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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 13, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. and please, remember, the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, dramatic new video of the terror attack in paris. showing the gunmen behind the massacre celebrating in the streets, and making clear their motive for the attack. good evening, welcome to the kelly file. i'm in for meghan kelly. the video was purportedly captured minutes after the assault on the employees of charlie hebdo. in it you can hear the two brothers identified as the killers praising the prophet muhammad and said they were avenging his honor in the name of al qaeda. despite those statements and
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the evidence that both of those brothers not only received weapons training in yemen, but met with radical al qaeda preacher anwar al awlaki, the white house is still refusing to acknowledge that this attack had anything to do with, quote, radical islam. >> this is not a matter of the world being at war with islam. the world, and the united states, as we've discussed before in the context of isil, is at war with these individuals, these violent extremists who carry out these acts of terror. >> at the same time the state department confirmed today that it is still committed to closing guantanamo bay, despite warnings from lawmakers that current detainees will likely wind up trying to kill more innocents if we let them go. we have all types of team coverage tonight. let's go to the west coast newsroom where trace gal a gar
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has more video. >> the video shows two masked gunmen believed to be said and cherif kouachi seconds after the massacre that killed 12 people. listen to one brother with a symbolic finger in the air, shout about avenging muhammad. but you keep watching the brothers also do not appear to be in a hurry to leave, or feel like they're under threat. one of them calmly sets a rifle on the top of the car, and then they load one gun, and then they go on to try to unjam another. the man taking the video apparently doesn't realize what these men just did. because after he watches them for a while he casually says only in france. as the killers start to drive away, the photographer goes to the other side of the building to get a view from another
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window. and that's when he captures the terrorists being confronted by a police vehicle. watch this. >> reporter: the police inside that car were not injured, but you saw them back up in that narrow alley. and the killers were able to get away and were on the run for two more days. it was after the video that you just saw that the kouachi brothers are thought to come across a wounded police officer killing him in cold blood. the man who just took the video that you saw could not believe his eyes. you could hear him kind of wondering aloud if the bullets were even real. >> it looks like something out of a movie script. tragically was not. trace, thank you very much. and despite all the praising of the prophet muhammad in that
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video, the white house again today stuck by its argument that this attack had nothing to do with islam. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more from washington. ed? >> the bottom line is josh earnest today said the administration believes it's inaccurate to blame the paris attacks on radical islam. earnest saying the terrorists in france tried to justify their actions by invoking the religion. he said that's a warped view of islam. and the white house will not fall into that. listen. >> i'm describing to you the reasons why we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn't seem to accurately describe what had happened. we also don't want to be in a situation where we are legitimizing what we consider to be a completely illegitimate justification for this violence. this act of terrorism. >> meanwhile, the fallout also continued over the white house's
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decision to not send the president or another high official to sunday's paris rally against terror. political reporting that white house officials believe the admission that it will sem pli lead reporters to geth bored and move on. i pressed earnest today again on what the president was doing sunday instead. >> did you get a chance to have a conversation with the president? >> well i -- there was -- there were conversations here at the white house about that. but i don't have anything to share about that. >> is the president upset with this decision that involved all these other world leaders, that it never reached his desk? has he expressed any anger about that? >> not that i'm aware of. >> former president jimmy carter tried to support mr. obama in a yahoo! news interview with a line of defense the white house may wish he had not used. carter saying that the president just came back from a long vacation to hawaii. there's a lot of work piled up on his desk.
