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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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weekend, everybody. yemen, once one of our key allies in the fight against terror network embedded in the middle east is now a country in chaos after its government collapses at the hands of iran backed rebels and now there's big foughtout for the u.s. with reports that the white house has abandoned some of it's counterterrorism operations against al qaeda there. it's a tough situation for the u.s. and tries to make progress against the militants in that region h. >> we are monitoring it as closely as we can but it's not clear right now if in whose hands the government is or will be in the future. >> we have got al qaeda in iraq and yemen and now there is no government in yemen that is dedicated to helping us in
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fighting them. and some tough winter weather is making travel miserable at this hour and dangerous for millions of americans this weekend. and get ready for monday because that's when it's supposed to get even worse. the latest forecast from the fox news extreme "weather center." hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju. "america's news headquarters" life from the nation's capitol starts right now. but first we turn to breaking news out of the middle east happening within the past hour a new video claiming that the terror group isis has made good on its threat and has beheaded one of the two japanese hostages that have been held captive for some time now. isis now demanding a prifber swap as a bargaining chip to release the other hostage. joining us now with more details, molly hennenberg. sthr u.s. intelligence officials are working to confirm the authenticity of this recently posted video purporting to show that the islamic state or isis terrorists have beheaded another hostage.
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one of the two japanese hostages seen in this picture from earlier in the week. isis threatened to bee head them if japan ant pay a $200 million ran some. there is a new video today, too graphic to show with one of the japanese hostages kenji goto seen in this picture on the left holding up a photo that apparently shows the murder of haruna yukawa seen here in this picture on the right. japanese officials say they're investigating the video. japan's chief cabinet secretary spoke today about what the video appears to show and he said, quote, this is an abominable and unforgivable act of violence. we strongly condemn this action. we strongly request that no harm be done to the remaining person kenji goto and that he be released immediately. in the video a voice, claiming to the goe toe's voice says the isis terrorists no longer want money, they want the country of
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jordan to release one of its prisoners in exchange for his release. uma. >> all right. molly, thank you so much for that update. and turning now to the fast breaking developments this week out of yemen as a dangerous an uncertain future plays out in that country. yemen's president and cab met resigning after iran backed rebels forced them out after seizing control of the presidential residence. the fallout is having a big packet on the u.s. as new reports say the u.s. is now abandoning some of its counter terrorism operations against al qaeda militants there. all of this happening against the backdrop of thoulss of people taking to the streets protesting the takeover. let's get the very latesest now from leland vittert. what can you tell us us. >> yemen has never been exactly a paragon of stability but in the past 48 hours it has gone from merely dangerous to lawless and chaotic. up until this week their int yens services cooperated with the cia and others in the fight
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against terror. these reports today indicate the folks we used to call may not be picking up the phone anymore. while even the pentagon says the approximate i can tour on the ground is unclear on who is in charge a matter of opinion not fact, the latest reports indicated that iranian backed rebels control much of the capitol. in true it would lend credibility to the idea that the united states now has precious few real assets among tlar localize and ears. >> we can't operate there now despite the investments we've made and then when you put that on top of the fact that you've got this chaos in saudi arabia as you were mentioning we have really very few options on how we move forward to go after the bad guys. >> yemen's tribal lands have long served as a breeding and training ground for al qaeda and now home to aqap. last year alone u.s. carried out 23 drone strikes against terrorist targets with the help of yemen security forces and the baum administration considered it's recently resigned president
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a key ally. yesterday the pentagon said things may be more difficult but they will do what they need to. >> certainly a willing partner in yemen as in many places around the world. it makes missions like that much more effective there's no question about it. we've also proven the ability to go after terrorists in various places around the world unilaterally and we will still retra inn at that right, that responsibility. >> the iranian backed rebels possibly in control of yemen aren't exactly pro al qaeda. in fact, they are at odds with the terrorist group. that said they have been routinely videotaped chanting death to israel death to america which taken at face value doesn't indicate they would be eager to continue the anti-terror cooperation with the west. uma. >> it sure looks like that. a very tough situation thank you very much. now for a closer look at what's at play right now ambassador trying crocker has send a great deal of i am in the middle east including syria
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iraq and afghanistan. he's currently the dean of the georgia school of government and approximate public service at texas a and m university and he joins us now. great to have you here today. >> thank you. good to be here. >> there is so much happening right now and it's very clear that region remains very unstable for a variety of events. before i get to that, let me get your reaction to the news that one of the japanese hostages may have been murdered by isis at this point, they're still trying to get that video verified on that video and the fact that the u.s. and its allies have yet to make significant headway when it comes to stopping this horrendous terror network. >> the japanese spokesman said this is abominable and unforgiveable. a stark, grew some reminder of just what the islamic state is, what it stands for, that it is a mortal enemy of ours the region and indeed the indeed international community.
