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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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typical, idiot like a lot of hollywood hypocrisy. but we want to know what you think. let us know. that is all the time we have left tonight. thanks for joining us. have a good night. it's on tonight. >> i would take your marginal rate back to what it was under bill clinton. go back to 39. you can afford that. >> president obama seeking more tax hikes on the well-off in business. also telling republicans not to mess around with iranian sanctions. we will discuss it. >> they were trying to kill our soldiers and i'm willing to meet my creator as for every shot i took. >> the usual suspects like michael moore throwing verbal grenades at "american sniper." tonight we'll tell you what's going on. what's the vibe like out here? what's the mood? >> depends on if you're on that side of the road or that this
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side. >> also jesse waters travels to texas to a big muslim meeting. but he's not greeted warmly. >> they are saying i can't go in. >> caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. thanks for watching, president obama in the real state of the union. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. as you may know the president gives his annual address tomorrow evening and is expected to ask for higher taxes on businesses. he may also ask republicans and some democrats to back off on iran, which is evolving into a dangerous situation. a new poll by abc news says the president's job approval rating is improving. talking points believe the
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approval rate inging is going up a bit due to the perception of improving economy and lower gas prices. republicans will not accept a a tax hike. the president doesn't really care. he continues to play robin hood trying to take from the rich and appropriate to the working class. with no hope no hope of getting more tax increases, barack obama setting up hillary clinton's run for the presidency in 2016. the president is wrong on the tax issue. his income redistribution policies have stifled the economy. he needs to just stop. . finally the situation is improving slightly. please don't muck it up with the social justice stuff. with about 35% of american homes getting some kind of government welfare apart from social security and medicare, critical mass has been reached. a culture of dependency is making america weaker. there's no question. but again obama doesn't really
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care. he wants the symbolic kudos for looking out for the folks. on the iran front, the president is correct. . republicans and some democrats want to reimpose economic sanctions against iran. they would be dormant until june 30th and kick in if iran doesn't make a new weapons deal. sounds logical, right? but it's not necessary right now. and might give iran a bad faith argument. they could say they don't respond to threats. if america has to take drastic action against iran, the world must know we did everything we could to be reasonable with these people. we bent over backwards. given the iranians an excuse to walk away from the negotiations now isn't a smart move. let it play out. if a nuke deal does not get done in june drastic sanctions are back big time. everybody knows that. no need to poke the mullahs now as satisfying as that might be.
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the world must know that america is the reasonable country here. it's very important. the state of the union address is and always has been an evening of propaganda. truth is the economic policies haven't really worked. america's stature overseas has fall skpn there's no effective plan to counter the jihad. that's the state of the union, the talking points edition. now to the top story from washington. fox news analyst charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong? >> you're right on taxes, wrong on iran. let's start with the state of the union stuff. obama knows there's not a chance in hell of this get ingting past. it wouldn't even have gotten passed through the previous congress. there's no way it's going to get passed. he calls it tax reform that's a fraud. this is tax and spend you raise taxes here and spend the money there. it's the oldest democratic game.
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obama is doing it for one reason. he's campaigning in the sense that he's campaigning for his legacy. and the reason he wants to do this is to lay down sort of a statement of what the democratic party stands for after he's gone. in other words, he wants to be the man who changed or at least who brought the party back from the clintonen meaning the bill. clinton idea of a party that was moderate, that was able to balance the budget, that abolished welfare, that's the clinton idea the moderate sort of center left. obama is not a center left man. he wants to change america and he wants to change the party. it has nothing to do with reelecting or electing hillary. he wants the party to be the party of obama and to define it as a robin hood party. >> let me show you where you're wrong about hillary. barack obama he doesn't have any use for the clintons.
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i don't think they even like each other very much. but he knows and so does hillary clinton, that in order to get elected president, she's got to play the entitlement game. has to. has to mobilize african-americans, hispanic americans, people who can't get a job, ill educated people, they all have to vote for who. the more entitlements that the republican party say no to, the party of no, the more mobilization there are in those presints that want the entitlements, so that's the setup here. >> i'm not sure that's true. if you werehill hillary, the only thing she has going for her, she's not a good campaigner. she's not endearing personally. she has no record as secretary of state. she left not a trace as senator. the one thing she appeals to is the nostalgia for the clinton
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years. she represents the return, at least the subliminal message is you vote for a clinton, you get -- in the '90s were peace and prosperity. it's not a hard left message. i think she would be stepping all over it if she tries to pretend to be an elizabeth warren. she can't carry it off. she tried it with that ridiculous statement that corporations don't create jobs. >> you're right she's not good at it, but they need the coalition that elected and reelected barack obama to be intact. they need them to come out. the only way they are going to do that is the sbiet. lment thing. let's get to iran. iran doesn't want to make a deal. they want to humiliate america and see how tough they are. we all know that, okay? we all know that the sanctions that brought them to the table in the first place can be reimposed fairly quickly. so i say don't give them anything. don't give the enemy anything.