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and it's understandable that he couldn't make it to paris. shannon? >> ed, thank you very much. the white house also facing serious opposition to the continued pledge it's going close down guantanamo bay's detention center. we learned more detainees have been released since the midterm elections than in the past three years combined. today a group of lawmakers held a news conference to warn if we don't stop some of these detainees will wind up back on the battlefield. republican new hampshire senator kelly ayotte is a member of the senate armed services committee and . thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> i'll read a piece from michael len arizona. he said i was one of the initial guys to set up guantanamo bay. but now we've got to release everybody who's cleared. we've got to close it down. it's hard to overstate how damaging the existence of the facility at guantanamo has been. what's your response? >> our response is what is
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damaging is the 30% of the guantanamo detainees that have been released that have actually gotten back into the battle against our soldiers our allies. our men and women and uniform have to confront someone we had captured before. that is the issue shannon. when we look at what's happening around the world right now and we saw the attacks in paris just to put some perspective. the detainees that are being released by the administration many of them are designated high risk. that means high risk for reengagement in terrorism. that's where the focus needs to be, not in the president trying to fulfill a campaign promise. it has to be on protecting the american people, and our troops and our allies. >> are you somewhat baffled on the fact that we do release some of these detainees the last five by my count, to yemen? where we know there is a growing problem, infestation of radical terrorists who are there and actively carrying out proudly and boldly campaigns against
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innocent people? >> shannon, yemen is the wild wild west for terrorists. just last week there was a suicide attack there where 50 people were murdered. we have a situation where two of the alleged attackers that were involved in paris are connected with yemen. and we also know that it's alleged that one of them got training from al qaeda in yemen. just between september and december of this year there were 149 al qaeda attacks in yemen. that's why our legislation seeks to prohibit the administration from transferring anyone to yemen. when you have a 30% reengagement rate for terrorism or suspected reengagement, why would you send anyone to yemen knowing the security situation there knowing that they have al qaeda training camps there. it just makes absolutely no sense in terms of keeping us safe. >> senator, very quickly before we get cut off here. i want to ask you, do you have any bipartisan support? will there be democratic
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sponsors? do you have the votes that you need to get this moving? >> well right now, today, myself, senator berg in the intel committee senator mccain and senator graham have introduced this. we'll be seeking more support. i don't know why anyone in terms of the provision of this legislation on yemen, i got in the senate armed services committee version of the prohibition on yemen. it was stripped out at the last minute, in the conference committee. so i think there's a lot of bipartisan support on this yemen issue in particular. >> all right. senator kelly ayotte please keep us updated. >> we will. thanks shannon. >> pete is here, the ceo of the concerned veterans for americans who once served at guantanamo bay. pete, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> we also want to talk to you in addition about gitmo, about the authorization of the administration now indicating that the president is going to seek from congress to help it have formal support, and
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authority for moving ahead with the strategy against the islamic state, isis, whatever you want to call it. they've been having these talks for months. >> sure. >> leaders on both site of the aisle said there's bipartisan support for this. why can't they get it done? >> the people on the right are frustrated because they won't name the enemy and go after it sufficiently. they're seeking to limit the authorization. geographical location, what we can do with boots on the ground. many of those that understand isis say, you can't set a timeline. have we not learned that lesson yet. you can't tell the enemy what assets you will or will not use. the enemy seeks our unwillingness to pay attention to those. the question will be what type of authorization does the white house seek. is it serious in really trying to defeat the islamic state or is it going to create a series of excuses to fight a very limited war against isis.
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>> top democrats and republicans on the hill said we want to give you this, but you have to come to us and tell us what you want. >> everyone wants it. who doesn't want congress to authorize the wars we're fighting. we're fighting from post-9/11, which could cover this. because it's those affiliated with al qaeda, isis certainly an offshoot. but it's, as a country we want to go to war collectively with the understanding knowing who we're fighting. the white house needs to lead this effort. the president needs to say this is the type of authorization we want of the he's been waiting for congress to act and he hasn't known which way to go because harry reid drug his feet on it. now we need to set out a broad set of parameters where the president can go after isis. if paris can't galvanize the nature of this threat, what will. we still see the white house at the podium saying it's not radical islam. if it isn't, what is it and how do we defeat it.
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>> for our men and women serving -- >> that's right. the people on the ground need to mount an offensive in the spring. the troops on the ground are waiting for guidance. >> thank you for your service and being here tonight. >> appreciate it. in a kelly file exclusive, see what happened when this man challenged the imams in saudi arabia. he may be beaten to death for speaking up against the hardliners. death threats against speaker of the house john boehner. gun dealers say the obama administration is quietly trying to drive them out of business. legal business. it's a story you'll hear only here tonight on the kelly files straight ahead.
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breaking tonight, video showing a brutal beating in saudi arabia. you can see an activist in a white shirt getting 50 lashes. that is just the beginning of what is in store for him. trace gal is live >> and yet, the saudis are now punishing one of their own citizens for trying to exercise freedom of expression and religion. he started a blog encouraging people for their own faith. he was arrested for apostasy.
