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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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she had to make the first move since the nurse wouldn't give up his phone number. i'm shannon breen, thanks for watching fox. i'm chris wallace. president obama is defiant, doubling down on his agenda on the first state of the union speech to the gop-controlled congress. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] >> i know because i won both of them. >> we'll discuss the president's domestic policies and the growing terror threat in the middle east with white house chief of staff denis mcdonough. plus house speaker boehner invited a prime minister to capitol hill without consulting the white house.
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our sunday group weighs in. and then republican 2016 contenders hit the key state of iowa iowa. >> american leaders that will bring this country back together. >> we can move this country forward and have our own american resiefl. >> it is time for us to stand up and fight together for the country we were given. >> we'll get the latest from des moines and we'll talk with ohio governor and potential candidate john kasich about his push for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. and just a week before super bowl xlix another nfl controversy. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> all here on "america's news headquarters." >> hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with new news. a new video from isis militants claim they have executed one of the japanese hostages and they
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are demanding a prisoner exchange for the second hostage. we'll talk with white house chief of staff denis mcdonough in a second. but first ed henry is traveling with the president in india and joins us with the latest. ed? >> reporter: well, chris, here in india the phone has phoned japanese prime minister shinzo abe over this beheading and called it a brutal murder, just a few days after the state of the union claiming that they are stopping the isis' advance. and he was pressed about another contradiction, calling yemen a success story in september and now it is clearly in shambles. the president denied that counter terrorist efforts have been side lines but this is just one of a series of crises in the middle east. on the air force one, he called
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the new president salman, and personally greeting him was so much for the president, and he was slammed for not personally going to the anti-terror rally in paris. and look at how saudi arabia which the president is visiting tuesday, sits right in the middle of yemen, iraq and syria, where isis has strong holds and then iran inching closer to nuclear weapons and that is why when the president did interviews with the you tube stars he said at one point there is a lot of bad stuff going on clearly an understatement, chris. >> ed henry with the president in india. thank you for that. and now let's bring in the white house chief of staff, denis mcdonough. >> thank you, chris. >> the white house opposes
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paying any ransom for hostages but now there is the offer of exchanging a hostage for jordan. >> we don't get into negotiation with terrorists and we don't pay cash which fuels further kidnapping. >> and the prisoner swap? >> we won't do that. >> and you would advise the japanese to do that. >> i'm not going to get into a conversation with the japanese on your show. i'm not here to talk about that today and i don't anticipate it. >> you view it as another form of ransom. >> that is the way we've treated it. >> this week house speaker invited benjamin netanyahu to come to the capitol to talk about iran and a senior u.s. official is quoted in a israeli newspaper as saying this, about netanyahu, he spat in our face
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publicly and that's no way to behave. netanyahu ought to remember that president obama has a year and a half left to his presidency and there will be a price. what is the price? >> look i don't know who made that quote. that is not my position or the president's position. and our view is that as a traditional matter we have avoided getting in the middle of our friends even our closest friends like great britain or israel, getting in the middle of their campaigns. given the proximity of this visit to that election in israel, we just think it doesn't make sense for us to have a meeting and that is how we'll treat it. but let's take a step back and talk about the strength of this bilateral relationship and the breadth of our shared values to the military and that is exactly how we'll treat this. >> i understand that. but are you angry honestly, are you, is the president, is the white house angry with speaker boehner for doing this on his own and for netanyahu accepting
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on his own without any consultation with the white house. >> look, i don't spend time on my emotions or getting angry or otherwise. i spend time dealing with the situations we are presented with. and here is how the president has seen as the u.s.-israel relationship. above politics fundamentally in our interest that is how we'll treat it irrespective of how this goes back and forth. >> but the fact is john kerry met with the israeli ambassador for the u.s. dermer and doesn't that talk about the shaped values. >> it continues to support our allies and i'll let sect kerry or the ambassador explain why that occurred the way it did. the president's view is this relationship is in the national interest. it should be treated as nonpartisan and that is how we'll do it. >> just four months ago, the
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president was bragging about his policy in yemen. take a look. >> this strategy of taking out terrorists that threaten us and support on the front lines is something we've pursued in yemen and somali for years. >> but now the yemen government has collapsed and there are reports that the u.s. has had to suspend our counter-terrorism efforts against al qaeda in yemen, aqap, how much will that hurt our owe effort to take out and to fight perhaps the greatest terror threat we face. >> going back to 2007, chris, the vez has been very clear -- has been very clear that he will take the fight to al qaeda and his affiliates and where they are based on our terms and assuring we don't face the kind of threat we faced in 2001. that is what we're doing. and the president said here on the tv is that he said what we're doing in yemen is not