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lay back, you don't get a deal smack them as hard as you can smack them. we may have to take military action against them and the world would have to know this is the last resort, we tried everything. >> i don't want military action. i don't want to push it to that point. i do think our one chance to get a deal is by putting the economic pressure on them. and what's been true, what the ironens have seen is that the president promised when this so-called interim process began about a year and a half ago if we didn't have an agreement within six months, it was the last-ditch effort, he would reimpose sanctions. he extends it. then it runs out in november a second time. what does he do? impose sanctions, absolutely not. he extends it again. the thing is that america is in a position to impose sanctions, but obama has shown not the slightest inclination to do it.
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you want to be able to walk intons, if you want successful negotiations, and i do and you want to be able to say the congress is the bad cop and you're the good cop, you say i want to deal -- >> but he can do that without passing the measure. >> but nobody thinks obama will do it unless he is forced. he resisted sanctions all the way through. >> if he doesn't do it, all hell is going to break loose. >> he's already had two chances and he didn't do it. hooels extend it again. >> then it becomes a farce. >> it's already a farce. he gave away to start with, weakened sanctions even before the negotiations began. i want to see success and you do it with pressure, congress is offering for free the pressure and obama is refusing it. >> charles krauthammer, everyone. the factor is one of the news
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on sergeant beau bergdahl? last may president obama traded five top taliban commanders for bergdahl who deserted his unit in afghanistan. they promised to investigate the situation and that investigation was completed in october. but public still can't see it. the general in charge of the investigation based out of north carolina is staying mute. an army spokesperson saying the inquiry is ongoing so he cannot speak. few believe that. he's a four star, is a patriot.
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he's holding back the bergdahl information. some say the white house has ordered him to do that, but that's speculation. one big mess. joining us from washington is juan williams. they get away with this because most of the press doesn't care and the big stone wall at the pentagon is impossible to penetrate. what say you? >> i love a conspiracy theory as much as you do bill o'reilly but this doesn't wash. it's not worth it to the obama mig administration or to the military to stone wall this. one, the secretary of defense have no say in what is a military investigation. and two, this kid, this confused, unhappy guy has a history of having walked away. so either he was awol or a deserter. but we know he was being held in a cage by the bad guys. >> but all of that doesn't really matter.
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what matters is that in october october, major general kenneth dahl handed this report to general miley in october. done. it was done, complete. it's january now. october, november december, january. so they are sitting on the report. they are not investigating anymore, it's over, it's been done. this is a second investigation, mary katherine. they know and they won't put it out, but it's okay with juan williams. he doesn't have a problem. do you have a problem? >> i think it would be nice to hear this and hear the results of the investigation. here's the thing the military was put in a a very bad situation by the obama administration's apparent inability to google beau bergdahl before they made the
8:16 pm
swap. it's in their interest o to slow walk this kind of thing. i'm not willing to say they are doing that at this point. >> we may you both. >> you said yourself we don't know that the white house has pressured him so that's the point i'm making. that being said, i will point out to you that on many other occasions, obama care regulations delayed for political reasons. the executive amnesty, delayed for political reasons. when it came to the secret service scandal, "the washington post" pressured the inspector general to delay a report in july of 2014 to avoid having it released. there's a pattern here. >> it's circumstantial evidence. the fact remains that the investigation has been completed for three months. so all we want to do is know what the investigation says. >> but it's standard operating procedure that the investigation
8:17 pm
is not released before the final judicial decision in a military case. >> what could be take inging the time for three months? >> i don't know, but i'm going to tell you something, the point here is if you want to say this is controversial, the controversy is what mary katherine was talking about. the trail of -- the trade of the five taliban leaders. >> the american people can make up their mind -- juan this is insane. the american people can make up their collective minds about the effectiveness of the trade when they know exactly what bergdahl did. that's a key element. >> no, no, no let me tell you something. is it worth it to get our american soldier back no matter what? because that's what we do. >> i don't want to go over the million. i don't want to hear it. >> we get our people back. we don't want the bad guys to hold american soldiers and do
8:18 pm
