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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 17, 2015 11:30am-2:01pm PST

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the resources to file your tax returns? >> i'm willing to try it but i don't think it will end. >> i'm paul gigot, i hope to see you next week. a fox news alert -- belgian troops fanning out across their country. on guard to prevent another terror attack by radical islamist terrorists. this comes after dozens of suspects were swept up in anti-terror raids yesterday across europe as the continent stays on edge in the wake of deadly attacks. welcome, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn. meanwhile, one of the gunman who killed 12 people at the "charlie hebdo" newspaper, said kouachi pictured on the right he was buried in an unmarked grave in
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northeastern france. the mayor of the town didn't want it the location has been kept secret. so as they hope to not attract other militants and turn it into a shrine for murderous jihad. amy kellogg is standing by with the very latest on this developing story. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, eric. said kouachi was buried in the city of reins and it's an ancient city one of the most important historic cities where french kings were crowned and yes, as you mentioned the mayor was absolutely adamant, eric that a terrorist would not be buried in his city, fearing it would become a pilgrimage site for jihadists. but here in france, eric, regardless of the circumstances of your death by law you are guaranteed the right to be buried in your hometown. so in this case, the state overrode the mayor and now another town is preparing for
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the burial of the second kouachi brother. that would be cherif kouachi. and that's going to be in a paris suburb and people there are having predictably mixed reactions. he will be buried in an unmarked grave. his brother was buried in the middle of the night in a secret location. it is still nearly impossible in paris to get your hands on a copy of the survivors edition of "charlie hebdo." the usual print run is 60,000. now, people here are saying they need 7 million to satisfy the demand. the terrorists not only did not kill "charlie hebdo," but they made the magazine the hottest item in paris if not the world. but certainly not in places like nyjer, africa, where the protests against another muhammad cartoon on this edition of "charlie hebdo" have spiralled into violence with
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deaths and seven churches torched or ransacked. pakistan too has seen a violent reaction. thousands took to the streets of the city of kur achy today. an important plot was busted up the army is now being deployed and that nearly unprecedented in belgium. in germany too. particularly in dresden where anti-islamic protests happened very regularly. so that is a city that is extremely on the edge and here in paris, eric, the authorities finally blocked the permit of a rally that was supposed to happen tomorrow. it was going to be islamism out of france as the theme and police were really worried that this would spiral into violence as well. so that has been blocked. we'll see what tomorrow brings here on the streets of paris. >> all right amy thanks so much. eric, iran bans a newspaper
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for publishing an article allegedly indicating support for "charlie hebdo." this after a front page headline quoted actor george clooney as saying, quote, i am "charlie hebdo." which has become a universal form of tribute. iran has condemned both the satirical newspaper for publishing cartoons of the prophet muhammad as well as the deadly attack on its office. meanwhile, another dangerous incident in europe, a fire that broke out at the french end of the chunnel. that links great britain and france. thankfully, no one was hurt, but passengers were evacuated from trains and given gas masks. police say a fire in a truck triggered that alarm and all the trains have been cancelled today. some operators are providing refunds to the passengers. pope francis is in the philippine the country with the
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third largest number of catholics in the world. part of his asian tour. the typhoon left more than 7300 people dead or missing in 2013 and destroyed more than 1 million homes. meanwhile, a tragic accident happening yesterday during a visit. a 27-year-old woman was killed after being hit by scaffolding. she was among 150,000 people who attended a mass celebrated by the pope. bewill have live -- we will have live coverage from manila at 2:30 a.m. eastern here on fox news. after a string of so many rallies that were protesting law enforcement, well, there's a different kind of rally today showing support for police. and it is being called the sea of blue. it's taking place right now in washington, d.c. those taking part paying tribute to honoring law enforcement especially after the cold blooded killings, the assassinations really of the two new york city police officers last month. they prompted demonstrations
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such as these and peter doocy has a different message. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, eric. there were blue flags and shirts that started at the national law enforcement's memorial down the street and took about 20 minutes to get here to the steps of the united states capitol. a few hundred people showed up and the whole point was to support police in a peaceful way. of the few hundred, everybody who was coming up wanted to make sure that we paid attention and realized that this was a stark contrast to many of the other rallies and marches that we have seen around the country that generated headlines for the wrong reasons. >> it's very frustrating. very frustrating. yes, people make mistakes, but that shouldn't be a generalization for all. so, i mean, that's the only word i can think of is it's
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frustrating. >> reporter: the sea of blue was dreamt up by the wives of three local officers. we heard from several siblings of fallen officers as well as widows. the march remembered the fallen and served more of a salute to officers who are alive and well and risking their lives on the job every day and night. >> people are ready, people in our nation are ready to show our officers that they care. that they stand up and they support our officers. it's civilians, it's civilians that are coming and not just law enforcement families. but the majority of the people are civilians. they have had enough. and they want to show that they care about our officers. >> reporter: and we may see another sea of blue even after the newspapers and tv stories about tensions with police have passed because as the event was disbursing a moment ago, the
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organizer said see you next year. >> thank you. okay, eric, well dangerous conditions preventing divers from reaching the fuselage of airasia flight 8501. so just how long will weather hamper the recovery efforts? >> plus how to stop iran from building a possible nuclear bomb. and president obama and british prime minister cameron they're urging the u.s. to hold off on more potential sanctions against iran, will that strategy really work? >> the likelihood of the entire negotiations collapsing is very high. and if that happens there's no constraint on iran. we have shown that we are credibly trying to solve this problem and avert some sort of military showdown. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping
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i'm asking congress to hold off because our negotiators our partners, those who are most intimately involved in this assess that it will jeopardize the possibility of resolving a -- providing a diplomatic solution. i will veto a bill that comes to my desk. >> well, that's president obama delivering his most impassioned criticism so far of calling for new sanctions against iran. he along with david cameron argued that it could torpedo the talks with iran. some in congress have demanding action on new sanctions and the president does not want it. will they hurt or help?
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joining us is eleanor ratner and brad blakeman former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. great to see you. brad, so is nicesy nice going to work with iran? >> it hasn't worked so far, has it? as president he said iran won't get a bomb and eric, iran is going to get a bomb under this president. they know they have two years they're running the clock on him. and congress knows, senators like menendez from new jersey a democrat has said, mr. president, your approach has not worked. it's time to use congress as a leverage to get iran to do that which you have tried to do for six years and failed. >> they say, look, they have said in the past that it's illegal and immoral to have a bomb. you don't believe what they say in tehran, that it's against their tenets? >> no, i wouldn't trust iran as far as i can throw this building. iran has proved themselves to be unhonorable unhonorable, distrustful.
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they're an enemy of israel and of the united states. they're causing chaos in the middle east and against american interests. they should not be interested. use reagan as an example. trust but verify. verify and if you can't verify you can't trust. >> so ellen, what about trust, don't verify, and what about these sanctions? >> well, first of all, i don't think the sanctions are going to work and i'll tell you why. number one, iran has taken -- well, they took and put them in jail in july and an american who has iranian citizenship who worked for "the washington post," they indicted him this week. they're doing things like that and secondly we can put all the sanctions we want but many countries go around them with technology, et cetera, and they just go through another country. so we put on the sanction, but it doesn't really work. it just annoys them and we know it doesn't work. >> they have been sanctioned already. that's a very good point, ellen. look, they had a cone that was
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built with certain metal that you can only use for a nuclear bomb. they won't even let the u.n. inspectors visit parkhon and of course they have got their missile -- ballistic missile development and brad, they have violated six security council resolutions so far. i think the president is worried that if there's another sting they'll just drop everything and race for a bomb. >> that's exactly what they're doing now. they have used obama as a pawn. appeasement doesn't work to our enemies. we should have learned that in world war ii. >> what do we do? >> we use all -- >> wait, ellen. >> we use all the tools in the tool box. we cripple them with sanctions. what we do is try and use military action if necessary. not going in on the ground, but take out their facilities as israel has done before. they have to get the message. they are not going to get a bomb today, tomorrow or ever. and unless they get that message and unless it's clear and
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convincing, they're going to continue on this path and they want to run the clock on this president. because they know they have got two years and they don't know what's coming next. >> ellen, what brad has said, what israel has done before, meaning the nuclear reactor in syria and of course saddam's reactor in iraq. you know the clock is ticking. what do you fear? >> i think brad blakeman is genius. but you have to admit -- you have to admit mr. blakeman, that all of the other countries -- not all of them, but many of them go around the sanctions and they wink and a nod to the united states and they do business with iran anyway. >> and that's why it's time maybe for some other action, ellen. but for the president of the united states to say i will veto only helps our enemy. its doesn't help him in his negotiations. >> well, the talks are supposed to end in march. they have been delayed so many times before. people betting they'll be delayed and pushed forward or back again. brad and ellen, thank you so much. >> thank you, eric. >> arthel?
