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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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bottom 50% pay less than three. we want to know what you think. let us know what you think that is all the time we have tonight. thanks for joining fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes sr online. this is a fox news alert. an ohio man is under arrest accused of plotting to attack the united states capitol and kill government officials inside the building. he apparently isis inspired plot reportedly include bombs, firearms, the plot was stopped early in its formation. federal prosecutors say 20-year-old christopher lee cornell was arrested as he took control of firearm during undercover fbi operation. they also say cornell expressed support online for identifies and spoke of plans to commit acts of jihad. the fbi says the public was never in danger and cornell never made it to washington. we'll bring you more information on this breaking news as we get it but right now, there is more breaking news. we have new photos from paris. they are absolutely chilling. they are the surveillance pictures of inside that kosher grocery store during those horrible hours.
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innocent citizens were gunned down by a vicious terrorist. and while others quivering in fears for their lives. today, exactly one week after the massacre at a paris magazine office. yemen's al qaeda branch bragging that they paid for and planned the charlie hebdo attack. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula gloating that the killings were revenge for the flag screen publishing images of the prophet muhammad. defiant parisians lining up to buy the imagine green charlie hebdo. selling out in minutes. we have live team coverage from france to the united states. we begin with amy kellogg live in paris. amy? >> >> hi, greta. we have all wondered what it must have been like to be one of those hostages inside the kosher supermarket last friday; but now we have some images that actually show us the horror of what it was like to be inside that store. in the first pictures that we have managed to get our hands on you see the terrorist himself coulibaly.
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not only did he have plenty of ammunition as we now know, but we see how he was dressed, in jeans, a t-shirt and bullet-proof vest. is he ordering one of the hostages to stand with his face to the wall. coulibaly stands tall, appears confident, and not particularly rattled. next you see shoppers huddled together between the aisles looking expressionless, almost blank. apparently just trying to stay calm. even as you later see the bodies of two of the victims right behind them at the cash registers. finally, empty aisles and an abandoned baby stroller. now we do know that one man grabbed his toddler's son and hid in a cooler down below with the help of a clever shop assistant until the ordeal was over. and finally, you see images of people climbing up on chairs. we were ordered apparently by their captor to smash the cctv cameras to destroy them. but the footage was recorded elsewhere so it was not destroyed. apparently or probably it
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was in the possession of the security company that had the cameras. now, the contrast between the images there greta the sort of expressionless images of the hostages and then the video that we remember of them breaking free when they were crying and you could see the panic fully on their faces, just really is testimony to how much they had to hold inside during that horrible ordeal. one bit of late news tonight, greta, this is not yet confirmed by the police but there are many reports emerging here in france that amedy coulibaly and kouachi brothers the two that killed 12 people at charlie hebdo got their guns in belgium apparently brussels is one of the biggest markets for illegal guns in europe. and coulibaly, according to these reports, went and got the guns with some sort of credit loan so so much for the deep pockets of these islamist groups that claim to be or that they claim were supporting them.
