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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 28, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i think he's from syracuse, new york. which is where i lived for the first ten years and only good peeps come out of there. and they do ascend to powerful positions at a very, very young age. see you tomorrow night. "the kelly file." the white house is fighting tooth and nail so why won't the government and the army release the rgdahl report? they are pressuring the army to whitewash this. >> i'm proud to stand for the rule of law. and i know that my actions were right. >> a judge refuses to toss out former texas governor rick perry's abuse of power case. >> i'll continue despite and i'm confident that i'll ultimately prevar prevary. >> the 2016 presidential hopeful is here tonight in an exclusive interview you'll only see right here. and the super bowl ad wars are now heating up. we'll preview the much-anticipated commercials you will be seeing during sunday's big game.
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>> i do apologize to the veterans. we owe them a lot and i think this movie was much more nuance than i thought. >> you have the green light. your call. over. >> and howard dean apologizes for his outrageous comments about the blockbuster movie "american sniper," well kind of. >> i make no apologies to the thousands of right wing nut jobs who have been twittering me. >> all of that our question of the day and good news of the day. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." speculation reports are circulating about bowe bergdahl. now, the army announced more than three months ago in october that it completed its investigation into bowe bergdahl's 2009 disappearance. but as of today that report has not been released. we want to know why. earlier pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby said this on fox & friends. >> general -- wasn't in afghanistan at the forward operating base where bergdahl left. so he has to avail himself of all the information. he hasn't gotten completely
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through this investigation himself. we got to give him time here. i don't understand what the rush to judgment is here. this young soldier is still an active duty soldier in the united states army. he has been charged with no crime. and the last time i looked someone is innocent until proven guilty. >> okay. but when will they release the report? last night fox news analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, this is what he said on the program. >> what we have here is very very clear we have the white house that doesn't understand why this is a big deal. he just deserted right? wouldn't anybody do that? and they are pressuring the army, pressuring the army to whitewash this. and they don't understand for the military those who went before retirees like me those on active duty. this is a powerful matter of as you heard from that young soldier of precedent and principle. >> now, colonel peters is not alone in the questioning in the delay of this report. listen to what a senior staff writer at politico what he said
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earlier today. >> it also points out the dissidents you've seen time and time again, different information flowing out of one building, different information from another. it seems oftentimes that they're not only on the same page but the white house in this case national security adviser, wasn't getting the kind of information necessary from the pentagon so she wouldn't embarrass herself on national television. >> now, in just a moment we're going to speak with the mother and father whose son was reportedly killed while searching for bergdahl back in 2009. but first joining me with reaction author of foreign and domestic, retired brigadier general tony tata is with us. if they had the report, they completed the report, why not release the report? >> hey sean. it's great to be with you. what i think is happening here, general mark milly, whom i know well, he's a man of character he's got a great reputation. he wants to make sure that he does this right. he knows how important this is
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to the country, to american servicemen and women. and as your commentator from politico said, this is not only dissidents within the administration. it's dissidents between the administration and the american people. we got to back up and look at what bergdahl did here. he shipped all his stuff home. he left a note he left his weapon. he walked away from his comrades into the afghanistan night and possibly into pakistan. and then suddenly appeared in the haqqani network, which was the most treacherous network of enemy that is part of the taliban. so this is not some benign issue out there. i think ralph peters has it very right. and so mark milly really needs to make sure he gets this right. i think that's what he's doing. >> all right. it's taking a long time. >> well, i think, sean, the time to get this right and make sure that every legal aspect is taken care of. you know he walked away -- he
