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tv   FOX News Reporting Unholy War -- The March of ISIS  FOX News  March 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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fattah. it's an endless barrage. >> mortars they shake the earth. >> they believe they're holy warriors. >> they started shooting at us from all directions. >> but there's n >> if a girl refused sex, they would rape her. >> tonight the evil known as isis. >> they tied them to the chair through water on their bodies and attached electrical cables oh them. >> in this house here 18 members of the family were killed. over there 30. >> can they be stopped? >> the united states can't lead from behind. >> is america doing enough? >> how do america's other air
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rabbleab allies view the leadership? >> fox news reporting the unholy war from cairo egypt, bret baier. >> we are coming to you from the presidential palace in cairo. a year ago much of the world had never heard of isis and it was dismissed by president obama as the jv team. now the terrorist army has come to dominate the news with its peru brutality. this hour we are going to show you isis as very few have seen it up close, the damage it has brought to families, villages, a whole region that simply was in the wrong place with the wrong beliefs. we will also talk exclusively with one world leader who has dared to challenge islamic terror and stand up to it even daring to call it by its name. first we go to northern iraq. that small village was visited
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by evil a place called kojo. >> august 15th it was decision day for the people of cocho village. a critical crossroads and ancient landmark in northern iraq. >> isis surrounded the whole village. >> isis had given kocho villagers likally convert to islam or lose all of their belongings and join other refugees who had fled to mount sinjar the next few weeks. >> isis came with a bulldozer 40 cars armed with weapons and made a circle with cars. >> his son lived in kocho. he was out of town but his wife and children were there. >> they collected everyone together in a school building. >> his wife remembers seeing the
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isis fighters come that day. >> i was scared. we were very scared when we saw them. >> she and ali were marched to the local elementary school. >> the school had two main corridors. they collected all of the men in the east corridor and the women in the west corridor. >> isis then took money and mobile phones from the men and the keys to their family cars. they took jewelry and gold from the women. >> isis took everything from us. >> next the men were divided into groups. they brought ali's group outside to a dried up irrigation ditch just like isis did to iraqi army pow's weeks before. >> we were deceived. we had no way to escape. they asked us all to stand in the middle of the ditch put our heads down and stay there. i heard them speaking in air bibrabic
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saying allah akbar and islamic state. about 25 fighters were surrounding us then they started shooting at us from all directions. >> he was shot in the back and arm. >> at first they just shot at everyone from all around and killed most of the people. second time they went over and those who were sighing and were in pain they would find them and kill them. they would shoot at their head. >> ali pass the out from the pain and bleeding. >> when i became aware again i crawled up to see who was alive and who had gotten up before me. >> he was one of three male survivors in what would become known as the kocho massacre. isis killed an estimated 500 men that day. ali's cousin was outside of kocho, but isis was all around the area and they captured him. >> isis kidnapped me for 17 days. >> he escaped from captivity at
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night when his guards were sleeping. once he was free, made a horrible discovery. >> my sister was taken captive with my wife. they took about 700 women and children in kocho village. they took everyone that we cared about. they took all of our gears. for a father a man his wife is deer to him, his daughter, his son, his tribe, they took everything from us. >> ava a kocho villager newly married and pregnant was caring for her sick mother, so she couldn't escape. >> my mother was crying when they took my father. we asked them where are the men? what did you do to them? they said men are under islamic state now and they will be fine fine. >> ava and women were loaded on to buses and taken to syria to
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be sold as slaves. >> the buyers checked the women they would ask them to remove their scarf. they would check their hair and their teeth and they would ask their age and if they hadn't had children they would be taken as wives. those that were sick or not in a good situation they would be taken as servants. >> ava also saw what happened to women who didn't go along with what isis wanted. >> women were asked to convert to islam. but they resisted and said no. it is for giedbidden in religion to convert to another religion. so they tied them to a chair through waters on their bodies and attached electrical cables on them. some of the women tortured a lot would slit their risks others would sufficientocate themselves with blankets. >> because ava was pregnant she
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was not acceptable for sale. to protect herself she also pretended to be deaf and mute. isis took her to a building with a makeshift sign hospital of the islamic state written on the front. she spent the next 50 days in a darkroom in the basement. >> we asked the women with us what happened to their babies. they told us they had been taken away. they were separating women from their babies to stop them from escaping. >> after about 7 weeks in captivity she gave birth. she had already gone through forced separation from her husband. now isis was ready to strip away her child. >> someone who was in charge of the isis fighters came to me and said, i will take you myself. you can't take care of your child. i will put you in an asylum and give your baby to another family. >> the isis fighter took her to an apartment. if she wanted to keep her baby boy it was now or never. >> he told me he had something
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to do and that when he came back he would take the baby and put me in an asylum. then he asked me by sign language if we needed anything to eat. i kept silent. >> as soon as he left ava took a knife and used it to pry open the door and escape. luckily she was able to find a house nearby that would take her in. >> i spoke with my husband through the internet, then i told him i was in a friendly man's house and gave his number to my husband and we spoke on the phone. the arab man told my husband don't worry. i will take care of her as my daughter. after three-days in their house they helped me escape with a burka and his daughter's id. >> they paid 4000 dollars to get her out of islamic tear tore row. they insist their actions are neither random nor barbaric. they have guidelines for what it called the sinjar regulations.
