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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the theme park if you're vaccy natd. a word of warning to those vulnerable. some little kids. some compromised immune systems. thanks so much for watching us everybody. >> "the real story with gretchen carlson" starts now. we start with the fox news alert. the president of yemen resigning as shi'ite rebels close in on the capital city. he's stepping down hours after the entire cabinet in yemen gave him their resignation. jennifer, what is the latest on the government collapse in yemen. >> reporter: we just came out of a press briefing with the defense secretary here at the pentagon. he did not apparently know about this change in yemen. there were questions asked about the situation in yemen. and it did not come up during the press briefing. what we know is that yesterday there were reports that a truce had been agreed to between the iranian backed shi'ites who had surrounded the president's
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residence. they were supposed to pull back from the residence and the presidential palace. and exchange for within the government, more control within the government. that truce apparently has fallen apart in the last 14 hours. now we understand that not only has president haddy resign but his entire cabinet, his prime minister has resigned. what this means is not clear at this point but it is certainly a setback for u.s. efforts to go against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula the group that has claimed responsibility for those paris attacks. there's a company of marines in yemen right now. more military personnel than civilian personnel at the u.s. embassy. no word yet as to what the plans are for the u.s. embassy as of yesterday. there had been no orders to evacuate the survey. obviously all eyes right now on the capital of yemen and what the plans are for the militants who have surrounded the
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president in his residence. >> so, the president just for you months ago said that yemen was a success story. what are we to make now in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: in the last 24 hours what we have been seeing played out since september when the militants took over the capital center and that was around the same time that the president, president obama made those remarks in his, when he was announcing the isil strategy, the strategy against isis in iraq and syria, at that point he was referring to yemen as a success story. it's clear in the last four months the situation in yemen has changed dramatically. now the counterterrorism efforts, the investment of $275 million by the state department and the pentagon in the last few years in yemen's military to go after al qaeda all of that in jeopardy. >> before i let you go. let me get in what secretary kerry has just said about the
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numbers that the air strikes u.s. air strikes have been able to do. what are those numbers? >> reporter: what we heard from the u.s. ambassador to iraq today is that an estimated 6,000 isis fighters have been killed in those air strikes that have been carried out against isis in iraq. the reason the ambassador has been talking about this today is secretary kerry is in london meeting with members of the coalition, the anti-isis coalition and it comes a day after the iraqi prime minister gave an interview to the associated press in which he said that u.s. military support had not been enough, the coalition had not done enough and they need more military help. again the u.s. ambassador pushing back today with one metric in terms of how much the air strikes have hurt isis in recent months. we have some sound that's just come from the state department about the developing situation in yemen. here's the state department's
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spokesman. >> the militants don't want to see the rise or success of al qaeda in yemen either. so certainly counterterrorism is an effort that is ongoing but i don't have any assessment. >> that can be construed as common ground between the united states and this group. >> i won't assess it further. >> reporter: so, at this point in time the state department as of yesterday not calling this a coup against president hadi. president hadi has been forced to step down. the state department in a very awkward position about where counterterrorism efforts go in terms of cooperating with yemen in the future against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> huge breaking news. jennifer griffith thank you. joining us now for more lieutenant colonel bill cowen. colonel there's no way to under sell this. this president was united states
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ally. now what? >> well gretchen, very quickly the president calling yemen a success story and then calling isis a jv team shows how incompetent this administration's foreign policy team and strategy are. i don't think we know where we go. the hutis want no relationship with the united states. that may change. it's undetermined who will be in charge. i think it's critically important for all americans to remember the importance of yemen. first al qaeda in the arabian peninsula imply indicated in the paris attacks and a number of attacks here in the united states. also it sits right next to the red sea which is the entrance to the suez canal. yemen is strategically important in terms of terrorism. >> now also at this state department briefing spokes women said the strategy in yemen, the hutis backed by iran is also against al qaeda. do you believe that to be true?
