rand paul and others they clearly have her in their cross hayes. senator paul, republican presidential candidate is with me now. how are you senator? good morning. >> very good. thanks for having me. bill: what do you mean baggage? how would you define that in 18 seconds or less. >> well, baggage is something that is harmful to you that has to do with your history
6:44 am
basically. her lack of her defense of benghazi baggage, her email server that was not a government server is baggage. i also think the contributions to the clinton foundation are baggage. she will need a whole plane for it. bill: on that clinton foundation, you were quoted, i believe it was in "the new york times," right two days ago as saying that the revelations in the book, will quote, shock people. how so? >> well, you know, this is peter schweizer's book, clinton's cache. it is coming out in a week or two. i don't have all the details but i do know he gone through meticulously detailed where the contributions come to from the foundation. it is unseemly. the constitution specifically says you can't take gifts from foreign governments. it is somehow skirtings or going around the law to accept them through your foundation? i think it is. it has a real sense of
6:45 am
impropriety around i think it needs to stop. bill: one thing that needs to be nailed down, i don't know if you know the answer if you know you can offer it now did the speaking arrangement come before the alleged policy change or was it the other way around? >> i don't know the details. i read in "new york times" article yesterday, apparently bill clinton's speaking fees went up astronomically after she became secretary of state. he was speaking for $200,000 an hour and then began speaking for $500,000 an hour after she was approved being secretary of state. bill: i'm trying to figure out was he paid before the policy change or did the policy change come before the speaking engagement was even booked? >> i think you will have to get the book and have peter on. there will be enormous amounts of details. it is very detailed book with you will at facts lined up. i'm just not at liberty nor do i have pa complete grasp of all the facts to recite them. bill: john podesta runs her
6:46 am
campaign i know you know that he was on charlie rose yesterday. he says there is nothing new here. the clinton foundation, in fact they're are the one who is provided all the information for schweizer to write the book. for that you say what? >> we'll see. i think there is information from all around the world that will be in the book. i also think there is something big here. and the big thing is, is the idea of taking money from foreign countries. we have campaign finance laws that say you can't take money from foreign citizens or from foreign governments. she is taking money from countries that abuse the rights of women. she will have to explain how that is consistent with supposedly being a proponent of women's rights when she is taking on money from countries that publicly whip women who have been raped. so something is not right here. i think it is, people will have to ask a lot of questions. bill: the book is out on may 5th. talk about your campaign because people want to know if you get the nomination how you would govern. lindsey graham said this about your world view. generally speaking you have done
6:47 am
more than right. -- done more wrong than right. john mccain said you have a naivete as you came to the senate, what do you say. >> this comes from a group of people wrong about every policy issue over last couple decades. give you a couple examples where they support the president's foreign policy i don't. they supported hillary clinton's war in libya. they supported president obama's bombing of assad. they also supported president obama's foreign aid to countries that hate us. if there is anyone most opposed to president obama's foreign policy is me. people who call loudist to criticize me are great opponents of president obama's for return policy they just want to do it 10 times over. i'm only one actually standing up and saying the war in libya was a mistake. bombing of assad would make isis stronger. the arms to islamic rebels would make isis stronger. i'm the won standing up to president obama. these people are essentially
6:48 am
lapdogs for president obama i think they're sensitive about that. bill: how would you define yourself? are you interventionist or isolationist? you will be asked that question repeatedly and you will say what. >> i'm a reagan republican. i believe in strong national defense. i believe in peace through strength. i think intervenges is not always the answer. some interventions lead to unintended consequences. so, for example, hillary's war in libya made libya less stable, more chaotic. it allowed the rise of radical islam. so we are more at risk after that war. it was a mistake for that war to occur and for the u.s. to be involved with toppling can introduce if i have. realize people who criticize me for giving arms to qadaffi last year the year before they were they were for toppling qadaffi. they're on both sides of the war. some are on both sides of syrian war. their foreign policy is so disjointed confusing chaotic people need to reexamine those
6:49 am
who want to be involved with any war. i think we get involved with american interest. i think we have to military stop isis. but i'm sad that isis got a lot of weapons from intervention its in my party and the president who gaveve them weapons indirectly. bill: word i got from new hampshire you guys are playing nice. perhaps not -- >> i will play nice if they will play nice. if they're going to trot around the country criticizing me, i'm going to make sure that the american public knows that these are precisely the people that support president obama's for return aid, libyan war and syrian war. and they need to explain themselves. bill: i know you had a big weekend in new hampshire. back in iowa later this week. senator, we'll speak again. thank you for your time today. >> you bet. bill: rand paul the republican from kentucky. martha. martha: a world war ii warship discovered at the bottom of the pacific ocean. unbelievable condition. bill: also a bear warning. winter is over and the bears are awake and they are hungry.