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occupying yemen with a large ground force, we are training yemen to take the fight to aqap and making sure we have the wherewithal intelligence to take out threats when they threaten our people and our interest, that by the way, chris, is exactly what we've done in yemen and will continue to do that. >> but to repeat my question the fact is that the intelligence agencies that you have dealt with and going after aqap, the defense agencies you've dealt with they are no longer under any control. it is in chaos. isn't that going to hurt our effort against al qaeda and yemen. >> this is what we know against al qaeda and syria be it in iraq or afghanistan or pakistan or on the arabian peninsula, they are going to go into the dark corners where it is difficult for us to get to them. that means that we'll always be dealing with difficult political situations and we'll have to deal with partners less than perfect and work with them and train them and because this is
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as much their fight as it is our fight. and when we need to chris we'll take action to protect ourselves. you've seen this president do that time and again and we'll do it when we need to. >> let's turn to domestic issues. does president obama realize that he lost the mid-term election? >> what the president realizes and he laid this out in the speech last night, over the course of decades, middle class families have faced pressure while costs go up and wages stagnate. what the president laid out in the speech on tuesday night is a plan to say let's put the middle class first in this country and close loopholes and invest in them in things like childcare, job training, community college and make sure they can get the kind of opportunities that we all had when we were growing up in middle class families. >> forgive me. during the campaign the president said his agenda was -- the mid terms were a referendum on his agenda. take a look.
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>> i'm not on the ballot this fall. but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. every single one of them. >> and yet despite the fact that republicans gain nine seats and took control of the senate, gained 13 seats in the house the president didn't acknowledge the fact that republicans won the mid terms and didn't basically scale back any of his agenda to reach out to republicans. >> here is what we've done since the mid terms. we've normalized relations with cuba, a policy for 50 years that was failing. we've made great strides on carbon -- >> you're not answering my question. >> we've laid out a plan for middle class and an infrastructure for three weeks and debated overhow to address women's health issues and as i look at it, i don't see a pathway of getting a dhs appropriations bill that funds things like counter-terrorism
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and aviation security and i don't see a path of how to get that done. i hope they lay that out. we're ready to work with them. we have to get things like the dhs bill done. >> the president famously said in 2009 to eric cantor, elections have consequences. i won. well guess what, in november gop won. doesn't the president need to scale back his agenda to find agreement with the republicans who won the mid term. >> the president laid out places in his speech where he can work with republicans. precision medicine and things like trade and infrastructure and research and development which have been nonpartisan issues, we're ready to work on those. here is where the president will not trim back his agenda, chris. he will not say that we should trim back our agenda working for middle class families in this country. he will not. it is decades now that wages have stagnated for hard-working
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middle class families. he is saying enough is enough. we're out of the crisis of the last several years. unemployment is down under 5.6%. more oil produced in this country than in any time in the last several decades. >> no thanks to the obama administration. >> sometimes, chris you are inclined to tell us that we're responsible for things that are happening that are bad but not responsible for anything good. >> but it is on forward land and state land and the fact that the administration was opposed to a lot of the fracking. one last question if i may. >> more clean energy than ever in this country. >> again, no thanks to the administration. >> more oil and gas produced in this country. >> again, no thanks to the administration. >> we're producing more than we import for the first time in two decades. that means lower energy prices that means more jobs and it is final for us to focus on the middle class. the president will not trim his sales on that, kriszchris. he will not. >> one last question. the president wants to pay for free community college and
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childcare, tax credits, by raising taxes on the wealth. $210 billion over ten years and his argument is the same since he came into office. take a look. >> we're helping ensure that all americans are contributing their fair share. >> to pay our fair share, folks making a million or more so we can help folks who are struggling to get by. >> everyone pays their fair share. everyone does their part. >> everyone does their fair share. everyone plays by the same set of rules. >> but during the obama years, the top capital gains rate has jumped from 15% to 23.8% and he would now like to raise it to 28% and the top income tax rate has gone from 35% to 39.6%. question, what is a top earner's fair share of taxes. >> it is interesting you point out the capital gains rate that the president wants to make sure
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that congress gets agreement to do, that brings it back to where it was under president reagan somebody who i think you and many of us in this town believe was a record tax. >> the tax rate when reagan came into office was [ inaudible ]. >> so he was a record tax cutter. so we're going back to the the rate president reagan had and laid out. and let's ask ourselves that question about this chris, which is to say the president is trying to close a trust fund loophole which is to say if you have a trust fund when you pass, it ought to be treated like any other asset that you have. >> it is not a trust fund. it isn't a trust fund. that is a nice talking point i'm sure it is focus group but it isn't what it is. it is what somebody has saved their whole lives and invested in something and now it is the question which they pay at the basis when they bought it or the value of it now.