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>> i do believe that to be true. they had armed conflict with them. al qaeda is a sunni entity. the hutis are a shi'ite split again backed by iran. this once more goes back to this sunni-shiite divide that's fueling the conflict going on in libya without a doubt, syria and the same in yemen. we know what happened in iraq in the sunni-shiite divide. the scope and scale of these things happening in this region not based strictly on the hate for the west but the sunni-shiite divide sim men's. >> list jones to joe biden when he was talking about the syria situation and the whole middle east right now and whether or not we should have boots on the ground or not. listen to this. >> you asked me are we losing ground. we're gaining ground in iraq. syria. there are no boots on the ground. syria is a dysfunctional country with nobody in charge. >> what does he mean by that?
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is he advocating boots on the ground? >> well i don't know. i'm not sure about gaining ground. secretary kerry just said at the conference this last week we recovered 270 square miles. that says nothing about how many people, towns, villages we liberated from isis. the syrian situation inside syria is getting worse. the canadians had some troops up front engaged with isis calling in air strikes. it's hard to know where the president wants to go. this president and this pentagon don't want anything to do with that. >> the world continues to erupt with the breaking news that the yemen president and entire cabinet forced to step down. lieutenant bill cowen thank you for your analysis. the other big story, fox news alert just ten days until the big game and the new england patriots forced to respond to allegations they cheated their way to the super bowl. we are awaiting a news conference with quarterback tom brady.
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he's expected to address claims that his team used deflated footballs. head coach bill belichick spoke out this morning saying he didn't learn about the allegations until monday. and that the condition of game balls has never been a concern during his very long career. >> i have never talked to any player, staff member about football air pressure. >> chief correspondent jonathan hunt with more. jonathan, by his standards belichick had a lot to say. >> this is a man that's well-known for his very terse answers in news conference. he said a lot today while essentially giving us the same answer over and over again saying he couldn't say how those 11 out of 12 balls came to be deflated because he knew nothing about it whatsoever. listen here. >> i have no knowledge whatsoever of this situation
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until monday morning. i learned more about this process in the last three days or talked about it or knew in the last 40 years. >> then according to your point of view he either made a statement of the obvious about his quarterback tom brady all, threw brady under bus. >> tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something that he can talk about in much better detail and information that i could possibly than i could possibly provide. >> in a little over 90 minutes we may get some of that information directly from tom brady. he's due to hold his own news conference 3:45 eastern. >> that was announced after bill belichick said that. he threw his quarterback seemingly under the bus. some suggest that this could have changed the outcome of the
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game. what's the thought about that? >> we've heard from a couple of the colts player. one of them butler a quarterback tweeted they should replay the game. nobody seriously thinks a 47-5 blow-out was affected by these balls being slightly under inflated. the colts were beaten fair and square. even andrew luck their own quarterback said at the pro bowl draft yesterday that while he was deflated quote about the result, the patriots are a very good team. everybody would rather talk about football. certainly in the offices of the nfl at the end of a scandal tainted season they wanted these super bowl preparations to be all about these two teams. so they would like to get this investigation out of the way but it looks as though it will linger right through next week and taint the super bowl itself and quite possibly ultimately taint the legacy of bill belichick, tom brady and the entire patriots organization. >> we'll wait to see what tom brady has to see later on this afternoon. thank you.
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terrifying moments. have you stheen video. caught on a police dash cam. is it another case of officers killing a man with his hands up? why the victim was known by police before this. she was a guest of the president for a state of the union address illustrating a mom who had fallen on hard times. her back story is a bit more political than that. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in on myth jeb guns gravy and the patriots. not necessarily in that order. don't forget the breaking news out of yemen. that's probably going be the first question. we'll be right back.
