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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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's all the time we have for this evening. we hope you have a great weekend. with. ♪ ♪ my name is amir hekmati. >> an american marine has been held in the most brutal iranian prison the one known for torture. >> for three and a half years this man has been tortured. >> they had told him that his mother was killed in a car accident. >> amir is innocent. i really miss him. >> amir is worth fighting for. >> this is a former marine. >> he is an american citizen. >> please, #free amir now. we felt like, you know there should have been more done. >> they sit him up. they lied to him. they torture him. >> we do what we promise. we leave no soldier behind.
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>> we're just outside flint, michigan at sergeant amir hekmati's childhood home. but amir hasn't been home in three years. instead, he is held as a political prisoner iran. this is iran's notorious evan prison, one of the most brutal prifnts in the entire world. and for more than 1300 days a decorated american marine, amir hekmati has suffered, been tortured behind evan's walls. >> he is an american born here in arizona, served with honor and distinction in the marine corps. fought against the iraqis in iraq. >> the story begins in august 2011. hekmati, an iranian american travels to iran to visit his elderly grandmother. raised in michigan hekmati has seen his grandmother only twice before when she came to the united states. and this trip would be the first attempt to see her and to meet his extended family in iran. grant advice is a by iran, this vacation quickly transforming into a holiday
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from hell. >> on august 29th is when he disappeared and our relatives were in a panic and they went back to the apartment of the cousin that he was staying at and found that the door had been broken open. >> four four months hekmati family terrified not knowing if amir were dead or alive. finally iranian state media reporting that they captured an american spy. >> iran has sentenced to death a detained u.s. born iranian man charged with spying for the u.s. intelligence agency. the cia. >> those spying charges totally baseless. and the facts not adding up. so after months of torture and a forced confession, iran eventually dropping the spy charges, instead accusing him of cooperating with the united states government. >> so the fact that he is a u.s. marine is his cooperation with a foreign government. >> yes, which is not a crime in iran. >> and now marine's deep takenment and torture getting some attention from the white house. >> there have been occasional discussions about
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the u.s. belief that those americans who are unjustly held in iran should be released. >> the crisis coming as president obama pushes a nuclear deal with iranian government. and amir's story attracting attention on capitol hill. >> it is important that we never let this case fade into the woodwork. >> and tonight even a social media campaign led by thousands of amir's supporters, including fellow marines providing some hope for this marine who will hopefully not be left behind. >> i'm greta van susteren, iran is torturing some americans. we know it. not only are they holding americans in a violent prison on made-up charges, but they are also torturing them. so is president obama doing all he can to free our fellow americans? a christian pastor, a newspaper reporter, a former fbi agent and a u.s. marine. tonight an "on the record" special marine held in iran. and during the next hour we are going to take you to marine amir hekmati's michigan hometown where you will meet his family working
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desperately to bring him home. you will also hear from marine veteran montel williams and fellow marines. we will bring you the story of three other americans also held hostage in iran. but, first the emotional interview you will only see right here. "on the record" went to flint michigan to speak with our marine's parents. amir hekmati's father is dying from cancer. more than anything else he wants to see his son again. we spoke with both of the marine wants distraught marine's distraught patience. -- parents. >> they let me go in front of judge. >> this was after the trial though right? >> yes, when i knew the sentence was death. i was anxious to see amir. >> did you see him? >> i -- when i was in front of judge and i told him i want to see amir, he he just signed a letter that they
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can take you from here to see amir. and they took me to evan. i waited behind a door for a long time until somebody came and let me in. and i went through different buildings, you know. and he was sitting there with the eyes -- folded. >> blindfold? >> blindfold and he was sitting. feet was close to each other with the slipper, you know hand was like closed. he has a beard pale no, you know, balded. and when he saw me, he just -- they took the blind off and he get up and he screamed, you know, you know he called my name.
