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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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sugar. you don't go through spikes, don't have the crave. vitamins and niacin. and it reduces the death from cardiovascular tide and disease. start your day with oatmeal, that's a good one. and blueberries. >> fox news alert now a drive by shooting outside the home of vice president joe biden. i'm harris faulkner. multiple shots fired outside the secret service security zone as they call it. bullets racing past the biden residence in delaware. peter duesy is near that scene of the shooting live in wilmington, delaware. peter, we are going to go to you now with the tlatest on this. >> reporter: harris, this is where it all went down lat the middle east night at about 8:30 p.m. a car raced done barley mill road in the vicinity of the vice president's house and fired multiple gunshots out the window of those gunshots were heard by secret service agents but then
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that car somehow got away. now the vice president and dr. biden were out to dinner. but local police quickly set up a perimeter and they came across a suspicious man about 30 minutes later. here is what the newcastle county delaware police say quote, while on scene, officers contacted and detained a male subject, the individual was not charged in relation to the shooting. but the secret service says he was arrested for resisting arechlt so far the search for damage from gunshots has turned up nothing. the same goes for interviews with neighbors. just after this went down there was another report of gunshots near a reservoir about ten minutes away. we don't know if it is connected or if it fits together. but you get a sense when shots ring out in a quiet neighbor like this, especially when the vice president is usually here that is certainly cause for alarm and the secret service and local police are taking this very seriously.
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>> peter, i know you have just gotten from and you are gathering more details. as the news warrants we'll bring you back. we want to let everyone know later on in this hour we are going to bring in a security expert on what the secret service is facing now. when you have a high-profile official like the vice president's residence and something that's become a focus in the news today. so we'll talk about this a little bit later. as peter gathers more information, we'll bring him back, too. now moving onto the tight security that's happen pg u.s. across europe following days of terror sweeps and arrests. for the first time in more than two decades belgian troops are mobilizing on the streets of cities. this after raids of a suspected terrorist cell which authorities say was on the verge of attacking police officers. meanwhile, we are learning french authorities have released three women who were arrested on friday in terror sweeps following the paris attacks that we saw there. amy kellogg is live in pair wis
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the latest. it's been quite a ten-day span. first the newspaper was hit. then two hostage situations and now this huge terror sweep. >> reporter: yeah i think people feel there is more to come harris. we can't tell you too much more about the nine people who remain in custody here in paris. it's eight men and one woman. we don't know what extent they are part of a criminal gang or some sort of terrorist organization. but it is believed harris that they are connected in some way with kul bally who is the terrorist who tack hostages at the kosher supermarket last week. but it's possible they also have links to the brothers who killed people at charlie hebdo. i think what's complicated for police is they don't know how interconnected this terror cell is because both of kul bally and
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the brothers claimed allegiance to different terror cells. a plalt plot was broken up. the plan was to ambush police stations. france is still in shock after the attacks of january 9th. enter poll has said that it's extremely difficult for law enforcement to foil every attack. thousands of independent actors or semiindependent terror suspects who are out there are very difficult to track. the sense of unity from last sunday's smarch starting to fray. "charlie hebdo," the publication of another muhammad caricature on the cover there, has led to some tension particularly in the muslim community. today, a demonstration that was planned, islamism oufltd france demonstration, was banned at the last minute by police. but some of those demonstrators still tried to come oution to
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the streets. and police have very quick to get them away, harris because there's just concern that things will spiral out of control. finally, the two kouachi bothers were buried unmarked graves in their hometown by law over the weekend. >> you know what is so interesting, amy, you talk about how difficult it is to track these guys down. the u.k. home secretary said last week look we know of at least 600 jihadis who have gone to iraq and syria, trained and come back to the homelands in the you united kingdom and they are trying to keep track of all of them. they were already on the radar to begin with. not only are they hard to keep track of. they don't have the manpower to keep up with all these guys. amy, thank you very much. now let's go to iraq where kurdish military officials say isis terrorists have released at least 200 captives. and the story they are telling are tough to take in. women, children, the elderly
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with signs of violent abuse and neglect. some in very poor health. but they are free. those freed prisoners are members of a religious minority in iraq. one of the released hostages talked about his captivity. >> i don't know the details of why they released us, they are very bad people. they took women and children and they did all the bad things with us, we've been humiliated with them. >> all the bad things with us. the former prisoners had been held captive for five months. after the militants raided their town over the summer. next door, now, to iraq, and syria, where the islamic state savages that we were showing you have spread their hate. air strikes are underway but this time against the terror group hezbollah. israeli reportedly hitting them hard. they claimed claim to have killed five of groups leaders.