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>> it's a very very difficult situation indeed and this drama playing out as we take a look at what's happening in yemen right now and the reports we're hearing that the u.s. is abandoning it's counter terrorism operations in that country because of the upheaval that has unfolded this week. the nations former president elected by the people, backed during the arab spring was an ally and allowed our drones to be based there and was cooperating in the hunt for terrorists yet all that is now backfired and he is out, the rebels are are in. was the u.s. completely caught off guard by what has happened? >> we have been aware the government has certainly been aware for months now of an upsurge in operations by the houthis, the shyia tribe that has descended on the capital. i don't think we were completely surprised by any means. i would just say, uma, that this
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is by no means over. you've got thousands of people in the streets of sanaa protesting against the houthi takeover. parliament is meeting tomorrow, the houthis themselves have said the president's resignation is pending until parliament acts. they may have a moment in which they sober up and realize that they cannot run this thing and if, you know, some stability and form alsy doesn't return the net beneficiary is going to be al qaeda, their mortal enemy. >> these rebels are the agents of shiite iron and iran supplying the arms in trading now we're left wondering if we can maintain embassy there. last september the president proclaimed that yemen is an success story. >> the strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one that we have successfully pursued in yemen
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and so he malia for years. >> so the president holding yemen up as a molding but even back then it was reported that intelligence was helpful to tree vent those waves of al qaeda attacks there. there seems to be a disconnect between what the white house believed was working and what was happening behind the scenes. >> uma it is enormously complicated, you know one learns not to make predictions in the middle east and particularly not in yemen, which is incredibly volatile. yemeni intelligence and security services even before this latest episode have been severely challenged, but there is no question that hair intelligence apparatus was incredibly helpful to us in identifying targets. so, you know, a good if imperfect part miles per hour. so we're just going to have to see how this develops. the other thing that i would say that the iranians might like to
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think the houthis are their trusted and loyal agents they would be extremely wrong to do so. they're yes, ma'am a niece. >> i have a few moments left i do want to ask you about saudi arabia right now and the death of its long serving king. it may also force a different strategy for the u.s. now that iran's influence is so strong in the countries bordering that kingdom. interesting to note at that time president is cutting his trip to india short this next week so that he can meet with the new monarch and pay his respects. that country though really worried about what iran's next move will be. how do you see it? >> first, i think the success is a very smooth one, king salman moved swiftly to designate the last eligible son of king
9:11 am
abdulaziz as crown prince he has kept the cabinet intact. we are going to see continuity and stability in saudi arabia. i think the president is doing the right thing to reaffirm this partnership. we have a lot to talk about. we face common threats, both from al qaeda and the islamic state, as well as from iranian efforts to insert itself into the peninsula. but i think that applylliance will stand firm as it has since world war ii and together along with our other allies in the gulf eventually we're going to prevail. >> mr. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us today with your insight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, uma. what's astonishing is how personal and pet u lent is the administration's response. you know reducing this to a kind of school yard brawl. so for these this is whether the jewish state will exist and
