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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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conversation #keeptalking on the "fox and friends first" facebook page. we hope you have a great day. "fox and friends" starts right now. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good morning. it is thursday april 2nd. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. overnight a terror attack on a college campus. masked gunmen opened fire forcing their way into dorms. 15 people are dead more than 60 injured. the breaking details straight ahead. as they make a deal to alter a religious freedom law, a pizza restaurant is getting death threats. >> we have our bleempt anybody has the right to belief everything. >> they must be crushed according to the press. is the media telling the whole story or are the owners innocent victims of a feeding frenzy.
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we report. you decide. a texas trooper in trouble for snapping this photo with snoop dog. >> you're not going to believe that story because mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox and friends." the number one morning cable news show in america. that's an amazing story the snoop dog picture. >> i have a picture with him. i'm not in trouble, am i? >> you are not because you're not a law enforcement. >> you've been to counseling for it. >> in many ways. >> some of your casting sessions are caught on camera. >> i hear ainsley just over my shoulder. >> how rude of you, we heard you laughing. >> i heard what you were saying. let me tell you what you missed. we have a fox news alert al shabaab carries out a deadly attack at a kenyan university.
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we are hearing reports now that some christian hostages were taken at a university college. we know at least 15 people are dead. more than 60 others are injured. mass gunmen firing bullets in all directions as students were at a predawn prayer sessions. students sleeping in their dorms scrambling for cover. some escaping into a field. officials think at least ten gunmen might have been on the campus. they're still trying to secure that entire area. double overtime. secretary of state john kerry is back in marathon talks in switzerland over a possible nuclear deal. right now iran is saying they have made significant progress and haven't reached a deal. the white house repeats the threat they are ready to walk away any time. secretary kerry says he plans to leave switzerland later today. robert durst heads back to a
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courtroom in louisianament his lawyers are ready to fight weapons charges stemming from his murder arrest last month. they claim the fbi searched his hotel room without a warrant. officials also asked our jeanine pirro to testify in court. an amazing update about the father of three who was risking his life to save a complete stranger. yesterday we met josh who is donating his kidney after a sick mother wrote a note on the back of her care asking for work. he'll have to miss at least a month of work unpaid after surgery. thanks to all of you our generous viewers. he has raised more than $40,000 online. one single person donated $15,000. those are your headlines. can you believe that $40,000 for the guy donating his
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kidney? that's awesome. >> that is awesome. >> they just take acts. they have big hearts. >> we have the best viewers. >> we thank them for that. three minutes after the hour. the big controversy with the freedom act that is taking place in indiana. you know governor pence has decided to tweak the act to make it more amenable. so arkansas follows suit. in the meantime there are small business owners in the line of fire, especially one pizza shop in indiana. >> it's called memories pizza. a local affiliate went in to ask them how they felt about it. >> if a gay couple was to come in, say, they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding, we would have to say no. we're not discriminating against anyone it's just that our
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belief. everybody has their right to believe anything. >> turns out she was wrong. not everyone has the right to believe anything. they landed on her. organized gay groups and individuals on the internet have inundated that pizza shop with complaints and death threats. by the way, the media drove this by completely twisting the words of that shop owner. here's the headline from cbs affiliate, indiana pizza shop we won't serve gays. that's not what she said. >> they ended up fixing that. they had to say they won't serve gays. >> if you come in here we'll serve you pizza. it's the gay wedding they had a problem with based on their religious belief. >> anyone can come in and buy whatever you want. the backlash was so great they don't think it's safe to open up. a lot of people are rallying to their defense. if you think they're being
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overly cautious. look at the tweets that have come their direction. >> this is a high school softball coach. an influencer there in the community and in charge of high school kids by day and by twitter night she apparently likes to talk about arson. she says who wants to go to indiana to burn down # down #memoriespizza. she's under investigation and could end up facing criminal charges. initially there was a tweet with a police car outside of memories pizza who said i just talked to the family, they're receiving death threats. the initial reporter who is outside the scene who talked to this memories pizza did show a police car outside of their shop. death threats. >> keep in mind, that the owner of memories pizza didn't say we're not going to serve gays or i hate gays or they don't have a
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right to eat pizza. they said we're christians and we would rather not cater a gay wedding. >> she had the same position president obama had when he was elected. by the way. she said gay marriage violating a tenet of my faith. three years later it's worry of a death threat. >> huckabee who is running for president weighed in this. >> this is a manufactured crisis by the left. if they manufactured as any products as crisis like this one, which is a phony teempt to create some kind of decision 92 million of americans who are jobless would have jobs. i think this movement on the left to try to push this -- i'm watching major corporations fold up like a cheap tent in a windstorm. i hope christians will do more than say this is unfortunate. if christians wanted to rise up and vote, they could make a
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difference. >> corporations folding up, anybody who is a huge company that's located in indiana, if you want to move out of indiana and locate to one of our other affiliates you can move out. walmart has put pressure in arkansas. >> mike huckabee said the governor got in there and said it's interesting walmart is putting pressure on these companies, not support themselves in this law right here. they have no problem doing business overseas with china. >> it's promoting the -- you don't have to be a evangelical. it's wrong to crush groups with views. they defend atheist kids who don't want to say the pledge of allegiance. >> some people are getting behind the pizza. there was a gofund me page was started. within three hours thousands were raised. >> you can be for gay marriage
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and recognize they have a right to these views. a fox news alert, in case you missed this last night, senator robert menendez has been indicted. haeds due in court today on federal corruption charges. >> it stemds with his relationship with a florida eye doctor who is a close friend. >> that man took more in money than anyone in the united states. leland vittert is here with us. >> good morning. you got to look at this in a bigger picture as many in washington are and questioning the timing here. consider this, senator bob menendez is an out spoken critic of the president's policies especially as it relates to iran. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of tehran. >> what do you know? as the iran talks heat up, now he faces indictment for
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allegedly taking fancy vacations, among other things from this florida based eye doctor. the government says the doctor melgon wanted help with the government bureaucracy, including medicaid billing inquiry. both menendez and melgon now face a number of counts, among them that menendez solicited and accepted domestic and international flights on private jets. first class airfare. uses of a villa. access to an exclusive resort. a stay at a luxury paris hotel. expensive meals, golf outings and tens of thousands of contributions to a legal defense fund. >> i'm angry because prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and are have chosen to twist my duties as a senator and friendship into something that is improper. >> menendez will step down from his powerful post he is expected in court some time
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today to begin his formal legal defense. he promises not to be silenced. clearly a reference to his out spoken criticism of the administration. >> thanks. we will be discussing that later. leland vittert from washington. he's no langonger has a position. but he's still a senator. lois lerner has gotten another pass. >> the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia has had this since charge for two years. she has not released any documents. this is something he could have acted on. the president said he's acted marvelously. >> she appeared before congress
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twice before the committee. was asked directly how did this happen? how did the irs discriminate against conservative groups? she refused to answer. yet, she walks away with her pension, by the way you're paying for it. congratulations. >> she get a pass on this. here's the hope of getting to the truth. 33,000 e-mails have been found on the tapes in west virginia. they'll have a chance to find out what she did know and how they disappeared for ever. >> will her aides be able to choose which ones to keep? >> if you missed the show, one thing i said was incorrect. i was talking about hillary clinton and basically what she did with her e-mail situation when she was using her private e-mail at the white house.
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at that time. she said i'm no longer doing that after she left the white house. i said that gawker hacked her. they did not. she reported goosefer hacked it. i clarify that. 12 minutes after the hour. >> that's right. a dire warning from israeli benjamin netanyahu. a nuclear deal will endanger the world. >> an suv slams head first into a school bus. watch this. it's packed with kids. the incredible ending to the story that you do not want to miss. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ ♪ baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the emerging iranian nuclear deal will endanger the world. this comes as a new poll finds most of you think iran can't be trusted when it comes to nuclear weapons. 55% say do not trust him. here to discuss this is congressman kelly. we know five have left switzerland. germany, china france and russia have left. where are we at with this.
3:18 am
>> we're we are everything where this administration does. red lines mean nothing. they get moved into the future. again prime minister netanyahu when he came to congress he told us what was going to happen. i just think we look at the president, he continuously -- i have great respect for the position. this person has not operated at a level i think the american people need to know there. >> 76% of the country want congress to have -- >> we have to be more careful. polls are one thing facts are another. >> so far the white house doesn't. i want to talk about something. prime minister netanyahu might be left alone when it comes to the united nations. any resolution that demands the palestinians get their state. how big a deal is that?
