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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 31, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PST

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or "forbes on fox" thanks for watching. have a great super bowl weekend. keep it right here the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in". the president didn't go to paris and he's refusing to meet with israel prime minister netanyahu our closest ally in the middle east, but government officials did have time for this meeting with sympathizers of the muslim brotherhood. wow. plus, if you're fat it's walmart's fault. the retailer now getting blamed for america's obesity problem. we've got the skinny on the big fat claim. and then a classroom beat down, a team attacking a teacher for con if i say kagt his cell phone. we'll call you video and debate what's happening to our kids. piling on the american sniper, the new attack on hero chris kyle that will make your blood boil. "cashin' in" starts right now.
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hi everyone i'm eric bolling welcome to "cashin' in." wayne rogers jonathan, michelle field and juan williams. >> a colossal contradiction on capitol hill. take a look at this split scream. president obama refuse to go meet with the leader of israel when he comes here next month, but his state department did have time to meet with sympathizers of the muslim brotherhood. listen. >> members of muslim brothers were in town and two days ago they had meetings in this building. >> well, state department officials recently met with a jup of visiting egyptian former parliament arians whose visit was org miced and funded by georgetown university. such meetings are fairly routine at the state department we regularly meet with political party leaders from across the world. >> michelle are their priorities mixed up and are they putting us in danger? theel he' meet with friends of
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muslim brotherhood but not netanyahu. >> they will not meet with our biggest ally at a time when terrorists are trying to can i go us. we are at war with terrorists they just killed innocent people in paris yet they will meet with the muslim brotherhood sympathizers of the muslim brotherhood. when the muslim brotherhood wants to kill us. their own slogan is jihad is our way. and death for the sack of ally is our highest aspiration. we should not be negotiating or talking to these people. >> in the last couple of years president obama has met with now the sympathizers of muslim brotherhood, glozell between between two ferns pump with a limp but when bb netanyahu comes here next month i think it would be a wise decision to make a little bit of time for our biggest ally in the middle east. no? >> well yes eric i would tend to agree with that but, you know there's an old mafia
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saying, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. so the fact that the state department meets with members of the brotherhood or all of that, it's a perception problem. they should meet with everybody. they should find out everything they can. they should meet with our enemies, friends, everybody. >> no. wayne -- >> you know i didn't know that i had stopped speaking. you interrupt every time. i mean give me a break huh. so that i think it's important that we appear to do -- they just got caught. they didn't have a cover story. it's important for us to find out everything we can about every enemy. >> okay. juan, you can't dispute the fact that the bb netanyahu administration and the obama administration, they're at odds with each other. is that true? >> on some issues. i mean clearly they are our biggest ally and we're their biggest supporter, militarily economically and otherwise but,
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yes, there are splits. i think it's important here to know and you know, i just can't say enough about what wayne just said. i think wayne is on to something here. it's important for us to know what's going on. it was not an official delegation from the muslim brotherhood and get who met with them, eric, it was people from the state department interested in democracy and human rights. that's an important message to deliver to the brotherhood. >> to meet them is to sanction them. i mean obama's middle east policy has been disgraceful. he's bowed to eight foreign leaders including saudi king abdullah. the middle east is this tribal cesspool of slick hate tread for the u.s. i don't think he knows why it's our greatest al lee and i doesn't act like this. >> i'm not saying that he shupd or shouldn't meet with these friends of muslim brotherhood. personally i wouldn't, but he wants to and to wayne's point meet with more people find out what they're up to. my point is that he's excluded
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bb netanyahu from the white house that next visit. >> that's not true. >> there's a reason for it. if he can meet with hockey teams and basketball teams and owe limp yans he can meet with the prime minister of israel. >> that's a totally different set of issues. you meet with bloggers because you're trying to reach american domestic audience voters. the reason that bb netanyahu is not there is that he snuck behind the president's back, he's brought politics into it this, made it out that republicans are supporters of israel by getting -- >> let me -- >> he broke his own protocol by not interesting the president pd the what you say. >> he's got time to do it. this is a world leader. >> bb netanyahu -- let me just tell you one last thing, eric. remember, there's an election in israel coming up. it's the u.s. policy that we don't get involved in other countries' elections. >> hold on guys. this is what it's all about. i know you want to weigh in. michelle, here is what it's all about. netanyahu supported mitt romney and mitt romney's request to get
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the white house last time against barack obama. this is pay back. am i wrong. >> netanyahu wants to work with the president but the president doesn't want to work with him. he is being petty and refuses to meet with him. can i just say i cannot disagree with juan and wayne any more than i already do. i mean it's ridiculous, the idea that we're going to meet with the muslim brotherhood sympathizers. that is legitimizing them, giving testimony credence and it's a slap in the face to all of our allies who are trying to work with us to stop the muslim brotherhood and muslim extremism. >> eric, think about the check bev we've cut to the middle east to support these ram shack tribal leaders. israel is the productive technologically advanced civilization in the middle east. sewed at that da stream checkpoint software, this is where wealth emanates from. i think to see them on the same level as the muslim brotherhood or any of these tribal ep emts of the middle east -- >>. >> and the muslim brotherhood just ork traded an attack that
