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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hammering is going to be. going to get more snow than new york city. >> i don't want to jump on you but that is our -- we are watching that which is why we will see the various scenarios. live at 8 p.m. i'm kimberly guilfoyle and this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at new york's times square where forecasters are warning a blizzard of historic proportions is about to bear down. a state of emergency has been declared in the big apple and throughout the northeast from pennsylvania to maine. all nonemergency vehicles ordered off the roads of new york city beginning at 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight. thousands of flights have been cancelled along the east coast. this is a very serious and dangerous storm folks. senior meteorologist has been tracking it all day from the fox weather center. >> yes, we are already starting to see some heavy snow across new york, long island up towards
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connecticut and boston. this storm hasn't even really developed yet. we have hours ahead of us. you can see heavier snow in new york city and long island. several inches of snow already on long island and philadelphia also getting in on the snow. we think it is mainly a new york to boston event where the highest snowfall totals will be. already wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. i can't stress this storm has chbt gotten its act together. we have hours to go. forecast radar you are looking at 9:00 p.m. tonight heavy snow for new jersey up towards long island and connecticut rhode island, cape cod and the islands where we could have hurricane force winds for a duration of time. this is 6:00 a.m. tuesday. nobody is going anywhere along the i-95 corridor especially since we have blizzard conditions, 40, 50 60 miles per hour winds for a duration of hours. people will not be on the roads or in the air.
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wednesday at 3:00 a.m. finally seeing some relief but new england you are getting pounded with snow so this is going to be a significant event effecting millions of people for several days. blizzard warnings in effect for tens of millions of people. one to three feet. we think boston you could top your biggest snowfall ever with close to three feet of snow and wind gusts from 50 to 80 miles per hour. we have hurricane force wind warnings for parts of coastal massachusetts. we have a criteria we follow for blizzard. the following conditions have to be in place for at least three hours. that is reduced visibility of a quarter mile or less with heavy snow for a duration of time. and in this case we could be seeing blizzard conditions for 10 to 12 hours. >> thanks. we are going to have live weather updates throughout the hour tonight but first this weekend the obama administration
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reiterated that we don't make deals with terrorists. >> we don't get into negotiations with terrorists. we don't pay ransoms because the cash then fuels further kidnappings which just continue to exacerbate the problem. >> and the prisoner swap? >> now we are learning al qaeda operative who was released from a u.s. prison may have been part of a prisoner swap that would have freed two americans being held abroad. white house adviser told fox last week was released because of time served. >> do you support that amari released from the united states to qatar you believe that keeps us more safe and the president believes that keeps us more safe sth. >> people who served their sentence are then released. >> the swap reportedly came last july two months after the obama administration released five taliban fighters from gitmo in
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exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl. questions are being raised about whether or not that exchange set a dafgerous precedent. >> i think it is important to find out and discuss who this guy is. so almari was sent after 9/11 to come to the united states. his mission was to have some sort of followup attack. when the united states tracked him down and arrested him they found things like maps and cyanide and other things that you could be used to plan a terrorist attack. he was arrested during the bush administration. he was sent to a military prison in south carolina in 2008. in the first year of the obama administration president obama and eric holder changed the terrorist status from enemy combattant to that of a criminal justice system kind of guy. this is the question at the time of are we going to continue to prosecute the war on terror as a war or more of a legislative
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matter. with people who pre9/11 would say the legislative route of dealing with terrorists was not working. that is what they decided to do. he goes into the court system. he is charged with material support rather than something stronger. material support is usually used for people who actually help a terrorist out. >> if you are a terrorist and i give you material that i'm busted for material support. the difference with this guy is that almari was the terrorist. then he gets eight years. does six years. what was said is that people who have served their sentence. there is the difference. people who served their sentence. that is what they decide to call him rather than a terrorist who is a sworn enemy against the united states they call him a person just like the guy on the youtube video who supposedly made the youtube video in benghazi, gets pulled out of his
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house in the middle of the night on a probation charge and is still in jail. that is a guy who served his sentence. the problem i think is that we are not distinguishing between the two. i'm sorry to go on a little bit but i think it is important to understand why we are in this position. i don't know that they swapped prisoners. i hope not. >> so li there was a decision made to bring him into the u.s. criminal justice system. they could have held him indefinitely which would have been the good idea. they brought them in and gave them rights and privileges like a u.s. citizen may have. and then they charge him with u.s. support. he wasert some day player in. this is a guy orchestrating it. >> he is free to go back to his country. because he had good behavior in a u.s. criminal justice system he gets to go back to qatar. we have no control over whether or not he would plot and plan additional attacks.
