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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 26, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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through the burger king drive through and gets a bag containing $2,600 and didn't get her sweet tea and spicy chicken. that was it. she gave the money back. >> everybody stay safe. "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier coming to you from des moines, iowa. we will have extensive coverage of the kickoff weekend in the republican presidential race here. we will also have live coverage on the massive blizzard that threatens to paralyze the northeast effecting tens of millions of people and canceling more than 3,000 flights already. first islamic state terrorists are urging muslims in the west to shed more blood as president obama defends his counter terrorism strategy in yemen and makes his first move since the fall of that nation's government. we have fox team coverage tonight on the war on terror. word that the recent release of
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al qaeda operative from a u.s. prison might have been part of a trade. we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry who is traveling with the president in india tonight. >> good evening. tonight in yemen amid more chaos the u.s. embassy has closed for some services as the president faces new questions about mixed messages on keeping america safe. >> reporter: eager to seal a new partnership with india president obama involved in what some call brohugs. everything from camels to antiaircraft missiles were brought in for republic date to celebrate india's constitution. the trip itself has been overshadowed by terror threats from the 1,000 snipers brought in by the indian government to protect leaders here to sudden resurgeance of al qaeda all around the world. >> we say we are in a war against al qaeda but never said
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we were in a war against terrorism which is a tactic. we are however at war against al qaeda. >> republican john mccain charged the administration is losing that war and said white house chief of staff is missing that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is a start of crisis in the mid east. >> in yemen it is not aqap taking over the government it is -- >> the claim of waging war comes after the president said the terror group was on the run. in last year's state of the union he repeated his long assertion that wars were coming to an end. >> america must move off a permanent war footing. >> today in india white house aid said the president was referring to the bush administration's war footing of troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> still using drones and air power against terrorist networks
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and we still continue to train and advise and assist partners. this is still very much a war against this network. >> raising questions about why the president did not discuss that war at last week's state of the union. and despite the fall in yemen the president down played that at a news conference here. >> i saw some reports that suggested somehow that that terrorism activity had been suspended. that is not accurate. we continue to go after targets inside yemenfelt. >> said the u.s. was not surprised by yemen's collapse and can't be responsible for every country and the reason although the president seemed to be taking responsibility in september when he called yemen a success. >> ed henry traveling with the president in india. there may have been a lot more to the release of an al qaeda operative from a u.s. prison than first thought.
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chief intelligence correspondent is in washington with new details. >> reporter: the same year this video was shot he admitted he was an al qaeda sleeper agent sent to the u.s. by the architect of 9/11 for a second wave of attacks. on the eve of the president's state of the union address prison records show he was quietly released ahead of schedule and flown to qatar. the allegation is that there was an offer to swap for an american couple who qatar accused of neglect in the death of their adopted daughter. >> u.s. ambassador at the time was in her office talking to some when they floated the idea of a prisoner swap specifically mentioning almari.
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>> republican congressman's office back up the account specifically about the quid pro quo. in a letter to mr. obama hunter demanded clarity on who at the highest level specifically approved the release. the chairman of the house armed services committee says they are looking at his case and a damaging pattern of behavior by the administration that began with last year's swap of the taliban five at guantanamo bay for sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> we know the administration violated the law in trading bergdahl for five detainees in guantanamo. they didn't give us the notifications they were supposed to so we were somewhat skeptical and cautious about taking what they tell us on face value. >> they were released in december and the state department spokes woman chose
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her words carefully. >> i will not speak to what officials did or did not do. >> reporter: characterized the transfer as routine requiring no special sign off adding that the al qaeda sleeper agent got credit for good behavior in prison and there was no immediate comment from the qatar embassy here in washington. the secret service is busy tonight investigating the crash of a small drone on the white house grounds early this morning. the white house was on lockdown for about two hours. the service says an individual called them to say he had been in control of the device. they say the man is cooperating fully. next the reason we are here in des moines tonight. the unofficial start of the republican presidential campaign. the 2016 iowa caucuses are set to be almost one year exactly from now. new jersey governor chris christie made news today forming a political action committee, the first step towards a formal
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declaration he is running. christie was one of the featured speakers at the iowa freedom summit saturday. front page news in des moines iowa's governor wrapped up the freedom summit for reporters today. >> i think iowa is a winner. we have a strong group of potential candidates. i'm excited about it. >> reporter: wisconsin governor scott walker seemed to get the thumbs up from the crowd. >> time and time again the protesters were trying to intimidate us. >> reporter: walker used his three successful elections against big labor to tout what he called new leadership using conservative reforms outside of washington that work. >> we need leaders in america who understand who ultimately understand the measure of success in government is not how many people are dependent on the government. the measure of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the government.
