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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> yes. the health care system is broken. it was never broken. >> never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. republicans pointing to paris say president obama can't close gitmo and they won't let him. this is "special report". ." good evening i'm bret baier. president obama enters his last two years in office with a new congress but the old problem of islamic extremism and how he handles terrorists in iraq and gitmo could define his legacy as we learn more about the terrorists whose attacks in paris drew world wide outrage and a record crowd to the streets. looking at the flight of jews from europe. we have the latest on the investigation from paris. we begin with chief white house
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correspond ed henry live at the white house with what the president is doing to fight terrorism. >> good evening. today the president spokesman claimed its inaccurate to say radical islam is to blame for the paris attacks. in the first face-to-face since republicans took over congress president obama again pledged to work with the gop. >> i am very much looking forward to not just this discussion but some real collaboration. >> reporter: a few minutes later press secretary josh earnest left the door open to going around congress again when asked if he was willing to admit the president cannot shut down prison at guantanamo by executive action. >> the president may be able to work with him to achieve a goal that they share by democrats and republicans. >> reporter: the new republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee wants the opposite pushing ledgeilation to
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halt all transfers of terrorists out of gitmo since most remaining came from yemen and the kouachi brothers had direct ties to al qaeda in yemen. >> we realize anybody at guantanamo or anywhere in the world that has knowledge and texture of yemen in 2011 is a legitimate source for us to go to and to run the names of the brothers and to see if there was talk of an operation. >> reporter: the fallout continued over the white house's failure to send the president or another high official to sunday's massive paris rally against terror and the criticism coming from usual allies? >> couldn't have obama sent a friend. >> reporter: former president carter tried to support obama with a line the white house probably didn't need. >> i know how it is when you have been gone for a week or
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two. >> reporter: white house officials are counting on the admission of a mistake to lead reporters to get board and move on as aides fail to discuss what the president was doing instead. >> did you get a chance to talk with the president? >> there were conversations but i don't have anything to share. >> is the president upset with the decision that it never reached his desk? has he expressed any anger about that? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: the former vice presidential nominee blasted the refusal to blame paris attacks on radical islam. >> there are forms of extremism that threaten us but we are at war with violent islamic extremism. >> earnest responded by saying it is inaccurate to use the phrase radical islam because it does not describe our enemy and said the terrorists in france tried to justify actions by
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invoking islam and calling it out. >> thank you. we are learning more about the "charlie hebdo" attack and new information suggests that terrorists involved had powerful friends. senior correspondent rick levinthol has the latest from paris. >> reporter: newly released amateur footage shows kouachi brothers shortly after the attack on the "charlie hebdo" newspaper office calmly returning to get away car swapping magazines on their weapons before opening fire on police. french authorities are racing to find out who supplied weapons and cash to the brothers and their associate who killed a french police woman thursday and others friday at a kosher
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grocery. police say the stock pile came from abroad and the financing was substantial plus the logistics involved indicates an organized terror network. leaving a french court in 2008 the younger kouachi brother accused of trying to smuggle fighters to iraq claimed it was a mistake, they were kids from the suburbs. another suspect linked to the terror cell appeared in a courtroom tuesday. he was detained trying to enter turkey january 1 on old charges but is facing extradition on a new warrant for his ties to the kouachi brothers. today a memorial service was held at police headquarters in paris for the three officers killed in last week's attacks. president hollande saying they died so we could live free. meanwhile the surviving staff of
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the "charlie hebdo" newspaper is set to release this week's special edition the first since the attack featuring a cartoon on the cover with a tear in his eye with the caption all is forgiven. the terrorists said it was another cartoon of muhammad that inspired them to target the paper. the editors say it is the message they wanted to make. today the french government voted to extend air strikes against isis in iraq. the vote was 488 to 1. >> live in paris thanks. now to jerusalem where some killed in the paris attacks were laid to rest as european jews worry for their safety. their bodies were wrapped in a jewish prayer shawl. today it was a burial sheet. the four jewish victims killed
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in the attack at the kosher grocery in paris were buried today in jerusalem. he spoke about his father's love of israel. >> he was in love with israel. he really wanted to live here and he will. >> long plagued by violence israel is being cast as a home for jews amid the growing fear of terrorism and rise of anti-semitism in europe. last year more than 7,000 french jews immigrated to israel the most since 1969 fuelled by a bad economy. >> translator: jews who wish to come to israel are welcome in open arms. they will not come to a foreign land. they will come to their forefather. >> reporter: french officials are encouraging jews to stay. security has been increased outside jewish schools like this one and in areas it is one of