6:50 am
martha: uh-oh. ♪ i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the
6:51 am
rules of greek!
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6:53 am
bill: so beware of bears, the big ones too. that time of year. bill: grizzly bears coming out in the west coming out of hibernation. they are waking up hungry and hikers and campers come across the path. keep your distance. pack your food supplies. never mess with a mama bear. take your garbage before you go to bed, put it in the bear chute. martha: very good advice. i didn't know you had so many experience with camping and bears. bill: i read the signs. martha: i saw a big truck that said bear trap on it. there was little holes on the side. i was driving along to see if
6:54 am
there was a bear in there. probably not a ideal driving down the turnpike. i doesn't see anything in there. a aircraft carrier that spent last 64 years down at the government of the ocean has been discovered and amazing intact. that is the sonar image of the uss independence, which operated in the 1940s, before being used for atomic bomb testing after the war. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in marina del rey. jonathan, this is really a fascinating find. >> reporter: yeah very exciting one for everybody involved in this mission. obviously officials have known somewhere out there in the pacific, 2600 feet down the independence has been sitting since it was scuttled in 1951 but there was some confusion over the coordinates. now they found it. they sent down these boeing machines to map it. it looks in great condition considering it was damaged during the battle of tarowa in
6:55 am
1943. it was fixed up then. went back out to fight again the japanese fleet in the pacific. it was damaged once again as part after fleet seeing how atomic bomb test was affect ships in 1946. given all of that, according to james dell gado the chief scientist, he says after 64 years on the seafloor independence sits on the bottom if ready to launch it is planes. this ship fought a long hardware in the pacific after the war. was subjected to two atomic blasts that ripped through the ship. it is reminder of industrial might and skill of the greatest generation martha. martha: wow. what is next for this mission? >> reporter: well, in terms of the independence, that's probably it. they're going to let it sit there. they know what condition it is in now. they gleaned a great deal of information from it. but in that particular trench, underneath the islands further north up the pacific coast here, there are something like 30
6:56 am
ships there all together and what officials would like to do is map those and get as much detail on those as they got about the independence. so there is a lot of work still to do, a lot of fascinating work to do, martha. martha: truly is. jonathan, thank you. bill: love that sonar. hillary clinton's campaign playing defense over explosive new book claiming influence-peddling by the clintons. foreign donors affecting policy at the department of state. what about that? what about the impact it may or may not have in the race? karl rove will analyze in a moment. martha: the mother of this navy seal killed in iraq is now demanding an apology from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff after he downplayed the risk of isis taking ramadi. >> for me, we have sacrificed greatly over there. we have men and women who have been blown to smithereens over there, left body parts there. my son's blood is on that soil. and to say it is not symbolic, that is just unconscionable to me that happened.