9:16 pm
he was sentenced to ten years in prison and a thousand lashes. the u.s. government called on the country to cancel the punishment punishment. others called the punishment barbaric saying he was silent but in great pain. amnesty international calls it a vashus act of cruelty. and one of the people pushing for his release is accusing the saudi government of hypocrisy. listen. >> how can you define a terrorist, muslim brothers al qaeda, and to put him at the same level of of wonderful people, sweet thinkers that could be a solution against
9:17 pm
extreme terrorism? >> you heard her mention his lawyer, in prison for inciting public opinion. if saudi arabia continues to disregard the international outcry he will receive 50 lashes every friday for 19 weeks. >> trace, thank you so much the saudi government is being accused of hypocrisy after condemning a terrorist attack on journalists in france but continuing with the public beating. human rights attorney, good to see you tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about our position on this. saudi arabia is a u.s. ally. they're a tight bond there. our state department spoke out against this punishment yet carried out on friday. doesn't sound like we have much influence over free speech. >> i think it's obvious we don't. what kind of moral authority did the obama administration have
9:18 pm
over the saudi government to tell them not to enforce sharia blaspheme laws when this administration has bowed to the king of saudi arabia. the president declared the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. and we've signed into the president's press secretary said it was the duty to of the administration to lobby editors and reporters against publishing anti-jihadi information because it may provoke jihadi attacks. this administration is pushing an orwellian circle, where free speech somehow incites violence islam clerics preach violence, flogingñi and the death penalty as
9:19 pm
a legitimate reaction to hurt feelings that are responsible for this type of violence which is a violation of international law. >> here in the united states we have the first amendment. and we say it seems like from this administration a video you tube video blamed by a guy not in california linked with attacks to benghazi saying he needed to be shut down and the video was blamed for death and trouble. but then, also, saying there was clearly support the journalists at charlie hebdo even if we say they have decisions to make we're free speech. that is what our count story built upon. >> the obama administration took the opportunity after the terrorist attacks, horrific terrorist murders in paris to make these grand statements
9:20 pm
about free speech. they've done everything possible to stifle open dialogue and the words islam and jihad have been redakted from terrorism training manuals. and issued film was wrongfully blamed for violence. and now we have the administration journalists saying is fair. in world war ii our administration tell journalists not to offend nazis? did u.s.ç#eááznistration tell journalists don't do anything to april ease communists? why are we april easing the islamo-nazis right now? >> brook good to see you. thank you so much. >> new developments in that late
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now to a story not getting a whole lot of attention, despite the fact it is causing a lot of concern for some second amendment supporters. a growing number of gun dealers are starting to feel the pinch from a quiet effort they say to cut off their financing, and to choke off their ability to do business. a fox news contributor and news editor for town, katy what is this all about? >> payment processors like paypal or apple square or stripe are refusing through their company policies to process transactions that have to do
9:25 pm
with firearms, ammunition, firearms parts. the other issue comes from the federal government on the department of justice side, who is implementing regulations to essentially bully big banks like chase or jpmorgan for example, into not doing business with lawfully -- you know put in place businesses. the reason is, through regulation, the department of justice has issued subpoenas to banks to take a look at the categories that they're doing business with, in terms of, you know child pornography, or other salacious categories. but the problem is the department of justice has put ammunition, firearms, and firearms accessories on to the high risk list. and so firearms dealerships now who have been doing business with these banks or payment processing companies for a very long time are seeing the accounts being frozen, their transactions cut off without any warning. so it's a real problem when it comes to the small businesses, which a lot are family owned
9:26 pm
when they don't have access to their money and their business is stalled. >> there's a business, transnational saying we're happy to take on this business. they note firearms, that business is the most regulated, tracked, monitored business in the united states anyway. >> right. absolutely. so the transnational, the company that you just mentioned, has stepped up to the plate and said if the other businesses or private entities paypal stripe, square they can do what they want. if they don't want to process those payments they don't have to. other businesses can step in. that's the beauty of the free market. the problem is when the department of justice is bullying these other banks and other companies into making sure they're not doing business with who they call high-risk businesses. firearms ammunition. the issue is on the table of congress. they looked at it last year. i'm sure that the republican-controlled congress now with the oversight committee will certainly take a look at this moving forward.