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the manhunt intensified for a pair of teenage suspects being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. we'll tell you what they're accused of doing and why the police are so eager to catch them. now it's down to the final four, four teams try to get a chance to reach the super bowl. we'll have a preview of the nfl playoffs coming up. >> all right. >> we started the season in seattle. we lose. yeah, it all comes together at the end. we're back to seattle to win the game.
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it is a chance at gridiron greatness. the nfl's four remaining play-off teams squaring off tomorrow for a ticket to the super bowl. joining me now sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray.
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hey, jim, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good thank you. >> let's start with the first matchup happening by the way at 3:05 eastern on fox. we've got green bay versus seattle. let's talk about the players to watch. aaron rodgers, with the strained left calf and richard sherman there and we'll find out if the ball is going to be thrown to sherman. you tell me what to look for. >> it will be really interesting and unfortunately aaron rodgers won't be at his best. his health obviously with the strained left calf. he struggled last week but was able to beat dallas and all the controversy surrounding that but he gave a terrific effort. his practice this week has been nonexistent. they're hoping all of the treatment has been able to help him such. he needs to be able to be mobile. seattle has sacked the quarterback 37 times this year a couple more than they did already last year when they went on to win the super bowl. playing in seattle is a very difficult place. they talk about the 12th man. i was there last week for the carolina panthers game in which seattle won by a couple of touchdowns. it's loud.
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it's usually wet. and those people are really, really good at throwing the other team off and disrupting their cadence for their offense so it's a difficult place to play. they lost there, the green bay packers did, in week one very convincingly. it's very different for both teams now. much more on the line but i think the mobility of aaron rodgers really is going to be the key to this game and it remains to be seen if he's any better and it's going to hamper considerably. >> other handicaps to look at overall in that game? >> just the defense of seattle and russell wilson. he's been so prolific on the move, he lost paul richardson with a torn acl, and they don't have percy harvin, he was traded in the middle of the season to the jets, so it's different than it was in the first game with the packers. luke wilson has now become very important in their offense and, of course, marshawn lynch is
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incredible the way he runs the ball, so seattle has all the advantages. but the best team does not always win and the packers are a very formidable foe. >> speaking of the best team doesn't always win. the colts versus the patriots, the patriots can't underestimate the colts, right? >> they've beaten them convincingly the last three times they've played and the last time 43-20. and bell belichick is good at not letting his guys get overconfident. they all stand alone. they have beaten the colts 144-66 in their last 3 meetings the last three seasons. andrew luck is just a terrific quarterback. he's setting all the records for any quarterback with upas much time as he's played in the nfl. he's way ahead for time served, however, he's made a lot of mistakes he's had seven interceptions and sacked ten times versus the patriots and
11:54 am
jonas gray who nobody had ever heard of ran for 211 yards back in week 11. he hasn't played since. he was late to practice one day and lost his spot, but the patriots have been able to run the ball very consistently against the colts but they've also suffered very deeply this week. they lost brian stork their starting center a rookie, so tom brady's going to have someone else under center tomorrow. of course, he was injured in the baltimore game last week. they've been pretty good at moving those pieces around on the offensive line. and brady is playing in his ninth afc championship game looking to go for a record sixth super bowl as a quarterback. he's been amazing. it's going to be a very difficult day i think for colts and for the green bay packers. playing on the road against these two teams is going to be very difficult. this why they play the games. paper doesn't play. >> you can't be late to practice just for the record. but you know it's true -- >> or for the show. if you're late for the show then what happens? >> do you have the nightmares every now and then that your
11:55 am
alarm didn't go off or something? >> absolutely. it's a run for the roses every time we get here. are we going to get here on time. >> i know you don't like to give predections but i'll give my picks. in the colts versus the patriots, i'll go with the patriots. you got that?.? >> yeah. >> and green bay and seattle and i'm thinking seattle because their guys are cuter just saying. >> i would say you have good picks. if you can't watch the games on fox or cbs listen to us on westwood one across the country on the radio. >> how about this right here? my saints didn't make it but i'm all about the who dat nation check it out. >> maybe next year. that's the cry of every team. al davis used to say one thing, the owner of the oakland raiders, it's a vicious struggle to be number one, only one team wins and 31 others looking for answers. >> there you go. jim gray, we'll see you bye-bye. >> all right. >> i've never heard the art thou
11:56 am
cuteness test. have you heard in this? a town in washington have gotten really serious about the play-off game between the seahawks and packers. they are so serious that bainbridge island actually banned possession and consumption of all cheese in city hall, at least for one day, today anyway. town officials say the order is in retaliation for the packers cheese head fans in wisconsin do you know what three did in wisconsin, they banned starbucks because, you know, starbucks is based there over in seattle so for one day you can't have starbucks one place. you can't have cheese someplace else. it depends on what happens tomorrow. >> we'll see. that's all i got. >> and we'll have a lot more on developing stories around the globe in a moment when we return. [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out.
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>>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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a fox news alert. terror warnings have raised and that means nerves remain on edge in europe. 24 hours after a series of anti-terror raids that led to the arrests of dozens of terror suspects across western europe and the police strategies to try to stop another potential radical islamic attack that continues. in belgium today armed soldiers fanning out to watch over potential targets and worries that the radical jihadist sympathizers with european passports could return home after fighting with the islamic state and al qaeda. hello, this is america's news headquarters. meanwhile, america is showing support to our allies president obama and british
12:01 pm
prime minister david cameron vowing to stop these terror groups and at a rally today in texas muslims are encouraging non-muslims to join them in an anti-terror unity movement of their own but it's not without controversy. let's go to casey siegel now who is joining us live from the event in garland texas. so, what's going on casey? >> reporter: good to see you. this event is sponsored by a nonprofit group called sound vision based out of chicago and according to their website tonight's event is about celebrating the prophet muhammad and it's also to help raise money for the strategic communications center that would help lead the effort against what they call islamaphobia. a spokesperson for the council on american islamic relations tells me with recent events like the attacks in paris muslims face a real stigma around the world. the group hopes that a conference like this will raise awareness that islam is fundamentally a peaceful
12:02 pm
religion and a vast majority of those who practice it clearly do not condone the extremists. >> 120 muslim leaders signed on to an open letter to isis saying that this is un-islamic, that these actions that you are perpetrating go against the very core of our faith. and i don't think you can say it in any stronger terms than that. >> reporter: now, this man is tonight's keynote speaker and that has raised some eye provides he's an imam from new york, a 1995 letter from federal prosecutors lists hem along with 200 others as unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators of the 1993 world trade center bombing. but he was never charged. nonetheless, there are quite a few critics of this event including the national center for policy analysis. >> at this moment in time coming
12:03 pm
after what happened in paris france, and, of course, what happened ensuingly in belgium, we have to be concerned about the type of incendiary language that is being promulgated here in the united states of america. >> reporter: people are also upset that this event is held at the building behind me which happens to be owned by the local school district here in garland, texas, but the district says that the event was -- the space was leased and that they cannot discriminate against groups choosing to rent it out. protesters expected, we have some gathering across the street. we're going to stay here on top of it and keep you posted. >> i know you will, casey, thank you very much. we'll see you soon. there are new air strikes against isis in syria and iraq. coalition airplanes targeted 13 isis locations in syria. those attacks mostly near the city of kobani which has been the center of our efforts for the past couple of months to drive out those extremists.