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paris's main jewish communities where delis line the streets next to restaurants, shops and kosher markets like the one attacked friday. >> fear, total 100% fear. >> reporter: a photographer who moved to france from israel after the second palestinian uprising in 2005. she feared death. now she says the same fear is back. >> suddenly time stops and you don't really understand what is going on. i felt that panic in people here for the first time since i lived here in 13 years. >> she says for the time being she will remain in paris. there is an organization called the jurish agency that promotes immigration to israel and estimates that even before the terror attack as many as 10 thun french jews were considering moving to israel this year and now following the attack that number is likely to rise. >> thank you. a court ruling today may
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free toppled egyptian president hosni mubarak. the corruption case was the last one keeping the 86 year old in prison. he had been cleared of charges he killed protesters during the uprising that deposed him. officials aren't saying when he would go free. ukraine's shaky truce could be doomed. the airport was destroyed today. the air control tower was reduced to rubble. that incident and an attack on civilians drew a stern rebuke from the state department. >> today's vicious and repeated attacks on the airport and the shelling of a bus that killed ten people and wounded 13 are just the latest egregious violations of the commitments made by the russia backed separatists. >> both sides are trading accusations over which side caused the break down in the truce. three times the charm? a republican insider tells us there is an 80% chance we will
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see mitt romney throw his hat in the ring for 2016. first fox affiliates are covering in chicago the illinois mom whose teenaged son is accused of trying to join isis who has a message for the group. his mother says the terrorists are brainwashing young people on social media adding leave our children alone. salt lake city with a story about a 3-year-old boy who is safe after a suspect stole a car with the child inside this morning. the toddler's mom dropped off another child at daycare and left aiden in the vehicle alone with a cell phone. after her car was stolen she called her phone. he helped police find him by honking the horn and was reunited with his mother 45 minutes later. a live look at miami. sunset in miami. the big story there tonight, eight cuban migrants who made it
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to the florida coast spent four days at sea having stocked up on fresh water and food. they are now free to start their lives in the u.s. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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take care of your most important parts with centrum. multivitamins expertly designed with nutrients people don't get enough of from food alone. centrum. for the most important parts of you. in america's election headquarters he said it wouldn't happen but now former presidential candidate mitt romney is making moves that suggest he may be hoping the third time's the charm. what are the chances the gop would turn back to the same nominee? chief washington correspondent james rosen puts it in perspective. >> reporter: advisers to mitt romney say it is increasingly likely he will seek the 2016 presidential nomination. his recent call with the gop nominee convinced him mitt
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romney is leaning towards running. another says romney emphasized his wife and children are on board and he thinks he is better positioned to defeat hillary clinton than jeb bush. fred malic is finance chair for the finance association and a major player in the last ten cycles. >> my sense that the both governor romney and jeb bush will run at this point. they have taken it further and faster than i would have imagined at this point. i don't think they would have done that unless they had serious intent. >> all that changed on friday and saturday when he started calling friends donors and operatives. >> he left no doubt in people's minds that his direction was running. my guess is 80% chance he will run. >> i accept your nomination and your program. >> not since democrat stevenson six decades ago when the
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american electorate were vastly different has a major party nominated a loser from the prior election in the next cycle. romney received a qualified endorsement. >> i am a great admirer of mitt romney's. lindsey graham is exploring that option and so i am strongly encouraging senator graham. >> political scientists say romney has a steep hill to climb if he is to overcome the defeat of 2012. >> parties prefer winners rather than losers. when somebody loses there is generally a reason why they lost. >> noted that much of what romney predicted and warned about in 2012 has kpl true and he may be justified in seeing himself as ahead and posed to do
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fine. >> thank you. new jersey voters think governor chris christie is more concerned with a potential run for president than acting as governor of the state. the latest poll shows 53% of new jersey voters think that compared with 32% who say he is focused on his current job. senior correspondent has more on the state of christie's state from trenton, new jersey. >> thank you. >> it is billed as the state of the state. a listener could be forgiven if one heard echoes. >> we need to renew spirit and the hopes of our state. >> reporter: governor chris christie used his annual message to sound national themes without aiming them took a clear swipe at president obama. >> we are a nation beset by anxiety.