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they say quote enslaving the families as indidfidels and taking their families as concubines is an aspect of the sharia. >> it has been the tradition since early conflict when they took over certain areas they have certain rules. >> hassan is an analyst at a research center in abu dhabi who made a study of the rise of islamic state. >> there is a tendency mostly in the west who say isis has nothing to do with islam. that is false. isis justifies everything, every act it conducts it carries out through islamic tradition. >> that blind add peerherence to tradition meant ang lish for takil and ali whose loved ones were skill held by isis. >> my feeling was i will never ever see them again at home. these people took the smile from our lips. they took all of our happiness.
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>> kocho was defenseless against the onslaught of isis. they needed a champion and they got one. would it be enough? >> the massacre at kocho was horrifying. more horrifying isis cutting a swath across the middle east. repeated such atrocities wherever it went from a rock of military cadets to cop tick christians. historical happen stance may have placed them in the path of isis but there was one woman who wasn't going to let the world stand by and watch. not if she could help it. vianda is a member of the iraqi parliament representing nineveh providence the land of jonah from the bible and the area being over run by isis. annie of those being slaughtered
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by isis were those in the iraqi minority. last year on august 5th as the bodies started piling up she sounded the alarm. ignoring orders to stop talking, she then caused the assault on-- called the assault on her community a genocide and said brothers i appeal to you in the name of humanity to save us. she collapsed on the floor of the iraqi parliament. i recently met her. >> any one who sees the video of you making that speech in the iraqi parliament can see the pain you are feeling over your people>> i want to show that tragedy, that big drag de of israeli people, the drag de of those women of those people, of those children. >> did you see response from the
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iraqi parliament? >> after that nothing happened. i don't know why. >> she doesn't think genocide is too harsh a woshd to word to describe what isis does when it offers the people it conquers a choice. that is no choice at all. >> you have two options. religion change it islam or i kill you. some say okay kill me. i can't change my religion. >> yazidis wrorship one god and revere both the bible and the qur'an but the faith incorporates ancient persian rights found in neither book. >> because it is not in qur'an i am an unbeliever.
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this is the thinking about isis. >> she does more than represent her people in baghdad. she traveled by helicopter to sinjar mountain 10 miles north to the village of kocho on a rescue mission after the yaw zizidis fled. >> i want to help the people. >> the chaotic scene developed with dozens of refugees swarming the chapel. >> the helicopter was too heavy and it crashed. >> you were hurt? >> i broke my leg.