bad things to them. >> mary katherine, 30 seconds. >> it is relevant what went on with bergdahl and the fact they thought this was an easy win. >> it's supposed to be a free society. it's o our money that's paying for all of this. and they are hosing us in a way that offends me. do you believe politics is involved in this decision? >> i think politics is involved with every one of this administration's decisions. that's what they do. also in lieu of anything else on their minds. columnist attacks rick perry. very interesting. karl rove has thoughts. and megan kelly and a muslim
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impact segment tonight "new york times" columnist gail collins hammered texas governor rick perry over the weekend. he had a successful 14-year tenure as governor in texas and may run for president. joining us from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. this is really funny. we had had you on the satellite and you looked the way you always look and you can describe that. then the satellite blew up we think academy might have done it. now we have to talk to you on the phone. >> i hear you. >> you pull all that makeup on for nothing and it doesn't matter with you. now i read that column and i said, they are afraid of perry because gail collins is a close tie to the editorial board at "the new york times." they are afraid of him because of his economic record and he's
8:23 pm
a conservative guy that they wouldn't have any problem with him. that's how i read that attack on him. what do you say? >> gail collins has an obsession with texas. she wrote a stupid book in 2012. anybody who thinks the national agenda in 2012 was texas agenda is not in touch with reality. so she diminishes all things texas. she has a personal obsession with perry. she wrote this book after doing some research in texas, but her research was pretty lousy. texas has a phenomenal record in job creation. last october texas between the time the recession began in december of 2007 to october of last year, texas jobs have grown 12% adding a million jobs. the other 49 states combined were still a million jobs below -- they had dropped from
8:24 pm
where they were. >> particularly since he's got the new glasses. >> the very hip glasses. >> he looks like he could be teaching at yale. that was just my takeaway from it. you may be right, she just doesn't like texas. a lot of the polling is coming in on the republicans who may run for president. you got a lot of big names out there. romney, bush, the governors, a whole bunch of them. what has jumped out at you from the polling you have seen so far? >> let's remember everybody is juiced up about this cbs poll. it's one poll, it's in january, there are going to be several agencies that will come and go befr the election begins to gel. remember at this point in 2007 and 2008 barack obama was an asterisk. the one thing that did jump out at me, this is just a poll in which they say are you comfortable with them running, are you willing to see them run,
8:25 pm
do you wish they would run or don't. you have three groups of people. you have the romney, bush, huckabee bracket where these people know him, they like him, they want them to run. then we have a bracket where they don't know them but those that do know them and like them and that's rubio and ben carson. they have a then we have two people who are not -- who are a little better known but they are upside down. they have room to grow, but they are upside down in a fewer group of people know them. then we have this group at the bottom where they are upside down that's to say more people say they don't want them to run than want them to run, but there are a large number of people that don't know anything about it. so it says to me that this race has a long time before it begins to tell. three candidates have passed the bar. the rest of the crowd has work to do. they have time to do it.
8:26 pm
>> thank you. plenty more ahead. we have three controversial reports for you. mike huckabee's new book goes after the first family regarding beyonce. megyn kelly on hollywood lefty attacking "american sniper." we hope you say tuned for those reports. (woman) caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr® to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, like aricept® it may improve overall function... and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. (man) namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had a seizure disorder difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney, or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking.
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if you put gravy on guns you jam it. gravy and grits and guns, you have to separate the two. >> it's not intended to be something you'd eat. not even southern recipes. it's really the land of god, guns grits and gravy. the people who live out there in the flyover country. >> i got nervous. i didn't want to have anybody have their gun jam. one of the controversial things that the liberal press seized upon in your book was exactly what i said six or eight months ago. that the singer beyonce a fabulously talented woman. >> incredibly talented. >> worth $150 million doesn't need money. makes a video that is very explicit sexually with her husband jay-z. for adults i don't care. but for children, it's between
8:31 pm
young girls between 10 and 14 who are vulnerable and don't know how to process this. with the out of wedlock birth rate in this country with the traditional family we have a problem. so i said maybe this isn't a good thing. they came after me. you wrote almost the same thing. they came after you. why did they -- why do they u see themselves as the defenders of all things beyonce? >> i don't know if it's specifically about beyonce. it's also this sense that she is an empowered woman. but i think most of us would say it's not empowering when you become an object, a sex object. >> but they can make the argument it's her husband and herself and that's what they do. but the vehemence that comes out of this, that surprised me.
