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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> john doesn't eat pizza very often but when he does he eats a lot. andrew eats to slices each week. if i could i'd eat one every day, but i can't so i dope: here's shep. >> new video of the "charlie hebdo" attackers leaving the scene of the massacre. and as they made their getaway we'll show you their confrontation with the police. how france decided to hit hard at the islamic state. here at home the convicted killer, jodi arias, fighting to dodge the death penalty. the court just released until now secret transcripts of her testimony. wearing going through them right now. and we'll see what they show. and police say a guy tried to smuggle nearly 100 iphones on a flight. look at this. wait until you hear how they caught him. let's get to it.
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>> first from the deck this afternoon, we're seeing just released video from the terror attacks in france, including the moment the police tried to stop the killers. a bystander shot the video from the roof of the "charlie hebdo" offices, showing the killers getting in the car to make a getaway, one gunman shouts out to anybody who is watching, listen carefully. >> we have avenged the prophet muhammad. he also shouts, al qaeda in yemen. that's the terror group they claimed packed the attacks. both then reloaded their gucks and began to drive air. as soon as they turned into a narrow alley, a police car moved in to block them, leading to this dramatic standoff. [ gunshots ]es. >> the police flooring it in reverse as the brothers sprayed
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the cop car with bullets. the killers drive away. enormous crowds turn up at ceremonies thousands of miles apart to honor the victims. this is paris, and a tribute to the three police officers who died in the attack. the french president promised the nation would not be -- i should say -- the president promised the nation would be merciless in face of terrorism. french lawmakers voted to extend airstrikes over iraq the vote 488 to 1. a ceremony started in israel to article the four jewish victims who died in a kosher market. another tribute to the victims is set for tomorrow. this one a defiant message from survivors of the massacre at "charlie hebdo." the next issue of the paper has a cartoon of the prophet
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muhammad on the cover he is crying and holding a sign reading "je suis charlie." before that the headline, all is forth given. the journalist who designed the cover says the journalist are forgiving the extremist for the killing. catherine herridge is in washington. but first to rick leventhal in paris. what are officials saying? >> the prime minister says that very serious and high risks remain paris still a city on edge tonight. still on high alert. and there are grave concerns that more attacks could be imminent. today we saw first hand some of the 10,000 french police soldiers and several thousand police officers now being dispatched to protect 717 jewish schools across the country some of the troops arm with heavy weapons and new equipment, including antilie logical nuclear and chemical capsules.
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one of the assail rans targeted the market to kill jews and initially intended to attack a jewish school before killing the french appliancewoman. also today french authorities believe the three terrorist were funded by an organized terror network and their arsenal of weapons came from abroad. the funding described as significant and suggestion that a larger group may have helped coordinate attacks. >> what do we know about this suspect now being held in bulgaria? >> he is a french citizen of hay shan descent. acquainted with the younger kouachi brother and was caught trying to enter turkey on january 1st, well before the attacks. 29-year-old man was wanted on an outstanding international warrant for child abduction, but while he was in custody authorities slapped him with a terror charge. he was in tout today for extradition hearing. a judge will decide on friday
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whether to send him back to france. there are local reports that french authorities are already aggressively prosecuting people who have spoken out in support of last week's terror attacks. using this new anti-terror bill. one man was reportedly sentenced to four years in prison for telling french police, there should be more kouachis. i hope you're next. >> rick, thank you. as many as 5,000 european citizens have gone to syria and other countries to join militant groups. that's what the director of the european police agency told british lawmakers today. he called it the most serious threat facing europe since the attacks of 9/11. he also said police forces across the continent are dealing with a quote, security gap, trying to track down potential terrorists. team fox coverage coins with catherine herridge in washington. >> a former pentagon official today with first hand only of intelligence says 300 operatives trained in the yemen al qaeda