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today's attacks in the golan heights. hezbollah fighters have been supporting the syrian president in the country's four-year civil war. that conflict reportedly has killed more than 200,000 people. now let's go to the white house. and looking ahead to president obama and the state of the union address that's scheduled for tuesday. we're understanding that he plans to lay out is new budget that would raise 320 billion dollars over the next decade and help middle and lower class families by raising taxes on the wealthiest among us and on big banks. kevin cork is live in washington with the latest on this. kevin, exactly how does the white house propose to pay for all this? >> reporter: good afternoon, harris. it's really a combination of things. they are looking to have new taxes, and higher fees. and of course time you here fees here in washington that's a fancy way of saying another tax. take a look at how the administration hopes the pay for the 320 billion dollars. they are hoping first of all to raise capital gains rates to 28%
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on those making at least $500,000 or more annually. they also are looking to close the trust fund loophole. that means if you execute a trust now you'd have to pay taxes taxes once you get distribution. they are also looking to raise fees on banks that have more than 50 billion dollars in assets. but banks aren't buying. >> it is a nonstarter. we're not just bun good tax increase away from prosperity in this station. >> and that is exactly how republicans are going to talk about this. you are going to hear that refrain throughout this budget battle, harris. >> a couple of things there that caught my -- fee is fancy for tax. that's catch frazee. i love that kevin. you are my new bumper sticker. >> absolutely. >> this this seems to be i don't know a broader white house strategy for 2016. what are you hearing? >> absolutely spot on. you are on the money. this is sort of if you will paint by numbers, income,
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inequality campaigning. frankly, it has worked in the past in some quarters at least. but florida's mark arubaio says not anymore. >> this is a 20th century outdated model the president is following. the notion first of all that in order for some people to do better someone has to do worst is not true. raising taxes on people that are successful is not going to make people that are struggling more successful. >> reporter: it's not going to make those who are struggling more successful. you are going to hear a lot of that. and how the argument plays out in 2015 could go an awful long way in determining the narrative for the 2016 white house race. >> i heard the voting narrative this past election was people want jobs. so you don't want to do anything with businesses, big businesses and the wealthiest among us thatto would stop that from happening. >> i'm glad you said. that exactly. people at home want work. they want to make more money, want to keep more money. and raising fees and taxes i'm not so sure it's going to get
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that done. >> well, fans fancy kevin cork, good to see you, our first time on the air together. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> sure. the field of possible candidates for 2016 and the republican nomination is growing again. south carolina senator lindsey graham hinds hinting at a possible bid for the oval office saying he has set up a committee to look into his chances if he tides decides to run. watch. >> we are not polling but we set up a testing the waters committee under the irs code that would allow me to look beyond south carolina whether or not lindsey graham has a viable path. the good news is i'm in john's will and i get part of the estate. i don't know where this is going to go. i'm definitely going to look at it. i think the world is falling apart and i've been righting the wrong when it comes to foreign policy. >> it may be interesting to
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point out his state is unwith of the first to host a primary. a coastal storm is bringing rain to the northeast. that's a huge improvement to the ice storm we woke up to. it has been a flat out dangerous mess. thick coating of ice here. 50 cars piled up. in the video you see here. it is part of what is shaping up to be a pretty bad scene. in some case as deadly one. what a weather day around the united states. will carr is following it for us. will? >> reporter: hi, harris, bad weather has definitely created a lot of havoc across the country this weekend. check out this video of the massive pileup in philadelphia. it involved 30 to 50 cars. authorities say that it article? ed traffic for hours. they say flash freezing created the icy conditions on interstate 76. one person was killed in the crash. two others were killed in a separate crash in philadelphia as well.