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and the reason that these reports are coming out is that apparently the dealer turned himself in to police greta, because he now is worried since he apparently swindled coulibaly that he will -- that the islamist groups that he was affiliated with will come after this illegal gun dealer. greta? >> amy, thank you. obviously very chilling pictures. thank you, amy. as we noted today. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula posting a video bragging and t. ordered and financed the charlie hebdo massacre. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. they bragged that they did this. >> well, they did. it's an 11 minute video. they officially take responsibility for the attack. they say it was done with coordination with the overall leader of al qaeda ayman al-zawahiri who is in pakistan. they said the american born cleric anwar al awlaki who ran the plotting against the west for al qaeda in yemen was a central player. we have confirmed the
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34-year-old kouachi brother met with anwar al-awlaki in 2011. the bottom line is that we have never seen a fake tape from al qaeda in yemen and we have never seen a bogus claim of responsibility from that group either. >> 11 minutes is a very long time. is that an unusually long time on the tape and what else are they saying for 11 minutes besides gloating that they did it, they paid for it, they planned it? >> that's right. >> what do you say in 11 minutes? >> this kind of video is clearly for propaganda purposes. it's trying to lay out its case that it is responsible for what is seen in the jihadi world as a highly successful attack. there is going to be looftd discussion here in washington over whether al qaeda in yemen directed the attack and earlier today, i spoke with a former pentagon official who said there was clearly command and control by al qaeda in yemen. what that means today is not that the leader of that group is picking up the phone and telling the kouachi brothers it's time to it act. rather, what he is doing is identifying them, giving them money giving them
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training and then leaving the timing up to them, which is what it appears happened in this case. >> since al awlaki died in, what 2010. >> 2011. >> 2011. and this is 2015. >> correct. >> he may have given the directions but took a long time to execute. >> and a the cia drone attack that killed him dramatically disrupted al qaeda in yemen and that may very well explain what the gap is about. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> despite the known link between the paris terrorist and al qaeda the white house refusing to use the term radical islam when describing the attacks. here is press secretary josh earnst. >> we want to describe exactly what happened. these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism. and they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking other religion of islam in their own deviant view of it. i'm describe talking the reasons why we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn't seem to accurately describe what had happened. >> and joining us our political panel, abc news political director rick klein and "the weekly standard's" john mccormick.
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rick, why the discussion about whether it's radical discussion or not and why the white house never embracing that term? >> it's a policy choice, it's a political choice. the policy of it is about trying to say to the rest of the world that this is not necessarily a view of islam and it's something you want to still work with the the rest of the islamic world. islamic leaders around the world to try to root this out. the political piece of it has to do with keeping this as small as possible and not wanting to make assumptions that would automatically make this a much larger event that would connect it to the kind of folks that are actually taking claim for it right now. >> you know, john, i understand difference not wanting to accuse everybody islam. the word does say radical islam. so it does carve out those who are using islam to kill. it's not like the use of the word would be or the term would not be descriptive. and accurate. >> exactly. i mean the president, the motivation is a good one that we don't want to lend credence he to the extremist that they have the correct interpretation of islam. these islamic extremists kill muslims more than anyone else across the world. hundreds of thousands.
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the problems with not talking about this in a correct term and talking about how it's radical islam is that you include yourself and include the american people about the these aren't just a bunch of lone wolf extremismist some school shooter, they are idealogues religiously motivated and geopolitical aims. and we are in for a long long war. this isn't something that is going to go away tomorrow. the president likes to say the tide of war is receding. clearly his policy has not worked and isis is as strong as ever. we are engaged in a long-term ideological struggle. >> does the president have a little bit of a tenure? everyone knows radical islam. it's no big secret. and the white house is the only ones that doesn't. the white house o -- the white house is the only one who didn't think it was important to go on saturday. it's almost as though the white house, you know, isn't listening to the rest are of us are. >> i think in terms of labeling, the white house has challenges in terms of having to conduct diplomacy. >> why? there is radical islam and islam. talk to the radical islam don't talk. they are trying to kill us.
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>> i heard senator rand paul give a speech yesterday. he was asked specifically about that the distinction he sees is between civilized and barbaric islam. it uses justification. but, again not giving credence to it. not lending credence to it. other politicians would make other choices in terms of the labeling. they made -- they recognize that the weekend not recognizing how big the paris event was was a mistake. which is pretty extraordinary to have any white house acknowledge that so i think that piece of it is little bit separate from. this i don't think that if they had hudenly labeled that differently that would have forced their hands to send one to paris. >> any way it validates or gives them credence if we say radical islam. i don't understand the white house doing this. >> i don't think there is, either. dissphing between islam and islamism or president bush used the phrase islamic fascism. insensitive and helping the terrorists. again you have to look at the numbers worldwide. even if this is a very small percentage out of a billion people there are still millions of people. >> we have got to identify them somehow. >> exactly. >> we have got to strip-i i
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mean, you would think the white house would embrace it because it identified those that are radical and trying to kill and those who are practicing the religion. >> exactly. >> you would think they would want to identify them. >> small percentage that supports terrorism. >> panel stay with us. well, you have seen the outrage, president obama, vice president biden attorney general eric holder all no shows at the paris unity rally. that was a really bad decision. even the white house now finally admitting it. >> is the president upset with this decision that involved all these other world leaders that it just never reached his desk? >> not that i. >> i find ininexplicable not to go to participate. >> decision not go. >> a decision made here at the white house. >> this is where the united states needs to exercise leadership not just at the law enforcement level but at the broader strategic level. >> obama's actions or inactions i cannot even explain. >> karl rove joins us. nice to see you karl.