9:27 pm
it's been on the table for a while. there's serious questions about the regulations that affect people's second amendment rights by getting into the middle of lawful commerce by making these statements saying it's somehow high risk. >> no law-abiding business wants to be lumped in with child pornography. new research from pugh said more than half of the kids in america are now raised in a home without a mother and father. senator marco rubio said that is a real problem for all of us. the potential 2016 candidate is here live to explain why. plus breaking news in a minute on the threat to kill speaker of the house john boehner. despite the new video showing two of the paris terror suspects praising the prophet muhammad, the white house still will not call them radical islamic terrorists.
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breaking tonight. we're getting new details on a man now in custody accused of threatening the life of the second in line to the white house. right behind the vice president. according to authorities, a former ohio country club bartender named michael hoyt threatened to assassinate speaker of the house john boehner, in a plot that included potentially poisoning the speaker's drinks. according to sources the man is considered unstable and was sent to a mental institution last fall. the man cited ebola, evil voice, and the devil as the reasons that he wanted to kill the congressman. speaker boehner's spokesman said they're aware of the situation and thanks the authorities for taking care of it. back now to our top story, and that new video showing the kouachi brothers moments after the massacre last week at charlie hebdo.
9:32 pm
shouting that they had avenged the prophet muhammad. watch. despite praising the prophet and the brothers' tribute to al qaeda, the obama administration today still refusing to call these terror suspects, quote, radical islamists. the president of act for america, which is the nation's largest nonprofit organization devoted to promoting national security, and allen, the host of the nationally syndicated television show. some say listen, this administration has been very careful about its relationship to the muslim community and wanting to build bridges. some say though now, when we're talking about these specific individuals that there are sbesk are specific words to use, the white house says no.
9:33 pm
>> president obama has systematically since he came into office avoided calling anything relating to islam and terrorism together. as soon as he became president, in 2009 he changed the threat assessment plan for the nation. and took out every word relating to islam, islamic radicalism islamic terrorism, jihad or jihadism. in 2010 he purged all our counterterrorism training manuals out of anything referring to radical islam the way way as he did with the threat assessment plan. president obama is on a mission to protect the image of islam, because he believes that protecting the image of islam is very important to him because he was born into the muslim faith, raised by a devout muslim father in an islamic country whom he idealized. he does not want to give a bad image to islam. he's more concerned about protecting the image of islam than protecting the people of the united states. >> to be clear he had very
9:34 pm
little contact with his father but he grew up all over the world and has different viewpoints, maybe from what the average american would have. allen, with these guys specifically being caught on filmmaking specific statements what would it hurt for the white house to say, in this case, these people are radicalized as terrorists? >> it's not islamic. by the way, obama's father was an atheist and he didn't have much contact with his father, as you pointed out, shannon. it's not islamic. let me quote the brother of ahmed maraba who was the muslim killed in paris, the police officer, just last week. islam is a religion of peace and people of neither color or religion, these are false muslims. to say this is islamic or this is muslim would be the same thing as saying that christians who kill people at abortion clinics are christianity. when you act like that you're not acting in the name of any
9:35 pm
faith. you may think you are, you may use those words, but that's not christianity, and this is not islam. >> bridget to that point -- let me say this. today in the debriefing, josh earnest said to call them that would be to justify their explanation for what they're doing. he's saying they don't want to give them that justification, and that they don't want to give them that label that maybe the killers were seeking, but that aren't, as allen argues, accurate. what do you say. >> well, we can have our own justification and we can have our own opinion. the truth is the truth and reality is the reality. the book of the koran commands these jihadists to do exactly what they're doing. the verses in the koran, all the violent words are abrogated in the beginning of the koran. this is why the law is on the side of the radical also. what the radicals are doing are a twisted version of the koran. they are following in the footsteps of the prophet
9:36 pm
muhammad. the sooner we recognize this reality and have the courage to utter those words and deal with the problem the sooner we win the fight. >> allen, i want to ask you about this rally we're hearing about that's going to be outside dallas this weekend, that will involve a lot of muslim leaders, imams and other religious leaders who say they want to have a special recognition in standing with the prophet muhammad. they say that it's important it's a message of peace. do you think that will help to mend any fences? >> i hope so. >> or cross any divides we have here. >> where are the muslims speaking out whenever there's violence in the world whenever there's an act of world, where are the muslims speaking out against this. here it is. yet they're being criticized because there are a couple of speakers, including an unindicted coconspirator in the
9:37 pm
1993 trade center -- >> you know, that will incite criticism. >> the fact of the matter is you show the broad spectrum. and that's exactly what they're doing. for the most part this is a conference speaking out about this being a religion of peace and embracing exactly what that is. when people say it's about time islamists got together and renounced terrorism and talked about a peaceful religion here it is on a silver platter. i hope people accept this is what's going on. >> my understanding is mr. o'reilly may be sending someone down there to cover it. in the meantime i want to make sure we put up the new cover of charlie hebdo and get you to react to this. it's got a depiction of the prophet, which obviously upsets a lot of folks out there. he's holding a sign saying je suis charlie.