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violated a code of conduct. he violated general order number one. he's possibly violated the desertion law. there was clear intent to desert. he may have committed treason. so i think if you're racking up that many charges you want to make sure you've got them all nailed down. i have trust and confidence in general odierno and general milly. they have faced pressure from combat unlike anybody and particularly anybody that's trying to pressure them perhaps from the administration. >> let me just post for you comments, we've interviewed many of bergdahl's platoon members, i want to post their comments first and then hear from the administration saying bergdahl served with honor and distinction. it's quite a contradiction. watch. >> the army needs to do what's right here. and they need to abide by the army values. and he needs to face consequences for his actions. not only is it a slap in the
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face to all the men and women who have served honorably, who upheld their oath and it's also a bad precedent to set towards future service members. >> to say bowe is honorable it's a spit right in everybody's faces. and it is frustrating. >> the point is that he's back. he's going to be safely reunited with his family. he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> sergeant bergdahl put on the uniform of the united states voluntarily and went to war for the united states voluntarily. that takes honor. and it is a mark of distinction. >> it's not in the interest of anyone and certainly i think a bit unfair to sergeant bergdahl's family and to him to presume anything. >> as a prisoner of war, bowe bergdahl deserved and we had the
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obligation and the commander in chief had the obligation to do what was necessary to bring him home. this was a young man who volunteered to serve his country in uniform at a time of war. that is itself a very honorable thing. >> his platoon mates say he spit in their face he deserted, he should be court-martialed. but the administration says he served with honor and distinction. how do you have two opposing views like that? >> sean, i'm 100% with his platoon mates. he absolutely walked away from his post. he deserted them. he absolutely needs to be tried for court-martial. >> general, thank you. my next guest, they claim their son darren was actually killed while searching for bowe bergdahl in 2009. andy and sandra, thank you both for being here. >> thank you for inviting us. >> thank you. >> you know, i've read a lot about your son. he left a pregnant wife a
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2-year-old little boy when he was killed and he saved six fellow soldiers when he died. is that true? tell us the story ma'am about your son. >> he did. he warned all of them. he physically pushed three aside aside, and one of those survived, the other one i'm sorry, did die about six days later. >> in germany. >> so he saved all these lives. he left behind a pregnant wife a 2-year-old son never going to see his dad again. he was hit with an ied and apparently a rocket propelled grenade at the same time. he saved those guys, you know, in the process. when did you first find out that he might have been out searching for bowe bergdahl? >> we didn't discover that until all the news broke around the 30th of may of '14.
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>> what's your reaction to that? >> well we were surprised. we were shocked. and we were a little confused that the army had not revealed the real story. that you know, we didn't understand any reason that they couldn't have told us the truth. >> do you feel you were lied to? >> yes. >> you do. i just played members of bowe bergdahl's platoon. and, you know, they were using words like spitting in the face, that he deserted they all knew he deserted, he should be court-martialed court-martialed, but the administration said he served with honor and distinction. and then of course five taliban were traded for bergdahl -- i'm sorry, sir? >> how can you serve with honor and distinction when you walk off from your post? >> i think that's a legitimate question.
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so they're saying -- have you spoken to any of his fellow platoon members? fellow platoon members of your son? >> yes we have. we have visited with several of them. >> what are they telling you? what do you want to know from the government? >> they're telling us that he deserted his post. he just walked off and on purpose, intentionally left. and all we want from the government is what are they going to do about that? i mean, there has to be some consequences for thatactivity. i still want to know. and i asked congress this, you know, who made the decision that bergdahl was worth the six men getting killed looking for him when he was deserted? >> your son signed up. your son was obviously very courageous, very brave a real hero by every definition.
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left his family and pregnant wife behind. >> yes. >> and then you find out that he dies searching for a guy that his platoon mates say is a deserter. that's got to be a pretty -- >> yeah. >> that's got to be a pretty devastating blow to you guys. >> well it is difficult in the fact that that was the purpose of mission. the facts that i stand on is darren's moral character. had he known that's what he was doing and perhaps he did he would have followed his orders to the letter. he was a dedicated soldier. and he was very honorable. and if that's what he was told to do, he would have done the very best job he could do. >> all right. thank you for sharing your story. i know i speak for a lot of people. you deserve answers. and you deserve the truth at the very least. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue to try and dig deep for it.
