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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jenna: we'll see you back hear in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" begins now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner from our sister network, fox business's kennedy, host of the upcoming new show, kennedy. spokeswoman for the brand initiative. and #oneluckyguy writer for "weekly standard" and fox news contributor, stephen hayes is here. a should be hair model. >> gee, i have to color that now female tweets to color it. >> any compliments about your
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hair from women? >> i will take it. >> own it. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> also have same for you. flash, how did you get here so fast? i watched you falling asleep last night. >> you watched me falling asleep? just to be clear, you did not see me falling asleep. you were falling asleep. >> you were next to bret baier. >> wait a second, what is going on? >> you got here very quickly. >> i did, yeah. it was fun. got up early. did some reading. read the papers. >> we look forward to more analysis from you so let's hit. so much for elections having consequences, president obama out of the gate swinging last night in his next to last state of the union address. apparently ignoring the fact that his party took quite a drubbing at the polls two months ago, as he addressed for the first time a congress firmly under republican control. a defiant and confident president obama threatening to use his veto power, count them four times. promising to block any bill that
quote quote
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comes to his desk that rolls back obamacare changes the dodd-frank wall street legislation, undoes his deportation amnesty, or imposes stronger sanctions on iran for its nuclear program. >> we can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance, or unraveling the new rules on wall street, or refighting past battles on immigration when we have got to fix a broken system. and if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, i will veto it. it will have earned my veto. [applause] >> the president's speech getting this mixed reaction from republican congressman paul ryan, the chair of the powerful house, ways and means committee. >> liberal speech by a liberal president. no surprises there. a lot of things i didn't agree with. some things i did. i thought it was kind of repeat of the greatest hits of the obama administration, his lines. having said all of that, his tone and tenor were less
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partisan and less divisive than we were led to believe and expect that we were going to get. there are some things he said that i think we can work together on. i hope we get those things done. >> the guys from wisconsin have great hair by the way. but republican senator rand paul he heard about a lot of free stuff but not so much how we're going to pay for it and he didn't sound as hopeful when it comes to finding common ground with the white house. >> here's the thing he wants bipartisanship? i called him several months ago. i have a bipartisan bill i'm working with senator boxer on to lower tax rates so american corporations will bring money home. he also mentioned this in his speech but to lower the tax rate, more money comes home and put money in the highway fund to build highways. lower tax rate and get revenue to build more highways on it. i caught him on it. i get no response or i get maybe obstructionism. >> meantime despite the tough talk the american public appears to have a dim view of president
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obama's job performance. fox news polls find in his sixth year of office which officially ended this week, mr. obama's approval rating averaged 41%. his disapproval averaging 53%. the approval numbers the lowest for president obama's time in office. stephen, i want to go to you first because quite a bit of cognitive dissonance. i tend not to listen what people say and watch what they do. after listening to what president obama said last night now what do you think he is going to do? >> i don't think he can do very much. this was part of the problem with the speech. in his discussion of domestic policy he is just so limited by a republican congress and he, the plans that he laid out were sort of so crazy bold that there is no way they're actually going to do any of the things he talked about with the possible exception as paul ryan mentioned about trade. i'm pretty dubious about tax reform but on foreign policy where the president has made more latitude, more freedom to operate, he seemed to be living in a different world than the
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one i'm living in. you read the papers every day, read about advances isis is making problems in syria, russia having, taken over, annexed the crimea peninsula president pointed to russia as success, as example of successful american leadership. you just think, in what world is what happened in russia over the past year a success for anybody other than vladmir putin? >> if you read the headlines yesterday, harris, you could see the middle east still burning. >> oh, yeah. >> at a fever pitch. what happened in yemen. he also didn't even mention al qaeda which was pretty shocking. >> not one mention of al qaeda by name. isis has taken hostage two japanese men on video for $200 million, we know. that they're threatening to assassinate them of the yemen president is being held hostage by rebels and we're teetering on what we will do but we pulled warships into the zone there in the red sea to get ready to evacuate our u.s. embassy in