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it makes everyone less safe including moderate muslims who are main targets of the terrorists. >> it is hard to believe. we are dealing with an administration who cannot categorize much less name evil. the only thing president obama can hold is a golf club. if your country cannot hold a guy who joined al qaeda three years before 9/11 clearly he knew what 9/11 was who was planning on killing thousands and perhaps the most ghastly manner, if you can't hold that guy why hold knen? soldiers have died trying to kill lesser threats. if eric holder had charles manson in custody he would let him off for good behavior. they shouldn't be running a 5 k charity run. they make me absolutely sick. it's sickening. it's disgusting. i'll shutup now. >> bolling so this is the guy
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who was involved prior to 9/11 happening. >> six years ago president obama said one of the first things i want to do is close gitmo. you have to keep that in mind. is it terror when a guy does this? when he plots to kill to poison thousands of americans? or is it work place violence? is it terror when someone shoots 14 people in fort hood or work place violence or violent extremism? if it is terror you have to keep them off premises and in gitmo and continue enhanced interrogation techniques on them. if you want to call it violent extremism and bring them to america and put them wherever this guy was in south carolina then you have to read him his rights and give him the same due process you would have to give anyone else who is a violent person in america. that is the problem. president obama promised to close gitmo. if he didn't make that promise
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these people would probably be at gitmo. and rather than being at the battlefield they would be held and we could maybe get intel and stop future attempts. >> part of a prisoner swap. your thoughts on this. this is something i think is very disturbing. >> i agree. obviously this is someone who has ill intent for all of us or for america. i don't think there is question that you have to be uptight about what happens. what dana said is exactly right. this is a guy that was first put in south carolina. there is no republican or democrat about that. he was put there as a criminal. and then the political issue comes with regard to the charge against him. i don't think there is question that he is more than a material witness. i think this guy is a terrorist. i would have upped the charge. if someone is charged and serves their sentence in keeping with american values and american judicial system you let him go. that is our system of government. is there a different standard --
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whatever the rules are the rules were followed. i'm saying at my heart i think this guy is a terrorist. i think he is a threat to america so i'm uncomfortable about it. it does not relate to guantanamo which i think is a larger issue. he wasn't at guantanamo. >> that's somebody else's decision if you want to make a political fight out of it. >> you only send them to guantanamo if they were picked up outside the united states. he is still considered a detainee under a military situation. that is why the original position was south carolina. when he goes to the criminal justice system under eric holder it is possible that he gave us some sort of intel that was extremely helpful. we don't need to know that because i understand the secrecy. i also understand the goal of wanting to close gitmo. i understand that we don't want to hold on to terrorists forever and we have this problem and would rather not have it. we don't have a mechanism to
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deal with it. there is an opportunity for president obama with the new congress. that is that he is seeking a new authorization to use military force for actions that we have to fight al qaeda and isis around the world. it is possible i think using some of the guidance from lindsey graham and john mccain in the senate that president obama could find a way to maybe work something out to be able to prosecute and bring them to justice. and then you hold them not under a detainee scenario but under something else. >> you mean bring them to the united states? >> no i do not. a way to prosecute the trials. >> that's the problem. >> the mechanism could get fixed and the authorization to use military force. >> the issue is of trust. can you trust your leader as a negotiator when you feel that he doesn't have the skills for that? he is on par with a gullible tourist who buys a coat off the street thinking it is mink but
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it is rat. then you is the hypocrisy in this administration in the labelling of violence that eric brings up. it deviates from any philosophy. when a man attacks a woman that is domestic violence. it is male violence against women when a gang attacks a gay man that is a hate crime and an example of home phobia. if it is radical islam we have no specifics and no blame. it just because terror. it speaks to the power of fear the fear of being called islam ophobic. >> i want to get to the reaction. let's take a listen to what he had to say about this. >> it is clear nobody denies these are muslims who claim their warped view of their ideology is what informed their actions. >> well, we simply do not