8:32 pm
what do you have invested in this beyonce? why? >> i think they like her and admire her talent, but i do too. she has the bessette of pipes out there other than maybe mariah carey. she has all the talent. she doesn't have to go. there to be successful. >> she chose to do it. >> she could be a trend setter and an example. rather than somebody that parents ought to say -- >> first family are friends with her. i don't know if you end the friendship over a video. i didn't go that far. >> you certainly don't, but here's the thing. the president said in an interview that he can't listen to beyonce with his daughters when they are listening to it and he says they are listening to it because it would embarrass him. the point is, bill, if something is embarrassing to listen to with your daughter, maybe your daughter shouldn't be listening to it if it's embarrassing to you. >> it's a complicated age if
8:33 pm
which we live to. kids with this internet stuff, they know everything. i believe the press doesn't want judgments made about any behavior except from people they don't like. but because a guy like you and me would say this kind of behavior put in front of impressionable children is wrong, they don't want that. >> that's the essence of the message. there's a cultural disconnect between people who live in these bubbles of influence in music entertainment, government and politics, new york washington, hollywood. take those three bubbles and compare it to what i call the bubbleville versus the bubbaville, the people you speak to every night, there's a big gulf. >> they have power. >> incredible power. they set the cultural table for all of america, but they don't understand the people in bubbaville. we understand because every television show and movie is
8:34 pm
about the people in the bubbles of new york, washington and hollywood. but the people in the bubbles they don't understand. why do people go to church? why do people own guns? >> they look down upon us. the book, check it out. when we come back megyn kelly on hollywood throwing grenades at "american sniper." moments away. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes.
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up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. controversy out of hollywood. first of all, som racial tension surrounding "selma." none of the black actors in it or the director were nominated for academy awards. i have not seen the film, but since many african-american performers were nominated last year along with "12 years a slave" winning best pick tur, it's hard they would turn racist so quickly. but you never. know. there's another controversy brewing. "american sniper" took in over $100 million at the box office breaking all kinds of records for january.
8:39 pm
far left looms have condemned the film and its director clint eastwood was not nominated for best director even though the movie is up for best picture. here's why. in the body of the film, there are two references to evil. both are about al qaeda atrocities in iraq. also u.s. forces are portrayed as good guys. but america is not seen as a villain in the film. clint eastwood did a masterful job directing the movie. it's almost flawless and the story moves incredibly fast. but. he wasn't nominated because he openly supported mitt romney in the last election and is not a liberal person. his own distributor warner brothers did an awful job back. ing eastwood for an oscar nod. with us now, megyn kelly you did not see the movie. >> if it's not made by disney i
8:40 pm
haven't seen it. i have three kids under the age of 6. >> this isn't a movie for. children. very tough film. what do you want to know about it? >> i'm interested in how they portray him as a man. we see these military films and he's a sniper and he does all these kills that protect american service percentsonnel, but what happens when he goes back home and sees his wife? does he struggle? does he integrate? what is life like for him? >> we had chris kyle on "the factor." i don't know him but i interviewed him and spoke to him. and bradley cooper looks like him, sounds like him. and the movie was a very straight forward -- this is what eastwood does. he tells the story. he doesn't throw in a lot of frills. he doesn't throw in a lot of side stuff. >> but does he humanize him?