6:57 am
threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber bate, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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7:00 am
>> fobbing news alert. after con victing dzhokhar tsarnaev on all counts, the same jurors began hearing the case they claim they will decide on the death penalty this week. we will hear from two ampue tees later in the show. and new details in a
7:01 am
>> reporter: this fbi avffidavit states they were providing contact with the individuals. they believe chinese intelligence officers were paid thousands of dollars to provide information on u.s. persons and a u.s. government employee. the translator lived rent free
7:02 am
with a state department employee including this islamic embassy. as part of fox's investigation we found this 2012 hearing on capital hill where the contractor is identified as helen gou where she worked as a translator. we have requested an interview to get her side. >> what is the state department saying about this? >> reporter: the state department confirmed the translator worked for them over a two year period and the rest of the questions we have are being directed to the fbi. >> has the state department taken any action? >> she was employee of the contractor interupter and she is
7:03 am
not employed any more so i would refer you to the fbi. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office in the washington, d.c. who has been overseeing the case was asked why they chose not to prosecute and in a brief statement a spokesman said it is a matter of practice and policy not to discuss investigations and the fbi said they cannot go beyond these court documents. there is news that chris christie's former campaign manager is jumping ship to go work for jeb bush who launched a presidential cycle as the first to announce he was considering running but all of these months later no official decision john roberts is live in atlanta. will he or won't he is the big
7:04 am
question. >> that is the first question. bush was the first the launch the exploring in december but others have jumped in. the governor has not telegraphed his indications but everything is pointing toward a run. he has been raising money and bush asked donors to cap the contributions at $1 million. he has been crisscrossing the country and the pac will not give out numbers but he has paid staffers in three states. bush is well enough known he doesn't need to take on the title of presidential candidate to take on support like lesser known candidates >> they don't have the recognition and need to capitalize a little bit on the open space in the primary or the race. i don't think that is true of jeb bush. i think he could wait and
7:05 am
waiting is going to be a smart move on his part. >> and waiting to declare allows him to are private events something he will not be able to do if he were to declare he was a candidate because all of those events would become public. >> when would he possibly declare? >> there is talk about announcing a run in mid-may but maybe later than that. the south carolina chair of the republican party is attending a meeting of supporters at bush's miami home to talk about that. >> i think it will be part of the decision making process. some of the people who have been involved in doing this leadership infrastructure around the country will be involved in the meeting. i would say you are doing well in south carolina building a lot of support and i would encourage him to run. >> the associated press has a
7:06 am
story out saying the right to rise super pac may take on during the campaign. a lot of the duties the candidates would handle is a stretch because they are trying to get use to the role the super pacs will play. >> thank you john. any danger to jeb's potential campaign if he holds off? steve hays is here to discuss. what do you think of the news of the person going over from chris christie's side to jeb bush? >> for someone like that to go join jeb bush's team is a hit to chris christie. the timing of the news of the week if that is what it was, is certainly interesting.
7:07 am
if you look back at the new hampshire con fab i was up there talking to people and voters and one of the things coming from the weekend is you had new hampshire voters giving chris christie a second look. you wonder if this wasn't an attempt to step on any momentum coming out of new hampshire he might have been building. >> in new hampshire, chris christie and jeb bush would have to win new hampshire in most occasions don't you think? >> i think it so. it is unlikely either one of them would win iowa. you can make the argument there are three people that need to win new hampshire along with rand paul. rand paul said he needs to win this. you have a number of people competing in new hampshire who have to do quite well. >> what about the story of how long it is taking jeb to get in? should that be of concern? >> no i don't think so.
7:08 am
it was interesting to hear him remind people in the question and answers section he is not an official candidate. he made the point to say i am giving this careful consideration. but he is making phone calls, raising money, building a big staff, and he is doing it quickly and doing all of that pointing in the direction of a run. >> stay tuned. thanks. >> you bet. according to the ap and rioters they are voting there could be a vote on loretta lynch this week. and mitch mcconnell hopes to see it happen within days. senate leaders unveiling a trafficking deal that will clear the way for a vote on lynch. we shall watch it. it has been held up but it looks like there is movement.