12:04 pm
well, the air strikes we're told took out several islamic state tanks and other military equipment. in iraq bombers hit 16 targets there including more military equipment and several buildings that they say are under isis control. and the air force has approved a proposal to create an enormous bombing -- or bomber training area across four states. officials say the expanded training space could save the military $23 million a year in fuel costs. critics say the expansion will disrupt small communities within the space and impact civilian flights through the area. the faa still has to give the final approval for the plan. if approved the powder river training complex will be the largest in the continental u.s., talking about both dakotas as well as montana and wyoming. meanwhile an ohio man has been accused of a terrorist plot against a symbol of american democracy and he will now stay in jail. a judge denying bail to 20-year-old christopher cornell. he was arrested on wednesday and
12:05 pm
charged with that plot to attack the u.s. capitol building with pipe bombs and guns and shoot some of the fleeing lawmakers. his parents, though insist he was set up by the fbi. meanwhile, another homegrown extremist now serving 30 years in prison for a plot back in 2012. he received guns and bombs they say fromunder undercover agents. the fbi releasing vild yofe inging video from that sting. we've got details on this frightening story. hi, uma. >> i've, eric. the chilling video is a window in to how far the homegrown terrorists are willing to go. the suspect was days away from launching an attack on the capitol. you'll notice the fbi has distorted the sound and images of the undercover fbi agents to protect their identities. >> reporter: back in 2012 the agency arranged an undercover
12:06 pm
operation against a 29-year-old who also dreamed of an armed assault on the capitol using a suicide vest and an automatic weapon. in an fbi video obtained by anhq-dc it's very clear just how far the wannabe terrorists will go to prepare for these kind of attacks. as you watch the video you can see the man meeting inside a hotel room with several undercover agents posing as al qaeda operatives ready to help him obtain bombs and guns. watch as he tries to familiarize himself with a submachine gun. >> i don't know if you are thinking about it. >> reporter: later the group goes shopping at a hardware store for nails to build a nail bomb. and later the video shows them testing it out at a west virginia quarry. >> i want you to make the call. >> reporter: as he watches the bomb explode, khalifi --
12:07 pm
>> this is too much. >> he pleaded guilty to one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and the takeaway from all of this? well, the video underscores the fact that these radicals have every intention of moving ahead with stepped-up plans to strike the u.s. >> it is astounding video that shows they've been here, they apparently are here and that's the threat that we face. thank you very much for that tremendous story. >> you're welcome. well, today the first congressional delegation is visiting cuba since president obama's shift with the country. patrick leahy is leading the democratic-only lawmakers in their visit. the six democrats planning to meet with members of the cuban government along with other countries' ambassadors to cuba. their goes include assessing expectations of the future relationship between the two
12:08 pm
countries. senator leahy also flew to cuba last month to bring back freed american prisoner allen gross. if you thought last summer was a hot one turns out the scientists say you're not alone. federal scientists are now saying that 2014 was the earth's hottest year the hottest they say since they started keeping records 135 years ago. the planet averaged 58.24 degrees fahrenheit that turns out to be more than a degree higher than the average temperature during the 20th century and the third record so far of the 21st century. the federal scientists say the news is additional evidence that there is global warming. president obama's latest proposal to send students to community college for free may have some very serious unintended consequences, including widespread unemployment following graduation. dan springer has more on this. >> reporter: these college grad
12:09 pm
watts aren't working on their mba or ph.d. they are working on getting their j-o-b. they are trying to bridge the gap between what's taught in college and what matters to employers. >> they're going to college and paying their way through college and they're working really hard to get their degrees and something's not working. >> reporter: what president obama wants to have even more young people get higher education by having the government pay for everyone's first two years of community college. >> every american whether they're young or just young at heart, should be able toer the skills and education necessary to compete and win in the 21st century economy. >> reporter: the problem is too many are not winning. according to a study by the federal reserve bank of new york half of recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed working jobs that don't require a degree. critics say getting more degree holders isn't the answer. >> often the faculties at the
12:10 pm
universities are not cognizant of real world concerns. they live in an ivory tower. they are not worried when their graduates are going to get jobs. >> reporter: community college is a tough road to the top. studies show only 15% who start end up earning a bachelor's degree in six years. but most educators say no matter the recent struggles for graduates getting a degree still usually beats the alternative. >> it really did provide insurance and a cushion. we've seen data that indicates it means a difference of a million dollars over the lifetime. >> the program definitely is not free. it costs $2,500 for 4 weeks but so far the results have been promising. 90% of their graduates have gotten a good-paying job that does require a chedgeollege degree. in seattle dan springer, fox news. a teenage couple is being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. police say 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old
12:11 pm
girlfriend cheyenne phillips have been accused of being on a two-week crime spree across the south as far south as florida. they are accused of forging checks and stealing cars and now authorities say stealing weapons. >> the grayson county sheriff says this kentucky teenage couple is, quote becoming increasingly brazen and dangerous since they went missing on january 3rd the couple has been on a crime spree spanning four states kentucky, north carolina, south carolina and georgia. and yesterday the reports they were last spotted somewhere in florida. police don't want to say exactly where. they're afraid of tipping them off but the couple was reportedly seen panhandling. now on wednesday 18-year-old dalton hayes alongside 13-year-old cheyenne phillips stole a silver toyota tundra with two loaded hand guns inside just 30 miles south of atlanta, georgia. on monday surveillance footage at a walmart in manning, south carolina, showed the teens
12:12 pm
before and after using two forged checks. checks they found in a stolen red 2006 toyota tacoma. now, police suspect hayes is running away because he faces burglary and theft charges from an arrest last year. >> dalton, like i said is 18 years old. if he really cared for her, he would take her to a police station, drop her off, let her be safe and then he can do whatever he thinks he needs to do. >> another motivation for fleeing may be phillips' age, hayes family had convinced them all that she was really 18. they have been dating three months and they announced they were dating on facebook the same day they disappeared. phillips has said she could even be pregnant. >> please come home. please come home. we can work through whatever that it is. >> please come home. you know, we love you, miss you all and we need you home, you
12:13 pm
know, and safe, you know, we know that you all done wrong but you need to step up and, you know, take the consequences of what you've done and come home. >> as of now phillips the 13-year-old is a minor and she faces no charges in the case. >> all right, brian, thanks so much. the incredible survival story of one brave teen bitten by a five-foot shark and what he was doing when he was attacked. and on capitol hill republicans have begun to lay out some new strategies against. care. come obama care. and also why european police are warning that there could be thousands more terror cells out there just waiting to strike. a live report from paris with the details.
12:14 pm
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with the vital understanding that cancer moves fast. and we have to learn more or support the cause, go to ♪ ♪
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a teenage boy is truly lucky to be alive after venturing into shark-infested waters in australia. the 17-year-old says he and a friend were trying to shoot veddio of a five-foot shark when it suddenly turned on him. >> doing all right? >> yes. >> came out screaming that i got bitten by a shark that spun
12:18 pm
around and started coming for him. to try and scare it off. and then just went ballistic and bit him. >> so, the boy was bitten on the hand and airlifted 140 miles to a hospital in sydney. many beaches in southeast australia have been closed due to shark sightings. >> you got to stay away from sharks. don't try to video. if you see one just get away. >> i'm thinking, really? >> i know. well thankfully he's okay. >> yes. meanwhile, talk about what's going on with sharks trying to nibble away different things the republicans are gearing up for their next offensive against obamacare but they are changing tactics this time. instead of usual.pushing for a full repeal republican leaders have instead decided to pick the law apart piece by piece and even some of the most conservative members of the party appear to be on board with that. colby, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do the republicans plan to do? because obviously they haven't
12:19 pm
been able to repeal it so far so they can nibble piece by piece and get somewhere. >> right. the republicans learned that a repeal effort is futile and it would go nowhere so what they are hoping to do is take some of the more unpopular parts of the law and start chipping away at those. house republicans already passed two bills that the bill is pro-small business. they would take the mandatory 30-hour workweek and employer mandate and up it to 40. they also say if small businesses hire veterans it wouldn't count against the 50-employee threshold. what that is if you are a business and you have more than 50 employees, obamacare says you have to offer insurance. some other issues they actually have bipartisan support on is repealing the medical device tax a 2.3% tax on medical device companies that democrats and republicans alike say stifles small business and innovation. >> let's take a look at a fox poll. it shows how unpopular this is. we asked people how do they feel about obamacare and 33%,
12:20 pm
one-third, want to repeal it entirely. 27% say parts. you get 33 and 27 you got a big overwhelmingly chunk of americans who don't want the law. only 19% has expand it. it has provided insurance for some folks but other folks, man, oh, man, when they are dealing with the employer mandate and you get your own private care they say the rates are going to go up and millions may feel it this year. >> and republicans are in a pretty tough spot. there are many americans who now have insurance. they have access to affordable care that they didn't have before. now, what republicans are also looking at is a supreme court case that could be decided in june. what's that going to look at whether it was lawful to offer subsidies to the marketplaces in states that were set up by the federal government. if the supreme court decides it wasn't okay, suddenly millions of americans in those states are going to lose their insurance. republicans are saying now you need to have an actionable plan ready. something to replace obamacare if that happens because they don't want to be blamed as
12:21 pm
dropping the ball and have people lose insurance. >> what's the prediction of what's going to happen at the supreme court? we saw what happened with the chief justice last time. but there's a bit of a different mix now. and if the law is indeed thrown out what could that mean for obamacare? >> right. well, my republican sources are bracing for the supreme court to decide that it was unlawful. it's obviously the supreme court surprises us at every turn so it's hard to predict what they'll do. but if they do, in fact, do that it doesn't throw the whole law out, but it does throw out the federal subsidies for federal marketplaces which impacts a lot of states and those states -- you know, those states were going in 2016 states like pennsylvania, you've got republican senators up for re-election. you don't want to throw people off insurance. but you also need to walk this line and be ready to replace it if the supreme court does do that. >> if people are thrown out from insurance and especially in some of the key states that has to do