3:19 am
>> if we look at the united nations -- this is not working in the best interest of the world. this is a group of nations that are working contrary to what we believe is in the best interest of the world. look at the united nations it's a great concept. and it's being handled by people we decent trust. >> if we lead israel naked in front of the world, what's the impact? >> the impact we send a message to the rest of the world. we have abdicated our position at the top. that void is being filled by bad actors. i would say right now, if you look at the negotiate process you have to negotiate from a position of strength. we have walked away from that and become accommodators. we're people hoping something will go along with something and fashion something. we're talking about a framework, not an actual agreement. >> i think something else is important. when it comes to the enriched yur
3:20 am
yur -- they no longer went to ship out uranium. we're still there. >> again, this is a president that's do as i say not as i do. we're looking at something right now. look at the time of the year we're at. usually a betrayal that's going on between us and israel, it would be being sold for 30 pieces of silver. pay attention to what's going on. congress needs to be oversight. we need to be briefed all the time. we need to know the direction. >> three of every four americans agree with you. great to see you. >> thank you so much. 20 minutes after the hour. a texas trooper in hot water for snapping this photo with snoop dog. why he's required to go to counseling. colorado's pot money about to go up in smoke. why a major loophole wil give millions back to dealers and
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users. stuart varney says it's refund not refer madness. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪
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quick headlines. overnight an earthquake shaking up missouri brothel. rattling homes and waking folks up. the 4.0 was centered in steele and felt as far away as memphis and mississippi. there were no reports of injuries or damages. chaos under the streets of london. flames seen shooting out of a man hole seen sending moke into air. the fire is likely caused by utility cables.
3:25 am
people. thanks. talk about refund madness. colorado thought legal pot would make them big bucks. a loop hole may send millions in tax dollars to sellers growers and users. >> here is our friend from fox business stuart varney. >> hey. >> colorado thought it would be the lotto. >> one of the reasons was to make it legal, in comes the tax money. take it out of the hands of criminals, put it into the treasury of colorado. it worked. $60 million came in. however right now there is an obscure provisions from the 1990s that says if the colorado government brings in to you much money they've got to give it back. too much money is flowing into the colorado coffers. they have to give back $60 million, which works out to about $11 per taxpayer. >> you have an astonnished look
3:26 am
on your face. the money came in from all sources. $60 million from pot but a lot came in from oil and gas drilling. they got more than they were scheduled to spend. they can't spend it, got to give it back. >> that's where $11 is coming from. >> it's not going to happen. >> this is what they had to say. when government tries to keep the money that rightfully belongs to the taxpayers of colorado, it is an enormous issue. there should be a tax refund. you say there will not be? >> the legislature is skrmcrambling to make weed money you don't have to give back. >> they don't want to roll it into this whole situation? >> they want to keep money, i'm pretty sure they will get it. >> when politicians get money they don't want to relinquish it? >> that's right, tucker. politics 101, yes, sir it is. they've got the money, they want to keep it. the law says you've got to give
3:27 am
it back. they'll change the law. guaranteed. >> thanks for bringing this to our attention. incredible there. now this don't miss varney on the fox business network. to find it in your area go to >> thank you. >> it is a great show. still ahead, 11 teachers locked up walked out in cuffs for massive cheating scandal. what they did that could cost them 20 years behind bars. we'll have details coming up. it's not just about the dress and limo. the promposal. the latest trend costing big bucks for your teen. we want to wish a happybed to birthday to the cars drummer robinson, he is 62 today.
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hillary clinton has hired a research director to generate positive stories about her in the news. so that they can move past her e-mail scandal. and it seems they're trying to make her look good. check out some of the headlines. fist, hillary invents method for getting straw in capri. she forces time warner remaremen to give you a 20 minute window instead of two hours. she says all guac on me. >> i did not know that. she's trying to spin stories. >> if she can get time warner to come on time, i would vote for her. >> that would be miraculous if that could happen. >> she has magical powers. >> we'll see if the daily call leads with that.
3:32 am
29 minutes before the top of the hour. it's time to give you three stories which you like best. who wants to start? how about you? >> i want to take the promposal. the efforts have been increased late. you've been seeing ping-pong balls. students are spending an average of what they would have all year on the prom. an average of $324 on promposals. that's a thousand dollars per average. what do you think about the expense to go say yes? >>ia have to be sure you're going to get a yes. this shows kids are not paying for this. any kid who is working after school and knows how hard it is to get $300 extra and spend $3,000 to going the prom? >> northeastern families, $738 on prom night. western families $596 on prom.
3:33 am
southern families spend $544 on prom. >> listen to this. he did this to his girlfriend. he brought 1,500 pink balloons and signed tina will go to the prom. >> imagine the pressure? >> he couldn't just text? >> how about this, everyone gets a trophy? not everyone. a teen volleyball player has sued the school after failing to make the volleyball team. there she is from "the washington post" this morning. >> it's a trend. it's not just this one story. >> you pay to be part of the club teams. she said i want to play on this team. they said you're going to be benched right now. she wanted to go play for another league. the league initially said no. she felt trapped now she's suing. it's hard with these club sports. you pay a lot of money to be a part. when you're benched, you don'tven the opportunity. she wanted to go else where. they said no. >> you're showing compassion to the player, i don't.
3:34 am
>> i have been benched for most of my life. >> you know what? you put out this ferocious competter who has risen to the top of her business and her goal was to work with tucker carlson. >> i would not have been the person on the bench who would say i'm going to sue. i never got that better but i tried. >> life is not fair. you were captain of your team by the time youwort done. life is not fair, and this is a theme h. if you applied to duke, you probably got rejected. this one student said i have an idea. i'm going to take my rejection letter and i will reject it. this is part of the letter. she said thank you for your rejection letter. after careful consideration i regret to inform you that i'm unable to accept your refusal. and they said she's going in the fall. >> she should show up.
3:35 am
but then she'd have to go to duke. the joke would be on her. >> duke is a very good show. >> it's overrated. >> based on her letter and how witty it is she may get a refusal. >> maybe. so there's three compelling stories. i thought i did it very well in explaining them. i want you to make your choice what is the most compelling and please writes us. or use facebook. >> ainsley is going to weigh in first. which is most compelling? >> i likelyze elizabeth's because i'm a girl. >> would it be hard to say no if you knew this guy had spent all this cash. >> you brought up a good point, gosh it was hard enough to beg my mom to split the prom dress with me because i liked the nice one. there's no way they would fork over several hundred more dollars for a proposal. >> i had to rent my tux and get
3:36 am
it back. that wallss enough to invest. a bloody and deadly jail break overnight. al qaeda militants storming a southeastern yemen prison freeing 300 inmates. the three kwards and five inmates were killed. unrest has intensified. a developing story 11 former atlanta educators here are their pictures are behind bars. after being convicted of a cheating scandal to boost the school's scores. >> we, the jury find the defendant guilty. >> 11 teachers, princeples, administrators, each had a role in this massive cheating scandal in 2009. it included erasing test answers, falsifying scores and even feeding students answers. they even received bonuses for high test scores. all 11 educators could face up
3:37 am
to 20 years in prison. screams of terror on board a school bus when it's hit head on. wow. the bus dash cam catching that moment when an suv collided with the bus at 60 miles per hour. nearly 40 students were on the bus. several suffering minor injuries. oklahoma police say the suv's driver has a history of seizures, but aren't sure if he had one before that crash. listen to this, rapper snoop dog is in trouble with police. ♪ >> but it's not because he broke the law. billy spears, this texas department of public safety officer now forced to attend counseling classes because of that picture. snoop took the photo during the south by southwest music festival and posted it on instagram. it is again policy to pose with
3:38 am
someone with a a quote known criminal background. trooper spears is fighting to keep that off his permanent record. those are your headlines. >> outrageous. how about he has to -- who hasn't had a picture taken with snoop dog? >> me. >> you've had your picture taken with snoop dog. >> i asked him to take a picture with me. >> and you went to counseling. >> his son is getting recruited. he's a good football player. would you toss to maria molina if you know where she is? >> i yet? >> it will be a warmer day today. great news in the northeast, many areas will be looking at temperatures that could climb into the 60s. we have sunshine. that will all be changing coming up this weekend. we're expecting another blast of cold air and possible snow. we'll update you on that. first i wasn't to focus severe weather risk. in eastern oklahoma and kansas
3:39 am
through parts of western ohio. we have the risk in place today for large hail damaging winds and tornados will be in place. as we head into tomorrow the risk for severe storms continue. they swift from louisiana up into kentucky. here's a look at the forecast model. you can see it will bring in a lot of moisture as we head into friday and also into saturday. that colder air will transition some of that rain over to snow across the interior parts of the northeast and northern new england. let's head back inside. >> good news around the globe. 21 minutes before top of the hour. the songs have been song for a thousand years. >> that's right. now the sound of music it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. we're going to step into the foxlight with the vp. the hills are alive. >> they are. the classics are still in tune all these years later. and julie andrews can't believe it's been half a century.