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>> good to see you greta. >> karl, if i were president of the united states, and that question never got to me, whether to go to paris or not i would clean house. i mean, because it seems like such a -- i mean, first of all i would expect that my advisors say go. secondly, you know if they are going to say no, at least let me decide. >> yeah, look. this is a failure of the decision-making apparatus inside the white house. we don't know whether it was the farlg of dennis mcdonough, the chief of staff, susan rice, the national security advisor, the deputy national security advisor, ben rhodes whose background is in pr and campaign press or valerie jarrett who apparently ranges widely through all of these things. yes, the white house decision-making process failed at its most fundamental responsibility and that is bringing big issues to the president to make a decision. but, you know what? it's not just the fault of those four people. it's the fault of the president. the president of the united states has not created a white house that challenges him, that properly advises him. that provides the kind of
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support and direction and decision-making that the president of the united states has to have. >> do we even know whether or not maybe, you know, it's -- i'm just guessing, i mean, i'm just throwing it out there, actually, that maybe the president did know about it. maybe he was told and maybe they are covering for him because it's such profoundly stupid decision not to go. maybe they are protecting him and frankly that would probably be a good idea. because i would like it think that my president didn't know about it rather than that he made a decision that was flies in the face of what most people think should have happened. >> yeah, well,like, i agree. i would rather that he was kept out of the loop rather than he making a really bad decision. but, on the other hand look, i don't think they are lying. i just -- you know, this -- you can't contain that entirely and if somebody was aware that they did talk to the president, there will be a piece of paper. there will be some memoranda. there will be some notes some place that will eventually come out in the archives. no, i don't think they are lying to us. i think they are, for once telling straightforward we didn't think this rose to the level of a presidential decision. now, again, my point is that
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this happens because the president of the united states has created an environment inside the white house in which people get away with that kind of stupid thinking. if he really was not told, and he really is upset about it, then at least one head out to roll. but, again, mcdid you knowna, susan rice, you know, valerie jarrett. ben rhodes. we have seen this cast of characters make all kinds of mistakes for a long period of time. and they are all ultimately responsibility of the president of the united states for lack of vision lack of understanding, wrong headed philosophy and very bad decisions on the international scene. >> well, but, you know, i don't know if i -- you accuse the president of creating that environment. i mean, if a president hires some aides and said you make decisions when the really important ones come along you wring them to me. you can't sit and police them day in and day out. he makes the expectation that they will exercise good judgment. how you can say he created the environment? >> god back and read two
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books by secretary of defense. leon panetta before him his predecessor appointed by president bush. both of them had -- were very emphatic the white house staff is basically a bunch of sick fits. people who do not challenge the president. do not bring him bad news. the president is a bad decision-maker. look, ben rhodes, i hate to pick on this guy. i have never met him. he came out of a campaign experience and he is the deputy national security advisor with no foreign policy background and he was the guy who negotiated the deal with cuba in which we basically gave cuba a lifeline in return for virtually nothing. and this is how this president operates. you know, it's his ideas, it's his vision it's his lack of understanding. it's his philosophy that permeates all that he does. ultimately he is responsible, yes for setting the tone and surrounding himself with these kind of people. why susan rice there? susan rice is there because she was the loyal person who fell on her sword after ben georgia's, she was the woman
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who went on television and said, you know full quincyberg, you know this was all because of video. they gave her a job so that it didn't require confirmation so she would never get pulled before congress and asked the vital question of who told you to go out and lie to the american people? who on saturday night said sunday morning tell them something that we know is not true? and this permeates the entire apparatus inside the white house. >> carl. thank you, always nice to see you. >> great to see you greta. let's all go off-the-record for a minute. this is a big problem. the obama administration just won't face it. it is radical islam. >> we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn't seem to accurately described be what had happened. >> and it isn't just josh earnst. it is president obama's attorney general eric holder. he won't call it like it is radical islam. >> i would say that we are at war with terrorists who commit these heinous acts