12:22 pm
with the presidential elections the law doesn't work, here's our own plan we can fix it. they can use that. it seems a pretty positive campaign strategy. >> absolutely. the republicans are saying that. they are at a retreat in pennsylvania this weekend discussing a lot of these issues and people like paul ryan and others are saying listen we need to come together now. we can't just say we're going to repeal it. we can't say we'll nibble around the edges we need an actionable plan that we can put in place if the supreme court does rule in favor of getting rid of the federal subsidies. >> colby thanks so much. obviously the next big test will come before the supreme court and they say it doesn't look too good. so we'll see, thank you. pope francis cutting a trip short why he was forced to leave early from his much-anticipated trip to a city in the philippines. plus the urgent search to hunt down potential terrorists. turning up dozens of suspects across europe. but as european law enforcement is taking a very aggressive
12:23 pm
stance to try to stop another attack some worry that we're not doing enough here at home. [cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him
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on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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it the bottom of the hour and time for the tom of the news. said kouachi has been buried he and his brother cherif carried out the "charlie hedbo" massacre. and now we are learning there are plans to bury his brother cherif in a different suburb. amy, this is the latest controversy when it comes to burying terrorists what is the situation with the kouachis? >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, these two brothers killed a total of 12 people in
12:28 pm
the most horrific, shocking way. basically, yes the mayor vehemently opposed to having said kouachi buryied here. but in the end the state won out and he said the mayor said and i quote that said kouachi was buried in the middle of the night in the most discrete anonymous way. the kouachi brothers were orphaned at a very early age but said kouachi had a wife. she didn't even go to the burial because apparently there was concern that the press which has been watching her, staking her out, would have followed her to the grave site and then it would have become known. so, this as, of course, the concerns mount that this burial site could become a pilgrimage place for fanatics. and the second brother, cherif is about to be buried in another location, this in a corner of a muslim cemetery in a suburb of paris. we don't know when that is going to happen exactly but it will
12:29 pm
also be in an unmarked grave. in france all citizens have the right to a burial in their hometown regardless of the circumstances of their deaths. now, in the meantime, there is still a heck of a struggle to get a copy of "charlie hedbo." each day more issues show up at newsstands but frankly they disappear just as quickly as they turn up. before the terrorist attack it was a nearly bankrupt publication. now it's taking millions of copies to satisfy the demand in france. violent protests, though about its content continue. in niger people have been killed and it continues, seven churches have been burned and ransacked. in belgium commandos now patrol the streets of some cities. police arrested 13 people in raids on thursday and friday. they were believed to be just back from syria and about to launch an attack on police. there are reports tonight that greece may have picked up a very key, important figure in the cell in the belgian plot along
12:30 pm
with three other people. so, as security issues remain tantamount and security is beefed up in many cities not just in france and belgium but in germany and across europe we are moving on to also concerns about education because in the past week there are reports -- and they've been confirmed actually -- that in some schools -- and this wasn't widespread. but there were enough students who refused to observe the minute of silence for the victims that educators are now very much worried about what is going on. and so that will be the next area where people will be focusing is on the education system in france. back to you. >> all right amy, thank you very much for the very latest. let's get more on this now. there's a new article on suggesting the deadly paris terrorists attacks may signal a new and dangerous collaboration between radical islamist groups. fred weiss is a former cia analyst and senior fellow for the center for security policy,
12:31 pm
fred, good to see you. you wrote this article. and, of course, you know there have been reports of these terror groups actually possibly competing with each other to see who could come up with the most menacing, spectacular, if you will. but which one is more dangerous, the collaboration or the competition? >> hello good to be here. well, right after the attacks, the thought by many experts was that this reflected competition between al qaeda and the islamic state and it was an effort by al qaeda to steal the spotlight from the islamic state. we now know the situation is more complicated because all the assailants have some ties to syria. the anti-terrorists operations in belgium were against terrorists who may or may not be linked to what happened in paris but they had ties to syria. what i think this adds up to is not competition between rival terrorist groups but a terror support network that makes the possibility of terrorists who will be much better trained and better financed and frankly much more dangerous. >> you know, the prime minister david cameron held a joint news
12:32 pm
conference with president obama and one of the things cited would they would be setting up cybercenters on both sides of the atlantic to share information. what more can intelligence agencies do to keep ahead of the terrorists groups? >> well, we have a real problem here, because there's no u.s. strategy. it's not just cyber. the president won't admit that we're at war with radical islam or this philosophy, that's why yesterday the center for security policy unveiled something called the secure freedom strategy for victory against worldwide jihad. it's available on our website it's similar to what president reagan did against the soviet union in the 1980s. it commits the entire u.s. government diplomatic, economic, cyber and intelligence steps. we first define the problem and we commit the full resources of the u.s. government to defeating it. >> yeah. and i want to ask you something because i don't know if you saw that press conference with david cameron and president obama. prime minister cameron called it
12:33 pm
right out radical islamists. he said it more than one time and our president did not. he was a little more careful with his words as he has been. and he has been, you know criticized for it. i want to ask you, fred, and we're not taking sides here. politics aside, do you think -- i don't know -- that there's somehow the president knows something that we don't know that he is hesitant to call it that because he doesn't want to incite some other attacks? i don't know. i don't understand. >> i think that's a good question. i have an answer that it's not pleasant to say. but i don't think this is simply a difference in opinion. i think this is outrank incompetence incompetence. we know that leslie gael a former "new york times" writer and carter administration official he called for president obama's national security team to be removed because of the incompetence we've seen from this administration in fighting the war against radical islam so i think there's something else going on here. >> and talk to me about this something else that i haven't
12:34 pm
heard about, but i want to ask you, fred since you're an expert on this as well. how do you advise the media to tow the line and report the story but not call these guys' names so much so they can have the glory of seeing their names in written print or seeing their names on the news? >> it's a real challenge. when some of the terrorist videos come out the media has to show discretion so they don't do what al qaeda and isis are looking for. they're looking for publicity. i think the media has to cover the attacks but has to be careful not to cover details and individuals in the gruesomeness of the attacks that gives these al qaeda cell x thes the pop ganda value they are looking for. >> any final thoughts? >> i hope your viewers will go to our website and i think it's something the country kneadneeds to
12:35 pm
defeat radical islam. >> can you give us a hint? >> we talk about how the whole u.s. government has to be committed but first we have to define the threat. >> fred thank you so much. meanwhile, there's the battle over the keystone pipeline. it's moving from the halls of congress to the cornfields of nebraska. coming up our legal panel will look at what's next as landowners there fight to keep that project off their land. also pope francis wrapping up his visit to one of the most catholic countries in the world with words of comfort.
12:36 pm
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we have an update on a deadly mall shooting that occurred this morning in melbourne, florida. police are not releasing any possible motive yet but they do confirm that two people are dead. one person was injured from a gunshot wound in that shooting. officials say the injured victim is in stable condition and is working with investigators looking in to all this.
12:40 pm
police looked throughout the mall store by store and after that search they said they did not find any of the threats so it seems to be safe for now. well, even the pope can't get a break from mother nature as a tropical storms pope francis to cut his visit to the philippines short. that is a country with the third largest number of catholics in the world. the pope visited a city hard hit by a devastating typhoon and comforted visitors -- or survivors there, i should say. that typhoon back in 2013 left more than 7,000 people dead or missing and destroyed more than a million homes. we will cover pope francis' concluding mass from manila later tonight at 2:30 a.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. and meanwhile, there's a new battle simmering over the fight of the keystone pipeline. it's not happening in washington but right in our heartland. seven landowners in nebraska are now challenging the law that takes their land and hands it
12:41 pm
over to the company trans-canada that wants to try and build that pipeline. this comes as the state department moves closer to a decision on the project. that president obama has opposed and says he will veto if it reaches his desk, so will fighting eminent domain stop the pipeline or will it be completed? heather hanson is a defense attorney. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> could this all come down after all the politics in the senate and the white house one acre of corn in nebraska that you can't take -- you cannot legally take someone's land to build this pipeline? >> right. well, the thing about eminent domain cases is a lot of people are afraid to fight them because they are fighting the big government and they're intimidated by it, but there are ways to challenge them and possibly succeed in a lawsuit where the landowners could argue is this really necessary, can they go another way to, you know achieve this public use which is the whole purpose of eminent domain. >> can they really do that? >> they can. they can. meaning the landowners?
12:42 pm
>> yeah. >> yeah, they can challenge it, but a lot of people don't realize they need an attorney to specialize in that area. >> can the government take their landed? >> they can. they need to have a public use and they will pay fair market value for the land. >> this happens all over countries, farmers with exit ramps, the government comes in and takes your land and this is what it's worth it may not be what it's worth. you could get rooked. could the farmers get rooked? what is the future of this pipeline? >> it's a lot more complicated than just eminent domain. this is a law school question we had back in school. it involves constitutional issues and due process. it involves whether or not the governor of the state of nebraska can take over the role of one of the committees there, one of the associations, to determine this law that allows this to happen. so, there are a group of citizens who already contested this law and lost because they didn't have standing.