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down south north carolina saw black ice on the roads heading into the weekend. one driver says the dangerous conditions caught him by surprise. >> we felt somebody hit us hard in the back. and i didn't even know who hit us. i had no idea it was this much ice out here until we stopped on the side of the road. >> reporter: 12 people were injured in a pileup in oregon yesterday. oregon state police say when they arrived there was a thick sheet of ice along interstate 84. 50 to 70 vehicles ended up stranldsed at that scene n. new jersey this morning, icy conditions brought traffic to a standstill and success spenled some transit services and created headaches for thousands of drivers. across the country, rain in both upper corners of the map particularly in both seattle and new england, that's important because there is two big nhl nfl playoff games going on today in areas that are seeing a lot of rain. this is a shot from southern california of the santa monica
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pier here where it is a balmy 70 degrees amount of lot of people are going out to the beach. they are playing volleyball, they are going surfing. while the rest of the country is battling all the weather elements, some around here are having a pretty good sunday. >> yeah, you know will, those poor people in southern california, they just have too much sunshine. >> it's raining sunshine. it's raining sunshine. yeah. >> world's smallest violin. thank you. after two weeks on the run the teenaged couple called the new bonnie and clyde, they hit a snag. the worst kind for them. also. also, pope john paul ii francis is drawing a staggering crowd in the philippines. and a suspected terrorist being moved to a kentucky jail. he is accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol. a look at how the fight -- the evolving threat of lone wolf terrorism is going. stay close.
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a record-setting crowd turning out the see pope francis in the philippines. local officials estimate 6 to 7 million worshippers braving steady rain in manila to see the final mass of the pope's pilgrimage to asia.
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the papal mass of pope john paul ii drew 5 million people back in 1995. pope francis is focusing on children asking the faithful to protect their youth from sin and vice so they can become missionaries of the faith. authorities have now moved an ohio terror suspect to kentucky as he is awaiting yet another day in court. we understand that has just happened. 20-year-old christopher cornell is accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol. his arrest comes on the heels of the deadly terror attacks in paris. it's raising questions about how do we fine and root out the threat of lone wolf terrorists? let's bring in captain chuck nash a retired navy captain and a fox news military analyst. it is always good to see you, thank for being with us. >> my pleasure, harris. >> a little bit earlier i was talk being this idea with amy kellogg. she is in europe right now d.
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fact in the u.k. they know they have 600 jihadists who left to have gone to syria and iraq and have come back to the united kingdom. do beef that same thing here en masse where we have hundreds of these guys coming back? >> i don't think it is as big a problem as they have in the u.k. they have massive problem because a lack of integration of the muslim populations that come across from subsaharan africa and from the middle east. our immigration issues come from the south, from mexico, and central america. >> sure. >> so you've got a dramatically different population that you are looking at. so it doesn't appear to be as large here in the united states. are there sleeper cells here? depending how you want to define and call a sleeper cell, are
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there people who sympathize with the islamic state and other radical groups, absolutely positively. are they radicalized enough to act out? time will tell. >> you say that the border situation is more of a problem for us. what could you like to see happen. everybody talks about building a fence. i mean strategically, more than anything physical, besides a fence, what do we need to be doing in an intelligence way. >> i think we are doing everything that we have the tools to do and that we have the legal authority to do. >> do we need more legal authority. >> well, that's up for the intelligence community to determine with our elected officials. because at this point there are rumors of what we're doing. but only the people on the inside who are read into those programs know exactly what we're doing. but are we monitoring social media? yes. do we have people, who, as you pointed out, with that gent cornell, the knuckle head from ohio -- you know how did he get -- he got flipped because he
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was talking to an fbi informant who he thought was a bad guy. so, look we're doing everything. we are talking to people. we are infiltrating these groups because, quite frankly these knuckle heads are pretty self identifying. and when they start acting out, they start leaving signs and tippers. we follow those things. a lot of it is done electric tronlically. and like i said, the intelligence community is all over that. a lot of it is basic good police work, police intelligence work. and the fbi and the local police departments, new york city intel police, the intelligence group at the new york city nypd, they are fantastic, world class. >> one of the best. >> yeah. so i mean all of that cooperation, what we need more of is better cooperation between these agencies because every time something happens it's like oh, wow i thought we had that fixed after 9/11. then we find out these people weren't talking to those people. that's where we need to focus. we are spending enough money.