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yemen if we need to. by the way, dianne feinstein, senator of california has gone on record saying we need to do that immediately. that is the world we're living in. i don't know if you caught this, nbc correspondent richard engle was reporting live from istanbul. it sounded like the president was outlining a world wishes we were all living in. he says the president has said that our military power is stopping isis's advance. engle said that just is not the case according to military officials i've spoken to. so i mean there is criticism, particularly on the foreign policy front, because our reality is what it is. you can't change that with one speech the is interesting the prism through which that was funneled at that speech last night. >> isn't, kennedy that the problem? that is when president obama gets a lot of his criticism? when he tries to address tough topics people go, you are living in a fantasy land, speaking of
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isis being jv originally. quon if he it read his briefings. he doesn't seem to grasp when it comes to foreign policy. that was pretty much showcased. >> it doesn't make him a weaker president or loser necessarily if he admits the global is pretty hot right now and there are tough spots we'll have pretty tough time manipulating our systems out of and around but you should at least acknowledge. though he is not running for office these are flat-out lies. this goes beyond illusion. it makes a little bit less safe if we're not honest about the problems we face abroad. >w but i think it is hard for him to say that there are problems in the middle east because if you remember he sold himself to us as somebody who had this connection to the muslim word and could solve these problems or at least simmer them down by virtue of just being obama and having had those islamic experiences as a young, young person. >> rachel before i ask you
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about the gossip because you were there last night, i want to ask a little bit about the cognitive dissonance i mentioned earlier. president obama wants to work with republicans but then threatening veto power. last night he seemed to taunt republican as little bit. >> he was viot corleone. >> digs being reelected. listen to the tone that seem ad bit confrontational. listen. >> i have no more campaigns to run. [applause] my only agenda, i know, because i won both of them. [applause] >> oh, snap. >> super arrogant, right? here is what i picked up in the room, people weren't listening. i sat next to a democrat invited, he was african-american. >> there you are. >> invited by, there you are. >> i snuck on to the house floor. and, the african-american, young man sitting next to me said this was really boring bad speech.
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which, i mean if he is not winning over that young man i think officially people have stopped listening. i've been to other state of the unions and usually there is electricity about just when the president talk walks in. i felt nothing. it was really flat. it was really strange. and also members of the other side, no one wanted to grab his hand. we've seen in other state of the unions not just under obama's presidency, but other side always wants to be there, touch the president as he comes in. they didn't. >> well there is no doubt there is atrophy. i would say midway through anybody's second term you heard them speak probably never as much as you heard this one president talk because he does it a lot. i would like to support and say this. i don't know if the young man was disinterested necessarily was a big deal because he is black. bigger deal because he was young and democrat. >> the problem with what the president said in my view, particularly on foreign policy and national security it is a problem for the american people
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if the president is sort of trying to sell us something that is not true not reality. it's a bigger problem if the president actually believes the word that he is saying. >> that's true. and by the way, if he wants to sink clint clip as gossip mongers will say, there is a big rift between the clinton and obama camps he would admit our foreign policy is disaster and he could argue she is the architect of it? >> isn't that it, steve? you hit on it. he believes his own hype and that is criticism from day one. >> does. >> i took the speech as rachel pointed out as arrogant, confrontational and expansive and all those were arrogant and confrontational government. new report shedding light on why the launch of the obamacare web psy was such a huge disaster amid new concerns that anyone who uses the site could become a victim of some major privacy violations. plus sex assault a hot button issue on college campuses
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these days but now some female students allowing booze parties at sorority houses instead of boys fraternity houses could be the answer. "outnumbered overtime," you know it starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern every day. we're unfiltered. we're unplugged. you need to plug in. click on "outnumbered tab, you can follow us online, send us your questions. ♪