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camps between 2009 and 2011. 50% were foreign fighters including some americans. separately yemeny government official briefed on the investigation said the said kouachi met with anwar al-awlaki during the time frame. u.s. government sources are not going tot far but they also confirm one of the brothers met with the cleric in 2011, about three months before al-awlaki was killed in a cia drone strike and another data point connecting one of the brothers to al qaeda in yemen their own statements. >> what if anything do the terror ties mean for guantanamo? >> well, given the direct ties to al qaeda in yemen including this new video, four senate republicans, including the new chairman of the intelligence committee, say they support legislation that would temporarily halt the transfers from guantanamo, where the vast majority of the detainees are from yemen. >> we realize that anybody that might be at guantanamo, or anywhere in the world, that has
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knowledge and texture of yemen in 2011 is a legitimate source for us to go to and to run the names of the brothers and to see if there was talk of an operation. >> the white house says gitmo is a stain on america's reputation and it must be closed because it is used successfully, very successfully by al qaeda groups as propaganda for radicalization. >> thank you. after everything that happened over the past week in france democratic leaders in washington say now is not the time to fight over funding for america's department of homeland security. house rebeccas are trying to defund the president's recent executive orders on immigration. those orders prevent the government from deporting millions of people who are here illegally. president obama sat down with leaders of both parties this morning to discuss ways to try to work together better on this. but the white house has said the president will veto any bill to
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change his executive action on immigration. after this meeting today, republicans announced they will push forward with the debate. a vote could happen tomorrow. mike emanuel is on capitol hill and live. could this get to a point of a partial government shut down? is anybody talking about that? >> they're not there yet but republican leaders promised they would fight president obama's action on immigration tooth and nail and how to that the republicans have the majority, members are expecting just that. so lawmakers are expected to vote on several amendments targeting the immigration action as part of this homeland security funding bill. >> our goal here is to fund the department of homeland security. our second goal is to stop the president's executive overreach. this is not the way our government was intended to work. the president said 22 times that he didn't have the authority to do what he eventually did. >> the house is going first,
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expected to vote tomorrow. the senate path is unclear because you have 54 republicans in the senate and they need 60 to pass the bill. >> and they need two-thirds majority if they wanted to override a presidential veto do they think they have that? >> not at all. at this point they're obviously counting heads and trying to win over support, but at this point they do not. and we have heard some democrats raising the case here on capitol hill that with terrorism front and center in the headlines following the paris attacks this is dangerous and a waste of time. >> they know this will not become the law. they're hoping the senate will bail them out. why don't we live up to our responsibilities? in a bipartisan way here to protect and defend the american people, to live up to the character of our country, which has -- which is a nation of immigrants. >> with the president threatening a veto it's not clear hough this plays out. one thing is clear the money for
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homeland security doesn't run out for another one manage and a half so -- month and a half so they have time. >> tracking terror suspects. can't watch all the people all the time. it's not possible, they tell us. so do investigators decide who is a crank? how do they make that decision? and who is a real threat? it is one of the toughest decisions of the day and it's coming up on the fox news deck right after this. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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airports across america are increasing security measures after the terrorist attacks in paris and also after this, after al qaeda published what cars are counterterrorism experts say appears to be the most detailed and potentially theley that bomb recipe ever sent to its followers. it's in the latest edition of the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula english magazine. the department of homeland security secretary reports there is no specific credible threat to the united states but in france investigators are frantically hunting down six people -- up to six people still believed to be on the loose. from a particular terror cell. police say somebody spotted one of them driving a car which was registered to the widow of the man who attacked the kosher market in paris. with us now the former state department counterterrorism expert, fred burton. he helped track down the mastermind of the first world trade center bombing. nice to see you. thank you.