1:22 pm
but are we learning the lessons, collating the data and sharing it properly. >> i'm writing thing down that you mentioned. demographics come to mine. these guys that you call knuckle heads -- i have other words for them -- they tend to be very, very active on social medai. we just saw the twitter center of centcom get hit. are we ready when sitcom's twitter page gets hacked? >> it's a real dilemma, harris. i'm glad you brought this up. because at my age of, and thinking in the military and everything, i've got a mind-set -- i didn't grow up with computers. ham radio was a big deal for me. today you have got youngsters who are growing up with computers from day one. so they have a completely different view of how to use the same device that i do. so we could be sitting in a chair right next to each other and you have some teenager who is flying through these things and i'm going slowly.
1:23 pm
so it's not just that. it's how you think about cyberspace, how you think about the connectivity and everything. it's radically different. those who are senior and in charge don't think the way that young -- and especially if you look at muslim populations, the vast majority of them are much younger than 30. most are age 15 to 25. that's where the big demographic bulge is there. >> it sounds like the recruiting is going to make the biggest difference. by the way, you look savvy. very, very quickly because we don't have much time, i understand from your notes that it takes about seven of our guys to keep track of one bad guy. you know, this lone wolf? >> yeah. >> your thoughts? >> well -- and that's the problem with police departments in that they just don't have the manpower. so a rule of thumb is you want to keep track of somebody 24/7 it's going to take you seven people to do that. >> wow. >> so when you look at the
1:24 pm
situation in paris the two that killed the 17 people at the magazine, they knew about those guys but their cell went dormant for about four years so they took them off the list because they thought maybe they broke up or whatever. no. they just went to sleep and then came right back and executed the staff at the magazine. so we don't have the manpower. we don't have enough good guys to follow all the id bad guys. that's why the intelligence, the electronic intelligence and the monitoring has to come into play. it has to be our fulcrum our lever to deal with this situation. >> captain nash, one of our good guys, to keep us informed. we appreciate it. thank you very much, sir. >> my pleasure harris. a bizarre and violent incident involving a professional golfer. the australian says he feels lucky to even be alive right now after what happened. and president obama will be calling for huge tax hikes on the wealthy.
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we touched on this -- when he delivers his state of the union address. ahead, what else can we expect the president to unroll as he appears before congress and the rest of the nation tuesday night? stay with us. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's no routine blood testing.
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and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super absorbent micro beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena lets you be you. let's talk politics. as we reach the bottom of the hour, here's what's happening. the white house is gearing up for tuesday's state of the union. and previewing some key themes the president will hit on including a plan to raise 320 billion dollars in revenue, by taxing the wealthiest among us to help the middle class. watch. >> he's going to talk about maw middle class economics brought us back from the brink and butt put us into a position where the economy is growing. and ways we can help the middle
1:30 pm
class. we are going to push for those thichks. some are be legislate i have been proposals the republicans won't love. and some of them may be executive action. >> kevin is a reporter for the hill. a daily newspaper when congress is in session. it is definitely that. let's talk. kevin, 320 billion dollars to help the middle class. i'm going to take what in my right hand and i'm going to mix it up and put it in my left. how are they going to pay for this? >> thanks for having me harris. i appreciate it. i was talking with folks on capitol hill last night when this first came out and again this morning in the financial services industry. they are wondering if this is a state of the union address or if it's a political stump speech designed to kick start the 2016 presidential cycle. president obama wants to raise 320 billion dollars in revenue. he wants to do it by increasing the capitol gains tax, currently, it is a at 23%. he wants to raise it five
1:31 pm
percentage points to 28%. when he took office it was at 15%. he wants to raise that money to use to it government spending at a time when the new gop congress that wants to do anything but that. >> wow. you know i'm just wondering for big businesses the capital gains tax at 28% -- please correctly because i don't have all the figures here but it sounds like europe. >> well you know what's interesting here is that the democrat party is at a crossroads. after the midterm elections when the republicans took back control of congress the democrats have a choice to follow senator warren, a more pregnantive liberal path in the democratic party or they can be more send tris and work with republicans in this new gop controlled congress. clearly the president is signaling with this economic plan that he is following the warren wing of the democratic party. this is a defiant plan and something that will definitely kick start a national discussion.