12:43 pm
they didn't have any real injury. this group now owns property. there is an argument that they have standing and i think they're going to win. given the past decision by the supreme court which was decided solely on standing, they seem to be leaning towards allowing it if someone came forth with standing and here that has happened. >> right. >> it's back to nonlegalese normal people it means if they win trans-canada cannot build the pipeline on their land. >> that is triteright. if these people can prove an injury and it's unconstitutional, the pipeline cannot go through. obama was waiting for this decision so he wouldn't have to make a decision. the court would make the decision. >> punt it down the field. kick the can down the road as they say. if it gets blocked, what's to stop trans-canada from doing a zig dag thigzag across another piece of
12:44 pm
land? >> they can do that. there's a whole bunch of land. there's probably the argument that the landowners are going to make you can go another route, do you have to uproot people from their farms or ranches or whatever they have. so that's probably what's going to happen. >> this is such an important issue across the country. is eminent domain fair? has the government treated people fairly? i've done story where they've gone in and grabbed land and taken your hand and left you out in the cold. >> i don't think it's fair. i think it's somewhat bullying and that's why a lot of people don't fight it because they feel intimidated by the process but more people should. and once you can prove that it's not necessary then you'll be able to succeed and like heather said i think that these landowners will be successful because they're actually given notice that this company wants to take their land so they do have standing. >> heather, finally, you need to build projects for the public good but where does it stop when you're a public landowner and your stuff gets taken? >> the large majority of the landowners have come to an
12:45 pm
agreement with the government so it's the few remaining people who are really making a bigger argument than eminent domain. it's about environmental issues and job creation. there's a lot of issues weighing on this one case. >> we'll see what the judges say in nebraska and how it plays out in washington. >> thank you. well there is new information today on an outbreak of measles linked to disney theme parks in california. dodd dozens of cases now reported with more than 50 in california, but some cases are surfacing as far away as colorado and washington state. will carr is following the story from our west coast bureau. what's the latest will? >> as the numbers continue to jump, health officials say that there's evidence that the outbreak has spread beyond the initial patients who infected at disneyland where you had a large number of people in confined spaces. those infected then went to airports. they got on planes. they flew to a number of different states. not good since measles is one of the most contagious airborne
12:46 pm
diseases out there. on wednesday six patients with measles infections temporarily shut down an urgent care center in san diego. at the same time health officials across the country are taking this very seriously because in some cases measles can be fatal. it causes a rash that can spread across the body. there's coughing and sneezing and the hard part is it can be contagious for four days before and after you see any symptoms. it was once thought to be eliminated in the united states but more and more parents have decided not to vaccinate their kids. listen to this doctor. >> it's important for people to know that the whole rumor about this mmr, measles, mumps, and rubella, that can cause autism is absolutely not true. the data doesn't support it. >> what the numbers do show is that the cases of measles across the country has spiked over the last year or two. in 2013 there was less than 200 cases. last year 644 cases.
12:47 pm
and what we know as well is that of the 41 who -- the 51, i should say who had been infected with measles, we know the vast majority have not been vaccinated. >> you know, we got to protect yourself and plus a theme park of all places. thank you, will carr. after new year's you say hey, it's a new year it's 2015 do you know what i start thinking about, three months to go taxes, and they say to add insult to injury this will be an especially complicated tax season. great. cominge ging up we'll look at why and what we can all do about it before april 15th.
12:48 pm
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kyle harrington is here the founder and managing partner of harrington capital management. kyle, always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> they are saying it will be complicated. file early. file electronically. >> right. >> why that? >> definitely more efficient. there's been budget cuts within the irs. so they are telling folks that
12:52 pm
it will be easier to file electronically for both you and more convenient for less irs people that are working currently. >> and electronically you'll get your funds processed in, like 21 days. >> that's the other things you get them processed 21 days what they are saying is two months. >> more to the point, let's talk about the irs, their own money problems. talk to me about this. >> well, there's been budget cuts in congress and a lot of it makes sense to me in terms want to simplify i think this tax code so less people are needed. the problem is that the obamacare tax, the health care tax, has come in to play to make it even more complicated. but my point is this, i think if we can simplify the tax code, the irs doesn't need the budget in place that it has historically had, and so there have been cuts. people are filing electronically. historically if 100 million people have called the irs
12:53 pm
department, they -- 50 million of them cannot get through to an agent the first time that they call. so, we are restructuring the irs via washington, d.c. >> you mentioned those calls. let's see. it was 36% of folks who called the 800 number for the irs last year. only 36% got through. >> that's -- i mean, that's just not run in the right way right? >> no, excuse me. the customer didn't answer 36% of the time. that's still ridiculous. either way. >> hence why e-filing i think is going to become more -- it's going to become more the norm. >> you talk about e-filing and we see the tv commercials. we see the tv commercials not going to name names because we're not advertising for specific companies. but you see the companies say come in we'll do your taxes for you, easy peasy. not everybody can afford to come to a money manager like you and most people have really straightforward taxes to file. so, those companies are they worthwhile going to?
12:54 pm
>> you bring up a very interesting point. for people that would have, what i would call, the normal tax return going to an h&r block or someone of the other ones that we can talk about, does have the advice to properly file your tax return. because it can be a bit complicated. as your tax return gets more complicated and maybe there are multiple sources of revenue then you are in a different situation and you may want to hire an adviser to make things more simple for you. >> sure. not everybody we're talking to, not everybody can come to or need to come to someone like you. >> that is true. that can become also costly with respect to hiring that person, right? so, we are in changing times. there's no doubt about it. >> when you talk about changing times, it always gets complicated over there at the irs. you mentioned obamacare. certainly not singling it out, but you're right, anytime there are new rules and regulations coming online the does make the tax preparation trickier. anything else we should be looking out for?
12:55 pm
>> this is the first year of the affordable care, you know -- including that in your tax return, okay? and so that is going to be one thing you need to pay attention to if that is something you are involved with. i say this, i say we need to simplify the tax code so we don't have these issues every year so we have something new in your return. >> are you going to d.c. to simplify the tax code? >> i don't have the power. you have the power. >> i'm going to the beltway and make that happen. kyle harrington always good to see you. say hello to my friends in san diego. >> i will. >> i don't think saying you didn't answer the phone is a good excuse for not paying your taxes. >> good point. an american aircraft carrier today sails into her final port. the "uss constellation" arriving at a shipyard in brownville, texas, where she's set to be scrapped. it was commissioned during the kennedy administration and deployed to the vietnam war.
12:56 pm
she also sailed in the persian gulf and launching fighter jets to iraq and afghanistan before being decommissioned in 2003. after scrapping many of the materials are sent to be recycled so she will still live. how about that? >> how about that? and also nuclear talks with iran are set to continue tomorrow as congress considers possible new sanctions. the president warning lawmakers don't do it but will get tougher on iran help stop them from building a possible nuke. we'll talk about that. and mitt romney giving hints again he may jump into a crowded field of republican presidential candidates. both parties getting an early start on the planning. coming up who's going to run? will they succeed? the details ahead.
12:57 pm
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so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪ hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, everyone. topping the news this hour there are new terror arrests to tell you about in europe. police there scrambling to guard against the possibility of more potential attacks by radical islamic terrorists. plus nuclear talks with iran resume in less than 24 hours and president obama is warning congress to hold off on sanctions or risk war. it sometimes seems the 2016 presidential race is already almost under way. there's a crowded field of potential gop nominees starting to emerge. coming up, our political panel will run down the possibilities
1:01 pm
in the upcoming race for the white house. first, a fox news alert. police in greece reportedly arresting four suspected terrorists. this is coming a day after anti-terror raids detained dozens of suspects across western europe. meanwhile, belgium deploying soldiers to guard potential terror targets. it is the first time the country has used troops to reinforce police in 30 years. belgium also increasing its terror warning to its second highest level and in france one of the gunmen who carried out an attack on the satirical newspaper, "charlie hebdo," buried in an unmarked grave in northeast france. said kouachi lived in the city of reims before the police killed him last week and his younger brother cherif is to be buried in another town outside of paris. meantime protests over "charlie hebdo" cartoons of the prophet
1:02 pm
muhammed continue in several cities in the african nation of niger, angry demonstrators setting fire to churches and looting stores in the country's capital. meanwhile, there's a controversial islamic conference being held in texas today. organizers say it is supposed to promote peace and respect but turns out the keynote speaker, an imam from new york who critics say has a radical past. casey steagall has the latest. >> reporter: the event has become such a lightning rod of controversy that the event organizers have actually called for a stepped-up police presence here, which we are starting to see because they say that many americans are angry at the islamic community as a whole over recent isis violence like the terrible beheadings and of course, the attacks in paris. now threats are being made on social media. people vowing to bring guns and dynamite to this location today. those involved with the cause
1:03 pm
say it is just that type of hate that has prompted this meeting. to combat what they refer to as islamophobia. a damaging stereotype according to the council on american islamic relations who is working hard to dispel that. >> these are our neighbors our friends, our community members, and they deserve to live in safety just like we deserve to live in safety. so i want to get away from the us versus them because we are one community. >> reporter: but many are up in arms about tonight's function primarily for two reasons. this man, an imam from new york, speaking here, the keynote speaker, in fact. a 1995 letter from federal prosecutors lists him along with 200 others as unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators in the 1993 world trade center bombing but he was never charged.