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it is not a trust fund. but let me ask you this. >> let's agree to disagree on this. >> what is your fair share of taxes for a top earner? is it 30% or 40%? and is there some point on which raising taxes on people hurts the economy? >> two things. what the president is talking about is taking capital gains back to the rate at which president reagan taxed capital gains, number one. since he took office the unemployment has gone from 7% to 5.6%. >> it was up to 9% unemployment. >> the deficit is cut by two thirds and we've seen health care costs growing at a lower rate than years and seeing cleaner energy than ever before. and so ask yourself this. what is the data tilling us about the -- telling us about the economy? the economy is coming back and
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growing. but we are focussed on a simple fact. for too many years the middle class has not gotten it's fair shot. this will we trim our sales on. >> thank you, dennis mcdonough. good to talk to you. always enjoy it. >> so do i. >> good. up next our sunday group joins the conversation about the invitation by the speaker to benjamin netanyahu and the worsening situation in the middle east. and what would you like to ask the panel about the dust-up over the netanyahu visit. and just go to fox news sunday and we may use your question on the air. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. there is a serious threat that exists in the world and the president last night kind of paved over it. >> the speaker announcing his decision to invite netanyahu to address congress in march without notifying the white house. and it is time for our sunday group. columnist ron will ron fournier of the journal. fox contributor liz cheney and kmarlz lane, journalist. was the speaker wrong or netanyahu wrong to accept the invitation. >> neither were wrong. this is foreign policy. second, the president has gone out of his way to show disdain for congress for foreign and domestic policy and for
11:21 am
netanyahu in particular. it was made the point in the weekly standard today that it is not good protocol to have mr. cameron lobby our congress about policy he favors -- >> let me quickly point out. cameron called members of congress saying don't pass a sanctions bill threatening sanctions against iran? >> correct. the president's people were apologizing for not consulting them on congress. we might be sure if a deal is reached with iran and if a climate deal is reached in paris, the president will try to treat those as something other than a treaty and go around congress. israel is in a tough neighborhood. 726 days, the president will be gone and they will still live in a tough neighborhood and they won't worry about this man who has such bad manners. >> we asked you for reactions and we got mixed answers from
11:22 am
you. d mcwilliams writes on facebook boehner doesn't have to ask obama who he wants to invite to speak at the house does the president ask who he can invite to the white house. and bb accepted the invitation is that a slap in the face on obama. ron, where did you see this? >> if you are just an average american out there not on the right or left just fluging into this, you are asking yourself first of all, why is the house speaker embarrassing the commander-in-chief and the president refusing to meet and snubbing the president and mucking around in american politics. i think everyone needs to realize we are on the same side and the common enemy here is iran, the potential of them getting a nuclear weapon and we can disagree on how we go about doing it but we shouldn't be
11:23 am
playing petty, political game as long the way. >> you know, liz i was thinking about when president bush and your dad was in the white house, if nancy pelosi invited a foreign leader to come and address congress on a policy issue, wouldn't the guys in that house hit the roof? >> i think one of the things that they believe and i believe strongly is in the importance of a powerful executive and part of the challenge here is we don't have a powerful executive. and at the bottom of this whole debate and argument is the substance. the president stood in front of congress in the state of the union and say we've halted iran's process toward a nuclear weapon which is just absolutely nonsense. and you have a situation where the house is pushing hard for the deal with the iranians each time they fail to meet their obligations, the white house pushes the date aagain. and then they announce they will
11:24 am
start two new reactors. and they are feeding gas into the centrifuges they were supposed to shut down. so yes there is a political debate going on and i think boehner was right to invite netanyahu and he was right to accept. but this is about a grave dire and growing imminent threat that the united states and israel face from a nuclear-armed iran. >> the vice president would have accused the democrats in 1993 to eat freedom fries on capitol hill. >> well in 1993, that was gore. >> well let's take a look at the bigger picture that liz is talking about. because there is news out of the middle east this week. our strongest arab alley the saudi king has died. the government of yemen which was helping us fight al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap that government has collapsed. isis is continuing the murderous