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>> thanks for having me. >> this recipe for a bomb, this is disturbing. tell us what you can. >> it certainly is, shep. i have to say the failure will remain the norm without human intelligence on these groups and these actors. it's not like in the movies, and trying to track these individuals. it takes a tremendous amount of resources and it really takes very capable tactical analysts. >> what are we doing wrong we need to do differently? >> if you look at the sheer volume of jihadis on the loose in europe, that's the rub. then you have to put them in a threat matrix and have a live model evaluating them on a daily basis try to see which next operational cell will strike. >> i spoke with one person in the know on terrorism over there, who is very high placed and whom i trust, who said you need 20 agents on average to track each individual terrorist
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within each individual cell, and he said they're talking about some 2,000 terrorists. so that leavesout at 40,000 agents. nobody can do that. so then it becomes a matter of deciding who is the worst. >> exactly. and that's where the threat assessment comes into play, and the silent heros in this kind of equation are the analysts behind the scenes that look at that kind of data and try to connect the dots and push that out to the surveillance teams so they can watch the next operational cell. >> it sounds like we need to work on ideology a little bit harder this. matter of picking them off and keeping them from doing whatever they want to do sounds like a tall order. >> also remember too you're dealing with folks on the margins of criminality, that are engaged in activities from being in jail to weapons smuggling to drug running so you have a hybrid mix there with criminality and terrorists, and literally police departments and intelligence agencies have many of these programs still silent.
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>> and further than that, that argument seems to ring true absolutely across all levels here, and there's also this lack of hope. these 20-somethings who get out of jail and try to get out of life with no hope for a job no answers no promise of anything, and then along come these jihadis saying here are the virgins and here's avenging the prophet muhammad and you'll be a hero. they never heard talk like that from anybody. we need a counter-narrative. >> absolutely. it's a lot of similarities on how individuals are developed into criminal gangs in los angeles or new york city or washington dc. they're appealing to the same set of principles. >> and has anyone come up with a strategy for attacking that? >> i think at the end of the day, shep we're a nation of laws and we're operating under attorney general guidelines here domestically, and each nation state has their own standards for what kind of intelligence case could be opened and what kind of person can be
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surveilled. so it really is at times a bet of a mess to try to get your arms around all of this. >> it sure is fred burton, former counterterrorism agent him from the -- current vp of intelligencer stratford global intelligence. >> an hour ago the court released the testimony that jodi arias delivered behind closest doors and she tries to explain to jurors what was going through her mind when she stab her then-ex-boyfriend 27 times sliced his throat and shot him in a head. how might one explain such a thing? she has her way and that's coming right up.
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>> we're final. >> we're finally seeing the
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secret testimony of that jodi arias the trial to decide whether the convicted killer will live or die. a accurate in arizona releases the transcripts after jody arias testified behind closed doors two months ago. journalists protested the judge's decision to kick reporters and the public out of the courtroom but her attorney said jodi arias was too nervous to testify in front of everybody in court. that from the woman who shot her lover in the head, stab hid and sliced his throat and nearly cut his head off. a jury already found her guilty of murder in the first degree and all that is left now is for another jury to decide whether she should spend the rest of ore life in prison or be put to death. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. what have we learned from the transport and. >> we're scans hundreds of pages of testimony and much of it is exactly what we said during the trial, being revolted by her behavior and that what she did to travis alexander was horrific, and then she whereas asked about her parents and for
12:22 pm
their very first time she said the following, and i'm quoting she says when i was four i have a distinct memory going into any parent's bedroom. i didn't know what it was at the time. there was a mirror and white powder and a razor, so i realized now what that was, or what it probably was and also when i was five, my uncle my dad's brother, got married and my dad was in the wedding. i was in the wedding help brought cocaine to the wedding as part of the party. then she was asked, other than that, did you have any other -- did now know anything else about them using drugs. she answered, quote, i have learned since that my mom spoked pot the day i was -- smoked pot the day i was born, prior to giving birth. she said she did not have a close relationship with her mom. these all going in from her attorney, trying to establish that there were problems long before she ever met travis alexander. >> so they think establishing that might lead her life to be spared? is that the thinking?