3:40 am
♪ hills are alive ♪ >> 50 years ago, julie andrews never expected "the sound of music" would be such a classic. >> when you were filming this movie did you realize you were working on somebody special. >> no if anybody had said then that i would be sitting here 50 years later, how could one believe that? >> as the movie celebrates the mile stone, she reflects on the experience with a great deal of gratitude. >> i'm the fortunate one that was asked to be in the movie. and i've always been very grateful for that. >> what made it such a success? >> family movie i think is what you're talking about. the good ones do stick around because there's a new generation every seven years or so that can go see it ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> surprisingly the song she treasured most is not one she sang. >> the one i loved and survived
3:41 am
in my head that i do sing in concert a lot is edelweiss. it has a haunting quality about anyone's homeland. ♪ >> whatever your homeland is that song applies. >> these days, julie is working on different projects. >> i'm writing a lot of books with my daughter. but i'm also directing a little bit. >> the best advice she's gotten from her career. >> the amateur works until he gets it right. but the professional works until he can't go wrong. ♪ so long fare well ♪ >> and that lonely goat herder still lonely after all these years. >> really? >> he never found love. >> he never found love. how you holding up? i know you have a thing against
3:42 am
musicals. >> now i know why lady gaga was singing them. she came out and sang. now i get it. >> just in case, you're wondering the movie is being screened in more than 500 theaters this month. >> let's go. >> it is also a five disk blue ray set now available. you can get one for easter. you can go to >> what a special moment. >> it was great. >> she's fantastic. up next monica lewinsky, is she about to go to daytime? wait till you hear what her next gig could be. a high level democrat indicted on corruption charges. but is senator menendez being indicted because of his police? ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to
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a fresh bouquet of headlines for you. bruce jenner on a collision course with a wrongful death lawsuit after that crash in february that killed a woman. distant step children are the ones reportedly filing that suit. jenner was never charged by police. could monica lewinskyky save the show the view? barbara walters says she might. she said she would be a run away success and help the ratings. >> it was built of her speech. >> one of the democrats leading foreign policy voices is facing 14 counts on corruption. the justice department claims that senator bob mendendez used his office. he pushed back against those allegations last night. >> prosecutors at the justice department were tricked into
3:47 am
starting this investigation three years ago. with false allegations by those who have a political motive to silence me. but i will not be silenced. >> so will the justice department be able to prove these charges against the senator? let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge gnaw napolitano. >> i want to thank you for sending this to me. this is 75 page and 300 paragraphs and nine counts against him boiled down to the following the government alleges he received more than a million dollars in gifts and campaign contributions. no cash in his pocket in order to be favors for a person who he says is his boyhood friend. the government says this is a classic case of bribery of a senator on the take. he said the doctor, my boyhood
3:48 am
friend now an eye surgeon in florida and i had a relationship. he's rich i'm not he gave me gifts. the things i did for him i would have done for anybody and whether or not i got the gifts. the weak part of that defense, he didn't report any of these total -- >> over the course of how many years? >> about six years. that included thousand dollars a night hotels. luxury flights on the doctor's private jet down to florida. included hundreds of thousands of contributions to legal defense funds and other things. dr. melgon allegedly made contributions in senator menendez behalf to other democratic campaigns this is a very complex interwroevoven story. >> we broke this story at the daily caller he was taking these flights, all senators know when you fly on a private aircraft, you have to disclose it.
3:49 am
period. >> correct. >> what's the excuse for not doing that? >> i don't know what the excuse will be f not doing that. he has, as you know defiant practically did it because his lawyer wouldn't let him say it i will take the stand and deny it. you never promise that. you make the decision during the case. >> are they going to get the doctor? >> they're going to try to flip the doctor meaning they'll offer him a deal so he will testify against senator menendez. if they do that i would think the government's case would be strong. if they don't do that, you will see a colossal battle of legal titans with the defendants are public figures. >> so much with their friendship. >> they could collaborate together with this defense. >> we have more to discuss about
3:50 am
this. we is no longer the ranking member. he stays on the foreign relations -- >> he's an enigma. he's a classic legal democrat but he's the president's principal adversary on iran, cuba and israel. >> thanks so much. >> you're welcome. this bulletin board put up in a college dorm shaming students for being white male and christian. coming up meet a student who spoke out and is under attack himself. hop into the driver's seat we are taking inside the new york auto show for an exclusive look at never before seen cars. you're not going to want to miss that. ♪
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3:54 am
start your engines we're live at the new york auto show. giving you a speak peek for 2016. >> mow exciting this? our expert join us to talk about these never before seen cars. i hear a chevy malibu is on top? >> let's get to it. here's the all new chevy malibu. it's longer by nine inches and lighter by 400 pounds. has 30 miles per gallon. the high brid is 47. the big news is the teen driver system that alerts parents via text if they're children is driving erratically. the meets beeshyitsubishi is making
3:55 am
a splash. it's $40,000. ford making news with a rs. north american debut. it has a drift mode. 2.3 liter eco boos producing 315 horsepower. right now, we're sneaking into the chevy booth for their press conference. kia optima longer and wider seven speed blind spot detection and more. the jaguar xf north american debut second generation. all aluminum. 380 horsepower. intelligence speed. when you're driving through a school zone, the vehicle will adjust its speed automatically. we'll close it on on interesting technology being announced later today from nissan. it's called driver attention alert. it's an amber cup on the instrument panel that alerts you when you are getting ready to
3:56 am
get drowsy. alert you and analyze the driver tendencies. we're live here. it's getting loud behind me. chevy is getting ready to launch new cars and we're taking you behind the scenes. >> bottom line, your car is watching you. it will harangue you if you're doing something wrong and your choices as a driver are dramatically limited? >> that's exactly what happens. you know, it drops to 25, the alert tells you, slow down. >> no thanks. >> thanks so much. tomorrow, mike is going to join us on the plaza with his top family cars. we today are going to take a closer look at that little alert. if you're kids are driving too crazy on the road it tells you. breaking overnight a terror attack on a college campus. masked gunmen open fire forcing their way into dorms. 15 people have been killed. the number of injured is rising. plus it's a one of a kind guitar and signed by chris kyle.
3:57 am
how the sweet sound of music is giving back to our brave men and women. ♪
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that's what i'd like to do. good morning. it is thursday april 2nd i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. a deadly terror attack. masked gunmen opening fire on a college campus. 15 people dead. more than 60 injured. breaking details straight ahead. overin in kenya. they were standing up for their faith. but the owners of a pizza restaurant receiving death threats. some threatening to burn their store down. >> we're not discriminating. it's our belief. everyone has the right to believe anything. >> this morning that family may be getting the last laugh. she shot to stardom on the disney channel. she's on the big screen.
4:01 am
actress bella thorne live this our with a message for you and your families. >> want to improve your mornings? add friends. >> this is big kenny you are watching "fox and friends" and love everybody. good advice. >> love that. why not. >> maybe that's a message we should be hearing in indiana. love everybody on both sides. nobody is getting along there. right now a tale of distortion. with this freedom of religion act causing a huge storm in indiana. right now they're actually today set to propose changes and clarifications to the law there that some have deemed discriminatory.y. it's come to this a small town family pizza shop forced to close and getting death threats because those on the left are attacking them for being bigots. >> this is one of the owners of memories pizza. she made it clear she doesn't feel comfortable. it's against her religious
4:02 am
belief to support or supply pizza, even if they pay for it for a same sex wedding. here she is. >> if a gay couple was to come in like, say they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding, we would have to say no. we're not discriminating against anyone. it's just that's our belief. and everybody has the right to believe anything. >> but she says you can go to her store she doesn't want to cater a wedding. >> president obama had that position. he ran on that position. that's not the way it was presented in the news in indiana. here's how the cbs who did the interview put the headline. she said we won't serve gays. that's not what she said. >> the reporter goes in and says what do you think about this hypothetically speaking of course course. so she says if you walked in
4:03 am
here, we'd serve anybody. we love anybody. but when you -- anybody knows if you cater at a wedding they're there you have tasteings, they're parting like a guest at the actual wedding. this young lady here, owner of the pizza shop says it goes against her religious believes. they're getting death threats. there was a tweet posted with a police car outside of this shop. get this a high school softball coach tweets this who is going to walkertown indiana to burn down memories pizza with me? agree with freedom of religious bill is what she hashtaged. she's under investigation and suspended from teaching students. >> that's what tolerance looks like? you don't like it burn it down. >> you don't have to be antigay or against gay marriage to take the side of a religious minority expressing an unpopular view.
4:04 am
where are the libertarians here? you don't have to be an evangelical to think these people have the position. >> governor pence will meet 9:20 local time -- he will announce some changes. they're not sure governor pence will sign on to it. the governor of arkansas has said we will do tweaks to the law to make it more with what the federal government wrote. with this story in particular because she's been closed down there's been national reaction to it. donations to the pizza shop -- when we started the show it was at $33,000. now it's up to $50,000 towards this pizza shop because they've been forced to close down. >> they started a go fund me account up to 50 grand. there is facebook comments coming in from our viewers. this is what jim has to say. whatever happened to rereserve the tight right to refuse service to anyone. >> businesses should sell to anyone and not askideological questions that are none of their business. >> everyone has the right to
4:05 am
their faith and believe. there is a difference between discrimination and decretion. >> our government has recognized the right of people to descent. consciousness objectors don't have to fight in wars. >> do you think indiana could have gotten ahead of this? when we had the governor here, we asked him would you support a separate legislation that would make it legal to stop discrimination. >> they should have anticipated the firestorm. it was clear this was coming. it's important to explain yourself. this is not a bill about hating gay people, it's about protecting the lights of an unpopular minority. who has more power in this debate? tim cook apple, walmart, every fashionable rich person in america versus a pizza store owner. somebody should step up for the
4:06 am
little guy. >> the same cook that sends all his work and manufacturing to china? are they more synonymous with his believes? or saudi arabia where they cane and beat gays? close your store in saudi arabia and lecture me about gay rights. >> interesting debate. six minutes after the hour. a fox news alert. senator robert menendez indicted. the democrat is due in court this morning on corruption charges. >> the 14 count indictment stems from his friendship with a florida eye doctor. >> kevin corke is live for us live from washington, d.c. to explain what's going on. good morning. >> good morning to you. now this is a really interesting story. with both political and legal implications. first let's get the legal out of the way. as you heard elizabeth just mentioned bob menendez is accused of accepting nearly million dollars in gifts and campaign contributions from a long time friend in exchange for a stream of political favors.