7:09 am
new reaction to the book some say could rock the presidential campaign. >> my suspicion is when this book is fully revealed on may 5th it will cause a lot of indigestion. >> we will talk to karl rove on this in a bit. >> the city is notsymbolic. it has not been declared part of the caliphate or central to the future of iraq. >> that comment on the town of ramadi had the mother of a navy seal who died there wanting an apology. debby lee is back today and she will join us live to tell us about that. and this trential rain and deadly flooding sweep away a
7:10 am
home. we will tell you where that is going on. ramadi
7:11 am
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deadly flooding sweeping away a home. check this out. this is a house boat floating away after a powerful storm. emergency crews received more than 3500 calls and carried out 23 high water rescues. this happened in australia. three people died as a result of the storm and 200,000 homes are without power and several schools have been closed. clinton campaign fighting
7:14 am
back against the claim that she handed out money to organizations that donated to her and her husband. her donation chairman said this is nothing new and dismissing this. >> this is a book written by a former bush operative. he cherry picked information that has been disclosed and woven a bunch of conspiracy theres about it. the facts there is nothing new the conspiracy theory we'll judge when we read the book. >> karl rove is formal deputy staff and senior advisor to bush. good to have you. the republicans have nothing to talk about all they talk about
7:15 am
is me she said. >> i thought it was interesting. don't pay any attention to this. walk straight on my is what they are saying. this is a personal server we are violating the rules but don't worry walk on by. the allegation in this book, that we will see on may 5th and get a sneak at it with bret baier and special report on friday, the argument is the clinton foundation and bill clinton clinton's personal foundation received speaking fees from foreign entities while secretary clinton was at the state department and did things that benefited the people putting money into the pockets of the organization. we will see what the evidence is. but i thought it was interesting
7:16 am
the first response was to attack the writer and say there is nothing new here. >> i don't know if we will ever find out. some of the trail in this might have been in the 35,000 e-mails that were considered personal. >> oh martha, there was nothing there. we need to trust secretary clinton. it is only messages to and from her daughter about her wedding and two and from her husband. he said he never sent an e-mail because he only sent and received two e-mails in his life. the clinton's operate by walking on by. we know the clinton's don't think the rules apply to them and we know there is a pattern of the pay for play. what about mark rich getting a pardon after get former wife made big pledges to the clinton library? it has been sneaky she has
7:17 am
receiving contributions while secretary of state and still receiving them as running for president. >> the clinton global foundation, now she is running from president they will only take them from australia, uk, germany and norway. why would they they can make that stipulation now she is running for president but not when she was secretary of state? >> they wanted the money. this pays for their staff, to move them around the country, for their jets for making their lives better. i don't think it is an accident that the development detective detective -- director -- for the clinton's organization is now the campaign funder. if you want to do something good in africa and get credit with the clinton's and have the funds
7:18 am
pay for the their organization and pad the infrastructure of their lives >> they will have to prove there is connections that tie these things together and the book is coming out may 5th and brett has a sneak peak at it as well. this would be going along with the narrative. they are worth $100-$200 million. he is the wealthiest former living president. how does that work out when your argument is all about income inequality and how ridiculous ceo salaries out there when they make more than most ceo's. >> this creates a problem for their narrative obviously. you are absolutely right. it will create more if we get to look further inside the activities of the foundation and find out how much it supports
7:19 am
their lifestyle. this new found interest in income inequality is in response to elizabeth warren and her fans will not find her desirable. >> do you think warren is thinking twice? >> this is clinton's only shot running for president. she is getting what she wants. she is getting the democratic presidential candidate in coronation to say my agenda will be dictated by elizabeth warren. >> carl thanks, as always. a jury in boston meeting set to decide if dzhokhar tsarnaev lives or dies for his crimes. they were back out in force yesterday two years after the bombing and we will talk to one of the survivors about the next
7:20 am
phase. plus there is this: >> he is still breathing. >> wow. look at that. a driver trapped behind the wheel and the car is on fire. the officers make a split second decision with no time to spare. >> it was painful. he is still breathing. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine.
7:21 am
that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
7:22 am
7:23 am
two fast acting police officers jumped into action to save a man's life. watch this. >> he is still breathing. >> risking their own safety to rescue a driver who was trapped behind the wheel of a burning suv in texas.
7:24 am
the driver barely conscious as they struggled to open the door. he was finally dragged to safety as the flames engulfed the entire vehicle. >> i am so thankful we were that close. he had seconds left. seconds left. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> we go to work with the best of intentions to help people and do the best we can. >> that is exactly what they did. the driver was alone when his car hit a pole on the side of the highway. he is in stable condition with burns and broken bones at baylor hospital in dallas. the united states is sending aircraft to the coast of yemen to stop the rebels from fighting in that country. jack keane from the institute and study of war. theodore roosevelt, another war ship joining ten others.