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at ancestry, we call it a hint.. our little leaf that helps guide you through the past. simply type in a name and you're taken on a journey. a journey that crosses generations. and continents. all to tell the most amazing story. yours. discover your story. start searching for free now at story. this new dash cam footage showing an officer killing a man with his hands up. it started with a south new
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jersey cop making a routine traffic stop last month. watch closely as one officer calls for his part mother back him up as he spots a gun in the glove box of the suspect's car. >> he's reaching. he's reaching. show me your hands. don't move. [ gunshot ] >> don't move. >> the victim who was known by name to the police officers previously did time for shooting at police when he was a teen. one of the patrolmen who killed him was his arresting officer. both officers have faced multiple abuse complaints in the past. all dismiss preponderance of the evidence they are now on administrative leave as this shooting case is investigated. so remember the struggling mom rebecka early who president obama used as his example in the state of the union address. how things are improving for america's middle class.
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well there she is. now we're learning she was a field organizer for democratic senator patty murray from the state of washington. maybe not just somebody who recently wrote president obama a letter out of the blue. for until applications of this fascinating discovery, time for some real talk with guy benson. does it matter? does it matter that she was a democratic worker before? does it matter that the story may not have been completely as it was laid out a couple of nights ago? >> sort of, i guess. i feel like most people are already past that speech. i think this is not necessarily a giant surprise that this woman was, in fact, a democratic campaign operative not necessarily the every woman she was presented to be with no disclosure, of course to viewers at home. but this president has had an anecdote problem dating back to the 2009-2010 health care debate when the number of stories he
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told in support of obamacare turned out not to check out when the facts were examined. >> there are probably hundreds and how to sands of women who could have written that letter who tulgly do exist who haven't worked for a democratic campaign before. so just seems kind of sloppy. >> sloppy. manufactured. political theater. that's basically describes many state of the union addresses. i think they probably prefer this little fact didn't come to light. it's a detail that's not very helpful to them. but ultimately i don't think it really moves the needle all that much. >> it doesn't but they should know better. now, we're getting word of a big meeting between two gop heavy weights with major implications for 2016 former governors jeb bush and mitt romney meeting in utah today. the meeting however was reportedly set before mitt romney hinted he was considering a third bid for president. what the heck are they going
11:18 am
talk about today? what's going on? >> oh, to be a fly on the wall in that room. >> yep. >> that's going be very interesting. you're right. both sides are saying that was meeting that was scheduled before mitt romney started to shift his tune a little bit about whether he was going run for president. i would imagine that when this huddle was put on the calendar jeb bush assumed he was going to come and sort of almost kiss the ring of an elder statesman of the party, previous nominee. maybe currie his blessing or talk about fundraising. instead it's a totally different dynamic potentially with two of the at least for now in the polls which are largely meaningless but regardless two of the potential front runners for the republican nomination meeting behind closed doors, one on one maybe sizing each other up in a way that they were not expecting. >> very interesting because jeb bush offered little help to romney in 2008 and 2012 so i'm not sure how close they might be. we'll have to wait and see and
11:19 am
to only be a fly like you said. governor mike huckabee will join us with his take on the bush-romney pow-wow. as well as the breaking news out of yemen. and the patriot football scandal. and we're waiting to hear from tom brady that the team intentionally used deflated footballs. what do you think should happen to the new england patriots if if it's determined that they actually cheated? tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the #therealstory. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. marie callender's knows dinner tastes better when it's homemade. like chicken blanketed in golden breadcrumbs and wholesome sides with her signature touches. all topped with thick, homemade gravy. because dinner shouldn't take all day... just taste like it did. marie callender's. it's time to savor
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fox news alert major news coming out of yemen as one of
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our allies in the region, president hadi steps down today. along with the rest of his cabinet following weeks of on again, off again fighting with shi'ite rebels. who better to ask than how america should ask, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. great to have you on the show. >> so good to be back. >> i should introduce you as a potential presidential candidate. you haven't officially announced. >> we'll see. >> big news of the day, foreign policy. what are we to make of the yemen situation. >> the tragedy is another friendly leader of a middle eastern country is now out of office. in that vacuum most likely will come someone who is not that friendly towards the united states. we've seen this now happen in a number of middle eastern countries. we need to be concerned about it. the president in the state of the union had nothing to say about the middle east and about the threat of islamic terrorism and i think that's unfortunate. >> how would you handle it differently? >> one of the thing we got to do