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>> i heard the conventional wisdom. don't they know i am from new jersey. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie dealt with interruption in stride and showcasing his pro life with the conservative crowd. >> the notion that our party must abandon our belief in the sank sanctity of life in blue states to be competitive is not true. >> reporter: struck a populist blue collar tone. >> we need to be pro growth and pro worker. we need to be on the side of the american worker. one of our favorite sayings i know you hear republicans say is a rising tide lifts all votes
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and that is true unless your boat has a hole in it. >> we need to tell america what's right with this country. >> reporter: former governor mike huckabee did take a jab at jeb bush on the issue of common core. >> there is no federal role in education. and instead of common core we need to apply some common sense and a good dose of constitutional law and end it. >> reporter: business mogul donald trump was more blunt. >> you can't have romney he choked. you can't have bush. the last thing we need is another bush. >> reporter: ben carson's low key delivery seemed well received.
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>> we have to have courage once again in this country. we cannot allow the progressives to shut us up. >> believe give a texas sized welcome to governor rick perry! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: texas governor rick perry clearly gearing up for another run spent time on his bread and butter issue immigration. >> we need to send a message to congress secure the border now, override this president's law less executive order, restore law and order to our border with mexico. stand up to this face of evil and protect our citizens. >> reporter: former hewlett-packard ceo made a contrast with the likely democratic nominee. >> like hillary clinton i have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe but unlike her i have actually accomplished something.
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>> reporter: former alaskan governor sarah palin said she is interested in running. >> gop leaders, by the way, you know the man can only ride you when your back is bent so strengthen it. then the man can't ride you and america won't be taken for a ride. >> reporter: after most here called a rambling speech very few thought she was serious. texas senator ted cruz said iowaens have a serious job. >> look each candidate in the eye and say don't talk, show me. >> reporter: then cruz whipped up the summit to a frenzy. >> if you say you opposed obamacare show me where you stood up and fought against it. if you say you stand up to the washington establishment, the career politicians of both parties that have gotten us in this mess show me where you stood up and fought. we need to unify. we need to bring together conservatives.
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and evangelicals and libertarians and republican women and reagan democrats and young people. we need to bring together a coalition of americans who want to believe again in the miracle of america. >> reporter: after meeting with reporters about the freedom summit this morning iowa governor was taken by ambulance to a hospital here in des moines. his office says the governor fell ill at that event. he has reportedly been fighting a cold and will stay overnight in the hospital. we wish him well. up next, we will go live to long island where they are getting ready for a massive snow storm that will effect tens of millions of people. first here is what some are covering tonight. fox 5 in atlanta with discovery of two bodies near a vehicle belonging to an elderly couple missing since thursday. a sheriff says the car was found in a lake. they left atlanta thursday morning to respond to an ad for a car.
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a 28-year-old suspect turned himself in today. fox 11 in los angeles with the latest on the measles outbreak out there. a high school baseball coach in santa monica has the disease now and an alert has been sent out to parents. at least 78 cases have been reported in seven states and mexico. 48 are directly linked to visits to disney theme parks. this is a live look at seattle. evacuation of two airports sunday at seattle tacoma international airport due to online threats made against those flights. both planes were cleared of threat and allowed to return to their gates. that is tonight's live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we will be right back here to des moines. you park your car. as you walk away crunch! a garbage truck backs into it. so,you call your insurance company, looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers on? was there a dog with you? by the
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square, not a lot of people on the streets there for times square. millions in new york preparing for what is being called a potentially historic blizzard in the northeast. welcome back to des moines iowa where it is clear and about 50 degrees tonight but 1,300 miles from here expectations for what one meteorologist calls a tidal wave of snow. rick levinthol is on long island tonight. >> reporter: the national weather service says we are in early hours of a blizzard with one to three feet of snow from southern new jersey to northern maine. >> this is not like other snow storms. it is going to be by all indications worse and people have to be ready. >> reporter: new york city has put nearly 5,000 sanitation workers on 12-hour shifts trying to keep 6,000 miles of roads clear with 500 salt spreaders and more than 2,000 plows bracing for what could be one of the biggest snowfalls in city
3:18 pm
history. >> it is a serious blizzard and should not be taken lightly. it could effect health and safety. >> reporter: the governors of new york and new jersey have declared states of emergency activating the national guard and ordering highway closures and travel restrictions. >> let's get hunkered down, go through this storm. we are tough in this state. we have been through plenty of things before. so have i. we will be ready to deal with all of this. >> reporter: connecticut issued a 9:00 p.m. travel ban. massachusetts ordered nonessential motor vehicles off the roads and is preparing for several days of possible power outages. thousands of flights have been cancelled with service all but suspended tuesday at major airports including boston, philadelphia and new york. snow is predicted to fall at a rate of two to four inches every hour into tuesday with winds gusting near hurricane strength. >> winds in excess of 50 to 60 miles per hour not just a period of three hours, six to ten hours. people cannot be out of their homes.