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it is understandable. economic growth is low by post war recovery standards. america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke division for their own political gain. >> reporter: the speak comes amid growing speculation that christie is gearing up for a possible presidential run. he says the state has come a long way from when he took office in 2010 closing an $11 billion budget deficit. >> today we balanced five budgets in a row and we will balance a sixth in a row this year. we didn't do it the washington way by raising taxes. we did it by cutting spending. we did it by shrinking government and by fundamentally reforming the way government operates. >> critics have also questioned his taking free trips and
3:19 pm
tickets from dallas cowboys owner jerry jones and the ongoing federal investigation into the george washington bridge lane closings could lead to a slew of indictments. reports say there could be as many as eight indictments that the u.s. attorney -- >> there are many unanswered questions. we don't have any conclusive proof one way or another about the governor's involvement. >> said he didn't know anything. i think the public will see he did not know. >> governor christie's attention will shift from the garden state to two crucial republican primary battle grounds. he travels to south carolina and iowa later this week. >> live in trenton thanks. american companies advertise the s since january 2001. the labor department says
3:20 pm
opening grew 2.9% to nearly 5 million. stocks were down across the board today. the dow lost 27. the s&p 500 fell five. the nasdaq closed three behind. the latest on house republicans' efforts to stop president obama's action on immigration. isis sympathizers hack social media. we will take a close look at cyber security when we come back.
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the government is placing even more importance on cyber security now an embarrassing attack on some high level social media accounts has critics questioning the defense
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department's priorities. the pentagon ordered all 50 social media websites associated with the office of the secretary of defense to change and strengthen passwords as the president visited the dhs cyber security center after rolling out new legislation allowing companies to share information about cyber threats. >> with the twitter account that was hacked by islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday it goes to show how much more work we need to do. >> reporter: the twitter and youtube pages went back online last night. it is reviewing protection of its unclassified sites while some lawmakers question why they need social media. >> why do they have twitter pages? why doare they not out fighting the war? >> reporter: the pentagon's
3:25 pm
response we are going to stay engaged in social media. you don't run from risk you learn to manage it. defense secretary hagel weighed in. >> an indication of the capabilities that these groups and individuals will continue to have and become better at. we will have to deal with it. >> reporter: on capitol hill where lawmakers approved doubling the u.s. military cyber command to $447 million lawmakers questioned the air force general overseeing cyber security for dhs. >> what is the appropriate response when a nation state hits our infrastructure? no compromising, no evidence of penetration into government and specifically the military computer system. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating whether the hackers are connected to a similar hack of a newspaper in albuquerque and a local television station in maryland. at this point u.s. officials
3:26 pm
don't think the attack emminated from the middle east. >> thank you. washington's subway system is trying to get back up to speed after yesterday's deadly electrical malfunction. smoke at the metro stop killed a woman and sent dozens to the hospital as you see in this picture. officials say the smoke was caused by something called an electrical arcing event. national transportation safety board is leading the investigation. up next in the grapevine it's not just president obama missing from this picture. we'll explain. how could a luminous protein in jellyfish impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany?