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believe that they should somehow be seen as representatives of islam. they are not. it is one of the world's great religions. >> that lends to the point that we were making that if you don't call it what it is then you can never prosecute it and never fight it as a war. one thing that changed over the bergdahl swap we made it clear to isis and al qaeda and every other terrorist that there will be some form of negotiation with terrorism. we haven't had that for years if not decades. the obama administration has changed. i don't know if there is stuff going on in prior administrations but it certainly wasn't out in front and center as it was where at the white house president obama brings the parents of bergdahl there and says we are going to get this whole thing done. they make a deal. it is on tv. we watch the swap on video. this never happened before. just look at yourself as a terrorist. they will negotiate. guess what that does. it puts a target on every single american traveling abroad. better start looking over your
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shoulder and not go to places you don't think are safe. >> i totally disagree. bergdahl was our soldier. that is an american soldier. he should come home and we should make an effort to bring him home. >> there is no evidence we traded. we talked at the end of the sentence if he has one year to go can we use him as a chip. there was no real bargaining. with the terrorists. that's not your point. your point was that we are doing deals with terrorists. he said he can't tell the japanese what to do. he was very clear that japanese even after the guy was executed. >> we have never done that. we have never to this day never traded. >> helpful to get the bergdahl report so that we can make that determination. >> coming up did the 2016 presidential race officially begin? it was a big weekend for republicans in iowa. the details after this.
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we are a year away from 2016 iowa caucuses but some biggest republican contenders were at the freedom summit making their case the iowa voters. >> we need leaders in america who understand, who ultimately understand the measure of success in government is not how many people are dependent on the government. the measure of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the government. >> in a republican primary every candidate will say i am most conservative to live. talk is cheap. if you say you support liberty show me where you stood up and fought for it. >> like hillary clinton i travelled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe but unlike her i have actually accomplished something. flying is not an accomplishment. it is an activity. >> if the values i'm fighting for every day in new jersey and
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across this country are not consistent with your values then why would i keep coming back? i wouldn't. i do because our values are consistent and we are fighting together to make this a better country. >> asked interesting question on special report friday night if he had to bet $100 in vegas where would he put his money today? >> 40 on rubio. 30 on bush and 15 on scott walker and i would blow the rest on booze. >> kimberly you like to place bets. >> i'm spot on maybe 5% additional allocation to the alcohol. >> what did you think of this weekend? did you think anyone stood out? >> all of the reports were that scott walker was a standout and showed great persona and charisma. so that might have been a very defining moment to sort of put him on the grid. i think he has a lot of
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opportunity to be able to connect and resonate with the voting public out there so people get to know him and get a feel for him. i think he was the winner for that so far. >> everything you read, who did you think came out -- >> they all got fairly good press. there were a couple that didn't do so well. i found it interesting the people who didn't show up. jeb mitt romney and rand paul decided to avoid that event because i'm guessing they will do it on their own on their own time and get a lot more press. the other thing that 2016 related that came out today politico ran a big piece saying hillary clinton is now 100% in. they named someone who they think will be communications director and they said they had an outline of what her 2016 campaign would be. better relations with the media and bring in bill clinton early. bill clinton's thoughts were jeb was a real threat and chris christie was a side show. >> also there was another piece
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from one of our colleagues here who worked for the clinton administration and also the pollster. he wrote today that clinton's favorables don't appear to make her invulnerable to a challenge from the left as a warren campaign would be. my polling shows a significant opening with primary voters who are liberal in ideology and populist in orientation. do you think the elizabeth warren threat is real or a side show? >> it is a side show in polls but it is very much a difficult threat if she gets in the race. she is not a real candidate. already ads have been run and there are fundraising mechanisms for elizabeth warren. if she said she is running i think polls shift. i think you begin a different set of traction and the fact is people still see hillary clinton as a senator from wall street from her time in washington.