3:19 pm
you cannot be on the roads. you cannot be outside. >> reporter: and the wind is picking up now. the snow is getting thicker and the roads are getting icier. new york's governor has announced 13 counties will have a travel ban including new york city and here on long island. no vehicles on the road except emergency vehicles to allow snow plows to stay ahead of the storm which the governor admits will be nearly impossible. the national weather service updated the forecast for long island expecting between 24 and 36 inches before this storm is over. we could have drifts several feet high. >> that looks miserable. stay safe. i think you get extra pay for this. hang in there. >> thank you. staubs managed to close on the positive side today. the dow gained six. the s&p 500 was up five. the nasdaq gained 14. a former cia officer has been convicted of leaking classified details of an operation to thwart iran's
3:20 pm
nuclear ambitions. m jeffrey sterling was found guilty on all nine counts against him. prosecutors say sterling gave the information to times journalist to get back at the cia for perceived mistreatment. not all of the gop presidential hopefuls were here in iowa. some were in california at a summit of their own. first the u.s. and its allies threaten russia with more sanctions over bad behavior in the ukraine.
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kurdish fighters have almost entirely driven islamic fighters out of the town of kobani
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tonight. this is a major defeat for the terror group and represents a major win for the kurds. russia is pushing back hard on threats from the west for more sanctions as fighting ramps up in ukraine. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is following the story from the pentagon tonight. >> reporter: two days after rockets fired from territory controlled by russian backed rebels slaughtered 30 civilians in ukraine's eastern port city the u.s. and europe weighed more sanctions against russia which has begun a new push to create a land corridor through ukraine to crimea crimea. today strong words after no resolution followed the weekend assault. >> the perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to justice. >> this offensive is made in moscow. it is waged by russian trained and funded separatists who use russian missiles and russian
3:25 pm
tanks. >> translator: we see a case where tragic events have clearly been utilized for political means. >> reporter: standard and poorz downgrade russia's credit rating to the lowest level in ten years. russia's president vladimir putin accused the west of almotives. >> translator: in this case it is a foreign nato legion. >> reporter: the separatist support continue to kill. at the world economic forum the ukrainian president warned last week about the looming war. >> 9,000 troops in my territory including more than500.
3:26 pm
if this is not an aggression what is an aggression. >> reporter: in a cold war throwback the justice department departmentsdepartment departments announced it broke up a spy ring in new york arresting one man who posed as an employee in a bank. live at the pentagon, thank you. a huge loss for the philippine who say they say 43 commandos have been killed in a fierce battle of guerillas in the south. we told you earlier about a crashed drone at the white house and now a crank caller who got through to the british prime minister. that's next in the grapevine.
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president obama changed travel plans to pay respects to the late saudi king abdullah tomorrow. and now an essay contest. joint chiefs chairman made the announcement today. this is an important opportunity to honor the memory of king abdullah. i found the king to be a man of remarkable character and
3:31 pm
courage. some critics call the essay contest strange and bizarre and others point to saudi arabia's human rights record. another proposal was the art of beheading. human rights say 26 people were beheaded in a single month last year. others asked if women were allowed to enter the contest referencing the two saudi women who were arrested last year for driving. death and taxes are impossible to dodge and so is the red tape at the irs. the isis a 94-year-old world war ii veteran. if you asked the irs he can't pay his taxes because he is dead. the family tells the columbus dispatch they have gone in person to the irs office and the social security office to no avail. the very much alive has received four letters from the irs telling him that he is deceased.