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whether another 6 million jews will be wiped out. that's a very serious issue, i think the prime minister has a right to speak on it at a very critical moment in these negotiations. >> that str charles krauthammer on the dust up over prime minister benjamin netanyahu's upcoming visit to the united states. house speaker john boehner has invited the prime minister to address congress. the big problem, though, he didn't ask the white house first and now the president is saying he will not meet with the prime minister during that visit because of protocols. joining us now to talk more about this and some other pressing policy issues, senator mike lee republican senator from utah and a member of the armed services committee. welcome, senator, great to have you here today. >> thank you. it's good to be with us with you. >> lots to talk about beginning with the high stakes show down between the white house and prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is planning to address congress over his serious concerns about iran and urging lawmakers not to back
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down on efforts to pass legislation imposing tougher sanctions against iran. the white house reportedly fuming over this move behind the scenes and there are reports in israel newspapers right now that the obama white house is pressuring mr. netanyahu not to come and if he discuss there could be, quote, consequences. what's your reaction as this is happening to a key ally of ours? >> it's bizarre surreal and most unfortunate. look, israel is our most important ally in the region and it is one of our most important allies in the world. we need to be standing with israel and doing everything we can to protect israel against the many threats that it faces from every single direction. so, look, the president has what i believe to be a deficient strategy, a failed strategy legislate ifl and in his negotiation posture. the fact that there are members of congress in both houses in both political parties who recognize this ought to be an
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indication to the president that he ought to reconsider what he's doing. this is yet another manifestation of this, i think it is unfortunate and an embarrassment to the world that we've got had this leader coming over and the president is worried about what this says about whether protocol is followed. he's worried about what this is going to say about the wisdom of his approach which is not working. >> the protocols of the white house citing at the moment is that the white house says it does not meet with leaders who are about to be engaged in a reelection or election bid and when he does alive in march it will be close to proximity of the israel elections. so the white house says it must remain neutral, not to show that it's showing any kind of favoritism. what do you think about that response? >> well look that really is ultimately the president's choice, if he doesn't want to meet with major world leader the leader of a country that is our most important ally certainly in the region, one of our most important allies in the world that's his choice, i just don't
9:15 am
think it's a very good one i think it's a wrong choice and sends the wrong message to so many of our enemies in so many parts of the world they're trying to do everything they can to undermine israel and i think that's wrong. >> israel has been warning this white house to take at that iranian terror threat very seriously and any nuclear deal poses a mortal threat. how bad do you think is the fallout in this drama that continues to play out right now? >> i think it's very significant. the risks are very, very high because you've got israel in a somewhat vulnerable position with iran trying to develop nuclear weapons so that it can behave more aggressively, even more aggressively than it has been to try to undermine israel. i think this is frightening and we need to take had this threat seriously and do everything we can to diminish iran's ability to develop a nuclear weapon. we fear what they would do with or without actually deploying or
9:16 am
debt nagt it they could do an incredible amount of damage just with the nuclear threat. >> some would say that i obama white house in its bid to get a deal with iran all this is hatching too fast and lemt micing iran as a safe bet is ignoring that they're dee stabilizing countries throughout that region. why do you think the president is warning congress to cease and desist with its efforts to impose further apgss forcing iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. wouldn't they add more weight to america's negotiating hand? >> so it has always been conventional wisdom that you don't put down your tools you don't put away those things that would give you more negotiating power as you're going into a negotiation. so that degrees the question why he would want to do anything other than strengthen his own 5b89 ability to impose sanctions under u.s. law. i think that would actually butt us in a better position help us
9:17 am
