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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  April 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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he may be a popular subject for hollywood, but sifting through the legends and lies leaves us with one of the real west's most vie p lent outlaws and a scar on the face of american history. >> news is the first craft of history, it is immediate and takes place in real time. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend. ♪ >> nice and slow sugar
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foot. >> gentlemen, what sort of amusement do we have here? >> sugar foot here is taking him on. >> well, all right. excuse me all of this on mr. sugar foot, please. now, mr. sugar foot, go fast you hear. >> gentlemen, to your places. >> 3, 2, 1. (gun fire
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(g (gun fire) >> run sugar foot. >> that's cheating. >> no, friend. cheating would be arranging for sugar foot to lose the race. all i did was provide a little encouragement. now, where are the winnings? ♪
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♪ ♪ >> on the north american plains, opportunity calls men of courage to chase the sun west into a new frontier. they will save a nation, lay hold of their destiny and embark on a new mythology. but with the passing of time every man has his reckoning. john henry holiday known to america as a drifting gambler,
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iconic side kicks to legendary law men. but behind every myth stands a man, behind every legends lies the truth. >> there is much more to doc holliday than a legend iconic side kick to a law man. the truth is john henry holliday is a outlaw long before he meets wyatt earp. born into a family of means he's highly educated has a successful life virtually laid out in front of him, a life he chooses to reject. >> by 1872 expansion west is in full swing. seven years after the end of the civil war the american frontier is being established while the south continues to rebuild. in atlanta, one of the city's hardest hit by the union, a young john henry holliday has
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made it through unscathed. but gifted intellect and student he graduates from the prestigious college of dental surgery at just 20-years old. >> he graduates so early it was difficult for him to set up practice because he wasn't old enough yet. a clear testimony to his achievement, critical thinking skills, and he was good. >> doc holliday was the epitome of a south southern gentlemen. he was also hot tempered and bigoted all those that go with living in the south during the civil war and reconstruction. >> you want me to hold him down, doc doc? >> that won't be necessary. i will put something on your gums to dull the pain. >> the only time i am not nervous is when i am working on someone's teeth. that's why i know dentistry is
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my life calling. what is your favorite kind of pie? >> (indiscernible). >> peach? why, that's my favorite, too. if you hold still just another second, you will be eating some peach pie before you know it. >> as doctor holliday reached the pinnacle of his superior life and intellect the men forever linked finds his own succek -- struggles to find his own success in the west. >> he began his dental practice. wyatt earp at that time was actually in arkansas as a horse thief. >> hey! get back here. stop, thief! >> the penalty for horse thievery was hanging.
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that's what motivates wyatt earp's move west. >> he makes his way through towns places like abilene, wichita and winds up in dodge city, kansas. >> son of a -- >> dodge city of the 1870s was one of the most notorious frontier town. it was a town with no law. buffalo hunters, soldiers, vagrants invaded the town every night. >> hey, where are you going? >> gets your hands off of me. >> wyatt earp has the perfect
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combination of toughness and justice. he protects his woman and keeps the peace in his brothel. during a sdecent prophet makinga name for himself in the pr-- ma decent profit, making a name for himself. >> he was making a living in the frontier community. >> wyatt earp is considered by many an iconic law man. unlike how he is portrayed in the movies, the real wyatt isn't always on the right side of the law. from his early days as a horse thief to his time as a pimp. wyatt will do whatever it takes for a payday. >> holliday becomes one of the most respected dentists in town. >> it will be just another minute. (coughing) >> are you all right, doc? >> i do beg your pardon.
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>> i better go. the >> he loses his good reputation just as soon as he gains it. his promising future shaken during a violent cough. six years before opening his practice in atlanta, young john loses his mother to tuberculosis, or what's commonly called consumption. >> they called it consumption because it sort of consumed you. it was a very long, slow disease. it would really eat you away from the inside out. the classic way to die of consumption was really to
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suffocate. >> we know that doc holliday had a close relationship with his mother, something he really needed. gave him the ability when she died when he was 15, that would have been a devastating blow. ♪ >> holiday's violent coughing fits keep his patience away. a visit to the family doctor is h earp's worst fear. >> i am afraid it appears to be consumption. try to get as much exercise as possible. not a lot you can do about it
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now. (indiscernible talking) >> tuberculosis, also known as consumption, to be diagnosed with this in the late 19th century might as well have been a death sentence. >> it releases something dark inside john holliday turning a gentlemen dentist into the west's criminal. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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scary sure, but no match for our colossal self belief. we're supposed to do scary. without scary, we don't get to be brave.