1:04 pm
folks also upset because this is being held at a venue owned by the local school district. the school district says this space is leased and they cannot discriminate against those wishing to rent it out, but critics are not buying that. >> i guarantee you if christians were having an event such as this at that sponsored through the garland independent school district, you would hear that coming up, separation of church and state, violation of things of this nature. >> reporter: we should note that the school district points out that they are certainly not sponsoring this event. it is being sponsored by a nonprofit group out of chicago. eric? >> casey, thanks so much. new released fbi video revealing chilling footage showing this man al khalifi receiving guns and bombs from an undercover agent in 2012. he is now serving behind bars, 30 years we are talking about for his actions.
1:05 pm
we have the story from washington. >> reporter: yes, this is indeed chilling video of this undercover operation and it's a window into just how far the home-grown terrorists are willing to go in the name of radical islam. the suspect you will see was just days away from launching an attack on the capitol. you will notice the fbi has distorted the sound and images of the undercover fbi agents to protect their identities. back in 2012, the agency arranged an undercover operation against a 29-year-old who also dreamed of an armed assault on the capitol using a suicide vest and automatic weapon. in fbi video obtained by anhq-dc, it's very clear just how far these want-to-be terrorists go to prepare for these kinds of attacks. as you watch the video, you can see amin al khalifi meeting with
1:06 pm
operatives wanting to obtain guns and bombs. watch as he tries to familiarize himself with a submachine gun. later, the group goes shopping at a hardware store for nails to build a nail bomb. and later, the video shows them testing it out at a west virginia quarry. as he watches the bomb explode, khalifi says -- khalifi pleaded guilty to one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and the take-away from all this the video underscores the fact that these radicals have every intention of moving ahead with stepped-up plans to strike u.s. interests. >> it's a fascinating but very scary story. thanks so much for bringing that to us. we are going to dig deeper
1:07 pm
into combatting home-grown radicals with a former u.s. army intelligence officer, later in the hour. stick around for that report. very important. there has been a deadly shooting at a mall in central florida, in melbourne. police say a gunman fatally shot two people there before killing himself. investigators say the 57-year-old man killed his wife and the wife's co-worker who reportedly tried to grab the gun away from the shooter. it all happened at 9:30 this morning at the melbourne square mall. police officers say one person was injured in that shooting but that person is listed now in stable condition and authorities there are not releasing any possible motive yet. nuclear negotiations with iran resume tomorrow in geneva and president obama and british prime minister david cameron are urging congress not to pursue new sanctions. in a joint news conference friday the two leaders warned that sanctions could cause talks to curb the islamic republic's
1:08 pm
nuclear program to collapse risking war. many in congress disagree, including some democrats. >> reporter: even if it has bipartisan support in congress president obama again is warning law makers that he will veto any bill that comes to his desk that imposes new sanctions on iran if this latest round of nuclear talks fail. >> my main message to congress at this point is just hold your fire. nobody around the world least of all the iranians, doubt my ability to get some additional sanctions passed should these negotiations fail. >> reporter: president obama says he wants to see if the framework for a new deal to contain iran's nuclear program can be reached in march between the u.s. france, britain germany, russia china and iran. but he's getting pushback from republicans and democrats such as new jersey democratic senator bob menendez, who told the president at a democratic meeting earlier this week that sanctions could not be imposed quickly enough if the talks fall
1:09 pm
through, and he urged the president to approve them now in case the u.s. needs that authority in the future. in addition the new republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, tennessee senator bob corker, put out a statement saying quote there is no doubt that it is the leverage provided by congress that forced tehran to the negotiating table and i continue to believe that congress weighing in on this critical issue can help these negotiations succeed, not undermine them. president obama may talk more about this veto threat over additional sanctions on iran in his state of the union speech next week. he said something similar in last year's state of the union as well. >> molly thanks a lot. there are new lawsuits filed in nebraska over the keystone xl pipeline. some people living along the proposed route of that pipeline are fighting the owner trans-canada from trying to use eminent domain to take some of their land to build it.
1:10 pm
seven landowners say a law signed by the former governor approving the route is unconstitutional but construction of the pipeline for now is in limbo because the state department has yet to decide whether or not to approve it. this all comes of course as the president has indicated that if it does come to his desk he would veto it. the rnc announcing its primary debate schedule as more republican presidential hopefuls get an early start on planning their potential white house run. plus, mother nature putting on a terrifying but beautiful display, spreading across some 30 square miles. we will tell you where this is happening. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle
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quick check of the headlines. fire breaking out at the cross-channel tunnel that links great britain and france. thankfully, no one was hurt. police in london say a fire on a truck in the tunnel triggered that alarm. all the trains have been canceled for today and some operators are providing refunds to affected passengers. take a look at these pictures from a volcano that erupted in iceland. a lava field is covering more than 30 square miles. now to denver where later today comedian bill cosby is set to take the stage despite planned protests over the sexual assault allegations of more than
1:15 pm
15 women. we don't have that video. there it goes. you can see some of the protests continuing over the comedian because of that controversy. the women claiming those issues dating back many decades. the republican national committee announcing it will hold at least nine gop primary debates. that's down from 20 debates in 2012. this as the republican field is getting crowded with potential contenders, including former governors jeb bush, former massachusetts governor mitt romney, and new jersey governor chris christie. all of course making indications that they could run. there is ben carson. meanwhile, on the democratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton is still the overwhelming favorite. senator elizabeth warren continues to insist she will not run. what's going to happen? we have guy benson, political editor of town hall. ben, let me start with you. first, we got mitt, jeb, chris
1:16 pm
rand marco rick, ted, ben and mike, for mike huckabee. who has the inside track if any of them right now? >> well, that's a lot of names. first, i'm just sort of surprised, was it really only 20 debates in 2012 on the republican side? it felt like 1300. i feel like i was at all of them. so i'm glad that the rnc is trying to get a handle on that a little bit here and bring in a sense and a number of debates that would perhaps be less crazy, less of a circus atmosphere. i don't think you can really argue there's any sort of inside track this early on. i will say in terms of having name recognition and a group of people behind him with a lot of money and the early advantage of basically announcing first obviously jeb bush is formidable. but still, it's january 2015. we have a very long way to go before i will start calling any favorites in this one. >> you're right about the last
1:17 pm
primary. they cut each other up. julie, are the democrats licking their chops right now because they have hillary sailing away? >> i think guy benson is constitutionally banned from running for president because he's too young but if he weren't, that's who you think republicans should support because he's the best. i would also say democrats are not licking their chops. i was licking my chops a little bit when i saw how many debates the republicans scheduled because as guy pointed out, that is a lot of room to make a lot of errors and i think mitt romney suffered greatly not from the debates which made him a much better debater in 2012 but actually, from the fact that he had to move further and further to the right with every debate in order to appease the base of his party and as a result that made him a weaker candidate in the general election. so i think from the democratic perspective, i have said for a very long time i think hillary clinton would benefit from having a primary. i think barack obama certainly did. it made him a better general election candidate in 2008.