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your son was a real hero and a national treasure. >> yes, he was. >> i'm sorry for the pain and your loss. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. quick programming note be sure to tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern when pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby's going to be here on this program to address the reports about bowe bergdahl again. that's tomorrow night at 10:00. but first, coming up tonight. >> these charges cannot stand. and i'll continue this fight. and i'm confident that i'll ultimately prevail. >> a texas judge denies former governor rick perry's request to dismiss the indictment against him. when we come back, the governor's here to speak exclusively. an interview you'll only see on "hannity." i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night
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welcome back to "hannity." so on tuesday a texas judge denied a second request by former texas governor rick perry to dismiss the felony indictment against him. this lawsuit stems from perry's decision to cut after $7.5 million of state funding to travis county d.a. rosemary lindbergh's office after she refused to resign following her dui arrest and conviction in 2013. here with exclusive is former governor rick perry. governor, good to see you. >> good to be with you sean. thank you. >> look, you head to south carolina and pennsylvania after you go to iowa. clearly you're thinking about a run for the presidency. you haven't announced yet. you've got this felony indictment hanging over your head. a second chance to dismiss this denied. where do you stand with this? >> well, i think everything's
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pretty much going as expected. i think the judge is being cautious. and, you know what i tell people is i wear this as a badge of honor. standing up for the rule of law and the constitution. every elected executive, whether you're a governor or whatever if you're an executive branch of your government and some outside group politically motivated can come in and file a complaint and they take it to a, in my case, one of the most liberal courts in the state and are able to return an indictment against the sitting governor for doing what is in my constitutional duty. i mean clearly the constitution is on our side. clearly the statutes are on our side. and at the end of the day we will be well-served. and i'm going to stand up for the people of this country and for the rule of law. >> what about the judge that made the ruling yesterday was a republican and said that texas law clearly precludes the trial court from making a pretrial
7:17 pm
determination regarding the constitutionality of a state penal or criminal statute as the statute applies to the particular defendant. where does it go from here? now you have an appeals process in terms of this ruling. >> we immediately appealed. and actually the judge is allowed both of the counts that he talked about he found errors with them. so he may be able to address this himself. if not there's an immediate appeal process to the third court of appeals. i'm very confident not only i got a great legal team, but we're the right side of this. again, this goes back to a district attorney who actually has oversight of all statewide elected officials in the state of texas who she was almost three times the legal limit drunk driving. and then the way she treated law enforcement. i mean literally talking about spitting in people's face you had to have a spit mask put on her because she was abusing the
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law enforcement individuals who were booking her into jail. when i saw that video, i did what i think practically any executive would do where we had $7.5 million state tax dollars going to the office that she oversaw, and i told them clearly that i had lost all confidence that those dollars would be spent appropriately. i think the people even of travis county had lost confidence on her. and i didn't send the money. i vetoed it just like i've done in hundreds of other cases where i didn't agree with where the money was going. that's the way the process works, sean. >> explain how travis county, they have a history of these types of political suits. in other words you're not the only person that has had to as a conservative that has had to deal with travis county, explain the history. >> yeah, the public integrity unit was created back i think in the '80s if my memory serves me correct to oversee the statewide elected officials and what have you. as early as the 1990s, senator
7:19 pm
hutchson was dragged before the district attorney's office here and drug through the mud. then we saw tom delay whose career was ended who spent no telling how many -- >> and exonerated. >> millions -- and exonerated in the end. this is a tactic we've seen out of this district attorney's office for multiple times. i'm going to stand up to them. i'm going to stand up not only against what i consider to be an abuse from that particular organization, but also stand up for the people of the state of texas. i mean, the idea that this can happen, that the process of a governor not being able to veto anything they want for any reason. you have to stand for election. that's the way the processes work. not to let this thing be persecuted through a prosecution. >> all right. where are you in terms of making the decision whether or not you're going to run for president? you're going to some very
7:20 pm
obvious states. you're obviously considering it. you've told me you're considering it. where are you in that process of deciding? >> well, we're continuing to travel. we're continuing to put a great team together. we got a lot of volunteers. we were in south carolina last night just fabulous crowds out there. and people are really excited about the process. we're going to continue traveling. we're going to continue judging the support that's out there. and by the looks of it right now we're on track to be able to make an announcement probably may or june timetable would be my guess. >> when you go back to the last primary that we had, you had one bad debate, it became a big issue. there's a story behind that. you really haven't talked a whole lot about it. tell us what happened. >> well, obviously i was late getting in the process. i had pushed back and had major back surgery six weeks before i'd announced. i knew i had to have that done. and frankly i'm very open to people about i didn't do the preparation work prior to 2011
7:21 pm
that i should have done. and i started in late 2012 with a very intensive program of both domestic policy of foreign policy, of our monetary policy. so when i stand on the stage and debate this next time, you're going to see a person who is very, very well prepared and able to talk across the board about the issues that the president of the united states is going to have to deal with as we go into 2017. >> i was with you at the border. that was the meeting that the president should have been at. and i sat through a briefing with you. and we went out there. and we looked at the border in a helicopter. we were out on a boat together and i got a pretty good feel of how bad things were at the rio grande. what do you think the republicans should do? they passed the cromnibus bill. they said we're going to deal with this in february. now they're running into an obstacle because they have to fund the department of homeland
7:22 pm
security but they still want to defund the president's action on immigration. how would you advise them to thread that needle. >> well michael mccaul who is probably one of the most knowledgeable people about border security, he knows this very, very well he's the chairman of the committee. i would follow michael's lead. put the boots on the ground, we need to fly drones up that border 24/7 with fast response teams to be able to address these individuals. we know how to secure the border. when you look at what we did down there, we had over 10,000 apprehensions a week in may and june of 2014 when we surged our law enforcement, when we put our parks and wildlife and then after i realized the president was not going to be of assistance at all, we then deployed our national guard. in november from july to november we saw a 74% decrease in the number of apprehensions in that southern region, which is where the bulk of the apprehensions are occurring. so there is a blueprint on how to secure that border.