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i think that is difficult if we have a populist campaign about wage inequality. >> all of this is taking place while the president has two years left. our colleague juan williams woet a piece saying the president plans to go on the offensive. >> i keep looking at the blizzard alert and it looks like a frog doing yoga. >> downward frog. >> nicely done. president obama keeps talking about going on the offensive. i feel like nothing worse than someone who thinks they have nothing left to lose. his presidency is not the climax of animal house where you give it it at the end of the parade. you are still the president and not an 18 year old with senioritis who wants to tp on the way out. the people who win here are the media because they have five fresh punching bags. the key is for the republican party to teach the punching bags to hit back. >> the big news in iowa was
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sarah palin said she might get in the race. >> everybody into the pool. >> i think you guys should sue. >> there is an issue with what i call pres teases. they say they are going to run and then fade away. they have to understand pres teases nobody likes a tease. >> one quick question. why does someone who has absolutely no chance of president run for president? >> what are you talking about? >> is there money involved? >> how much your speaking fees are go up. you think donald trump is really running? >> i am talking about the other candidates that have zero chance of winning. >> i think -- >> we know who they are. >> i think there might be some
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people who fall into the category that juan described but there are still some people who have the courage of their convictions and believe they want to at least have a say in the debate and see how far they can go. >> ron paul runs because he wants to introduce libertarian ideas, not to sell books, not like certain people who ran to get contributor jobs. >> no names. not going to name names. i know you say you doept like a tease. ahead on "the five" did manson just blame victims of the paris terrorist attack? we'll tell you what he said. later michael moore continuing to take shots at "american sniper" sniper", this time invoking jesus. ow that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement.
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he is on a comeback. why should you care? because he built his career not just on ripping off the great alice cooper but masqueradeing as edgy mocking christians. he says the murdered paris editors shouldn't have offended the terrorists of "charlie hebdo" he says i can't say they didn't ask for it. it's kind of a dumb idea to do something like that. he also name dropped johnny depp which is pretty pathetic in itself. the renegade who made fun of christians thinks you shouldn't confront radical islam. only take a stand when there is no risk, spoken like a true rebel, the kind who trashes hotel rooms that some child's mother must clean up for minimum wage. what happened to the guy who thinks his job as an artist to be out there pushing people's buttons and making them question everything? >> i think it is my job as an
2:31 pm
artist to be out there pushing people's buttons and making them question everything. >> the rebel. he really puts theic in stick. i'm not elg s but i credit christians for confidence that allow s them not to be bothered by manson. if the risk is real and words equal death his message is shutup and stick to the lip stick. that will really tick off gramps. came out in the early '90s, i believe. i assumed he terrified you little farm girl. >> you are correct. i was scared of him. he probably is happy that i was scared of him. that was his whole goal. it worked. i can say i never bought a record of his. i originally thought it was a her. his point could have been a
2:32 pm
smart point if he said let's say you walked into a die hard steelers bar in pittsburgh and said terry bradshaw does unicorn porn some guy will want to punch him in the face. i had no idea that manson was marilyn monroe and charles manson in one. >> i may have skipped this packet. >> he was a journalist. >> so at one point he defends free speech. this is what i do. i push buttons. free speech. i have the right to do it and then saying we get it. that is our first amendment. and then he says they deserved it. we can't get too hard on him because the pope kind of said the same thing. >> in a weird way. >> don't do it.
2:33 pm
>> could be the pope. >> he said he went to christian school which is really -- >> the whole thing is i'm edgy and i can make fun of christians but i'm not going to go to the extra -- he is making a point. christians are okay. i can make fun of them but i better not make fun of them because i could die. maybe he is being honest. >> how about foolish. >> why is anyone listening to him? he is so disgusting. seriously, i'm so traumatized that rose from "charmed" dated him. why does anyone go out with that guy? you have to share your makeup with him. >> he said he got his jaw broken for taking a stand and going to jail violating codes in communities. and yet when it comes to just saying "charlie hebdo" much like the onion in this country is
2:34 pm