protect israel and it would help further deter iran from developing nuclear weapons. i can't for the life of me understand the strategy behind saying, no let's put that off, not do that or have any legislative effort to strengthen sanctions against iran let's instead disarm as we go into a negotiation and by the way we're going to push for getting a deal regardless of what that deal looks like. >> let's switch gears a bit and talk about where you are right now. you're in iowa along with a host of other high profile gone leaders who are there to meet with citizens united and it's a very interesting gathering of folks. tell us what you hope to accomplish as you meet and greet with the folks there in iowa. >> well, you know i look forward to the 2016 presidential election cycle, we've never had a better field, certainly not in recent testimony ri of potential presidential candidate and i say
9:18 am
at this point the more the merrier. we're willing to explain why it is that they're conservative and what they would do differently if given the chance to serve in the white house. that's why i'm here i want to help contribute to that debate and make sure it goes in the right direction and that we get the best possible presidential candidate for the 2016 cycle that we can possibly get the stakes have never been higher. >> it seems that you've got quite a host of interesting possibilities on the gone side. a lot of folks are saying this is going to be one interesting race indeed. >> it certainly is. a lot of it starts right here in iowa, the first primary that will occur and it's a very important one. think of this as sort of the head waters of the presidential election cycle for 2016 and i'm pleased to be here and pleased to be speaking to this group of eye owe wans today. >> all the best to you. >> thank you. >> now i'd like to hear from you. i asked folks on twitter do you
9:19 am
think congress has enough votes for more sanctions against iran despite white house efforts to stop this. and will sanctions alone freeze iran's nuclear ambitions many of you are answering and you can send me your tweets to @umapemmaraju or @anhqdc and we're going to read some of your thoughts a little later on in our show. turning to other news a deadly helicopter crash making headlines in california military officials say two marines killed yesterday when their chopper went down during a training exercise at a military base in southern california. no word yet on the cause of that crash which remains under investigation. the military is withholding the names of the victims until relatives are notified. coming up two terrifying situations to tell you about, five fishermen stranded on a singing ship then swept into the frigid waters of the north atlantic. the dramatic effort to save them swroo and then firefighters
9:20 am
trapped on the roof of a burning building and looking for a way down. we'll tell you what happened next. and anger on the streets of miami as the obama administration has deal making talks in cuba. the administration says those talks are an important step forward.
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travelers repair to prays yourself for another blast of wintry weather this weekend. the freezing rain and heavy snow expected to pound the northeast and some areas of new england could get as much as 10 inches much fresh powder. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm from the fox "weather center." you say this is just the beginning because another one is headed our way as well. >> yes, ma'am. and that one could be more of an impact to the d.c. area all the way up to bost.on a monday morning rush hour. so we'll talk this storm first of all as it pushes northward
9:25 am
into canada. some areas of new england could get over a foot of snow. we're watching that system a little messy philadelphia down to d.c. the main event is towards new england. winter weather advisories still posted. it's the one sunday into monday that concerning concerns mere more. a little bit of lake effect snow across the eastern great lakes and this clipper system fast moving storm that might actually intensify as it gets towards the coast. this is monday afternoon and all of the big cities getting in in on this. again, we're going to have to hone in on this forecast. tune in tomorrow, i will give you some snow totals. okay? so there's a tease for you, but forecast precipitation as we head into tuesday, some areas west of the big cities could get over a foot of snow and of course along the coast we'll need to monitor that because people are trying to head back to work. believe it or not we've had a snow deficit this season and it all might come within the next 48 hours for philadelphia, new york and boston.