8:41 pm
>> you feel kyle's anguish when he comes back to the united states and he knows that his skill is not there anymore to protect soldiers in iraq. you feel that. you feel the anguish of his wife because he goes back four times in ten years. >> very little down time in between. the left doesn't like this movie in part because they say chris kyle referred to killing these iraqi -- the enemy as fun. they question whether we should be glorifying someone like that. >> i have to say that the sniper is glorified to a certain extent in he did his job very well he is brave and his first priority were his guys. >> michael moore says snipers are cowards. that was his headline today. >> here's the deal. this guy he's an anti-american person. he hates the country. and he sees anyone supporting
8:42 pm
the country in a military role or political role as a bad person so we dismiss him. seth rogan he was in the north korea movie. so he's taking cheap shots at eastwood saying there's some kind of correlation what chris kyle did defending the soldiers and the marines to the nazis. so rogan doesn't know anything. if he were sitting here what do you think would happen to him? >> i think he would be talking about "pineapple express." >> what the sniper did to the terrorists, i would have to do to rogan and it would be that quick u. >> the film did get nominated for best picture and actor. >> but it was personal with eastwood. >> what do you think about "selma"? there's all this controversy about why that didn't get nominate ed nominated. the same thing, it got nominated
8:43 pm
for best picture, but not best director. >> i cannot tell you anything about "selma" because i haven't seen it. somebody who used to review films -- >> you did? >> the technical prow wes combined with the the lightning fast story line is as good as a director can do. you can't do any better. >> i'll tell you why the "selma" director didn't get nominated. they did one thing wrong and that is the director said every film maker views a movie with their own point of view and originally that film was much more slanted 2w0rd lbj but she didn't want to make it being a white savior. the problem there is that she managed to tick off the one group you can't tick off and be nominated for an academy award and that is the liberal elites in hollywood to whom lbj is a savior. >> the movie is historically
8:44 pm
wrong. >> correct, but they were more in favor of the voting rights, but she didn't want to portray it that way. >> i have to see the movie but eastwood got hosed because he went up on the stage at the republican convention and did the empty chair. that's why he wasn't nominated. megyn kelly, check her out at 9:00. water is on deck. he goes to a muslim conference in texas. things get. a little tense. waters is next. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. back of the book segment the muslim conference edition.
8:48 pm
in texas outside of dallas, hundreds of folks attended "stand with the prophet" a conference and fundraiser. one of those people was jesse waters, kind of. >> what's the point of the defend the prophet rally? >> this is the month of the prophet's birth and it's just a motto celebrate him. >> i filled out the media form and i bought tickets too personally. now they are saying i can't go in. >> there's a certain type allowed. >> i thought this was supposed to be open press. i came all the way down here from new york. >> all the media is right up front. >> they can't ban us from being at a conference center. >> they rented it out. >> why can't the press come in? what's going on in there? we're not hiding anything in there are we? can recome in?
8:49 pm
>> if you didn't fill out a press pass -- >> i did. do you think the convention would be better served if it was protesting islamic jihad? >> we had a wide variety of conferences. >> that's great. i want to hear more of that. the keynote speaker in there is a co-conspirator in the bombing. >> i'm not going to accept that propaganda. >> it's not propaganda. it's legal fact. president obama doesn't like to say islamic extremist. does that make you feel better? >> i think it gives rise to islam phobia when we associate extremism with a religion. >> it didn't take down the trade center center. islamic fascists did. let's love. bring it in. one of the keynote speakers in there says he wants to replace the constitution with chareya law. >> is that what he said? >> do you think islam phobia is
8:50 pm
a bigger threat? >> the biggest i think the biggest threat to united states is the united states themselves. >> with all due respect that doesn't make sense. don't you want to fight the jihadist sns. >> i want to fight anybody trying to take the lives of innocent people, that includes the united states government as well. dude, i was in the military. >> did the u.s. military train you to kill civilians? no. and that's what al qaeda does. seems to be a lot of turmoil in that part of the world. a lot of beheadings. >> right. >> why is that tolerated in the muslim world? >> because that's what we believe. it says in the quran that woman shouldn't be able to, you know go out in public wearing regular clothes. >> when women aren't allowed to drive in saudi arabia, do you think that's right? >> i just believe what the quran says because i'm a muslim. >> so if you believe in sub ja gaiting women because that's what the quran says? >> no. >> would you like sharia law in
8:51 pm
america? >> yes. that'd be nice. >> am i going to hell? because i'm not muslim? >> yes you are going to hell then. >> oh, man. >> you should come to the mosque. >> i should? >> yes. >> well, they won't let me get into the convention. what are you protesting? >> sharia law, they think they're going to impose it here and it's not going to happen. >> they've been saying there's a lot of islamophobia out here. >> no, if you were to ask the survivors of the family of those people in france if it was islamophobia say they have islamophobia. we love muslims. we love them. but we just don't agree with what they do. >> you've been out here for six hours, still not allowed in. i just spoke to someone who said the organizer specifically barred barred "the factor" from coming inside. >> denouncing --
8:52 pm
>> i wouldn't know that because i wasn't allowed in. do you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> all right. here's watters. so outside they were friendly to you it seemed. nobody was mean were they? >> well, the police and all the organizers weren't nice to me. i bought tickets to go there. i was credentialed and they wouldn't let me in? >> who's they? >> well, cair was running the press shop anybody having anything to do with the conference wouldn't let me in. they had a lot of police there because there was a gigantic tea party press and there was a gigantic s.w.a.t. team there as well. >> who was the police agency? >> local garland. >> they said you couldn't go in and you had a ticket. >> yes, they revoked my ticket and as i landed in dallas they refunded my money. they let other local media in to shoot the first 20 minutes and then booted them out. >> did you hear from the folks outside was there any radical
8:53 pm
stuff going on in there? >> it's hard to say because it invites suspicion because they won't let you in. >> well, they just don't like us. i understand they don't like us. >> they wouldn't let anybody in past 20 minutes. who knows what was said in there. i know some people as i talked to wanted sharia law in the united states. >> but let's give the kid a break, he's 12 years old. >> he sounded a little brainwashed. but the other guy was pretty radical. >> jesse watters everybody. "the factor" tip of the day what martin luther king would think about america today. the tip moments away. music: melodic, calm music. hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call... ... please leave a message and i'll get back to you... ... just as soon as i'm available. thank you for your patience at this busy time. join us for stargazing with discovery at sea. enjoy cruises from four ninety-nine during our 50th anniversary sale. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess.