4:07 am
now the political angal in this. if you've been following this, you know menendez has been a vocal critic on the administration policies on cuba and iranian talks. there are some who are wondering if this is political pay back. it's something joshernist the white house was asked about. >> there is a principal this administration takes seriously. which is insuring that criminal prosecutions are kept separate and apart from any sort of political interference. >> okay. and so menendez is vowing to clear and fight his name. listen to what he had to say yesterday. >> the people of this great state elected me to serve and represent their interest in the united states senate. and that is exactly what i have and will continue to do. now matter how long it takes to clear my good name. >> again i want to reiterate the white house has been very forceful in pushing back and saying this is about the law, it has nothing to do with the
4:08 am
administration. as it's currently being carried out by the department of justice. we'll be watching it carefully. back to you. >> good to see you without an overcoat. it gives me the sense we're in spring and the world is rotating. ainsley joins us here with breaking news on the terror on a college campus. we'll start with this firt. al shabaab carried out a deadly terror attack at the university in kenya. reports now that some christian hostages were taken at this university college. we know at least 15 people are dead. more than 60 others injured. masked gunmen firing bullets in all directions as students were at a predawn prayer session. students sleeping in the dorms scrambling for cover. and running into a field. >> they started jumping up and down and running for their lives. it's unfortunate where they were
4:09 am
going to is where the gun shots were coming from. >> the security minister says out of 815 students only 280 are accounted for. officials are on the scene trying to secure the area. a bloody jail break. al qaeda militants storming a southeastern yemen prison freeing 300 inmates including an al qaeda leader. two guards and five inmates were killed in the clashes. unrest in the country has infencified since the saudi led coalition coalition laurn coalition launched air strikes. shocking details about the germanwings killer co-pilot. it turns out he didn't lie to his airline, he misled his doctors. he reportedly told medics he was a pilot but said he was not flying at the time. that is how he allegedly got his hands on the sleeping pills. he was also taking antidepressants for severe
4:10 am
depression, anxiety and panic attacks. one of america's greatest heroes honored in a rocking way. a special edition gibson guitar in honor of chris kyle will hit the auction block today. it includes the logo, the control knobs are made from shells of what he used in combat. it begins at 9:00 this morning. proceeds will go for the guardian for heroes foundation. those are your headlines. i think we should have the person who buys it on our show. >> you are the nicest person. >> except when she attacked me yesterday. >> even that was a little nice. >> it was bad. it was ugly. a developing story for you, a dramatic conclusion to atlanta teachers teaching scandal. 11 educators are facing up to 20 years in prison a piece. this comes after a five year legal battle.
4:11 am
our friend anna 83kooiman is live. >> it's considered the largest education cheating scandal in united states history. now 11 former atlanta educators are behind bars. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> one by one, the judge read off guilty verdicts to each of the defendants. 11 teachers principals and administrators were found guilty of racketeering. for their roles in falsifying studentsscores on standardized tests in 2009. many erases incorrect answers on tests and fed students answer. in other words to inflate the school's ratings and receive extra bonuses. superintendent beverly hall, the woman thought to be the ring leader and netted bonused never made it to trial. she said she was too sick to mount a defense. last month she died of breast cancer. the judge made the surprising
4:12 am
decision to send all the convicted to jail immediately, sentencing is skenlcheduled for april 8th where some could see 20 years in prison. >> i don't like to send anybody to jail. it's not one of the things i get a kick out of. they have made their bed and they're going to have to lie in it. it starts today. >> there you go. a total of 35 people were originally indicted. more than 20 took a plea deal and also testified against the former educators while they were at trial. elizabeth and brian and tucker, back to you. i guess they were worried more about their wallets and how thick they were than educating our children. >> so corrupt. >> thanks. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. much more show to come, including this, more on the pizzeria story we told you about. this group is now getting threats for standing up for their faith. up next a member of the gay community is defending the law that has many outraged. if you thought texting behind the wheel was bad how
4:13 am
about this? a bus driver caught reading the newspaper. for real. >> oh, my. a quick look at the upcoming show called legends and lies premiering april 12th on the fox news channel. >> you're going to teach them brutality. >> $400. the next person who dares call me a murderer, i will be forced to oblige. >> come on out. >> legends and lies the real west premiering sunday april 12th starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. jesse james and doc holiday. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look.
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4:17 am
the media went completely over the top this week as big stories like hillary's e-mails, iran tear around the globe has been pushed down the news columns in favor of stories about a small town pizza shop that many in the press believe is immoral? why because they support the freedom of religious act. and they have had to close their doors after they received death threat after death threat.
4:18 am
>> thanks for having me. unfortunately another case of the mob kind of tabingking over the situation. >> if you support the right of religious minorities to descent from the popular view on something, that you're somehow a bigot. i'm not antigay in the satellite slightest. i think people who don't want to attend gay weddings don't have to. >> we're coming up to a election. that's how the left will use it. as your opening noted a lot of important stories that embarrassed democrats and liberals have been pushed down by a narrative that people of faith are conservatives, bigots. it's been about being racist or sexist. you see a war on women, everything else. for me as a gay woman, it remains shocking that i -- you sit back and you watch this frenzy like a wolf pack going after survivors in a way with like a pizza shop. and if there's anyone in the
4:19 am
world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority being somebody that maybe others don't understand or relate to the vulnerability about work and jobs and your own -- be able to live your life as you see fit, it's the gay community. >> exactly. >> for them to turn -- this is for, as i say to every other gay person out there, especially young people. for you to turn into what we have been fighting against for generations, my activism began with act up which was agay group dealing with aids issues in the 80s. for me to turn around in the 21st century and see that this is what we were fighting for so we could condemn people who were different, it is the antithesis of what every civil rights movement was about. >> how were you treated as a prominent member of the community, somebody who is gay, and yet you're taking this position? >> it's the natural position.
4:20 am
there is a lot of fear in the gay community, if you do speak up in this regard -- this is our natural position, of course. because we are effectively whether you're liberals or libertarian, this is about being able to live lives as we see fit. as minorities. i think when you see a mob operating, there is fear, and you tend to retreat. and we saw this with chick-fil-a. everything came to their defense. the gay liberals have turned into bullies when our work is to stop that kind of behavior. if i can serve as an example of being able to give permission in a way or serve as an example saying standing up for our values and what we believe in is what we need to be doing. to defend, especially those who are under attack like christians is what our job should be. >> when you run for something call me. because i will vote for you. i hope you do. >> we've got to stand up, this is about the rights for everyone
4:21 am
in this case. >> thank you for that. this bulletin board put up in a dorm shaming christians. a student spoke up and is now under attack. that's next. you know your dentures can move, unlike natural teeth. try fixodent plus true feel. the smooth formula helps keep dentures in place.
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light. liberty mutual insurance.
4:24 am
glad you're up. quick headlines. developing as we speak, secretary of state john kerry back in talks in switzerland over a possible nuclear deal with iran. the negotiations is underway but no deal has been reached. he plans to leave the country later today deal or not. he's 48 hours overtime. hours from now we will find out whether or not a patient in colorado is infected with ebola. the medical center of the rockies testing a person who just returned from a ebola
4:25 am
stricken area. i'm out of words, elizabeth isn't. >> thank you for that. a bulletin board put up in a college dorm is warning students to quote, check your privilege. one of the filters reads -- fliers read, i don't see color which means i also deny having white privilege. some of the other flyers take aim as males and christians. our next guest was so upset. that she took photos and posted them on her facebook but she didn't expect a hateful response. she joins us this morning with more on this story. thanks for being with us here. what was your initial reaction when you saw these postings? >> when i saw the board, at first i was very surprised that that was in a dorm. when i go into a dormitory, i want to feel like i'm at home. so when i looked at the board, i instantly felt shameful for my
4:26 am
heritage and life choices. it just concerned me it was in a dorm. >> did you feel indimidated by this at first? >> yes, i did. >> so where did this come from? >> sorry, i didn't hear you? >> where did this actual posting come from? who put it up there? >> it was the ra in the hall in the dorm. >> the resident assistant there. this campaign was started by three university of san francisco professors here. you then start taking pictures. you put it on your facebook page. what were some of the terrible things that people wrote you back? >> well, initially it was a personal facebook post, then campus reform reached out to me. then it went viral overnight. from it being viral on a national level i got tons of cyber bullying. i read that because i'm white i have never experienced oppression before so i deserve the cyber bullying i received.