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and who use islam. they use a corrupted version of islam to justify their actions. >> i can't believe i have to do this. if the obama administration needs evidence proof here it is, fact number one, all the terrorists in paris followed islam. fact number 2 they all did the most unthinkable acts massacre, and fact number three, they yelled the same thing ala akbar. who needs more proof than that? but just in case, fact number 4, and the icing on the cake, am divide in yemen now bragging they planned and paid for it. now, while this is all obvious to you and everyone else, i have no explanation why the obama administration is afraid to say radical islam or islamic extremism. it is bizarre. but it's also a big deal. you can't play word games or bury your head in the sand when you are facing a real and eminent threat. you must first identify your enemy, radical islam and then you go get them. for the life of me i don't
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get this namby-pamby word game the obama administration is playing? do you? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. straight ahead it's not just president obama. why the fight to get anything accomplished in washington is about to be even tougher for republican lawmakers, senator lindsey graham is here to talk about that plus a night marianne scene something out of a movie. the movie fugitive. this is tragic. real life. this happened. that story coming up. we are following the breaking news, new information about the ohio man accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol. the latest is next.
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in washington and kill government workers inside. "on the record" obtained high school photo of the suspect. christopher lee cornell. cornell was arrested during undercover fbi operation federal prosecutors say cornell was plotting to use bombs and firearms to attack the capitol building. the plot was stopped early in its formation. prosecutors also say cornell expressed support online for isis and spoke of plans to commit ax of jihad. we are going to bring you more information on this breaking news as we get it. and republicans are now controlling congress and president obama vowing to fight using vetoes and executive orders. but the g.o.p. fighting back. representative charlie dense saying i'm a member of congress. i'm not a plotted plant. i don't take my orders from the white house. now will republicans have to fight more than just the white house? is president obama teaching congressional democrats not to be team players and look for common ground but rather to up their game against republicans? senator lindsey graham joins us before we get to this issue about the democrats and whether -- what the president is saying to them. i'm curious your thought about this discussion about whether it's a religious war or whether it's radical
11:22 pm
islam. your thoughts on this. >> we are in a religious war with radical islamist who have embraced a religious doctrine that requires them compelled by god to purify their religion to kill all moderate muslims or people who don't agree with them within the faith to destroy every other religion. and here are our choices. we can fight them over there or we can fight them at home, we can fight them by ourselves or we can fight them with partners. i choose to fight them over there with partners. and when our president doesn't acknowledge that this is a religious-driven war, it's going to be very hard to win it. >> are there -- i mean, just so i'm clear, there is radical islam terrorists and there are moderate muslims, non-terrorists, right? >> there is a doctrine embraced by radical islamist that require them to kill or convert. most muslims do not feel compelled by god to kill people of other religions. but this radical strain of
11:23 pm
islam is compelling them to kill us because we don't embrace their view of religion. it has nothing to do with our support for israel it has nothing to do regarding our foreign policy. this has been going on for a couple of decades now. and until our president understands what the egyptian president understands, that we're in a religious war, it's going to be very hard to defeat it. it has nothing to do with our intervention in iraq like a democratic united states senator suggested that the people in paris were radicalized because our invasion of iraq. people who think that are missing the big picture here. >> let me switch gears to locally. domestically. president obama is he working is the whole idea for him to sort of lead his team the democrats, do you see this working, you know, trying to find some common ground so we can get some progress in this city or not? >> i think they are doubling down on trying to be on destructionists, we see that beginning in the senate. the president has outlined
11:24 pm
several veto threats even before we have taken up the debate on issues very popular like the keystone pipeline. the democrats have to figure out why did you get your brain beats out? what is the solution to your problem? i believe if they become obstructionists and try to make us fail when we are reaching across the aisle to solve problems, they will dig a deeper glol let me go to gitmo now. the president wants to release more people from gitmo. i don't know if he wants to get down to zero. that's a huge discussion. but, are we going to see more releases from gitmo? >> yes. he will try release more people, but you will see congress led by kelly ayotte putting a moratorium on all releases of high threat and medium threat detainees. the president of the united states has concluded that the war on terror has reached a point that we can safely release people from gitmo. the best i can say about him is he is unfocused. that's delusional thinking. the war on terror has reached a lethal phase.