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>> i am afraid it appears to be consumption. >> in georgia dentist john jen reholliday vents in a rage. at 22 years old holliday is forced to make a fresh start. >> we know holliday moves to dallas mostly for the dry climate to preserve his health. there's more to his decision. something about the wild west that in his desperate state seems to appeal to doc holliday.
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he heads west to as they say die with his boots on. >> $400. >> well, being the better part of valor i struggle over this. something tells me all you have got is a pair of 4's. i call. >> the gambling took up the occupational void and he became good at it. the problem with gambling particularly in those days, sometimes you were challenged in terms of what you did or what people thought you did. >> as my dear mother used to say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. >> son of a bitch.
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>> i am afraid to defend myself. these cowards kick me because they know i am down. i haven't a cent, have few friends, they will murder me yet before they are done. >> with his body getting weaker, holliday knows he must find a way to protect himself. (gun fooir) -- (gun shots) >> son of a bitch. >> a lot of times all you needed was a reputation. it's not that he wanted to fight. he wanted people to know that he could. >> holliday embraces the danger, the lawlessness of his new profession to prepare himself for whatever the future might bring.
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holliday's life becomes an endless cycle of gambling and drinking, riding the highs and lows for months at a time. he lives the gambler's life frequenting saloons gambling halls and brothels, taking up an on and off relationship with a pros cute named kate elder and going in and out of situations through out the west. >> come on now. i paid for a bona fide three fingers. i expect to get my money's worth. >> it's my bar and that there is three fingers. >> you dare to question my veracity? (gun shot) >> you crazy son of a bitch.
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>> i know how much three fingers is. >> holliday's alcoholism brought out another person. master sonaid he was a hard person to likely specially when he was in the cups. >> after the confrontation on new year's eve he heads to fort griffin texas a town filled with saloons gambling halls and brothels. great place for him to lose himself. the former pimp finds himself wearing a badge and cleaning up a tough town. >> gun for hire law earp starts to earn a reputation as a man not to mess with. >> thank you, wyatt. >> the wife of the deputy marshall is a low paying dangerous job. wyatt risks much for very little
7:20 pm
reward. >> he made a few dollars a day. you may have made a monthly living, but you were just making ends meet. >> the opportunistic law man looks to supplement his income so he takes up bounty hunting and gets a warrant for dirt de dave rudabaugh a gambling buddy to doc holliday. he follows his trail to fort griffin and a legendary meeting. a looking for dave rudabaugh. heard him and his boys came this way. >> you might try the gambling dentist over there. just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. beneful, look at that, meaty chunks, carrots... i don't know what kind of slicer or dicer you got back there...
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we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. >> law man wyatt earp is hunting down a notorious outlaw hoping to cash in on a big bounty. outlaw doc holliday makes his way west chasing the rush of high stakes gambling. both men meet at the crossroads in fort griffin, texas. ♪ ♪ >> looking for dave rudabaugh. heard him and his boys might have been this way. >> i don't know about that. you might try the gambling dentist over there.
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>> my name is wyatt earp. i am looking for someone. >> despite his legend which labels him a righteous law man wyatt earp is an opportunist seeking financial gain wherever he can find it. simply stated wyatt earp is a hustler. if he isn't hustling for the reward for dave rudabaugh, he and legendary companion doc holliday might never have met. >> heard dave came here about a week ago. one of the worst card players i ever seen. >> but you haven't seen him since? >> no, sir. even if i had, i don't don't make it a habit discussing other man's affairs with the law. >> gave my word that i would bring hin dave rudabaugh. i intend to do that one way or
7:26 pm
another. >> mr. earp, you know why dirty dave wis a bad card player? is predictable creature of habit. he came here (inaudible) >> i think earp would look for an ally with someone who he doesn't care would line up morally. doc holliday fit that bill. >> grateful for the tip wyatt heads out tracking his warrant. while doc faces off with ed bailey a well-known hustler on the gambling circuit. >> you go from place to place that's where the money is at.
7:27 pm
>> are you going to be able to finish the game? >> as a gamler he wbler he was cards with dangerous people. wouldn't tolerate being pushed around or being cheated. >> you know that's against the rules, playing poker. >> i ain't doing nothing. >> damn you. >> ed bailey is well liked in fort griffin. the people are outraged. his murder marks the birth of doc holliday's reputation as a cold blooded killer.