1:18 pm
but i'm not so sure we will get one. >> debates among the republicans, couldn't that show the country something and actually work in their favor? >> sure. i think part of the problem in 2012 was that overall with due respect to everyone in the field, it was just a pretty weak field. so the debates often seem to be focused on frivolous issues or personal nasty petty disputes. i think regardless of who emerges, the 2016 field as it's shaping up across the board is going to be stronger. i think we will have really substantive good debates among very bright capable people and i'm looking forward to that process. i think that whoever emerges from that, that whole kind of juggernaut, that challenge, frankly, is going to be a stronger candidate because of it. that being said, it can go overboard. you can go too far in that direction where everyone gets bloodied up so much that the
1:19 pm
nominee staggers out of that fight a little bit bloodied and bruised and battered and if hillary clinton is nominated by acclimation, she will have had a lot of time to just prepare for that moment and will have sort of the money and far fewer of those battle scars heading into a general. >> i gave that list at the opening of this segment and i forgot one name. scott, meaning scott walker. let's show you a little clip not of scott walker but chris christ auchlt ie. i was in trenton a few days ago for the state of the state. if you closed your eyes i could have sworn i was listening to a state of the union. let's see what the governor said. >> we are a nation beset by anxiety and it's understandable. economic growth is low by post-war recovery standards. america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. during this time of uncertainty, it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke division for their own political
1:20 pm
gain. >> julie, anxiety? economic problems? clearly taking a slap at president obama. could that be the republican playbook for both him and someone else? >> it certainly could be from somebody who has the record to back it up. unfortunately for chris christie, new jersey is almost dead last in job creation. it is dead last in foreclosures in the state it has eight -- has had eight downgrades because of the economy. chris christie is not the right messenger to be criticizing anybody. >> sorry to interrupt you but those who support him say the opposite -- that may be true but look where they've come since 2010 when they were -- when he was first elected. he faced an $11 billion budget deficit he was able to close. >> he didn't close it. in fact he made the budget deficit much much much higher if you look at the statistics. chris christie has exploded the budget deficit. property taxes overall are up under him and the reality is that there is not one economic metric anybody can point to objectively that says he has a good message to sell. he may say certain things but the math is a lie and the math
1:21 pm
is horrible for the state of new jersey under christie. >> hang on. look, i'm not throwing my support behind chris christie for president, necessarily. let's see how the process plays out but the fact of the matter is 60% of the voters in new jersey decided to re-elect this guy very recently based on his record, not because of some sort of lie that he sold the people of new jersey. i'm from new jersey. people looked around and said this guy has leadership, he's led the state and we are better off and by an overwhelming margin let's give him another turn. >> he has a 39% approval in new jersey as of this week. that's not just because of bridge-gate. it's because the chickens are coming home to roost for the economy in new jersey and you should look at the metrics and we can have a debate about that. >> they did close a gap. they have too much to go with that transportation issue which they will be dealing with. julie, your prediction for who will be the republican and democratic nominee? >> democratic i would say hillary clinton just because she seems to be the one in the race right now. republicans, you know, i don't know why people haven't taken a
1:22 pm
closer look at john kasich. he has an important story to tell in ohio. he's dipped his toe in the water but hasn't said he's running. he has a strong message to tell, as actually does scott walker. both are dark horses and people should look at them more carefully. >> guy, my bad. i forgot john. >> he is someone who has been rumored to possibly think about running. i think governors might have a little bit of leg up heading into the primary. i'm not going to make a long term prediction because all i'm going to do is make myself look like an idiot. i think it's safe enough to say hillary clinton barring something really shocking shaking up that race i think it will be hillary on the other side. >> we agree on one side of the ticket. thank you so much. >> boring. >> take care. >> i'm going with guy for president. turning to something more serious coming out of boston, where jury selection is under way for the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev looking on
1:23 pm
impassively as prospective jurors are questioned by a panel -- by the judge. a panel of 12 jurors and 6 alternates will be chosen for the trial. the attack killed three people and wounded more than 260 others in 2013. bob ward with our fox affiliate wfxt in boston has the story. >> reporter: the disturbing fact of the boston marathon attacks have not yet been revealed in open court but already, as jury selection continued for suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, for one potential juror, it is already too much. juror number 40 a woman who owns a boston education nonprofit, broke down as she told judge o'toole that she didn't know the family of 8-year-old victim martin richard, but that she had met the little boy at a park cleanup in dorchester. the memory so clear she had trouble speaking through her emotions and she was sent home. another potential juror number 38 told judge o'toole he is friends with one of the boston police officers who first responded to the marathon bombing. a photo of that friend --
1:24 pm
>> oh, i'm sorry. that was bob ward. thank you very much. i was checking out something that's coming up. thank you, bob, from boston. earlier this afternoon during a segment on the worldwide terror threat, a guest on the fox news channel cited a poll on supposed support for terror group isis among muslims in france and other european countries. we at fox news determined that that poll is not credible and should not have been used or referred to and we apologize for that error. police stepping up the manhunt for a pair of teenaged suspects being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. we will tell you what these two are accused of doing and why the police are so eager to catch them. we will bring you the latest as well from today's pro-police rally in our nation's capital. stick around. are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. four people are hurt after a massive crash involving more than a dozen tractor trailers along a stretch of highway in oregon. police say it appears black ice played a role in that crash. that damaged 20 vehicles and trashed about 50 others. authorities in afghanistan say they have arrested five people in connection with the massacre at that military school in pakistan last month. security forces saying the men, all foreigners, helped support the terrorist operation that as you know tragically killed 150 people, most of them children, at that school. pope francis having to cut short his visit to a philippines city devastated by a typhoon in 2013 due to a tropical storm. after an abbreviated outdoor mass, the pope met with dozens of survivors of the typhoon. fox news alert on the ongoing situation in europe.
1:30 pm
now police in greece have reportedly arrested four suspected terrorists. this of course comes one day after those anti-terror raids detained dozens of suspects across western europe. meanwhile, belgium deploying soldiers to guard potential terrorist targets there. it's the first time the country has used troops to reinforce police in 30 years and of course, that was the site of one of the attacks at a jewish museum over the summer. amy kellogg is live in paris with more on all this. they are really racheting up the security across europe. what are they doing and will it help? >> reporter: then there's one other line in all of this. someone who studies terrorism really carefully here was quoted as saying that with this massive dragnet now across europe, there may be lots of cells who have nothing to do with the paris terrorists who may feel that they need to bring whatever plots they were planning forward before they get caught as security becomes so heightened
1:31 pm
and so tightened across europe. that is probably another concern authorities have is that in this panic that jihadists, terrorists may feel with the net closing in on them, they may feel pressured to act more quickly than they had planned to. the plot foiled in belgium was a major coup for the belgian police but they are taking no chances. they arrested 13 people in some very dramatic raids on thursday and friday, in those raids they found ammunition and money, police uniforms and walkie-talkies suggesting these guys were going to try to blend in with police then attack them. again, taking no chances, they have not only stepped up the police presence which is pretty unprecedented for belgium. they put army on the streets of brussels and also of antwerp where there are 30,000 jews and of course the jewish community feels particularly vulnerable after the attack on the kosher grocery and also a rising wave of antisemetic incidents across
1:32 pm
europe in the last year or so. back to greece greek officials greek police are sending back dna and other evidence to authorities in belgium to try to determine if at least one of the people they arrested this afternoon is in fact a wanted man from belgium possibly the ringleader of that group that had the big plot that was busted up just on thursday evening. >> they had that shootout with police, of course, that left two of those suspected terrorists dead. meanwhile talk about the reaction to "charlie hebdo," the newspaper out. what is the latest on that? >> reporter: yeah. it's so ironic or such a contrast between the frenzy to try to get a copy of it here. people feeling like they need to see "charlie hebdo" this week, people who never read it before and violent reaction particularly in a handful of countries, nigeria and pakistan. in niger it has been
1:33 pm
particularly bad. five people were killed and seven churches were either burned or desecrated and then in pakistan, in karachi, thousands of people took to the streets and alongside french flags, they burned u.s. and israeli flags even though it's hard to understand what the u.s. and israel have to do with this particular rage against the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. but what you're seeing in some of these protests, particularly if you look at the video you get the sense they are just lumping a lot of different rage into this opportunity to just vent a lot of fury but there is also genuine fury about further publication of an image of prophet muhammed. >> meanwhile that publication will continue. they will print they say maybe three million if not five million so it really is selling out as a message to the world. amy, thank you as always. we are learning that the chief of staff to yemen's president has been kidnapped. shiite rebels are claiming
1:34 pm
responsibility for the abduction. the group says it rejects the government's plan to divide yemen into six regions. now, the rebels have taken over parts of the country as part of a long-lasting power struggle with yemen's president. back here at home, police in kentucky say a missing teenaged couple that have been dubbed a modern bonnie and clyde are wanted for a string of crimes and may have been spotted in florida. police say 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips have been on a two week alleged crime spree, forging checks and stealing cars. the two vanished from a small town in western kentucky on january 3rd. investigators say the pair is believed to be driving a stolen red tacoma pickup truck that we are told has two guns inside it. after this string of so many rallies protesting the police, a rally showing support for police being called the sea of blue, wrapping up just a few hours ago
1:35 pm