11:25 am
ways and yet in the state of the union when the president was talking about domestic and foreign policy he said we need to talk about turning the page, the shadow of crisis has passed. and i thought as i heard him, what is he talking about? on the foreign side. >> what looks like is happening right now in the middle east is a kind of broad iranian push on a number of fronts. the southern iraq, where they are essentially behind the government there and their own troops are fighting in iraq against isis. yemen, the rebels there are backed by iran. they are doing this under the umbrella of the nuclear program. and there is a sort of arca pello influence they are building. so the idea that the shadow of the crisis has passed -- and we haven't talked about russia by the way where the president said that putin has isolated his economy and it is in tatters and his idea was to launch a new
11:26 am
offensive in ukraine. so i think the president mistook that for something permanent. >> let me ask you about that liz. your thought. he wasn't -- forgive me -- saying mission accomplished but declaring a interim victory when he talked about the shadow of victory on the war on terror. >> this is more of what we've seen from the president which is frankly hard to understand. again and again the president thinks if he says something it will make it so. we have iran, if not control, major influence over sanaa, damascus and possibly beirut. and they have on the way to a nuclear weapon. and we have isis and al qaeda spreading and grown in threat. somehow the president says the threat has passed and we are all naive enough to say okay that is good. that is frankly terrifying. >> this is the equivalent of
11:27 am
saying mission accomplished and it is wrong and the pattern of the white house thinking is all they have to do is get past one media cycle and not worry about the future. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and it communicated a little complacency that people like putin react to and take action. >> we have to take a break here. what do you think about the power vacuum in yemen and what could it mean against our war on aqap. let me know on facebook or twitter and use the hash tag. and john kasich is pushing a balanced budget bill. the governor joins us next.
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one year before the iowa
11:31 am
caucuses a number of potential gop presidential contenders gathered this there weekend to speak to grassroots activists. we'll have an exclusive interview with ohio governor john kasich. but first carl cameron is in des moines from the latest from the iowa freedom summit. >> with governor scott walker trying to position himself to the right of the potential 2016 rivals with a list of accomplishments that drew enthusiastic applause. >> we passed pro-life and defunded planned parenthood. >> our property taxes are lower today in wisconsin than they were four years ago. how many governors can say that? >> that was seen by many as a shot at chris christie, governor of new jersey, which has some of the nation's highest taxes. when hecklers abrupted the governor he takes the state.
11:32 am
>> don't say no i'm from new jersey. >> but he's been invited to iowa, but failed to take the bait. >> if i was too blunt and too loud for iowa then why do you people keep inviting me back. >> and others interrupted rick perry as he blasted the president for failing to protect the texas border. mitt romney and jeb bush did not attend but donald trump did and rallied the gop right against both as damaged goods. >> so you can't have romney, he choked. you can't have bush. >> the potential caucus candidates were here to make new friends, not news. so they stuck to the talking points and all live another day. it is also clear that mitt romney and jeb bush have a lot of work to do in iowa. >> carl cameron reporting from des moines. thanks. and now let's bring in ohio
11:33 am
governor john kasich who wasn't in ohio this weekend but has been on a cross country tour, increasing chatter he may run for president in 2016. governor welcome to fox news sunday. >> always good to be with you chris. >> in his address, the president talked about middle class economics, raising taxes on the wealthy to help secure working families. what is wrong with that? >> well raising capital gains is a notion for slowdowns. the last time we balanced a budget since man walked on the moon, we cut taxes and ended up with a surplus that was spent unfortunately by republicans. but the fact is if you cannot build a little guy up by tearing a little guy down. abraham said it then and he's right right. in our state we haven't tried --
11:34 am