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>> i think it is not important. >> the nightmare for the i can't see zi jazzdy s /* yazidis goes on today. >> because we are (indiscernible) and a product of isis isis -- (indiscernible (indiscernible)
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throughout 2014 isis >> route 2014 isis rampage across iraq with their vision of islamic state with death and destruction. before december isis controlled a land mass larger than the united kingdom. perhaps just as significant they had captured the attention of the world. >> they did this through a fairly sophisticated social media campaign as a message to everyone about their intentions and as a recruiting tool, the one part of the campaign that no one could ignore, gruesome videos. they showed such things as british terrorists mohammed jihadi john decapitating journalists james foley and steven. >> president obama responded and eight months later it was clear isis was no longer just the jv
6:22 pm
team. >> we will conduct a systematic campaign of air strikes against these terrorists. working with the iraqi government. we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people so that we are hitting isil targets as iraqi forces go on offense. >> the plan was to degrade and destroy isis. the effort would be limited to air strikes because the president swore the deployment of american ground troops. meanwhile the yazidi people were forced to flee the mountain about 10 miles away from the over run village of kocho. many villages had been blown up after they left where isis still controls them so they have no place to return to. thousands are still on the mountain. fox news sent benjamin hull journalist and author of the new book inside isis two mount
6:23 pm
sinjar. >> there have been a lot of heavy fighting and still the threat of isis attacks. up ahead is where they took refuge in june. living conditions on the mountains provided a bath of systems. >> there are different tents some very cold some okay. in the summer it was about 50. warm now come town down to zero degrees celsius. >> he's a fighter with the militia. her tent was filled with family and strangers. >> most of them are my relatives some are newcomers that we have welcomed among us. we share the tent together. >> not all are on top of mount sinja. others were living in newly constructed trailer parks. most of the women taken as slaves were still missing. some have been able to get
6:24 pm
messages back to their people. tlaer plea, don't worry about our safety, bomb our isis captors. one of those messages. >> please help us. we are raped many many times in the day. we need to die. >> and the unthinkable, a plea from an iraqi mother that her kidnapped daughter be put out of their misery. >> i have five girls and they tell me, please, cue makean you make someone kill us, anything? >> the obama administration can see it will take years to destroy isis. but when we met earlier it isn't willing that wait that long to get back his wife, sister and children. >> since his sister was kidnapped last august he has occasionally been in touch with
6:25 pm
her by a cell phone. she was taken to the audi arabian border. >> he spends his days desperately hoping for a call or text. but since late november nothing he can only fear the worst. as you walk down the streets each house has the same story of woe. there's a house over here in which 18 members have been killed one over there in which 30 have died and another where 19 members of the same family are all dead leaving just one alive. if you walk around these camps you see very little hope and very little help. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms in minutes. that's why it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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increased blood pressure, common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection, and headache. take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting >> live from america's news headquarters i am kelly wright. muk nuclear talks are making headway. they can strike a deal by tuesday's deadline. tehran is considering demands to further slow the enrich. of your rain yum. it is agreeing to ship what it produces to russia. the arab leak is talking defeating the sun at thises from yemen. they will continue the attack
6:30 pm
until the rebels withdrawal. they plan to dispatch the military faction to any arab country that is threatened. the arab league says it will fight off any emerging terrorist groups. i am kelly wright now back to fox news reporting for all of your headlines log on to >> so far we have seen how isis ravaged the yazidis. as in ancient days it meant death for the men and slavery for the women. we have seen how it attacks only one small part of the devastation isis delivered to those in the past. would it be able to turn back isis it thethat all and if it were done who would lead? >> isis had little trouble going
6:31 pm
through iraq. late in the year there was kunter attack a came from the middle eastern ethnic minority who were concentrated in the area. the fighting force the peshmerga backed by international air strikes succeeded in opening up a corridor to mount sinjar were thousands of yazidis were trapped. they faced a renewed offensive by isis. at the time of thethe village of kocho was controlled isis. there was plenty of action in sinjar city. >> we have heard isis was attacked in places where we were up just an hour ago right on the front lines in sinjar city about 700 from here. sounded as if one man lost a leg and an arm. not sure he is going to make it.
6:32 pm
>> i spoke to general back ram yasim commander of the infantry. the fight is going on in sinjar city. >> yassin wishes they were better equipped. >> the weapons are old weapons not new weapons. we need modern weapons like mortars and armored vehicles. >> he worries his forces are out guned by isis. >> most of the american weapons that were given fell into isis's hands. they have modern and advanced weapons like humvees and armored vehicles. >> peshmergians were bitter about how they were paid for the cowardness of eye cabbingforces. >> they were bring willing some
6:33 pm
mortars and the army they run away. >> meanwhile others are running towards the battle. incoming or outgoing i couldn't tell you. >> patrick doesn't want us to use his full name. he is one of the adventure seekers who joined the peshmerga to fight isis. >> a lot of rpg's. it's an endless barrage. mortars shake the earth. >> while i was there the two sides were having a standoff inside sinjar city. the forces separated 150 feet. >> pratt trick served in the u.s. army in iraq and protected the checkpoints for the kurds. >> isis are like rats they tunnel through buildings. it is heavy fighting. >> the battle is more than
6:34 pm
destroying the i can't see did is it is about feeling a powerful blow in the campaign according to the general. >> there are great financial benefits this is one of the main roads that connects most of syria which is why they don't want to lose sinjar. >> the mesh merpesh meribahs site-- per mer gians believe they will need more support. >> it is shocking isn't it? >> when i was there the mesh mer peshmerga were perilable to hold their own. any one who thinks they are being pushed back need only come to a front line like this to realize more is needed to defeat them. until they get the weapons and
6:35 pm
the support they desperately need it will be a long and drawn out fight. >> that is benjamin hall in northern iraq. when we come back the fight in washington over how best to deal with isis. >> one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these occasional digestive issues... with 3 types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips' mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest red lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a reality. but here's a reality check: it ends soon. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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watch out, piggies! child giggles doctor: symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free prescription offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. barack >> barack obama run as an anti war candidate. he was the one that was going to get us out of iraq. what will does such a white house do when it looks like we need to go back? >> we shouldn't fight it. >> barack obama ran as an anti war candidate. p once in office many thought his first order of business would be to get america out of iraq. they weren't far off. before his first temple was out the last 500 american troops stationed packed their gear and
6:39 pm
left. >> we are leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self rye lie ant iraq. >> some saying failing to reach agreement stay behind u.s. forces would create a pour vacuum. i spoke with the president's team dealing with isis. >> critics say by us not getting that agreement we facilitated the growth of isis. how do you respond to that? >> i wish we were able to leave a residual force to do counter-terrorism. iraqis lead a very difficult negotiation with them very late 2011. i can tell you we are focused on where we are now. >> general michael flynn who headed the defense intelligence agency from 2012 to 2014 agrees we have to move on. >> hindsight is 2020. what we have to do is admit to the mistake and say, okay now what are we going to do about it? >> as we have seen one group that filled the vacuum was isis.