7:25 am
we are shadowing this convoy to perform man reconnaissance of seven or nine iranian ships in the iranian convoy. is that new information to you? >> no the fact is this aircraft carrier moved out of the supporting operation in iraq and syria where it was part of the air campaign and moved from the persian gulf and it suddenly has its own air craft making connection with those nine ships coming from iran. i think we probably have some intelligence and it is likely there is arms and ammunition on the ship. i know what we are most concerned about is surface-to-air attacks. inside of yemen they are conducting these and if the
7:26 am
iranian ship tries to enter water space i am confidant we will intercept it. >> i don't know if you have a monitor but i want to show the viewers what we are talking about. this is the population and geography. saudi arabia and egypt are both sunni nations with qutar and uae fighting the shiite members. the theodore roosevelt is coming from the persian gulf in the iranian sea. choke point here 20 miles way and another one here near the gulf of aiden. the reconnaissance should be off the coast of yemen. when you see this movement you must have significant concern that if you make one wrong move
7:27 am
this could go to hell in a hand basket. >> obviously the iranians are on to the fact they are moving something likely arms and ammunition. i doubt if they want us to stop the ships and board the ships and be able to identify they are doing that. they denied the fact they every provided arms and ammunition which is typical of iran. they lie through their teeth. what makes this important is the saudi arabian air campaign in yemen knocked out most of the air fields and the iranians cannot conduct air resupply is what they were doing initially. >> what we read is surface-to-air missiles could be delivered on behalf of iran. if that is true you are trying to stop that right? >> yeah. we already have ten ships in the area. we have seven combat ships to
7:28 am
include 2200 marines on board and three supply ships. the saudi arabians and egyptians have ships in the area. we are confidant they will not get into yemen waters and offload arms and ammunition. iranians know that obviously by now. whether they will contest this they can but i think it is unlikely. >> jack keane from washington. thank you sir. here is martha. she is the mother of the first navy seal who was killed in iraq and she demanded an apology from the chairman of joint chief of staff over the comments on ramadi. but moments ago breaking news, debby lee may have gotten what she was looking for. she is here live next. plus this: >> hands up.
7:29 am
>> that is an air force veteran taken away in handcuffs after trying to protect an american flag from being trampled on from protesters. she is live to tell the story. >> it is your freedom everybody in america's freedom and i don't think i could turn a blind eye to that even if i saw it walking down the street randomally. -- randomly -- [ male announcer ] meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number
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breaking news. moments ago from tulsa, oklahoma, the reserve deputy robert bates pled not guilty in the death of a man he shot with a gun instead of a taser. he has pled not guilty to second-degree manslaughter. you remember this horrific video we showed you a week ago and he is pleading not guilty to second-degree manslaughter.
7:33 am
more on that as we get it. it is not symbolic or been declared part of the caliphate or central to the future of iraq. the issue is not brick and motor. it is about defeating isil so i would much rather that ramadi not fall but it will not be the end of the campaign should it fall. >> the mother of the first navy seal killed in ramadi demanding an apology from general martin dempsey and breaking newsing moments ago general dempsey responded. debby lee, the mother of mark lee, is joining us now. good morning and welcome back. you have been contacted and what did they say? >> yes i was contacted and there is a letter that is being mailed to me with an apology. i did get a copy of the mail
7:34 am
with the apology in there. and i will get a phone call from the general himself to speak with you. >> he is going to call you; is that right? >> they are scheduling a call and yes, he is going to call me. >> part of the letter included this, mark your son and those when whom he served did all the nation asked. we are in a different fight with a different enemy and relationship with iraq and they must determine the path of the fight. that is what i intended to con convoy. >> i disagree it is the a different fight. i think we need to continue the fight. we don't intend to be there for hundreds of years. but we do need to provide that stability and be able to defeat
7:35 am
isis. it comes back to what we are seeing already. just yesterday we had more that were arrested or trying to join isis. we need to stop this. this is our country's security and safety it is impacting. we do need to stay in the fight. ramadi is the largest province in iraq it is the capital of that province and that is where the difference is going to be made over there. that is what we saw in 2006 when mark was there and sacrificed his life with chris kyle and ryan jones. that was his platoon. and working with the marines and army made a huge difference back in 2006 and we turned that country around. we need to stop isis and do watt it takes to stop them from coming over here and destroying the country. >> you know where isis exist today in anbar province. the general said i read your letter and apologize if i added to your grief. you accept this apology?