we have the largest tax cut in years. we lowered the top rate but also provided tax cuts at the bottom to encourage more work. but the idea that raising capital gains taxes to raise the economy just isn't going to work. >> but let me point out and some conservatives have hit you, what you said in your second inaugural address a couple of weeks ago. here it is. >> economic growth is not an end unto it self. economic reens is for those who we can reach out to those in the shadows. >> and you accepted federal money under obama care for medicaid and calling for new taxes on cigarettes and natural gas drilling and you quote matthew 25 about feeding the hungry. some people say you are too close to barack obama. >> well chris, listen we are
11:35 am
running a billion and a half surplus and structurally balanced when 20 other states are not able to do that. we are up almost 300,000 jobs and we are -- we are structurally balanced. we've always been fiscally responsible. but let me speak to the issue of helping other people when economic growth provides you an opportunity. i will not turn my back on the mentally ill who live under bridges too often of the time in this country. i will not turn my back on the drug addicted and i won't turn my back on the working poor. i'm a believer as a conservative, that everybody has a god-given purpose and it is our job on a temporary basis to try to give them a chance to fulfill their god-given purpose by helping them. it can't be a way of life, it can only be a situation where you help them for a short period of time and we demand in our new budget personal responsibility that they begin to get training and we include the business
11:36 am
community and we get people from welfare to work and to more progress. but at the same time, tax reform isn't order of the day. what we need to do is make sure we are able to provide strength for those that want to invest and risk-take and that is exactly what our tax plan is going to to help small businesses. we have made significant progress in helping small business. but the proof is in the pudding. we are balanced we are running surpluses, we have the lowest unemployment in 14 years. chris, it is all working and in ohio everybody feels included. and finally in our state of ohio which is a microcosm of the country i won 86 out of 88 counties and 64% of the vote and i won a county that barack obama won by 40 points. the fact is americans want everybody to share an opportunity and everybody to be hopeful and that is what we do in our state. and it is something that the country can learn from. >> all right. i want to talk about something else you think the country could learn from because you are
11:37 am
touring the country right now, pushing for a constitutional convention to pass an amendment to the constitution for a balanced federal budget. why? >> chris, we're 18$18 trillion in the hole and i went to the republican convention and that is all they talked about. i hope they will do something about it now they have a majority. when i left washington after being an architect for a balanced budget they blue a $5 billion surplus. this is about our kids' and economic growth f. we would go to convention and instead of talking about justin beiber and deflated football and maybe they would think about jefferson and madison and monroe and it could force the congress to be responsible and -- >> forgive me for interrupting we have a limited time.
11:38 am
and here is the knock on a balanced budget amendment there are times when the economy is weak, to prop up people, when people are out of work and you need to pay more unemployment benefits and for instance social security would only be able to spend the amount of money that it takes in that year and critics say you would end up cutting benefits. your response? >> chris, we're 18$18 trillion and we keep fiddling, we're going to be at 30$30 trillion. and any kind of amendment can have appropriate exceptions, economical amid and war. but when you keep doing things that we don't do in the states and families don't do which is spending without regard we are mortgaging our children's future. this is not a new thing for me. i've been pushing this since i was 27 years old and i'm going to keep pushing it. presidents come and presidents go but changing the culture in washington and locking in a balanced budget amendment will
11:39 am
provide for economic growth today and a hope for our children tomorrow, chris. >> governor, let's talk about a couple of issues involving you that are red meat for conservatives. you say opposition to common core education is in your words, hysteria. we had bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana on here he said that is a stalking horse for takeover of federal education. >> well these are governors that helped create common core. >> it was written by state education superintendents and principals n. my state of ohio we want higher stand ards for the children and the standards and the curriculum is set by local school board. barack obama doesn't set it. the state of ohio doesn't set it. it is local school boards driving better education, higher standards, created by local school boards. i've asked the republican governors that have complained about this to tell me where i'm wrong. and guess what? silence.