6:40 pm
one group paying for that are the yazidis. which brings us back to this. >> you have been in america now for a number of days. >> she came to washington, d.c. last december seeking help from herbie leaguered people. >> i am here am (indiscernible). some organization to help us. >> she made the rounds including appearance at congressional hearing and met with u.n. ambassador samantha powell. vian's message we need more than american air strikes. she could get no promises for any troops. >> the i can't see did is think there could be more humanitarian aid more help in fighting isis in their specific area. how do you answer that? >> again, everybody in this whole region wants more. i wish we could do everything we
6:41 pm
can. in t the case of the i can't see did is and northern iraq we have 200 air strikes. we have precise intelligence. >> the kurds are say they don't have the right armor some don't have helmets. how do you respond to that? >> i talked to the kurds almost every day. when isil launched the attack into the kurdistan region we acted immediately. we helped the peshmerga push back. they have taken back almost all of the tear tore they low lost. we have very sophisticated equipment. >> general flynn wonders why america's help has been so little so late. a oo the kirdz want more air support. >> they are doing very brave things. they are looking to us to say we still need your help. >> we have to figure out where is the road block and get these guys what they need. we have seen first hand the
6:42 pm
suffering of the i can't see did is and some horrific stories. are they the canaries in the coal mine that describe what happens if isis comes to town? oo we can't allow another yazidi. it changed it developed it evolves. is it now still degrade and destroy isil as you call them over a period of three years? >> we do think within a period of about two or three years we can significantly degrade the organization so it won't be holding territory any more it won't be a major threat to the u.s. or interests overseas but it will take time. >> the united states can't lead from behind because we are too big. >> it is not a matter of leaving from behind and sitting there and twid elling our thumbs and letting everybody go off and figure this thing out. if we are saying we are leading
6:43 pm
lead us in the right direction. >> one major fear is that if the u.s. doesn't do more iran will happily fill the void and expand in the region. >> they condemn iran for the role in isis. >> part of me says you have to tell iran you get the hell out of iraq. let us try to help iraq and the region stabilize what it is that we need to do. you have to back off. >> not that the u.s. is standing still as parted of the administration's evolving strategy the military is training 25,000 iraqis to face off against isis. the question rei mainmains will the troops ever put the u.s. on the ground in this fight. >> is this your sense we are better oven couraging other arab
6:44 pm
nations to do the fighting and we back them up to not get drawn in or you have to engage at some point? >> toyou have to engage at some point. one of the things i have stated as an idea is this proposal for an arab nato like structure. i was actually surprised but pleasantly surprised that president a few weeks back talked about the formation of an arab coalition. >> i went to egypt to talk to this dynamic new leader. we have an exclusive interview with the man the most outspoken head of state in the arab world. the egyptian president, he's the leader that is finally saying what has needed to be said for a long time.
6:45 pm
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in a stunning speech on new abdel fattah el-sisi >> ab bell fatah el-sisi announced killing-- denounced killing in the name of islam and the clerics that support it. he believed it was time for a revolution in his religion. those are brave words from a leader in the region where radicals radicals abound. i found outtalked to him to see what steps he believes are needed for his country, for muslims and for the world. >> a religious revolution is not a revolution in religion. on the contrary it is resolution to support convenience state the right meaning of religion.