7:23 pm
i think michael mckalcaul's got the answer toyota to it. if they don't secure the border first, americans are never going to trust congress to deal with this. >> all right, governor, good to see you. thank you. look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. i suspect i'm going to see you there. thanks for being with us. >> yes, sir, so long. startling report. al jazeera english executives telling staffers don't use the word like islamist jihadist or terrorist. kind of sounds like the obama administration. we'll explain. and later tonight. >> hi i'm kim. each month millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. tragic. data you paid for that could be used to see my makeup, my back end, my outfits -- >> all right. the super bowl just a few days away. we've got our hands on some of the most eye catching controversial ads. also reaction tonight, dagan
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you can help. please donate now. welcome back to "hannity." so the national review has obtained an internal e-mail from al jazeera english executive carlos. contents are very shocking. in the e-mail he's responsible for establishing al jazeera america, that's the network that was purchased from al gore. well, he's allegedly instructing his employees not to use the words islamist jihad extremist, or even get this, the word terrorist, in any reporting because according to van meek, and i quote, one person easter ris -- one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. they put together a video in november detailing what they call the "al jazeera style
7:27 pm
guide." watch this clip. >> we don't use the label islamist, for example, or extremist. we usually let the group's actions speak for themselves. we don't give that group a particular label. >> we found ourselves referring to boko haram and the muslim brotherhood using the same catch-all phrase, islamist. and we felt that wasn't appropriate. >> here with reaction author of a battle for the soul of islam and american muslims fight to save his faith, zudhi jasser and -- dr. jasser, this is probably the perfect network when obama retires he can work there. he doesn't like these terms either, right? >> that's the network that's basically the prod of the new cold war which is against the evil empire. they have that style guide because why? they want to keep the giants in the west, those that advocate for liberty, which is really the only strategy against the global
7:28 pm
jihad, is to advocate against liberty and against political islam. they want to keep it silent. they want to censorship. al jazeera wants to spread their ideas and keep us in the dark. they don't want to mobilize muslims like our organization against islamic reform which is really what we need. >> the world, colonel cowen, is cowhering br radical islamists. now they won't use the word in certain organizations, the white house won't use the term. how do radical islamists interpret that? i assume they interpret that as we are weak, and that we're afraid and that america -- that they're succeeding. this to me would embolden somebody. >> i think so, sean. it looks like al jazeera got the white house playbook when it comes to how you designate people. disservice to all peace loving muslims, which the majority of muslims are. dr. jasser knows and he speaks
7:29 pm
so eloquently about this as does president el sisi. the fact of the matter is when we don't clearly identify who these bad guys are, we give the opportunity for all muslims to be painted with the same brush. it's simply not so. the bad guys are the islamists, the fundamentalists terrorists, radicals, whatever we call them, they have to relish the fact we clearly don't identify exactly who they are. >> general maddis and general keane testified on capitol hill yesterday and they used a map actually showing the expansion of radicalism in africa, the middle east and i think a pretty strong argument can be made that pretty much every continent now is being impacted by radical islam. there's the map there. and the spread of islam. radical islamists, obviously that includes isis in iraq and syria. and here's what the generals had to say specifically about that threat of radical islam. >> violent jihadist terrorists cannot be permitted to take refuge behind false religious
7:30 pm
garb and leave us unwilling to define this threat with the clarity it deserves. >> radical islam as much as naziism and communism, both geopolitical movements, ideological driven with major security challenges of the 20th century, radical islam is the major security challenge of our generation. u.s. policymakers refuse to accurately name the movement as radical islam. we further choose not to define it nor explain its ideology. and most critical, we have no comphensive strategy to stop it or defeat it. >> dr. jasser if he's right, general keane, and this is the major challenge of our generation. can we compare this to the twisted, sick, evil ideology of fascism, naziism communism? is it the same thing? is there any difference? >> it's even worse because the pool from which this radical ideology dips from is 1.5 billion people, which is a
7:31 pm