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♪ >> we are back on the couch. welcome back to "outnumbered." not one mention of the obamacare website in last night's state of the union although it was an obsession in states of the union past but, site is making very big news today. according to a government watchdog agency as the administration hired dozens of contractors to build it skipped crucial steps that may have prevented the disasterous rollout. "the hill" reporting quote out of six contracts examined by the inspector general, only two had been properly vetted before the government gave the green light. most of the contractors lacked cost estimates and signatures from agency officials to sign off on the project. the inspector general raised concerns with management of the project as a whole underscoring
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there was no single point of contact to oversee more than 60 contractors. meantime, some major privacy concerns for anyone who uses the associated press is reporting that customers personal data quietly being sent to private companies that specialize in, advertising and analyzing internet data. that information can include your age, how much money you make, your zip code whether you're a smoker and if you're pregnant. now leading lawmakers sent a letter to the obama administration asking for a explanation as to how they make sure that information is not improperly shared. andrea, i ask you, is this incompetence or was this a rush to get the site up and running? >> i think it's both and there is a there's a huge focus on this not just because we've seen central command be hacked. we know cybersecurity is a threat, and if you look at information, and you mentioned some of it kennedy people have to submit if they want to sign
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up more than typical age birthday, social security number. you have to provide details about criminal past immigration and what make this is different, is the government agency the irs is sending that information to each government agency to cross reference it and to validate it. and so it is being sent all over the place, only to be sent back. so our information isn't just in certain agencies. it is in all the agencies and -- >> centralized and disseminated. >> also in the hands of insurers which is another worry. >> you make a good point. this is your most personal information. what you submit on insurance health insurance application, i can't imagine anything that i would want compromised less. steven, i know you share my love for protecting civil liberty abouts. how does it put an average american's privacy at risk? >> i think i would be very nervous putting my information in there. in fact i had a conversation with a doctor, this is now a couple months ago, and we were talking about the type of
9:18 am
questions on the website flatly. jon: i would lie, i wouldn't share all the information because i would be worried about it getting hacked. looks like this, we knew what the problems were and now we have an explanation for the problems, and the explanation is this has been implemented the precisely the way it was passed which is to say thrown together last-minute, one side not talking to the other. one bureaucracy not sharing information with the other and sharing it quickly and in an ad hoc way in a way think is troubling. >> so critical this should have been carefully measured and it wasn't. >> it wasn't. first of all, also the cfpb started by elizabeth warren consumer protection board is collecting our credit card information. so you can add that to it. as a regular person if you ever met somebody who has their identity stolen it is traumatic. if you're busy takes up hours of your life. for a president who claims to care so much about people why
9:19 am
he would risk hackers basically upending your life and uprooting it with this drama over a political agenda or over a political timetable. >> it is about control. >> says more about control than it does did caring. >> i have a copy of this letter here -- >> i know you will bottom line it for us, harris. >> i don't know if we bottom line it because i think we're get still getting to the bottom line this is concern about even before it rolled out, there were questions if you recall what was being done in terms of cybersecurity. the fact that you have this letter from orrin hatch and charles grassley, you will notice administrator tavenner, she just quit. she is leaving soon. >> the latest woman to be sacrificed to the obama altar. >> call it war on women. there was julia pierson with the secret service. nobody else has been fired. i hear you. but with tavenner, what is interesting is, they're also getting this on the record under
9:20 am
her watch. and perhaps that's necessary just to show us how badly this was handled from the beginning but my question is there going to be enough time between the time she gets this letter and the time she is leaving for her to address this? maybe there should been a few other people on letter. >> lois lerner she will peace out and government knows everything and they don't care at all. we told you yesterday how some analysts predicted president obama's state of the union would hurt hillary clinton if she decides to run for president but were they right? she rocks camouflage heels. we'll take a look how senator joni ernst did and whether she will be the gop's next star. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> well one takeaway some analysts have from president obama's state of the union last night he moved the democratic agenda farther to the left appearing to rebuff the clear preference of voters that he worked with congress and assuring americans our foreign policy is bork. -- working. in doing so he may have jean-marc de la sabliere technologied former secretary of state hillary clinton should she side to run for the white house in 2016. some are predict this they say that is exactly what happened last night. then there was this. >> let's simplify the system and let a small business owner file based on her actual bank statements instead of number of accountants she can afford. close loopholes that lead to inequality to allow the top 1%