11:24 am
is make it clear to the world we'll stand by our allies. we've not school district with israel or egypt. the president of egypt clearly called out the radical muslims and said the moderate muslims have to stop this and be the ones to do it. we've not done a very good job of making friends, keeping friends and we've done nothing, nothing to make our enemyies fear us. we're over there with iranians trying make nice with them. it makes no sense because we can't trust them to stop their nuclear program. this is one more situation in yemen that makes it even more difficult to navigate those waters. >> i wonder if jeb bush and mitt romney are talking about this today. apparently they are having a pow-wow together. what do you think they are talking about and how does it factor in with you? >> not so secret meeting. supposed to be secret but it's on the front page of the "new york times." what they are doing, they are talking about whether or not they are going to jointly or individually go out and announce that they are not running so
11:25 am
that they can throw their support behind me. that's what i think -- it's certainly what they should be doing. i don't know if that's what they are doing or not. let's hope that's what it is. >> that's not what they are doing, i don't think. they are obviously going after the same dollars. >> yes. >> so maybe, maybe jeb bush thought he was going to originally do this meeting and get the blessing of mitt romney. >> yeah. >> before it became clear mitt romney would be running again. >> one of the stories system of them are calling the same donors within hours of each other and the donors are confused. the donors are keeping their wallets shut right now. they are having a very interesting conversation. i wish i could be there. but i think i am probably better off here. >> let's talk about football this patriot thing is getting blown up. tom brady will give a press conference about an hour from now. what should happen to the patriots if in fact it's proven they cheated. >> nfl has to decide what kind
11:26 am
of a penalty. people say they shouldn't go the super bowl. that's harsh. they won that game -- a baseball, for heaven's sake. one of the thing that's given me some sense of perspective every nfl quarterback who has talked about this and i saw joe theisman earlier, he said it doesn't make that much different. when joe theisman comes out and says that it must not make much difference. i depend on those voices than people who are alarmed and think it's the biggest thing in the world. >> something you know a lot about, god, guns, grit, grits and grit. >> and gravy. >> that's the name of your book. >> what it's about, not a recipe book but there are three bubbles of cultural influence new york washington and hollywood. and sometimes we forget that all of the culture in america fashion, finance government mutual fund, politic, everything is basically set in those three bubbles of influence. but out here in the fly over country, the part of america that just sometimes gets ignored
11:27 am
and overlooked there is a whole different world where there's i believe a strong cultural disconnect between the bubbles, and the land of god, guns grits and gravy. this book looks at everything from guns to same-sex marriage and how crude culture has become and a host of things. i think it will be a great affirmation for people who live in bubbleville and an mind altering experience for people who live there. the book is doing great. not the safe sterile what i call sanitized message from someone who is in politics. >> by the way thank you for wearing a tie that matches my set. >> how about that? i did that for you. >> fantastic. good luck with the book. there's a new phase in the battle over the keystone pipeline. is it just a pipeline or is it a needed jobs bill? we will ask james hoffa the head of the teamsters about that as well as other teamster news.
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11:32 am
capitol hill. why not meet with a close ally when he's going to be here addressing congress march 3rd. >> good question. president obama will not meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu because it's just two weeks before the israeli election and the u.s. does not want to be seen as trying to influence another country's election. aides do note the president has had many conversations with netanyahu about the iranian nuclear matter and they will continue to be in contact on this and other important issues. a short time ago the senate's top democrat talked about netanyahu addressing congress on march 3rd. >> i have a good relationship with prime minister netanyahu. he's a leader of a country. he's going to come and speak at a joint session of congress. we'll listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: leader reid is just back from his terrible injury suffered from an exercising accident to explain his appearance. house speaker john boehner says that he feels like the president
11:33 am
papered over the threat of islamic extremists and the iranian nuclear issue and he wants netanyahu to come here to talk to lawmakers. >> very interesting. meantime the senate continues focusing its time on energy. >> that's right. the keystone xl pipeline project, they continue looking at amendments to that legislation. supporter of the bill notes president obama in his state of the union said more than 6,000 words and didn't mention the word keystone. >> why has this become a political football? well it's because the president and, unfortunately, some of his own party were wed to a political base that won't allow them to do the rational realistic practical thing which would be to approve this pipeline. >> supporters believe the president is dragging his feet on the keystone xl project. bottom line supporters here on capitol hill are trying to keep the pressure on the president to finally back the project.