quarter of the world's population, which is my faith. and if you want to mobilize, we need a president who can exert leadership to say he has a vision for what is victory. and victory would be the advancement of liberty, the protection of things like the green revolution. the revolutions in egypt -- there was an arab awakening that was happening. and this president has been asleep with no strategy. and that's allowed that vacuum to be filled by radical and political islam so we see the rise of islamic states and the defeat of our true allies which are liberals on the ground. >> colonel, let me dovetail into another question. so speaker boehner invites b.b. netanyahu, the white house gets angry. now we have white house political operatives now going to israel to work against b.b. in his upcoming march campaign, march election. is that all because they don't want somebody pointing out that the deal of negotiating with iran and the molds of iran is a bad deal and that this is
7:32 pm
a-squared, b-squared, c-squared radical islamists with nuclear weapon equal potential human destruction? >> yeah, i don't think there's any belief in the state department either or the white house that the iranians are trying to build a nuclear weapon. anybody else who looks at it carefully and closely including europeans know in fact they are trying to do it. i think this president would do anything to undermine netanyahu or el sisi who would like to be involved with us in the coalition against isis and others. >> the people that want him -- >> today. today the state department is acknowledging and meeting with certain brotherhood operatives. there's no strategy at all. the end of times they believe that the ushering in of the 12th imam is the end of time and yet we're negotiating with that type of force?
7:33 pm
>> general el sisi i hope and pray i'm wrong, he may give his life for standing up to radical islamists as probably one of the bravest figures in this century. for having the courage to do what he did back in january. go ahead. >> i met him a year and a half ago, sean. i was fortunate enough to be on a trip over there. he's a very, very impressive man. he was the first one who said we have a real problem with the muslim brotherhood, with extremists. we all have to work together to fight them. instead of our government sideling up with them and fighting, we're doing everything we can to undermine him. >> zudhi, give you last word next time. i got to roll. thank you. coming up next busy news night. you're not going to want to miss this straight ahead on "hannity." ♪ >> a lot of people watch the super bowl just for the ads.
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loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to welcome back to "hannity." the super bowl's on sunday. now, a lot of people tune in not just for the game but also to watch the highly anticipated tv ads. now, here's what godaddy was planning on airing. i'll explain. ♪ >> look it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home because i just sold you on this website i built with godaddy.
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ship him out! >> that ad received a wave of criticism from animal rights groups. in response godaddy announced they're notd going to air that spot during the game. here with reaction my favorite panel from our sister network fox business fox news kernt the only man with one name, geraldo. and also from fox business, dagan mcdowel. i like the ad. i think they should air it. >> i think the dog should have have -- on her. >> i want that puppy to bite that woman in the nose, hey, go daddy, and start a puppy mill. that's awesome. i rescue dogs. my dog is a street dog from puerto rico. i don't like this ad. >> why not? that dog is the cutest dog in the world. >> where is everybody's sense of humor? >> exactly. >> it's not like they're selling the dog to the north koreans. give me a break. it's hilarious. look, we're all laughing here.
7:41 pm
>> and we also are promoting it so they get double their money. >> what was the danger for the dog? >> they're promoting this woman starting a puppy mill. >> so what? >> what do you mean so what? go down the street and buy a puppy mill dog? >> they're a good puppy breeders and there are others that are not. reputable ones -- why are you painting with a broad brush? >> because that's the way i read it. that's the way the aspca read into it. >> i miss the bikinis and -- >> you would. >> redeem yourself to change that image, you go right down -- >> stay thirsty, my friend. >> the budweiser ad, another lost puppy and the famous clydesdales. you've got to love budweiser. these a great commercials. ♪
7:42 pm
♪ and i would walk 500 miles ♪ ♪ and i would walk 500 more just to be the man to fall down at your door ♪ >> yes. >> come on, right? >> that's fantastic. >> i love those horses. >> i just can't wait for hollywood's seth rogen to tweet out sympathy for the hungry misunderstood wolves in the commercial. i love that. >> you know what the message there is? hey, buddy if you weren't drinking beer in the middle of the day you wouldn't lose your dog. >> i think about those days when i walk the dog at 1:00 in the morning. >> listen, i'll admit i cried when i watched that ad earlier today. >> geraldo, are you a dog guy? >> i am a dog guy.