4:27 am
and it really hurt at first. but after a while, i just realized these people don't know who i am. if they do want to know my opinion their welcome to talk to me. >> civil discourse would be better than bullying. nobody deserves this. is the school asking for these to be taken down and do you want them to be taken down? >> i didn't initially post it to start a war on the board or demand that it be taken down. i just posted it because i was concerned that the presentation of the board was more concerning to me than the material. but people are turning this into something more than it really is. and i think that it's time for my campus to come together over our similarities rather than our differences and begin to earn mutual respect for one another before we begin to talk about our differences. >> you know that is a kind response here that you're offering your university. we reached out for comment, we have yet to hear from the
4:28 am
administration there in terms of what is going to happen with those posters. you're taking the high road, we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much. >> you got it. now, this coming up our own james rosen takes on the white house over harry reid's blatant lie about mitt romney's taxes. take a look at this. >> it's the president choice and his spokesman's choice to call out conduct unbecoming of our highest level officials when it is unbecoming. >> you're not going to believe the obama's administration response to that. football fans across the country stunned. why is tom brady -- take a look at him -- why is he in a full body cast? was it the cliff dive? ♪ do you really want to hurt me ♪ ♪ do you really want to make me cry ♪ he same? not with new light and fluffy
4:29 am
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♪ why do you build me up butter cup ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ >> it's a classic it is national peanut butter and jelly day. how exciting? >> we're celebrating here on "fox and friends" with a national peanut butter and company. in fact we have a special guest. >> adam shapiro is a hero. he's a representative of the company. it's great to see you. >> this is your christmas. >> peanut butter and jelly day. >> you have taken it to a whole new level. >> we take tait seriously. >> it's a cozy sandwich shop in new york. we have classic pb&j as we refer to as the lunch box special. >> you put peanut butter and a
4:33 am
jelly. the portion is a field, not -- >> it's personal. >> it's personal. i like two to one. >> two to one peanut butter. good call. >> the lunch box special is here. fun fact 0% of americans prefer smooth preeanut butter. >> i would love to know where the other percentages fall. i have never seen anything like this. what do we have? >> this is a decadent take on the pb&j. it's the pb&j double decker. >> the banana. >> banana dogs are super fun and easy way to pak pb&j's at home. it's a hot dog bun with a banana and peanut butter and jelly. >> when you're home alone what would you dill in peanut butter
4:34 am
that you would not tell anybody else? >> i would just eat it out of the jar. >> congratulations. to bring peanut butter and jelly to this level. it's good enough for the 50s, 60s and today. >> it's fun flavors in the jar. we thank you for being here. >> we have a special gluten free sandwich for you. >> a score for theus. ainsley i'll give you a bite. >> give me more than a bite. i'm with you tucker, i like the crunchy. >> you're a good person. we were just talking about that. >> save me some. the white house refusing to criticize senate minority leader harry reid for a lie. in 2012 he claimed that mitt romney had not paid taxes for nearly a decade, even though that was wrong. reid says he has no regrets and the white house is not apologizing.
4:35 am
>> obviously senator reid is somebody who is going to decide for himself about what he says on the senate floor. >> it's the president's choice and his spokesmen's choice to call out conduct unbecoming of our highest elected officials when it is unbecoming. are you going to take that opportunity now? >> not for something that's three years old. >> reid has never provided evidence or source for his climes clams. a 17-year-old girl who refused treatment for cancer is now trapped inside a hospital. a judge denied her request to continue her treatments at home. she has not been allowed to leave the hospital since december. she has been banned from seeing her mom this easter weekend. caught on camera, the heart stopping moment a tennessee police officer risks his life to stop a wrong way driver.
4:36 am
officer cliff thompson said he was trying to force the woman off the highway by pulling in front of her speeding car. when she showed no signs of slowing down he made the decision to ram the car. both walk away with minor injuries. officials are investigating why the woman was speeding down the wrong side of the highway. a new zealand bus driver picked the wrong time to catch up on current events. he was spotted reading a newspaper while the bus is moving. luckily the driver did not crash. his boss is blasting his employee calling him, quote, a complete idiot. the driver will face discipline but it's unclear if he'll be fired. those are your headlines. >> i want that job. where you can read a newspaper while driving a bus and not get fired. >> i think the theme is you shouldn't be reading. >> it's the point, you can and you don't get fired.
4:37 am
>> it's so scary. at least it's getting warmer outside. that's good news, right maria molina? >> good morning. hello. we do have a big storm system on the move. ahead of it temperatures on the rise across parts of the eastern united states. the problem is as some of the warm air and humid conditions will be firing up storms that could produce severe weather today. take a look at the map. you can see anywhere from northeastern oklahoma to parts of western ohio you have a risk for severe storms, isolated tornados will be a concern. that risk continues as we head into tomorrow. from texas all the way through parts of kentucky. on the northern side of the storm system as we head into the weekend temperatures will get a lot colder behind it. that means that we're actually going to be seeing some snow across parts of new england and also across upstate new york. severalench several inches will be possible. coming up this weekend after the warmup you will be deal ing with snow accumulating.
4:38 am
here's a look at the temperatures, toasty in texas. dallas 87 degrees. del rio 94. a lot cooler in rapid city, 50 degrees. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. that's the latest on a very nice day in the northeast. for the first time ever. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. you're not going to believe this. seahawks line backer taking april fools to a whole new level. tweeting this before this hits the media i want to apologize to my fans and the seahawks once again. i made a terrible decision driving after i had a few drinks. i'll do everything to get your trust back. i'll become a better person after this. after outrage, he came clean, it was an april's fools joke. it was no joke back in 2013: remember tom brady's cliff jumping video that had tucker
4:39 am
carlson so upset? it turns out the super bowl mvp has a sense of humor posting this photo of himself in a full body cast. it's april fool's. the post racking up 60,000 likes. sauk seahawks fans probably wish it was real. detroit tigers pitcher snapping this photo when he spotted the kid wearing his t shirt jersey at star bucks. he posted the photo on instagram. he was pretty surprised when he turned around. >> he was a lot surprised. >> he got a chance to see his buddy. coming up next bombshell testimony exposing a va medical center. what reportedly happened there. handing out drugs like candy. is there a bigger problem than what's being reported?
4:40 am
peter johnson jr. will report. actress bella thorne joins us live with an all american message for you and your kids. gather them around because you're not going to want to miss it. ♪
4:41 am
4:42 am
4:43 am
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4:44 am
facility is unsafe. this has been demonstrated by several cases of overdose and death. >> a look at these numbers. in 2014 the va treated approximately 650,000 veterans with opiates. is this a bigger problem that's being reported? here to break it down for us as he was all week is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. what are you finding out? >> let's look at the spike in drugs at va facilities around the country. hydrocodone, 578%. methadone. # 218%. oxycodone, 65% all during the same period there was only a 41% increase in parents. 41% increase in patient and 578% increase for one of the numbers. >> what they're trying to do it sounds like when these men and
4:45 am
women come back and they're not mentally ready to reinvigorate their life -- >> the evidence shows when there isn't pain. let's look at the map with the va facilities with the most pain killers dispensed in 2012. oregon, west virginia, north carolina. the list goes on and on. we've seen it an ecdotely to what viewers saw yesterday. we saw in the hearing with regard to wisconsin. people wrote in yesterday. saw this for myself. hundreds of oxies given to a man with no documentable illness. he sold the extra. >> we know how addictive it s. what about this, i refuse to see my pain doctor in the sioux falls virginia. his answer to everything is pills. if that doesn't work, more pills. first time i heard about this,
4:46 am
was really if you watch the chris kyle movie. that's who killed him. >> you're absolutely right. we have another e-mail, this is disturbing. after returning from tours in iraq and afghanistan my son was overprescribed both opiates and xanax by the va for years, causing him to become addicted to both. one episode caused such severe aluceinations he was placed in a medically induced coma for two days. murphy is a veteran himself. outraged by what's going on. what we're saying to the american people, to our friends on "fox and friends," e-mail your stories to me. at johnsonjr. this is a horrible story that is
4:47 am
yet untold nationally. we're seeing it city by city. veteran by veteran. horror stories of drug addiction and pain. and death by drugs for our veterans. it's wrong. >> plus, they were living off their trust we naturally have for doctors. okay, if the doctor says it i guess i would. a compliant individual. you're in the military and used to taking orders and don't question. >> we need to stop it. >> thanks so much. get some more stories, we'll continue to cover it. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. next on our rundown. she shot to stardom on the disney channel. now she's on the big screen. actress bella thorne is here on how her new movie brings back bad movies. let's remember this day in 1979 rkts i will survive by gloria gainer was the reason peter johnson jr. was dancing. it was the number one song in america. it turned out she did survive. ♪
4:48 am
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4:49 am
4:50 am
she plays a mean girl in the new movie the high school will stay with us together.