12:23 pm
>> that's the their rhythm all of these -- the theory. all the questions are asked by jody arias' attorney there was no cross-examination, and her attorney is trying to save her life, by establishing that way before she met travis alexander she had this abusive history of boyfriends and that she eventually just snapped. in reverence to an earlier boyfriend she says again, and i'm quoting, he just took my shoulders and spun me around so my back was to him. i was thinking he was going to hug me or something and instead he choked me. he squeezed really hard, and he let go, and i fell to my knees. again, we have hundreds of pages of this just now coming out. we are scanning through them, as we get more new information, jodi arias gave to the jury that will sentence her to either life in prison or to the death penalty, we'll get it to you. >> trace gallagher in los angeles, thank you. ever accidently take your phone through the metal
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detectors at the airport? tends to go off. a man tried to smuggle nearly 100 iphones into china by strapping them all over his body, according to customs officials who caught him and they still might give him a few opinions for creativity. sarah is about -- has the pictures. this is -- i don't know why he thought this might work. >> i'm not sure either. hong kong authorities noticed him walking funny a really strange pasture walking through immigration. they took note of that. then he went through a metal detector and all the sirens win off. they did a routine search of his bags, found nothing but he had 94 iphones strapped to his body with tape. and he really tried to place them strategically but wasn't -- didn't get through successfully. now, one of the reasons he may have done this there's heavy tax biz the central government in china so main he was trying to get them through. it's one -- one estimate says it
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was almost $48,000 worth of goods he was trying to get across the border there. >> i guess he didn't realize, sometimes a pin will go off or a belt buckle. >> ring, never know much less almost 100 phones. >> that won't do it. all right. thank you. president obama pushing new rules to keep web sites and your personal information secure. this a day after hackers brogue into the central command's social media sites. nothing classified but got into twitter and youtube. we'll talk to a former white house staffer who says these new prow pose sals are long over -- proposals are long overdue. and we hear from people on a subway train that went dark when it filled up with smoke. that's coming right up.
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a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. the man accused of going on a
12:28 pm
shooting spree in northern idaho appeared in court. he killed his mother, landlord and marrying at an an arby's. you can soon get amber alerts on facebook. the web site announced it's teaming up with the national center for missing and exploited children. they'll send a message to tower phone if you're near a scene. a former gas station manager accused of scamming people out out of wings on a scratchoff tickets. he pocketed 300 bucks and sold the losing tickets. he face faces charges, including theft, and is not commenting.
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the president today urging congress to pass new rules aimed at preventing cyber attacks.
12:31 pm
this comes weeks after the sony breach and one day after hackers got into the twitter and youtube pages of u.s. central command. the white house says this new legislation includes a proposal encouraging companies to share any threat information they receive with the feds and protecting those companies from potential lawsuits with certain restrictions. other proposals outline new responsibilities that corporations would have, should they become targets of a data breach. yesterday, hackers plastered pro-islamic state messages on the central command twitter profile and uploaded personal details of military personnel. fbi is investigating and say the hackers did not access any classified data. the fox business network peter barnes is live. president and congress proposed this kind of legislation before and it's gone nowhere. there is a sense it will be different this time? >> well, the president and congressional leaders see a new
12:32 pm
sense of urgencies, given the recent events but a major stumbling block in the legislation before has been privacy concerns. the president, some conservatives, some civil liberties groups and tech groups want limits on how and win government agencies can monitor people's internet information. want to make sure it's used to catch cyber crooks and not to spy on people. the white house says the president's proposal today includes strong privacy protections. the president said earlier it's time to act. >> with the sony attacks that took place, with the twitter account that was hacked by islamist jihaddist sympathizers yet, just goes to show how much more work we need to do both public and private sector to strengthen our cybersecurity. >> republicans agree that given all these developments recently, it is time to act but they say
12:33 pm
it is a complicated issue shep. >> is the pentagon now in on trying to protect these social media sites or is that below their pay grade. >> they're acting on this, this big hack by isis likely was simply caused by weak cyber security. weak passwords centcom personnel set up for twitter and youtube. the pentagon said today it has begun to change and toughen the passwordses for 50 social media accounts operated by the office of the secretary of defense, but the defense department has thousands of these social media sites at operations like centcom, which is also looking at new protections for its sites. >> peter barnes, live in washington. they've changed their password clearly by now. i'd love to know what the passwords were. they scream at us every day have a good password put a weird character in there comma or explanation point capitals