11:34 am
>> thank you very much. president obama still threatening now to veto the latest keystone pipeline plan. looking to bring oil in and out of the u.s. while the president is looking for more than just a single pipeline in the future republicans are looking at this as a jobs creator right now. >> so let's set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline let's pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan that could create more than 30 times as jobs per year. >> we're working hard to pass the kind of serious job creation ideas you deserve. one you've probably heard about is the keystone jobs bill. >> so if keystone doesn't get pass this year one potential 2016 front-runner says she is not going jump into the debate. >> you won't get me to talk about keystone because i have steadily made clear that i'm not going to express an opinion. this is in our process and
11:35 am
that's where it belongs. >> so if it does pass one big winner from keystone could be the unions. james hoffa is the general president of the international brotherhood of teamsters and my guest today. great to have on the real story james. >> good to be here. >> what do you make of this give and take of the keystone pipeline. hillary clinton said she won't give an opinion. president obama not in favor of it. then you have joni ernst calling it a jobs bill. >> we're for it. we think it puts people to work. it's interesting in washington where nobody can agree on anything but this is one bill where the republicans and democrats can come together here and have a vote. labor and business can come together on the keystone pipeline. so maybe it's something we can get done that will create 25,000, 40,000 new jobs in america. we need to fix our infrastructure, we need to get people back to work. if you want to do it pass the keystone pipeline. >> you have a lot of influence
11:36 am
with the president of the united states. why is he not listening to you? >> well, he doesn't listen jenen to everything. he basically has been against this. more and more people are realizing this is going to happen and eventually there will be a vote where we'll see what happens. i do think this is gaining momentum at this time. >> congress will have to override a veto by two-thirds if he wes to it. the u.s. government announcing an to end its oversight of the teamsters 25 years which cost you and estimated $170 million over that period time. what happened? >> well good riddance. we finally got it done. 25 years is is a long time to be under a consent decree we were fortunate enough to get together and negotiate. this is the longest lawsuit that's been around forever. so finally we negotiated a settlement and really a validation of the government saying we made tremendous progress with regard to our union and the fact that they
11:37 am
sign off on this. people like ruddy guiliani. >> free trade. some democrats pushing against the president's fast track free trade proposal to make it easier network with international partners saying more jobs as a result could go overseas. despite the fact that the bill could be considered to on the senate floor by the end of the month where do you fall on this? >> we're fighting very hard to stop fast track. fast track, if they pass tha it in 1,000 pages and they vote it. there's no amendments. we're against that. we want to have -- we want to stop fast trackers. a broad group of people from elizabeth warren and others that signed on we'll stop it. the teamsters are there. we don't need any more nafta. >> a lot of people are listening to you are thinking this is a change. you undoubtedly support the president of the united states and for the most part democrats.