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fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. "the factor" tip of the day what martin luther king jr. would think of contemporary america in a moment. first, the new don't be a pinhead show about 80% sold out after few days on sale. see everybody in cleveland june 5th memphis june 6th.
8:56 pm
atlantic city at the rigata hotel. has details. now the mail florida, bill your talking points on muslim nations fighting the jihad was right-on. how about muslims holding a million-man march to protest silence. texas. it's not the muslim world that doesn't understand islamic religion, it's the west that doesn't understand islam is not a religion of peace. if it were why is there so much violence and tolerance and oppression in muslim countries. fair question, ben. while traveling the world i spent some time in the muslim nations of egypt, morocco and kuwait. the muslims i met just wanted to make a living, not wage war. but over time the lunes have become more powerful because they are so ruthless. and the authorities with only a few exceptions tried to appease them. that has to change. nick, waller texas, bill glad
8:57 pm
"the factor" is tracking absurd delay in the bergdahl case. the military is an obligation to the folks. john, east meadow new york. bill excellent report on berg daul. this is political and the military's going along with it. david mills ontario, canada. bill, seems you are giving a free pass to hillary clinton the lady in waiting. where does she stand on rad call islam? mrs. clinton is not in the arena yet. we'll analyze the issues in a fair clear way. plenty of time. florida, bill, regarding your tip of the day, i'd rather die five years early than drink japanese tea. we'll miss you, doyle. chris, nevada. please tell us what do you drink, bill? i don't like to endorse products, chris. so this is not an endorsement. i get my japanese tea from a website called cho-wa.
8:58 pm
it tastes awful. ron winter connecticut. student in military history i learned a lot from reading "killing patton." i'm not sure what was worse the duplicity of fdr and churchill with the savagery of nazis -- not even a challenge. fdr did what they thought they had to do to save their countries. general patton disagreed. finally tonight "the factor" tip of the day, dr. martin luther king was 39 years old when he was assassinated in memphis, tennessee april 4th, 1978. a nonviolent man felt deeply for his people and for his country. he deserves the national holiday we celebrate today. while researching kennedy i got to know dr. king fairly well. i think i'm qualified to say he would be fairly disgusted with what's going on race wise in
8:59 pm
america today. dr. king valued a person's character above all. he did not want americans divided by race. dr. king wanted equality, compassion and opportunity. america's not a perfect country, but we do offer more opportunity than any other nation on earth. our laws strive for equality. again, no system is perfect but the laws are there. finally, compassion, here is where we all fall down. too many of us of all colors are interested only in ourselves. the world is becoming more selfish by the day. and dr. king would have been deeply disappointed to see that. "the factor" tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also we would like you to spout off about "the factor." o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no invective when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn up next. i am bill o'reilly.
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please always remember the spin stops here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight in less than 24 hours on one of the biggest stages in american political life with millions watching the president will propose his huge sweeping new tax hikes that he must know will never ever become law. tonight, we have a new look at why he may be doing that. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. president obama set to deliver his sixth state of the union address and his first since republicans swept the midterm elections. the centerpiece of his speech a plan to raise $320 billion over ten years from a host of new tax proposals. and both the president and


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