9:38 pm
there's an apology on there, or all is forgiven. the editor in chief said that's their statement. they're not saying muhammad is saying that they're saying all is forgiven. bridget, do you think that's a good gesture? do you think the goodwill will work. >> this is a good gesture and goodwill for people like us who understand what that means. as far as the islamists are concerned, it doesn't mean anything to them. we are reflecting our values and our western thinking on other people and it doesn't work that way. i would like to clarify one thing. the rally in texas this next weekend is basically to avenge the prophet muhammad to defend his honor, not to celebrate the freedom of speech. and the ability to criticize anything the koran says. it's completely the opposite of that. i'm glad the french agency tomorrow is publishing this paper. and all the western media to show that newspaper. >> i agree with that.
9:39 pm
i think it's great we're showing it. this is exactly in line with what charlie hebdo does, which is to show and -- it's great satire, to say we apologize, it's exactly what they should be doing. >> they say all is forgiven. we like to end on a note of agreement between you two. bridget and alan, good to see you both. >> thank you. new research from pew said more than half of the kids in america are being raised in a home without a mother and father. senator marco rubio said that is a real problem. he's here next, live. the quickly changing 2016 field. will he have any announcements? president obama, and sarah palin, why the former governor may be getting the last laugh. >> let me tell you a couple of other things that we will embark on to better this great country. we will set this country firmly on a course of energy independence. [ cheers and applause ]
9:40 pm
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developing tonight, a recent pew research report on the american family is getting a lot of attention. less than half of all the kids in this country are growing up in a traditional family meaning a father and mother who are still in their first marriage.
9:44 pm
dramatic shift from just a few decades ago when the majority of families fit that description. our next guest believes the breakdown of the family may be one of the single greatest challenges facing america today. florida senator marco rubio joins us live. good to see you, senator. >> good to see you. >> so much is made of our economy and jobs and all the solutions we should be working on. you say this is really one of the toughest indicators for people that they're going to struggle later in life, and have any chance at making some economic movements. >> let's be clear from the beginning. there are courageous single parents raising their children in less than ideal settings and they're doing a great job and those kids are going to succeed. but statistically speaking, children who are raised in stable homes with two parents are statistically better than those in difficult circumstances. my point is the family is the first school and the most important school any of us will ever attend. it's the first government with
9:45 pm
them telling us right from wrong and good and bad, it challenges to try to strengthen family life in america talk clearly to american people about the importance of the strong family. but also, to identify children young people that are growing up in circumstances where they are in a broken home, in a dangerous neighborhood and substandard housing, with the understanding that if something important and dramatic doesn't happen in their lives, statistically they'll fall behind economically. >> those who write and talk and study about the broken family is many times the government ends up being their family. or their solution for them. it steps in to provide for them. where they don't have a traditional family. that comes with a lot of strings and taxpayer dollars. >> it's not a clear replacement. i talk in the book about the role government should play. we need government to strengthen marriage. we need to have a pro-family tax code. one that doesn't have a marriage penalty. stop punishing people through the safety net programs by saying if you get married, you lose these programs.