12:34 pm
lower case, make it not a word. i wonder if they did that or just like password 123. i don't know. let's bring teresa peyton former white house chief information officer and current ceo of the cyber security firm. that's usually what this is. everybody is going all crazy over this yesterday, but if you have a bad password, chances are you'll get hacked on twit are or youtube. anyone would. right? >> shep, you bring up a great point. a lot of times -- first of all your e-mail is everywhere so if you have a social media account that means something to you, make sure you tie it to an addressdown don't give out and passwordses are foundational to protecting your account. >> everybody is upset but there's nothing classified in a twitter account -- unless they're just complete crazy people and i presume they're not that. it's not as bug a deal as the
12:35 pm
news -- big a deal as the news media 24-hour cycle would suggest, it seems to me. >> no, you're right, it's not tied to classified networks or information but there are couple things this should be a warning. the first is just being able to grab the microphone, if you will, and put out your propaganda. the second piece is that it shows they're looking for weak points within any part of the infrastructure. they happen to do social media this time. they'll be looking for other things. and then the last thing is they did post information of military personnel, and it's another reminder to be careful about what you post on social media about yourself and what your family posts. >> the military and justice departments warned federal employees and soldiers, be careful with your information. bigger picture, they tail us all the time our infrastructure is very vulnerable, our system is vulnerable, our water supply is vulnerable. and they've said so far they haven't been able to do anything
12:36 pm
about it. >> well, so you have a couple of things going on here and the good news is, because the information is so distributed both the networks and the information, that you could have an attack that takes a piece of it offline, but since it's interconnected you can sort of contain it. the other piece is, this is tough. we have to be careful for the laws we wish for in this state because we may fine it adds undo expenses and we may not get safer in the process, just have more rules we have to follow. >> like lighters on the plane and take your shoes off. these things make us feel bet-under but i've not talked to anybody who knows anything about homeland security who thinks it makes is safer. >> we have to be careful we don't fall into going into security theater where we do things because it feel goods and looks good and we're doing things that make a difference. we have a couple telltale signs that the house is on fire and we need to do something. >> it's going to be 13 degrees in new york city.
12:37 pm
wonder what would happen if they turned our electricity off. a fox urgent coming in, a sickening symbol of the culture of death in the islamic state. isis released a video that shows execution inside gruesome detail. the killer is a very young boy, that young boy. we have stills from the video before the killings. we'll not show the rest you. see the isis fighter in the background, the video includes confessions from the prisoners you see neiling there. the two whose heads you see are about to be murdered by the little boy. they identify themselves as russian spies, but as we have seen in other execution videos from isis the killers often force their victims into false confessions on camera, and then it shows that little boy aiming his gun. we do not know how old he is. the boy shoots both prisoners from behind one of. the several times. the young killer then proudly
12:38 pm
pumps his gun in the airs' smiles wildly. analysts tell us they recognize the adult fighter. he has appeared in other propaganda video that focuses on training children to become terrorists, and on the left-hand side of the screen, the black jacket with the long hair, the little boy who just murdered the two men in the foreground. child of the islamic state. the power went off, the train stopped, the lights went out, the smoke appeared. that from a passenger on a subway plain d.c. that filled up with smoke. rescuers say one woman died and dozens more hurt. happens after the train pulled out of the metro station south of the white house yesterday. some passengers say they were stuck in the tunnel for nearly an hour before any emergency crews got there witnesses said it felt like they were completely out of air. [coughing] >> please stay calm please stay
12:39 pm
calm. as soon as the train leavesry'll get you back to the platform. plies stay calm. please do not open the doors. >> people there who had inhalers were said to have passed out or passed them around for people to use. passengers describe panic on the train. >> there was no oxygen. people start panicking and people started hitting the floor. >> i had a stocking cap bringing through it, and other people were breathing through jackets. >> all you can see people coming out of the station with their faces completely blank investigators are trying to offend out what caused it. find outside out their cork. kevin cork outside the metro station. what are you hearing? >> good afternoon to you. peter knudsen saying in a week we should hear by way of press release the latest information on what has been happening here at the station.