7:36 am
>> i am pleased that an apology did come. i do think it is a little soft. if it would have been me it would have been much stronger but he is making a call today and as i talk to him i will hold the judgment for after the phone call. i know saturday morning when i received a call from his poa they said an apology would probably not be coming. we have seen an -- a -- turnaround to get the apology. we are hoping to raise awareness. when the general speaks, anyone representing the military, they need to make sure their words honor people over there. we started an organization so the troops know we love and support them. our families of the fallen know
7:37 am
we recognize the sacrifice and price that has been made. they need to do the same thing. i think this is a way to say we are watching and we will continue to watch what general dempsey does. we are watching their actions not just their words. but i was pleased there was an apology that was made. >> mark was killed on august 2nd 2006 and you went to ramadi in 2007. remarkable display of courage on behalf of your son and the fight you continue to have. debby lee from arizona. thank you. we will follow-up after the phone call. >> thank you. >> deal. thank you. >> the texas-based area company blue bell creamry is pulling all of their products from the shelves after two products tested positive for potentially deadly bacteria. joining us now is joleen kent
7:38 am
from the fox business. >> reporter: samples of chocolate cookie dough ice cream tested positive for listeria. paul cruise the ceo, apologized saying we cannot say with certainty how listeria was introduced to the facility. we are working with experts to handle the problem. it affects 23 states and all international sales. the cdc said the products infected five adults in kansas and three died. three adults in texas were also sickened. it was trace today a production line in texas and also in broken arrow oklahoma where the operations have been suspended. they are bringing in people to inspect the facility and every product is tested and not sold until deemed safe.
7:39 am
if you have blue bell products at home you can return them or throw them out. we expect the items to be off the shelves for 2-3 weeks. >> we will see what happens with that company. jurors that found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on 30 counts now decide if he lives or dies. the penalty phase is underway in boston. one of the survivors is now giving back in a personal way and we will talk to her next. terrifying moment in the ballpark. how that ended when we come back.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
this woman was hospitalized after being hit in the head with a foul ball at a baseball game. watch it as it happens now. >> good swing.
7:43 am
a fan right behind home plate might have been too close to that net. >> pirates and cubs. that net gives a little when you get a baseball coming at a hundred miles per hour. just the timing as that woman was coming back to her seat a foul ball right behind home plate nails her in the head. as i mentioned the ball hit the netting but because she was show close the ball made contact with her. she collapsed, on the ground for 20 minutes and taken out on a stretcher. we are waiting word for an update on her condition still. the penalty phase is now underway in the boston bombing trial. the same jury that found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all counts will now decide whether he will live or die as his punishment. mean while the healing for those who survived the attack continues today. heather abbot lost her leg when one of the bombs blew up near
7:44 am
the finish line and she is turning her tragedy n action creating a new foundation to help others. she joins me now and bj gannon is here who provide support to terror attack victim and their families. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> heather you are such a strong woman. you were willing to go down to the news conference such a short time after what happened to you. and you started this foundation to help others who have been in your situation. what was yesterday like when you watched others cross the finish line? >> it was great to see them. marathon monday has been a great day and it was nice to see it
7:45 am
continue. >> bj talk about your role in all of this. i read the day after the bombing, you and other marines you work with, walked right into the hospital rooms of these people who had been injured. what was that like? >> we felt compelled after being the bombs going off we reached out to our ceo and said we have to get there. we can provide help. everybody was helpful with us as we returned home. it was a scene we would see in iraq or afghanistan. when we got there, we didn't know what we would do we wanted to do whatever we could. i would get them coffee or whatever they needed. it was such a relief to their families to them and evenoctors and nurses just to be able to see people who have survived similar attacks and are
7:46 am
living healthy and vibrant lives >> heather talk about the first days when the reality sunk in. when you look at the picture of yourself such a short time after coming down to face the cameras what is going through your mind? >> it was a difficult time. i had to make a decision to amputate my leg. and folks like bj and bj in particular, helped me make that decision having been through similar circumstances. it was helpful to have him and the other veterans coming to the hospital telling us what life would be like and show us there was hope. >> i see so many of you affected by this smiling. what do you learn heather about your own life when something like this throws you such a giant curve ball? >> i think you learn you have strength you never knew you had before. and you really also learn a lot
7:47 am
about the support others are willing to give when something tragic like this happens. i could not have imagined so many people would reach out to help me and the others. >> heather, staying with you, when you look at dzhokhar tsarnaev who perptrated this horrific act with his brother life or death people coming down on different sides who have been affected by this what do you think? >> i don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. regardless of what happens he will not be able to do what he did again. and i will not get my leg back and the people we lost will never be back with us. so in my opinion, i prefer to focus on moving forward and i am not too concerned about what happens to him. >> bj thank you very much for having the courage to step in and help so many people. heather was one of them. thank you to you and your
7:48 am
foundation that is helping so many people as well. great to have you both. very important boston strong day yesterday. more power to you. thank you to you both. jenna lee is coming up with "happening now." what are you working on jenna? >> presidential battle on center stage as the new book on the clinton's is getting attention and jeb bush is closer to jumping into the race. and we go inside iran with one of the few western journalist working there has he explores iran's concept of an eye for an eye. and a look at the washington reporter being charged with spying in that country and what his fate is. >> a military vet taken away in handcuffs after protecting the flag from decimation. watch. >> so that is an air force
7:49 am
veteran michele manhart and she will tell her story as to how this happened next.