6:49 pm
we are fighting the misconceptions created ideologies which created tourism threatening the whole world. >> that is a bold stand. what has been the reaction since you gave that speech and continue to talk about this revolution inside islam? oo they form a picture of what it was like. for the action of extremists of course they will not be happy for them i am a disagreeable person. i am doing this god will hold me accountable for all i do. >> in recent days you have met with the king of saudi arabia about this joint arab force this
6:50 pm
coalition this alliance to counter isis. what is it at stake for your country and the region? >> we have to know terrorism is a major threat not only to egypt but it is a threat to the stability and security of the whole world. >> what do you need to make that arab force that united arab coalition a reality? do you think it would be more effective in this fight than a u.s. led coalition? >> there is no conflict between the aim of this arab coalition and the international role led by the united states. fact the role would be important for the international coalition in order to account for this danger. >> i sense the u.s. stopped supplying military weapons and
6:51 pm
equipment after june 2013 they stopped for a while. and then its load. june 2013 from now more than a year and a half now. they thought the united states would take back to understand what really happened egypt need to really understand it has been the will of the egyptians for a change. >> you wrote your dissertation on democracy m the muss rim world when you were at the army war college in the u.n. is islam compatible with democracy? >> very good question. allow me to say to you now, islam gives complete freedom to the human being to choose not only the person who is going to rule that country but the freedom to believe in god in the first place or not to believe in
6:52 pm
god in the first place. i am saying this to people who believe they have to impose their religion perspective on others by force and say that god has endowed man with a gift of free choice. this means an absolute freedom an absolute liberty. god created us different from each other. god wanted us to the same people looking alike having the same religion he would have created us alike. >> how do you, how do america's other arab allies view u.s. leadership in the region now? >> difficult questions. >> got the english response. >> with might comes responsibility. with power comes responsibility and the united states has a lot of might and that is why the
6:53 pm
responsibility is huge toward the whole world toward human kind. >> we have heard people say in the middle east and north america america's friends no longer feel they can really depend upon the u.s. and america's adversaries no longer fear the u.s. is that fair? >> people feel a lot of threats and the public ones are have a big response from capable countries countries that are able to find assistance. for example the suspending of equipment a negative indication to the public opinion in the united states not standing by the egyptians while they are in a ferocious war here against tourism. >> we have seen iran expand its
6:54 pm
power. they are fighting on the ground in iraq. are you concern buildedabout iran taking that active role or do you welcome it? >> our countries are supposed to defend that in their interest. we had this war before and the arab countries were capable of doing that. we are capable of restoring our capabilities one more time and do it together. >> for now the world waits to see what america will do next. isis won't wait. if america doesn't act boldly it is likely others in the world will step in as well. as a reminder of what this is all about, a postscript earlier this year he lost his family and was reunited with his wife and three of his children. >> my wife was taken to iraq. they escaped over a fence.
6:55 pm
got to the mountain top whofound a shep aerd who gave her room in his house and helped her escape. >> but her sisters were still in captivity. january 9th a little hope. >> she called me and said she had escaped from the village. >> he headed to the syrian border and spent 10 hours waiting. finally deliverance. >> we have been through many tortures. >> i was afraid they wouldn't let you cross. i thought they would keep you there. >> the isis members who came from iraq took all of the yazidis and christian girls to have sex with them. i did whatever they wanted except sex. if a girl refused sex they would
6:56 pm
rape her. >> it is a tearful reunion as they return to the refugee camp. but they cannot rest until their reunited with all of their children. >> i wish i were dead and they were here at least with their father. i prefer my death to them being there with isis. there is no normal life for me. >> some such as president obama a year ago compare isis to amateurs, a rag tag burn who if anything would love to draw us to war. others compare them to the jazznazis in the early days a single minded force that should be dealt with before they get even more destructive. time will tell which view is closer to reality. this much we know for sure the carnage is real and will continue if unchecked.
6:57 pm
if the worldas the world watches with revulsion every person will have to ask when enough is really enough. that's our program from cairo egypt. thanks for watching. f order in this court. the pressure. the bloating. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms in minutes. that's why it's the #1 gas relief brand. tonight, every dish came out of the cupboard. literally... can this mess be conquered by a little bit of dawn ultra?
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then. ♪ ♪ i don't >> owning your own home could mean security, joyful moments with family. >> fly all of this by about 50000. then you have the value of the home. >> too bad or our government moj keys with that by subsidizing home. >> it will not cost the taxpayers one extra cent. >> how d that work out. >> what are we doing now? the same foolish thing. >> don't have 20 percent to put down. put 3 percent down. >> when people have cool alternatives like these tiny homes and shared homes.


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