12:40 pm
as you pointed out they're really just trying to figure out, was this mechanical, structural? manmade or simple police something that electrical happened here inside the station that caused absolute havoc at the outset of rush our are hour traffic yesterday. preliminarily they believe this was electrical and in fact they're sort of a term in the industry called arcing, and i'd like to give you layman's terms about that. arcing is essentially when you have a little compromise on an electrical line. it can create smoke. imagine taking an outlet plug and plug in a lamp and get the quick puff of smoke or flash and then smoke. that's what happened here. unfortunately we talk can bat lot of high voltage when you deal with a third rail line. i've been in inside today. you wouldn't know that there was ever anything wrong. traffic is obviously a little lighter today because of the railline being shut down. i can also tell you that the ntsb will continue its investigation, and they're
12:41 pm
working hand in hand with the folks athlete metro and they know this process will take quite a long time. we have a statement from metro telling us they know they will continue to work hand in hand and wish safety to be their number one priority. >> kevin cork, the metro in d.c., thank you. fill your car up lately? probably have a smile on your faces. gas prices have gone down every day for like over in analysts say the average price could drop below two dollars a gal next week. >> buckeyes gone wild. ohio state's huge win one for the ages. they're impressive. ohio state's big win led to things that were less impressive, though and suddenly in columbus, ohio, all places in columbus ohio, what are you -- mountaineers? come on, now.
12:42 pm
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quarter to four in the big estimate ohio state claimed the first ever college football national championship in the playoff era. things got out of hand after the buckeyes' big win last night. this happens from time to time. kids will be kids. thousands spilled out into the straights of columbus after the buckeyes beat oregon. first they celebrated in various ways, like that, and then things get ugly. the police tried to get them back on the sidewalks and then the cops in riot gear had to use tear gas and pepper spray to break them up -- they did, but whether they had to is a judgment call. clearly some folks didn't care, including number 28 here or the people in this video here. this is why it's not clear why they escalated except-well beer probably. officials say students and fans set dozens of fires around the camp pause, a la -- come on. not playing today. many apparently in dumpsters and trash cans. no morgantown but they're doing
12:46 pm
their best. also reports of gunfire the area. on top of that a school spokesman says a few hundred students broke into the stadium and tore down a goalpost. police made several arrests reports of anybody hurt. it wasn't just a big game. the game gave appears enits highest overnight rating for a television program ever. get this, the analysts are saying more than 30 million people watched the game based on the initial ratings, 30 million on cape. ohio. >> the price of oil is lower today, dipped below $45 a barrel for the first time since 2009 pushing gas prices lower. the national average, 2.12. it's 12.12 in mid-town
12:47 pm
manhattan. some experts predict it will drop below two dollars on average per gallon across the nation. the dow is having a better day than earlier but not as good as before that. >> just wait ten minutes-it's going to do something different. it's been all over the place. >> it's volatility season. gerri willis with us. >> it's completely confusing. originally we were excited that it would step in and do that they noded to do to get the economy going now. people are all worried about the global economy again. it's hard to predict. we have had so many changes today, and i think what is really going on, the underlying fear in the market is oil prices that dropped so far so fast. good news for consumers, right? but the reality is that traders professional traders get very nervous, they don't understand i. >> freaking out in venezuela may be losing everything. >> another topic, congress is taking another look at the law supposed to reform wall street after the 2008 financial crisis. they tried to fix it, now trying town fix it?