7:50 am
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a u.s. air force veteran detained from trying to stop protesters from desecrating the american flag is now speaking out on what happened. this is how it went down on part on cellphone video. >> if it is ripped or torn it needs to be properly disposed it. this belongs to the entire united states. >> it is not yours. >> that is michele manhart taking the flag from demonstrators in georgia who
7:53 am
were stomping on it. campus police showed up ordering her to drop the flag she was later detained for several hours and threatened with charges before being released. she is with me now. former air staff sergeant good morning from tallahassee florida. >> good morning. >> it is my understanding they were protesting for a period of three days. what did you do? >> from what i gathered it had been going on for three days. it was made clear they were throwing the flag on the ground kicking it and disrespecting it. >> why did you do what you did? >> that flag is the symbol of freedom. at the time i didn't think of anything other than this flag needs to be picked up which when i talk to the university let them continue but let's have respect for the men and women who get wrapped in the flag when
7:54 am
they lay to rest and it flies high to show vespect for our freedom and -- respect -- and we should do that. it made me sick to my stomach someone would want to desecrate the flag. >> the president of the university said this is a right to free speech and i understand their right to protest. what do you think of that? >> i agree with him. i commend him for allowing students, i think all universities should have an outlet for students to speak on out their behalf of what is going on granted if they are non-confrontational. but the flag doesn't constitute freedom of speech: . if you three throw slow -- throw something on the floor that is trash. i agree they have the right to speak out but as far as they treated the flag i challenge him
7:55 am
him. >> your 19-year-old daughter went with you. what do you say to those you are just looking for a fight? >> started to hear this yesterday. on the way there with my daughter i said i am sure we will get there and campus will have it taken care of. they led us to believe they did. i thought it would be gone. i didn't know it would turn into this. i thought it would be quite grab the flag and go. they threw it on the ground and didn't want it. it has, which i think it is great for the american people to come together again, and show our force regardless of our gender color or anything. it doesn't matter who you're. we are one body. stop putting tags. this is bringing us another as a family and that i love. >> moments ago you said charges were dropped against you. what is next after this michele? is the school still protesting? what is your next move? >> the school to my
7:56 am
understanding is having things going on daily and i am proud of the students for standing up for what they believe in. there are protesters desecrating the flag and others are picking it up. i am hearing this is going on in other campuses in other states and that is awesome. as an american population i can we need to step up and get ahold of senators congressman and politicians out there and great legal attorneys and let's find a way to make an amendment to where we can make this illegal. >> but no charges on you? they were dropped? >> yes, sir but i am not allowed to be on campus or campus activities. >> thank you for sharing your story. we will see what happens next on campus. >> thank you. >> hilary clinton is struggling to stamp out a major fire on the campaign trail. what she is saying in new hampshire about claims of foreign donors getting favors
7:57 am
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martha: final runner of the boston marathon crossed the line at 5:00 a.m. this morning. a 39-year-old from venezuela. suffers from muscular dystrophy. bill: what an effort. well-done. jenna: jon: hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire where she addressed the latest controversy swirling around her. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we'll fix my microphone. jon, why don't you take it. jon: that sounds good. former secretary of state now no concord. educators in the state that holds the first primary in the presidential race after she dismissed allegations in the new book, clinton cash, as distractions. the book the book claims foreign donors to the clinton foundation got favors from the state department while she was in


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