9:26 am
to pay taxes on accumulated wealth. >> except for when they leave the white house broke. i don't know. hillary clinton could have tough time distancing herself from wall street given fact it contributed greatly to her wealth and issue could spell trouble in her campaign. hey, it is america, make the dreams come true and she is running. looks like the president was dialing up his inner elizabeth warren of massachusetts last night and getting rather progressive. so your thoughts. did hillary get a direct hit from this. >> i don't buy there is some big conspiracy where the president is putting her in a box. this is who he is and always been. he is a man of the left. this is how president obama wants to govern. if you remember the book by mark hall rin double down. they describe ad series of meetings that took place in the white house in fall of 2011 where they say president obama at that time expressing frustration he hadn't been allowed to be more progressive. he felt like he was driving with
9:27 am
his foot on the brake. that is who the guy is. if there is ever point he would have turned towards the center it would have come after the 2010 elections. rejected that entirely. governed to the left campaigned to the left and this is more of the same. >> at one point because we were doing whole social media thing when we were on last night it is interesting because if you're watching the hillary clinton account, this is what popped up. directly to president obama's account. the state of the union # pointed way to an economy that works for all. now we need to step up and deliver for the middle class. #fair shot. #fair share. sounds friendly enough. are they friends in politics kennedy? >> no, they're still operating as though economics are zero-sum game. i say it before say it again progressive sieve don't have effect to entire country when
9:28 am
they're in charge. if hillary clinton bows in this election and she will lose and if she wins we all lose. when people talk about capital-gains taxes and inheritance tax and taxes on accumulated wealth as you accumulate your wealth you're paying taxes entire time. it is very unfair system the way progressives try to project it on to the rest of the world. and last little button on this, who is going to become super-rich when leaves the white house? this president. >> yeah. all right, so the president having a little progressive springhis step. you were inside of the hall last night. what kind of response did the remarks get from fellow democrats you saw? >> they were cheering but it was split. it was interesting. i had a straight shot at majority leader kevin mccarthy. there were points he was trying to stand up and clap and trying to put a good face on it and republicans were having none of it. they were all seated. no one was standing up.
9:29 am
when it comes to hillary, i have to say, the clintons are, if nothing, opportunistic and practical in their opportunism. and i don't think that hillary is going she may do that in the primary if she were elected or move on to the general. i think she would be pragmatic to move to the middle. >> outside of a tweet did we hear from her this week? is it considered, what is the protocol if you think the president has gotten paint on you in a paint ball game? >> i think she will stay quiet and she should. this was a very aggressive state of the union speech. one way it helps her, president obama clearly defined who the enemy is. it set that up nicely for her as far as being republicans but she is in a really tough spot. analysts said that speech last night took her to the very far left. this is place idealogically and politically hillary clinton has been before, i do think she is very comfortable there. she sort of needs to be there right now because of the prospect of elizabeth warren
9:30 am
running. think about it harris does she support what president obama says and risks alienating moderate middle and a lot of people who voted for her husband? or does she completely reject it and risk alienating the base? i think hillary clinton is in a tough spot after last night. >> i know who i had helped. elizabeth war en. >> absolutely. the president is setting table for her -- >> new car smell? i don't know. >> elizabet the people. everything will be free when she is president. i so look forward -- >> she was hugging everybody. anyhow meantime iowa senator joni ernst getting positive reviews following the republican response to the state of the union last night. there was no glaring into the camera. did quite a good job. the senate's only female combat veteran, worked worked in a few folksy references to her up bringing and slammed what she called the president's failed politics. take a look. >> americans have been hurting but when we demanned solutions
9:31 am