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and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. as widely reported in the united states and abroad president obama was conspicuously absent from the solidarity march in paris. if you believe one israeli paper our president wasn't the only one missing. the announcer removed the women from the picture of the 40 world leaders. among missing as seen from another unedited angle, angela
3:31 pm
merkel and foreign policy chief. in 2011 the jewish paper in new york came under fire for removing secretary of state hillary clinton and another woman from the situation room during a raid on osama bin laden's compound. that policy was not to publish photographs of women under modesty issues. there is no such thing as free launch. a free police helicopter has cost one new jersey city more than $2 million. the army gave the chopper in 2005 as part of a military surplus program. the aircraft has needed significant maintenance and upgrades including more than $1 million in maintenance contracts. in 2010 based with budget problems the police department turned the chopper over to state police to save money. these days reports newark has it back but it spends most
3:32 pm
of its time groundedtypically flying patrols on friday and saturday nights. a texas business man is willing to bet that oil prices will stay down. gallery furniture's owner in houston is telling customers who spend $7,000 or more in his store that if oil prices rise above $85 a barrel by the end of the year their furniture is free. a bold offer but the odds are in favor of the furniture store owner. oil forecast estimate prices stay below $75 a barrel. this isn't the first time the businessman has pressed his luck. he paid customers $4 million after offered refunds if the houston astros lost fewer than 100 games. a united republican congress is about to go to the matt against president obama over immigration and funding of the demarmt of homeland security. the democrats say now is not the time. chief congressional
3:33 pm
correspondent is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote tomorrow on a $39.7 billion package for the department of homeland security to fund it through the end of september. it is a $400 million increase from last year. lawmakers are expected to consider amendments pushing back on president obama's unilateral action on immigration. >> we are voting to block the president's overreach, his executive overreach which i believe is beyond his constitutional duty and frankly violates the constitution itself. it's not about the issue of immigration. what it is it's about the president acting lawlessly. >> reporter: following last week's terror attack in france -- >> a horrible terrorist act took place in paris. you think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a homeland security bill but the
3:34 pm
republicans still say no, still say no to passing a clean bill unless they can be a menace to immigration. >> reporter: clean meaning funding and no action against the president's executive action. other democrats expressed concern. >> there are many people as we go around the country that are fearful. i want them to know we got your back. we are here standing up for you. >> reporter: with the republicans the majority in the house and senate it is clear many rank in file members are ready for a fight even with another presidential veto promised. >> the president was right about a couple of things. he is not an emperor and surely not a king. house republicans are united in making sure he doesn't get away with acting like one either. before the debate begins last night the president is already issuing threats.
3:35 pm
>> reporter: the >> the president made it clear he is willing to risk national security to protect those who come here illegally. the debate has become about choices and the president's choices, the choices that the president himself has made in regard to this issue. >> reporter: many lawmakers say they are relieved the fight is happening now to allow the back and forth to play out. >> live on the hill. thanks. fox news confirms nancy pelosi will name the first muslim to the committee and worked on the dhh fusion center which stream lines data sharing with doj and military. the committee will tackle the threat of islamic militants among other international crisis. a country club bartender was indicted for making threats against house speaker boehner
3:36 pm
and for a plot that included poisoning the speaker's drinks at the club. his reasons he reportedly cited the devil, ebola and evil voices. the speaker spokesman tells fox news speaker boehner is aware of the situation and sincerely thanks the fbi, the capitol police and local authorities in ohio for their efforts. they walked united against terrorism in paris. what else could world leaders do to stop jihad? we will talk about that and the jewish exodus from europe with the fox all stars after a quick time-out. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement,
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why settle for a lens with just one mode? experience life well lit ®. speak with your eyecare professional to... ...upgrade your lenses to transitions ® signature ™ . test test. test test. test test. individuals who commit violence based on their warped view of islam. is the reason you don't want to
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call it radical islam or use the word war because you are afraid of playing into the extremist desires to insight a war on islam? >> the world and the united states as we discussed before is at war with these individuals, violent extremists who carry out these acts of terror and try to justify it by invoking this religion. >> call it radical islam you feel would be playing into their hands? >> i think what i'm trying to do is describe to you what happened and what they did. these are individuals who are terrorists. >> other allies have described the ideology that you call warped view of islam by calling it radical islam. it seems the white house has gone to great lepth lengths to calling it anything other than warped view. the first is accuracy. we want to describe what happened. i am not going to criticize
3:41 pm