12:48 pm
>> so the volcker rule -- paul volcker was at one point in time the head of the federal reserve not anymore. a very tall man. but he wants to get rid of proprietary trading trading where you can guy sell anything you want to on the bank's books and we have seen trouble width that on the back, the big problem for jp morgan. now the big debate, when to implement that rule. >> the banks don't want the rule. >> no. the red bank and blue bank are bigger than they've ever been before. they're doing great so dodd-frank didn't make them anymore smaller. they're bigger than ever. >> the possibility of exactly the same thing that happened last time or happening then are just as good now or better. >> but there's a government panel to make sure they seive that coming around the corp -- they see that coming around the corner. >> everybody is bought and sold by the big banks and oil prices, is that true?
12:49 pm
>> i don't agree but it's it's ridiculous to think anybody is going to see the next bubble. >> student loans? >> i don't know. >> i was stunned. still think tcu may be the next team in the nation and oregon was without a buns of offensive weapons but that's part of football. >> is that how that works. >> ohio state the champions. >> buckeyes. >> thank you ma'am. richard cordray will join gerri willis today. the head of consumer financial protection bureau and the agency in charge of protecting all of us. if they don't want me to read that, they shouldn't put it up there. fox report now. word of a big defeat for the terror group who kidnapped school girls. officials in cameroon say the
12:50 pm
air force killed more than 140 members of boca haram. happened after hundreds attacked a military camp. >> them toker virginia governor bob mcdonald has to go to prison while he appeals his corruption conviction. he is set to start serving his two-year sentence next month. he and his wife were con ticked of taking $25,000 in gifts. >> this is what you get when driving through a wildlife sanctuary. hello, elephant. decided to sit down on a car and then climbed right over another one, ripping off the bumpber. happened over the weekend in thailand. official says the people inside the car are okay but the elephant has a bit of dead end. the new jersey governor
12:51 pm
chris christie delivering his annual state of the state address. more indictments could be on the way in the george washington bridge controversy. that's next. do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that?
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here we go. the new jersey governor chris christie delivering his state of the state address a short time ago in new jersey. last month lawmakers said they did not find any evidence the was involved in last year's traffic tieups near the george washington bridge. some analysts say he could still run for president. from the looks of things in dallas he may be. what did the governor say today, eric? >> they call it the state of the state speech but if you close your eyes you can hear echos of the state of the union. he sounded some national themes talking about the economy and
12:55 pm
running in government spending and talked about the anxiety in america and took a clear swipe at president obama. >> we are a nation beset by anxiety. and it's understandable. economic growth is low by post war recovery standards. america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. and during this time of uncertainty it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke division for their own political gain. >> and there could be some news on the george washington bridge scandal. observes expect a slew of indo indictments, many as eight. >> a final check over the marks and this day in history coming you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading
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12:59 pm
a flu vaccine that would protect against all strains. the doctors say the shots aren't entirely effective. now an executive in mt. sinai health system tells cnbc a universal vaccine could be ready in the next couple of years. on this day in 1982 a plane crash ode into the potomac river in washington. investigators say ice had built up on the rings of the air florida 727 before it took off from national airport. more than 70 people died. circumstance survived, and rescue crews pulled most of them from the river. one passenger insisted on saving others first and ended up drowning. officials later named the bridge in honor of that man are land williams, after his zachary wise that came 33 years ago today. >> when news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. the final bell is about to rein. donny, as in donny in and marie ring the bell. when they had two number ones in
1:00 pm
1974, the dow closed at 855-points to close the year. we're at 17610. donny and marie still singing. >> a horrible horrible terrorist act took place in paris. you think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a homeland security bill, but the republicans still say. no still say no to passing a clean bill, unless, unless they can be a menace do menace, to immigration. >> what? did nancy pelosi just say if reb -- republicans don't go along with the immigration plan they're putting our national security at risk? welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. nancy slamming the g.o.p. today ahead of the white house meeting


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