11:25 pm
it is insane to be letting these people out of gitmo to go back to the fight. 30% of the people released already have gone back to the night. i believe the war has hit a point where we need to keep these guys in jail at least for a couple years until we can get a grip on what's going on throughout the world. particularly iraq and syria. iraq and syria are great platforms for radical islamists to attack this country and the president is going to send them some reinforcements by letting people out of gitmo. that makes no sense. >> senator, thank you. nice to sigh, sir. straight ahead the republican led house already begun making good on promises or as democrats would say on their threats. some of president obama's executive actions. will their plan work? that's next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts!
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this a fox news alert. and we are getting new information on an isis inspired plot against the u.s. capitol. ohio man under arrest accused of plotting a violent attack. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> we have this 7 page criminal complaint here and we have reviewed it and based on the statements of the fbi agent. 2 o-year-old christopher cornell pledged his support of for isis online and then he went to a series of steps to try and targeted u.s. capitol. they included saving his money. also doing research on the targets online. researching, making pipe bombs and they ultimately purchased a weapon and he was arrested just as he was about to fly to washington,
11:30 pm
d.c. we showed his high school wrestling picture. this is a deeply religious man or a very sort of troubled man? is there any information? do we know anything about his background that way? >> to me this is a classic case of someone who is part of this new digital jihad. he got involved in social media but the critical part of the case is that at that point the fbi introduces a confidential informant into the case and i can guarantee you if this ever goes to trial, the defense will argue that it was entrapment by the fbi and that the client would not have gone as far if it hadn't been for that informant. >> as a criminal defense attorney i tried that entrapment attorney when there was nothing else left. very hard from a defense perspective to prevail. >> i defer to you on that. >> he may raise that but i'm telling you if that's the best he has well whatever. catherine, thank you. >> okay. and today the republican-led house passing legislation to overturn president obama's executive actions on immigration. now, it's part of a spending bill for the department of homeland security. the bill does face tough prospects in the u.s. senate and a veto threat from president obama. but republicans say they had
11:31 pm
to act against the president's unconstitutional overreach. >> i am the president. >> united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that are passed. >> what changed between then and now? >> to think that the president of the united states actually studied constitutional law is one thing. his actions suggest that he has forgotten what these words even mean. >> there is no reason to play political games with our national security. >> lawless amnesty taken democrats from the party of yes, we can to acting like the party of because we can. the president will rightfully veto this legislation and we will applaud and champion his cause as he picks up that pen once again. >> and representative carlos joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, good evening. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. so the republican house voted to block funding for one of the amendments that president obama wanted with
11:32 pm
this immigration. but you are one of the few republicans that didn't vote with republican party and you voted with the democrats. why? >> greta, i have serious concerns about the president's overreach with these executive orders. but, this -- what we did today is a temporary fix. it is not a permanent solution. we republicans have to stop reacting to the president and we have to start leading. and if we want to take over control over country's immigration laws and put the authority to right immigration policy back in the united states congress what we have to do is pass a series of bills that will overhaul our nation's immigration policy. doing it through the appropriations process, i don't think makes sense. and that's why i voted against it because i want congress to get serious about overhauling our nation's immigration laws and we did not do that today. >> all right. and you are a freshman u.s. congressman, about two weeks old in the u.s. congress. maybe only a week old.