anybody who chooses to use that label. >> back with fox news contributor and josh earnest on the term radical islam and this as the staff of "charlie hebdo" put out their new cover and their new edition in the wake of the massacre and here you see it. the prophet muhammad on the cover with a tear on his eye holding a sign the caption all is forgiven. as that went out 3 million copies published. let's bring in our panel. host of fox and friends weekend. associate editor of the hill. steve. >> josh earnest exchange is just embarrassing. he won't say islam when he is talking in the context of questions. he won't say it. by invoking this religion. you had eric holder over the weekend answering questions on sunday shows asked about links to the external groups, to al
3:42 pm
qaeda and the evidence that we had at the time there saying in effect we don't have any evidence linking these guys or suggesting that this was directed by one of the other groups. the administration, we have seen this again and again and again whether talking about times square, the christmas day bombing, benghazi, the administration doesn't believe that we are at war. they think the war on terror is over. they have argued it in public for more than two years. al qaeda is on the run. we are seeing the effects of this when you have the president's main spokesman stand up in front of journalists and cameras and refuse to acknowledge the role that islam is playing in these attacks. i think it is a disgrace. a lot of questions at the briefing still about why anyone didn't go, top leaders. i think this is probably the end of the questioning today but former president weighed in on the fact that the president didn't go to the unity march in
3:43 pm
paris. >> i know that president obama just come back from vacation. i know how it is when you have been gone for a week or two and your desk is piled up and he had other pressing problems to address. i don't think it is a reflection on our country and no criticism is worthy. >> forgiving but we know that president obama wasn't informed or inquiries were not made about his interest in attending. the secret service was not asked to review what the procedures would be. everyone was left out by a yet to remain staffer who i guess has their job. it is an indication that not only is president obama poorly served by his staff but they were not engaged at a level that we should be whether inside the west wing or within the state department with our allies. the point where the leader of the free world wouldn't be kept up on a spontaneous event with 44 world leaders in attendance. and that he -- it's one thing for us to learn on sunday that
3:44 pm
it became a big deal. here he is the first person that should know. the white house never admits error and the fact that josh earnest had to come out yesterday and strenuously avoid calling it a mistake. is it fair to say we should have sent someone else is an indication they are mortified. >> back to radical islam thing. what is really behind it? it was painful at times watching -- >> but revealing. amazed by how quickly they revert telling the public and perhaps he is qualified to tell us what is legitimate islam lecturing the country when you can listen to the people committing the attacks do them in the name of islam. islam may be implicated here somewhere. the idea is the president didn't go to paris because he didn't
3:45 pm
hear about it. i don't buy that. he didn't hear that cameron was going or angrumerkel or netanyahu. they didn't go because they disapproved disapproved. i don't think he approved of the murders but he didn't approve of "charlie hebdo." the white house attacked that magazine. they are offended by the depictions. they don't like it. i think we will find in time that they didn't want to seem like they were ratifying that. in europe there is still the major concern about terrorist cells and attacks and there seems to be an increasing exodus of jews who feel threatened in that environment and the prime minister of israel netanyahu spoke about that saying we welcome them home. >> i certainly if i were a jewish and i lived in france i would not feel safe there. why would you? just the show of force that
3:46 pm
president hollande had to call up to protect them shows lack of security there. there is every reason to be concerned about two different kinds of terror in europe specifically, one the home grown terror that we are talking about, the local cells that have been activated. people have been radicalized online. people with connections to al qaeda affiliates al qaeda franchises who are working either in concert with the first group or on their own. we have seen i think in this case that it was the latter. it is tremendous reason for concern. >> i think jews in france feel supported by their government but don't feel safe. that is an important point to make that the prime minister president hollande is making an effort to keep them there. they saw a huge migration, record numbers of migration from france by jews to israel. they are expecting a lot more than they were before the
3:47 pm
attacks. they really fear as they say the loss of france's soul as a result of jews fleeing the country and there are too many incidents that happen long before these attacks that make them feel that there is just too much intolerance to stay. >> it would be nice to see president obama welcome them here. they are welcome to the united states. it is striking to compare what is happening and what the left predicted. they predicted jews would feel imperilled in france. for the crime of limiting immigration the far right they are the threat. they missed the threat entirely which is islamic. that is the threat to jews. it is from the crazies. next up, what can we expect from a potential third mitt romney run for president?
3:48 pm
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we had a brief conversation and i certainly said, you know, good for you for getting back in. and we talked a lot about the dynamics in new hampshire. >> getting back in. mitt romney calling senator kelly ayotte from new new hampshire talking about new hampshire. the finance chair fred malik says he doesn't have much doubt 8% chance that mitt romney is going to run for president this it time. we're back with the panel. tucker? thoughts? >> i don't think, a this was the plan as of late last week according to the people i was talking to then. i think this is a decision they made in the last couple days. b, i think it's going to be pretty tough. called around today and it's hard to find donors outside of utah, outside of the core who are really excited about this. that may change.