1:32 pm
but republicans are going to have to answer. republicans are going to have to come back and say hey, wait a minute, this is not that we're defending the wealthy, but they've got to put forth their own plan about how -- we always talk about wall street. but how main street is impacted by these higher tax rates and how it frees up capital to keep these taxes low and to help kick start small businesses across the country. >> i'll get back to the warren wing of the democrat party in just a second. i know the president has called for a new car small smell in a presidential candidate. i don't know if that meant elizabeth warren or not. let's go back to how the gop answers this and does so successfully. how would that go? and what do you think that their answer will shape up to be? well that's a great question. and it's one that senator joaniernst a raising star within the republican party, newly elected in the last midterm election -- she will be giving the response to the president's state of the union the republican response, on tuesday night. and i think they've got to look
1:33 pm
at it, you know twofold. i think first and foremost we talk about the divisions and finance will the differences between the warren wing and the more centrist groups of lawmakers. but there is a lot of consensus on issues like cyber security, on issues like job creation in order to get certain capital assistants standards to lower them, and to some extent the dodd-frank legislation, to reform that. so much of that hasn't been implemented yet since it was created in 2010. so there are areas that they can work together on. but republicans are going to have to say that they are not the party of no. they are going to have to put forward a plan. they are going to have to say about how -- when you raise taxes on some how that's going to negatively impact people's pocket books across the country. >> yeah. well, one thing that republicans will be able to talk about as we inch our way towards some sort of a supreme court decision about obama care and the subsidies there and if they
1:34 pm
start to kind of chip away. if for some reason this goes against the white house and the president on his landmark legislation and they start to wipe away those subsidies for 36, 37 states. that will give a way for republicans to say look you are going to be saving money on this portion. >> when you talk about obama care, especially in the business communities, more consensus on the things like restoring the 40-hour work week. and repealing the medical device tax. something that warren has even shown support for. yes, there are parts of even obama care that there are bipartisan consensus, but i have got to tell you when the read the economic plan that the white house put out last night and when you look forward to tuesday night about what the president is going to say, clearly this is a progressive tax policy plan that has virtually no chance of passing a republican-controlled congress. it is a clear move to the left. and republicans now are going to have to answer back. and we'll have to see what they
1:35 pm
come out and put forward with. >> the jr. senator from iowa, joanie ernst give the republican response on tuesday night right after the state of union. you previewed that a bit. quickly, how big of a shift or a rift or a slit is in the democrat party. you talked about that warren wing. and you have not hillary clinton now stepping up. we don't know 23 she is running but it is a possibility. >> oh, she's running, right. >> that's what you think. okay. >> no. hillary clinton, i think hillary clinton is definitely running. i think this elizabeth warren and her supporters would like to have concerns about hillary clinton's more centrist economic policies and i think that they would like to move the 2016 debate to the left to some extent when you look at a preview of what the president is going to be saying tuesday night, they have been somewhat successful. but, you know i think that we always talk about the tea party versus the centrists, i think in
1:36 pm
the next couple of years we are going to be hearing more about the warren wing versus the centrist democrats. >> all right kevin fun to have you. it's been great. >> thank for having me. >> from the hill. have fun tuesday night. pop some corn when you watch it. >> it's like the super bowl. >> the political super bowl is the state of the union. cute. police in florida have captured two teens who are being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. 18-year-old ball ton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriends shy yen phillips are from kentucky. they are accused of going on a crime spree across the south for the past two weeks. before they were finally nabbed last night in panama city beach, they were definitely successfully on the run. brian municipal yez is in the new york city newsroom. i call that 13-year-old girlfriend an underaged captive. my goodness she is young. >> reporter: that's what police were thinking.