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and he came and hold me and he would cry. he would -- we both cry. the guy with the suit, all of them had a suit. you know, they call them people with suit, you know. they are working for government. and they said okay, that's enough. you know that's enough. and then he sit there and i sit in front of him and i hold his hand and then we were talking. and they were cameras everywhere. there was two guys sitting with us. and we were talking it was just really like 15 minutes. he asked, you know family, everything. and that's it. >> sir was your son a good marine? >> very good marine. >> did he want to be in the marines? >> yes, he did. >> what did you think about
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that? >> i encouraged him to. he wanted to serve his country. and he did. >> because you know there are an awful lot of marines in this country that are very upset about this. >> thank you both. and if there is anything we can do to help. i don't know that we can, but it's not just the marines who are unhappy about this. you know, i think every american is unhappy about this. >> just in any way if supreme leader to watch this just know that amir is innocent and i really miss him. his father is sick, you know. he needs to come help his father. and i need -- i really ask to show his love and his
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peace show to the world that he is he a peaceful man and let amir go. he knows amir is innocent. he knows that they set him up. they lied to him. you know, they tortured him. and he always -- he is against all those things. he doesn't want anybody torture. he doesn't want anybody sit in the prison for a long time. then what happened? why you -- why three years you let young man -- innocent young man sitting in the prison, where is he? why he doesn't help me? >> marine amir hekmati first sentenced to death by hanging, now to 10 years is languishing in the conditions of iran's worst prison. that is is after he served our country for four years as a u.s. marine. >> what did he do in the marines? >> infantry rifleman, he was trained in camp pendleton, and he also went to monterey to the defense language
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institute. and learned arabic. and he did serve in ramadi, iraq, for his tour of duty. >> we have talked to a number of marines who is have served with him. he said that he is a great marine. >> absolutely. >> yeah, it's apparent when you meet him. he just takes charge. is he not someone who sits around and talks a lot and talks about a problem. if he can fix it he will fix it he makes a great effort to be honest about it. he is a marine's marine. >> what age did he go inactive. >> he enrolled and enlisted when he was 18. and four years later he followed through afterwards with some contractural work with the army and some contracting businesses. >> any chance he is a spy or doing any work for the u.s. government over there. >> absolutely not. it's impossible. what spy would bring his i.d. with him, his social media everything on it. all his history is on it. he brought his military id because he was traveling through dubai from afghanistan to do contracting.
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they had all of that on his person going into iran. this is a person who is completely transparent and fearless. it's probably one of the negative traits of him being a marine is he wasn't afraid of anything, as long as he was honest. his thing was i have nothing to hide. mom, i have nothing to hide. and that was his greatest flaw for. this we think mere -- amir is worth fighting for besides being a marine he is an american citizen. is he a man who served his country. he did his time. he put his life on the line. he would do it today. he is that kind of person. it's obvious he is a decorated marine and to know not more was being done that we had to act through the swiss. it was hurtful to be honest. >> but just who is sergeant amir hekmati? we asked his family to tell us about our marine and his sister showing us some childhood photos. >> this is amir with his twin sister leela when they were kids they were crowned king and queen at an event and they were helping to
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participate in that event. >> this is a more current picture of amir. >> this is right before he left. >> before he went to tehran? >> yeah. >> just a head shot? >> just for professional purposes for the future. he played hockey in high school. >> any good? >> oh, yeah. he loved ice hockey. and here is one of him playing soccer. >> where? >> over here. >> he played in high school? >> he was very athletic. he likes sports a lot. >> what did you think when he joined the marines? what was your thought? >> i could see it coming because of his need to not just, you know, he loved to be able to prove and do something that is the best of the best do. you know. really wanted to give back to his country because my parents came here to this country and they really i raised us to be able to enjoy the privileges that we have and that was his way of giving back. >> who is this? is this a judo outfit? >> karate with my sister.