3:32 pm
and finally the white house is not alone in its frustrations with security. a phone prankster was able to get through to british prime minister david cameron and talk to him. the impostor pretended to be a british intelligence official. the talk was said to be brief after the prime minister realized it was a hoax. no sensitive information was disclosed and security measures are under review. now here in iowa while many potential candidates were here in des moines over the weekend there was a smaller gathering in california. correspondent shannon bream has highlights there. >> i do think diplomacy is better than war and we should give dipplomacy a chance. >> reporter: senator rand pa is staking out territory. >> i think it is good he is running and having a debate and to have that conversation. >> reporter: this weekend paul's potential 2016 rivals senators
3:33 pm
ted cruz and marco rubio seemed happy to engage him in that debate at a summit. from easing u.s. sanctions and restrictions on cuba. >> we tried an embargo for 50 years it hasn't worked. for six years we have consistently alienated and abandoned our friends and we have appeased our enemies. >> reporter: to ongoing negotiations with iran over its advancing nuclear program. >> people are saying it is capitulation to talk to the enemy. reagan talked to the russians. every president we had talked to the russians for 70 years. it is a good thing they did. >> they use negotiations as a tactic. they are trying to buy as much time as possible to acquire the capability of being able to build a weapon. they don't have to build the weapon. they have to prove they have a delivery system which they are continuing to develop unabated. >> reporter: while paul's
3:34 pm
positions might attract a different kind of voter many question whether they would give him a pass to a primary win. >> that is going to be the difficult line that rand paul is going to have to walk, trying to convince republicans that he is not against military action but also advocating for foreign policy that is less interventionist. >> reporter: with national security issues grabbing headlines analysts say paul has softened some of his rhetoric. >> russia behaving the way it has behaved, the rise of issue s, iran, syria all of these things have made rand paul become much more hawkish. >> reporter: yet paul split with cruz and rubio on the issue of defense spending arguing it is time to cut the bottom line and said he wants to audit the pentagon and stop giving it a quote blank check. >> thank you. elected officials in alaska are furious over president
3:35 pm
obama's plan to designate the vast majority of its arctic national wild life refuge as wilderness area preventing oil and gas exploration. saying quote i cannot understand why this administration is willing to negotiate with iran but not alaska. president obama in india talked about his counter terror strategy as terrorists call on muslims in the west to shed more blood. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back to des moines.
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know is the place to be. makes it easy. we give you 24/7 access. you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion credit report from your phone. and all that information feels pretty good. come to and get in the know. it is a dangerous country and a dangerous part of the world but we continue to go after high value targets inside of yemen and we will continue to maintain the pressure that is required to keep the american people safe. >> i do think we need some special operations in these
3:39 pm
countries, on the ground more than just advisers. and i think we need to protect our allies israel jordan, saudi arabia and be more pronounced about it. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein talking about the counter terrorism effort specifically in yemen that the president said is still going on as the administration tries to forecast and project fighting terror around the world. let's bring in our panel syndicated columnist george will, national correspondent and syndicated columnist charles. >> the president is rather interesting. he tells us all the things he is doing when when you look around this is the man who promised and whose mission is to end the wars. he seems to believe that they were ending or are ending and yet when you look at what has
3:40 pm
happened you have al qaeda revived with avengeance. we saw what happened in paris. we have isis having doubled territory controls sense obama declared war on it. with raniran expanding influence in iraq and now in yemen. that is a pretty sorry performance. and the president seems rather unimpressed by what is happening on his watch. >> there is interesting back and forth as the chief of staff went to a number of sunday shows including fox news sunday this weekend. juxtapose what he said this weekend about the war on terror and what the president said in the state of the union just last year. >> we are, however at war against al qaeda its manifestations in yemen, manifestations in south asia. manifestations in east africa, north africa and at war bound to
3:41 pm
ultimately destroy, first defeat and then destroy isil in iraq and syria. >> even as we actively and aggressively pursue terrorist networks through more targeted efforts and by building the capacity of our foreign partners america must move off a permanent war footing. >> mentioned this year's state of the union where the president did not mention those words. >> dennis mcdonough listed a lot of wars. i think the president's message is let's talk about domestic affairs. we have ended the wars. we are off a permanent war footing. the fact is that we are still on a war footing. and he is sending more troops little by little into a lot of these countries. he has raised a number of troops in iraq and i think he will have to continue elsewhere because the strategy of training these armed forces of these so-called
3:42 pm