3:52 pm
seems to me the most direct effect of this announcement and he i think it looks real, is that it makes it tougher for jeb. that may be part of the reason. there is no love loss between jeb bush and mitt romney as everybody knows. i'm back and we are going to raise 100 million in the first quarter of 2015. it raised the expectations pretty high. this, in effect, tell as lot of g.o.p. donors just put it on pause. not necessarily giving to mitt right now if you are going to give to jeb slow down for a minute. it freezes the race for a little bit. and i think bush is hurt more than anyone by that. >> we put up this full screen of 24 head boxes of potential people running and we crossed out this week paul ryan in the corner so there is 23 there are a lot of people still considering it but those are two big names right there. >> there are a lot of people. i think the party continues decade after decade after decade to nominate a center right candidate and not one from the right wing of the
3:53 pm
party. so the other candidates don't have the heft that jeb bush and former governors have. this is a huge fight for the center of the party to be this sort of establishment nominee. it's not that they won't be challenged by the other conservatives in the race, but this is going to be a big fight. i think that tucker is right. i think that he -- he almost, i think mitt romney thought that jeb bush didn't have the fire in the belly and wasn't going to do this because he said on friday let everyone leave the meeting and say i want to be president and then he kind of doubled or tripled down over the weekend. is he in a desperate scramble to try to sort of as tucker said pause everybody and try to get out in front of jeb bush's momentum. it's going to be a huge fight for the same people. >> clearly, steve, some of the things he said on the campaign trail last time especially on foreign policy came around to be true. >> right. >> on russia, on the islamic
3:54 pm
threat. on a number of things. but what do you think is in the gut of why get back in now? >> well look that gives you one line in a speech. mitt romney is i k. say look i correctly predicted all these things or let other people say it on his behalf. for me it's not the thrust of the candidacy. look i think mitt romney wanted to run all along. he made 80 phone calls on election night. you don't do that because you are really happy for the people that run. >> he traveled to more than 20 states. >> do you that because you want to run. remember, before the 2012 race, before he got back in the 2012 race, his official line was that he was thinking about it, he wasn't sure, but he could be pulled back into politics after having lost in 2008. also nonsense. he was going to run the whole time. , this i think is going to be the fundamental challenge for a romney candidacy. his problem going back years, has been flip flopping or inauthenticity, call it what you want. i think he is starting this race by pretending that he has just now been called back into the race, possibly called back into service.
3:55 pm
when i think this is pretty clear that this is something that he was thinking about all along. >> he emphasized apparently, that his wife and children are all on board. and is he better positioned to defeat hillary clinton. you know, that's obviously different as steve mentioned than what he said publicly and what she said publicly. >> i think his wife and children would have to be on board in order for him to do. this the question remains what is the point? what is the point? not a mean question a legitimate question. i don't think there is a deep reservoir of, you know, -- i think people like mitt romney a lot. i never meet people. i spend my life in the ploil world who are saying i just want mitt romney to run are. some people feel that way. is there a national groundswell or querve groundswell, no, there is not. >> is the bush campaign really worried about this or just bummed out this week? >> i think they -- it was really possible. they anticipated that he would step. in but, they did so much preparation and i think they went to their corners soon enough that i think they feel pretty stable.
3:56 pm
still a big fight. >> a lot to talk about. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for bipartisan way to settle a sports bet. with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders
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national championship game. earlier last week snearttle from both states made a friendly wager which they settled today on the steps of the u.s. capitol. we ducks are good sports. but one of the important messages today is you still need two o's to make ohio. >> thank you very much. >> so being the good sport that he is. ron wyden joined the two winning senators touting an ohio state flag. jeff merkley showed up a little bit late but in bipartisan fashion there you see it the senators from oregon swallowed their pride
4:00 pm
and joined rob portman and sherri rod brown spelling ohio in front of the u.s. capitol. congratulations ohio state. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. there is new video and it is chilling. the paris midday massacre that just released video shows the two terrorists just moments after they attack the charlie hebdo magazine office. the coosm brothers coosm brother coosm brothers kouachi brothers looking calm and cool and then opening fire on a police car. >> also today there is deep sadness, funerals in france and israel for the victims of last week's massacre. and meanwhile a massive ma


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