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>> that's his twin? >> um-huh. >> and then here is -- where was this taken? >> this was in california. he was based in camp pendleton so he spent some time there and he was in monterrey as well. >> and here is -- what is this? >> this is him in ramadi. >> i hope we can get him home. >> i do too. >> thank you. >> right now "on the record" just obtaining new information about our government's efforts to try to get amir released. a state department official telling us the obama administration has taken private diplomatic step. every time meet for negotiations on the sideline they always raise the case of our marine and other american hostages they say on the sidelines because the administration insists the hostages are a separate issue from the nuclear talks. and our next guest is leading the charge to bring amir mommy ever home. marine veteran and talk show host montel williams joins us. nice to see you as you listen to the family, the parents, the sister, what do you think? >> well the one thing, when you listen to his sister
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talk about the fact that the family the father that father that you interviewed, i want people at home to understand is dying right now of a brain tumor. the family is going through so much. they have a son that's held in prison. is he dying of a brain tumor. you heard what the daughter said. they taught us how to be good citizens. taught us to respect the democracy we have. they taught them to give back. so, we're talking about a marine here. a real -- this is a u.s. citizen, first off i have got to ask everybody that's listening to please go up to forward slash amir. we can raise a couple million dollars for things every other week. this is is a meerp who needs some help. i want to make sure people do that again, what same saying is here is a family that is struggling and they don't think they are getting the support. when you hear the white house press secretary refer to our hostages as just people are or, you know, they should be calling them by name. making sure that they are identified every day so we all remember that right now
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whale we enjoy this democracy and our freedom it was paid for by the likes of people like amir and soldiers like amir. we need to pay back. and everything we can do right now. the effort that's going on this evening, people are going nuts. can you tweet me at montel underscore williams, make sure #free amir now. we want to make this the biggest thing to happen all weekend. we need more support. i have been talking to people every day #free amir now. >> you know montel, the thing that's particularly trouble something that he has been held for almost four years. i know that you have been trying to draw attention to it. congressman kildee likewise is doing everything he can on the house floor. it's really sort of hard to get a lot of traction on this. >> but you know how we can help with that? greta, look at this. i understand that congressman kildee yesterday tweeted something that the speaker boehner then retweeted. so right this minute when we talk about the fact that we have a government that can't be bipartisan you
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don't -- i mean, i know you know this by but the bipartisan support that's coming on right now for amir could be something that could be spring springboarded in the discussion for other issues. why can't we sit down and have a conversation just about a marine and that marine might do what it does all the time? that's galvanize a nation and bring us together and solve some other issues. >> i should point out that t m kildee is democrat and the speaker is republican and theren lies the problem. >> the marines feel like because is he a marine he is not getting quite the support he should. >> i have got to tell you and you i have to say it, last week i was at a conference in nashville and it was crazy the number of marines -- there was 90,000 people from the nra descended on nashville to participate in the conference. i'm telling you, greta, every step i took i had a marine come up to me and slap me on the back or marine, don't stop don't stop. every single marine i talked to on the plane today i'm in
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dallas right now. i flew out before the acms i'm out here right now and i'm telling you already today three people have come up to me that were marines, please don't stop. we are not going to stop. we had the conversation last week with governor richardson, he said monday tel, don't stop. and i know greta, you know, if we just keep this pressure on, your viewers do what they did for sergeant tahmooressi, they do what they do every day. and that's galvanize themselves online. right now people have to understand that we can make a difference. we can do this. >> you know, montel, the way i feel is i didn't serve so sort of the least can i do is try to use at least my platform to put a spotlight on somebody be who did serve for my benefit and for the benefit of everybody else which is why i encourage people to do as you say and i'm going to take the last word on this, montel to get it out there, facebook, tweet whatever. we have got to bring him home, montel thank you. straight ahead a trial, a death sentence by hanging and a family in limbo. amir hekmati's relatives
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brutal iranian prison so far been there almost four years. tonight his family going "on the record" to describe the lives of this marine and the shame of a -- sham of a trial that ended in a death sentence. >> january of 2012 he has a trial or just gets a sentence of death. >> he got to meet with his attorney for five minutes before a trial and mind you a court appointed attorney. so he was begging them for a
11:21 pm
shred of evidence to be presented in the court that is going to validate their decision to sentence him to death if he is it worthy of being stepsed to death what is the is evidence behind it. they didn't show him any of the evidence that they used to determine the sentence. from january until march, our foam was in limbo not knowing when they were going to hang him because they said this was go about with the death sentence. and amir himself, we were just horrified. it wasn't until the international community and the media made a big deal about how he was wrongfully detained, there was no evidence to base this it death sentence, that the attorney general in march of 2012 said that due to insufficient evidence that his case was dropped. but that there would be another appeal another hearing and that we found out later after march, that he was no longer being charged as a spy but he was
11:22 pm
being charged as cooperating with an enemy government. >> whether you say attorney general you mean attorney general of iran. >> yes. >> the trial that he had was anyone -- any of your relatives able to attend it? any information at all about this trial? >> closed door trial. >> completely closed door? >> absolutely. there is some iranian media some footage of just him. no opportunity for him to testify. he his lawyer spoke on his behalf. the lawyer that only met with him for five minutes prior to and so we any it's safe to assume that the information is false that gave them that determination. >> he had to due process. he had a file that they would refer to as his file. the evidence that may be held against him. no one has ever seen. >> we were given good news in september of 2014 when president rouhani was here in the u.s. for the u.n. general assembly. that amir's case had been bumped up to the supreme court and that it was going to be reviewed for an appeal.