4:51 am
most people don't think that but most people are losers. >> actress bella thorne who shot to starddom on the disney show shaken up is anything but. >> bella thorne is here. how you doing? >> good. >> do you think that's true that what happens in high school follows you the rest of the life? >> in some ways i don't think the way my character saying is is necessarily true. >> that's a bit harsh. >> my character is so mean. >> the duff stands for the designated ugly fat friend. >> you're saying something that's really mean. it's not something that was -- you faced bullying yourself. >> i was diagnosed with dislexia out of third great. >> what happened kids got on you for that? >> kids bullied me. they told me i was this dumb
4:52 am
girl i would never be able to act because i couldn't read y. would run out of class every day crying. that's why my mom pulled me out, i wasn't getting any work done. >> how did that effect you socially that you weren't going to see 25 or 100 kids a day? >> i would say better because they were mean to me and i didn't have any friends. it was better in a way because i got close to family. >> have they texted you with apologizes? >> maybe they're one of your followers on twitter. >> i have seen you were my best friend in middle school and all that. and i'm like, you liar. that's not true. >> good for you. >> no mean treats. how has this affected you in this role? you had to take the opposite role? >> it was interesting. i wanted to show bullying are so? secure and there is something going on in their home life or in their daily life that they
4:53 am
constantly have to put down people to make themselves feel better. that was one part of madison i didn't get to show as much. i hope people can see it. >> i grew up in musical theater like tucker did. when you channel and become a mean person during the day, at night, do you feel like, do you have heartburn at night because you've been mean to somebody on day? >> they're mean to me all day long. >> that's not true. do you feel bad about being mean even though it's acting? >> i do. i feel mean to being to mean to my co-star. >> sitting here it's a true message and true insight to what that's like to someone who is being bullied or bullying. you want to get people out to the parks. they're celebrating 100 years what do you want your fans to
4:54 am
do? >> go to the plaza at 1:00. we'll be there. >> you'll be able to interact with your fans today? this will be fantastic. >> flat iron park where is that? >> plaza. >> you know what? i'm not from new york so i couldn't tell you. i'm sure you know better than i do. >> pull up the well-known search engine googles. i think millions of your followers are on their way. >> not only did you get famous early but being home schooled do you ever learn for a typical traditional youth? >> i guess you could say i can't miss something i never had the chance to really do or espn. experience. i love it. >> what do you think the promposals that are costing so much money? >> whatever you want to do is
4:55 am
your choice with your money. i'm sure your girlfriend is going to love it. >> possibly. if not, she won't be your girlfriend. maybe you should give her an invoice invoice. that rejection cost me $300. >> less than 30% of youth go to u.s. parks. if bella thorne has her way that changed today. you are part of a campaign co-chaired by michelle obama and laura bush. thanks for stopping here first. >> flat iron plaza. >> this afternoon. brian and i will see you there. family business forced to close its doors after they stood up for their faith. bill o'reilly joins us with his thought op this controversy. putting an addition to your home? you don't want to miss bob massi with where to begin and how to avoid legal land mines in doing so. ♪
4:56 am
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4:59 am
good morning. it is thursday april 2nd i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. breaking right now christian students targeted by terrorists. horror unfolding on a college campus after masked gunmen open fire forcing their way into dorms. 15 people are dead dozens more are head. we have the details up next. they said they were standing up for their faith but they be been forced to close over death threats. >> we're not discriminating against anyone. that's our belief. and anybody has the right to believe anything. >> bill o'reilly is here to weigh in on this controversy next. a texas trooper in hot water for snapping this photo with snoop dog. why he's now required to go to counselling.
5:00 am
may i add mornings are better with friends. one hour to go. tucker in for steve today and tomorrow. >> grateful to be here. >> happy to have you here. we have a big hour coming up right now. tons going on. brian great to be with you. we had an off week last one. we'll turn to ainsley earhardt who has breaking news. we'll start with a fox news alert. al shabaab carrying out a terror attack at a university in kenya. reports now that some christian hostages were taken at this university. at least 15 people are dead, more than 60 are injured. masked gunmen firing bullets in all directions as students were at a predawn prayer service. students are sleeping in their dorms or they were and they were scrambling for cover. some escaping into a field.
5:01 am
>> they started jumping up and down running for their live saids. where they rur going to is where the gun shots were coming from. >> out of 800 students only 200 are aaccounted for. al qaeda has stormed a prison and freeing 300 inmates. two guards, five inmates killed. things have infencified as saudi arabia began air strikes. developing now. double overtime. secretary of state john kerry back in marathon tatalks in switzerland over a possible nuclear deal with iran. the negotiations are now underway for the day, but still no deal. this coming as the white house repeats the threat they are ready to walk away any time. the foreign ministers for china
5:02 am
france and russia have already left without a deal. secretary kerry says he plans to leave switzerland later today. the hatchet wielding thug picked the wrong store to rob. that's the owner of the convenience store slamming his face into the gum display and wrestling him to the ground. the wife gets into to it to hitting him with a baseball bat. they have arrested the 31-year-old who is a notorious criminal around that area. those are your headlines. >> wow. >> thank you, ainsley. >> self-serve justice there. thanks, very good job. this is one of the great moments. this is a time when we get bill o'reilly on the show via the telephone to tell us what is happening in the world. you were just watching. >> good morning. >> hi, how you doing. >> we're talking about what is happening in indiana as well as what the governor of arkansas did about amending their act. are you surprised this whole
5:03 am
religious freedom law has gotten this type of traction, caused this type of national uproar? >> i'm not surprised at all. if you just link everything together we just heard about the terror attack in kenya on christians. you got two things in play. you've got the muslim extremists jihadists they want to kill christians. they're doing it all over the world. and then in the united states and western europe, you have a civil war between the secular progressive movement and the traditional religious people. so it's in both cases christians are targets. so i'm not surprised. and -- but, you know, there is a lot of cautionary things here. a lot of things in play that i think people should know about. it's not as simple as black and white. >> no, it's not. let me ask you this, indiana is looking at some clarifications to try to alleviate the debate and lack of civil discourse
5:04 am
that's going on right now. you've got a pizza place in indiana a mom and pop pizzeria that's getting death threats and forced to close down because they wouldn't based on their religious rights and believes be able to serve pizza at a gay wedding. what are your thoughts? >> the totalitarian left is pretty much out of control in america. that's because the media generally speaking sympathizes with the fascists. al and so if you're against abortion, you're not a person of conscious sticking up for the unborn no. you're against women. you're declaring war on women's reproductive rights. this is how the media spins it. if you're against gay marriage because you believe in scripture, it's not that you're a religious person whose belief system should be respected. you're a homeophobe a bigot.
5:05 am
this is put out by the mainstream media so the fanatics in the progressive move. they know they can get their attacks unchallenged in the media. unchallenged. that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on a person being attacked. believe me i know that. personally. okay. but i have a television show. that i can fight back with. the pizzeria people have nothing to fight back with. here's the final point, where is the leadership on the religious front in america helping people of faith? where are these people? >> that's such a good point. we had a long time gay activist on. she makes the argument that gay groups are the last people who should be joining the mob against people. >> it remains shocking that you sit back and you watch this
5:06 am
frenzy like a wolf pack going after survivors in a way with like, a pizza shop. and if there's anyone in the world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority being somebody that maybe others don't understand or relate to, the vulnerability about work and jobs and your own -- be able to live your life as you see fit, it's the gay community. >> do you see some irony there? >> you know, i'm -- i understand what tammy is saying and i -- but i don't want to demonize the gay community. i think this is a very few people who are just not gay, they're tied in to a lot of very far left causes. but i have some advice for the pizzeria people and the people who the media runs to and tries to get a provocative sound bite from. don't say anything. this is not your war okay? let that -- let the defense of
5:07 am
religious people come from the leadership in the traditional communities. again that is really lacking. i'm catholic, okay? i'm catholic. the catholic church opposes gay marriage. is there one catholic cleric in the united states who is visible in putting fort that point of view? name one. there isn't any. >> that's a great point. >> so people -- you have to be careful, because gay people in america, most of them have been abused in their lives. >> right. >> have been bullied as children. and they're very sensitive to the fact they don't want to be singled out for discrimination. everyone should understand that's a valid point of view. where it goes crazy is that the extremists in that area take the reality and start to hurt other people with it who are innocent. i think it's a complicated situation.
5:08 am
i'm just absolutely furious that i, one of the biggest sinners on the planet, have to be in the leadership of defending people of faith. i should not have to do that. >> right. >> there's no one else. you know jeffers in dallas does it once in a while. >> here we are in holy week. and there you are "killing jesus" on fox news this night. it's coming to a head. this had almost 4 million viewers on nat geo what can you tell us? >> on the two views almost 5 million viewers. i discount the second one the press does. they don't want the power of cable to be out there. anyway, look i am proud of the fox news channel number one. because they understand that most americans by the polls, 80%, all right, have an
5:09 am
affection for judeo christian tradition. this film is not a religious film. it's a historical these things happened. the left, the atheists don't want you to know what jesus's messages was. they want to point to kritschristians as being oppressive. we have a scene where jesus jumped into where a woman was going to be stoned to death. we put that scene in to show that christianity is not an oppressive movement, it's protective. i'm proud of fox news for running it on good friday and easter. if you didn't see it i hope you will look in. you guys know, it's a quality production. >> it sure is. >> it's a very moving experience
5:10 am
to watch it. children should watch it. >> what a good week to use it. i love that you say christianity is a protective religion. >> we show how people were being abused by the romans, temple authorities. exploited. they were doing everything to keep them down. here comes a carpenter who is poor himself, who says enough. and again i'd like the christian leadership to watch this movie and say you know what? there was a leader there. there was somebody in the face of the romans, in the face of the temple authorities. what am i doing? sitting in my rectory in my robes saying nothing. of when the christian community in america -- >> he got crucified and maybe people are worried about the ramification and blow back. >> they're why they're not doing anything. they're afraid. they're afraid.
5:11 am
if you're afraid -- get out of the business, you know what i mean? become an accountant. >> we'll see you in the lunchroom today. >> good call. >> we'll see you in the halls. >> a call to action. bill o'reilly thanks for being with us. >> and his slot on good friday. all right. be "killing jesus." coming up ahead on our show in the last 15 minutes. heart stopping moments caught on camera an suv slams into a school bus packed with kids. the incredible ending to this story you don't want to miss. remember when hillary clinton said this about her e-mail scandal? >> i thought using one device would be simpler. obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> nope, not so simple. turns out it wasn't exactly true either. she had an ipad as well. our next guest said she can't help. it's just the clinton way of deception. ♪ ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around
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military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> oh no, it hasn't worked out that way. that portion of hillary clinton's first comments on her e-mail scandal revealed to be completely untrue. there wasn't just one device.