7:28 pm
the town without a jail house is in crisis. holliday is arrested and held at a local hotel while an angry mob gathers outside. >> come on out, holliday. >> come on out holliday. >> amidst the chaos on the streets, doc has an ally. his estranged girlfriend. >> holliday and kate were the very definition of codefendant. they were better together th-- dependent. they were better when apart b apart than together.
7:29 pm
>> fire! fire! help. >> fire! >> will yare you all right, ma'? >> well, boys, it has been fun. >> with kate's help doc manages to get out of fort griffin alive. he heads north to dodge city, a well-known stop on the gambling circu circuit. dodge city's reputation as hell on the plains reaches all of the way to washington, d.c. where the press calls it a wicked town known to gamblers wrestlers,
7:30 pm
thieves and killers, doc holliday fits in. >> i don't fall for anything but (indiscernible). >> in such a down few men are fit to keep the peace. >> no good son of a bitch, wyatt earp. >> wyatt earp is back from his bounty hunt and ready to get to work. >> better start praying, earp. >> no, friend, it is you who better put your dam hands -- da hands up. look like this.
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>> do what he says, boys. >> business is done here. >> what's the matter, why yatt,u losing your touch? i am going to take all of your money. >> wyatt earp is out numbered and out done. out of the shadows is doc holliday to save his life.
7:36 pm
this is the beginning of the real west's most famous friendship. the whole truth is while doc saves wyatt that day, without wyatt, doc holliday has even less left to work flive for. >> tired of the target on his back as a law man wyatt looks southwest for an easier way to make a living. he joins brothers morgan and virgil in tombstone, arizona. >> 1879 dodge city was beginning to lose much of the snap that it gives the charm. i decided to move to tombstone which was just building up a reputation. >> but the earps are too late. the saloons, brothels and casinos line the streets. tombstone has everything except strong law men. so the earps put a badge on and work the law for money.
7:37 pm
virgil the army calls him to retrieve stolen mules is now a u.s. deputy marshall. he promptly deputizes his brother and wyatt. >> most of the cattle thievery is carried out by a gang known as the cowboys. >> intoe the earps. virgil, morgan and wyatt. those are the two opposing forces that define it to follow. >> these were guys who were living the cowboy life. they did not want to see the movement in of busineig busines mining corporation. the very kind of civilizing forces that the earps represent. >> it is a conflict between two cultures. >> looks like a u.s. army mule. how did you come by it? >> none of your business. got him here legally.
7:38 pm
don't care. just want the government property back. >> we have a problem here, boys. >> putting their noises in places they are not supposed to be. >> >> the accusations that you were stealing a mule, that was not only accusing somebody of being a criminal but being the lowest of low of the criminals. so that one incident winds up setting up the bad blood. >> during the fall of 1880, tensions between the earps and cowboys only escalates when doc joins wyatt in tombstone. storying of his killings and gun play have already been circulating. >> there was a fear factor when
7:39 pm
he came into town. people respected him didn't want to tangle with him. he had an aura of being a killer. >> i had credits for more killings than i ever dreamt of. you will find when i have been charged with murder, i have always been a long way off. >> before long his reputation catches up with him. two innocent people are killed burg a violent stage coach robbery. rumors are flying that doc holliday may be one of the perpetrators. >> that's a lot of money you are putting down. >> i heard he killed two people. >> didn't even give them a chance. >> shot the driver.
7:40 pm
>> the next person who dares to slander me and call me a murderer, i will be forced to oblige. >> with a $3,600 reward for the capture of the killers, wyatt and his brothers make sure they are with the sheriff's posse. they find clues that point to the three suspects all of member members of the cowboy faction. >> hey, look at the tumble weeds that just rolled into town. >> boys, go inside. what do you want to drink? >> earp knows the connection to the cowboys is a chance to catch the killers and possibly a 30,000 dollar a year job as sheriff.
7:41 pm
wyatt's meeting begins the count down to the most famous gun fight in western history. >> as my dear brothmother used y even a broken clock is correct twice a day. oo ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa.
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>> in a violent boom town of tombstone doc holliday and wyatt earp track a killer for reasons beyond the $3,600 reward. doc needs to clear his name and wyatt wants the sheriff's job with the 30,000 dollar salary. >> what is this all about earp. >> i know the robbers hold up and you are going to give them to me. >> why would i tell you? >> there's 3600 for you. you give me the cowboys i give you the reward money. now do i have your word? >> you have my word. >> ike clinton gives up the location of the robbers and knows if his fellow cowboys learn he sold out his friends he's a dead man.