11:40 am
but part of the problem is today politicians are running to try to get votes. you know what we try to do out here. we run out here trying to solve problems and we have a problem with the education standards and the children's ability to compete in the world. we won't turn this over to washington or to colombus, our state capital. i don't know how anybody could disagree with those standards unless you are running for something. >> and let's talk about running for something and i'm sure a lot of people have said, why the heck isn't this guy running for president. you have said you are open to it and not closing any options off. how will you decide? what are the factors you will take into consideration and when are you going to make up your mind? >> well initially i'm introducing a budget in another week that will be another significant reform budget. that is what we do out here. and remember what it was like when i came in. $8 billion in the hole and the loss of $50,00050,000 jobs and we
11:41 am
are including everybody, including our minorities that need to be paid attention to. so now i have to focus and i'm focusing on the budget and i'm not taking any options on the table and ohio is a microcosm of america and when you are doing things in a state like this where things are getting better and people are hopeful, that is something to take around the country and to tell people about what this country needs to do to grow and stop fighting every single day. all i hear is fighting. people don't want fighting all of the time. they want people to agree and move our country forward. >> well you could do that if you ran for president? >> well, i said options are still on the table. we'll see. but you know let me tell you, chris, i love my buckeye state. i love what we're doing out here. and in some respects what we're
11:42 am
doing here and if you listen to the rhetoric of the people running for president now, it is how they are using these comments about caring for people -- do you know how many republican governors are trying to figure out how to expand medicaid but now governors are saying let's see if i can get into that program. i want to be a good leader. i want people to feel like they have a chance no matter who they arement and i'll tell you one interesting thing and i was in utah and i was walking through the capital and i saw a bunch of inmates, maybe cleaning things up. i went up and shook all of their hands and i told them god has a purpose for you. you are in a tough spot now, but the lord has a purpose for you. be hopeful. i want people to feel like they have a chance and their kids have a chance. >> governor, thank you. thanks for talking with us. i hate to say this as a big
11:43 am
wolverine fan, but congratulations on your national football championship. >> it is a shame michigan gave up playing football. maybe they'll take it up again some day. >> i guess you are not planning on getting any electoral votes there. thank you, governor. always good to talk to you there. >> come on out and see it chris. >> you bet. up next president obama talks about bipartisan in the state of the union speech but doubles down on his agenda. we'll bring back our sunday group.
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quote quote
11:46 am
america, for all that we have endured, for all of the grit and hard work required to come back, for all of the tasks that lie ahead know this -- the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is
11:47 am
strong. >> president obama sounds like anything but a lame duck when he addressed the new gop-led congress this week. and we're back with the panel. george, not a reference of the mid terms and no mention of mitch mcconnell. are you surprised the president decided to acts is if november never happened. >> ignoring reality is part of the job description of being a progressive so you ignore the majorities out there. the fact is i think mr. obama believes that anything he has to do collaboratively is beneath his dignity and therefore the remainder of his term is to set up the 2016 election and therefore why believe that to coin a phrase he made famous, elections have consequences. >> it is the question that i asked denis mcdonough at the top of the show, the white house chief of staff. the president has already issued nine veto threats it has only been a couple of weeks since congress came in and promising
11:48 am
more executive orders and republican leaders say the proposals he made in that speech are not on arrival but dead before arrival and so what is the white house game here? >> i don't think they are trying to set up 2016 because if they are, they are making a mistake. i think this is about his legacy. i think he sees himself like tiara did, where he set up 20 years of progressive change in the country. he's looking long-view. if you ask smart democrats including those working with hillary clinton, they are worried that what the president did with his muscular, non-bending state of the union is put her in a box. that she'll be forced to work quicker and harder than she would need to in the general election. >> and the white house is quick to point it out, there is good economic news. growth is up. unemployment is down. gas prices are way down. and then a new poll from washington post, the president's approval rating back up to 50%
11:49 am
which is tremendous for him after where he's been. what about the argument the white house makes, he enters this debate and confrontation with congress with some of the wind at his back? >> well, as you pointed out in your interview with denis mcdonough, a large part of the economic grown is as a result of the energy revolution that we've under gon for which the white house wants to take credit but has happened in spite of them. the reality is we have the potential here for a true economic renaissance and i think that the effective point for the 2016 republican candidates to be making have to do with the economic renaissance and what we have to do is unleash the potential of the private sector unleash the potential of this energy revolution, put us in a situation where there is true economic growth, the kind of which we'll be able to frankly help the private sector and get government back get government out of our lives. we need to roll back the regulations the president is
11:50 am