1:37 pm
apparently she was more than a captive 678 thankfully this story had a different ends than the bonnie and clyde movie. they were captured last night in panama beach florida after local pa trooel troll officers spotted them sleeping in a parking lot in this stolen toyota tundra. they surrounded the vehicle and arrested hayes without incident. police were becoming more worried in recent days because the stolen truck had two loaded handguns inside. they will be extra indicted later this week in kentucky. hayes faces charges from burglary, criminal mischief and custodial interference for taking a minor from her parents. 13-year-old phillips is currently in the temporary care of the department of children and families and will face most of the same charges but in juvenile coral. court. the arrests bring an end to a
1:38 pm
14-day police chase that spanned five states. the couple stole three vehicles burglarized a home caused thousands of dollars in property damage and forged checks. the grais grayson county sheriff in kentucky suspects hayes was calling all the shots and ran away because he faced burglary and theft charges from an arrest last year. the couple has been dating for three months. hayes announced they were engaged on facebook the same day they disappeared. phillips even told friends at school that she's pregnant. the hayes family says the 13-year-old had convinced them all she was really 19. but by the time hayes found out, he was already in love. harris? >> all right. brian yennis, thank you very much. pga golfer robert allenby says he was the victim of a brutal beating and robbery this weekend in honolulu. wow, look at the picture. he is 43 years old. and he was in town to play during the sony open tournament. but he didn't make the cut on
1:39 pm
friday. he says he was kidnapped after leaving a wine bar eventually waking up at a park more than six miles away with his money, driver's license and phone all missing. allenby says a military veteran found him and helped get him back to his hotel. police are investigating this as al robbery. a suspected terrorist held as an enemy kbatdant after 9/11 has been released from jail. and shots fired outside the home of vice president joe biden. it is where we started this weekend. it's raising questions about the protection of our top political leaders. stay with us. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
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a man who once pleaded guilty to plotting to help al qaeda is now on his way home to cutter. he has been in u.s. custody more than a decade and the u.s. declared him an enemy combatant
1:44 pm
after 9/11 and held him for nearly six years without charging him. the man named cutter admitted to having contact with the 9/11 mastermind: the secret service is under pressure after a series of white house security failures last fall. now investigations are ensuing after gunfire near the home of vice president joe biden. this was his private residence today in delaware. peter duesy is reporting ist vice president and his wife were out to the dinner when it happened. a vehicle was seen speeding away. the gunmen remain at large today. a former navy seal and federal air marshal is here with us. i want to start with you've been to the official rents of the vice president. >> right. >> tell me about it. >> it's similar in nature to the white house it's set off.
1:45 pm
it has a guarded area. it's close to the naval observatory observatory. so you are not just going get up there and access that area. it's well closed off and protected. >> and this was different? >> that was different because this is a private residence. even so, what i'm starting to see is the failure again and again with secret service to forward think these things and stop them the people, from accessing it before it even happens. >> all right. so i do want to preface this. we do not know how close they were to the residence last night. >> correct. >> and it's my understanding the shots were fired, this vehicle was driving by. that may or may not have been the target. the house is set back quite a ways. you saw the gate. you have got a guard gate there. what i hear you saying is that the the secret service in the climate that we're in certainly after problems at white house with accesses and breaches there -- but also just the climate that we're in we know that the enemy is hunting us. we know that isis and al qaeda,
1:46 pm
whatever these guys want to call themselves, we know they are looking to target our military pennel and high-profile assets. >> you had captain nash on and i agree with the majority of what he says. i do disagree with him, though n the way that he said that we're doing everything we can. i think we have everything that we need. but it's that we can't use it a lot of the time. and one of the biggest things when it comes to these types of incidents is building the relationship with the surrounding agencies. and -- >> he mentioned. that he said that's a problem. >> it is a real problem. and i think that you saw it in dc when they had a woman who tried to crash the game. you've seen it at the white house when they had a shooting before and they didn't even realize that the white house had been this happened last year. >> right. >> and in this case just knowing that this person traltdor was fleeing is not the same as surrounding units of having standard operating procedures. and we can't always fault secret service fully.