11:23 pm
at this point we thought maybe this is a goodwill gesture, the president of iran is here in the u.s. what does this mean for amir? it means his case is moving forward for review and shortly within that time frame, the judge is reviewing the case, we're told to drop the case completely when the nuclear framework agreement was extended until march. >> who said to drop it? >> whichever officials behind the scenes were not allowing it to move forward in iran. >> u.s. or iran. >> iran. >> so now it's stalled. >> it's completely stalled. >> is it wrapped up in the nuclear discussion? >> amir feels that that's the case. we believe that to be the case as well. >> what does the u.s. government say? >> well the u.s. government has said what you hear them say, that they are working to release amir. as far as amir is concerned we just never see any actual real effort. they may be doing a lot behind the scenes to negotiate, but we don't have any obvious tangible evidence of what progress they have made. and obviously they can't tell us details. the biggest thing for us is
11:24 pm
that they have made a lot of ground-breaking developments with iran in the last few months. and amir's release is simple. he is not part of a nuclear deal. he never committed a crime to be involved in any prisoner exchange. you can't keep someone prisoner when they are innocent. >> but tonight amir heck mattie remains held in that iranian prison with no idea what will happen. straight ahead. you will hear about the torture he has been subjected to. it is unimaginable. more from his family next. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save
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normal kid. now back to "on the record." greta? >> torture, that is how iran has trained our u.s. marine amir hekmati, he is is being illegally held in a brutal iranian prison. when the marine was finally athrowd speak to his family in michigan, he told him about the terrifying prison conditions. >> when you found out that he was alive and in the prison with -- i guess that was good news to be in the prison. were you able to communicate with him at that point? >> no. >> no we were not. >> anybody go visit him at that point? >> they were not allowing visitors. >> he is sitting boo there by himself in the evin prison with no idea what's going on on the outside world. >> he has no idea what's going on in his own world. he was in solitary confinement. the one thing that people miss, i walk by rooms whether it be a closet or just a storage space and i see one meter by one metered square area and my heart
11:30 pm
drops. it still does. i think they put him there for months. he had a 10 minute break a week, once a week to stretch his legs a coming from thinking about what that does to his body and his mind. forget his body. imagine what that does to his mind. you think who is he? what happened to him? what could have been done to amir? who is he going to be when he comes back. weave hear his voice and he talks to us and he gives us reassurance. you realize what kind of grit he was actually made of. >> when did you actually hear from him? at some point he was able to make phone calls, right? >> he has only been able to make direct phone calls to his family as of the past year and really short phone calls. we know they are obviously monitored and he is limited to what he can say. maybe 5, 10 minutes each time he calls. >> first one was about when and what did he say? >> i think it was right following a holiday that was there. and so, you know, as a courtesy to call the family, sometimes last maybe a year, year and a half ago.