intending to impose through the epa and other ways and that will cause growth. we won't have that. you may see some small areas where we have cooperation. but we're not going to have the unleashing of our potential until we have a president who believes in the market economy. >> you have heard republicans and dps for all the conflict of the last couple of weeks, all of them have said we can do trade. i do think that there will be some movement on that score. >> we're talking about fast-track trade authority with all the problems this country has, jobs and -- >> i think that's pretty much it. one of the big implications of the president's speech is he blew up tax reform. by making these big tax moves, tax the rich more heavily and spend it on a lot of tax credits that will go down lowering the income distribution, whatever you think about that that blows
11:51 am
up the paradigm of broader base lower rates that was basically going to be the way comprehensive tax reform would work. i think what the president was up to in the state of the union was to some extent claiming victory for many of the reasons you outline, namely that his approval is back up, the economy is on track, there's a little better feel in the country that there was as recently as november. of course, the risk in that is maybe this victory isn't so permanent or maybe the better climate in the country doesn't necessarily reflect approval for every little policy. but i think he really felt personally vindicated that we have come through six years and all the criticism he has been through that the economy is growing again. >> ron final thought on that? >> what's the problem? he does feel personally vindicated. but it's not about the president. it's about the american people and they are struggling. they know we are not out from the worst and they are not benefitting totally from this
11:52 am
one or two-month economic gain. >> the question i didn't ask dennis but if you look at household income it's down $2,000 per household from when he came into office to where it is now. the middle class hasn't done so well under the middle class economics of this president. we have to step aside for a moment. when we come back the really big story this week. we get ready for super bowl, we tackle deflategate next.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
i believe we have and followed every rule to the letter. >> new angle, trying to turn the page on accusations his team tampered with footballs by deflating them during last week's championship game. you have made it clear that you think that pro football is inferior to baseball. what do you make of deflate gate or all the things it is being called? >> much i would like to pile on the nfl, baseball has its fair share of that. they tampered with performance enhancing they have tampered with bats. i'm going to stay out of that one. >> you got something to say about deflate-gate? >> the idea that a quarterback as gifted as brady would not see anything unusual or that the
11:56 am
coach would say, this is beneath my dignity to look at is passing believable. >> it now appears from comments that they made the other day that the nfl is not going to conclude its investigation until after the super bowl, which means no punishment, no discipline nothing like that until after the big game. smart damage control? >> it's damage control but it's not very smart. it's consistent with the way the nfl has acted. they haven't interviewed brady. you call this an investigation? i think a cynic would say, why are we worried when yemen is burning? why is the nfl focused on this? we have steroid abuse in pro football. we have the problem with the concussions with men dieing early with brain damage. we have domestic abuse and criminal problems that are covered up and lied about.
11:57 am
those to me are bigger problems than the size of the football. >> but this is the problem we're dealing with. it's like you got to go to war with the army you have. do you have a strong feeling about footballs and their inflation per square inch? >> i've been losing sleep over that. no, look, i think there's an industry of hating the patriots. that's part of what you are seeing in terms of the attacks. there's an investigation that's under way. we will see what happens. i think tom brady was right. this isn't isis. ron is right, the fact we're focused on this when the middle east is burning tells we're not focused on what we should be, which is both teams that will play have had great seasons. it's going to be a great game. i will go with the patriots by three. >> wow. chuck, i tend to think it may surprise me -- liz referred to this. this story has gotten so big. this led the evening news a couple of nights last week. >> you know, i don't know why
11:58 am
everybody is being so serious. i'm pro deflate gate because i like puns. puns have had a field day during this whole thing. in fact, george himself said it was passing strange. without realizing that he was punning in the middle of this. twitter blew up with magnificent juvenile puns. look, it's sports. gaylord perry threw a spitball. certain teams make the net tighter. they beat them 45-7, chris. i think if the balls had been 13 1/2 pounds per square inch it might have been 52-3. >> i can't let today pass without a more serious subject. that's the passing of ernie banks. you know and as a young kid growing up in chicago, i know just how big a figure he was. he died friday night at the age of 83. explain to folks what he was and
11:59 am
the significance of this passing. >> the first african-american player on the cubs. he was the face of the franchise. he had 512 home runs for the cubs. there was no one fearsome batting behind him to make them throw strikes. remember, he attended booker t. washington high school in dallas. he came to the cubs in september 1953. three days later they brought up gene baker an african-american second base man because it was assumed they had roommates that if white men wouldn't room with ernie banks. he became, as i say the toast of the town. >> and also most valuable player two years in a row for a fifth place team. thank you core foffor covering a range
12:00 pm
of suggests. have a great week. we will see you next "fox news sunday." this week editorial report the battle for the middle class. president obama lays out his economic vision for the next two years and sets the stage for democrats in 2016. how should republicans respond? plus, it is being called his robin hood tax plan. do the president's proposals target more than the rich? a showdown is brewing as the white house and congress clash over iran sanctions. will a democrat stand up to the president's veto threat? >> middle class economics means helping working families feel more secure in a world of constant change. it means help


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