friendly governments hasn't worked yet for us. i think it is a real problem. we are right in the middle of a bunch of sec sect arian wars. we don't really have a good strategy. on the other hand you don't have republicans jumping up and down saying commit more troops. there are a few voices dianne feinstein, john mccain. >> john mccain, sure. george, your shots. >> we heard two very interesting words used so far in the clips you have shown. one is manifestation. we are fighting al qaeda's manifestations here there and everywhere. i gather that doesn't mean just al qaeda but something described as an extension or imulation of it. it is hard to say but it really does mean that this is metastasizing rather rapidly. dianne feinstein said we should be more pronounced which is a delicate way of saying more
3:43 pm
forceful as she clearly indicated more involved on the ground. george orwell said the quickest way to end a war is to lose it. the quickest way to lose a war is to say you can win it from the air. i was interested in we are active with drones and other air power. the problem is at the same time we are supposedly talking with the iraqis and others about how to retake mosul. it will be retaken and wars are won by men on the ground holding rifles. >> you know, you listen to dianne feinstein who obviously now is the vice chair of the senate intel committee and the people on the top posts intelligence committees most all say there needs to be more down as they look at the intelligence picture around the world. in that same sense the administration is negotiating it seems with countries about these al qaeda operatives in custody.
3:44 pm
you have the taliban five and now a story about this guy who was released from prison early. thoughts about that? >> in principle i'm not against prisoner swaps. you do it in war time. the problem i have is that almari who supposedly was involved in this alleged swap was going to be released within about a year anyway. he got a 15-year sentence and it shows what the problem is when you try terrorists in a civilian court. people say it is a great success. look at the ones who are convicted. unless you give them life imprisonment they will get out and they will be completely unshackled and then they can return and kill americans and continue the jihad. that is why you want to detain
3:45 pm
them. the second world war we had hundreds of thousands of japanese and german prisoners of war in the u.s. none had a lawyer, none had a trial and everyone had to wait until the end of the war. that's a logic of having a guantanamo. what i worry about is not a prisoner swap but the unilateral release of prisoners in the middle of what is obviously a waging war against us. >> one last thing. what about this -- are we going to hear the end of the bergdahl reports? we were promised this whether what the pentagon was going to do. where is the administration on all of that? >> the administration hasn't been talking about it much. at some point or another he will be charged or not and we are going to talk about it again. it is not something the administration wants to talk about. i think when it happens they will get some questions and that will be about it. >> george, last word on the negotiations? >> the question to which i do
3:46 pm
not have the answer is whether bowe bergdahl was a precedent or a signal that somehow we are now in the business of in the middle of a war exchanging hostages or prisoners or whatever we should call them in this conflict. i don't know the answer to that. that is something that will be debated as we talk about what was done when we traded five terrorists to get bowe bergdahl back. >> as always, thank you and thanks for playing the brady bunch boxes here. from iowa we will talk to the political pros about the republican presidential race from three different states. stay tuned. sheila! you see this ball control? you see this right? it's 80% confidence and 64% knee brace. that's more... shh... i know that's more than 100%. but that's what winners give. now bicycle kick your old 401(k) into an ira. i know, i know. listen, just get td ameritrade's rollover consultants on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process.
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. welcome back to des moines. we are obviously covering 2016. as you look at the calendar it is already the 2016 race. the calendar is going to be the iowa caucuses as always first the new hampshire primary and then south carolina. we are lucky to be thank you all for being here. jennifer, i want to start with you here in iowa. just had this big freedom summit, a big deal. who do you think is best positioned coming out of this? >> the big crowd pleaser was wisconsin governor scott walker. he had his big break through moment. this was huge for him. everyone really talked about how much they loved his speech. it just seems like he is on irving's dance card in the number two position. you have got mike huckabee ted cruz saying scott is our
3:51 pm
number two. jeb bush mitt audience saying scott walker is our number two. >> is there a lot of activity on the ground already? >> yeah. the people who have been here the most is not scott walker it's the two ricks, rick perry of texas and rick santorum the former pennsylvania senator. >> ran last time. >> chairman trying to stand up against the 2008 reigning champion even though it seems there is more momentum for huckabee and ted cruz. iowa, airport, big sign for hillary. ready for hillary. are they ready here in iowa? >> they are working like crazy. the democratic party here has not been in this strongest position lately but you have got people stepping in trying to bolster that a little bit and take over a little bit of that republican control that they have had lately. >> all right james. let's talk new hampshire. obviously we are more than a year away. almost exactly a year away if the calendar sets up. what's it look like there on the republican side? is anybody profing?