1:47 pm
there has to be regulations, there has to be policies and standard operating procedures for the local and surrounding groups and how they work with secret service. >> tell me what's happening today today. because i would imagine even if we don't know all the particulars on what the target was and if this was just a kraeds driving down the street -- but i would think when something happens and it's near where a general is staying, execute gets heightened just in case. what's happening today, what will be going on with the secret service. >> i'm glad you brought in the military part. here's the difference between military and federal and local law enforce. . with the military you forward think those. you already have an idea who would be coming at you. whether a terrorist group or someone accessing them because they don't like the military or whatever. with the secret and local law enforcement a lot of times you have a breakdown with forward thinking things other than when they have route planning and so
1:48 pm
on and so forth. with this case they are probably scrambling to look at who it could be. trying to set up -- working together with law enforcement to collect video in the area and known kmatder. because this may have been just a dry run for instance. or it could have been somebody who is just mentally unstable. >> and you are right with the military, i mean we saw that crazy isis video, that nine minute video put out less than a week ago naming our military personnel in term of those targets that they would want to hit. that's not same thing as -- i mean our elected lead are always targets i guess you would say in terms of what crazy people might do. >> you would think that might be something that we're already ready for. just like twitter. twitter is an open source network. you know there is a chance that somebody may no, ma'am and try to hack it. and they did. and everybody acted surprised by that. you have to realize and forward think who your enemy is and what they are going to do. we have the ability to do that. >> before i let you go, you hear
1:49 pm
a lot of criticism against the secret service. i did some special reporting a couple years ago when there were having problems with the prostitution skantle skpandle so on and so forth. but there are great things these guys do. what do you think is their big challenge and where they need shoring up? >> i think having worked closely with the secret service with the u.n. general assembly and those types of events you are going to find no better men and women that are out there guarding these officials. the problem i think with the secret service is you have two things. you have executives at the top that are incompetentent that have checked boxes to get to the top like every other federal agency. and the other problem -- this has always been my criticism of the skrot service, you very young people coming in who do not have military experience. when it comes to guarding the president i know the secret service is the best at what they do. however when you go through the military you are trained. you have basic training that gives you insight and forward
1:50 pm
thinking ability that i think they are missing. >> jonathan gilliam weeck took it right up to the end to go into the commercial break because i wanted you to finish your thought. >> we're going to have to
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>> energy stocks are rallying on wall street last week helping the market break out of a five-day slump. meanwhile the price of oil and gas continuing to fall. the national average is $2.07. i actually cannot complain about that. i can't work up a complaint about cheap gas but analysts warn the oil industry is on the verge of cutting production. that is the rub. that could put jobs in jeopardy. brenda butner is here, anchor of "bulls & bears." there i am filling up and saving money but, at the same time, what is the flip side? >> yes, going to the pump is actually cause for celebration these days. on average the american household will save $500 a year. the problem is, they are not spending it. if they were spending it we
1:55 pm
would see a redistribution from the energy sector to other places. they are not spending the money. that is the problem. tons and tons of oil producers and the whole service industry that supports them are lay off tens of thousands of people in part because the oil price has dropped to nearly a six-year low and dropped 50 percent in six months. that is difficult on the big and little companies. >> you are saying we are not spending the surplus. there is also the threat with municipalities saying, well tax you for the difference. >> absolutely. we are seeing taxes in many states -- the. >> they will not let us enjoy the break the we might spend it if we didn't think the other shoe would drop in the form of taxes. >> you are absolutely right. usually it does. consumers have a reason not to spend. >> when do you see them going
1:56 pm
back up or is that too clairvoyant talk? they ebb and flow. >> they do ebb and flow. in 1985 the biggest bust we saw oil prices dropping 67 percent. they are down 57 percent now. it took two decades to go from bust to boom. is that going to happen new? we don't know. i will tell you shale has changed everything. it is easier to get out of the ground. i think that may help us. >> i will see you back for "fox report," 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. we will have hot topics with political insiders. howard is next. cause you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things.
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. >> that will do it. have a great week, everybody. >>on t >> on the buzz beater, at "charlie hebdo" sells millions of copies the first issue after the massacre why are news agencies refusing to show this cover, where a teary mohammed says "all is forgiven." that is the policy of msnbc cnn,npr, "new york times" and britain's sky news. >> it is crazy. you cannot show mohammed in this cover. >> we appreciate not showing that. i apologize for our viewers who were offended by that. >> the media


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