7:43 pm
but i want realistically you should have an ad me walking my dog at 1:00 in the morning. i walk the dog for an hour, i bring it back and it goes in the elevator. >> that's true. he told me that earlier. >> i swear to god that happened. walked it and walked it and walked it and waiting and waiting. >> i would pay that dog to do that again. i swear. all right. we got one more ad when we come back. by the way, more with our panel after the break. and you can catch dagan and business network. quick break and we'll continue and more straight ahead. >> i make no apologies to the thousands of right wing nut jobs who have been twittering me nasty language. but i do apologize to the veterans. >> and howard dean apologizes sort of. our panel reacts straight ahead. ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm.
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with our panel. before we get to howard dean, the idiotic comments he makes, one more ad. this is an ad that's going to air before the super bowl of a player tackling a woman protesting nfl and domestic violence. watch this ad.
7:49 pm
>> let's take domestic violence out of football, paid for by ultraviolet. >> what's your reaction to that? >> domestic violence is solely a football problem? >> no, it's not. >> exactly. that's what that message is. that's the problem i have with it. >> epidemic in the nfl. what do you have two -- how many cases do you get before you recognize there's a systemic problem. >> that's not fair, geraldo. >> how many are there? >> statistically under the national average, from what i understand. but look, it's a good message to highlight. there's no question about that. and it is stating the obvious. however -- >> can i ask you a question? is a guy that would do that is he going to respond to an ad saying don't do that? >> that's not who the ad is for. the ad is about people who know about it like friends of women who are aware of it. but that ad doesn't address that. >> why don't they put these kind of ads in places like the mtv awards grammys where they
7:50 pm
feature performers like chris brown that punched rihanna in the face feature them there because they're cowards go after america's game, go everywhere, be consistent. >> the nfl is sponsoring and financed a public service announcement about domestic violence and it will air during the football. >> i agree. it's targeting people women in trouble, i don't think a guy that has any -- that would ever do this, is going to respond to an ad because it's in their psychology. all right. howard dean made these comments at "american sniper". >> there's a lot of anger in this country. and the people who go see this movie are people who are very angry. -- the freedom he has to open
7:51 pm
his mouth is because of brave military men like chris kyle. >> i love the movie. like "hurt locker." bradley cooper was fantastic as an actor. >> he was. >> one quick thing about sniper, snipers reduce collateral damage. snipers reduce civilian casualties by killing the killers and not causing, you know it's not like an artillery shell that kills the bad guy and 20 other people. >> i have respect for michael moore who puts his card on the table and leaves them there. you know howard dean believes what he said. that --
7:52 pm
-- i won't mention who, but there's a. >> hi, i'm kim. each month millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. data you paid for that can be used to see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations and my outfits. sadly, all lost. please help save the data. >> it's one on her -- >> have no idea what you're talking about. >> when you do something like have you to laugh at your self and have a sense of humor about
7:53 pm
your own excesses than if you're too serious, you bomb. >> i'd like to see tom brady deflate that enormous tush. >> i'm fascinated because she knows how to memoirize words really well. oh my god who knew she could read? >> when we come back our question of the day. straight ahead. you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips
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[ sizzling ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you want to hear how their day went serve manwich. and wait til they come up for air. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] hold on. it's manwich. today's fun news and question of the day. your worst fears have been realized. obamacare architect is back but instead of calling you, the american people stupid, he is
7:59 pm
with a song if you want to call it that. >> what about me? why should you care? about a guy with gray hair >> i wish i can tell gruber to keep a day job but since part of it was creating obamacare, i prefer he keep going to develop that rap career. there is a future there for you. keep going do you think the obama administration is stalling on the release of the report of bo bergdahl?
8:00 pm
go to and let us know what you think. we have a great receiver tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> you have the white house, which doesn't understand why this is a big deal just deserted right? the bo bergdahl controversy heats up. the army interviewed the sergeant who may be a deserter back in august. yet they are still sitting on the report. we'll have an update tonight. >> i will apologize to the veterans. i haven't seen the movie and i think it was wrong. >> howard dean says is he sorry he demonized people going to seat movie "american sniper." but is he really sorry? >> >> we have all day listening to the tease of bill o'reilly. g.o.p.


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