11:31 pm
>> who got the call? >> my mom. >> and all of a sudden isen she picks up the phone and there is amir, unexpected? >> the attorney hows did he send sound to her. is he miserable. is he is going to, you know north want to scare the family and make hfl strong. worry. we never knew how badly until we got reports of it from people that have. that have been outside the prison. >> what you have learned about his condition and i realize you told me about the solitary confinement which is terribly punitive. what about his condition? >> at what point. >> at any point. tell me about what's been going on with him. initially when he was tortured, his conditions weren't just solitary. dirty cold water poured on
11:32 pm
ground whenever he fell asleep to keep him awake. lights on day and night to interrupt his sleep pattern. and these are just the smaller hung by his arms for indefinite amount of time. >> for what reason? torture him? >> positions for long periods of time he he had to endure the news that they had told him his mother was killed in a car accident. just the emotional torture of being told that and not having a way to contact our family. being told that and not if that's true or not. he was drugged with lithium for a long period of time. and then forcibly it was removed so that he would have to endure painful withdrawal symptoms. and then he was whipped on his feet. >> it's hard hearing about the torture our marine is suffering inside that iranian prison. it's truly unbearable for his fellow marines who traveled with amir to the world's most dangerous
11:33 pm
places. >> we every day at the top of our lungs at the top of the buildings bring amir home. >> the president turned his back on him three and a half years allow him to sit in a prison. getting tortured getting drugged, getting beaten and whipped and not do anything is just beyond me. >> it's really saddening to see that america has taken that shirt that he has given and just cast it aside. >> and joining us marine veterans who served alongside amir hekmati. nic first to you you hear the family report how he is rye trying to reassure them and yet he is getting tortured. >> amir is an amazing person and the strength that he has shown throughout this captivity in iran is astounding. he worries for his families. he worries for his friends worried about him. and all the while he is undergoing this outrageous
11:34 pm
torture. and it's just -- it's overwhelming to think that this united states marine, this united states citizen is being held hostage in iran and is being tortured the way he is. >> when did you first meet amir? under what conditions? where were you? >> i first met amir hekmati in 2002 when i arrived at defense language institute to go through the russian program. >> i know all marines are great an tan tastic and everything. describe to me what kind of marine is amir? >> i always found amir to be an extremely respectful marine. he was quick to joke and always had people around him laughing. but when it came time to, you know, do what he needed to do and be down to business, he could be very serious in getting things accomplished. he was very well liked by anyone that knew him. >> and nick, you agree? >> oh, absolutely.
11:35 pm
amir is somebody who was respected not just liked. i agree with you that he was a kind soul, he is a kind just that idea that you could go to him with anything especially when it came to just knowledge that he has about the world that brought that different perspective to us. amir was a great person to turn to for that and great friend. >> i have listened to a number of marines talk about him, i imagine it's sort of tough for his friends and fellow marines. for you, what's it like for you to know he that amir is sitting over there in that prison first sentenced to hanging and now to 10 years but he is still not home? >> knowing that amir hekmati has spent the past 1327 days detained in iran is know him personally from our time in the marine corps but just the lack of humanity that he is being shown while in prison there is upsetting. he deserves to be treated
11:36 pm
humanely for starters. and more that that he deserves to be reunited back at home with his family and loved ones. >> you mentioned that he is an american citizen. there is something special about being a marine too. >> absolutely. >> the marines are speaking up. >> we are cut from a different cloth greta. he will -- elnusra will agree with me. it's astounding for anybody that goes through it is he is drawing upon the strength of being a united states marine but honestly he is well exceeding any expectation that any of us had being a united states marine. the strength he has shown. the resolve he has shown. we all believe we don't leave any marine behind and that's why we are speaking up we don't leave marines behind. >> thank you both. and as i say thank you for your service and basically protecting the rest of us including me. thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> not just our marines three it our americans also held hostage in iran. one is a christian pastor held only because of his faith. is is the obama administration doing everything it can to bring these four home?