too often washington responded with the same steal mind set that led to failed policies like obamacare. it's a mind set that gave us political talking points not serious solutions. serious solutions. start starting with reforming congress to make it work again. >> the thing that terrifys me about the republican congress is they have the potential to spend as much money. what do you say, steven >> that scares me to. if i was adviseing the republicans i would say come out with a big issue like tax reform. and not corporate tax reform but everybody. individual rates, a flatter and
9:32 am
simpler system. make that the big come out issue and talk about that for a few weeks. that wasn't her job last night. i think she did a good job filling the role she was supposed and came across pleasant and knowledgeable. who she is and what she is stowing doing is important. the fact she is from iowa a woman and from the military. >> she is still in campaign mode don't you think? >> i don't want to know about her background. i want to know about solutions >> i think any time you have a speech and rebuttal you are selling your platform. i don't think anybody expects you to get up there and fix the problems. wouldn't that be awesome? what senator ernst is getting
9:33 am
according to the feedback is she was positive. there were threats of veto and the president saying he won the last two but she didn't bite on that. she went positive. there is a lot to be said about that. >> if obama taught us anything it is that image matters. this is a brand new face for the republican party. they tried to paint the republicans as old, white women but here is a woman and anti-hillary and i thought it was refreshing fun and i loved the shoes. camo works in wisconsin. >> i think the republican party could have set her up a little better and i would like to say something other than the typical backdrop. >> a lot of people and an energized audience. why not come out with one big
9:34 am
idea and say we are proposing that and we will pass it through the house and senate. something big that would have made a headline in the room full of people. because i think the left is threatened by someone like her. instead of the flag backdrop and le lectren. >> if you are trying to show a different republican party. if the president is getting cat calls and you are standing there in an isolated forum -- >> she had great shoes. >> some female students are staying letting sororities host parties could be the answer to solving issues. and head to our website for "outnumbered" overtime.
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some female college students believe they have the answer to curbing date rape by letting sororities hold sororities host the parties. this comes after the rolling stone published a story they later retracted about date rape. female students are telling new york times that letting females host the party gives them an
9:40 am
advantage like what areas are off limit in the house and what is in the punch. but some experts believe it will not lead to a decline and warn it could backfire leading to more risky behavior. i was in a sorority so i can see the benefits of having the home court advantage because if you get drunk and pass out you can do it in our own room and all are a lot of females around. thoughts on this? >> i have a teenage daughter and i have thought about dropping her off at college and it makes me nervous. the first thing i will tell her is if you drink it is dangerous and makes you vulnerable to date or gang rape. i think the false security message this sends to young women, that if you are in your own sorority house, this isn't going to happen, i think it is
9:41 am
the wrong message. it isn't the location. it is the booze. >> is this just women stepping up and saying look, we want to take control back which i think -- >> when we argued this they said we are justifying rape. >> you are justifying empowerment. what a system that only let's parties happen at male paternties. if you want to have dry houses that is fine. or sororities with zero alcohol and parties i think that is fantastic. you would find a lot of young women who are smart and serious about academics that want to party. you will have clean sheets better drinks and your girlfriends to back you up so
9:42 am
you don't back yourself into a horrible situation. >> the university tells the patern paternties you cannot have it? >> we would have a social schedule and they would work together to plan it. most of the parties were at the paternties. this isn't saying it will prevent it because girls can bring guys back their home alone or you can bring booze and drinks into the room. this isn't foul proof just a good idea. >> i went to a school that was 85 percent greek and no alcohol at parties and men were not allowed on the women floors even. i think the way to handle the
9:43 am
sexual assault issue is take it out of the hands of the university. give deit to law enforcement and punish the offenders and raise the punishment on the offenders and that would go a long way to solve the problem. >> harris quick thoughts? >> i think it is about really what is happening to the body and less about location. i like the idea of women sticking together. i think we should travel in groups and pairs in such situations but the message here is when you over-drink stuff happens. and that is a conversation we need to have with our kids as we send them off. >> the measles epidemic is growing in one state and dozens of students had to be sent home
9:44 am
from school once officials learned they have not been vaccinated. and there is talk about mitt romney running for the president but one person is offering advicead vise saying don't vice -- don't do it, mitt.