in washington, d.c. those taking part paying tribute and honoring law enforcement especially after the cold-blooded killings of two new york city police officers last month. peter doocy live from washington. >> reporter: a few hundred people showed up for today's sea of blue march that organizers put together as a show of support for police officers who had been vilified during demonstrations recently amid those protests inspired by isolated incidents in ferguson, missouri and staten island, new york. >> what i'm asking you today, do you have their back. do you have their back? i thank god for that. >> reporter: there have been similar sea of blue marches through cleveland and las vegas. organizers say that today's walk through washington from the national law enforcement officers memorial to the u.s. capitol is not a direct reaction or response to the anti-police
1:36 pm
protests that we have seen for the last few months. however, those protests not completely ignored. >> it's time for us as a community to let them know that we've got their backs. it's time for us to bring peace. it's time for us to show the al sharptons and eric holders and race baiters that we can outnumber them and we will outnumber them and we will back our policemen. >> reporter: many participants at today's event were very deliberate in pointing out their group of several hundred never grew violent and didn't cause any property damage which is a lot different than several other large demonstrations that we have seen in recent weeks. >> peter doocy thank you so much. eric? they were first spotted in georgia about five years ago but the little kudzu bugs have traveled hundreds of miles west and north and can be found in many states, including
1:37 pm
louisiana, now as far north as delaware and washington, d.c. they say they can cause damage to soy bean fields so that could hurt the soy bean crop. scientists say cold weather will probably decide just how far the insects will eventually spread. first lady michelle obama celebrating her 51st birthday today. while she is becoming known as something of a fashion icon as first lady, mrs. obama had focused on issues like health and wellness education and the support of military families. mrs. obama shares a birthday with betty white. benjamin franklin and the great mohammad ali, all greats in my book. happy birthday, mrs. obama. >> how about that. president obama, meanwhile, is preparing to do something that he has never done before. addressing a completely republican-controlled congress. it will be his sixth state of the union speech. we will have a preview of what some are expecting to be a defiant address to the gop. ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought
1:38 pm
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a a a a a
1:42 pm
president obama preparing now for his sixth state of the union speech slated for tuesday night, but this one will be different. it is the first time the president has faced a republican-controlled congress and many political watchers expect the president to strike a defiant tone on partisan issues like immigration, taxes as well as the keystone pipeline. philip kline is here commentary editor for the washington examiner. i want to stick with tone first of all, and tell me what tone you think the president will strike. he's got three audiences. he has congress, he has the democratic base and he has the american people. >> i think it's going to be a balancing act. on the one hand, he is going to be eager to counter the perception that he's now a lame duck president not only because republicans now control all of congress but also because the 2016 presidential race is
1:43 pm
heating up so the media is starting to focus on hillary clinton as the party's super -- future standard bearer. so as a result, what obama's trying to do is he's trying to essentially communicate hey, guys, i'm still here for the next two years, i'm still president, i still have -- >> you really think that right now, hillary clinton and the likelihood she's going to run for president is stealing president obama's thunder right now? >> i think that right now, everyone's talking about 2016 and the fact that democrats don't have any control of congress. both of those things are intercepting to essentially create the impression that okay his presidency, the days are numbered essentially. and he wants to assert the fact that he's still relevant. i think that's why we are seeing a lot of reports and a lot of communication from the white house is he's going to stroke a defiant tone. however, i would just note that
1:44 pm
there has to be a balancing act, because he also, as you said, this is his big speech to a broad cross-section of americans so he doesn't want to come across as too combative, because he wants to set things up so that if anything doesn't get done in washington, he is the one who has the moral high ground and can say look i tried to work with republicans and they wouldn't cooperate with me. >> any specific talking points specific talking points that we can look for from the president? again, addressing those three crowds i mentioned, talking about congress, the democratic base and the american people. >> i expect him to be defiant on the issue of the keystone pipeline, on immigration and likely on iran sanctions. i expect him to talk about potential bipartisan openings on corporate tax reform, on trade and maybe a few other areas. and then he will probably push
1:45 pm
some sort of poll-tested ideas like we're starting to hear about sort of his community college plan and a plan for mandated paid leave and those sorts of things that are aimed to try to appeal to a certain constituency and make it harder for republicans to oppose. >> you pretty much have low expectations of anything the president has to say come tuesday night. >> yeah. i think that's a pretty fair bet whenever we're talking about a state of the union address. >> i see. you're right. we just had eric talking about the state of the union address with some guests earlier. governor christie gave there in new jersey but of course that was a different situation. governor christie may be positioning himself to get into that large crowd of republicans running for the white house right now. >> if you look at the 2007 bush state of the union address, he unveiled a health care program that went nowhere and was largely ignored just because
1:46 pm
democrats had just taken over congress. so i think that there's -- that's an indication that historically that at this point in your sixth state of the union address, there's not much you can do. >> i understand your point in the historical nature but there's a lot going on in the world. people want to know what the u.s. intelligence agencies are planning for possible cyberattacks. there's a lot happening, with just terror in general. we had fred fleitz on earlier and he's saying our administration and intelligence leaders have to coalesce and specifically he was saying the administration, in particular the president, needs to define what it is that we are fighting here. >> i don't disagree with that. but if you look at the ratings over time of the state of the union addresses they have declined and that's been true throughout the obama presidency and a big reason for that is that americans know that this is
1:47 pm
a speech where presidents typically lay out a laundry list of items that most likely aren't going to go anywhere. >> all right. we will watch it of course here on fox news channel. philip, hope you watch our coverage. talk to you soon. >> all right, thanks. shootouts with suspected radical islamic terrorists in belgium. you know, they are taking aggressive action over there. some ask are we here? >> we both recognize that military force and intelligence alone won't solve this problem. we will keep working together on strategies to counter violent extremism that radicalizes recruits and mobilizes people, especially young people to engage in terrorism. at man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy?
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the world is on edge as authorities in europe target more suspected radical islamic terrorists rooting out those cells and busting possible plots. police say they've arrested dozens of suspects so far in raids across the continent. this of course as we watch the raids from here. there are asking, is our government aggressive enough in trying to stop a potential attack on our country? there was one arrest this week. 20-year-old christopher lee car nell of ohio accused of
1:52 pm
planning to bomb the u.s. capitol building and then shoot members of congress as they potentially escaped. andrew peak is a former u.s. army intelligence officer and former advisor to u.s. and nato commands in afghanistan and joins us now. andrew, you think we're doing enough? >> well, i think there is room for improvement. there is a couple of elements of any successful strategy. certainly the kind of high end resource intensive law enforcement operation that we saw in ohio are part of it. but there is also two other elements. there is going after the other side's symbols, osama bin laden, the discrediting the islamic state, the kind of international symbols that help islamist recruitment. but there is also a third element and that's kind of addressing the root causes of terrorism, which is something that the last administration spent a lot of time talking about. but really neither the obama
1:53 pm
administration nor the sort of european partners we're currently working with has really enunciate add strategy for going after why there is this explosion in islamist extremism. >> what do we do about that and how can we address some of these issues of these diseffected young men, most seem to be young men about the same age. we see that pattern over and over again. jobless, diseffected, latch on to radical islamic terrorism that they see in the basements or bedrooms. two suspects recently living with the parents at home. how can we break that pattern? >> look, i think it's wildly inefficient to just grow the national security state to a point where we feel that every possible terrorist act can be intercepted. the end result of that is not a pretty picture and it's probably unsustainable. i think to address the underlying problem, there needs to be an element of addressing the lack of political freedom in
1:54 pm
the islamic world that is arguably driving a lot of the extremism that then finds its way to our shores. islamic extremism wasn't always a problem. really up until the late '70s, most of the terrorism that was carried out was in the name of other causes palestinian nationalism, certain secular extremist, marxism. so it's really since the late '70s that islamic extremism has really become the major terrorist threat world wide. and sort of why -- how you answer the question of why that happened says a lot about how you funnel resources into strategies for solving it. >> you talk about since the 1970s, 1990, the first radical islamic terrorist attack in our country, the assassination here in manhattan by a radical islamic extremist who was following the blind sheik, they were here. they were right under our noses. he was an air conditioning repairman at the criminal court
1:55 pm
building. so finally how do we root them out if they're here, if they're operating and potentially under our noses just like the brothers were in boston? >> certainly there is a couple elements. there is the operational level where tracking who is in touch with kind of the bad guys in places like yemen, iraq, syria. but there is the watching where the money is coming from, the money into the mosques and the places, the gathering places that they hang out in. but there is the enunciation of the counter narrative of the west that's confident in its values and really confident those values will work in places that haven't seen a lot of hope. >> you hit it on the head. values, trying to impart those values, especially our values to see if we can stop this.
1:56 pm
thank you so much for your insight. >> thanks for having me. >> we have a lot more on the response to home grown terrorists, as well as what the u.s. government is doing now to try and prevent another threat against us. that cyber attack. maria bartiromo will sit down with house committee member tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. that does it for us for now. we'll be back at 6:00 o'clock. >> absolutely. just a short hour from now. i'm arthel neville. stick around. "the five" is up next. we'll see new an hour. >> see you then at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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each party are very worried about the way you are getting very, very down. hello everyone i'm eric bolling. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." today president obama held a joint news conference at the white house with british prime minister david cameron and pledged a united effort to fight terrorism. i want you to listen closely. one identifies the terror threat we face by name the other one not so much. >> we do face a very serious islamic extremist terrorist threat in europe, america, across the world. we have to be incredibly


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