funny. i think they go over the top. i agree with the pope you don't want to just insult people. but for manson to say it come on. >> i think he is trying to make a comeback and get attention. >> that is part of the article. the ab club is part of the onion that he is talking about france and he goes i was talking to my friend johnny johnny depp to be clear, there was nothing more pathetic than that name dropping but it made me read the article. >> i know you drop my name all over town. >> i am like an absent minded mailman. whatever that means. i don't bother thinking about it. michael moore continues his tweeting about "american sniper." now he is using religion to pass the movie. where did he learn that? push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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"american sniper" dominated the box office bringing the total to over $200 million. michael moore might be getting a little jealous. he is going off the rails on twitter quote tomorrow's sunday school what would jesus do? i know what he'd do. hide on top of a roof. sit back in your hollywood limos to spark interest in your career built on trying to demean and degrade our military. why don't you see a hero in training where the s.e.a.l.s. train. i will go with you and pick up the check. will you join us? >> no. i'm too lazy. that ideology can only exist if there are other people willing to die for him. you can't have a country of pacifists. that is the joke. he thinks everybody that
2:40 pm
disagrees with him is pro war. every single sane person is antiwar but the only way to prevent war is willingness to wage war. that is why you see horrible things going on in the middle east because we are like superman moving to the villages. we have had enough of this hard work. and now this crap is going on but we have retired. you cannot have passivism leading to nothing but barberism. >> i love the villagers. >> clint eastwood says it shows the horrors of war. >> i think it shows that points in life war is necessary and the tough choices are made every day for people who believe in america and want to fight for our freedom. you have to put down the people that stand in the way of that. that is what this movie i think is about. since we can't afford satellite
2:41 pm
feeds for this show just e-mailed like does anyone care what michael moore thinks anyway and said he thought he was dead. >> moore tweeted a long facebook post on all of the things that he has done for the military. frankly, i went through them one by one and it doesn't add up to more than a pill of beans about that high. >> you are being mean. what he said was he hires veterans. he said he is showing "american sniper" at a movie theater -- >> his uncle was killed by a sniper in world war ii and he was taught that a sniper who shoots you in the back is a coward. i got to tell you i think michael moore is a huge hero on the left and he made his case. it is not a case that you guys like. >> you can't defend michael moore calling an american hero a coward? >> he said jesus if you asked what would jesus do that jesus christ would not be a sniper.
2:42 pm
do you doubt that? >> that is just -- >> that is what michael moore said as a matter of christianity he felt uncomfortable. >> it is bull you know what. i'm not going to say it but that is complete bs. the comparison is ridiculous. instead of trying to redeem himself on twitter i think that michael moore could really vindicate himself by making a movie about the sufferings of the victims or the beheading or the "charlie hebdo" attacks or go to nigeria and do a movie about the people and not just girls but innocent people being absolutely murdered in order to establish an islamic caliphate. >> he cannot make a movie unless the villain is america. >> he is left wing populist and goes after power centers on the right and he -- this is an
2:43 pm
antiwar movie because it shows damage done to families and in this case the family of chris kyle. >> how about you do something like that instead of this ridiculous -- >> he is fuelling more people to go and see "american sniper." >> somehow found a link between "american sniper" success and the tea party. >> there is a lot of anger and people who see the movie is people who are angry. this guy says i'm going to fight on your side. i think if you look a cross section of the tea party there is a lot of intersection. >> i mean, he is way dumber that i thought. i under estimated him. i don't know why he would make a statement like that saying everybody who went to see this
2:44 pm
movie is a crazed person that has anger management issues and may have some connection or cross section to the tea party. >> what he is saying is that anybody who is interested in a film about a returning veteran dealing with issues has to be angry. but i doubt he would say that about any of the leftist turned out of hollywood that is anticapitalist, anticonservative. he would never say those people are angry. >> he is a populist. i am going to tell you something. i am saying for howard dean the same thing applies. it is not just the right that is going to see this movie. the movie is a hit in washington, d.c. >> look at the camera. i can't believe that this movie actually is now the number one war movie of all time.
2:45 pm
that's a great accomplishment. >> if you have a chance greg tweeted this on saturday but go and watch to the end of that segment because brett stevens, columnist at "wall street journal" and author of "american retreat" takes on bill mahr. it is spectacular. he is walked into a cul-de-sac and can't get out. the northeast blizzard of 2015 we have the latest on this dangerous and very powerful storm coming up.