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9:48 am
>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, jon scott on what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> france is charging four terror suspects in relation to the attacks that left 17 dead around paris. we report live from there. a measles out break continues to spread in southern california and high school been sent home to stop the spread of the illness. but there is growing evidence parents who fail to vaccinate might be in part to blame for the spread. our panel weighs in on what we can do stop this. stocks are up and gas prices are
9:49 am
falling which is good for consumers not not for the oil industry where it is impacting jobs. we will have an update and steven hayes you are my hero. >> we will sit here in the dark and watch you after the show is over. >> megan mccain the daughter of senator and former presidential candidate, john mccain has advice for mitt romney. he writes helping her father run multiple times was the hardest thing she did and how hurtful the rejection is. when i think about what they might go through again i shutter. i like mitt romney and i like his wife and children but take
9:50 am
it from someone who knows, being the direct spawn of a presidential nominee is argious and very public. >> what is interesting is she is delightful and when you see her with her dad they are so sweet. what do you think? you have a beautiful family and i don't know if people know how many children you have. >> i have a dozen. >> how did you feel? >> it is really hard. and i think honestly megan mccain is telling the truth. the hardest part is seeing people saying mean things about hour husband and having to explain the to kids it isn't true and giving them advise on how to handle it. it takes a lot from the family with travelling and such.
9:51 am
it is tough. but i believe romney knows >> i believe he has consulted his family about running before. i don't think mitt romney should run but there is one positive. if he does he will keep jeb bush honest. if he doesn't run, i feel it could turn into a carination. >> you know harris i said before, not bullish on a third run for mitt romney, and not for the reasons megan mccain mentioned, but i believe he could put the heat on bush or we will be the party of the bush's. >> ronald reagan gave it three stabs. the third try is the golden one. you look at beautiful families that were able to get through it. >> you heard romney supporters make that exact comparison with reagan. mitt romney said ann romney was
9:52 am
more supportive of a third run than his children. >> his children are grown. i think her warning is a good one to heed for younger politicians like people like paul ryan who has young kids. it is difficult campaigning and might be harded to become president. the dynamic of younger children who grew up in the white house is tough but it is hard for it to be the child of a famous parent in any realm whether it is politics or whatnot. >> they are a close-knit family. >> thank you for setting an awesome example. your family is beautiful and you are a special mom. when the football itself is a big story what happens? the stunning new allegations about deflating footballs in the patriots win on sunday. the game that sent them to their
9:53 am
sixth super bowl of the tom brady era. is there a big rush to judgment or was there something more to the scandal? did they cheat or not? when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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... .... ... ...
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>> pretty poison. >> exactly why we use that song. i don't think the patriots dropped anything. they were catching all of it. the growing scandal and what is growing over deflate gate took a dramatic new turn. espn reported that the nfl found the 11 of the 12 balls patriots used was underdeflated. there are only allegations in this case. >> who wrote this? you know who wrote this. i promised him i would read it and so let me finish. go back and i can make them
9:58 am
happy. this is not the first time the patriots led by one of the greatest coaches ever. bill bilechick was accused of cheating. complicated though. i am watching on twitter. there is scientific proof to the fact if you inflate the balls with warm air and take them outside you will have deflation because of the cold. >> yeah, this is true the probably not as much deflation that we saw in this particular instance. it is 11 of the 12 and it is suggestive. but it is important not to leap to conclusions. and it would be interesting to see what the indianapolis colts were. >> i don't remember the kick off temperature for the colt's game. >> it was like 51 degrees. >> thank you, jay. we are outnumbered because we
9:59 am
have a staff of producers that love the patriots. >> they are talking in my ear. >> this is not the first scandal. remember the deflate rates. and remember when they froze the scoreboard. >> i will not say tom brady is handsome. >> it was fun, stephen hays to watch them until they took the air out of football and fun out. >> we have two cheating coaches in the super bowl and that's why. i am betting both of these. pete carol. why do you think he left usc in >> and that is stephen hays, pete. he is a truther? >> and i am not there. >> and we are running out of -- >> it is important
10:00 am
investigation. our senior producer and line producer and everybody in the booth are from massachusetts. so there you g. right here for out numbered. gen and john, "happening now". >> we start out with a fox news alert. the white house responding after house speaker boehner invites netanyahu to talk to congress. >> he invited him to talk about the threat posed by iran. the unhappy white house calls boehner's invitation a breach of protocol. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> we are a economy where only a few of us are wealthy. >> president obama hitting income inequality head-on. and that is chances for everyone making the


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