11:33 pm
already bucking your party a little bit. your thoughts on anyone giving you sort of the chill today? >> no. i think everyone understands my position. the leadership was very respectful. and they know that i didn't go to washington to follow anyone's orders but the wishes and the desires of my constituents. and my district, greta wants immigration reform that includes securing the border modernizing our visa system and finding a solution for the undocumented population. and that means yes the people who broke this country's laws have to face consequences because we are a country of laws. but it also means that we have to deal with this situation in a reasonable way that benefits our economy and, by the way, gress, that doesn't punish young people who were brought to this country as children and who know no other country except this one. these young men and women, they love this country. they are working in this country. they are contributing to it
11:34 pm
and we should recognize that >> do you get the sense income congress for about a week or two weeks this far is that congress wants solutions or wants to fight? >> i know that the republican majority wants solutions. and i understand there was a lot of frustration in our party. rightfully so. because the president really went too far with his executive order o. he didn't even give congress a chance to work on immigration after the election. so, i understand the frustration. i share it. but, that's an important question. we have to be focused on our agenda, on advancing our solutions. and not just on reacting to everything this president does. we cannot be defined by the president, we need to find what's success for the american people and for the future of this country. >> congressman, nice to see you, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> good luck to the packers greta, thank you. >> yes indeed. they are going to need a little luck. thank you, sir, very much. i appreciate that one.
11:35 pm
>> and 2016 candidates start gearing up they are making campaign battle plans to deal with immigration. our political panel is back. rick klein and "weekly standard" john mccormick. rick, governor jeb bush, a lot of republicans say that he is for amnesty. there is an article today defending him saying that he is not for amnesty and misconstrued. where is he on this. >> he has been in a couple different places. the best you can say about him and plausible case around this is that it is more of an evolution than flip flop. that's always in the eyes of beholder. he came without a book just about a year and a half ago where he said there should not be a path to citizenship. then he came around and said he supported what the house and senate were working on actually the senate was working on at the time that included the path to citizenship. if you consider that amnesty and the backers of that don't caller it that at all. if you consider that he is on the floored supporting that. he has shown overtime he is moving based on, i think mostly the sentiments of the american people. but is he definitely going to be left of most of the republican field if he rupps. he will take a lot of heat
11:36 pm
on it i think he is going to be a major focus of the attack on him if he decides to run. >> you know what i like john to get back to congressman cure bellow for a second. is he brand new. whether you agree or disagree, i think it's refreshing that a man so new to the u.s. congress, very young man. very principled position and bucking the leadership of his party and when he explained his reason, i found that quite refreshing. >> he is a fresh face. is he across more conservative. i think that's actually jebens bigger problem. he represents the past. the son of a president the brother of a president. not so much the i'd okay call problems immigration and common core are probably the two biggest problems. >> that jeb bush is going to have. >> that jeb bush is going to have. bigger issue he is defining himself against conservatives. i'm willing to lose the primary in order to win the election. these conservatives are childish and rebel rousers. they have gone too far and i will be the adult in the room. that's the reputation is he getting. that's a bigger problem and the family name. people want to look forward
11:37 pm
not look to the past. >> it will be fun to watch the romney/bush debated. >> it's not going to be just those two they may be bush people again. cross poll lynn nation. dominate kind of establishment fight in a bracket, if you will, and there is going to be so many other people who are underneath them in a lot of ways in fundraising and other kind of skills. it's going to be a battle royale. >> clue like colonel mustard in the ballroom or something. intriguing like who is doing what, where, and how they are grabbing donors and changing positions. >> it will be fun. anyway panel, stay with us. and straight ahead the inspiration for the wolf of wreath and very very hot water tonight at the center of a real life fbi raid. that's next. and of course we are following that breaking news. arrested an ohio man accused of plofting to attack and blow up the u.s. capitol. at least bombings and firearms. update coming up.