9:26 am
stay tuned my friend i will e-mail you and let you know what your commute is going to look like on monday. >> we're making up for it big time with the snow that's falling right now. thank you very much. >> you got it. i think that it is obviously part of what we're talking about when we say we have profound disagreements with the cuban government when we talk about democracy and human rights and support for civil society and independent actors. >> that from state department assistant secretary robert at that jacobson in havana speaking out as the u.s. and cuba take the first major steps in that you think relations between both countries. not everyone agrees it's a good move. ileana ross latin her family fled to america from cuba when
9:27 am
she was just a child dhee has some definite thoughts about where we're headed as the united states tries to move forward in restoring relations with cuba. great to have you here today. >> thank you so much uma. >> it's very interesting that after the first round of talks were completed that we were hearing from the officials there that there's still remains profound differences after the first round of negotiations. so it may be proving to be more difficult perhaps than the white house expected as it continues to move forward in restoring diplomatic relations with that nation. >> well absolutely. um ma america's national security is at jeopardy we see cuba's cozy relationship with our adversaries. right now as those talks were going on russia had a spy ship docked in the harbor of half nah. that should tell you a lot about castro's relationship with
9:28 am
russia venezuela, iran, with assad in syria with north korea. as a matter of fact, last year it didn't get much attention but cuba was smuggling arms including m iflt g fighter jets and all kinds of military hardware on a north korea flag vessel and thank goodness it was caught by panama. it was in violation of multiple united nations resolutions and cuba for that received not even a slap on the wrist. so cuba continues to be cozy with our adversaries. i know the united states wants to be friendly with all rowing regimes. this administration anyway but no amount of u.s. tourism or u.s. dollars is going to bring this communist dictatorship any closer to democracy, freedom or human rights. ain't going to happen. >> i want to put a couple of polls up on our screen for our viewers to see right now about the public's attitude about
9:29 am
restoring diplomatic relations with cuba if we could take a look there from a knocks news poll. the u.s. lifting trade sanctions anding relations with cuba 56% approves and 33% disapproves. this was as of january 11th through the 13th this poll was taken. what's your reaction to that because it seems to be more favorable? >> i think that it depends a lot on how you pose the question. if you tell the person if you knew that cuba was a communist tyranny that does not allow freedom of expression, that jails people because they express any opinion contrary to the regime, has only a state controlled press, doesn't have multi-party elections, i think that then the response might be different. i understand that americans want to go for good reasons and for bad, they want cheap sex, cheap rum, cheap tobacco but cuba is
9:30 am
not an amusement park, it's not and he experiment for president obama to say we've tried this, it hasn't worked let's try something new. there's a growing opposition movement in cuba and they feel very disheartened by this administration koez eeg up to had this regime. all that we have said to castro is you have to free 53 political prisoners who should have never been in jail and that phoney list one had been freed a year ago, five of them have been rearrested since the december 17th obama announcement. so castro is not going to change. he put on his military garb after president obama spoke and ool castro spoke to the cuban people and said we've got our convicted spice back one of who was a co-conspirator in the death of american citizens. so president obama pardon ond the spice, yes, we do alan gross back we're glad about that but the price was quite a avenue one
9:31 am
to pay. the lesson, umd ma for these dictators is you get an american citizen, hold them hostage illegally for five years and then get diplomatic relations, convicted spies back to the country. >> obviously there's a long way to go between both countries in terms of making some real headway and i know that you're going to be watching it very closely and we'll keep close tabs as well. i thank you so much for joining us today with your insights. >> uma. thank you so much. very disappointed with this deal. and tonight brett bare takes a close look at the controversy over cuba and why it's such an emotional issue for so many people. it sars tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. still to come a pregnant mom in distress and no one else at home but her young daughter who was suddenly faced with a life and death situation.