5:16 am
in a document obtained by the associated press it talked about an ipad. our next guest isn't surprised by any of this. he's watched the clintons for a long time and he says deception is baked into the cake. you follow the clintons for decades or two. you're not shocked by thisment this has the odor of deja vu. >> this is how it goes. to think this is her first comment on a big public issue in her new campaign and she begins with a lie. the significance of the lie is not a minor one. it is the fact that when she said i used one for convenience, in fact she was using more than one device. we know at least two thanks to the associated press. what else don't we know? she said she did this for convenience, but i think it's pretty clear that she did it to keep it secret. and obviously, from congress, any foi from the press would not be able to get to the documents.
5:17 am
i think it's also to keep a secret from the white house. there are a lot of people from the state department she didn't hire, she didn't want the white house knowing what she was doing all the time. she's juggling devices. then comes outs and squezays i did it for convenience. it wasn't for convenient. it didn't comport to what she was doing as secretary of state. the press is angry because it has filed a number of freedom of information requests. and told there was no documents. there was no documents because she was hiding them. >> when you hire a team of it experts to install a server in your home you're not doing that for convenience. >> she has sensitive information on there we know the russians and iranians are experts at hacking. how many documents did she lose? they were watching her in real time? we have no idea. >> you've watched the clintons
5:18 am
in american politics from the beginning, does this stick? >> there's a dent already in her armor in the swing states. polls showing she's down a few points. i think the most significant finding so far -- in several of the key swing states, one poll has shown 50% of the people think she's not honest. that fits the narrative of the clintons going back to when bill was in the white house. there is always a suspicion they're not telling you the whole truth or telling you something where you have to go root for the whole truth. i think that's a terrible way to begin a campaign. it's likely to get worse during the campaign. it just strikes me and shows she's been out of real political politics and she's come back the same way. nothing has changed. here we go again. i think it's a terrible way to begin a campaign. for voters, if this is what you want, if you want a government you can't trust, you start out that way we get the government we deserve >> we certainly do.
5:19 am
rip van winkle. great to see you. >> pleasure. a texas trooper in hot water for snapping this photo with snoop dog. he's now required to go to counselling. we'll tell you why and share your comments coming up. putting an addition on your home? you don't want to miss this. bob massi is here to talk about the legal mines that you could encounter as u redo your kitchen. ♪ are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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quick headlines. from the courtroom in just a few hours. murder suspect robert durst heads back to the courtroom.
5:23 am
they are fighting weapons charnels. they claim the fbi searched his room without a warrant and tried to cover it up. 11 former atlanta educators now behind bars. after a five year legal battle investigating investigating rampant cheating. they were accused of changing their students' scores in order to get bonuses. thanks. well, are you looking for a change, but not ready to pick up and move all together? a home addition might be a better financial investment. how do you start doing that and what are the legal land mines to avoid. bob massi joins us. >> good morning. >> okay. let's start this process here. would you say it's a bad idea to go ahead and get a good handyman to do the job and start it. >> the handyman solves a lot of
5:24 am
our problems. when you do a room addition there is important thick things you have to do. permits have to be pulled. if you hire a handyman you put an addition on they circumvent what the law is such as pulling permits. when you go to sell your home, one of the people ask when you have a room addition, did you have a contractor do it were they licensed, did you pull permits. if you're going to do a substantive room addition, add on a room, improve the kitchen, base. go and get a contractor. that's the important thing to do. >> you will deal with it on the back end is what you're saying. when you do have a contractor, how do you protect yourself to make sure everything is being paid for properly? >> one of the things that concerns me is a lot of times when you have a contractor people have to understand there is people that provide the materials that have to be paid. what do you do? you get what's called a contractor controller which
5:25 am
basically is somebody that the money is paid to then they dus disperse the money. then they got what's called lien releases. meaning everybody's been paid. so you know that if for some reason, somebody wasn't paid they're not going to put a lien on your house by using this third party. or if you don't want to do that, you can write joint checks where you have the contractor and subcontractor's name on the check. it's very, very important no matter what, that when a job is done that you make sure that everybody has been paid and you get lien releases. all too often i have people come to me i went to sell my house and there's a lien. somebody wasn't paid. that's why you need to make sure you do this prurpoperly. >> when you start projects there are usually changes. how do you go about making changes in the contracts?
5:26 am
>> the biggest mistake people make, you're doing a room addition recollect you know what? i want that over there, i want that a little bigger. they don't get written change orders. without written change orders and -- there's a dispute amongst both. a contractor will say you told me to make that larger and i want to be paid for t. the owner says where is the written change order under the contract. if you made changes on both sides. the contractor, the homeowner i'm speaking to now. put it in writing so everybody gets paid. that's where the legal problem comes. that's where people end up having to hire a lawyer and spend unnecessary money. change the original contrast? do it in writing. >> you never fail to offer such protective advice. viewers if you have questions for bob, e-mail us on our website >> this coming up brand new details just released about the
5:27 am
co-pilot who crashed the germanwings plane into the mountainside. the drug that he was on may have altered his mind. three stories, a teen fires back at duke's rejection letter. students spending big bucks on promposals and a high school athlete that was benched.ose coming up next. ♪ it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® comes in flextouch® the only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. today i'm asking about levemir® flextouch®. levemir® is a long-acting insulin
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ed ♪ arguably the most exciting part of the show. is when we get a chance to find out what the most popular of the three stories we presented to
5:31 am
you are amongst the viewers out there h. we've got millions of viewers. >> there were three good stories. the first was high school students spending an average on $324 on promposals for the prom. >> it's unbelievable that the high school kid is not working if you're getting $324 for a promposal. you know how hard it is to get that as a high school kid. >> you're saying the parents are paying for it. >> that's what i'm saying. >> is the teen volleyball player who is joining a trend of students who are suing if you're benched. >> if you're not getting on the team, you sue. >> call my lawyer i want a trophy. >> duke wants to -- is rejecting a lot of people. it's so hard to get into that school. one freshman got rejected but didn't accept the rejection. wrote a refusal to the rejection
5:32 am
by rejecting it. >> i love the letter i think they should redact the rejection -- >> totally. >> those are the three stories. >> we don't know who won. >> we explained the story in great detail a couple of times. we wanted to know what's the most popular show with you, the answer is? >> i don't know, roll it. >> it's see. sue to play. the benched student right there. 78% of you love that story. >> it's outrageous whether your coach is wrong or right. whether the league is wrong, it doesn't matter. sports is about figuring it out and understand life is not fair. >> you have to work your way off the bench. >> you can't retain a lawyer at 17. >> everything has a lawyer on retainer, you might as well use it. >> remember when that woman spilled coffee on herself and sued? it's commonplace now. >> here's what you're saying
5:33 am
about the story. here's what pete said the girl suing to play is no different than a college player moving to another squool to get more playing time. let her go. that's interesting let her move. >> that was the deal she wanted to get out of that league and move to another. jane says regarding everything get a trophy, life is not fair. >> it is definitely unfair. is it too deep of a point for you, tucker? >> it's like #8:30 on the east coast. >> i learned a lot when you're benched. >> it's time to day dream. >> it's not fun. >> it's good to reach out to starters at a young age. that's what i did. a fox news alert now double overtime. secretary of state john kerry back in marathon talks this morning in switzerland over a possible nuclear deal with iran. no deal yet.