9:46 pm
we need to empower parents with things like school choice, giving them the opportunity to send their children to the best school of their choosing. only poor parents don't have school choice. i talk in this book about what you asked me about off the air india. a fantastic young woman in florida who faced extraordinarily obstacles. and through a program called take stock in children, she was able to turn her life around because someone believed in her. it receives government help, but it's not a for-profit entity that got involved in her life and made her believe the future could be anything she wanted to be. >> interesting to read her story before she met this woman that made a difference in her life. the idea of college never occurred to her. she was just trying to get through high school and survive. the thought that she wouldn't even have considered higher education, you know, she was just in a situation where it wasn't presented to her. >> for every india there are thousands of young people growing up in less than ideal circumstances. unless we do something through a better school, trying to
9:47 pm
strength p family, helping their parents acquire skills so they can get a better job, they're going to struggle to succeed. we can't let that happen. the human capital the american dreams embedded in them our country needs them. we need to do everything possible to strengthen family life. >> tomorrow you're scheduled to be in alabama to talk about that idea. i grew up the daughter of a teacher who was for many years a single parent. there are many things factoring into choice about education is important. i think about the fact that we're talking 2016. your name comes up a lot. jeb bush clearly looks like he's going to make a run there. he's taking a lot of heat for common core, and his support of that particular educational frame, or strategy. what's your take on that? >> well, first of all i support curriculum reform. when i was the speaker of the floor of the house we passed standards of core curriculum. not just the common core, but in general. create some standard that the
9:48 pm
federal government uses as a requirement to impose on the states. one thing is to say if you do things a certain way, we'll incentivize it. if you don't do it this way, we'll penalize you by cutting funding. while that's not what they're doing today that's where the federal government always winds up. i'm very concerned, as many americans are, that something like common core could be used by the federal department of education to impose restrictions on schools when in fact education is primarily at the k through 12 level a local responsibility. >> there's a lot you need to decide whether you can accomplish the things you outline in the book. when will you make a decision? >> the things we talked about my series in the senate is the agenda that i want for america. i want to restore the american dream at a time when millions of americans feel like it's out of reach for them. because of massive changes to our economy that are going on. we're no longer globally competitive, lack of skills for the relevant jobs, et cetera. the last decision to make is at
9:49 pm
this time in my life and this time in my career where is the best place for me to achieve it. is in the republican majority in the senate or running for president. if i decide it's running for president, that's what i'll do. >> things are moving quickly. a lot of names getting involved. do you have a timeline? >> we need to do it soon enough to start a campaign. >> keep us posted. >> i will. next on the kelly file quoigs more than six years about falling gas prices. he may owe sarah palin a big thank you. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america.
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we'll drill for the billions of barrels of oil that we have right now warehoused
9:53 pm
underground, including our resources offshore. we will drill here, and drill now. now is the chant drill, baby drill. yes! [ cheers and applause ] drill, baby, drill. >> that was former alaska governor and then vice presidential candidate sarah palin talking about the viable energy plan for the country. drill, baby, drill, it looks like miss palin might be having the last laugh. >> when gasoline topped $4 a gallon republicans said drill, baby, drill. democrats mocked that. calling it a joke a slogan a gimmick that would do nothing to bring down the cost of gasoline. which is exactly what it's dop. drill, baby, drill, and drill now. >> remember that? democrats dismissed the gop plan as a gimmick. >> drill, baby drill, won't lower gas prices today, or tomorrow. >> they jeered the idea of
9:54 pm
drilling for more domestic oil. >> it will take ten years for one drop of oil to come out of in i of the wells that are going to be drilled. >> even the president mocked republicans. >> that's a bumper sticker. it's not a strategy to solve our energy challenge. >> calling them naive. >> we can't just drill our way to lower gas prices. >> or just nuts. >> they're already dusting off their three-point plan for $2 gas. >> now democrats are eating their words. >> of course he was wrong. we've seen oil prices fall internationally now by half. >> yet the president takes credit for falling prices. >> america's the number one producer of oil. the number one producer of gas. it's helping to save drivers about $1.10 a gallon at the pump. >> some experts call that disingenuous. oil production on federal lands fell 6% since 2009. whereas production on private lands increased 61%.
9:55 pm
gains that happened not because of president obama, but in spite of him. >> he's taking credit for an increase in production that has happened largely on private land, had nothing to do with federal government policies. >> gas was $4.30 a gallon when obama made his remarks in 2012. today the nationwide average is $2.11, with 18 states under the $2 a gallon they laughed at. shannon? >> all right. thank you, william. we'll be right back. but first coming up on hannity. >> once he makes up his mind about something, i suspect he made up his mind about his mom 30 or 40 years ago. you can't move him. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing]
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osted there. this is "the kelly file." tonight, thefiant charlie hebdo won't back down. the first post-terrorist attack edition will again have the prophet muhammad on its cover.


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