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welcome back, everybody. while it's being billed as the unofficial start of the 2016 presidential campaign nearly two dozen heavy hitting republicans are in iowa today for the freedom sult summit. many of those names are pondering a presidential run. carl cameron in iowa with the very latest. >> reporter: dr. ben carson a pediatric neurosurgeon is on the stage now he's one of the new comers to the presidential sweepstakes we're going to be hearing from a number of them in a short while donald trump who has run a number of times and said he may still today. before the afternoon is out former alaskan governor and 2008
9:37 am
running pat sara pay lynn wills also be speaking and yesterday in las vegas she told a reporter that she was quote certainly thinking about running for president and thought that her addition to the roster might improve the tigs. one thing we will not be seeing today is an appearance of either mitt romney or jeb bush, but there will be eight explore remembers, shall we say they haven't officially announced their campaign but it includes governors, thu comers like scott walker the governor of wisconsin wisconsin, chris christie, the governor of new jersey and there are some candidates like mike huckabee and rick santorum both of whom won the caucuses in 2012 and 2008 respectively. jeb bush gave a speech in san francisco where he talked about immigration and again expressed his support for granting some sort of legal path to citizenship for illegal aliens, something that is very unpopular with lease incredibly
9:38 am
conservative iowa republicans. >> we need to find a way a path to legalize status for those that have come here and have languished in the shadows. national identity is not based on race or some kind of ex clush naer belief. >> reporter: mr. bush has been arguably defending his position even though republicans around the country have been telling him that they dis agree with him. mr. ben cars on just a short while ago said that he didn't think it would be fair for people to stay in this country and get a leg up from anyone who wanted to apply from outside the country. we're going to hear a lot that in the next couple days. mitt romney gave a speech a couple of niefts ago, he has been out on the campaign trial but he will not be here either. the obama's use of the common core standards programs will be coded messages from the republican conservatives here today aimed squarely at mitt romney and jeb bush talking
9:39 am
about how jeb bush's support for those two issues is out of step with the party and mitt romney having lost badly in 2012 was essentially yesterdays news and should be passed over by these republicans as they look for a conservative the next time around. >> this is billed as a very early and conservative gathering but what's at stake a year away from tease caucuses. >> there's two things going on one the issue that tebl will be carrying them through the calendar to the iowa kau kukss but behind the scenes there is a huge competition for volunteers and staffers. in iowa with eight or nine competitive candidates there is a finite physical of people who can do grass roots help. the caucuses require people to send the better part of a evening and sit around with their neighbors and folks in their community and talk at length about who they support and why. most folks in american don't understand it. the organizational effort is
9:40 am
huge. each campaign has to get 30,000 or 40,000 people around the state to come out for them. that's why they're talking so serve tifl. they know conservatives will be there at the end and that's why at the want to wrap them up easterliy. >> thank you so much for joining us with your insights. turning now to an a maszing act of hair richl caught on tape after a pregnant michigan mom with epilepsy has a seizure and collapses. it was her four-year-old daughter who came to the rescue. little kalise manning tells the 911 operating everything she needs to know and all the i would keeping her while call doing it. >> she's shaking and she's having a baby. my mom is really pregnant and she's having a boy and she really needs help. >> how old are you honey? >> four. >> you're four? >> yes.
9:41 am
and i'm getting bigger. it was really good to ride in the ambulance with mom. >> it was? >> and she was really proud of me. >> well, we are proud of you, too. what an amazing youngster. her mom is just doing fine and even more good news for the manning family, two days after that call her little brother arrived on the scene tj weighing in at 6 pounds 6 ounces. she says he's real cute. an unlikely friendship founded on going through life changing events. why this boy was a senator's special guest this week.
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well our next story is a very heart warm willing one, illinois senator mark hurt called him his battle buddy and personal who are row he's talking about 12-year-old jackson cunningham who was his guest at the state of the union address in washington.