11:37 pm
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u.s. marine amir hekmati is not only one. three other marines are are being held in iran. what is the obama administration doing to bring them home? >> four americans is a pastor, a marine a journalist and fbi agent being held in the islamic republic of iran. >> president obama is now calling for iran to release three american prisoners and help find the missing fbi agent. >> it begins in march 2007. former fbi agent bob levinson disappears on iran's kish island for years the american suspected of being on a cia mission is missing. no word where he is levinson's' daughter going "on the "on the record." >> that's why i'm here today to plead with the iranian government to. the wed something is in nine days and i cannot bear to
11:42 pm
imagine that day without my father walking me down the aisle. >> but he didn't make it down the aisle. and years later as the family was tortured with not knowing if he were dead or alive, these photos released by captors showing him alive. the condition and his location still a mystery. >> we have four 8 years now been seeking information from the iranian government about the details surrounding mr. levinson's disappearance. >> and listenson, the levinson the longest held american on the planet isn't alone. >> 2011 amir hekmati suddenly arrested in iran. his family says he was visiting his grandmother. iran says he was a spy. later changing saying he was cooperating with hostile governments. today the marine first sentenced to hanging now sentenced to 10 years in iran's notorious evin prison. one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. right now he is holding on hoping his case isn't forgotten by the united states government. but his family is worried.
11:43 pm
>> we felt like there should have been more done. but, at the same time, we understood the complexity of the case. we sometimes feel like it's a nuisance, maybe in their greater foreign policy. >> then september 26th 2012. american pastor saeed abedini arrested in iran. his crime? his christian faith, setting up churches in homes for christians trying to worship in iran. his wife taking the tragic story "on the record." >> it's been too long since he has been gone from our family and we're desperately wanting him back. >> and pastor abedini still languishing in an iranian prison. even denied medical treatment for serious health issues for months. >> president obama went to idaho and while there visited the family. but tonight, pastor abedini is still held in the iranian prison. july 22nd, 2014 jason the "the washington post" bureau chief in tehran arrested at gunpoint and jailed without charge. last month the american journalist spending his 39th birthday in hell. the brutal evan prison.
11:44 pm
the details of his charges, still unknown to the public. his brother speaking to fox news. >> right now we know that jason is still very isolated. his mental condition i think, is worsening. he knows that he has been held for longer than any other western journalist in history. >> and today the "the washington post" reporter's health is deteriorating fast. he is awaiting trial in front of an infamous iranian judge a judge famous for long sentences, lashings, even sentencing people to death. but now, some hope. the white house in fierce nuclear negotiation with iran issuing this statement demanding the immediate release of all four americans. >> we have a chance, a chance to make progress that will benefit our countries and the world for many years to come. >> and straight ahead we just got new information from the state department. that's next. plus, we are going to take you back to amir hekmati's home in flint michigan. his family talks about what they think would be the best strategy to free this marine and bring him home.
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tonight here only "on the record" the family of the u.s. marine held in iran calling for his release from that dangerous prison and asking for help from the u.s. and iranian governments. what strategy do you think we should be pursuing? >> i think a straightforward one. there is a lot of room to bargain and have discussions about nuclear talks, politics, whatever you want you can bargain. there is a lot of discussion that can be made. amir is a human being, we are not trading material here. is he a human being a crime has been done to him. he is innocent behind bars. he was tortured by a country of his parents' heritage and left alone there. amir is is the kind of
11:50 pm
person who is never going to ask you for help. in fact, the reason he didn't want us to talk about his torture, he said i don't want to you really share it i don't want anybody to feel sorry for me. i don't need anybody anyone to feel sorry for me i'm fine. is he is not going to cry out help me. whoa is me. that's not amir. >> there is few avenues that he is really pushing for and he thinks that amir would be eligible for these and one is humanitarian leaf, given the fact that our father has been suffering from -- he had suffered from brain cancer, also had had two strokes that have really debilitated him and that you know given being the he eldest son just to be kind of there to support the family. another avenue, the lawyer was suggesting in iran is having the supreme leader issue a pardon. another option, because amir has been sentenced to 10 years technically, they offer, if a prisoner has served a third of their sentence, they are eligible
11:51 pm