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killed 25 people in egypt and we're going to just meet with them. >> let me get wayne in here. there's something else going on simultaneously. we're trying to work out a deal with the iranians. what message does it send to the iranians who hate the israelis that president obama won't meet with netanyahu? >> once again, eric, i think this all one of pretense. the art of diplomacy is the art of deception. you want the people to think one thing while you're doing something else. the best way to undermine your enemy is to find out about him. if you're going to take the attitude that i won't talk to him because it appears -- >> okay. and what they're doing is crazy -- >> i have not stopped -- >> guys last thought i'm going to give it to juan. >> i don't stop walking. why do you do that? you never stop doing that. learn some manners. >> we'll talk about that in a break. my last thought, juan what message is it sending to the iranians that we won't meet with the israelis? >> we do meet with israelis
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constantly. you know, the billing traininger is here, again you have democrats, senator mendez of new jersey lead democrat on foreign relations now he has been saying let's put more pressure on the ire reens. here comes netanyahu playing politics with the republicans and you get mendez backing up. >> not obama is -- >> mem dez backed off because the obama administration asked him to back off on that. >> they were asking all along but they didn't do it until right now. >> last week was a fantastic week on "cashin' in." on the air and on the web. we beat our time slot competitors over at cnn and ms nbc combined in all viewer categories and our #"cashin' in" quadrupled them. i'm thanking you all for being here week in and week out. it's why we work so hard to bring you the truth. coming up later in wake up america i take these three liberal idiots to task for their
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comments on american sniper i just tweeted this pick who is the biggest fool here. retweet that pic and get the "cashin' in" word out. coming up, point the finger if you're packing on the pounds walmart being blamed for america's expanding waist lines should we have a big fat problem with this? it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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. and now a public service announcement from a group of college researchers. do you eat crappy food? are you no longer able to see your feet when you're standing up? in other words, are you fat? >> if you answered yes to any of these questions it's not your fault, it's wall part's fault. the national bur reoff nick research is out with a study suggesting that the big box stores like walmart are to blame for america's obesity epidemic. do you know what's really an epidemic? that no one takes personal responsibilities for their own actions anymore. >> yeah. >> i mean eric, this is the height of crap irresponsibility. i mean, to your point you have free will, you decide what you put in your body.
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i happen to think that there's no obesity epidemic i think there's a success epidemic because companies like walmart have made quality food so cheap and accessible that our problem is overeating. i'd rather be a grew pounds earl e. heavier than starving to death like countries like china. >> it's like blaming the fast car you're driving for that speeding ticket you just got. >> i think jonathan is exactly right. i mean, look, here with we are talking about who the pro liver asian of food stamps is made in america, we're trying to feed the poor, and somebody turns out and blames walmart for it. give me a break. it's an individual responsibility. you are responsible for what you eat, what you put in your body how you do that. if walmart was selling poison would you say, gee, it's their fault because i went out and bought it when it's clearly labeled poison. it's nuts. to put the blame on walmart is the dumbest thing i've ever
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heard in my life. >> everyone loves to blame walmart for everything that's evil and bad right? >> that's true. and i think this is one of the excesses. this reveals exactly how thin their argument is because, you know, clearly this is not walmart's fault if you go out and buy bad food. i will say when you go into these super markets today and then all evening meerd to sell you not quality food jonathan, but fat wree cheap, processed food. the minute you walk in and certainly when you're leaving -- they've got every candy for your kid to grab on. >> so is this. >> juan are you so, you know, weak, juan that you are automatically sold by somebody trying to sell you something? the point is that in america we send 6% of our disposable income on food. you know in countries like pakistan until the middle east they spend 25 30 40, 50%. >> johnen jonathan, let me get this stiek -- >> i think it's a good thing that we have choice. >> hang on just a second.
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so, jonathan if a drug dealer approached your son or daughter with a very attractive looking packet you had he say, that's up to my kid or you wouldn't want -- >> are you equating dugs -- oh, my gosh -- to candy? >> let me bring it to michelle. walmart also sells healthy foods, right, michelle? >> it does. i think we should be celebrating walmart. it has reduced the cost of living for americans and has hired thousands of people that were unemployed. blaming walmart -- >> according to juan they're a drug dealer. >> it's stupid. >> go ahead. >> this is the left's perception of business, that they're drug dealers and to michelle's point i think to make that comparison truly your straw man have jumped the ship big time. >> wayne. >> i think, as i said, it's a prima facie, if walmart is selling food everybody wants to sell the best food possible.
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they're selling health foods all over the united states, health stores all over the united states. people want healthy food, they don't want bad food. to say that somebody is out there pur vague bad food deliberately is ludicrous. >> tell the cheat toes people that. >> but that's not walmart's fault. >> walmart provides fresh produce to people who wouldn't get it. they are a good thing they are not drug dealers. >> cheat toes some people say are as addicting as drugs. a teacher throwing down by his own student. if the video doesn't shock you the reason may.