9:46 am
their unlikely friendship began after jackson heard that the senator had suffered a stroke. he wrote the senator a letter explaining he knew firsthand what senator kirk was going through because the same thing happened to him when he was just eight years old and jackson joins us now with more about his story and i want to welcome you to our show. you're a remarkable young man because you wanted to the senator to know that he should feel encouraged and not to give up the fight for his life in terms of moving forward with his rehabilitation and all. why did you feel inspired to write to the senator? >> i feel inspired to write him because i knew what this was like and i needed someone to push with that and he's one to push. he just needed help. i didn't know what to do i was alone. >> you suffered a stroke at a
9:47 am
very young age and it was something obviously that was very difficult for you, but you were determined to get well and you went lieu lots of rehab. talk to me for a moment about the relationship, the friendship that you and the senator have now. >> me and the smart have a pretty good relationship because we know what it's like and we do things, we had the same surgeries, had the same everything pretty much. >> was it an honor for you to be at the -- >> surgery. >> was it an honor for you to be at the state of the union address in congress this week? >> yeah, it was an honor to actually get to go. it was surprising at the same time. >> why was it surprising? >> i didn't know that i was going to be able to go. >> oh, really? that's wonderful. so at that must have been something that you are going to remember for the rest of your
9:48 am
life. >> yeah, it probably will be the one thing i remember for the rest of my life. >> well, we want to tell you that we are very proud of you and you are very remarkable and it's so great to know that the senator considers you his personal hero because you gave him lots of encouragement in that letter you said do not give up on yourself all the hard work is worth it. and i think that's terrific advice coming from a very brave young man like yourself. thank you so much for joining us today. >> you're welcome. >> i want to apologize to our viewers that slight delay there in the conversation. okay. moving ahead, a raging house fire leaves firefighters trapped on a roof. we're going to tell you what happened next. don't go away. >> the fire was -- the conditions were changing very quickly and we -- there was a high volume of fire.
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9:53 am
under investigation but thankfully all of those brave first responders are doing just fine. now the big story coming out of the magic king dom. the measles outbreak that has lots of folks wondering how to contain it. the highly contagious disease is spreading. seven states including california have confirmed cases. live now from los angeles with the very latest on that outbreak. will? >> reporter: hi, uma. the cdc ishsued an alert to hospitals and doctors across the country to be on alert for measles, to keep an eye out now that it's spread to seven different states after it started at disneyland in december. the majority of those caseses are in california as you can see. according to the cdc measles was thought to have been eliminated in the you states in 2000 because of the success of the vaccine program. check out the recent numbers. measles cases spiked last year and health officials say it's because fewer parents are
9:54 am
vaccinating their kids due to unwarranted fears of autism. now there are three ways to note if you're immune to measles which starts with a cough that has a runny nose and rash and can lead to pneumonia can and even death. first, if you were born before 1957 you probably already had measles. you can't get it twice. second, if you have documented proof that you you have been vaccinated and, third, if you don't you can take a lab test to see if you're immune. if you are not, the cdc recommends you get that vaccination and make sure that you also get your kids vaccinated because, uma, this is one of the most highly contagious viruses that there is out there. >> absolutely. at one point they thought they had wiped the disease out. now it's back in a big way. thank you, will. appreciate it. up next the cold and snow not a problem for some of these tough pups. find out where these extreme dogs are racing through such extreme conditions.
9:55 am
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® take a look at this. the british coast guard helicopter camera shows five irish fishermen and their rescuers swept off an overturned boat and into the frigid north atlantic waters. they started collecting in the hall and then began to sink. all of the men were saved. three had to go to the hospital for hypothermia. the coast guard says anyone
9:59 am
floating in the north atlantic would die from hypothermia in about 20 minutes. they were did he haveefinitely lucky in that rescue. okay, we asked you, do you think congress has enough votes for more sanction iseses against iran despite white house efforts to stop this? will will sanctions alone freeze nuclear ambitions? gary says only if they can get a veto proof bill. obama are will still veto it and make them go through the process. longer we wait, the further along they're going to get weaponized. derek says why should congress be afraid of the obama red line. they have the vote. thanks to all. you who weighed in today . the cold and snow we're experiencing but take a look at these dogs plowing through deep snow and freezing temps. they're competing in a four day race. it's considered one of the toughest races on the continent.
10:00 am
nearly 100 mushers taking part in the 145-mile trek through mountains near the czech border with poland. that's going to be a wrap for me. good afternoon, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> a day after their gruesome deadline, a claim appears on spline isis has murdered a japanese hostage. now a new demand in exchange for another. plus, chaos taking hold in the middle east after a fall of the pro-american government in yemen. what does it mean for american policy as some counter terror activities reportedly were put on hold? and republicans with an eye on the white house flock to the hawkeye state today setting the stage for the unofficial kickoff of the 2016 presidential


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