5:34 am
>> this comes as the white house warns they are ready to walk away at any time. >> what to make? kevin corke here to explain. he joins us live from the white house with the latest. >> you're not going to believe what the iranians are now saying about the likelihood of a timely completion of this process. i'll have that for you in just a second. the administration's point of view from the white house they remain cautiously optimistic at least somehow a framework can be completed in the coming days. this as the talks continue as another all night session at the negotiation table. >> the reason there is not an agreement is because there continues to be differences on important issues. and it's only through resolving those differences that we'll be able to reach an agreement. and time will tell whether or not that is possible. but based on the amount of time that's been expended, and dedicated to these negotiations that time is coming soon. >> ready to walk. so says josh earnest. meanwhile, the major sticking points in the talks obviously include when to lift sanctions
5:35 am
and how much nuclear technology iran will be allowed to produce within the guidelines. if you're looking for a quick fix, think again says the iranian foreign minister. >> a written agreement is something that needs to be drafted. by all participants. and agreed upon in a multilateral process. and that would take hopefully three months. >> did you hear that? three months? three months? that's the frustration you're hearing all over washington. obviously as the process are drags on. no press briefing today. we'll get a reading on the air force one gaggle. >> the good news is i'm looking at your schedule, you don't have to wait there the entire three months. you can go home. it won't be that agonizing. >> we'll be in shorts and tank tops by then. >> you got it. >> the iranian spokesperson to speak we can't get our own
5:36 am
secretary of state to tell us what's going on. they do a better job of communicating than our own people do. who is a better negotiator? think we're winning? >> we can tamp down expectations. >> i got to ask you something you can refuse to answer it at least one time every week. this could be the one refusal. were you ever benched in sports? did you ever sue to get back on the field? >> never benched. i played a lot of sports. i played varsity played four sports. i guarantee you this, if i asked my mother to switch me to another school or to play for another team, she would have whammed me in the head and said get back out there. >> the way you describe your athletic career, i resent you. i really do. i can't be happy for you. i resent you. >> never benched. that's somebody i admire. >> no wonder he answer thad question. if that was my answer i'dzer it every day. >> you talk about a girl no one
5:37 am
would bench ainsley earhardt is here. >> tell me coaches that. i was benched every time. >> were you really? >> not a great athlete. i was picked in the middle of the bunch, never the first. >> i would pick you first, ainsley. >> thank you, elizabeth. you can coach me anytime. we have brand new shocking details about the germanwings killer co-pilot. he didn't just lie to his bosses, he also lied to his doctors. lubitz reportedly told medics he was a pilot but not flying at the time. that's how he allegedly got his hands on the sleeping pills which has the potential to alter actions. he was taking antidepressants. screams of terror on board a school bus when it was hit head on. the bus dash camera catching that moment, an suv collides with the bush at 60 miles per hour. nearly 40 middle school students
5:38 am
were on board. several suffering minor injuries. oklahoma police say the suv's driver has a history of seizures. they're not sure if he had a seizure before that crash. rapper snoop dog in trouble with police. ♪ >> well it's not because he broke the law. texas trooper billy spears is now forced to attend counseling classes over that picture right there. snoop took the photo during a south by southwest music fest vest ville. here is fighting to keep it off of his permanent record. >> the snoop -- has to take a picture with the officer. that makes it worse. the guy just stood there. >> what do you think? i know we're hearing from viewers, right? >> we sure are. >> evidently the viewers matter
5:39 am
more. >> adam says this. >> if he was on duty at the time i could see an issue. it's a picture. everyone breathe in, breathe out. >> sally tweets that's insane. snoop and the trooper are showing an example of non-brutality. >> you would think that's a picture america would like to see. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. time for maria molina. >> that's right. good morning. good to see you. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we are looking at a risk for severe storms from eastern oklahoma all the way to ohio. there is a concern that some of these storms today especially as we head into the afternoon and evening hours could be producing large hail strong wind gusts and even isolated tornados. by tomorrow that storm moves eastward. the risk for storms continues from texas through parts of kentucky. the same storm system on the
5:40 am
cold side will be bringing in cooler air for the weekend across parts of the northeast and even the threat for accumulating snowfall across parts of new england. as we head into saturday morning and friday night we could be looking at potentially six inches of snow. otherwise temperature wise, take a look at the numbers across the plains. not bad at all. 87 high in dallas. 90s in del rio. in the northeast a little bit better. highs in the 60 in new york city and further west across the west you're looking at highs in the 60s. chicago cleveland, get out and enjoy it. >> all right. that's good news. >> thanks maria. >> somebody we'll toss it out to her and she won't need a coat. >> i can't wait. >> we have news coming your way. it's breaking on the economy. brand new job numbers. we have it live from the stock exchange. do you want to know how your
5:41 am
team driver is doing on the road? brand new technology unveiled in our plaza will give parents some peace of mind or terrify them. you be the judge. ♪ i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ male announcer ] how do you make cancer a thing of the past? use the past. huntsman cancer institute has combined 300 years of family histories with health records
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5:44 am
time for news by the numbers. $31 million, that's how much the obama administration is giving food stamp recipients so they can buy fruits and vegetables. $42,000 we introduced you this guy giving away his kidney to a stranger. >> i will miss three to six weeks of work. if it saves her life it's worth it to me. >> thanks to your donations that man's family will have a little financial help when he goes under the knife to save a life.
5:45 am
2,200 calories, that's what you have to work off if you eat the new burger coming to the phillies ball park. it featured nine patties. you eat three of them together we'll eat one. that is one big melt. >> you can share with your friends. now this a fox news alert. moments ago the labor department releasing brand new weekly jobless numbers. >> fox business networks nicole petallides joins us live from the stock exchange. >> good morning, we got in our weekly jobless claims. what you want to see is fewer claims. that is what we saw in the last week. down 20,000. the number is 268,000 claims. that's fewer. that is ultimately good news. in fact, it's actually the fewest claims we've seen in nine weeks. that's upbeat. that shows a better labor market. that's not the only thing we're watching. we have manufacturing numbers that showed expansion basically
5:46 am
is slowing. the slowest we've seen in two years. we're also struggling with a strong u.s. dollar. also, weak foreign demand and some west coast port delays. these are the types of things the fed will be looking at. at all the economic pieces of data. tomorrow, good friday, the new york stock exchange is closed. we will be waiting on the monthly number for non-foreign pay rolls and unemployment watch for that tomorrow morning. big picture. we've seen markets under pressure we have edie falko ringing the bell. >> you don't want to miss nicole on the fox business network. go to >> i saw her on hannity last night. she did a great job in the parade. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up parents do you have a teen driver? this new car you're looking at
5:47 am
it right here, can help you keep tabs on their driving even when you're not in the car. the details on that next. >> how is that possible? let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming in on his show. >> thank goodness that was not around when i was 16 years old. >> you don't want to know. >> good morning to all of you. breaking news in a moment here. this terror attack targeting christians. you reported it. we don't know how many are dead. more on that shortly. we are in double overtime in iran. karl rove to analyze. has the media been responsible in the indiana response. doctors claims they are closing in on a cure for skin cancer. we'll see you at the top of the hour. 12 minutes away here in "america's newsroom"ism
5:48 am
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♪ baby you can drive my car ♪ ♪ we're going to be a star ♪ you can keep tabs on what you can keep up with your kids are doing with driving? we have a chevrolet engineer. she's high co-pilot to unveil today's chevy's new tain driver safety technology for the very first time at "fox and friends." it has a lot of parents curious. i want to thank you for being here. how does this technology work? if my car is driving the car, my teen is in the car. i know the speed limit is 45, they go 48. what happened? >> there are several things you can customize. it's for parents to encourage safe driving with their teens even if they're not in the
5:52 am
vehicle. the teen can go in the panel. only parents can manage the setting. >> here is it on your dash. >>ints >> integrated in the vehicle. they can set an audio volume limit in invehicle. >> the distracted driving issue. >> they can also set a speed warning. if your teen's route to and from school is 45 miles per hour, parents can set a limit. >> does it stop them from going 55 miles per hour or does it create a report that your teen on this date at this time was going ten miles over the allotted time? >> it gives them a warning a visual warning and an audible warning as well. >> can i record my voice? like, hey i told you. >> not yet. that is a recommendation we can take into account. the report card as you were talking about earlier is another great aspect of teen driver. it gives the parents information on the driving performance.
5:53 am
>> this is issues on the report card. distance driven. you can get in the car and check on this weekly, daily monthly. >> it's up to the parents how they want to use it. there's a maximum speed. >> you can look and see how fast this car has gone. >> the number of overspeed warnings if you've set that. teen driver turns on safety alarms. there are features and some of these show up in the report card to give them an indication where there was a braking event where the vehicle needed to intervene. it gives them information on the teen's driving behavior. it's meant to be used as a teaching tool so they can sit down with the teens and say where they're doing well and where they need improvement. >> if you see the braking alert is high, you can tell them you need to do something about it. >> it can be an indication that
5:54 am
the teen is not paying enough attention. it can lead to good discussions. >> in terms of the speed and privacy and issues here this is something parents see because they have the pin. >> it's only accessible in the pin and you need knowledge of the pin to be able to get in. >> this is breaking through a ceiling here in terms of tech in cars and parenting. how much does this car cost? >> i believe it starts out at about $22,000, around that range. so, you know with the the malibu being a midsized car, it's a family vehicle. we thought it was a appropriate vehicle to have technology like this. >> are there settings for different drives or one setting that you're assuming the teen is in the car. >> you register a key to be a teen driver key. when the vehicle is started with the teen driver key, it will be active. when the car starts, there's a message that comes up that let's you know that teen driver is active. >> do you feel proud of the fact that this car is out now and
5:55 am
going to be ready for teens and parents out there? >> absolutely. you know, big motivator behind this is we know that motor vehicle crashes is the number one cause of det in teens. we want today introduce intelligent that could help teens be safer behind the wheel. this is a great tool parents can use. >> i have a feeling a lot of parents are breathing a sigh of relief. i want to thank you for being with us. more "fox and friends" on the way. i'm going to drive safely today. ♪ you could be my luck ♪ ♪ even if the sky is falling down ♪ ♪ i know that we're be safe and sound ♪
5:56 am
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one of america's greatest
5:59 am
heroes honored in a rocking way. a gibson guitar created to honor chris kyle. it hits the auction block today. the control knobs are made from shells from the same ammo he used in combat. it begins at 9:00 with a starting bid of $3,000. credible cause there. >> remember tom brady's video that had patriot fans freaking out? it turns out the super bowl mvp has a sense of humor. it shows him in a body cast. >> did michael jordan really sign that cast? >> i love the fabt he takes real risks. >> tomorrow, geraldo, john stossel we'll see you. bill: we have breaking news. a deadly terror attack targeting christians at a school.
6:00 am
15 confirmed dead and 16 injured. a hostage situation now at hand as we watch this in kenya. martha has some time with the family. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. students were sleeping in their dorm rooms when they were awakened by fire. terrorists


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