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call 1800 xfinity or visit hello everybody i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. the fate of a jordanian pilot and japanese journalist remain unclear at this hour as to jordan debates whether they will meet isis demands. we'll have the very latest from the middle east bureau and hear from retired army major general bob scales. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu plans a meeting in the washington area that doesn't whether you the area. dan gillerman will be joining us live with reaction. he says netanyahu is obsessed with worry of a nuclear iron and his trip has more to do with that than snb u. snubbing the president. plus these brothers share dna and a dream of sharing the final frontier. both veteran astronauts nasa is
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about ready to launch one into space for a year. my one-on-one interview with astronauts mark and scott kelly. warning, this video is hard to watch. nope this isn't two kids fighting, this is a teacher being taken down by a student for taking away his cell phone. that student has been charged with assault. wayne, what's going on? this is being an epidemic with kids going after teachers, kids going after law enforcement. what's up? >> well i think, eric, we've had a total change in the culture where parents are no longer held responsible for the acts of their children in other words, the children who go to school today think they can do things and that the teacher -- the parents have imposed on the teachers this responsibility. it's not the teachers' problem to have behavior modification in the students. they're there to teach.
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the students have gone ber zerk because they don't have a home life or culture that teaches them to be responsible and take individual responsibility for their actions. >> juan, you've done a lot of research in the classroom. this is a growing problem. is there a way to fix this? >> yeah get our families back together. i mean, you know, put some emphasis, especially hollywood and the rap people and all the music folks, i don't mean to come off as some old scol but a lot of this comes from family break down, people not making commitments to each other and then to the children and giving children a clear sense of goals or standards from which to behave. look, you can't attack somebody because they take your phone. if you eric, and you are a big tough guy took my phone i would say here is my phone. i'm not fighting over a phone and certainly not a teenager. >> i went to a jesuit high school and i will be the first to tell you the first time i got that paddle on the backside for
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doing something wrong i never did anything wrong again but times have changed. >> you are a he making a important point because the school violence is shocking, it tends to happen at public schools. teachers and kids are twice as likely to be victims of crimes in public schools versus private schools. if you actually want to help the kids maybe start private tiesing the schools instead of powering more money into what's been a losing endeavor. >> what's your take on this? we need to fix in somehow. >> i think the problem is this is obviously a kid whose apartments never said no to them. i agree with juan. this is a the family breakdown. these are parents who are not disciplining their children and they look at school as sort of just a day care that they drop them off and get rid of them and don't care about disciplining them or putting porls and values into these children. i think that this kid all the to be expelled and put in jail for a little bit so he learns his
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lesson. >> what about this paddling, is michelle paddle us? >> listen -- >> i'm not paddling anyone. >> let me go once around very quickly. take about 10 or 15 seconds. yes or no to a teacher with parental approval smacking a kid for doing something wrong, start with john go to wayne, michelle and juan. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> wayne? >> i didn't understand the question. >> if a parent gives a teacher permission to do it, can a teacher spak some kid on the backside for doing something wrong? >> i think the teacher should be able to do whatever the teacher needs to do to teach. twaun is exactly right. by the way, his own son made a great statement about him and i ask you all to read "the interview" sometime because juan has raised his family in a tra can digs nl manner and they are responsible people. >> i'm going to have to use that as juan's 15 seconds. michelle, very quickly. >> no, i don't think so.
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i think that that's the responsibility of the parents not of public schoolteachers. >> i've got to leave it right there. i've interviewed jesse vent ra in the pafs and it's safe to say we don't care for each other. that's fine by me but here is not his comment about american hero chris kyle really ticked me off. wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. there's a new way to buy a car. just find the one you're looking for
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. i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us you can head over to"cashin' in." time to wake up america. in just two weeks american sniper has shattered records sure it's made almost 200, $300 million at the box office by fair the highest total for any war movie but american sniper is breaking records for the amount of moron nick comments coming from the anti-war come please on the left. michael moore called all snipers krourds. instead of apology war doubled down mocking christians by inn voeng vehicling the what would
8:59 am
jesus do. american sniper chris kyle was being called a racist who went on killing sprees. wait, kyle is a racist because he took out the enemy who was going to kill our ways geist? inappropriately invoke the race card instead of the radical jihadists. you, sir are a different kind of american sniper, but the biggest fool has to be my old them amiss former pro wrestler and 9/11 truther jesse ventura who said skrooilchris kyle isn't a hair row. the issue was whether or not kyle punched out ent ra in a bar the story chris kyle said was true. so jesse, you got your money from them and apparently that isn't enough and you called the hero a liar. the man is dead he can't defend himself anymore you old washed up wrestler of a fool.
9:00 am
i don't know if chris kyle punched you in the mouth in that bar or not, what i do know is that on behalf of all the heroes who serve and those of us who actually appreciate their sacrifice, you sure deserve one. have a great weekend, everybody. >> haings for spending your saturday afternoon with us i'm leland vit terd welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju here is what's making news. it's been an agonizing wait as the hostages remains uncertain. one is from jordan the other japan and both governments have been in a race against time with no word on whether those hostages are still alive. meanwhile, a deadly wave of isis violence continues across iraq as that country faces its worst crisis since the 2011 withdrawal of u.s. troops. what can we do to stop the isis threat. after threating with another presidential run mitt romney drops a bombshell saying no


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