11:38 am
now you're against him on keystone. you're against him on this fast track free trade. does that mean the teamsters are supporting republicans. >> no. means we have positions that favor our members. we're worried about our members not politics. we respect the president. we support the president. but there are issues we don't agree on. we don't agree on everything. it's like a lot of people. >> james hoffa the leader of the teamsters international. great to have you on the show. thank you so much. on february 11th the confessed killer of real life american sniper chris kyle set to stan trial. the reason success of the film is raising new concerns about the trial including the venue and finding an impartial for the killer. his attorney plans to introduce new evidence to help support his client's plea for insanity now as well as the fact that ruth had ptsd at the time of kyle's murder. chris kyle's widow spoke me
11:39 am
about ruth's struggles with mental illness. >> i don't buy it. i don't think it's appropriate. i think it's a very lame excuse for horrible behavior. >> the courts have already given ruth a protective order and gag order for those involved in the case. his defense team still is not confident a fair trial is possible. startling new research on the effects pain killers like vicatin and oxycontin have on one born children. the centers for disease control say just today that these opiates can cause birth defects. it's the first time they studied the effects of these drugs. cdc says more than a quarter of women who might become pregnant are currently receiving these prescriptions, a quarter of women who might become pregnant. that is fascinating and amazing. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live. >> much more coming on the breaking news out of yemen why
11:40 am
it could have enormous consequences here in the united states. we heard of a deal to keep yemen's government in place. the same government that's a very important ally to the united states against al qaeda. now the yemeni president is out. the cabinet is out. the group is calling for the destruction of the united states and backed by iran. we'll talk to an author who knows a whole lot about these middle east power struggles and spent time with the taliban. that's coming up at the top of the hour. >> cartels using new technology to push their products so could drugs soon be delivered above the border instead of the tunnels below? this terror of the deep is enough to give anyone the creeps. where this freaky fish was found. and delicious deep dish pizza could put people in jail. why dominos fighting back against the fapd's new rules on calorie counts and what that has to do with obamacare.
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. time to check out what america is clicking on. a sea gull makes a recovery after getting smacked by a cricket ball. but the gull would pull through puffing out his chest and even co to the crowd. this freaky fish caught off the coast of australia. picked up in a trawling boat. he dates back to 80 million years. sheriff's office rug with a bad typo goes up for auction. the rug embroiderred to say in dog we trust instead of god. now getting 100 bids and selling for $10,000.
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so this is a part of obamacare that maybe you didn't know about. one big restaurant chain you know complaining they are getting burned by a new regulation requires exact calorie counts on menus. an executive for dominos pizza says vague wording makes it impossible to comply. this rule is a disaster for everybody. not just pizza but restaurants. and anybody that's going to fall within this law it's still not workable. lisa booth is senior director of blackrock group. and principal of clifton consulting. great to have you on the show. i love pizza. dominos does not love obamacare. lisa, what is wrong with this regulation? >> right. i love dome nos pizza as well but i think what this does it under scores the big problems with obamacare. it's incredibly complex and full of mandates taxes and regulations. not just companies like dominos that are struggling under
11:46 am
obamacare, it's also companies like h&r block as we head into tax season. h&r block said it's impossible to understand the obamacare tax code which represents the biggest change in our tax code in 20 years. it's not the confusing nature of obamacare that's problematic for businesses it's also the cost. in its first four years obamacare cost small businesses $1.9 billion and 11.3 million hours in compliance. >> she brings up some interesting points. where is she wrong, marjorie? >> dominos is frustrated about implementing something that will cost them more money. but the spirit of the law is empowering consumers to make good food choice. 25% of the increased of health care cost is directly related to the type ii diabetes. that's one aspect. >> you could argue that's being
11:47 am
pass aide long to make it the restaurant's responsibility to put calorie count because the americans can't figure it out themselves. fleeshs in and of itself. for somebody like dominos or any other restaurant when you order stuff a lacarte if you order a pizza with everything on it how do they develop a different menu for every single specific order. you said that was little cost. that sounds to me like a big cost. >> well they estimated it was about $4 to $5,000 per restaurant typical pleament the changes. here's how i look it a. in the '80ss when prescription drug companies were required to put that protective seal on our tylenol bottles. they were trying to empower consumers. i see at any time same way with food. look i work directly with the fda and actually implementing laws that impact companies and with companies and working with the fda. they are not unreasonable.