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a man who helped inspire the film of wolf of wall street drama. today a medical device company, the company's executive vice president inspired jonah hill's character in the wolf of wall street. >> is that your car in the lot. >> yeah. >> one of the guys who helped inspire the wolf of wall street could be in serious legal trouble. >> $2,000 and i quit my job right now and i work for you. >> hey listen, i quit. >> danny, top executive there. he inspired the character played by actor jonah hill in that movie. the real question was this. is all this legal. >> florida's division of insurance fraud confirms it's helping the feds with the case. attorney for the company says it is cooperating. >> fox news correspondent steve harrigan live in miami, steve, what is going on with that?
11:43 pm
>> greta this was a big time raid in boca rotan, florida. began after 10:00 a.m. at the offices of med care. agents from the fbi, from the irs, even from the department of homeland security along with local police, they surrounded the building and were carrying out documents, boxes full all day. of course, the large publicity through the danny, portrayed by jonah hill the wolf of wall street about a bunch of brokers who pumped and dumped penny stocks. the charges are that the same thing is going on now only this time it's with senior citizens who need diabetes or breathing supplies. it's a medical supplies company that targets the seniors according to one former emilyee. sell them stuff they don't need and bills medicare. the charges are being denied by the company. but so far we haven't heard any word from officials yet. they say they are cooperating with investigation. they have been investigated before just two years ago the company received $30 million in reimburse. s for medicare.
11:44 pm
and as for mr. perush. despite having spent three years in jail for securities fraud. he is he living the high life in southern florida in ocean front condo and driving his and hers rolls royce with his second wife despite owing defrauded investors more than $200 billion. greta. >> thank you. what a story. this is like a scene from the fugitive. bus off the highway and colliding with a train. this is the real video. unfortunately it is not a movie. it's real life. people died. fox news correspondent casey stegall joins us from texas. casey. >> yeah, greta. good evening. when you look at the images coming out of that accident site, it is remarkable that anyone was able to survive. but five people, in fact, are alive tonight, being treated at this hospital in odessa, texas behind me. out of those five four in critical condition and one is serious. this all happened about 15 miles west of where we are standing in penwell texas. a department of criminal justice bus was traveling
11:45 pm
westbound on interstate 20. they were in the process of transferring inmates from abilene to el paso. cops say driver of that bus lost control while going over an icy overpass. the bus went airborne, slid down and embankment and then landed on some train tracks just as a union pacific train was coming through. you cannot make this up. the two collided before the conductor was able to stop. out of the 10 people who were killed in this horrific crash, 8 were prisoners and two were correctional officers. and then out of five survivors, four are inmates. the fifth is an officer. this is still very much an active investigation. but in the early goings of it all, it does appear that weather played a big factor here today. greta? >> casey, thank you. and how tragic. looking at that bus. yikes. >> yeah. and brace yourselves. if you yes, you hated the irs before, wait until you hear this news. you are not going to like it. that's next.
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the irs is really a problem. grossly unfair to the american taxpayer. today commissioner koskinen warning the irs is slashing taxpayer services. now, that's code for well, you didn't pay your taxes late. your tax refund will be late. and the commissioner blames budget cuts. but it gets worse. the commissioner saying there will be fewer irs workers to take up your calls for help right when obamacare is making filing tax returns filing complicated. get ready for long hold times and even if you reach a human. political panel is back. political director rick klein. you know this unglues me. >> yeah. this is a plea for more funding. you put out a memo like this to kind of scare people hope they call the members of congress. the members of congress say, you know what we have to do something to restore the
11:51 pm
cuss. >> let me tell you it's not going to happen. there is about 0.0% chance of any additional money fleeing to the irs. it is not going to happen with the republican congress. even this administration, i think, would be too worried about the perceptions to ask for it look, every government agency has had deep cuts. does it effect services? of course it does. people make adjustments. that's has to be the rule of thumb as we move forward. >> john, i just think they are whining but go ahead your thought. i will get to mine in a second. i have some numbers but go ahead. >> i can't imagine anyone campaigning on the need for more money to the irs so we can have more audits and more people working the phones. 3% budget cut many ways make um for this money. one way is have some of the people focus on fraud for the earned income tax credit. there are billions and billions of dollar every year that go out fraudulently if the irs did a better job they could easily make up for 3% or 4% short fall. >> now i'm unglued. first of all for starters how about putting al sharpton on the payment plan for the taxes he has.