for amnesty and in amir's case he has served three and a half so he is eligible at this point to have a review of his case. >> i take any one of those. any one of those. >> anything. >> "on the record" is we just got new information on the obama administration efforts to try to free the american hostages. a state department official telling us the u.s. calls for the immediate release of the hostages. each time they meet for nuclear talks. the official also adds the detained americans are a separate issue. and the freedom should not be tied to the outcome of the nuclear negotiations. and joining us from our u.s. spokesperson to the u.n. rick grenell. nice to see you rick. >> good to see you. >> rick, you have been working on this case since the fall of 2011 for amir's case. what should the state department be doing? >> first, to be clear i worked on the first -- for the first year and then after that i haven't done much. but if i'm ever in a foreign prison i want to make sure i have you on my side and i want to make sure that my brother and sister are romy
11:52 pm
and sarah. this is unbelievable the work they have they have done. they are right to say we're not going to tie this into the. they have to as official diplomats they need to separate these issues. we don't want to encourage another country or entity or group and take americans and sit down across the table and use those americans as negotiating chips. we absolutely want to discourage that. luckily though, there are former diplomats and people who understand the process on the outside of government that can be very helpful we have to bring the democrats more than. they haven't been bringing this up for a number of years but they are saying now that they are. >> i don't doubt that they're. i don't doubt that they want him to come home, everybody does. we don't want to leave marine for god's sake in a prison like that. whatever strategy they are
11:53 pm
pursuing is in not working have to have some new strategy have to rethink. this iran is a tough country to negotiate i don't dismiss that. >> they are not rational on the other side. so many times when we have negotiations with the qatarys, which we went through with a number of people, th a little bit more willing to listen to rational arguments. other governments, whether it's mexico or the philippines, for instance you can really make a lot of progress by talking rationally. however, with iran all bets are off. this is a country that has lied and they have lied to the u.n., they are not truthful. so, when you sit across from them. you have no idea what they are really looking for the official diplomatic process is extremely difficult. >> we traded five taliban, we negotiate with the taliban, no are not great people to negotiate whether you are for that or against it none the less we did that and have bergdahl home whether you want him home or
11:54 pm
not home whatever. there have been means. >> yeah, look i am as a former government spokesman this is really difficult to look at a family and say we are not going to mix this up and have official government policy negotiated with your loved one. it's hard to hear. but it's absolutely the right policy it's very difficult as he sits over there. iran doesn't even tell us what they want. we want him but they won't tell us what he wants. thanks for all your help on this too. thank you. and amir's entire family is dedicated to bringing him home. his 7-year-old nephew even came up with an escape plan. is he going to tell you about it next.
11:55 pm
ttlwhun+]wúa"l4m3qj@(w?5([(x4c8q6hcy@76luú@=,!h tt:ff@múy"í1;hu'ikp"%3uzú
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
the sleuth cruelty of iran impacting not only our imprisoned marine and amir hekmati family. all americans. everyone wants to see amir
11:59 pm
and 7-year-old nephew came up with an escape plan. same come here and explain it to me. >> first of all same, how old are you. >> 7. >> is amir your uncle. >> um. >>um you have an escape plan, right? >> um-huh. this is me. this is me right over there. that's amir in jail. >> i can see that's a prison. that's a gate right. >> there yeah. and daddy. and that's dad. where he pokes the guard in the eye. grabs the keys and opens the gate and free amir and push the thing over and we run see? back to the car. >> that's the escape plan. well, that's a greatest escape plan. who came up with that? you? >> um-huh. >> and we join with sammy and amir heck mattie's family hoping our marine will come home soon. you can can join the effort to raise awareness of this case and pressuring the iranian leaders to free hekmati.
12:00 am
tweet now use #free amir now. thank you for joining us for this special "on the record" marine held in iran. goodbye. live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. california health officials declaring the measles outbreak linked to disneyland is over. no new cases have appeared in 42 days. the outbreak started in december when it is believed someone who caught the virus overseas visited the theme park. it spread to six other states, mexico and canada. 147 people fell ill in the u.s., but no one died. a majority of those who got sick weren't vaccinated against measles sparking fierce debate about parents who don't immunize their children. civil rights groups in south carolina are demanding a federal investigation of shootings involving police. in the same county where a white officer fatal she shot a


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