11:48 am
they are not absolutely crazy. they are trying to protect consumers. >> that's a good point. does she have a fair point >> there's nothing about empowering consumers when you put government in between an individual's doctor and their health care making decisions. it's not just businesses. if you look at families democrats said the health care law would costs would drop for families. if you look at a recent gallop poll americans listed health care costs as their biggest problem. >> controversy and discussion about obamacare continues four years, five years after it passed. wean pizza. thank you. thank you very much. time for my take. interesting that we're talking about pizza dough and companies like dominos complaining because of obamacare costs or if you like a different kind of dough. as we just heard it's not just for pizza makers this one simple element of obamacare could be disastrous for many restaurants? why? you can't put out a one blanket statement for everyone which is the main problem with everything
11:49 am
government provide the answers. how much will this cost every restaurant in america to comply? at some point you have to weigh the costs against the benefits. many restaurants are salaried with obamacare costs using extra funds that could have gone to increased wages or hiring more workers. plus there could be a case to be made for allowing home owners to personally responsible on their own. for undering what they eat. and how many calories that might be. coming up on the real story, drug smugglers have used everything from tennis balls to remote controlled cars to get drugs in the united states. guess what they are using now? yep. drones. what authorities are doing combat this new threat and then we're going to go from the war on drugs to don't miss an in depth "special report" with bret baier right here on the fox news channel.
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fox news alert because wore going back to breaking news oust yemen. the president and his parliament stepped down now following weeks of a on-again-off-again fighting with satellite rebels. they recovery ran his presidential palace and reportedly held him captive for the past two days. we're going to keep an eye on this developing story. the disturbing find near the california-mexico bored revealing the war on drugs may have a new front called the air. overnight police discover ago drone that crashland loaded with six pounds of crystal meth. is this the first time that they have been automobile to find a drone coming from mexico full of drugs? >> yes and no. the dea says traffickers have used drones hundreds of times
11:54 am
but the u.s. has never actually intercepted one carrying drugs. this one came very close crash-landing in a parking lot near the san diego port of entry, carrying six pound offing me neglect. strapped to the bottom with the a-rod was too heavy. one for told me hat maybe the cartells are testing it for distance and weight probably some $100. some believe drone smuggling could become the method of choice to ferry meth in and heroin into the u.s. with little risk. >> only a matter of time before someone tried something like this. >> you can put larger power transmitters on them. there's some people that try and modify the radios to have a longer range. >> this drone was recovered by mexican cops. no one has claimed -- >> very interesting. so how have the he drug cartels changed their game then? >> marijuana and cocaine once predominated the border drug
11:55 am
trade. neglect -- meth seasures are up, followed blows by hi heroin. a pound of pot is $300. a pound of meth 13,000. the border is huge. we can barely police it with vehicles cameras and ground-based sensors. drones are almost undetectable and depending on the range they can jump a fence go to a drop zone or waiting vehicle and if some lookouts are seen they can turn around and nothing is lost. the u.s. does have some radar built to detect airplanes not drones the size of a bird. so even if we detect it, by a camera, it could be very hard to intercept. so much of the border roads. >> no kidding. a whole new problem for the border. william, thank you so much. tom brady set to weigh in on the deflated footballs. a priceless artifact busted. how one person tried to fix king
11:56 am
tut's mask without being noticed, only to ryan forever? aximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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forget tomb raiders, museum curators -- the beard on tinge tut's tomb was hastily grewed back on after it was broken during cleaning. they used an irreverse able glue which left a gap between the face and the beard. the story isn't clear because three of the curators are giving different versions of the story. quarterback tom brady expected to comment soon of deflategate. what should happen to the pats? william says the team should play 12 games with an overinflated football. steven went the other way, saying they should get no air in the footballs for the super bowl. roy smells a conspiracy and say, where did that air go to? maybe the senate and the congress have to have hearings
12:00 pm
on this. check out the megacast for more of your favorite fox news channel programs. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> a political battle stretching from washington to israel. just minutes after the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu accepted an invitation from the house speaker john boehner to address our congress, the white house announced president obama will not be extending his own invitation to meet, and wait until you hear the administration's openings. if tried e-cigarettes, the electronic devices that kids like? a new study is challenging their safety, and researchers pointing to a serious cancer risk. this is brand new. let's get to it. what a political battle this one has turn out to be. the


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