3:52 pm
look here is the reesmghts if we had this major contest between jeb bush and mitt romney. new hampshire is ground zero where that fight will play out. you can go further this fight is so large. jeb bush has to win new hampshire to survive. mitt romney has to win to survive. chris christie has to win new hampshire to survive. also throw in there rand paul. as this field begins to shape, we are beginning to understand who may be competing and fighting in iowa and what that fight looks like in new hampshire. >> james, i get emails all the time people saying why are you talking about this now? the thing is that all a of this horse race is happening now as they are raising money, positioning, hiring staff. i mean, are you seeing it on the ground? >> oh, there is no question, yes. we are a year away from when there is actual voting. but we are in this period of the invisible primary. before even getting to those
3:53 pm
mat nations who is frontrunner giving up insurgent fight here. we are trying to figure out who is going to run. we saw this in des moines over the weekend where people are trying to figure each other out and figure out what kind of support they would have most importantly whether a kind of lanes will we have? will there be establishment rain? will there be a conservative grass roots lane? will there be a libertarian lane? how many people in those different rains? it's not that you need 50% in the winter in the iowa caucus or the winner of the new hampshire primary may just win with 20 25%. >> all right. andy let's go down to south carolina there and obviously you had a tea party event just recently. a lot of candidates coming through there early now that south carolina is early in the calendar. how does it look on the republican side? >> i think it's rather wide open on the republican side at the moment. one of the questions that's going to be is south carolina going to go ahead and draw a candidate who is
3:54 pm
going to appeal more to the social conservatives especially in our upstate like newt gingrich did in 2012? right now there is a lot of chatter about jeb bush there is a lot of chatter about marco rubio. rick perry is going to be here visiting greenville columbia. a lot of the feel out process going none south carolina. >> andy, you have a south carolina senator in lindsay graham who says he is thinking about. what's the feeling on the ground? >> well, it's been interesting. i think everyone has had a bit of a smile about lindsey saying that he is interested in running for president. it's going to be interesting to see if he even could win his own state. you know, he has got some issues with immigration. he did face a bit of a challenge in the primary last year for winning to win re-election. but, at the same time, i think he has got a point to make. he has certain had a pulpit being a regular on the sunday morning news shows.
3:55 pm
in fact i wrote a piece called lindsey vision about how often he appears on those shows. he has a pulpit nationally for that it will be interesting to see how that translates in south carolina if he he decides to run. >> yeah u national security issues definitely. finally. wrapping up here, jennifer, top issue in iowa if you were to say what it is right now for most people, most potential caucus goers? >> well, on the g.o.p. side they are real interested in the deficit for sure but also national security issues that terrorism issue was really prevalent at that summit this past weekend. >> democratic side? >> healthcare jobs are the two tops for that side. >> okay. jennifer james andy as always, thank you very much. we'll be checking in obviously throughout the year before all these contests start. thanks for your time. that's it for this panel and the panel. stay tuned for a look back at the many faces of joe biden.
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many times between now and the caucuses next year. keep it here on america's headquarters for coverage. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. and you better get ready. right now a powerful and dangerous winter storm targeting more than 50 million americans. blizzard warnings are are up for 250-mile stretch for the northeast and states of emergency already declared in several states. one to three feet of snow is first alert forecast for much of the northeast but it isn't just the northeast that has trouble brewing. across the nation, travelers in the air are are all seeing major disruptions. "on the record" brings you live team coverage up and down the east coast from pennsylvania to new york and new jersey to boston. we are taking you into the heart of the storm but first, fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm. janice? >> hi, greta. the other thing about this is we will have tremendous power outages especially for new england


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