11:52 pm
4 or $5 million worth of unpaid taxes plus interest. i don't know what that is. now, the budget cut apparently was $3,467,000,000. that's what the irs commissioner is complaining of he has $346 million this year than last year. here is another fact. research. there are right now in the federal government there are 318,000 federal employees with delinquent taxes. 318,000 employees. and how much do they owe in delinquent taxes? we know where they are, we can dock their pay they are on the federal payroll. they own $3.3 billion. so, while the commissioner is whining about 346 million in budget cuts, he could get from the federal employees $3.3 billion if he bothered to collect. not to mention the fact that between the years 2010 and 2012 the irs spent $49 million on conferences. now, what in the world do they need conferences? i think the irs is the most -- i don't know.
11:53 pm
this is tv. it's incredible. i mean, i don't know how you ask with a straight face. >> this is a pet peeve of yours. part of what they are saying they have to cut back is overtime. if you you know that overtime is happening. you are structuring something wrong if this is a budgeted thing. look, they will have to manage around this. >> why don't they just do their jobs. you know what? they are just holding up the american people. i mean it really is a disgrace. they have got the same budget, 1998 budget when they could do the job 1998 with this money and they can't do it now and think have got better computers and better software? >> probably the least sympathetic branch of the government and least sympathetic bureaucrat. john koskinen went before the house panel and smugly saying we lost. this i'm sorry we didn't tell you about it paul ryan took him to task saying you know what? you make every american hold on to their receipt for seven years and you can't even keep your receipts for, what, a couple years? it was ridiculous. >> and they let 318,000 federal employees with delinquent quentd taxes to the tune of $3.3 billion
11:54 pm
owed not to mention al sharpton in and out of the white house a million times and he owes 4.5, $5 million in unpaid tax according to the "new york times." >> it does make the case for needed reforms that i have think anyone would agree on. i have a feeling we will hear about this on the presidential campaign trail. >> we forgot the star trek video how much did that one cost? >> how much. >> the irs star trek video? what are they spending money on? it is absolutely theft from the american people and god forbid if you should be late paying your taxes and now they don't pay you your refund on time, you know when i keep your money don't pay on time that's actually stealing. you know, but anyway. other than that, it's a great organization. ha ha ha. one ever your finest government agencies. >> they still have to pay it. >> anyway, panel, thank you. thank you very much for joining us. and coming up, an nfl player charged with rape. the latest is next.
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this is a fox news alert. an ohio man who allegedly expressed support for identifies in violent jihad on socialed me can a i can't is now under arrest. accused of plotting against the united states capitol and kill government workers inside. christopher lee cornell was arrested during undercover fbi operation. "on the record" obtained this high school photo of cornell and the fbi says the plot was stopped early and the public was never in danger. and now get ready to speed read the news. an indianapolis colts player is facing rape charges. prosecutor filed the charges against colts linebacker josh mcnary today. no other details released. mcnary has been with the team since 2013. the colts say they are aware of the allegations and gathering details before saying anything else. the colts face the patriots in sunday's afc championship game. the fuselage of airasia flight 8501 has been found. a navy ship spotting it in the java sea. divers will examine the wreckage tomorrow. the plane crashed during a storm. all 122 passengers and crew are presumed dead.
12:00 am
thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. go to greta wire there is a new poll. i want to know what you think. go to and vote tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye -- have the belgians in vented a new transit system that will rival the high speed rail? we have the report you won't want to miss. and what is the best thing about the mr. potato head vladimir putin sent the president? >> that is what is scared of america. imagine what might come next. >> and finally a jealous junky who is in love with a grown woman. is his desire to kick away the competition add mirral or -- admirable or pure evil. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our


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