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a powerful dangerous snow storm is pounding down on the northeast. right now it could be an historic blizzard affecting tens of millions of people. let's check in on long island new york. >> the blizzard warning remains in effect through midnight tuesday for this storm that could be crippling according to the national weather service. they are talking about snow totals of 20 to 30 inches possibly more in parts of connecticut. sometime tonight the snow is expected to start falling at a rate of two to four inches per hour and talking about wind in
2:50 pm
the 20 to 30 miles per hour range. they are saying the gusts could reach 55 miles per hour perhaps as high as 70 miles per hour on eastern long island which could cause severe problems for power outages, tree limbs down and that sort of thing up and down the east coast. the governor of new york has instituted a travel ban starting at 11:00 p.m. tonight only emergency vehicles on roads in 13 different counties including new york city and here on long island. new york city has benched its subways and buses and commuter rails starting at 11:00 tonight you will not be able to get anywhere in the city or outside of the city. no cars no buses. and no subway trains. they are trying to keep the roads clear and leave room for the emergency vehicles and the snow plows. we drove from the long island expressway and the roads are already very bad and will get a lot worse as the night progresses. >> stay warm out there. that looks like a mess.
2:51 pm
>> let me ask you you reg gowalk jasper in this? >> of course. he has to be walked. at central park there is winter jam, you go snowboarding. the next day the dogs take over and jasper taught himself how to sled. he would go and slide down the hill and pick it up take it back up and do it again. this is your dog america. >> he is attacking the blizzard alert. >> so where is your son? how come he is not going down the hill side? >> dana didn't invite us. >> we are there every day. >> no more america's sweetheart. >> i have a question for all of the students in boston who want to divest from coal make a stand and turn off all your heat you bunch of wooss. coal is going to save your life. there is nothing more dangerous than cold. the spikes of death during the
2:52 pm
winter are much more significant than in the summer time. >> i think you should smear your face like manson with coal. i think that would work right now. >> that would be racist. >> i would pay for you -- >> this segment -- >> you ever went rolling down a hill? >> is that an offer? >> moving on. if you have a dog clear space for the dog to do his thing. also the most fun thing about snow storms like this every time it happens first thing in the morning i tweet we get two feet of global warming and the responses from the left -- they go absolutely crazy. >> sledding hurts your butt. i got to be honest. >> you should use a sled. >> "one more thing" coming right at you.
2:53 pm
stay with us.
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why don't they show it head on. i guess trying to be artsy. looks like she is sitting on a vienna sausage cookie. it is a great cover. i enjoyed the book not because i sit next to this urchant but it is a fast read. you think it is all about politics but about growing up on a farm which i have no idea what that is like. i learned tons of stuff about farm stuff that i didn't know. also i learned about a certain relationship with a man i didn't know about. >> which one? >> the guy that left you. >> i got dumped in college. >> that chapter is worth it alone. >> i hope he buys the book. >> you can order this. >> you can order it today. >> it is a great book. i can't emphasize that enough. i actually read it. >> thank you. and your little relationship continues on.
2:58 pm
you are going to love this. girls in afghanistan are getting some empowerment in an unconventional way through skateboarding. this is called skate astan. he liked it because skateboarding is the only sport that girls are allowed to do there because they didn't know it didn't exist before we went in in the invasion. they get to like have the run of it. they are helping over 800 girls now and just doing a great terrific job. i thought that was a fun thing to be able to support. >> very cool. i like that. >> who knew? >> so 27 years ago christopher carson walked in and met rush and stayed for the whole time. >> he loved this job. he loved being here. he loved being part of it every day. he would try to get his cancer treatments moved to different
2:59 pm
times of the day so that he wouldn't have to miss all the while we are telling him put yourself first here. he said i am. i love this. and he loved everybody here. and everybody loved him. >> kit carson passed away. he leaves behind a wife teresa and two teenage boys. >> shows importance of making every day count. prayers for his family. real quick sam smith you know that song "stay with me." apparently it was really cool a while ago because they have to give 12.5% to tom petty because the song was too similar. got to pay the man. >> what do you have? >> real quick on friday the most odd thing happened in rochester, new hampshire. a woman is going through the burger king drive through and
3:00 pm
gets a bag containing $2,600 and didn't get her sweet tea and spicy chicken. that was it. she gave the money back. >> everybody stay safe. "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier coming to you from des moines, iowa. we will have extensive coverage of the kickoff weekend in the republican presidential race here. we will also have live coverage on the massive blizzard that threatens to paralyze the northeast effecting tens of millions of people and canceling more than 3,000 flights already. first islamic state terrorists are urging muslims in the west to shed more blood as president obama defends his counter terrorism strategy in yemen and makes his first move since the fall of that nation's government. we have fox team coverage tonight on the war on terror. word that the recent release of


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