7:46 pm
the bee tratrayal haunts ike af night of drinking he targets earp and doc. >> you better wake up. kill me some earps. you, too, doc. >> a threat is made. >> virgil earp hears about these threats and now he is determined to crack down on ike. >> who holliday? mr. holliday. wake up. wake up. mr. holliday. ike clinton is making trouble. he has been howling like a coyote all night. he's going -- says he is going to kill an earp. >> it is supposed to be a warning. truth is, they only howl when they are scared.
7:47 pm
>> yes, good morning. >> he is shooting off his mouth. we need to shut it. >> you are not going to leave me out, are you? >> this is none of your a fair, doc. >> well, that is a hell of a thing for you to say to me. >> when the earps decided to go down for doc it was a no brainer. he was going to back them no matter what. >> i here by declare you as special deputy. >> do i get one of those?
7:48 pm
>> i'll do you one better. >> let's do it, boys. >> virgil had another deputy. he doesn't take those deputies. he takes his brothers wyatt and morgan. then he drags along doc holliday. this is like bringing a match to a party boy gas can. >> put up your hands. i am here to business arm y-- d. >> throw up your hands. >> this iconic moment in the real west has become known as the gun fight at the o.k. corral.
7:49 pm
it takes place next to a photography studio o.k. corral. >> come on wyatt. i am an unarmed man. (g (g ( (gunfire) >> son of a bitch.
7:50 pm
>> mab >> many historians agree doc is the first to cock his weapon and one of the first to pull the trigger. there is a good chance if doc holliday wasn't there that day the gun fight at the o.k. corral might never have happened. >> when the gun smoke clears three cowboys are dead, but doc holliday and the earps are just getting started. and this new kibble blend is so healthy. thank you. no, nancy, thank you. kibbles 'n bits. because every bit matters. i love making sunday dinners. kibbles 'n bits.
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>> this famous gun fight is the legendary shoot out of the west. the truth is it la seconds. 30 shots in 30 seconds. only three are killed. >> wyatt who stood his ground during the shootout is not hit. doc is grazed by a bullet but not hurt. >> are you all right? you all right doc? where did you get hit? >> wyatt and the earps claim victory but they know this is
7:56 pm
far from over. a month later virgil is hit. he recovers. two months later morgan is shot in the back. >> morgan earp did not survive the night. >> son of a bitch. >> wyatt vows to hunt down the cowboys responsible for morgan morgan's death. doc holliday wasting away from his illness joins wyatt in what will be their last mission together. >> this is where wyatt now falls off the radar as a law man and becomes the killer. >> true to his word wyatt's vendetta ride will lead a trail of blood across arizona taking out the remaining cowboys.
7:57 pm
>> this wasn't wyatt's reckoning. this was holliday's as well. his friend was murdered and he wanted to do justice. >> more cowboys are killed. the vendetta ride is over. with his vengeance satisfied he heads further west looking for the one big score. >> doc holliday spends his last years in colorado gambling. only liquid opium allows him to endure the pain of his disease. >> doc holliday represents the darkness, the villainy, the inequity that lies within all of us, that part of us we know we need to oppress but is also useful. >> mr. wyatt earp. >> when wyatt passes through denver on his way to california,
7:58 pm
two old friends get to meet again. >> come, let's talk a while. this is my wife josephine. >> charmed, i am sure. >> a pleasure. >> it shows no matter who you are or what we might become, there's always the possibility of us becoming someone else. i think this is clearly demonstrated with doc holliday. >> doc holliday, a whiskey soaked gambler and drifter turned ruthless killer, and wyatt earp an opportunistic cowboy who played both sides of the law for money would forever be defined as the wild's west most unlikely friendship, a relationship in truth is based as much on survival as affection. >> wyatt, it warms my heart to see you here and in such fine company. but i am afraid i have to part. >> you know, if not for you, i
7:59 pm
wouldn't be around today. >> if not for you, old friend, neither would i. >> necessity made a gentlemen a gentlemen who disease made the frontier (indiscernible). >> the biggest miss conception about doc holliday is he was simply his side kick. the truth is he lived chance of violence over dying in a sick bed. doc holliday's anger fueled by a life cut short sends him west, desperate to die on his own terms, for 15 years he lived in the shadow of certain death
8:00 pm
finally dying at age 36. in his way, countless lives took the brunt of his wrath, and in the very end, doc holliday can claim just one true friend. news is the first draft of history. it's immediate and takes place in realtime. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend.


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